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  1. Feb 14, 2013
    Not perfect, but better than the first Borderlands (DLC notwithstanding) Full Review Here
  2. Jul 3, 2013
    I really liked the first borderlands (maybe more). had been excited ever since hearing about the release of borderlands 2. defiantly not let down, if you like borderlands you will more than likely love this one also. the only reason I gave it a 7 instead of 10 is because playing solo is VERY hard. the creators have admitted its meant to be played as a team..I like playing alone. If you are playing alone you will have to get used to responding and losing a lot of money. I played the first one multiple times with multiple characters and rarely died so I don't believe its me. overall would recommend it but just want people to know it will probably be better if you have friends that are willing to play a lot with you. Expand
  3. Aug 19, 2013
    A unique take on the FPS, it greatly improves upon it's predecessor with tons of gut/ns, glory, and EXPLOSIONS!

    Tons of low-brow humor and fun to be had here.
  4. Nov 30, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is a long tedious game, with cheap deaths, and gameplay that gets stale after the first twenty hours, and bad driving physics. The game is long, and tedious because leveling up takes forever. You have to get tons of experience to level up, and to add insult to injury you can't even buy skill points until you are level 10. Finding your way around the maps takes forever thanks to bad level design; you'll spend a lot of time wandering around aimlessly like a rate in a maze. Another thing which makes the game so long and boring is that the fast travel system is badly designed. There aren't enough teleport stations to help you get around quickly enough. I found myself on loooong trecks to teleport stations way too often. Once you level up to a certian point old lower level enemies reward you almost no exp, but they can still kill you quite easily. The result is trekking through annoying enemies in order to get to where you are going. The deaths in this game are very cheap, due to boss enemies being able to instakill you at times. You can die for trivial reasons such as accidentally wandering into a zone that the gamedesigners didn't want you to go. On the other hand you take no falling damage, and you can apparently walk on water. Dying doesn't have too many consequences other than respawning, being taunted by the game, and being forced to walk a long distance to restart the mission you were on. Dying to a boss that can instakill you with one or two mortar shots, and running back to fight that boss, over and over agian is boring as hell. The driving physics are just bad in this game. Expect to get caught on a rock or two, or just ram into a small tree and be forced to right yourself. The game has good points such as humor, and decent gunplay, but overall this is an annoying grindfest, full of dying over and over. Expand
  5. Oct 11, 2012

    There isn't much more to be said here. This was my first borderlands game. This game had me hooked from start to end, and then sunk me back in the new game + mode. Utterly brilliant design, simplistic yet with deep RPG mechanics blended in a FPS environment and an amazing artistic style, and let's not forget the best part .. the humor !!! So so funny, every character has so
    much personality. Can't wait for the DLC and any future games. Expand
  6. Jul 2, 2013
    If I had to judge Borderlands 2 after buying full price (59$ at release) I'd given it a heartfelt kick up it a** for being yet another game masquerading minor updates and added storyline as a sequel...
    Had it been a movie, a book, a whatever, then sequel would be a fitting title, but as gamers we demand substantial change when someone asks for a lot of cash from us who loved the first

    So, I bought it for $5, and that's what it's worth (if you've played the first)....nothing New...
  7. Oct 9, 2012
    Borderlands 2's tagline should read "For the community, by the community". I say this because literally every single aspect that i did not not like from the original Borderlands has been removed or amped up to be an enjoyable aspect of the game. The narrative is superb both funny and at times gut wrenching at others. Playing through once isnt enough as beating the game the first time unlocks True Vault Hunter Mode which raises the difficulty, changes enemy names and looks and includes more powerful loot and a chance at hitting the level cap. The NRA should endorse this wonderful game Expand
  8. Sep 18, 2012
    Another amazing game in a truly outstanding series, borderlands 2 keeps the familiarity, gameplay and humour of the first game, but it improves on everything. An awesome narrative with some of the most creative and best writing iv'e seen in a video game, filled with the great borderlands humour that we have all grow to love. For a modern shooter it really stands out from the crown with solid and enjoyable mechanics, along with unique the shoot-n-loot mechanic, which has also been vastly improved since the last game, also the skill tree's vary much more, allowing three unique paths for each character. There is no doubt that playing it solo is a great time, but this game truly shines when playing with friends, the co-op experience is no doubt the best iv'e ever had. There is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to this game, it achieves everything it has set out to do and improved on it in almost every way since borderlands 1. it is a great game, made by gamers, for gamers, which is why it deserves a perfect 10/10 Expand
  9. Sep 20, 2012
    The Best advice I can give you people interested in the game is buy it NOW! Why should you buy it now? well the critics love it that should be a good enough indicator.
  10. Sep 25, 2012
    Once in awhile you pick a game up off the shelf and get it home and actually can't stop playing the damn thing :).

    It makes us all feel good that we have spent our money on a product worth having as well as a company worth supporting. Every other company needs to stop and take a look at how these guys are doing it and reevaluate their development.

    Love it!
  11. Sep 23, 2012
    Spectacular game. Do as many of the side missions as possible. They are hilarious and sometimes both challenging and hilarious. It's spectacular. Everything from Borderlands 1 that made it amazing are here and improved 10 fold. I've never had so much fun finding new guns in a video game ever. It's like finding new blades in any given RPG, only these go boom.
  12. Nov 4, 2012
    The game itself is so overrated, gameplay is repetitive, the feel of it is a huge letdown.

