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  1. Dec 2, 2012
    I must say. I do like the Game. I Think Over All - It is one of the Best COD's. Graphics, Thumbs Up Sound: Thumbs Up Game Play: Thumbs Up Story / Campaign - Thumbs Up New Features - Thumbs Up (The 10 Point System for MP and the RTS Element (StrikeForce) Theatre Features and Integrating YouTube But I must Ask - How can people that gave MOH Warfighter A Low Score Give Black Ops A High Score

    MP Spawning is The Same as Always - I love when 1 sec after I spawn in I get killed by A Killer Drown or an explosive that obviously was in motion before I was spawned in there.

    The Graphics is the Same Engine but looks just as good! (Still only one disc, no hi res pack!)

    No dedicated servers, I never get the Migrating Host message in MOH.

    Yet, I can be fair and give Black Ops 2 an 8 - for it is a good game! So is MOH Warfighter, just a different type of FPS!

    Metacritic is Loosing (actually all the Reviewing Sites are starting to loose) their ability to offer a good way to check if buying a game would be a good choice. I have found going to YouTube and searching for a GamePlay video helps me a whole lot more than any none Video Supported Reviews I get.
  2. Nov 14, 2012
    From what I've seen the game should be competitive online. But for the bashed reviews, what did you expect? The game is pretty polished and not broken. What makes call of duty and other fps games not fun is the crowd. Not everyone though. If your competitive and play by the rules, its fun. If you camp, glitch, hack and boost. That's the crowd that make games frustrating. Remember the old days of MW2, it got me out of call of duty. Is the game worth $60 dollars? No. Is it worth $40? Maybe. Call of Duty will never change core mechanic of the gamepad but will change map design and size. But when the price drops for pc or I can get it on sale, I may buy it. I've never had a problem with the call of duty design but the ones who don't play by the rules make it pretty dang frustrating but its not Treyarch's fault. Battlefield 3 is the same its not broken and is fun but the people who don't play by the rules make a match terrible. So don't bash a game based on same old same old. Should of rented it before you bought it. Expand
  3. Nov 13, 2012
    :D Best Call of Duty game is Modern Warfare 1... forget everything else. They have to make their old World War games and a new Modern Warfare 1. Those games were normal Call of Duty games. You have to be superfast in their new series, kill superfast, move superfast and play in close corners. The first Call of Duty games and the first Modern Warfare were special.
  4. Nov 25, 2012
    The multiplayer is addictive yet annoying. Same old issues with connection, why cod still arent on dedicated servers is beyond me. Single player is awesome, best campaign to date. But where the game truly shines is in it's Zombie mode. So much content! So much content available, you really do get your money's worth.
  5. Jan 6, 2014
    Treyarch seems to be the only one taking risks when it comes to Call of Duty, especially setting the game in the near future. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 didn't set new standards or anything, but it was a welcome addition to the series.
  6. Nov 13, 2012
    Call of Duty black ops 2 has some fresh ideas added to the familiar game play. Like all the other call of duty games there is going to be a lot of haters giving it bad reviews just because the game is hugely successful. The one thing about some of the haters is that probably most of them never played black ops 2 and just want to complain and whine about how this game sells more than whatever game they like. Back to the game. The campaign is still as epic as ever and the choices you can make is a nice addition. The multiplayer is as addictive as ever and the pick 10 class is very flexible and a blast to mess with. The graphics are not bad but the engine is in need of an upgrade. I have always enjoyed the call of duty games and have bought most of them. Black ops 2 is a good game it is not halo 4 but it is still a blast to play and I recommend the game to people who play games for fun and I do not recommend the game to all the haters that want to complain about successful games. Expand
  7. Nov 13, 2012
    The value for money in this game is truly incredible. You essentially get three games in one i.e. the single player campaign, the multiplayer and zombies. The developers knew reusing an old formula again and again will get tiresome (this is the 9th in the series after all) so they've essentially redesigned the wheel and revamped the core game mechanics (that other devs take shamelessly). The 'pick 10 system' no longer forces you to have certain things you don't necessarily need so lets you customise fully. This will alter the way you play and increase replay value. I have yet to finish the story mode. The 'non linear' aspect does change the way the gameplay pans out but the actual play is similar to previous titles. The zombies again is above solid and is agreed to be a separate game in its own right. You wont see a huge improvement in graphics or the sound department but is still one of the most polished games out there in terms of textures and audio ques. It is not a perfect game but is definitely worth considering. A solid and the best in the franchise.

    P.S Don't be disheartened to see all the negative reviews. Despite the fact some people really do have gripes with the game, the majority are if you will 'fan-boys' who have clearly not even purchased the game, making a review on a whim. If in doubt ask a friend to reassure you. This game is not for everyone but has the largest appeal in the genre.
  8. Nov 13, 2012
    Please don't listen to the trolling reviews that are at 0. I got up early to play this game on steam unlock. Let me tell you the best part yes, of course, it's the new zombies. That is the main reason I bought the game and honestly, it makes it worth it. I won't lie the multiplayer seems a bit bland and times, not sure if that is due to gameplay enviorments or both. Not saying multiplayer is bad, I just don't think any new Call Of Duty can live up to hype on this generation console. Maybe the next gen if the systems are real game changers. I mean think about it how much can you change games that play on a standard controller or keyboard and mouse. Expand
  9. Nov 13, 2012
    The majority of these reviews are right. Nothing really "new" here. Its the same campaign, albeit a little less linear. Its the same multi-player, albeit tweaked a little. But there was never anything wrong with the campaign or MP to warrant much of a change anyway. If it aint broke, dont fix it. Call of Duty has been, and always will be, that 94 Honda Civic you're still driving around. Its dated, it might smell a little, and its losing its polish. But its reliable, and you can count on it to get you from point A to B. Call of Duty may not offer anything drastically different from previous releases, but at this point, it is still keeping me and my friends camped out on a couch all night playing. Giving this game a 0 because it hasnt "changed" completely misses the point of giving a review. Graphics are fine - 60 FPS with no drops at all. Audio is amazing (flat screen speakers aren't good for sound, upgrade your system, its not the game, its your equipment) Game-play is tried and true. Multiplayer is where this game shines, and is this series main focal point. Call of Duty is a Juggernaut of a franchise and has yet to show any signs of slowing down. If you need something to occupy your winter hibernation, this one is a no brainer. My point it, what COD does, it does well. You are all more than welcome to voice your opinions, and my opinion is that your opinions are wrong. Expand
  10. Nov 13, 2012
    Love it or hate it, you have to respect Treyarch for finally changing the same tired formula. The people that rated it low probably haven't even played the game. Treyarch finally stepped out of the boring, shallow previous CoD formula. Black Ops 2 is a breath of fresh air for CoD, it is by far the most engaging CoD or even military shooter out there. The campaign certainly isn't as linear as the previous games, you even have to make decisions that can have an effect on the story. It can be linear at times.

    Zombies is back, as you can expect. Treyarch even added new modes for it, such as TranZit which plays as a zombie story mode. TranZit is good but it isn't as fun as just playing survival. Grief Mode is also a fun new addition to Treyarch's zombie mode, two teams compete to see who can be the last man standing, it's just as fun as survival and another brilliant new addition.

    Multiplayer is just as you'd expect, it's not quite a big change as the campaign is. You get access to the new futuristic equipment as you do in the campaign. You get all the expected game modes and more. The class customization is better than ever, with a wider range of choices. However, in the end it's all the same.
  11. Nov 13, 2012
    I am not the world's biggest COD fan but you people are ridiculous. The games are generally good and this one is the best one since the first Modern Warfare.
    Metacritic brings out the stupidity in people when it comes to reviews. Always has.
    Anyway the campaign is more of the same, big set pieces, corridors that give way to larger outside battles, a few new gimmicks like horseback riding
    taking place of snowmobiles. I am 4 hours into the single player and it is what I expected. It is polished to a T and decent fun. Multiple endings will have me playing again sooner rather than later. Plus it helps the characters are interesting enough to care what happens to them.
    Multiplayer is more of the same with fast paced action and nice levels. Not any new game modes that I can tell but I am glad the K/D is less important now and you are rewarded for team play. I like that you can pick load outs before the match and the levels are less camper friendly. I am not a fan of the new strikeforce levels but zombies is much improved and there are now more game types.
    I have never been a big COD multiplayer fan but I came into this expecting another good COD single player and more zombies and it is exactly what I got. Actually with multiple endings, a better story, and new game types for zombies I was given more than I paid for.
    You all really need to get over this BS trashing of a game just because you suck at it or whatever your pathetic excuse is. Your immaturity is beyond pathetic at this point.
    It is no Halo 4 but for COD is a must buy. Give Treyarch credit. They packed this disc with content. The game itself deserves a 7 because they can make this game in their sleep at this point and did not build an entirely new experience. But they did not slack either and at least attempted to make worthy changes and gave gamers lots of game for your buck. I will give them an extra point for value.
  12. Nov 13, 2012
    This is getting ridiculous, kids. I wonder how many of the 0 and 1 ratings seen on this page were given by well-informed, educated people who've actually played the game. It may surprise the people who come here to blindly hate on games they don't understand/haven't played/have no interest in, but there exists a set of numbers between 0 and 10, where more sensible and reasonable rating numbers exist. Unfortunately, they go to die in places like the Metacritic user score section. There is no middle ground for the average fanboy or hater, so 10's and 0's run rampant for franchises as big as Call of Duty. If you don't like the game, don't play it. But don't come here and click on the "0" just to drag down the average rating. It makes the rest of us gamers look like stupid, boneheaded idiots incapable of basic critical techniques.

    That said, Black Ops 2 is a step up in just about every way possible from the first Black Ops, and a refreshing change of pace from MW3, which felt too similar to MW2 in too many ways. The campaign is as bombastic as ever (with branching paths and unique endings), the multiplayer has been tweaked just enough to keep things interesting, and the zombies are back as Treyarch's well-known signature on the franchise. There are a few things that don't work quite as well as they could have (the Strike Force missions are wonky in the A.I. department), and the execution of some of the plot elements are ham-fisted at times, as with just about any other CoD title. If you liked Black Ops or you're into fast-paced shooters, Blops 2 is a no-brainer.

    As for the keyboard warriors out there frothing at the mouth over "another year, another Call of Duty game," hate all you want. You may not like it, but you can't stop the Call of Duty juggernaut.
  13. Nov 13, 2012
    This call of duty has a way better multiplayer than i was expecting. The only thing that did disappoint me was zombies on nuketown. I reckon it was a good deal for $80
  14. Nov 13, 2012
    Haven't even tried the game yet, but I agree just like Halo 4 this trolling has to stop. It's ok for you not to like a game, but to give it a 0 is pathetic. Try writing a subjective review and actually give real legitimate scores based off real reasons you aren't fond of a title. Giving a game a 0 is calling it an Atari ET cartridge and thats just not fair to say to about any game. :) So in the spirit of fairness and righting this injustice, (and even though at my core I'm more of a Halo fan) I'm gonna give this game an eight which is about where I think I would feel about it based off my experience with the entire COD series which I have actually played in the past. Expand
  15. Nov 13, 2012
    One of the best Call of Duties the franchise has ever seen!.

    The story is great , the set pieces are in the right places to keep you interested, the multiple choices you can make during the story really make a huge difference to previous CoD games, the fact you can change your load out for each chapter (which the inventory of choices increases as you progress so if you replay the story
    you have more to choose from) makes it even better.Then the intertwined special missions change it up a bit too with squad control kinda like ghost recon games.

    The multi-player is a lot of fun the maps are diverse and have some many paths to take it keeps it interesting, the guns are varied and the customisation of your individual loadouts are good, and one of the things that got me to give this CoD a chance was the fact A.I bots are back so i can play with my son offline and still have a lot of fun.

