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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Braid is a puzzle-platformer, drawn in a painterly style, where the player manipulates the flow of time in strange and unusual ways. From a house in the city, journey to a series of worlds and solve puzzles to rescue an abducted princess. In each world, you have a different power to affect the way time behaves, and it is time's strangeness that creates the puzzles. The time behaviors include: the ability to rewind, objects that are immune to being rewound, time that is tied to space, parallel realities, time dilation, and perhaps more. Braid treats your time and attention as precious; there is no filler in this game. Every puzzle shows you something new and interesting about the game world. Braid is a 2-D platform game where you can never die and never lose. Despite this, Braid is challengingâ??but the challenge is about solving puzzles, rather than forcing you to replay tricky jumps. Travel through a series of worlds searching for puzzle pieces, then solving puzzles by manipulating time: rewinding, creating parallel universes, setting up pockets of dilated time. The gameplay feels fresh and new; the puzzles are meant to inspire new ways of thinking. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. The story of Braid is definitely open for interpretation, and there's subtext aplenty for players who want to debate what the story could possibly mean. It's definitely ahead of the curve for most videogame plots, but it's not integral to actually enjoying the game either.
  2. Braid is a beautiful game and an amazing experience, and whether or not you think games can be considered works of art – or if it even matters – you simply owe it to yourself to play Braid.
  3. 100
    Braid is beautiful, entertaining and inspiring. It stretches both intellect and emotion, and these elements dovetail beautifully rather than chaffing against each other. Still wondering if games can be art? Here's your answer.
  4. Braid sums up everything we love about gaming. A near-perfect experience. [Oct 2008, p.76]
  5. Braid in many ways is this year’s "Portal"; not in the obvious sense but in the way it has burst onto the scene snatching most hearts that have given it the time of day, with nothing but plucky charm.
  6. Braid is absolutely a game you shouldn’t miss.
  7. Braid: is excellent and gorgeous, a little over-hyped, but maddeningly fun overall. [Fall 2008, p.55]

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  1. Negative: 11 out of 129
  1. Nov 24, 2010
    When I first downloaded Braid and started playing it, I was taken back to the NES days, and thought it was charming. Then the levels got more difficult, and the game truly presented itself. I still play this game sometimes, it's just so good and has awesome replay value. Just walk away from it for a month, then play it all over again. Expand
  2. Nov 1, 2012
    Using some new and a few rare game play elements, Braid plays like few other games. There's also a lot of thought put into this game - the layered story and increasingly complex puzzles makes this a game great for anyone looking for more intellectual content in games as well as someone just wanting a puzzling platformer. Expand
  3. Jul 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There is not much that can be written about Braid that hasn't been said before: whether it is the lush visuals, the haunting score, the oh so simple yet brain bendingly complex puzzles; this game leaves your jaw on the floor, brain screwed up afer being repeatedly bashed and mind awash with fascination.

    The highligh of the game is undoubtedly the way the story plays out using the time bending gameplay mechanic to create a perfect climax. No other game has the balls to do what Braid has done here. The climax has no boss fight, no dialogue (at least not memorable), no cutscene, and completely relies on the time manipulation to imprint the final moments of the story on your brain.

    To put it shortly Braid is perfect exactly the way it is. It ranks up there with very few games where nothing could be added or removed to improve the game. This modern masterpiece deserves all the praise it receives. 10/10
  4. Feb 6, 2013
    It's Braid's moving, off-beat narrative and matching soundtrack that make it brilliant. The Van Gogh-esque visuals are stunning and Jami Seiber's haunting cello runs through the game like a Seam. Expand
  5. Jul 19, 2013
    A digital marvel. Provides mind-boggling puzzles with a somewhat challenging learning curve. The design is incredibly intuitive. It never treats the player like someone who has never played a game before. That being said, an inexperienced and non-exploratory player might not experience the game to it's fullest potential on their first playthrough, for most of the puzzle pieces are optional and easily skippable. The art direction is fantastic. It's simplistic yet stunning all at the same time. The story is somewhat non-existent. It's possible to play through the entire game and emerge completely oblivious to the plot. For the curious and inquisitive players, the story is a chore to figure out, but once you do, you will find that it's actually quite saddening The atmosphere was somber enough, but if you possess knowledge of the plot, Braid will seem that much more depressing. If I had to have one gripe, it would be that sometimes the game puts too much trust into the player. The game often treats the player like a genius, when in reality the player is not. Some of the puzzle pieces and another type of secret (which I shall not spoil) are extremely hard to reach and force the player to end up giving into using a walkthrough. At that point, the level of immersion is heavily lowered, as you are taken out of the game completely. Other than that, Braid is a fantastic experience that exploits the exquisite potential of indie games worldwide, and also paves the way for more mature and respectful video games to come. Expand
  6. Jun 3, 2013
    A modern interpretation of Mario, Braid is among the most visually stunning games you'll find. When combined with the pleasant soundtrack and minimalistic story, it creates a pleasantly unique ambiance. The gameplay in general isn't innovative, but it works. And the time-changing mechanism is nice when executed properly. Overall, I think Braid is short and overrated, but it's definitely worth playing. Expand
  7. Mar 6, 2012
    This game is nothing but a repetitive borefest with a time travelling gimmick. The level design is extremely generic, especially for a platformer. Plus, there is absolutely no replay value. You have to 100% the game just to get to the last "world", which is actually just a cutscene. I don't know why most people think that it is one of the greatest indy games of all time, when it is actually one of the worst. Expand

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