    ... Meh. Don't get it, it gets boring after an hour of playing. You really don't want to play it more than an hour or so.
  13. Nov 9, 2012
    I bought this game uncertain if I would enjoy it, but I took the chance and it was one of the best decisions I ever made as a religious gamer. Borderlands 2 is a genre like no other, being an RPG/FPS and feels like so many different great games all wrapped into one. I have played it non-stop (breaks for work and food of course) since the purchase and won't stop until I beat it completely. The guns are amazing, the story is great, and the characters are funny and original. I've heard the co-op is tons of fun but I have been playing solo and having a blast. Expand
  14. Dec 3, 2012
    This game is truly an upgrade from the first, which was still by far a a gem. Its fluid game play, "Biziliandy guns," and an incredibly memorable cast of characters and humor leaves just about nothing left to be desired. The DLC is also just as profound though quite shorter. If you love the loot mechanics and its FPS style and humor, don miss this game.
  15. Dec 2, 2012
    I liked this game, but not as much as the first even though this is vastly superior. The story and set up is intriguing right from the get go but as soon as you start you realize that its far far more linear. Its really just go do this, bring me that or kill me this many creatures for the first few hours. This isn't always a bad thing because you get a feel a for the game, the controls, the combat disciplines. The problems start with the difference with side quests and main quests. If you do all the quests you become way too powerful but if you only do main then be prepared to grind bullymongs for a while. Then more problems come with the scaling enemies, oh you like that beautiful piece of kit you just found? Well don't get too attached to it because its gonna be replaced by something twice as better to help you deal with the equal enemies. I know that you level up and gain access to more skills and perks but it really doesn't feel like its getting easier. Boss battles are another gripe, normally grinding beforehand lets you just smack them or hiding and exploiting cover allows you to just ping them down if you're lazy. Everything else is a plus though: the feel and aesthetics of the guns, the difference in companies, the locations, the stories of the characters and the graphics. Unfortunately this doesn't save this game for me from the infuriating mechanics of not feeling like your progressing in terms of strength, the constant replacing and cold detachment to your equipment and weapons and the easy for boss battles. Its good and its a lot of fun to play with friends online or splitscreen but all in all I'd rather play something where feel I feel a bit more connected with the games lore and universe . Expand
  16. Jan 1, 2013
    Everythig about this game says streamlined,professional,ingenious,witty, comical, hilarious, and of course, VIOLENT! I was skeptical starting this game, but now, i can't stop! it's rich storyline, nonsensical characters, intricate gameplay, and of course the millions of weapons available make this a gem to keep you enraptured for a long time.
  17. Feb 5, 2014
    Borderlands 2 is an all around fun game. The loot is infinite! Not really but you get the point. there is so much loot. over all the game has an amazing story line with 4 play through's. The mobs have amazing and very fun commentary. And it adds a hole new feel to the game with coop mode. you can trade loot and money with other people, not to mention the risks of dueling Items. over all this is a spectacular game and i cant wait for Borderlands 3. Expand
  18. Sep 19, 2012
    Definitely the best gaming experience to come out so far in 2012. Many improvements over the previous game, and runs beautifully. I highly recommend this game.
  19. Sep 27, 2012
    This game is overrated. The art design, gameplay (with friends), unique weapons and voice actors are good, I can't deny that. But however, the story became predictable and following the storyline became difficult. This is a game were some minor cutscenes are required to develop the characters and tell the story. Also, the map or 'areas' are extremely bland. A large wasteland of ice or sand. Move through until you find a camp were enemies will spawn. Repeat. Also when you are playing with your friends, one person cannot play without the others at any time unless they create a different character. If you level higher than your friends and play the game with them, they will be up against enemies that are much harder then their usual enemies leaving the 1 higher level person to do all the fighting while gaining almost no XP or good loot for themself. It sounds OK in theory but in-game it does not work. Looting is fun but I found I never seemed to wield an adequate weapon for the level I had attained even after finding large chests during high level quests. The skill tree is also incredibly tedious to go through. Gaining 1 skill point per level and needing approx 5 points in a skill to unlock further down the tree takes a long time while only gaining small bonus's. The enemies are quite well designed but they become repetitive when you are reaching the end of the game (+ side quests). There will be the basic bandits + the "badass ones" and the same goes for most of the monsters / enemies. Although the Hyperion bots did have a lot of diversity in weaponry they were NOT unique most of the time. This game was fun for the first half but by the end I just wanted to finish the game and get it over with. You feel no need to want to play this game again after finishing it so I don't believe it's worth the $70 price stamp here in Australia. I won't be buying the DLC. If you like co-op games like Left 4 Dead were you run around shooting the crap out of things with your mates and progressing through the bland story (not saying that's a bad thing) then pick this game up. if you prefer more developed characters and story line with interesting and unique levels then I would think twice and investigate further before buying this game. -emplex Expand
  20. Sep 24, 2012
    A gaming masterpiece. It's everything you could want in a video game, without spreading itself too thin. While it isn't absolutely perfect, Borderlands 2 exceeds any standard that could be set for a video game. It has a good story with highly memorable characters, including one that so few games get right: a believable antagonist. Great graphical style and visual effects (especially on the PC), insanely entertaining, maximum replayability, and absolutely hilarious. Let's list all the pros and cons. ** Pros **
    ++ Good story
    ++ Motivated protagonists and antagonist
    ++ Never have an identical experience
    ++ Awesome graphics
    ++ Liquid-smooth gameplay
    ++ 25-plus hours of play for the first playthrough (and there is a second one that takes longer)
    ++ Varied missions
    ++ Most hilarious video game of this console generation
    ++ Over twenty million guns - well over, I believe
    ++ One of the best co-op games ever made
    ++ Highly moddable for those familiar with .ini files (PC only) ** Cons **
    -- Under-utilized vehicle system
    -- Odd inventory interface (PC only)
    -- The difficulty of missions is not indicated clearly (some are unreasonably difficult even when the quest tracker says "difficulty: normal")
  21. Oct 3, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is an amazing game. The writing is so much better than the first one. The only down side I can see of this game is you need to play with your friends, because if you don't the game becomes a, 'go here kill this guy, collect these things bring them back, here is a gun that's not as good as the one that just dropped from that guy, repeat', with your friends Borderlands 2 explodes into craziness. With more people playing the enemies become harder and more abundant and with more enemies that are difficult comes better loot drops. Plus there is nothing like trying to shoot a marauder that is hiding behind a barricade and your buddy the siren uses phaselocks him out of cover for you so you can get that critical head-shot. Also Tiny Tina is an awesome character go find her and do all of her quests. Expand
  22. Oct 25, 2012
    More of the same but still a great game. The hilarious characters with excellent writing and flawless voice acting brings the world of Pandora to life and exploring the new locations is a good time. The gameplay remains the same as it's predecessor, gunplay is satisfying and trying out new guns is always a joy. It's in the overall structure of the missions I think the game falters a bit, like the original, it's just tedious back and forth doing boring tasks and to many side quests feels like chores. And the boss fights are annoying and badly designed.

    Better then the original? Yes in every way, but it still remains very similar to it. So if you didn't like the first game, you'll probably wont like Borderlands 2. But if you did, you'll have a great time, and make sure you bring some friends!
  23. Feb 16, 2014
    Very fun to play with friends, and a cast of interesting characters to enjoy. but the gameplay feels very bland at times.

    One of the things I liked in the first Borderlands was the option to select a type of gun rather than just choosing the newest gun you have that has higher stats. I'd prefer rifles over sub machine guns so even if I found a subgun that was technically better than the
    rifles I would have, I'd still manage with a rifle instead. In ramping up everything, it feels like Gearbox tweaked the engine to the point that regardless of what the gun is, (sniper rifle, submachine gun, pistol) or who makes the gun, all of it becomes a mute point to the stats.

    This change made me feel like I was in an impossible spiral of downgrading my guns for technically better ones I didn't like to use. Even though they were better, statistically, they still felt like I had to consistently switch my loadout every level or so just to keep up with the exponential difficulty curve. The guns company brand and types became increasingly irrelevant with a slight exception to be made for elemental effect specialties.

    Another criticism I have, that is largely irrelevant to the target audience Borderlands 2 serves, is that you are basically just a tag-along as far as the story is concerned. Borderlands 2 isn't your story, it's the players' from the first Borderlands story. Old characters make a reappearance as NPCs, and once they arrive then you become little more than an assistant to their direction. The game doesn't make the player feel like they're the focus of the story, with characters talking more to each other and themselves than you or your party.

    All that said, the game is still fun to play with friends of a similar level. The strong focus on outright statistics in the game mechanics makes it very easy to balance and adjust for parties. Easy to recommended to fans of Borderlands and anyone who wants a colorful or different shooter to contrast with the realistic modern style FPS games out there, but not one to suggest to a friend who is looking for depth or someone not familiar with gaming in general.
  24. Oct 4, 2012
    Borderlands 2 was an interesting and fun experience. I played the first and just knew I had to have the next. I was not dissapointed. But my eyes were also opened to some errors. The story itself was actually pretty interesting this time around and the end of the game is worth the experience. (you also get more than some dollars from tannis as in the first game). All of the side quests are interesting and rewarding. New enemy types help get the game away from the very few types in the first. Sure youll still find yourself with our psycho friends a lot of the time, but even they have some new friends. Badass enemies feel more frequent, talent trees are perfectly laid out, and the co op is fun, but sometimes not rewarding. Playing with anybody that isnt your friend is impossible, but with a friend it can still be an amazing co op experience. The only problem with co op is there isnt any strategy. That shouldnt be what people come to Borderlands 2 for but the co op acclaim can be misleading to few. What im saying is the co op can be a blast with friends, but the fights wont be too challenging. Borderlands 2 is a shoot and loot not an in depth challenging tactical rpg. Expand
  25. Oct 8, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is the ultimate four-player Role-Playing Shooter loot fest. Combining invention and evolution, Borderlands 2 features characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipment, which come together to create the most entertaining experience that I have ever played.