    For anyone jaded by the franchise after the disappointing MW3, give this game a go its definitely a vast improvement and will get you hooked again.
  16. Nov 13, 2012
    So i am not some kind of COD fan boy or anything but i do believe games should be reviewed based on what they are. I cant take any of these people giving this game a 0 seriously because no game unless completely unplayable deserves a 0 regardless of how much you don't like like the franchise as a whole. I was not the biggest MW3 fan but when it comes to modern military shooters BO2 offers the best story by far and yes i understand the engine and graphics are a bit outdated but the game is still a solid offering with a zombie/ multiplayer experience that rivals any other console shooters at the present. But for all the people blatantly just throwing a 0 at this game because it's COD is a bit sad, grow up and review a game on its pros and cons and not on the title of the franchise. Expand
  17. Nov 14, 2012
    Ok Ok, this game has its downsides, I won't deny that. The campaign wasn't as "personal" as many thought it would be. The graphics/ game engine is a bit old and outdated. There still were tons of set pieces during the campaign and the "expanded choose your path" campaign that was so heavily advertised didn't branch out into any extra levels. But you got to look at the big picture here. The multiplayer element is back in full bloom and thats what most people play. I can't say exactly why, but the feel of the multiplayer reminds me of mw2's, and it got me hooked unlike the first blops and modern warfare 3. Almost every single map is fun to play, and the guns are varied enough for most of them to be able to stand out on their own. Zombies continue to expand with the new tranzit mode, and also a grief mode, to add onto the original survival game mode that has still not gone stale. The campaign itself showed signs of improvement, with the both non linear and strike force missions(which were quite fun tbh). Both are rather weak, but still shows signs that the franchise is headed into the right direction. So overall, though it's not the perfect game and it didn't really deliver on all of its expectations(which is why i think everybody is giving it a bad rep), it still is a good overall game with lots of replay value (awesome multiplayer and zombie modes). Expand
  18. Nov 16, 2012
    It is a really solid COD game. The campaign was really good and not like any other COD game before. Zombies are awesome! The multiplayer could be better, but it is still pretty solid. Many won't agree with me on this, but this is probably the best COD game ever! However, it is still a COD game, same engine, pretty much same graphics etc. Especially the multiplayer still plays the same, which is not exactly a bad thing (for me anyway) and most importantly, the online community is huge!
    I'm really enjoying this game...It's impossible to give this game a negative rating, should be a 6 at the lowest!
  19. Nov 16, 2012
    Black ops 2 tells an outstanding story and has very fun multiplayer modes. zombies is back and is better then ever and the new pick ten system in multiplayer is also very cool
  20. Nov 16, 2012
    First of all, lets get this straight. The people who are giving this game negative reviews while claiming this is the "same old COD" are dead wrong. I am not claiming this game is perfect, by any means, but calling the people at Treyarch "lazy" because they feel like they shipped a copy of any of the previous COD games need to play BLOPS 2 for longer than an hour to actually realize how different it really is. Starting with the campaign: I'll get this out right now, I enjoyed the Black Ops 1 story better, granted I've only played BLOPS 2 once so far but that is just how I feel right now. That's not to say BLOPS 2 isn't enjoyable, though. Unlike every other COD campaign, Treyarch decided to make this one less linear and scripted and actual gives the player choices throughout the game. Some of these are choose to kill or spare another character, while others are a little more subtle. After each mission, you get a screen that highlights all the choices made and shows how your story has progressed so far based on your decisions. No other COD has given the player the ability to write their own story as they are playing. There are also optional "strike-force" missions, which is a simple RTS style game, where you command troops from an aircraft up above. While this won't necessarily blow you away, its good to see something different. Another campaign feature is the ability to choose your loadout before each mission, although I never used this feature much because I didn't know which gun would be good for the missions I hadn't played yet. As I mentioned earlier this game isn't perfect and one thing I disliked about this campaign was the lack of variety in the missions. In previous COD games, they were able to break up the run and gunning with slow stealthy missions or sniper missions, but those weren't included in the game. I personally would have preferred having a couple of these missions to break up the fighting off hordes of enemies style. Multiplayer has also seen lots of changes. First and foremost, I felt Black Ops 1 had the worst lag compensation in any COD game and way too many times I found myself not getting credit for hits where the enemy was clearly in my sights on my screen, but when looking at the host's view, I was about a foot away from actually hitting him. This led to very frustrating situations, where actually getting a kill was out of your control. Treyarch did a great job with the netcode this time and hit detection and lag compensation are leaps and bounds better than its predecessor, which makes the games much more enjoyable. The create-a-class system has drastically changed too, with Treyarch implementing a "pick 10" system. Basically this means you can choose from up to 10 items for your loadout with little restrictions on what you can actually use. You can go as far as having a class with 6 perks and only a combat knife to a class with your primary having three attachments, but having no equipment. This leads to a lot of creative options that fits your style of play. One thing about multiplayer that I haven't found too great is the map variety. While, one strong point of the maps is they have a ton of detail to them all in order to convey what they want to show, like a destroyed part of Los Angeles (Aftermath) looks like it actually just got bombed, they all seem very bland and repetitive. While Black Ops 1 did a good job of having maps that were noticeably different, like having a couple of snow maps to one that has a live rocket go off to one at a firing range, BLOPS 2 maps all seem to center around buildings. Every map has buildings as its main focus and I have yet to find a map that I can say I really look forward to playing at, although in my defense I have only played a few hours and am still getting used to the map layouts. Treyarch easily could have made a carbon copy of any of its previous games and still gotten the same amount of money, but Treyarch really made a conscience effort to make a different type of game. I respect peoples opinion, but for the people who gave this game a 0 and claimed its the same COD really have not played it long enough to make a fair judgement. While I'm not saying this game is perfect, its certainly has some flaws, I'm really happy to see Treyarch make an effort to produce something different and for that, I believe this game earns an 8. Expand
  21. Nov 16, 2012
    I really thought this game was a good change from the last. The branches story line and decisions that affect the game is a cool touch. The new Zombie modes are killer!
  22. Nov 18, 2012
    Like COD 4 Modern Warfare. It's still a COD game in many ways, but some very welcome changes in the Multiplayer, Zombies and even the Campaign (a rare pleasure) make this a more enjoyable experience than past games
  23. Nov 18, 2012
    Black Ops 2 was a rather favorable game. Black Ops' campaign was a sort of short and sweet type of ordeal, while Black Ops 2's is longer and more in depth. Your actions control the outcome of the story, as do missions being failed or completed successfully. You also get to customize your loadout before each mission rather than the game just handing you weapons and expecting you to use them, really allowing you to tailor it to the experience in which you wish to play. Small modifiers also exist to help enhance this, such as an ability that lets your bullets do more damage, or an ability that lets you gain access to otherwise unreachable parts of the campaign that give you weapons, ammo, and other such things. There were plenty of surprises and plot twists that were much different than what I expected, and let me tell you, the campaign is hardly one where you're exclusively boots on the ground the entire time: there's plenty of interesting other experiences thrown in there, such as piloting a jet, controlling a drone, or driving a car.

    Multiplayer is the main part that dragged this game's score down. Is it fun to play? Oh yeah, definitely. They brought back all the gamemodes from the original Black Ops, and even added a few, such as kill confirmed. So what's the issue? Mainly, maps and loadout customization. The maps not so much, but there definitely is some reason to complain. The maps don't have any interactable pieces with them, and something about their designs just no longer carries the magic of Black Ops' maps as well as Black Ops did. If you sit and look at some of the maps though, you get an almost deja vu feeling, because some of them seem to be based off of maps from Black Ops in design. As for the loadouts, they just aren't as fulfilling as far as customization as the original Black Ops' loadout system was. Rather than earning money from matches that may be used to buy weapons, attachments, perks, and all that other stuff, you instead now unlock them based on weapon usage and ranking up, sadly similar to the Modern Warfare series' design. Where as in Black Ops you had a main weapon, one or two attachments for it and a skin and custom crosshair, a secondary, one or two attachments for it, equipment, one or two lethal and tactical grenades, and 3 perks that may be pro or not; due to the pick ten system, you can now only have ten or less of those. You might have a primary with two attachments, 3 perks, a modifier allowing you to have two lethal grenades, two lethal grenades, and a single tactical grenade, and that's all you get; you can't have a secondary or second tactical grenade. It was a cool concept on paper, but actually playing with it, it really limits your experience. To add on to that, pro perks no longer even exist, and neither do equipment or crosshair customization. Getting your emblem and clan tag on your weapon also requires "weapon prestiges," which I can only assume means getting rid of every attachment and such for your weapon and starting over. So what happens if after you get them, you don't like that weapon any more? Oh well, all that hard work is down the drain, and you better find a new weapon to get working at to get that same stuff. Generally, the pick ten system and the whole system of customizing your loadout and weapons just does more to ruin the experience, than it does help it; the old system was much better. It's not all bad though. The emblem creator was overhauled, and the game is still fun to play regardless of the previously mentioned issues.

    I haven't touched zombies yet except for a couple of minutes, but they made some radical changes that I can already tell will make things quite fun, especially with a few friends to tag along, so if you were a fan of zombies in the original Black Ops, you'll probably enjoy Black Ops 2's even more.

    Overall, Treyarch took some interesting design choices that makes Black Ops 2 feel both familiar, and different. If you liked Black Ops and weren't particularly a major fan of MW3, you're more than likely to enjoy this game quite thoroughly, at least for a little while anyways.
  24. Nov 21, 2012
    I have played ALL the COD as I rank them. COD 4 MW GREAT, WaW ok, MW2 WHACK, BO GREAT, MW3 I am going to stop playing COD games, BO2 AWESOME! People will would hate ALL the COD because of MW2 or 3, say that ALL the COD games are the same or say the phrase MAKE A NEW ENGINE. Well let me "objectively" give my opinion. Let talk lag. Lag and camping is here to stay. Can't do much and about the lag (its in every game) but you can be smart about the camping. Lag is in every game but its very weird when it comes to any COD series. Why? My guess is because of the frame rate. Pushing out 60 frames is no easy task for sure, but even more so when running games online. The current gen systems don't have the bandwidth to push such visuals and mask them appropriately so thats why COD game lag is way more annoying than other game, it would leave you to believe their is none (super smooth 60 frames while you shoot but die by one bullet. It's just WAY harder to mask the lag in COD than Halo 4 because of the 60 frames. When games like BF3, Halo 4, Gears all run at a smooth 29-34 frames of animation its easier for current gen consoles to run them. But with all that said I to say this despite all of the felt complaint in the community BO2 lag is by far the best in all CODs after COD 4. For me, for me. I can still pop in Halo 4 and the game plays seeming plays flawless compared to any COD game but its the gameplay in BO2 that keeps me coming back. Believe it or not BUT now there is a "grind" learning curve w/ BO2. Yes a COD game has a grind and learning curve. SMGs are killer at close (which they should) as are Shotguns (balanced and very hard to use, they could a slight buff). You will rarely lose a "CLOSE RANGED" SMG battle against a "naked" Assault Riffle (wrong or no attachments). In other COD games this was a coin flip depending on who is host. Now the LMGs are FUN and very USEFUL. In what COD game this is true other than BO2? Assault Riffles kinda suck, UNTIL YOU GRIND THEM OUT. Example, the M8A1 sucked, Its a 4 round burst Assault that was ONLY good at mid range. But as I was on my grind learning the maps and using this gun, I unlocked the suppressor, fore grip, and fire select attachments. Now this gun is SO BEAST. Who knows what other gems are out there in this game. First COD with a TON of depth... Can't say the same for snipers. The only weapon class that is OP because of QSing and Toe killing. (Quick Scoping and I can shoot you in the toe and kill you). Now onto camping. COD games before BO2 Ghost was super OP NOW WAY TO COUNTER IT. But now Ghost is sooo underwhelming that most people just dont use it or know how to. (It only works WHILE MOVING) Great design choice IMO. But to balance this the map (although some are VERY annoying) have a ton of COVER spots. Not so much head glitching but more cover like. Most Def head glitching it still in the game unfortunately... But the maps have a even HIGHER learning curve than the weapons do. Its soooo much to talk about in the MP of this game, and I didnt even mention the Campaign which has Multiple endings and Zombies mode. The people who are saying this is the same game is either still BUTT hurt or just haven't played this game yet... Great game not perfect but a Great one! Expand
  25. Nov 22, 2012
    I like the multiplayer, there you go I said it. Being a long time FPS player (I started with Doom 2 on the PC). I enjoy this game. It's an arcade filled shooter of pure madness, which for me is fine. The weapon unlock system... It's addictive. I'm not going to lie. I do get a kick out of unlocking loads of items.

    Depth wise? The game has depth and plenty of content. Loads of different
    multiplayer modes. And very many different types of weapons with different play-styles. There's really nothing not to like except maybe the reason that the game is easy to play. Automatic weapons are overpowered and dominate. But I have seen skilled players dominate with other weapons such as snipers rifles also. The only downside to this product is the fact that Activision won't stop recycling the COD4 engine. I'm running this game maxed out at 180 FPS. The second issue I believe are the maps, some of them are random and make no sense. Too many buildings and corners which clutter and are confusing for the player memorize. They just don't seem that well made.

