Generally favorable reviews - based on 88 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 88
  2. Negative: 0 out of 88
  1. It's a labor of love and it's fun. The variety of missions and humor mix well and should be enough to hook anyone.
  2. What's more important is that Brutal Legend is a ton of fun to play and fiercely stakes its claim as one of the most unique, most ambitious titles on the market today.
  3. Brütal Legend comes with many cool ideas and a great soundtrack. Nevertheless, the boss fights could be more challenging and the controls are sometimes annoying.
  4. With an artistic visual design and a sound package that is second to none, Brutal Legend is a game metal heads and Jack Black fans will undoubtedly want to pick up.
  5. Brutal Legend is another creative release from Double Fine that showcases how you can mix several conventional game mechanics together with an original concept to make a fun and interesting game.
  6. An amazing game, and if you love heavy metal, Jack Black, Tim Schafer or any combination of these elements then this is a must-own adventure game infused with a thoughtful balance of action, combat, and real-time strategy. The story is epic, the landscapes are magical, and the humor is consistently present throughout the entire game from start to finish. This is heavy metal heaven!
  7. The game is certainly worth renting for a weekend, as the single-player campaign lasts a minimum of seven to 10 hours on a modest difficulty setting. A full purchase may depend on just how much the subject grabs you, and whether you can find friends to play online. In any case, the game is very promising for Double Fine's future.
  8. A powerful storyline with a great open world environment that truly is exciting, exhilarating and, well, pretty musical really. You will be awed as you tear through the landscape in your hotrod, throwing flames into the night as you listen to heavy metal over the Deuce's tape deck.
  9. Heavy Metal aesthetics, Jack Black and videogames in the best of all combinations, this is a must buy for any fan of heavy music or Tim Schafer games. The gameplay can be a bit unpolished here and there, but all in all Brütal Legend delivers a compact and unique gaming experience, unlike anything else you will play this year.
  10. 90
    A fun game with some very noticeable flaws and some less-than-stellar presentation, but in the end it's a memorable adventure I'd certainly recommend to any aspiring roadie. It comes pre-packaged with its fair share of issues, quirks and bugs, but all of the near-misses in the world can't take the fun out of this inspired adventure.
  11. If you have a dislike for metal I doubt that you'll appreciate the game that much and you'll certainly miss out on many of the in-jokes and celebrity cameos. To legions that appreciate the true power of rock, though, it's your one way ticket to midnight.
  12. This is a heavy metal fairy tale, spun with love and copious amounts of good humor from Shafer and crew – and it’s every ounce the game fans hoped it would be.
  13. 90
    Despite all the references to this beloved material, I also felt satisfied as a gamer, challenged by its unique blend of exploration, action and strategy. While I was prepared for a thoroughly entertaining storyline, and was delivered one, I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was to wage war in and explore this lovingly-crafted world.
  14. Brutal Legend won us over with its complete package: the aspects that are decidedly outside “gaminess” are its strongest and most lovable. The dialogue made us laugh, and not just a little. We cared about the characters enough to feel sad to say goodbye to them. We never got bored of exploring its world and continued to do so after completing the main story.
  15. A masterpiece...Brütal Legend deserves all the admiration and attention that some of the best games out there receive. Sales or no sales, this game is easily a contender for game of the year and is just brilliant.
  16. Even with its non-stop references to heavy metal and specialized soundtrack, Brutal Legend comes off feeling like one of Tim Schafer's most accessible game. The real-time strategy aspects are carefully explained and never feel too daunting for the average console gamer. What's more, the game's humor and over-the-top story will make you want to see the game through to the end.
  17. The title is chock full of little details that make it a must-have. While it is a bit on the short side, there are plenty of collectibles to keep you busy after you complete the game, and the entire ride is entertaining from start to finish. In a sea of holiday sameness, how many games can make that claim?
  18. 90
    Brutal Legend is a tour de force that wraps up humor, music, and clever gameplay into one highly polished package. You haven't played a game quite like this before and won't want to miss it.