    Borderlands 2 tries to appeal to fans of first-person shooters, lootfests, and RPGs alike. The
    original focused more on shooting and looting, then anything else. Its story was clearly an afterthought, and the RPG element was unimpressive. Borderlands 2 thrives where the original failed.

    The story, this time around is very entertaining. I find myself plotting the different ways I will kill Handsome Jack, the games antagonist. For reasons spoiler related, I will stop talking about the story. Side-quests are as strange as in the original. The missions are far more diverse, for example in one mission I
  26. Sep 25, 2012
    This is everything that an action game should be. The story is much improved from the last edition, the characters are all great and feel unique, NPC's are cleverly written and help keep the story moving along while the missions are varied enough that you don't feel like you are constantly going to fetch materials or kill a random character. And as much fun as single player is the co-op is where this game truly shines. I haven't had this much fun blasting through bad guys with my brother and a couple of friends in a long time, if ever. With the amount of customization in the characters you really feel like you are working together as a team with your weaknesses being covered by your teammate's strengths. If you are a fan of action games you definitely need to check this one out, it's a blast! Expand
  27. Sep 27, 2012
    Great game even better than the 1st love the charectars, story and humor. The side quests kept me interested for hours. old favourites make a fantastic return and gameplay has been vastly improved as well. I tilt my hat (if i had one)
  28. Jan 11, 2013
    Let me preface by saying I have played both BL1 and BL2 extensively and played through all available DLC as well. My review will consist of 10 positives and 10 negatives aspects of the game to establish what works and what doesn't. PROS: 1) Graphics are much improved over BL1. Also very little texture popping or rendering issues. 2) Environments are more varied and colorful. 3) Good plot with storytelling elements that really add to the game.
    4) UI is much improved and easier to manage inventory and compare items on the fly.
    5) Creative enemies and bosses with back-stories.
    6) Good variety of characters to choose from, each with very different playstyles.
    7) DLC thus far has been fairly solid.
    8) Plenty of side-missions, easter eggs, collectibles, etc to keep players busy.
    9) Addition of bank and secret stash system is very useful.
    10) Generally more refined gameplay experience.

    1) No health packs - really punishes players who play aggressively.
    2) Gun upgrade system replacde by bad-ass tokens which are inferior.
    3) Loot drops are EXTREMELY low for rare items.
    4) Solo players are punished for playing solo. 5) New Second Wind system is not fun and repeated Second Winds mean almost instant death.
    6) Gun and other loot feel lackluster.
    7) Level scaling doesn't always make sense. Enemies 5 levels lower can sometimes wreck you.
    8) "Invincible" bosses are frustrating and drop bad loot.
    9) Game is too gun-centric. You will have a very hard time in the upper levels without the rarest guns.
    10) Gearbox is patching things that made the game fun, and not fixing major problems like lost characters saves and lost bad-ass ranks.

    So all in all, as an avid player of both games, I would argue that well the game is pretty and the story good, they removed quite a few of the elements from BL1 that made the experience so enjoyable in the first place. I am not saying make the game easier, but the removal of the gun skills from BL1 was a big disappointment to me. I want my character to be a bad-ass that can be stealthy or destroy hordes of enemies. I don't want to be hiding and trying not to die every time I encounter a group of enemies. If I want the game to be hard, let me decide that. I hope maybe some of these things would be taken into consideration for future DLC or the inevitable BL3!
  29. Feb 21, 2013
    As someone who put countless days into the original, nobody was more excited for this game than I. Borderlands 2, is without a shadow of doubt, a Masterpiece! The nonsensical story of the first game, has been twisted, molded, morphed, and in some areas beaten to work with the new one. Explaining every action taken in the original. The new characters added are unique in their abilities, and personalities. Speaking of characters many from the original return, and have only gotten better with age. New NPCs added fit right in with the desperate wasteland. The majority of the game is spent fighting the Hyperion Corporation from the first game, under their new CEO: Handsome Jack. Amazing writing, and acting make this villain one the best to ever touch a game. The loot system is back, and more varied then before. With each manufacturer having a unique perk to their weapons. The driving has been greatly improved, (Thank God) they even have a few driving missions. The humor in this game is top-notch, even dark humor after dramatic events (Though terrible) still gets a chuckle. Borderlands 2 is a game you can play for months, and not lose interest. Playing with friends in co-op only increase the experience, as enemies become tougher, and more varied with elemental attacks. If you're a fan of the original, buy this game. If you're a fan of shooters, buy this game. If you're a fan of loot, buy this game. If you're a fan of feeling like a badass, buy this game. Expand
  30. Apr 14, 2013
    I loved the first borderlands and now I love the second one. I love collecting loot, especially gun loot that are randomly generated every time. I usually ignore the harder difficulties that some bosses posses and kill them so quick just to find the next awesome loot the perfectly suits my playing style. Yet, when playing in the awesome 4 player co-op, its not so awesome when loot inst shared between everyone! Lets just say, when a gun drops, the whole group will run to that gun and rapidly press X to get the gun first and this is extremely frustrating! Sort this out Gearbox! But, moving away from loot, the storyline is epic. Its hilarious, crazy and just overall amazing. Some lines that characters come out with too are incredible, especially Handsome Jack who persistently taunts you with funny one liners. Bosses and mini-bosses are great, they are all varied with wild names, like Flesh-stick. Some characters are dull, but those dull characters are removed from your skull because of the brilliantly designed characters found in the game, like CL4P-TR4P and Handsome Jack. The characters from the original borderlands also make a return which help you complete your quest to ultimate destiny! Overall, this game is amazing and is probably the best game of 2012, aside from Far Cry 3 of course!

  31. Jul 9, 2013
    Great game. Very fun. Very funny and im glad i tried it. They made this game very well. I cant think of any problem other than the loot being the kind that only spawns once so whoever gets it gets it and no one else (for the guns anyway). Other than that its all good.
  32. Nov 27, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is a shameless loot grind.

    Sorry... let me rephrase that.

    Borderlands 2 is an extremely fun shameless loot grind, with great humor, wonderful cooperative play, tons of exploration, and wall sphincters.
  33. Jun 2, 2013
    Considering duke nukem was garbage; I am not really surprised how bad this game is. Same as the first one. Just new characters and maps. The second and third playthroughs are trash. Randy Pitchford ruined this game. The eneimes are overpowered and the guns are underpowered. Most of the glitches that made this game good are gone. Now one bullet kills you and you lose all of your money. This was just a huge disappointment. Expand
  34. Sep 22, 2012
    This is a great game and a huge improvement over the original borderlands. Don't listen to the 3-5 hour in reviews, the quests and enemies get better as you go
  35. Nov 9, 2012
    did not disappoint, great game. played several of the characters all the way to 50. wish there was more of the amazing orange guns but if you want a game you can pick up and get your moneys worth out of a game this is it.
  36. Sep 25, 2012
    Quite possibly one of the funnest games of the years.

    There's a lot from borderlands that has been mostly unaltered in the sequel. Thankfully though, they've improved on enough, and added just enough to make this a worthy purchase.

    The gameplay itself is mostly unchanged, save for a few additions. The shooting is frantic and fast passed alone, but throw 3 other players into the fold,
    and enjoy as pure chaos ensues. The 4, soon to be 5, different character classes all play well with each other strengths, and the skill trees have been reworked to give much greater customization. Borderland's 'Bazillion' of guns are even 'Bazillionder', as the box says, with the inclusion of a new element 'slag'. The variety of grenades, shields, class mods, ect. have all been greatly improved on as well.