    All in all good game. Worth the money? For content yes, for the fact that the game runs on the same engine as the last four or whatever installments, then no.
  26. Dec 2, 2012
    The single-player has new and intuitive features, like the strike missions and different story paths. The plot however is not as good as the first Black Ops. The attempts at multiplayer balancing are a welcome change, but the multiplayer is still not as good as Modern Warfare 1, 2, or 3.
  27. Dec 4, 2012
    Well, Black Ops 2 is a good game besides the fact that it has terrible lag, I can never connect to anyone in game because of my NAT type. But I love zombies and I like multiplayer somewhat but its not all that goo,d assault rifles are the worst on Black Ops 2, but the Sub Machine guns like the Skorpion, the Vector, etc are all good. My best K/D ratio is from using SMG's. Add me if you want on my PS3 account, my psn is inf3cted-_-TMAN Expand
  28. Dec 5, 2012
    What can I say that hasn't already been said... You either LOVE CoD, or you HATE it. (As of the time of this review 440 Positive reviews, 607 Negative, and only 80 Mixed... so yeah, love it, or hate it) Personally I have a lot of fun with it. I REALLY enjoy the new way of setting up classes... and I also like what they did with the "Ghost" perk (Making it so you are not ALWAYS hidden... but only when your moving. This helps reduce campers) There is still ways this game can get better... (I still occasionally run into a quick scope-er or a drop shot-er) but, to be honest, I have ran into very many... and that's been a nice surprise. But for the people on here to give this game a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 score is just silly. Its a solid game and a fine addition to the CoD lineup. If your looking for REVOLUTIONARY game play... this isn't it. To me it speaks volumes though that a game like Halo 4 can be out (and in most peoples opinions it is a better game) but I keep getting pulled back into the multi player of CoD and ignoring Halo 4. So like I said, if your expecting something NEW or REVOLUTIONARY or DIFFERENT... this isn't gonna be for you. If you want a SOLID game that adds slight changes to a formula that works, then this is your game. Expand
  29. Dec 9, 2012
    Good, For once, there are new features, the campaign is interresting, but there is always no dedicated servers and textures are ugly... It's fun to play it withe friends...
  30. Dec 14, 2012
    Black ops 2 is in my opinion the best and most well rounded installment of the COD series. The campaign is not just a glorified action story with stupid characters and explosions, (Dont be stupid there is still explosions) It has insanely good voice acting that is full of emotion and one of the best villains of any videogame (Besides Vaas from FC3) The multiplayer is as expected but still loads of fun and Treyarch's new take on zombies is refreshing and challenging. There are obviously still flaws like the horribly thought out probation system, and extremely bad knifing, but these are sure not to stop you from having a blast. In short, Black Ops 2 is fresh and new enough to garner your attention so go and get it. Expand
  31. Dec 18, 2012
    Haters' gonna hate, but in the end there is a reason why COD tops the sale charts. This review is split into three sections, Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies. CAMPAIGN: 6/10 - Ordinary: Treyarch presents are far more involved and interesting story than we have become accustomed to from the bland mission briefings that Infinity Ward continues to dish up. Old man Frank Woods, is particularly entertaining as he unleashes a deluge of profanity every time he opens his mouth. The in-game battle sequences are often cinematic and explosive but the gameplay itself is woeful. It just isn't fun. One entire mission is a pathetic stealth action attempt, no you don't fire your gun, no you don't choose your route; just follow your the set path and stop to wait for the drones to pass. At times like these the game cuts pretty close to the definition of the word 'boring!' ZOMBIES 4/10 - Weak: one word - disappointing. Transit is mind numbingly awful, Grief mode offers a brief reprise. Easily the worst Zombie instalment to date. MULTIPLAYER: 9/10 - Outstanding: After six years of online multiplayer, the experience has worn thin. However while I retired from the game as soon as I reached level 55, I can still appreciate that this is the best online multiplayer since MW2, the customisation has been simplified and reinvigorated with the new pick 10 system, the maps and guns are far more balanced then MW3, and support a wide range of play styles. COD's crowing jewel has always been its sharp controls and 60fps and the game is as smooth and responsive as ever. CLOSING THOUGHTS: If you don't like or are sick of COD then this game won't change your mind. If you like online shooters then what are you waiting for? There is one element of this game that deserves your attention: the online multiplayer. The Campaign and Zombies are weak and awful, respectively. Expand
  32. Dec 28, 2012
    It's normally easy to review a CoD game. Yes! Easy! The Campaign is regular as always, the Multiplayer is repetitive and the Zombies mode is as Multiplayer, the same thing. Black Ops II was that normal CoD when it came out. Oh, wait! It wasn't. Outstanding reviews were like "Oh my gosh! it's the best FPS ever! Play it!" Hummm. Should I? I mean, FarCry 3 and Borderlands 2 are in the market, is it really the best? NO! But it was great anyway. The Campaign was the best thing. The player's choice implementation (Maybe something that Infinity Ward should copy after the awful, AWFUL MW3) was a smart choice, and the 9 endings give enough reasons to play the campaign mode again, and we have lots of interesting characters although the story seems to vanish as soon we are given a gun and told to shoot. They COULD mix some story in the war scenes but, guess what? They didn't. Oh, CoD! Almost perfect! Naughty boy isn't getting nothing this christmas. Well, he is getting something, I mean, It's the most best-selling game in the world right now. So let's say they will just get MILLIONS of dollars this christmas. Multiplayer? Let's confirm that CoD wouldn't be CoD without the Multiplayer. Why? BECAUSE IT'S THE SAME THING EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!! Yes, new killstreaks have a role in the "new stuff" the game has, yay! But the multiplayer sistem is the one we all know since World at War. A repetitive though addictive online game mode. Come on! Admit it! You love the CoD multiplayer, but with Borderlands 2 for the same price, I would look for other options. And the Zombies, well, that's another good thing. We have options to play online of course, but with bigger maps, more helpful killstreaks and game modes, Zombies is the best in all the CoD attempts to make something fabulous. I dare to say it's much better executed that the campaign (And the campaign was really good). But let's get a little bit Hipster and state that CoD shouldn't be as mainstream as it is, and less advertised games are winning the race that CoD tries to win in terms of quality every year. Yes, in money they are bosses, but the other FPS have a wider and more original variety of game modes. I think that dividing the game in three sections (Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies), I would rate it this way:
    Campaign: Great story, lots of endings and choices the player can make during the game. Charismatic Characters. Some minor mechainc flaws and no-story at all in the actual gameplay. 9
    Multiplayer: Same thing. New Killstreaks, nothing innovative though. 6
    Zombies: Great maps, game modes and gameplay. One of the best things the game has to offer, a 9.5
    As a result, Black Ops II gets a well and enough-deserved 8.
  33. Jan 3, 2013
    focusing mostly on the single-player: i love it. why? i think it is down to the alternative endings that are available, 3 infact and the decisions that are made throughout. but i do have to say that not much is added elsewhere. A solid purchase.
  34. Jan 16, 2013
    I'm surprised that by most reviews i'm seeing that people are just saying it's too "repetitive" or it adds absolutely nothing compared to the other Call of Duty games. It's a shooter, most shooters get repetitive since the point is to kill a long with specific objectives. First of all, I am no Call of Duty fanboy that protects every game in the franchise. I hate most of the games in the series, but I find that Treyarch is really listening to the community and made a good move with what they did in Black Ops 2. First of all, it's more futuristic rather than that old generic World War setting. I found the campaign's story-line to be quite nice, but I did wish the storyline was more in depth, instead it's mostly covered by being more action oriented. The strike-force missions were also fun since it adds more of a sandbox style which also changes the campaign depending if you win or loose the mission. You have different options to complete a task within the campaign which can also alter the ending of the whole story-line. I felt that Treyarch did well with the campaign and overall has quite a bit replayability. Now to Zombies. I was skeptical with zombies at first because it seemed quite annoying with the fire and such, but I found myself wasting hours of my time seeing how high of a round I can get to. The new gamemode that was introduced named Tranzit is an amazing gamemode that has a huge map and is loaded with easter eggs. The first DLC for Black Ops 2 named Revolution will add even more to zombies by adding the ability to play as a zombie a long with a new map named Die Rise. Overall i'm impressed with zombies and i'm the other 3 DLC packs will improve zombies even further. Now to the meat and bone of Black Ops 2, the multiplayer. Treyarch really did amp up the multiplayer and made it more interesting with their pick 10 class system which allows you to pick 10 items of your choosing ranging from weapons to just perks and a knife. It adds more diversity and allows the player to have more control over what they bring into the battlefield. There are a few things I dislike about the multiplayer. The guns I feel need more time to be balanced which i'm sure Treyarch will work on since they stated their going to be making more balancing attempts so over time it will be better. While yes the maps are small as usual, I don't find the need for bigger maps because there are times that I even have trouble finding people within the map. 8-16 players is fine for the current size of the maps, although within future Call of Duty games I hope for there to be more players and larger maps supported. Currently the main issue is the lag. Since Black Ops 2 uses Peer to Peer hosting, it isn't as well as I thought it would be, Now I usually don't have trouble with lag, but I hate when i'm doing well and I get disconnected. Other than that, it's not too bad. Also, as a bonus Call of Duty ELITE is free for Black Ops 2 which is even better .Overall I find Black Ops 2 a very good game and is one of the best Call of Duty games within the whole franchise. Treyarch is listening and is trying their best to make the game more interesting and fun. I definitely plan on getting all 4 DLC packs and I can't wait to see what Treyarch does next compared to how Infinity Ward failed at MW3 which is like MW2.5. Overall i give it a 8/10. Only thing holding it back is the lag issues. Expand
  35. Jan 17, 2013
    It's not a bad game. I've been playing it for quite a bit by now, and it's actually a breath of fresh air for the entire Call of Duty franchise. Mulitplayer still has some issues but Treyarch did a pretty good job of balancing it this time around. Zombies is fun as always, and for the first time ever, I actually enjoyed the RPG/Campaign. It could still use some work but I think it's a point in the right direction for this franchise. :D Expand
  36. Feb 5, 2013
    CALL OF DUTY SO HARD i actually like this game better then most call of duty but tranzit sucks which is why i bought the game the multiplayer is actually really good though and the story is way good the villain is also one of the best this year i actually really like this game but MW3 THAT GAME IS
  37. Feb 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After playing Modern Warfare 3, and hating it to the extent that I almost gave up on Call of Duty altogether,
    I was reluctant to play Black Ops II. I then waited until January to rent it.
    I started with the campaign, it features the protagonist of the first game, Alex Mason in a 1980's campaign, and his son, David, in a 2025 campaign.
    I didn't mind the story, its pretty much a world domination quest, to overthrow the government, but replacing the Russian antagonist with a Nicaraguan Raul Menendez. What I enjoyed most was the multiple endings, like you could chose whether or not to kill the main characters friend, (as an undercover agent) to not blow your cover, or try and kill Menendez, though if you try and kill Menendez, you get shot and die, and your friend survives, as does Menendez, though trying to save your friend would ruin your chances of getting a good ending. Which confused me.
    Then Zombies, it introduces a few new modes, such as Tranzit and Grief, Tranzit involves going around a huge city on a bus, and getting off at regular intervals. Grief is an 8 player mode, in which you are split into teams of 4 and try to be the last team standing. By either sabotaging the others or even help them.
    Then there's multiplayer, which is good enough I suppose. It introduces a new create a class thingy. Though the gameplay is of course, mostly the same.
    The graphics aren't great and they haven't changed since MW3, or MW1 actually! I recommend renting it like I did, then seeing if you should buy it.
  38. Feb 19, 2013
    After my extreme dissapointment of Black Ops 1, I was very skeptical about Black Ops 2, as it seemed to stray VERY far from the content of the origional. But I have to say it, Black Ops 2 isn't as bad as I thought. The story is nice, the multiplayer is solid, and the overall package is pretty impressive. While the campaign does seem very similar to other games in the past, don't tell me that Colosus doesn't remind you of The Ark from Brink, that Admiral Briggs is strangely similar to Admiral Anderson from the Mass Effect series, and that Club Solar doesn't remind you of Max Payne. Also DeFalco has a little bit of Kristoph Gavin from Apollo Justice Ace Attourney in his capacity to be an but that made ultimately ending his life that more sweet. The campaign's class creation function is an excellent addition to the series, as now we get to take the weapons WE want into the campaign. The unlocking system in this function is also very good. The rest of the campaign is very good. Raul Menendez is an excellent villian, one of the best that I have faced. The way that his back story is presented is excellent, and a plot twist that will have you saying, "What!? Really!?" every time. The character dialouge is nothing short of fantastic, and the mini challenges and campaign leaderboards where you compete with your friends makes this a great mode to play. And the dynamic choice system is a welcome addition too. Now to the multiplayer, which is what everyone cares about. It's still the same multiplayer we know and love, or love to hate, but with a couple twists. The new Pick 10 system is pretty daunting at first, and it can get a little confusing. And the weapon balancing is not all there. I found that the SMG's dominate the weapon section. The map selection is great, but a lot of them seem to be ripped from the Strike Force side missions in the campaign. But nonetheless, the multiplayer customization is INSANE with you being able to customize right down to the camo on your knife. COD points are gone, and they are being replaced by Unlock Tokens, which are gained through leveling up. While I think this is a better currency for the multiplayer, it makes some gametypes, like the well known Gun-Game, feel out of place. The gametypes are pretty much the same, just some are tweaked here and there. This is Call of Duty, I mean come on when have they made drastic changes to the multiplayer. But this is a pretty good game, just a couple things are holding it back from a 9 or 10 in my book. Fans of the series will enjoy this new entry and newcomers will find that this is the perfect spot to jump in on. Expand
  39. Mar 3, 2013
    The CoD franchise has a huge fanbase, and a huge anti-fanbase full of people who somehow think they are more intellectual because they complain about this game, I am about to give a non-biased review that doesn't have anything to do with the haters or fanbase.

    Campaign- Confusing storyline, and dull strike-force missions, that is where I deduct most of the points for this game. I will
    give Treyarch credit for trying the alternate endings in the campaign, this game just needs better writing and shorter cutscenes. The gameplay however, has improved tremedously and contains a lot more playabilitiy. With player options, I find myself playing over and over, a trait that previous installments have lacked in the campaign.

    Zombies- Four player co-op survival is back like we have seen in Black ops and World at War. But two game modes are added. The first one, TranZit mode, contains a bus that your player can board. The robot driver drives you to multiple locations, each with a different nessecity for survival. Many easter eggs are present and a hidden storyline. The second new game mode, Grief, gives you the option to fight WITH or AGAINST 7 other players in the fight for survival. Many customization options are added to zombies mode, such as your starting wave and option of hellhounds.