  19. 93
    Charming and clever in equal portions, Brütal Legend is a classic example of cohesive game design...In an age of ever-increasing monotony and creative stagnation, a game like Brütal Legend is brash, proud, subversive and triumphant - and it deserves to succeed. Get on board, crank it up and make it so. Two horns up.
  20. In conclusion, this game rocked and was a great walk or drive down memory lane with all the great bands who have lent their music to this game. The voice acting is pure class and the gameplay actually works quite well in a bizarre way that makes this quite an original game.
  21. There are very, very few games which truly make me sit back and go “wow”. Among the slew of games that I’ve reviewed this year, there are only a couple that I really enjoyed playing, and continue to do so. Brutal Legend is one such game – even though I aced my Public Speaking and English Literature classes, words only slur together when I try to describe this game. Truth be told, I only heard about the game in the last month or so, but after spending a good amount of time with it, I was transformed from a mere gamer into a rocking, die-hard fan.
  22. While online multiplayer will very likely be a love it or hate it affair for many, the single player campaign is a unique gaming experience that no player should dare to miss.
  23. There's never been anything like it and there may never be again. Brütal Legend is truly a gift to metal and game fans alike and my new, best 3D game ever.
  24. It’s a unique experience, in both single and multiplayer, and Double Fine nails the concept perfectly, making it challenging for experienced gamers, yet not overwhelming for the newbies who just came here for the metal.
  25. The enthusiasm and joy that was involved in crafting this game is evident in almost every single frame and it's an undeniably unique gaming experience.
  26. It inspires such excitement for its muse, heavy metal, that it also serves as a point of entry to an entire subculture. Just as important, it stands as proof that music in gaming is no longer the exclusive domain of “music games.”
  27. Lots of humour, heavy metal and a gameplay you'll fall in love with.
  28. Finally a game that makes us old school rockers proud. An awful lot of love has been put into this game and it is a riot to play.
  29. 90
    The side missions may be repetitive, but the story is interesting, the characters are great, and the atmosphere is encompassing. Brütal Legend is definitely one of the better games I have played this year, and I look forward to seeing what the guys at Double Fine come up with next.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 240 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 48 out of 57
  2. Negative: 3 out of 57
  1. Feb 10, 2013
    I'd say there is only one flaw about this game...that nearly nobody knows this...Superb mix of action and real-time strategy, top notch soundtrack, exceptional screenplay, lots of fun and Jack Black as a main protagonist. For me it's definitely 10/10. Full Review »
  2. Mar 4, 2013
    Such a tragedy. I can understand all ratings between 0 and 7, but the 8-10 is just plain wrong. The game itself is bad. The Action parts are few and not outstanding, but still the best the game has to offer gamewise. The driving parts are horrible because the driving physics are the worst i have seen in ages. The strategy parts are a nice idea but the controls are Who wants to play a RTS where he cant control his units fluently? No one. Still the game has something that makes up for all the failures: The setting. Yes, I love Metal. And this game is such a great tribute to Metal, and it even does it in an intelligent way. On Top of that the Characters are the best i have seen in Games for a while. A lovely bunch of Metalheads all around. I would give this a 10 out of 10 if it was a movie, but the actual playing part sucks so hard that it gets down to 5. And much difference to a movie isnt there anyway, since the game is only about 4-5 hours long. Full Review »
  3. Dec 11, 2012
    This is a game that is just an ode to old school rock. Anyone who lived in the late 80s to early 90s should love this game. The humor is great, the characters a great and overall gameplay is just awesome. But, if I had to be critical, I would say that the main story's pacing gets too fast once you're half way through. Almost feels like the last two acts of the game are incomplete/rushed. I actually loved the RTS segments of the game, really something different. It was just a real shame they feel a bit underdone. With some more polish and attention they could have been the star of the game, but instead come off as an interesting side activity. Jack Black was just born for this role. Perfect casting of him and Tim Curry. A real shame how little we see of the main villain in the game. Nice little plot twist with the leading lady, a shame that story wasn't given as much attention as the first act. Overall: A great, but not perfect game that tried to add something new. Full Review »