    The story in the first Borderlands was almost completely forgettable, but it has received a lot more work this time around. Well written and humorous, the cast of bizarre characters and settings offers a quirky, interesting story throughout. The side quests may get dry from time to time, but the excellent voice work and unique characters will keep you listening to every line of dialog regardless.

    In terms of pure quality, the graphics are fairly lacking. However, the insane, cell shaded style keep it a pleasure to look at, and the chaos during battles offer plenty of eye candy. Get enough chaos going at one time however, and there will be some drop in the frame rate. This doesn't happen too often though, and isn't always too consequential.

    Borderlands 2 is definitely an worthy purchase, and with at least 4 more dlc packs on the way, I look forward to playing this game for a good long while. If you haven't yet gotten your hands on this game yet, I would strongly recommend it.
  37. Nov 5, 2012
    An incredibly juvenile adventure which gets old real fast. By gritting my teeth I made it to level 15, but by then I was too bored of the variable difficulty curve, running out of ammo despite being conservative with it, the terribly poor vehicles (halo warthog's were better), the uninspiring environments, the jaggies and graphic design and..OMG.. the head bashing weapon randomiser comparision engine. It beggars belief that others actually finished this lame turkey and would actually pony up for the DLC. If the game was composed of the first 20 minutes being repeated for 20 hours, I don't think anyone would notice. Expand
  38. Sep 19, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is a great game. It is much prettier, funnier, and it is also more fun than the first game. I really liked Borderlands 1, and it was even more fun when playing with a friend. However, I have only played the second entry in the franchise by myself so far, and it is still more fun than co-op in the first game. I can't wait to play it with friends. There is a lot more variety regarding weapons, enemies, and locales. The first game was desert, desert, and more desert. Borderlands 2, however, starts off on a snowy glacier, and changes up the sites often enough to keep things feeling fresh and interesting. I was actually worried that the game would not live up to my hopes, but it really has. Great purchase, was not expecting to give it a 10. Just a side note, there is no day one dlc, but if you pre-ordered, you get the Mechromancer class for free when it comes out on I believe October 18, but you will not get early access. Also, if you pre-ordered and got the golden key for the rare random weapon chest, I would suggest saving it until you are a very high level to get the most out of it. And last thing, I found that removing the auto-aim option really made the gameplay exciting, it becomes too repetitive when you can just press the trigger to automatically aim at a target (in my opinion anyway). Overall great purchase! Expand
  39. Oct 12, 2012
    If you were a fan of the first title and asked yourself "Boy I sure could use more guns, loot, enemies, and bigger maps" than look no further. Borderlands 2 exceeds everything the first game had to offer. The new characters are fantastic and very diverse, but also very zany. The more storied focus campaign is a welcoming addition with a robust group of interesting characters. The core game though is still the co-op loot fest that everyone loved in the first game. So grab some friends or go alone because there is much to be explored in Pandora. Expand
  40. Nov 9, 2012
    My brother originally picked this title up because he and I love co-op games, and BL2 had well-reviewed co-op play. In this respect, and many others, it did not disappoint. Although there are occasional glitches, gameplay is generally smooth and very fun. The incredible variety of weapons and customization throughout really adds to the game, and there's just the right proportion of humor to gameplay. Definitely a great buy, especially if you're looking for a game to play with someone else. Expand
  41. Nov 25, 2012
    It's an upgrade from BL1 plain a simple. What people don't seem to understand is that you don't play it once and that's it. It's meant to be played at least 2 times to reach max level and start play through 2.5. Your first time playing you might get to around level 35 or so before you beat the game. Your second play through starts True Vault Hunter Mode or TVHM. Everything is scaled in the beginning to your level and enemies are of course harder, you keep your weapons and gear from your previous play as well. Once you've beaten the game the second time that triggers play through 2.5, where pretty much everything is max level for that related monster or NPC and will drop the best possible level gear. Expand
  42. Apr 17, 2013
    This is one of my favorite games so be warned, I might be a bit biased. :)
    I honestly feel that of all my Xbox360 games (and I do have quite a few) this is the one that was the best "investment". As many have said before me, this is exactly what a sequel should be: bigger, better, smoother but still basically the same.
    I have never been disappointed in this game, every time I play it a
    smile appears on my face that won't go away until it's time to go to sleep (I do have to work, sadly). There is a ton of content in this game, the gunplay never gets old and the characters are different enough that you need to approach situations very differently depending which one you use.
    I just wish more of my friends would play it so we could do more co-op. Sadly, they are mostly BF3 fanatics.
  43. Apr 14, 2013
    This game makes my peepee hard. Great dialogue, possibly the best villain EVER, and tight controls. I'm not even a fan of FPS, but I loved every second of this game.
  44. Apr 23, 2013
    There is nothing negative about Borderlands 2. They expanded on everything that they needed to, and made little changes to everything that they needed to change to make it feel different from Borderlands one, which I invested an entire summer into, leveling my soldier to level 57. I feel like I'll be playing Borderlands 2 for much longer than I played one, and I have logged countless days into leveling my assassin since day one to where I am, as well as digging into other characters. I would give this game infinity/10 if I could, but I can't, so I'll give it 10/10. Live long Zero!!!! Expand
  45. Jun 29, 2013
    In my humble opinion, Borderlands 2 is the best game in this console generation and perhaps ever made. Imagine a game that combines the replayability, and addictiveness of Diablo, with its loot drops and RPG elements, with the gameplay of a Call of Duty game. Pure genius! This game is amazing and the DLCs are superb. If you have not played either games, do yourself a favour and pick up Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, which features all 4 DLCs and is packed with hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of great gaming fun. Then, after you have levelled all 4 characters up to 61, you can pick up B2. If you love shooters and are a sucker for loot drops and RPGing, Borderlands 2 will not disappoint. Does anything even come close? Only Borderlands 1. Expand
  46. Jan 12, 2014
    I loved this game, it had a great campaign and playing online was just amazing, the DLC is really good if you loved the campaign as much as I did and want to play more ! :) (I have played more than 3 days all up on it)
  47. Sep 24, 2012
    Game is great, it has really sucked me in. Wasn't so thrilled with the tutorial part at the beginning as it really has a super slow pace. I hope it is skippable on my second play through as I would hate to have to repeat it. Overall I'm really pleased with the game.
  48. Nov 11, 2012
    I'm impressed. BL2 is everything BL1 was and more. An even bigger variety of weapons and plenty of laughs. There's virtually nothing that hasn't been improved upon from an already entertaining game. The only downside I would say, and this is just my opinion, is no longer being able to pop a target's limbs off. I had hoped turning on the gore would cure that. But alas, it did not. Perhaps the purpose for that is future DLC/$. But there's a satisfying level of sadism when you take an enemy down with any of the elements be it from a weapon or an exploding barrel.. Expand
  49. Oct 9, 2012
    Worth the wait - better than the first one, and I can't put this game down. If you like loot-based games (who doesn't) and Diablo 3 was a disappointment to you (it probably was) this is your huckleberry
  50. Oct 4, 2012
    This game was meant for so many types of gamers, and succeeds at every style it serves up. If you a) like to shoot things b) like to collect stuff c) like to explore d) like memorable, entertaining characters e) like to game with friends ... Borderlands 2 delivers, with a funny, polished game you will be playing for hours and hours. It oozes atmosphere with a colorful art style, and gives you a shooting mechanic to rival Halo or Call of Duty in precision. (You can fix your controller buttons to emulate whatever FPS you play most.) I played the original Borderlands, including all the DLC, and didn't think I could possibly play more of the same game, but Gearbox managed to improve on every aspect of the original. Now I'm hooked again. Expand
  51. Oct 8, 2012
    This is... a terribly decent first person shooter. However, the biggest problem with this game is that I already played Borderlands 1, and the game knows that Borderlands 1 existed. It brings in many of the older characters, including the playable characters, and I got some bonuses for having played Borderlands 1. But, Borderlands 1 had a problem - repetition. And, Borderlands 2 falls into the same problem. More so then the first 1 because there is literally nothing new for a player. What do we get as bonus? More weapons, more enemies, and more annoying claptraps. The same old game, just reiterated and polished. It's like a guy who says something interesting, you think about it a bit and say "hey, that's a good idea," and then a week later the same guy comes over, and says the same thing, but worded better. We get it, you have a good idea. Don't repeat yourself endlessly, just better. Go ahead and try something new. Try something that questions the industry. Something like Borderlands 1. Do something bigger and better and completely and utterly insane. Because Borderlands 2 is sad because 1 was so successful and such a risk, and Borderlands 2 says "Hey, we were successful, let's just do it again, and we'll be successful." These risks, you have to take them. Sure, I'd recommend 2 over 1, but what would I call a better game? 1, because it took a risk. Borderlands 1 is like jumping into a lake and seeing if there's piranhas in it. And luckily, there wasn't any. But Borderlands 2 jumps into the same lake. 1 already said that it was safe, how about you try something new 2. I hope this doesn't start to stagnate, because this is a great IP that could, and I hope, evolve and challenge the industry it is in. But right now, it will stay still, and fester. And if we don't try something new, then this will become the new CoD, prettier, but the same. Expand
  52. Nov 20, 2012
    BL2 trumps BL in every conceivable way. Better shooting mechanics, better AI, better writing, etc. Personally I love the Borderlands art style and humor, but I also get that the art and humor isn't something everyone will like. The thing about BL2 is that it's so goddam engaging. By that I mean you fire up the game, and within seconds you can be in an insane firefight. Difficulty settings are spot on, weapons are awesome and extremely varied. Overall a fantastic game, this one is my GOTY 2012. Better yet, we've still got three DLC's to look forward to! Expand
  53. Oct 14, 2012
    I am not the most ardent FPS playing out there. I do not enjoy most FPS games and generally find them lacking. I tried borderlands 2 because it was supposed to be an action rpg/fps. I found that the action rpg side of the game was very lacking. The weapons were bad in general. Little i found was of use. The beginning of the game was just an excuse for self flagellation. I felt miserable and forced my way through the first few hours of the game hoping it would get better as i actually got my action skill and started spending points on other things, but it never really got much better for me. I don't understand why I was forced to wait 5 levels to get the only key difference between the classes. Expand
  54. Oct 4, 2012
    This game was highly over rated compared to Borderlands. The leveling does not map to solo player game play and neither do the weapons. The side quests are the same way especially if you do the ones in "The Fridge".