    Multiplayer- A once repetitive yearly update, has dramatically changed since mw3, a new pick ten system is added, which gives you only 10 items in each class. Well balanced guns and many new playlists will have you coming back for more. Though a few glitches are present, the gameplay is overall smooth and runs on high fps with ease. Bots are now capable to play a wider variety of gametypes, and a new competitive playlist is added, which ranks you based on skill.
  40. Mar 3, 2013
    While not so different than other Call of Duty games, I really like the way that Treyarch has attempted to add content and variety to all game modes, with multiplayer balances, scorestreaks, customizable campaign loadouts, and many other tiny changes that, overall, make this Call of Duty a lot less frustrating than others in the series. A very good addition to the franchise. If you like Call of Duty in general, you will not be disappointed. Expand
  41. Mar 30, 2013
    I will say that I purchased this game on launch date, and as a long time COD advocate, this game does not disappoint. Don't even bother reading any of the negative user reviews at all, as the authors have likely joined the religion of Hating On All Things Call Of Duty Because It Sells More Than Their Favorite Game Series. Like it or not, almost every new game is being designed with Call of Duty gameplay in mind, and you're looking at its beautiful roots. To be fair, the campaign is forgettable, as are the characters, and the length of it always makes you want demand your money back. However, what makes CoD so popular is not the campaign, but its addicting and often health-damaging multiplayer. Every new feature in it is a welcome addition, and for the first time since Modern Warfare 2, it did NOT feel like a another re-skinned CoD game. Venturing outside of Multiplayer is the supposed last hope of CoD, zombies. Even most dedicated haters will have trouble scalding this game mode. It's back and better than ever, with only a few annoying changes like having to build the wonder-weapons, and zombies rarely come through windows anymore. You will either love this game because it is Call of Duty, or you will hate this game's guts because it is Call of Duty. Expand
  42. Apr 11, 2013
    Black Ops 2 was not a phenomenal game, but it did introduce fresh ideas, campaign choices which is new to the franchise. The Multiplayer was the same as any Call of Duty a team working towards a specific objective whether it getting the most kills of planting the most bombs, the multiplayer does add a new more progressive factor to the game, the create a class, in past Call of Duty's you were limited to 3 perks, 2 attachments, and 2 guns a primary and secondary. How ever in Black ops 2 they flipped it on its head, if you want to run around with just knife so be it, if you perhaps feel that a secondary is pointless and a waste of space swap it out for a grenade or maybe a new tact. grenade, or even another attachment. The multiplayer may not be the most refined but its still a great pass time to play with your friends. And Finally the zombies, the new zombies mode Tranzit is a great time with friends or with a random bunch you find online, but its sticks the same formula as Black ops, but it still feels a bit fresher with the new weapons, enemies, and modes, even though it has a lack luster crew consisting of a rag tag band of survivors. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 might not be as ground breaking as Modern Warfare (or 2) but its still a great time of fun and is owns up to its price tag. This has been a Fine Review Expand
  43. Apr 25, 2013
    This game is a great game some people have there thoughts about it because they have made the game that it takes more bullets to kill an enemy but that is not a negative aspect the reason why is because it opens the window to more completive gaming And I really like the fact that they have added zombie new zombie game modes Because that content is what everybody has been waiting for The graphics are a bit out dated if you compare them to halo 4 because blacktops 2 is using the same engine that blacktops 1 used But all and all it is a great game If you like previous games you well like this one Expand
  44. May 31, 2013
    People give Call of Duty a lot of crap, but Treyarch at least provides somewhat of a reason to buy the next in the series.

    Let's start with campaign- Actually, although many players never even once try the campaign after dishing $60 for the dang game, the single player is a lot of fun. Treyarch introduces choices for the campaign--- some of which affect which of the three endings you
    get. Additionally, new optional missions called Strike Force are included. These are fun on the lower difficulties, since you feel as if you are in control of the whole battlefield, which is great but on the harder difficulties, it proves impossible since the AI on your side simply cannot hold its own against the larger and stronger enemy forces. As a final last touch, you can now pick your weapons and perks before going into battle. The plot unfortunately isn't too great: they make Menendez (the antagonist) too much of the villain who is always one step ahead and flawless, up until the very end where that image magically dies in the finale. The rest is still worth playing for, however.

    The multiplayer, is as expected. Not a lot has changed since Cod 4: although killstreaks are now pointstreaks which thankfully award actually going after the objective instead of camping. The new "pick ten" class design is nice, adding flavor to the otherwise bland class design we've all seen before. The camos and emblem designer are hardly worth mentioning. Treyarch at least brings back classic maps like NukeTown and a redesign of Firing Range, which is at least neat. The maps are good too, and the weapons all feel balanced--- no MW2 noob tubes here.

    Zombies is where BO2 really shines: The new maps are tons of fun to explore, discover secrets on, and of course kill zombies. DLC gets lots of criticism, but the maps are usually worth it: the maps are very well done and Zombies' fun gameplay does a lot to breathe life into this otherwise overdone series.

    All in all, I would rate campaign at a 8, multi at a 7, and the zombies at a 9. Each is worth playing, however, I would go for the campaign and zombies. Those two both have the most variety and new stuff, and it makes this game worth buying. Although it doesn't introduce much new, Treyarch at least provides a reason to return to Call of Duty once more.
  45. Jun 23, 2013
    Although the story and combat is a cut,paste and save and falls short. The multiplayer is awesome and one of the best multiplayer's I've ever played and the zombie mode has advanced a lot.
  46. Jul 14, 2013
    I personally think that this game deserves a 8/10 because it's a good game but sadly they did not put much effort into stopping game glitches and other bugs/problems. Also they haven't changed anything about the game the game style, weapons and maps are still all the same.
  47. Jul 18, 2013
    Call of duty black ops 2 is the recent game in the series. Black ops 2 story is great for Call of duty standard's but there are problems with it. The multiplayer is better than ever with the pick 10 classes and using tokens is better than using Cod points in the original black ops. Finally the zombie mode is like the same as black ops and the modes (tranzit, gular, and survive) feel the same. Call of duty black ops 2 is great and if our a fan of the series you may enjoy it, but it doesn't beat Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare in story. Expand
  48. Aug 3, 2013
    this game is a step up from the crap that was realesed with mw3 that game sucked balls B02 is a awesome game and it is in my top 3 call of duty games my top 3 cod games are C
    CALL OF DUTY black ops 2
    call of duty ghost
    call of duty 3

    those are the gems of the call of duty series
  49. Aug 7, 2013
    The game would've been a perfect 10 if the Shangri La and Moon Didn't suck. The campaign, multiplayer, and zombies (discluding Shangri La and Moon) was amazing. Best campaign yet. Not many complaints.
  50. Nov 6, 2013
    I found a good game but its graphics are not that surprising. the game is very addictive but gets very repetitive (in my opinion) and so I did not give a 10 is that it is always the same game the campaign is very original but very short and the multiplayer is stopped or the buildings not destroyed even throw grenades 1000 nothing happens and the arms personalisacion is very poor so I recommend is: 1: more interactive maps such as opening a door or activate a pump that is in the map 2: that looks more like if it were a real fight because it seems like a paintball war planes put roaming the map, random explosions on stage. 3: more weapons personalisacion: what I mean I mean more accessories and you can paint your gun hand. Is it worth buying? If only for the multiplayer campaign is perfect but it is to throw a few hours to play (This is traduce in google translator) Expand
  51. Nov 8, 2013
    When Black Ops 2 came out in Nov. 2012, I remember watching a Youtube video where Tmartn was doing his review of the game and said “This is Black Ops 2?” over and over again during his commentary. One couldn’t help feeling a bit underwhelmed going into the game after all the hype about its new “pick ten” system that was going on pre-release. I believe that people were finally starting to realize that Call of Duty would never shock the world again like it did with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, even though you heard the same arguments over and over again after the release of each of the franchises subsequent installments, one still held on to hope that the next game would be groundbreaking. After playing Black Ops 2 (multiplayer) for a year now, I can tell you with confidence that this is a quality game. It never lived up to the hype that gave it, at the time, record breaking sales figures, but the game managed to hold its own regardless of these unrealistic expectations. Here are some reasons to like it:
    1. You can run and gun! I can’t say this with enough excitement because campers will be shot in this game. The fact that the perk which lets players stay off the map, does not work if they are camping, is fantastic.
    2. The pick ten system: Yes, it works, and it is a lot of fun.
    3. Playing the objective is rewarded: I really liked playing domination because it was a thrill and lay on the B flag while people were shooting at me. If I got the cap, I also got two points towards my kill streak instead of one like in Infinity Ward games. If I killed someone while on the objective, I also got two points towards my next kill streak. Thus, more and more people were playing the objective instead of trying to be slayers. Which bring me to my next point…
    4. The Scorestreak is better than the Pointstreak system: Each kill streak was worth a certain a number of points that a player earns through doing things in the game. For instance, a UAV is worth around 400 points. If you shoot down a UAV, you get 50 points, which is applied to the 400. Hence, you do not need to just kill stuff to get points toward your streaks. Assists are worth about half a kill which also apply and playing the objectives are more rewarding than ever before.
    5. Small maps: You will be thankful for these maps after playing Call of Duty Ghosts. You can get on ton of kills on just about any map, and the action never stops. Regardless of what people say, the game rewards skill. Anyone can get a kill but only the best take home the leaderboard time and time again.
    6. Score per minute is easily tracked: The game shifts the focus from KDR to SPM. I would keep an eye on my SPM after each match, trying just a bit harder the next game to get that number up a point as soon as I could. This leads to faster gameplay and less camping.
    But the game is not without its flaws which are as follows:
    1. Quick Scoping is easier than ever: After playing the game for a few months, I started noticing that more and more players were opting to “quick scope.” Toward the end of the season, it seemed that every match I was placed in was against a clan of “quick-scopers.” Kids were more interested in trying to get “quad feeds” with their sniper rifles than actually trying to play objectives. I can almost say that this wrecked the game (but didn’t) because swagger was taking precedence over substance.
    2. You are still put into the worst games that the server could possibly find: Ever wanted to be placed into a match where you are losing 150-36, and half your team rage-quit because the other team has nine thousand kill streaks circling the air? Treyarch still think you do (but so does IW). I am a proponent for making enemies forfeit an easier option to come by, rather than punish people who were not responsible for the mess they just joined. If half a team leaves, there is usually a reason for it, so just give the winning team a “W” and move on.
    3. Killstreaks are still OP: I can’t tell you how many times I was on a streak and some stupid hunter killer got me. You shouldn’t have to waste a perk to protect you from a low level kill streak.
    So all in all, I would have to say that Black Ops two was a fun multiplayer experience, probably the best one since Cod4. I am not even going to compare the two games though because it is never fair to compare something to the original idea that started it all. However, Blops2 is a fun, fast paced action game that will keep you busy for hundreds of hours. 8/10 Great game.
  52. Dec 15, 2013
    Call of Duty: Black Ops II has a mixture of pros and cons. It has a well thought out campaign with the all the original characters included, but the way they put the storyline into order makes the campaign a bit confusing in the first half unless you pay attention. They have added new weapons for the campaign and multiplayer, and not to mention a fully customizable load out for your weaponry selection.

    The multiplayer is good, it does not lag as much as the original Black Ops, and it has a lot more matchmaking categories as well. They have also added a few more kill streaks and perks. Your load out selection and customization in multiplayer is available but you NEED TO PLAY the game to unlock the customization options. The only real problem I have is that in multiplayer, you will encounter situations where you are killed, BUT when you are killed sometimes in the killcam the player does not shoot you, sometime they shoot past you but yet still kill you.

    The map graphics, textures, meshes, layouts, etc. are on the medium scale, they are not the best but they are good. The weapon models however are amazing they have very well done textures, etc. The sound quality is just above medium quality, the game sound better through a gaming headset.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II deserves a better feedback; it is actually an okay game. I give it an 8/10. I also give Activision and Treyarch credit for trying to make a sequel to the original, they did ok.
  53. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: COD’s graphics are becoming outdated, they need a new engine, but at times they still look good. 8.0.
    Sound: Realistic gun sound, voice actors are good, nothing to complain about. 10.
    Gameplay: Shooting feels unrealistic, it’s like shooting at paper, multiplayer is the same as every year, shoot kill, respawn. Some of the new gadgets are interesting, and the futuristic
    weapons are nice. Even some new scripted elements are enjoyable. The levels are well structured and are fun to play, and the campaign does mix it up. Zombies are back which are always fun. Side missions are added in the campaigns which are similar to a strategy game, although you could take control of each squad. Besides the game feeling the same, it still fun, and it still works. 9.0.
    Story: The story is retarded, skips from scene to scene, and leaves the player in confusion on how they can jump around like it’s a transitional music video. At first the game is interesting, but as it unfolds you quickly realize its attempt is stupid. There are different choices you can make throughout the game which effect the ending, but if you make the wrong choices your only left with plot holes, and annoyance at a horribly executed Call of Duty game. They tried to hard, and failed at it, also the developers lied about the game feeling like a sandbox and having the ability to fly around to missions, its all done in menu’s 6.5.
    Lasting Appeal: Despite the retarded Hollywood action story, the game is still worth it with all the content. The season pass on the other hand is not, and you’re a ****ing moron if you buy the maps. Other season passes go for about 35 bucks, COD goes for 50 bucks, you Activision. They have discounted it from previous COD games where it would cost 60 bucks, so if you do get a hard on from COD map packs then go ahead and buy them. 10.
    Overall Score: 8.7 out of 10.
  54. Dec 13, 2013
    Give them a toy box! That is what it feels to me, there is a slew of new features, ideas, and improvements compared to the other Call Of Duty games. There is allot of contend here and plenty to do. Grab some friends and dive in.
  55. Dec 13, 2013
    I gave this title a 8 because it has awesome replay value. I come home sometimes and go online for a quick match and it puts a smile on my face every time. I have been playing call of duty titles for probably over 15 years and they have come along way. This will not disappoint someone looking to PWN Noobs on the daily. However I must say I don't particularly care for the single player game and story line. That's why it doesn't get a 10. Expand
  56. Oct 20, 2014
    Zombies: Zombies in Black Ops II is just as good if not better than the zombies in Black Ops 1. It has a great story, new and cool looking guns (except the Jet Gun), and great maps (except Tranzit). I would give the Zombies portion a 9.5/10.

    Multiplayer: First of all, such a huge improvement over the Multiplayer and Campaign in BO1. The campaign in this game is ok and the multiplayer is
    actually fun to play but can get boring for some. Multiplayer and Campaign gets a 6.5/10 Expand
  57. Feb 7, 2014
    Black Ops II is a much needed enhancement for the Call of Duty series. Working on what it's done best, Treyarch takes the brightest idea from past installments and reworks them, with a outstanding and truly worth playing campaign. The multiplayer, despite receiving a fresh coat of paint on the interface, that still doesn't hide the fact it's still missing some key components to make it run. As for Zombies, it was more or less a let down, not bad I'll say, just not up to what they had advertised.

    Campaign: First off the interface. Unlike older titles, Treyarch decided to introduce it's multiplayer selection system to allow for players to choose what they want to play with, what attachments, and even equipment. Even though this did make playing through on Veteran a tad bit easy since you could just choose to overpower your setup with the best possible weapons, it didn't take away or hurt the experience.

    The story had a very large amount of thought put into it, making for the best and most contemplating experience to date. It raises questions of plausibility, something other titles lacked with their over the top plot lines and dumb decisions. Looking at you MW3. Really?! You expect me to believe modern Russia is gonna take on EVERYONE?! That's just stupid.

    Spanning two different time frames, the story is either told by the aged Frank Woods, or through the eyes of David Mason, Alex Mason's son. Alex being the protagonist from Black Ops. Set in the year 2025, this brought up doubts on how well Treyarch would be able to portray the future, but surprisingly, they created a justified and believable world.

    Treyarch's promise of player choice was well portrayed, and even though this isn't choice like a sandbox game, every major thing you do has a reaction, changing the scope of the ending all together. Some of the choices though don't display which is the correct answer till a second play through. Also, some choices are extremely telegraphed, making it very easy to tell what you should or shouldn't do. Player choice is kinda a hit or miss type of setup. It's nice, and here's hoping Treyarch continue the trend, but it isn't perfect in this installment.

    Gameplay is the same as always though, cheap gimmicks to draw in players combined with a stealth mission, a helicopter mission, ect. ect. It follows that Call of Duty formula we're all so used to. But atleast in this title we are informed why we're doing each mission. Unlike that of Ghosts, in which the developers simply assumed we want to go along with it, instead of persuading us.

    All in all, the campaign, though slightly short for a single play-through, is definitely the best piece of the package. Requiring multiple plays to get the whole story.

    Multiplayer: Simply put, it's the same horse, but with a different saddle. The maps are all still fitting into that medium to small size that doesn't really allow for much diversity or tactics. The weapons list is still flooded with SMG's and Assualt Rifles. And a lack of genuinely new or exciting game modes is really a let down.

    The interface though had donned a new set up for the Create-A-Class, titled Pick 10. This allows players to mix and match to suit their play style, which definitely helped the game feel not quite so redundant.

    Create-a-Emblem had been greatly enhanced though, adding 22 more layers than it's predecessor, Black Ops. Still though, it's not as great or detailed as say the Forza Layer creator system is. It's not a bad change, but it could still use some work.

    Overall, the multiplayer is still virtually the same, but it is a bit of an improvement from MW3's lack of innovation.

    Zombies: Though not quite a campaign like everyone was hoping for, myself included, it adds quite a few nice touches and a much larger map than any before. Most of the gameplay gimmicks seem like just that at first glance, but the more a player digs, the more they unearth. Though no real story is present in Tranzit, a small story can be achieved with two to four player co-op, in 'The Tower of Babble' Achievement/Trophy. The fact this has to be in co-op though is a little unfair, since players like myself try to stay away from coordinating other players. Some prefer to work alone.

    All in all, it's a fun addition with much enjoyment to be had.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a fun game for the series and a much needed improvement, but it's still Call of Duty at it's core. It's plagued by issues that developers seem to wanna ignore, such as multiplayer map size, or linear gameplay. It's not so much of a linear story which is good, but no matter how you play it, you always wander down the same halls, shooting the same nameless, faceless Joes.
  58. May 27, 2014
    Decent gameplay, graphics and shoooting mechanics. Most people complain about COD being a repetitive franchise, and I agree with that. But actually I'm reviewing BO2, not other COD games and this one was good.
  59. Mar 14, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. my first call of duty game (that i have owned). at first i thought the campaign was to intense and disturbing i.e in the first mission you are in a jeep crash. the interior is on fire while also the driver of the jeep. i almost vomited it was so disturbing. in the second mission there is a cargo crate of dead bodies. BLECH! my cousins b-day was coming up so i gave it to him. worst mistake ive ever made. since i didnt have it, i decided to give it another try at my friends house. best. fps. EVAR! i played co-op with bots with him. i LOVED it. the following year, i got ghosts. i played it and got pretty good at cod. i decided to take on my friend. i OWNED him. he had 8 bots i had none and i STILL WON! i love CoD BLOPs 2! thx for making an amazing game Activision! Expand
  60. Nov 18, 2014
    Classical mulitplayer game. Very addictive and a joy. Campaign is very slow and boring. However, mulitplayer and zombies are what the game was made for. Being able to prestige eleven times is nice too - give the game a little challenge.
  61. Dec 4, 2012
    I like it more than the original one, I can tell you that. But most of the time, it's pretty much the same maybe with a few new guns and whatnot. It's almost solid for me but what can I saw? It makes millions. Thank god my brother bought it instead of me.
  62. Nov 13, 2012
    It seems like these people are just sick of call of duty. Go play other games then. Lol stop disliking it because your 13 and you can't play it. Grow Up I enjoyed the game
  63. Nov 21, 2012
    Okay, I finally played for a while and here's my verdict... (not that it matters), in terms of content the game is really good. A fully realised Campaign mode with pretty good innovation in comparison to the others and possibly the best Campaign mode so far. Then we have the Zombies mode. I personally don't find the Zombies mode to be too great compared to BO1 and WaW. BO1 was the best by far because in BO2 nothing really feels fresh anymore. It's hard to explain but I feel like the maps (I'm looking at you Tranzit) are way too big and that's why I found WaW's Nazi Zombie mode to be so attractive since it felt so much more personal and fun. Now the Multiplayer... probably the best and CoD4 comes close in most places. I'd say: the gun selection is worse than BO1, the maps are worse than B01, the gun play is much better than BO1, the Create-a-Class is much better than B01, the progression is much worse than BO1 and the game modes... I'm not too sure on yet. But first let's go into why the progression is way worse. I personally enjoyed the system in BO1 where it was completely open to trial and error and all that. In BO2 it uses the IW progression system with the "unlock the gun at level 41 and then use it to get more attachments!" crap! I loved the BO1 system where you could just get what you want, maybe experiment with it and then invest in attachments and what not! But I do like the "Pick 10" system. So my final verdict is an 7/10 and I would have given BO1 an 8/10. P.S. FIX THE DAMN SERVERS ALREADY! Expand
  64. Nov 22, 2012
    Black Ops 2 Review
    The Call of Duty series revolutionized the FPS genre in 2007 with COD 4 Modern Warfare but in the series recent years the games have been a simple re-skin each year since. Treyarch (the dev of World at War, 2 and Black Ops) tries some new things in this entry. As usual the story is standard, invaders invade and you have to stop them but a first in the series is the
    dynamic story that molds to your decisions (even though there are a small number of them compared to other games). Really what happens is that your main enemy Raul Menendez is trying to start a war between China and America and you David Mason (the original BLOPS protagonist) must stop him. The game is set in 2025 mostly but there are some flashback sections where you play as Alex Mason. These are told by Woods to let you know why Menendez wants this to happen. There are 2 sections where you play as Menendez though and these have some objectives that are a bit counter progressive to the good guys story and you are just adding work for yourself. Black Ops location were all very bland in the past games but now there are some very interesting locations. But what stood out to me was the inclusion of sandbox levels. It doesn Expand
  65. Nov 22, 2012
    Bought it on the cheap to play through the campaign. I have to admit, after playing all recent CoD games since CoD 2, this is my favorite campaign. It features some really tough (albeit linear) choices, but they offer plenty of incentive to play the impressive and dramatic campaign. The villain is fleshed out really well this time around, and has plenty of personality as compared to past CoD villains. There are 3 or 4 really memorable missions, mainly accentuated by incredible set pieces or an incredible plot twist. Yes, the campaign is very good and requires a bit of brainpower to put together all of the relationships between characters and the multiple timelines. Strike Force missions, which break up the story mode, are both a success and major failure. The missions themselves are really interesting and it is incredible how they worked them into the overall story of the main game, yet playing them is a different story. AI in these missions is really touch and go, in which you either have to baby the squads through the map or just go completely Rambo and take down everything. The RTS element is really exciting, and I can see it working really well; but as it stands they are frustrating and unfun missions with incredibly spotty AI...all I really wanted to do is continue the stellar story. Multiplayer is still a love it or hate it affair. It does little to alter the formula, although the pick 10 system is quite ingenious and surprisingly well balanced. Never been a fan of Zombies, but Tranzit is fun, yet the zombie formula has been done before. I'm really hoping to see a huge leap in CoD because, deep down, I really do like the series. Blops 2 is less of a major step forward and more of a major refinement of the series, which is to be expected. Blops 2 is solid - excellent campaign, same old multiplayer, and stale Zombies - yet it doesn't wow or blow away expectations in all of its departments to truly create a stand out experience. 8 Expand
  66. Nov 13, 2012
    This is exactly what I wanted from MW2 and MW3. If you were one of many who have been dissappointed by many recent CoD games, don't worry. BO2 makes a ton of changes and breathes new life into the dying series. And score streaks are way better than the kill streaks of previous games. The campaign is more refined than the crap known as MW2 and MW3. The online is better. This is the best in the series since Modern Warfare 1. Let's just hope that Activision can continue to take the franchise in to this direction, instead of the modern warfare direction. Expand
  67. Nov 15, 2012
    I give BO2 a solid 7. I love Treyarch as a company and believe they are a much better company than IW.

    This game has been a blast to play. Right now Im level 25 Prestige 1 and its Nov. 15th. Treyarch has implemented so many things into this game to make it a better experience and I love them. There are, however, a few key things that just ruin my experience sometimes. Listed in order or
    annoyance/importance for me;

    1) Sound - Before I got the perk Awareness I never, not even once, heard someone sprinting up behind me to knife me. I could be standing on top of a metal staircase and their can be nothing else going on in the game (gunfire, etc) and I still can not hear this guy sprinting up this metal staircase to knife me in the back. I have Turtle Beach X41's and I play with them all the way up. In Black Ops, I could quite easily hear people even without whatever perk it was. In MW3 there was SitRep Pro, which let me hear clear across the map where people where hiding in corners. Now, in Blops 2, I cant hear a damn thing. Someone could come up behind me and throw a party and I would never know it. I couldnt wait to get the Awareness perk thinking it would be similar to SitRep Pro, well, its not, not even close. There were a few games where I actually heard some footsteps, but, if there is ANYTHING going on in the background (gunfire, choppers, etc), you cant hear footsteps again. 2 - Aim Assist - Is it just me or does every single bad player all of a sudden have the most amazing aim in the world? It doesnt matter if Im clear across the map with just my eyeball peaking out while head glitching, that person just scopes in and starts spraying and every bullet is smacking me. You watch the kill cam and you see the cross hairs just magically find you as long as he went ADS somewhere in your vicinity. I look at everyone K:D a lot and you just dont see the really BAD players anymore. Everyone is at least a .8 K:D. Theres a reason and thats because of this crazy aim assist. Coming from PC gaming, I understand the need for Aim Assist in a controller operated game but my god, turn it down a little.
    3 - Headglitching - 50% of gun battles involve you having to try to take off someones head because thats all there is in this game. I dont even know how you would try to fix this but I've never seen so many people head glitching. Every 5 feet there is another obstacle for you to stand behind and head glitch.
    4 - Domination Game Mode - One of my old favorite game modes, now my most hated. Unless you are on a very good team, this game mode is one sided. There are only ever 3 flag captures per round. One team gets A, the other team gets C, and whoever captures B wins. Very few games involve multiple Dom point swaps. The spawns in this game mode are also responsible for this because even if you manage to sneak all the way around to try to capture their starting flag, if you die, you spawn all the way behind your own starting flag and you have to do it all over again. Its crazy how bad this actually is. On a side note, I would love to see a 5 second respawn delay or something in this game mode.
    5 - Partying up - 2 things - Im usually playing with a full party of 6 people and when you go to start a game sometimes it takes a minute or so. For some reason, once the leader of the party starts the game, he can no longer hear anything from his teammates until they actually all get into the lobby, but, they can still hear him. Its kind of a weird/glitch thing that Im sure lots of people are complaining about and should be easy to fix. Another is being able to switch the party leader. If Im the leader of a party of 6 and I want to pass lead, that person has to back out and start a whole new party and send out invites. Kind of stupid.