    Animation was poor at best as were what little interaction you had with Roland, Lilith or Modecai.

    The fast travel network was terrible especially if you were in the
    middle of a specific area and had to make your way back. You could only quit the game and save it in hopes you would get back to the start. Enemies re-spawned over and over and way to quickly. As a solo player reached a level of 38 and the weapons were terrible. Almost impossible to reach Level 50 to battle Thresher and skill trees were cumbersome and not leveled correctly to achieve needed attributes for fighting.

    Played Vault Leve difficultyl after first playthrough as a Solo player and it was almost impossible because of leveling and poor weapons. Did all side quests and explored all areas in detail. Chests were very mediocre at best for what you had to do to get to them.

    Scenery was a makeover especially going back to Fyrestone for those who played Borderlands. It was like playing in a poorly illustrated comic book.

    Will not purchase the DLC's when it comes out. Was not worth the money.

    Again, feel as it is another game in the marketplace where cost cutting was the norm to maximize profits.

    Feel the consumer looses again.
  55. Sep 18, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is definitely a step up from the original. Without a doubt it is my personal favorite game I have played in my entire lifetime. While there is not a ton new features, and there definitely is many of them, it has at least triple of everything good that was in Borderlands. And do not read any of those negative reviews. Those are by Call of Duty fans that do not know what a real video game is. Expand
  56. Sep 18, 2012
    this game is one for the fans it keeps the feel of the original and adds a whole lot. there is more humor blood gore and a whole lot of loot to be had in the believable world of pandora. other reviewers have complained about texture pop in but i installed the game and have noticed pop in only once in about 5 hours of game time. this game is truly a master piece.
  57. Sep 26, 2012
    I have been a huge fan of Borderlands since I first heard about it, the original trailers were nothing exciting, but the idea caught me.
    When the game was released however, it was nothing like my expectations, it was far better. It took a fairly simlpe idea, and made it great.

    When Borderlands 2 arrived I was blown away. The areas look fantasic, there is plently to see and do, with
    areas that are large enough to have a good explore in, but small enough if you run and gun through the areas.
    The humour that has followed the game is very well written, I have caught myself laughing / groaning at some of the jokes, especially Claptrap, but the serious side is there as well, albeit still tounge in cheek for the most part.
    Its a very easy game to pick up and play. Some areas are unforgiving, but I never feel that dying is obtrusive to the game or the enjoyment. There may be some people that would argue "that would be the point of dying" but to me its the more enjoyment of the landscapes and the characters.
    The quests that I have played through so far have been failry simplistic, but an addition of some optional side quests and quest rewards have improved this.
    Generally I would describe this, personlly, as a perfect game. I have introduced new people to it, and they have all said similar things, "I have to get this."
    It may not be everybodies vup of tea, but I think it is an amazing game, and worth every penny.
  58. Oct 27, 2012
    This game is excellent. Graphics and gameplay are fine but nothing too showy, though personally I find the indie pop art feel to the game to be fantastic. The real value though comes from the excellent writing. The story arch is well done and the optional quests are well-worth it. Great one liners from a host of characters and the main cadre is very endearing. It is very easy to get deeply involved and the respawn of units and bosses makes just mucking about great fun. This game is perfect if you are looking for something to throw a hundred or so hours of fun into. Plus, don't forget future DLC and Co-Op options. Expand
  59. Oct 27, 2012
    A great game with a unique art style and tongue in cheek humour. The technical side is great with good textures but let down by texture pop-in.The quests are more varied than its predecessor, but let down by some repetitive fetch quests. Overall 9.3/10-Outstanding
  60. Nov 19, 2012
    The BEST MMO type of game on consoles to date!! This game should be in the running for game of the year!! Lets get to it!!

    Graphics = 9 Yes there still Cell Shaded. That said they are gorgeous! They are a step up from the original and there are a lot of new things and additions to the style they have developed that make your eyeballs want to pop out of your head! There are a few
    hiccups and graphical glitches here and there that could have been polished out but over all the game is beautiful!!

    Gameplay = 10 The time you spend with your friends helping them out, leveling them up, finishing quests, trading weapons, and generally just having fun seems endless! The world seems Pandora seems alive and well, even if it is out to kill you every second your in it! The characters are very stylized and all are full of life as you would expect from the developers that gave life to claptrap! There are lots of creatures and baddies to kill of all different kinds and finding the right weapon for the job is half the fun. The boss fights are basically all about finding the soft spot and hitting it till the boss dies but its still fun and a good challenge. There are a butt load of weapons! They all act differently according to the manufacturer and the type of stats they have. The levels seem a little more linear than they did in the first game, this is something I personally loved and felt that it kept the game fast and furious instead of wandering around aimless in the same droll looking desert the whole game. Music/Sound EFX = 8 They went with the Dubstep sound track on this one... that said ..its a bit weak for Dubstep. For the most part the sound EFX are the same as the original game and don't really change much. So personally there's nothing really thought provoking or groundbreaking here. The only thing that really redeems the soundtrack is the voice acting! If it weren't for the great voice acting and character style this game would be an audio mess!! That said the characters are full of life and humor most of the time!