    Well thats my review, Im still having a blast playing the game and Im confident Treyarch will fix a bunch of these issues once they start hearing from the community.
  68. Nov 14, 2012
    First off, if you like the CoD series, then this one is the best so far and there is no doubt it will sell well keeping all lobbies full for the next year. That being said, it's just the annual refinement its predecessors, setting it the future doesn't change this fact. Even the new pick 10 system isn't interesting. Sure, you get full customization but when you do this, the same thing always happens, people gravitate to what the masses view as the optimal spec (same thing happens in MMO's with talent systems). Sure, there are counter perks, but the mind set of most players in this genre is self, not team. Expand
  69. Dec 21, 2012
    Didn't play the campaign. Tried the multiplayer online and after being used to the carnage of BF3, it just didn't do it for me. The ONLY saving grace for me on this one was the Zombies. The zombies transit level is fun to do even if it is pretty repetitive.
  70. Nov 13, 2012
    Giving any game a zero is ridiculous. I'd give a game a zero if it didn't work when I put in the disc. Treyarch went out of their way to improve on Black Ops and they have succeeded. the campaign is good, zombies is the best it's ever been and multiplayer is as fun as ever. The game is not a 10, but not worse than 5. People complaining about the lack of innovation in MP are validated, but I disagree. The gameplay is similar to the previous editions because it works. Treyarch stuck to the same basic formula that has given them so much success in the past and have made improvements in every aspect of the experience that fans of the series will enjoy. Casual players might regard the MP as similar to MW3 and BO, but veterans of the series will see the differences and enjoy them.

    I do wish that the engine had been upgraded, but the game still looks fantastic nonetheless.
  71. Nov 19, 2012
    Unfortunately, Call of Duty games tend to have two bandwagons; Bandwagon A consists of non-gamers buying into the marketing and hype, and will often rate Call of Duty games a 10 because they don't have much else to compare them to other than Fifa. Bandwagon B consists of snob-gamers, who make up their minds to give the games 0 before even playing them, simply because it's popular and almost "cool" to dislike them and say they're made for 12 year olds. I'm 25, and I don't care for bandwagon's and the like, so let me give you a much more honest review: Black Ops II isn't a bad game - certainly not worth the 10 so-called professional critics are giving it, but definitely not deserving of a 0, which equates it to some rushed 007 game. Despite what people have said, it's not a cut and paste of its predecessor, as it introduces a whole new futuristic setting, complete with a very different soundtrack, weapons and on-rails scenes. It also introduces the new strike force missions, which are essentially strategy-based missions and a world away from linear first person shooting. Black Ops II also switches between past and future missions, which allows for a fantastic way to learn the story, which is packed full of plot twists and an opportunity to play from unlikely perspectives. Of course, the game isn't without fault; it does suffer from being a little on the easy side. Without intentionally c0ck swinging, even on Veteran, the game feels like it has been made to predominantly cater to bandwagon A (as stated above). Some of the weapons are a little overpowered (a sniper rifles that can shoot through walls) and there are constant weapon cache's with the chance to refill ammo. Not once will you feel as under pressure as you did in World At War or even MW1. It's also a little on the short side, and I don't care much for the zombie mode. With so many pros and cons, I was close to giving the game an average 6, but to be honest I enjoyed it too much to give it anything less than a 7 - it's worth a rent, but not the retail price tag. Alternatively just wait until the price lowers. Expand
  72. Nov 16, 2012
    i am a halo fan boy who hates cod but since everyone on my friends list has this, i bought it to amd heres an honest review.
    Multiplayer: 7/10 not that good its like all old cods but its improving and its fun
    Zombies: 10/10 Fun and amazing u will have a blast on tranzit
    Campaign: not played yet (will update when played)
    so you see you guys Bo2 isnt that bad.... zombies is amazing
  73. Nov 16, 2012
    Single player is a 10, multiplayer is a 0. Graphics and sounds is a 5. Clearly, all the money went into the story, which is the best COD story yet, but from the lousy multiplayer to the 3D ready graphics (which means most of us are delivered lacklustre poly detail and textures) to the weapon sounds where the reload "click" of the weapon is noticeably louder than the sound of the weapon being shot, the graphics, sound, and multiplayer game-play are a bust. Some areas of BO2 look amazing in SP, too bad they couldn't apply that effort to the MP maps, which all look blurry and simplistic. The multiplayer is the lame level climb against vastly superiorly armed players that BO was. It won't grab you and hold your attention; first of all, that formula has been done before, done better and done with more effort focused on the multiplayer maps. If you were looking for a worthy successor to MW3, this ain't it. If what you want is a more balanced level climber, try Halo 4. If you want a more simulation of military combat, try the updated version of MOH:Warfighter. Black ops 2 multiplayer is just plain boring; and while the SP is worth the cost of admission, it's not what the majority of it's casual audience (those who don't hide penis size insecurity behind which game they prefer) expected or deserved. Warfighter and Halo 4 are out. Have a fun BO2 SP ride and then go back to whatever game it was you were doing. Expand
  74. Apr 12, 2013
    Love or hate it COD is here to stay, if you are looking for something new then yes they have med some. But most of the game is the same as the other in the series. i am however really impressed by the story as it has to be the best in the series yet. With multiple endings and choices you have that impacts the campaign i love the new direction the story took. By far the best in the series even though it`s the same ol formula Expand
  75. Dec 8, 2012
    In all honesty, Black Ops 2 is not a bad game. The graphics aren't really all that they could be. But are you going to be running around seeing of you can see the details of a rock, or are you going to be shooting people? I am not defending the choice to keep using the same game engine with minor tweaks each year, but graphics are not what makes a game good or bad. The campaign is a decent length. They tried to make a story that is interesting and I believe they succeeded. With that being said, it is still similar to past Call of Duty's. Escort this guy, snipe this guy, get to the helicopter, all just to get the set piece that every mission has. Zombies is a bit of a hit and miss. I really like what they did with the new game mode Tranzit. What that is, is a very large map where you get from area to area via a bus. You can build these little machines and things out of parts that you find. And the neat part is that the areas you go to are the survival maps. But just playing the survival maps by themselves are not very good. No Pack-A-Punch, and very limited space. These maps are small. The majority bought this game for multiplayer. And, just like Zombies, is a hit and miss. The guns are decently varied, although they really seemed to guve everything a pretty high fire rate. The maps are small, which makes them ideal for submachine guns and shotguns. The new gamemode Hardpoint is basically a King of the Hill type mode. The Pick Ten system that replaces the old Create A Class is definately an improvement. Want two primaries? You can do that. Want to run with nothing but a combat knife and a lot of perks? You can do that.
    So there's quite a bit of good and quite a bit of bad. If you haven't played Call of Duty in a few years, you might want to pick this up. If you have played every Call of Duty before this, I would suggest waiting until you can get it for $30-$40.
  76. Nov 13, 2012
    Yet another Call of Duty title has been released and it is at least solid. This is not a great game, or even a good game really, but it is fun and will provide several people with hours of entertainment. People can say what they will about the Call of Duty franchise, but it has done well for itself and keeps fans coming back. Of course the game is the same year after year, but that's because the developers don't really strive to be innovative, which is fine. It is the gaming equivalent of candy. By this I mean it is not satisfying and filling like a steak, but it still tastes good and I indulge myself every now and again. My main point is that even though Call of Duty has become like Madden it doesn't make it a bad game. Call of Duty has become stale, repetitive, and a little dull, but it has certainly not become boring. Black Ops 2 is probably best suited for die-hard Call of Duty fans, but others may get a couple of weeks worth of fun out of it. Just go into the game with the mentality that it is the same as it has always been and you won't be disappointed. Expand
  77. Jan 18, 2013
    Treyarch has managed to come out of its shell from the release of CoD:Blops 2. now after looking through all the controversial bullish that is given stating that its like all the others there's nothing different. (keep in mind a developer can only go so far under the arms of a publisher [especially in a "triple A franchise"]). after peeling all that off you have a game that has a large amount of potential that strikes very hard key selling points. The stellar campaign given felt a lot (not completely though,) different. It gave players a little more freedom and choice throughout the game as well as a slight sense of emotional awareness within the choices they made as a character. From mission load screens to in-game non-avoidable choices. These things made me fall in love with the sometimes drooling campaign. Zombies of course makes its large return and greater than ever, with new maps and a long sought after theater mode. This combined with 4v4 chaos in grief mode ends up resulting in countless hours of play time (not including future DLC and modes). Of course as every CoD game has been in the past the multiplayer is EXTREMELY addictive, but repetitive in its level system. But to fix this Treyarch has added several things to keep the players busy and happy longer. With the inclusion of a "league mode" which allows for PvP action within certain skill levels makes any and every gamer feel like a professional in there own world while enjoying the game. Theater mode also returns as expected and feels a little easier to use and less task heavy. The greatest thing that makes the games multiplayer fall short is its poorly created and managed servers. this results in a lag compensation and the case where in the right game mode the winner (9 times out of ten) is the host. This makes the newest installment of CoD:Blops 2 a game that i would buy in a heart beat but with a lack of polish and finesse in certain cases Expand
  78. Nov 18, 2012
    this is a review for the campaign only as I haven't had the chance yet to try out the multiplayer.

    Graphics: I realize that it is an older engine but the game still looks great and easily on par with warfigher but not with BF3. The lighting, clarity and detail in the foliage in the jungle type areas is great. the indoor environments though are pretty basic. overall, i give the
    graphics an eight. i suppose Infinity ward or the publisher? is waitng for the next generation consoles before they develop a new engine. the Guns: this is arguably the most important part of any first person shooter. The guns were a big let down. gunfire seems muted and lacked punch. In addition, the guns all sound very similar to eachother. the first black ops had much better sound. these days warfighter carries the torch for realistc gun sounds with ghost recon close behind. Only two of the modern weapons were really innovative namely the flechette gun and one of the sniper rifles that could penetrate through walls The one standout feature of this game was the new overhead tactical viewpoint for one modern set where you could control individual men or machines. I hope they turn this type of warfare into a stand alone strategy game. It worked incredibly well.

    The biggest let down is that none of the missions seemed very black ops. they are more like missions you would expect the marines to do. Black ops missions should rely on a bit of stealth (ghost recon), silenced weapons, and special goggles with night vision, infiltration, assasination.

    further, I think the story back arc to the 80's was uncessary. they should have kept the story confined to the modern era. It was uncessary to tie the current events into what happened in Afghanistan for instance or Africa for that matter.

    The weakest part of the game was the story. the main villian was completely unbelievable. This was a perfect opportunity to set up China as the main protaganist. they could have used teh korean or vietnam wars as backdrops if they really wanted to provide some context to the future events. Further, chinese soliders would actually have advanced and interesting weaponry to provide some sort of challenge. It is totally unbelievable that a former drug runner would turn into a terrorist and be able to finance technological innovations for weaponry and software which be capable of challenging established governments. His background and so called rise to power was really boring too. Not as boring as the warfighter drama with that guy's wife and kid, but pretty close.

    My harshest criticism for the game though it lacked what I call an "air of reality" which some shooters achieve. It's that feeling that the people on the screen could be actual soldiers out there, doing this incredible sh#t and you feel a part of that. the first modern warfare had heaps and heaps of that feeling. even modern warfare 3 had it to a certain extent.

    this game did not have it at all. It's like it was missing its shooter mojo or something. Warfighter did a much better job with shooter mojo than this in the campaign, even though the campaign itself wasn't as good. So, in summary, the game had one brilliant moment with respect to the tactical view and control system. that was ingenious. Otherwise, the game was pretty average. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer to see how it compares with warfighter. to my mind warfighter, with the exception of BF3, has the best multiplayer going at the moment. Cheers,
  79. Mar 25, 2013
    I was never a COD fan but I have to say that COD is never a bad game. People hate it just because Activision is abusing the same shooter stuff. To be honest, I don't really like this game and I only play zombies. Most people hate it because they spent (and they are going to spend) $60 on a shooter game that looks ALMOST the same as the game the bought last year. But hey, the problem is not about the game itself. Imagine if it's the first time you play this game. The graphics is awesome and the game runs at 60 FPS which is amazing. The multiplayer is intense and fun (in the beginning). The zombie mode is the best and very addictive. I wish Activision could release COD games every 2 or 3 years instead of 1, because people will get bored really fast. Expand
  80. Nov 26, 2012
    The singleplayer portion of this game was absolutely amazing, the story moreso than the gameplay, while black ops 1 had an amazing singleplayer too, black ops 2's campaign was just mind blowing. The multiplayer however, was new and some what fun, and it has stayed fun to this day, but due to it being on the xbox, the connection wasn't too great, and I haven't had fun playing it all the time. The zombie mode was fun, but they didn't change it enough for me to consider it 'amazing'. Expand
  81. Nov 13, 2012
    A zero? Really? It's so ridiculous that no one is going to take your comments seriously - the same can be said for all the 10's. Try to be objective people.
  82. Feb 20, 2013
    Well, I told myself I wasn't going to buy it and as always I ended up getting it. However, unlike most people I am actually somewhat impressed. Don't take that the wrong way though. Black ops 2 is definitely not the new innovational COD everyone was hoping for, but it isn't as bad as some people proclaim it to be. As usual, the campaign is short and predictable but you'll still be able to get at least some satisfaction out of it. The multiplayer is actually quite good. For the first time they actually got the gun power right. Not one gun is over powered and used by everyone in the game, but instead each gun seems to be ment for a certain playing style/map. Speaking of the maps, they are by far the least innovational part of the game. I often times find myself thinking of a map from a previous COD while playing the multiplayer. (I swear to god, Hijacked is just Nuketown on a boat.) Then we have zombies. Now, I absolutely loved the zombies in the original Black ops and I must say that I am kind of disappointed with transit. It just feels like a giant cluster to me. Too complicated I guess? Then when you play on one of the four locations by itself it just feels too small. On the other hand though, the DLC's zombie map is much more enjoyable and I hope to see much more like it in the future. In my opinion, the game is definitely worth owning. I give it a 7 out of 10 Expand
  83. Nov 17, 2012
    Well-fleshed out campaign: granted it is completely unrealistic and off the wall. The graphics sincerely need an overhaul, its now lacking in that department critically. The guns feel nice when shot. The MP as of now, in my experiences, is just shy of a train wreck. The lag even on 360 is atrocious, the maps are decent enough...when the spawns actually flip and its not both teams on the same side. The worst part of the MP is the hit detection, it is awful, you feel you should have won a gun fight but some how become insta-dead. People were complaining about Warfighter, this is worse, and they out in the theater mode again so you can watch yourself have crosshairs right on a guy and not even get a marker. Its bad. I feel they spent too much time on Zombies, that part is great, its new and different but not completely away from what made it popular. Overall this game is good at best, maybe if they fix the online MP problems it will be decent. Expand
  84. Nov 16, 2012
    CALL OF DOODIE: CRAP OPS 2. People get suckered into spending $60 every November for the same game w/minor changes; it's too bad the COD franchise milks people for sales every year. Name a company that's gonna turn down the opportunity for multi million dollar sales every single year though. That said, it's understandable that another installment releases every single year. What I don't understand is why so many people feel compelled to spend $60 on it again and again and again. I shoud point out that I'm not one of the stupid, immature peope on here who submit reviews on games just to give them undeserving scores of "0" in order to pull their score down. The "reviewers" who are doing that should be banned from Metacritic because they're just ruining the site. If games like this deserve a "0" then what the does a truly bad game deserve to get? I think this game deserves a "7." The graphics are great. The campaign is epic and the game boasts lots of multiplayer modes. Zombies is still there too. The reason I only give it a 7 is because it doesn't do anything that previously released COD games haven't already done. It's simply another $60 rehash. My recommendation to fellow gamers is to STICK WITH INFINITY WARD. They're the true creators and developers of COD. Treyarch sucks in comparison because their games are plagued with glitches and they try too hard to make their games "over the top." Also, while on the subject of comparisons, Infinity Ward's "Special Ops" is way more impressive than Treyarch's "Zombies." Modern Warfare 4 will be out in November next year so there's no good reason to waste $60 on BO2. Get Halo 4 since it's a breath of fresher air, enjoy the DLC you likely already invested in for MW3, and look forward to MW4 kicking BO2's ass in a matter of months. :) Expand
  85. Nov 22, 2012
    I think there are a few fan boys rearing their heads again, 0, really ? look we all know what we were going to get here, just like the poor cousin battlefield series and its 2 min single player campaign. Pretty much what I expected really, and now people are up in arms about it, seriously !! It's a fun free for all shooter and I love the zombies all ways have, me and a few mates get online and blast away at those zombies,we brought cod 2 just for that. Yeah more of the what !! Get over yourselves and go play the Wii !! Expand
  86. Dec 9, 2012
    A game that shouldn't be getting as many negative reviews as it has been getting from the users , Black Ops 2 delivers what I was expecting from the campaign with a few surprises. I really loved the fact for once in the CoD series you get to have choices that will alter the ending! You can also choose on what missions you get to do that will also change the story line. The story line itself is action-packed and great! The gameplay is generally the same, but that's expected for most FPS games (for me at least). Although the campaign was great, the multiplayer was still the same as the modern warfare and above. Although I like the fact that it has 'score-streaks' instead of kill-streaks ( I don't know that was in MW3 as well, didn't play the multiplayer since i was disappointing with it in general). But I still have fun with it nevertheless. The guns in multiplayer are somewhat off-balanced, being that the SMGs are the superior weapons in multiplayer (like it has been since mw2) but it is not too bad (although the mp7 is a bit too good). Plenty of gamemodes to choose from.

    Zombie Mode though is great! It is improved and a bit more polished from Black Ops 1. It has 1 additional perk called Tombstone (wanna learn about it? Google it.) And of there is a good amount of weapons to choose from with few being worthless. Although there is one thing that disappointed me a a bit. The lack of maps on there. There is technically 4 maps ( Tranzit, Farm, Town, and Nuketown) but it only feels like their is 2 maps. Farm and Town can be played on Tranzit ( which is just basically one huge map) and Nuketown is only obtainable at the moment for Hardened Edition, Deluxe Edition, and the Care Package (The Collectors Edition). I know I could of payed gotten them easily, but I'am not spending 20$ extra dollars on a game for just one map and a few crappy other additions. But overall I'am still pleased with Zombie mode.
  87. Nov 13, 2012
    I got this game early and after playing it for a few days and many many hours here is my honest review. The graphics aren't really high class compared to other game franchises like Halo, Gears of War, or Assassin's creed but the graphics aren't bad either, not even close. Graphics and audio are a major improvement however to past COD games. The campaign IMO is very good. Yes it feels like other COD campaigns with the explosions, movie like executions, etc but it feels much more personal, emotional and the campaign actually makes sense this time. The time-line from the cold war to 2025 fits in PERFECTLY in the story. The decision making process in the game also works very well and promotes replay-ability. The zombies in the game are improved and involve a more tactical style of game play instead of running around in circles. The zombies in this game have almost a Left 4 dead style and feel of game play The multiplayer overall has been improved. The maps are well done, the perks and weapons are balanced. The pick 10 system works well and gives unlimited customization options. Kill streaks or score streaks are much more difficult to earn in this game compared to past COD's IMO which is a good thing. The sniping has improved, the hit detection is very good. However, here are some things I did not like about this game. This game still feels TOO MUCH like past COD's unfortunately. It is VERY repetitive. The campaign could of been much longer. It is only 5 hours long on normal difficulty. I only played this game for a few days and have already come across annoying campers, quick scopers, etc. Panic knifing has returned. The re-spawns are improved but still are far from near perfect. Overall, a good Call of Duty game. Expand
  88. Nov 23, 2012
    Finally. A major change in the series for the first time since Call of duty 4. That sentence alone restored hype to this game for me and many others.

    After the huge failure and frustration MW3 was, thousands of people gave up on cod, hell nearly even me. But then Treyarch randomly comes out of nowhere and announces some big changes, and people got excited. Not only is Black ops 2 in the
    near future with brand new technology. Campaign

    I first thing I played was campaign. It's great, a lot better than MW3's. However, it's still not the best cod campaign. I LOVED the create a class and challenge system. It added so much replay value. There are also choices throughout the story. The choices are fewer than I imagined, which disappointed me, but they have a pretty big impact on the story and it's ending. The campaign, like the others, is a blast. It's full of action and there's a twist at every turn, and it's VERY fun to play. You'll be utilizing a lot of vehicles such as a jeep, a VTOL jet, a chopper gunner, and much more. And a lot of it isn't just on rails either. You get to fully drive it through a pretty big world, not just one path, and it provides a fresh experience that is overdue. My favorite part was when you're playing as a spider robot, and you had to use strategy to maneuver throughout the vents and find a good route, and it's very cool and unexpected.

    The story is good, but there is still so many unexplained things and plotholes, and cheesy lines. I expected a bit more from the story, and it's probably the most unrealistic one to date, but it's still good. There are a few unneeded scenes like main characters getting brutally tortured and killed in front of you, like they're just minor characters, and unnecessary twists or moments.

    Menendez is a good villain, but I barely felt any pity or empathy for him, which is what the writers tried to achieved, but failed. I just hated him even more.

    They put a TON of work into the campaign, with great pre-rendered cutscenes that took a lot of work to probably do, and with all the custom animations instead of re-using others like in the MW games. Strike force missions are great, although a little confusing at first, and offer up a hugely new experience that I liked, but didn't love. The story is also surprisingly long, being as long as Cod 4. The story is also very violent, sometimes unnecessarily violent. Some deaths are just brutal and aren't needed. One interrogation that happens in the story involves someone stabbing a knife through his hand and watching him suffer, and although the guy you're interrogating is a huge jerk, it's still kind of unneeded. And some characters and plot elements could've been expanded upon, especially one character in general (you'll see who I mean).


    A lot of people just buy call of duty for the zombies, and it's obvious why. It's addicting as hell. Zombies in this game is fun, but not as good as the last two games. You can play tranzit, which is fun at first, exploring and finding out the huge amount of easter eggs, but once you've figured out how to do everything, it gets boring, and it's pretty damn hard. You can finally customize zombies and even change difficulty, but the only thing i've noticed is that slightly more power-ups spawn on easy. You also have that one option for tranzit, which dissapointed me. There also aren't very many guns you can get from the box, in fact a lot are from the first black ops.

    Survival is classic survival on one of the maps in tranzit. Every map except one is terrible, containing no pack a punch and limited guns. One map has all the guns, perks, and a pack a punch, but it's still small as hell and gets boring.

    Grief is survival but with two teams, and it could even end up as 8v8. It's a fun change, but it would've been SOOOOO COOOLL on tranzit, but it's only for survival.


    Some argue that the multiplayer has been the same since cod 4. And it basically is. Want to know why? It's call of duty. Call of duty 4. CALL OF DUTY Black ops 2. Get it? If you changed in, not only would nobody buy it, but it wouldn't be call of duty anymore.

    Multiplayer overall is good. The maps are a definite improvement from MW3, although they still aren't amazing, mostly because they are very small, even the larger maps, so SMG's dominate. Lag compensation is still there, but it isn't as bad as when black ops 1 came out, or MW3, which is good. It's still very annoying and it breaks the gameplay, but it's not too bad and i'm sure they'll make it better like they did in Black Ops 1.

    The pick 10 system is awesome. It adds so much customizability and it's just awesome. I love all the different combinations you can do with it, and it allows me to play more like how I want to play.

    Overall Black ops 2 is a good game. It didn't meet my expectations, but it's a definite improvement over MW3, and it offers some change.
  89. Nov 13, 2012
    Multiplayer is still fun, gameplay is addictive, there are tons of stats to view and improve upon, maps are decent, new kill streak point system is solid

    Still feels like an expansion pack rather than a whole new game
    Graphics aren't the greatest
  90. Nov 29, 2012
    Update since I gave the game a 5 within the first few days. The campaign is great and with the ending changing depending on your choices, it actually adds replay value, unlike previous COD games. Zombies is fun for a while but the maps grow old after a while but it is still a very fun mode. Zombies will probably be better once they release more maps and perks. Multiplayer is a combination of MW3 and Black Ops. If you liked either multiplayer, BO2 multiplayer may grow on you. The pick 10 system is great since you won't see two people with identical classes. The system adds great variety and constantly makes you adapt your classes. This game does however have one major flaw: the players. In pretty much every game I go into, people camp on the second floor of a vertical building with either bouncing betties or shock charges (immobilizes you). The people who don't camp in buildings run around the map with all stealth perks or shotguns which both become extremely annoying until it becomes available to you. There are very few players who just play the game normally without using the most overpowered setups. This takes away all the fun for me in multiplayer. If anyone gives this game a ten they are lying because COD has a long way to go before it becomes perfect. While this game is fun for the first few hours, it just won't last. However, I still find it better than MW3. Expand
  91. Nov 15, 2012
    I don't normally do this kind of thing but I'm sick and tired of reading reviews that say "The graphics are outdated". Obviously from little children who pay $60 for a game that looks pretty, same kids who would say games from past generations of consoles (NES, SNES, PS2, N64, etc) are bad because of the graphics . I haven't played the Campaign or Zombies yet, but the Multiplayer is fun, just like it always is. Thats what a game should be rated on. Yes, there are campers, try-hards, and these elite super players that come on here and own every other game, but who cares, its just a game. I'm no expert MLG gamer, I didn't stand in line for hours in the rain like all of those other losers just to think I'm the first one who has the game, and I'm not a fan boy. I just like to play Call of Duty with my friends as a social thing and I think thats what separates the men from the boys. If you don't like it because its "the same old thing every year" then you're the idiot who paid the money for it. The people who generally gave the review a good score are the people who like the CoD games for what they always are, and what they probably always will be. Expand
  92. Nov 16, 2012
    Since the first time I played MW3 I did not see anything amazing, but with BO2 it was very different.
    For me this game is awesome. The zombies are fun, multiplayer has a much better cheek, graphics really good, by far the best CoD ever made. Many people are complaining because they don't want play this franchise, they're annoyed with it. I recommend that these guys try another franchise,
    play the same game a lot is boring. Expand
  93. Nov 16, 2012
    To be quickly honest, I intended to purchase COD: Black Ops 2 mainly for the zombie gameplay. I loved the previous installments' zombie levels. The campaign continues on from the first COD, but it was difficult to understand the plot at first. It was only several missions in that I understood what was happening. The back and forth of the past and future felt off at times. The levels were diverse, but I had a huge issue with the strike force missions; forget commanding your teams from the bird's eye view. You literally have to win the battle yourself, the AI is so horrible.

    I had a huge problem with the character script of Admiral Briggs. In nearly every sequence, you'd hear him swear and/or over dramatize certain phrases. "Swears like a Sailor" is excruciatingly put to the test, even coming from someone who swears too often.