    Controls = 9 The Controls are the same as the first game. Nothing has changed but they still feel natural and don't get in the way of the fun of the game! I guess it would be nice to have a little more customization to the controls but I really didn't find my self having problems with the defaults.

    Replay = 10 Lots of re-playability with 5 classes and 1 expansion already out, it seems like there will be plenty
    of content to come. This game should be in every ones rotation for a long time to come! Over All! = 9 This is a Must have game for anyone who owns a gaming platform!!
  61. Nov 21, 2012
    Here's how this goes: put game in, start game up, hilarity ensues. Great game, very entertaining,but eventually repetitive. I can only start up the campaign and listen to Handsome Jack so many times. Still a solid 9.
  62. Dec 1, 2012
    Gearbox software is a game developer that has really developed itself over the years. A few mediocre Half-Life expansions, to the infamous Duke Nukem series are a few of the odd titles Gearbox has churned out over its lifespan. Undoubtedly, Borderlands 2 stands out as the crown jewel of Gearbox's vault of games. After sinking about 5 days worth of playtime into this game, only a few minor complaints are what stand in the way of it being absolutely flawless. Borderlands is a mash-up of two distinct genres, FPS and RPG. The two are blended seamlessly thanks to some truly genius developing on Gearbox's part. Players start at level 1 and shoot/loot their way all the way up to level 50 through a rather hilarious adventure involving many different locations to quest across. Enemies require more thought and skill to take down than the original Borderlands, and it makes for a fun trip that rarely ever feels like it's just another RPG grind. Bosses are challenging but not impossible, and some enemy types are pretty cool. Another part of the experience is a loot system that randomly generates guns, shields, class mods, grenade mods, and relics that scale to the players particular level. Things like damage, fire rate, and recharge speed are all determined based on the level of the item looted. The difficulty and levels of enemies scale nicely to the campaign's pace as well, which is more challenging to make happen than you might think. Gearbox has really created a memorable world here as well. There are only a few characters that I wish had a skip dialogue button, lighting effects are magnificent, and the visuals are generally aesthetically pleasing. Some textures are ridiculously pixelated, but it doesn't really detract from the shootin' and lootin'. There are also many, many pop culture references such as Lord of the Rings and Minecraft just to name a few. On the negative side, the frame rate can be a pretty big issue. The game has a hard time keeping up (especially on the 360) during intense shootouts to downright freezing for a good couple seconds during a double conference call shotgun rampage. Also, prepare to see the "fight for your life" screen quite a bit. You can easily get back up by making a quick kill but you may get frustrated trying to run through enemies, or doing a quest you maybe aren't quite high enough level for. These complaints aside, Borderlands 2 is a game any fan of FPS games or RPG games should buy. I'm still having fun with it far after I hit the level cap on my Gunzerker. Well done Gearbox, well done. Expand
  63. Jan 22, 2013
    In order to like it, you have to appreciate the comedic moments in it, and all the jokes that come with it. Overall, i loved playing it, and I believe that it is quite challenging to tackle alone. You will not get bored easily with that game, and you would want to play it over again more than one time. I do, however, wish that more people could join a game instead of a 4-player co-op. Or it could be like an MMORPG, where everyone would be in one huge server and roam the area with random people, possibly making friends in the process. Idk, it seems like a good idea... Expand
  64. Apr 16, 2013
    I gave Borderlands 2 a lot of time, and it unfortunately fast becomes very boring. One of the reasons is the new co op mode. Playing with my limited number of friends online, who have already gotten very far in the game, I was given some level 50 equipment that was used to sell off. I bought so much good stuff and wreaked havoc through the storyline with my level 50 buddies, it then became a serious chore. That's unfortunate.