    The multiplayer point system for your loadout is really awesome. It adds a large benefit for broader customization. Player card editing is back but doesn't seem to provide as much as the first COD installment. The list of weapons is also a good size, allowing you to choose from many types, but the perks are still all too similar and seem to be limited. It would be great to have a larger list for even more customization.
  94. Nov 16, 2012
    I was excited to try this after a lot of publications said it was way different than the past COD games, which I got bored with after modern warfare 2. Sadly this is only partly true. The single player game has improve quite a lot, but the multiplayer/zombies stays essentially the same. First the story is a ton better....I was actually constantly looking forward to the next part of the story. There is a huge amount of suspense built throughout the game because you know that **** is about to hit the fan with a America's drone force attacking itself. I usually dont like stories that jump around, but this works very well. Each level is completely different, varied, and in a different location...and you dont get lost within the timeline. It is cool how it allows you to make "Choices", but this feels like it wasnt built from the ground up....rather it was thrown in afterword because the different way of doing things seems tacked on. Some have said there is an open world element to the game....THIS IS NOT TRUE AT open world they must mean a field surrounded invisible walls and only 2 routes to take. This is not open world and actually makes the game worse. Scripted sequences have always made the COD games stand out for action movie-like breathtaking sequences....but I think its time to move on. Yes, some of the scripted sequences within gameplay make for great parts, but many times it feels like my skill/shooting/moving abilities dont even matter because things are just flying by so fast and it feels that I would have survived, lets say a chase scene where you are shooting from the back of a truck , without even firing a bullet. Also for a scripted game, I dont understand why there are sometimes unlimited respawning enemies....I will be at a part in the game where I am constantly killing bad dudes, and they just keep coming, because I am unaware that I am supposed to move forwards....This especially gets annoying when you spend time killing an unknown number of buddies, decide to move up, than a random grenade lands at your feet or your hit by a mortar. The random deaths in this game from random greades really pisses me off, The multplayer is disappointing. The pick 10 feature is the only good new feature. Everyone has heard the arguments about why COD multplayer sucks now, so I will just list a few brief complaints... 1. There is no concept of a "front line" in this will be facing a direction or moving in a direction for 15 seconds, and then suddenly someone has spawned behind your team and kills you with you not even knowing they are there. I know this cuts down on camping, but there must be better ways...I shouldnt have to keep looking behind at an area I just cleared.. FLANKING SHOULD BE A TEAM STRATEGY, not a spawning coincidence 2. First to be seen dies....there is really no point in aiming at heads because all the guns fire 100 bullets a second, and have no recoil....many people dont know that in console games there is a slight auto-aim in shooter games when your cursor gets close to a target. This is fine in games like Halo where you have time to dodge or take cover, but a slight auto aim with 1000 shots per seconds, 2 hit deaths, and shots going thru all walls, makes this game just plain stupid. ALL YOU DO IS SEE SOMEONE, SHOOT, AND IF YOU HAVE A FASTER FIRING GUN...YOU WIN! I realize that this game takes fast reaction time and reflex time, but I dont have that accuracy with my thumb...with a mouse I do, so it makes it so little teens with no IQ who only play COD ever have a chance of winning. You cant outsmart them because there is no way or time to....they see you first, you die, and they are probably behind you spawning in an area you just were in. It would be nice if there was any difference in the guns like in counter-strike GO....I mean I suck at that game on consoles because I dont have an accurate thumb from only playing COD all day, but I am amazing on PC...but atleast in that game there is actual RECOIL with the guns, and certain ways to shoot them...In this game you just aim in general direction and hold down bullet. I will admit that the multiplayer is addicting and a bit fun, but no other game makes me so angry. Its fun for awhile, but if I play multiplayer for more than an hour I am depressed and angry as ****....Battlefield 3, halo, counter-strike I would be having fun after an hour.. Overall. If you like modern warfare and black ops story, you will like this games single player a lot. Best story/characters/suspense/variation yet. If you hated most the other games single player story.characters then there is actually a chance you will like this. I you dont like call of duty multiplayer. you wont like this. If you like COD multiplayer, you will like this. Story = 9.2 Graphics = 6.3 multiplayer = 6.5 Replay = 8 Sound = 7.5 Originality = 6 Expand
  95. Nov 17, 2012
    After MW3, I bought black ops 2 with the ideal that I might actually just end up playing the single player and selling it back after i'd been killed 100 times in one game in the online multiplayer. After sinking days and days of playtime online on COD4, and WaW. And having sunk about 2 days into MW2 and MW3 online player and frankly hated it, i had no idea what to expect for BLOPS 2 (I thought BLOPS 1 was a great game). However, the online multiplayer on BLOPS 2 in all honesty saves the game. But first the story mode: It would be too harsh to say the story mode was a complete disaster, but really, it comes nowhere close to any of the other call of duties. There are no 'stand out missions'. The strike force missions and clunky and hard to use, and it lacks real emotion and a good soundtrack which in my opinion has made some of the games like COD4 and Waw whose sountracks cement those good moments of gameplay into your mind forever. I'd give the single player 4/10, 2 of those points coming for the impressive cutscenes preceeding the missions, some of the cinematics really are good but dont let that shadow the missions which really lack any substance. As for zombies, im underwhelmed, the maps are bad, with fire all over the floor so you can be running away from zombies and suddenly find yourself downed because you stood over a crack with flames coming out, which span the entirity of the map. But i guess you should decide for yourself. The muliplayer? It was average for me until i found the FAL DSW, its a great gun, and has the old school, classic, 3-shot body kill that was in COD4 and hasnt reutrnined since, I think no cod games will be good again until default damage is 3 hit kill, all of the round ending kill cams are of a filthy, over used, SMG probably with a silencer spraying about 15 bullets around the general area of someone without any real precision. But for Me the multi player, if cod 4 was 9.9/10 ( my opinion) black ops to is around the 8/8.5 mark. Expand
  96. Nov 17, 2012
    If you have friends to pay with, you don't have to worry about whether this game is worth buying. Because of course it is. It adds enough to warrant as a new game, but BARELY enough. Regardless, it's still unabridged, pure stupid fun.
  97. Nov 19, 2012
    The game is good in most of its parts, the multiplayer is solid if you don't mind the occasional loud mouth. not much has changed but the score streaks is interesting everything you do earns points and those point go to unlocking you reward to unleash, you don't lose all you progress when you die but if your half way to your second streak an die you lose it all. the single player tires to make your decisions seem like they matter, when they only sort of alter outcomes, I guess in a attempt to make you want to play through again. The villain is very bondish and tragic and there are some weak plot points that I just wont go into all in all the story was adequate but I expected a futurist endeavor but what you get is flash backs thrown in there for flash backs sake. Then the poorly done strike force missions that just arent as polished as everything else trying something new is good when it works and strike force barely works, when you team often stands there and gets shot, rarely takes cover or provides cover, you find yourself taking control just to get things done it seems that they tried for a rts feel only to get a poor mans version of ghost recon. this company needs to make sure they bring there A-game as they know people will be dropping money on this but because they failed to ensure the quality of this new addition, this is something that should have been in multiplayer were poorly done a.i. wouldn't have been an issue. maybe in the next tryarch COD they will fix this or completely omit it. chances are you gunning for a new mp to shoot your friend in and considering that you'll end up buying this or halo 4 but buying a game just for a mp that is almost exactly the same as its predecessors you might as well save your money and keep playing whatever version of cod you already have. Expand
  98. Nov 19, 2012
    The campaign is rubbish. There's really no other way to describe it. Each iteration of the series just gets more and more scripted until finally in BlackOps2 you are now just a bot with a controller. You are on rails, any deviation from the script equals death. Come on, I understand invisible walls and unaccessible areas but this game goes too far. Want to drag out a battle and find new ways to defeat the enemies? No, you will die inexplicably until you finish the scene. Cutscenes take longer than the gunfights. Story is incomprehensible. The focus of the battles are now simply to get you from cutscene to cutscene as quickly as possible.Typical CoD death and respawn into grenade or deadly fire so you can find yourself spawned into a rage inducing situation if you die at the wrong moment. Shameful. This is not a campaign it is a movie in which you play your part and hit your marks or die. No fun. All sizzle and no steak.

    The guns feel good, though. No complaints there. Probably feel and act as good as any game since MW2. Gadgets are gimmicky but sorta cool. The battles are decent when you can finally fight if you aren't bludgeoned into following the script. Very short, though. Your soldier will still be stymied by the odd milk crate or clump of bushes and must be in horrible physical conditioning because he can't run more than fifty feet without grinding to a wheezing trot. Enemies still key on you even when there are ten allies around you. Friendly AI feels marginally better than past games but they're still absolutely useless. That's okay because we all know they are only there to provide new weapons and ammo as we play, no change from any CoD ever. You can still knock off a friendly to get his gun.

    The Command & Control portion left me perplexed so not going to say much one way or the other. If that's your thing then maybe you'll enjoy it. MP seems okay from my end. No big complaints. Seems you can be competitive right off the bat. The token system for perks/guns/attachments seems rather complicated. On the other hand the token system may do well in encouraging balance simply because there are so many choices it may take a bit to discover the "One True Loadout". Maps are okay. Need to play it more before I get a true feel but so far haven't been victimized by too many revenge spawns. That's an improvement over the last two CoD's I played.
  99. Sep 18, 2014
    Black ops 2 is one of those games out there that are good but needed to stay in development or a another year, of course IW and Treyarch agreed to the terrible annual contract.

    What is really good about this game is that Treyarch has focused on innovating the single player, which is probably the main reason multiplayer is barely different, but I agree with the approach, although the
    story is more OH AMERICA SAVES THE WORLD crap we`re tired of, it is really good, and its the gameplay that makes this campaign stand out from other games now infact it is quiet overlooked, you can do many things your way, there are challenges to do, you come across many things, you got the strike force missions, you can pick what to start out with there are choces to make, and choices that you don`t explicitly make but based on you dong it right or not. I`ve played through the campaign about 5 or 6 times now, the story, gameplay, doing stuff your way, choices and strikeforce etc is a big highpoint of this game.

    But that is all, the multiplayer is alright but is barely different, and just not really fun for long in my opinion, it is great it has local but support but the problem with that is its like hardened isnt difficult and veteran is way too difficult.

    Pick 10 is a big change and allows new possibilities to your class, but there is one problem: Level up your weapon, can`t be bothered to explain in so much detail on why that is a big problem, it was perfectly good in Black Ops 1 the currency.

    Zombies is a complete and total disappointment, the only good thing is Town, TranZit is horrible, Farm has no pack a punch, and those are the only 3 maps.

    The graphics are also mediocre, but like i said Black Ops 2 is another game that should have remained in development for another year, this game would have been so much better, this game has a lot of potential wasted on rushing out to get Actvision money yet the people at Activision should know for a fact they have more than enough money.

    I have high hopes for Treyarch's Cod in 2015, I am confident the single player will live up to Black Ops 2 and be further in the future even than Advanced Warfare, more zombies content and a better multiplayer experience.
  100. Nov 25, 2012
    I can't help but laugh at half of these reviews for this game. They are either "Call of Duty Sucks Trolololol" or "Call of Duty is bestest game evah for 1337 haxorz like me!" Ignore both these schools of thought, and try to judge the game under your own merits. Black Ops 2 does what it does very well. All of the CoD's since Modern Warfare have. Is it the best game ever, or even in the franchise? No, it isn't, but that doesn't make it a terrible game. What the game actually is is slightly above average. Complaints from both lovers and haters are valid. The campaign is woefully short, but lets be honest, few people actually buy this game for the singleplayer campaign. I'll still mention it though, because with all of the talent behind it, it feels kind of like a let down. I was far more engrossed by Black Ops 1's story than I was with this poor man's Red Dawn. The jarring cuts from past/present/future really hurt the narrative flow, leaving the story feeling disjointed, and really doesn't allow you to actually care about any of the characters you're controlling. The zombie feature has been improved, but not to the point where I see myself playing it again in a week or so (I never really cared for the zombie features in any of the CoD's. They're not bad, just not my cup of tea.) So the real reason people buy CoD: Multiplayer. And it works. The formula still has the magic first inspired by the original Modern Warfare, albiet a formula thats beggining to grow a little tired. The maps are for the most part well designed, if a little small and stifiling to guy who's been playing a lot of BF3 and Halo 4 online. But these smaller maps are designed with close quarters combat in mind. If you think the maps are to small, simply adjust your loadout. Graphically (and here's where I sound like a hater) the game is an abysmal mess. Four years ago these graphics would have been jaw dropping, but minor enhancements to an aging game engine can only do so much. The complaints about the sound design seem to be legit for the most part, and I will say that I never experienced any performance issues online or off. The graphics are just... aged. Not what you'd expect for a game in a series that makes more money than God. Overall, Black Ops 2 is a good game, if tired and stilted. I think this is the last time Activision should be allowed to charge $60 for it until they do something groundbreaking and radical. Worth the money (moreso than MW3), but it's hard to say how long it will keep you. Expand
  101. Nov 14, 2012
    I buy these games for one reason and one reason alone and that is multiplayer. While i can appreciate the steps Treyarch as made to bring in change to the facist regime that is COD the multiplayer falls short in almost every way, maps are crap, guns arent fun and the overall feel of the gameplay is just very off. I have been an advocate for the series since COD4 but my patience is wearing thin. STOP coming out with one every year take a break and bring us a COD we deserve, not the one we need right now.... Collapse

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  1. 80
    This is not to say it's a bad game, it's just not different enough from previous Call of Duty titles. The story isn't memorable, the maps and weapons aren't any different to what we've previously experienced, the gameplay is near identical to previous games, and when it's not identical it falls flat and fails to impress.
  2. Jan 19, 2013
    It's fun, and an indication that Treyarch is willing to explore ideas that Infinity Ward has thus far ignored. [Issue#93, p.74]
  3. Jan 7, 2013
    If the original Black Ops was Treyarch's coming-out party, then Black Ops 2 is the studio's affirmation that their COD expertise was no flash in the pan. If you're one of the 16 people who hasn't played this gem yet, go buy it now. Conversely, if you're among those who bought the game but hasn't ventured into the single-player campaign (yes, it happens), there's a great narrative and divergent gameplay awaiting your experimentation, so check it out.