    Borderlands 1 was excellent, and was played entirely with a buddy of mine split screen co op. Borderlands 2 was exactly the same, and that's not cool, it's being charged twice for the same game.
  65. Nov 27, 2013
    A slow moving story, underpowered weapons, terrible split screen co-op, and unbalanced combat seals the nail in the coffin for this poorly executed video game.
  66. Apr 29, 2014
    Just became a memeber and just want to say borderlands 2 goty year edition
    Is awsome and amazing having so much fun playing with family and friends
    If you havent played it what you watin for enjoy
  67. May 31, 2014
    This game will always be my favorite because of how good the 4 player co-op is. If you want a game were you can sit back have a couple of laughs and play with some friends this is the perfect game. The characters, witty dialog, map, guns, loot, and gameplay are just some of the things that make this game great. It takes everything from the original and makes it better like all sequels should and it make you want to play more. The best way to experience this game is with some friends. Definitely the best game to come out in 2012 and i cant wait for borderlands the pre-sequel . Expand
  68. Apr 18, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is little more than Borderlands 1 with new maps and a new story. Little innovation in a formula, that by itself was already unoriginal and somewhat boring. In Borderlands 1, about 2/3 of the game you would be getting tired of the combat, that is always the same from start to finish. Borderlands 2 is more of that. Only now the game is bigger so before you get halfway you will start having that feeling. The gameplay is always the same from start to finish and (surprise!) it gets tiring. Sure it has lots of guns, but can you really call them different? 5 different "effects" to add to weapons, mostly visual, and weapons that change the skins but do mostly the same. Not enough to keep me focused until the end.
    All in all, if you loved the first Borderlands, chances are you will like this one too.
  69. Oct 30, 2012
    Good Lord! Since when do graphics make a game good? Furthermore those aren't bad graphics, it's just a different art style than most games, when did people stop reviewing games based on replay value? As for the gore, someone mentioned that it's toned down in this game, and I have no idea what they're talking about. As an avid fan but reasonable critic of the first game I can confidently tell you that this game takes a great idea, and improves on absolutely everything. The voice acting is great and is complimented by some great writing, the settings are magnificent and diverse (unlike the first which had cool landscapes but they were all pretty similar), there is also actually a plot in BL2 as opposed to its predecessor, the guns are cooler, the skill trees are more balanced, and they added some skill tree options that are geared more towards multiplayer without forsaking us single player gamers. This game literally improved on everything from the first, and in my opinion the only way you won't enjoy this game is if you don't like FPS, RPGs, or both (or if you straight up don't get what all the fuss is about with this franchise, which is fine because everyone has their own tastes). Finally the vault is actually worth opening; instead of being disappointed by a few low rarity weapons at the end of the game, I was rewarded with two legendary weapons (rarest in the game), plenty of other valuable guns, and an itch to start "True Vault Hunter Mode". In conclusion, if you like FPS, RPGs, or both then check this game out, if FPS or RPGs aren't your thing then maybe not, but everyone should at least give it a try if they're given a chance; I live in a house with three non-gamer roommates and two of them are already hooked. Expand
  70. Sep 18, 2012
    After spending an evening with Borderlands 2,I can feel confident enough to make a fair assessment of this game. Borderlands 1 encapsulated me; it look over my life and had me to where I wanted to do nothing but loot skag poo and treasures chests for golden loot. Borderlands 2 is still basically the same game, but involves a more complex leveling up system and "Eridium", Pandora's new-found element needed to carry more ammo, more backpack slots, and all that crap. I still enjoy this game, but it really just doesn't capture me as much as the first one. I absolutely DESPISE Zero's power as well; completely useless! Expand
  71. Sep 19, 2012
    I was an avid Borderlands player, beat it Legitimately, quite a few times. After playing it over and over I was one who ended up modding backpack etc just so I would have storage, even made guns that were pretty legit as well. Why because there were elements in the first one missing. So When i herd they were releasing a sequel I was excited and kept close watch on the subject. Now I didn't get to pre order or anything like that I just went and bought the game Yesterday which was the 18th of September, also the US Release Date. I was very pleased with the graphics and feel of the game much more "Open Space" like promised. The one thing that got me was the so called millions of guns and customizations. Someone correct me if im wrong and that wasn't said. And or Im not far enough along yet. I haven't seen many guns and when playing with other players there instantly picked up. I do wish there was set loot for your guy and not just an all out button mash extravaganza to get everything that drops. All in all so far an amazing game I gave it an 8 cause im still not to happy about the gun customization. Expand
  72. Sep 18, 2012
    I loved Borderlands and all the expansion packs. The game had soul, and freedom of exploration without getting lost and frustrated. It was beautiful, like a backwoods, back yard tin can shoot with a banjo playing in the background. Borderlands 2 traded in the banjo for a slick new look, and an electric guitar. The new Borderlands is a fun game, but it is far from what it could have been. Much like a glamorous action movie without character development, this one drops you into the action in such a way that if you look away from the action and the effects for even a moment, you will see that Borderlands has gone from a rich culture of trash and charm, to a wasteland with nothing but guns for their own sake. Expand
  73. Sep 18, 2012
    borderlands 2 is published by 2k games and developed by gearbox. one thing im specially told about this game borderlands 2 is awesome.
    borderlands 2 start with a great hand down cinematic story.Characters from the previous game initiate events that cause the planet to spit out precious minerals. Like any good story.The most significant change Borderlands 2 can boast over its predecessor
    is a cohesive plot that actually hangs together reasonably well and drives the story missions forward at a decent pace.The other big change in Borderlands 2 comes in the game's playable class structure. The melee-enhanced Berserker has been replaced this time around by a "Gunzerker" class that can briefly dual wield any two weapons, making for some enjoyably over the top combinations (I particularly enjoyed simultaneously using a shotgun in one hand and a rocket launcher in the other, which I can't recall ever doing in a first-person shooter). I also enjoyed the new Assassin class, which comes with the extremely useful ability to escape with the aid of a temporary decoy, and can use skill tree upgrades that make him a quality melee attacker.
    noow the time to tell something about graphics last borderlands using cell shaded engine which mean everything like cartoonist now the game using unreal engine 3.every thing in the game is design very well and work on more then 60 frame per second on xbox 360 and normal pc.if u like the review plz comment about this review thanks.
  74. Sep 18, 2012
    Pretty great with bros. The setting and characters are much better this round. The gameplay is LOADS better, with all that indepth customization and stuff.
  75. Sep 19, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is nothing short of a fantastic game, below you will see the good and bad of the game. The good: -Borderlands 2 graphics are fun to look at and beautiful. -You're put into the action right away. -The game-play is fun and challenging -The writing is hysterical and extremely well done. -Loading times are fast -Each character feels unique and the talent trees are very well done.
    -Every mission feels like it is important in some way, there are few tedious quests.
    -More guns
    -Plenty of character customization
    -The bad-ass ranking is a nice replacement to proficiecies
    -Co-op local and on-line is fun
    -Although the re-spawn animation is a cinematic, it moves along so fast that it is hardly noticeable
    -Seeing many familiar faces(and fighting along-side some of them) is a nice way to connect the two games while still keeping it fresh
    The bad: -There a couple missions that you must run all the way around the map, through enemies much lower leveled than you, that can be annoying
    -A couple small technical glitches(i feel through one of the boats)
    -The inventory is very limited and you'll need to drop quite a few guns before you finally get to a bank
    -There are some difficulty spikes a bit through-out the game, but these really only lead to more trips to the new-u station and a little less money in your pocket

    While the is not perfect by any means, but it gives the player one hell of a ride and i have to say, i can't wait for the dlc for this game
  76. Sep 19, 2012
    So far (7 hours in) I can say this is everything I loved from the first installment with a few new tricks all wrapped up in a shiny new package. There are some issues with texture pop in on occasion and getting stuck in the environment. But these are far outweighed by the greatness of the overall experience of this amazing game!
  77. Sep 30, 2012
    I made a 8 minute review for the Xbox360 version of BL2 and I am certain that I am the only person in the world so far that has made a review for the game and gotten every achievement which made me play in other ways no one else played the game and finding various bugs and different ways to play the game.

    Heres the review
  78. Oct 5, 2012
    I honestly didn't know much about this series. Doing research i read that the first borderlands game was somewhat like rage. which i had played so that's how i made the comparison. So my buddy calls me and says borderlands 2 is coming out were all gonna play online. So I bought it just to go along with it. To my surprise I was blown away how awesome this game truly is. Anyone who loves mmo's or loves games that have weapon upgrades,skills, talent trees,etc. Then this is the title for you. The co-op is flawless playing with a friend or just someone random is very enjoyable the mechanics the great voice dialogue and fun boss fights just work perfectly. This is not a rental this is a must have of 2012 Expand
  79. Oct 29, 2012
    This game is fun and guaranty a long game play, but the at one point the it get difficulty to get nice weapons and other items and you need to kill over an over certain boss or enemies to see if you can get a good item. I dont want to farm like a mmorpg four hours to get the the best weapons in the game.
  80. Nov 2, 2012
    I have played this game offline till the end of the game. The story was great, the weapons feel amazing and there are a lot of different enemies. The best thing of the game is the voice acting and the interactions between friends and enemies. I was impressed and I was about to give this game a 8 or higher. But after I went online I lost my save.. and I was not happy with that. Thats something 2K needs to fix in the future! Expand
  81. Nov 6, 2012
    Twice I tried to force myself to finish this game, and twice I have decided it is not worth my time. Sub-mediocre writing and story pasted on a 20 hour gear check with invisible walls and **** physics. Don't waste your time on this crap, its all hype.
  82. Dec 18, 2012
    I realize a 10 essentially means the "perfect" game, and while not perfect I have not had so much fun in a long time with a game. BL2 builds upon the successful aspect of the first game, and fixes much of what was lacking in the first. The classes all now feel more viable, guns are better, the humor is more frequent, it is a very well constructed game. It isn't just a copy paste like many games today. Expand
  83. Jan 2, 2013
    I don't know where to start with this review so I'll just start and keep it simple. Borderlands 2 is one of the finest games of the year, it appeals to so many sensitivities in the gamer in all of us. This is a must play for any shooter/rpg fan. One of 2012's must play games, heck one of this console generations must plays.

    I've played through twice one in tvh mode and now I'm in for
    a third. This game is addictive and has tons of replay value, plus more dlc and level cap increase are on the way.

    Play this game!!!
  84. Jan 12, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is a game that gets just about everything right, including the two most important parts of an Action RPG, the Action and the RPG both of which are superb in this game.

    Unlike a lot of games where all the guns only serve as a means to kill the enemy, in Borderlands 2 each type of gun is significantly different to the others to give you reason to choose whether to use the
    pistol or the sniper, this becomes even more varied with the different weapon manufacturers which gives all the weapons in the game their own unique characteristics. The icing on this cake is the elemental damage a lot of weapons offer, which if used right can make an important difference when killing some of the tougher enemies. All of which is supplemented by the fact the actual game engine is on par with any of the dedicated FPS shooters out there including the current king Call of Duty.

    As good as all this is though, on it's own it would soon get boring, and that's where the RPG element comes in, not only do you have a variety of locations to explore, and some rather interesting characters to interact with but like any RPG a leveling system not only serves to improve your characters signature special power but also keeps the game challenging. You will find yourself facing tough enemies any time you enter a new area, really making you work for your kills and XP, but later on when you return to these area you will find yourself levels above the enemies allowing you the godlike satisfaction of mowing them down without breaking a sweat. As you continue through the game this up and down roller-coaster continues making sure the game gives you both a pretty decent challenge but also a whole lot of fun.

    So to recap, Borderlands 2 is an awesome game... but wait... it gets better.

    Unlike a lot of games where the downloadable content adds very little to the game other than to get more of your money into publisher hands, Borderlands 2 actually delivers DLC that is just as good as the main game, giving you reason to either break from the main story or return to the game.

    Perhaps the best bit of Borderlands 2, the developers haven't shoe-horned in Multiplayer modes into it, there is no Team Deathmatch or King of the Hill, no flags to capture or bases to hold, just you and up to 3 other people running round Pandora, shooting and looting and occasionally getting your butts handed to you buy some of the games harder bosses.

    This for me is the game of 2012.
  85. Jun 5, 2013
    This game improves on the original perfectly, and is just a superb and superior game. It's got all the elements. Very engaging, multiplayer co-op is awesome, graphics, sound, story, first person shooting with RPG maneuverability, open world convergence and a loot and upgrade system across character classes just being epic. The game has it all, just wished my kids were old enough to play such an encompassing game but for adults, it's just fun and chock full. The game inclusions are second to none, a real delight and best overall game I have played on the XBox with every single incorporation. I hope they make a Borderlands 3 on the new XBox One. Such a good game that could be even more creatively added to with more compute power of the newer Xbox One platform. I look forward in wait and anticipation of an even mega Borderlands in the future. Expand
  86. Jul 26, 2013
    I have played through this game about 1.5 times. It is an absolute masterpiece of gaming. Great characters, rewarding loot, and infinite weapon combos. Do not doubt buying this game. One of the best fps/RPGs of this generation.
  87. Aug 5, 2014
    I was having fun for the first two levels then after that, the enemies started to become WAY TO OP!!!! I spent two hours trying to save the bird for a claptrap upgrade. I get spawn killed every time, I can't believe that I wasted $20 on crap that boring. The weapons were ok but way to weak. The is the most unbalanced game I've ever played, It's so stupid how I face level 20s while still a 15. It sounds little but it is a HUGE gap! It should be that the enemies are THE EXACT level as you for a good balance. This game deserves more than 0 but it's made by 2k which they are corrupted. The only thing I find entertaining out of this game is jack. Expand
  88. Jul 9, 2014
    Borderlands 2 is a game that will make you laugh while you enjoy exploring the world around you. I play the game again and again and I always find something new or funny that i didn't find before. Also has one of the best villains that you love to hate in a long time. The only reason Borderlands 2 gets a 9 and not a 10 is because when in multiplayer the loot is not separate to each player but shared making getting one of the BAZILLION new guns hard when not playing with a friend. Never the less, this is a great game I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun enjoyable time. Expand
  89. Oct 2, 2012
    Bigger, better and way more bad ass. That has been said before regarding sequels to other games, but it has never been more true than with Borderlands 2. The tweaks to the classes may throw some people off at first, but give the new characters a little time to get to know them and you'll find pure gold. The game seems more balanced overall, with tougher, smarter enemies and the need to utilize each characters strengths to ensure success. If you played Borderlands and even liked it a little bit, you should be playing Borderlands 2 right now. Thank you Gearbox for another gem. I wish there were more developers like you guys that put this much thought, love and attention to detail into co-op games. Borderlands 2 is easily among the front-runners for game of the year - and one of the best co-op games in recent memory. Expand
  90. Sep 18, 2012
    Outstanding game, it really improves upon the first game. In all areas, large or small, this is a truly superior game. Not to badmouth the very good original game.
  91. Sep 19, 2012
    I just need to score this game to level out the number of poor reviews. This game is incredible and anyone who scores this less then an 8 doesn't know fun when it shoots a hole through there face. An absolute must by!

    By the way, this game contains one of the greatest intro videos of all time.
  92. Nov 23, 2012
    A step up from Borderlands 1. The humor was spot on and, overall, the game was great. On the negative side, they ruined the siren class with a nowhere-near-as-fun ability as Lilith had. Also, I found myself having dying a large amount of time due to fights being designed for 4 players.
  93. Sep 18, 2012
    borderlands 2 is a amazing game that truly keeps me entertained. I cant stop playing this game because I love it so much if I had to be reborn I would want to be bord in this sick game.
  94. Sep 20, 2012
    I missed all of the press / advertisements of the first game and had it recommended to me from a friend. Once I picked it up, I fell in love with the game....sure it had its quirks but I enjoyed it immensely. I would give Borderlands 1 a 8.5 or 9, so with that in mind I can't understand how some people who loved the first game, or gave it a high score and either gave it a worse or even review compared to the 1st Borderlands. This game improves upon every single area that I had gripes with in the first one, I love the sound from the vehicles, I love the differences between the gun manufacturers, I am lvl 18 currently and there are people whom I've seen that are a much lower than myself that have weapons with a certain style that I haven't ever seen before at all, which I thing is wonderful.

    The most impressive thing, is that this game is HARD. I could play the first game with maybe dying 3-5 times through the main storyline....I think I've died 3-5 times at the character selection screen. Some may not like it, but I find it so refreshing.

    Best game I've ever played
  95. Sep 19, 2012
    Great game! Everything from the first game has been significantly improved, and new exciting features have been added as well! The campaign is simply epic and even better with a friend.
  96. Sep 19, 2012
    Probably one of the best games i have ever played. Loot heavy isnt the word for it , and the guns you get are CRAZY cool looking. The special effect of the weapons ever even cooler ranging from a pistol that shoots sticky like explosives to a grenade upgrade that when thrown it slits into 5, 500 plus grenades. Only thing stopping me from giving it a ten is i wish they gave you more creative control over the characters. You do get to change there heads and outfits but obtaining certain items in game but id rather full control , other then that , perfect game . ( lets just hope the ending is better in this then in the first ) Expand
  97. Sep 19, 2012
    There isn't much to say about this game. It is truly fantastic and improves on the original in every way. Any fan of the original would be doing themselves a great disservice if they chose not to play this game. Actually, the same goes for any gamer. Play this game.
  98. Sep 20, 2012
    Borderlands 2 feels exactly the way a sequel should - lots of little improvements, not too many big changes, and the sense that the baton was simply passed from the original to the successor.

    I played the first game for over 1,000 hours, completing both playthroughs on all 4 characters and most of the challenges as well. Even just 10 hours into my BL2 playtime, I'm still remarking at
    each new discovery "that's EXACTLY what I was missing in the first game". Improved game mechanics, better use of challenges & goals, easier progression - it's all exactly what Dr. Zed ordered.

    You SHOULD ABSOLUTELY buy this game and not stop playing it for any reason...
  99. Sep 20, 2012
    MUCH better than Borderlands 1 (which is a great game)... I've only played for about 3 1/2 hours but I can tell you the game runs smooth with great graphics, great gameplay, and really good voice acting.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
  1. Nov 10, 2012
    It may be a lot more of the same, but it's prettier, smoother, longer, and filled with more stuff.
  2. Nov 5, 2012
    In the end, I have to say that Borderlands 2 serves as a wonderful example of how to make a sequel work.
  3. Oct 31, 2012
    In conclusion, Borderlands 2 is a significant improvement on the original; it sharpens up the narrative, the core game progression, the visual theme and many other fundamental aspects that needed adjustment.