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  1. Mar 6, 2011
    While I am still pretty new to the Call of Duty series I've only played World at War, COD 4, and this one, and I hated COD 4, this has to be the best one I've played so far, the campaign is epic the story mixed with the awesome gameplay kept me hooked, the multiplayer is outstanding, right up there with Halo: Reach and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and the controls still deserve praise, the only flaws are some technical issues like you and your enemies getting stuck in the environment, and some other weird glitches, even with those this is still one I can highly recommend. Expand
  2. Nov 8, 2011
    Okay. "Call of duty: Black Ops" is a game in a situation called "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained". It's like copying MW2 into another CD and selling it back, except that it has different titles and more **** graphics. The zombies are the only stand-alone con that makes me play this game with my friends. Either than that, I'm ready to sell this ****
  3. Dec 7, 2012
    *UPDATED REVIEW* Call of Duty: Black Ops has a surprisingly better storyline/plot than the other games with a few surprising twists along the way, but the game is brought down low by it's ugly graphics, not feeling like a period game when it actually is and a lack of cohesion.
  4. Apr 11, 2011
    Great game!! Treyarch made a neat game probably the best game on their works. The campaign is well scripted than any other CoD game,the big explosion parts are there and the funny zombies are back and more deadly than before. The multiplayer is very entertaining but not in the line of Modern Warfare 2 . The zombies already includes three maps one unlocked ,the other locked,meanwhile the third one is a secret . Very creative game but more of the same Expand
  5. Dec 8, 2011
    Well-made, balanced and works. But is that a good thing? For any other game, maybe. For Call of Duty, this is by far the most boring, least satisfying, easiest but technically the best. A robot might like it, but a human gamer will soon grow tired of yet another CoD which although adds new features, it still doesn't make the game exciting. However, if you asked me which shooter i'd be happy to play on the longest, it would definitely be this. Everything works well, and there are practically no flaws with multiplayer. Zombies are very well done (the default ones anyway), if not a bit too dark in Kino der Toten. Overall, the campaign is excellent and interactive, zombies is fun and multiplayer is arguably the best in all of CoD. What more could you ask for? The campaign is much better than MW2 and WaW, with more interactivity, more variety in level design, a new environment and great scenes, characters and storyline. It is a little too short, but still packed with epicness, from stealth to piloting gunships. The campaign is much more of an adventure- a journey- whereas the previous ones were more predictable and straightforward. As far as multiplayer is concerned, it's flawless. There are no imbalanced weapons or perks or attachments. If anything grenade launchers are underpowered. The weapons are still varied for differentp laystyles. There are many attachments, pro perks, balanced killstreaks and modes such as Barebones, where it's straight up gun on gun. Private matches are a lot more fun given the wealth of settings which can be tweaked. One can also save replays of recent games and store custom game modes in file share. Wager matches add a new facet to the multiplayer experience by allowing players to compete in three free-for-all game modes for CoD points (in-game currency). Although many dislike CoD points, it encourages players to try out new weapons and attachments when prestiging and yes, challenges don't unlock anything but pro perks anymore but this eliminates boosting- a problem which MW2 had. Any problems which MW2 had have been addressed, but Second Chance/Last Stand still remains albeit with the kill going to the player who put the victim in last stand. The maps aren't great but they're good enough and work well. the same playstyle can be applied to every map, but this and the addition of CoD points mean that the game is fair and equal for all. Black Ops has really modernised the franchise and brought it up to Halo levels of complete package with its new additions such as the complete stats tracking for weapons, kills, deaths, leaderboards, score, killstreaks- EVERYTHING IS TRACKED. Understandably, people are sick of CoD franchise in general so it has low ratings, but as a game, this is by far the most modern and polished Call of Duty game yet in all aspects. Expand
  6. Sep 23, 2011
    Both the multiplayer maps and the campaign of Black Ops are weaker than its predecessor, even if its plot is slightly more interesting. Graphics are also slightly worse this time around. However, the inclusion of zombie modes and dead ops arcade mean that this is a game bursting with content. The Call of Duty formula remains enjoyable but this is not a must buy.
  7. Aug 13, 2012
    I don't think black ops is not the best cod and i'm not really looking forward to black ops 2. Got to admit black ops had one of the best campaigns, easily in my top three. Multiplayer really sucked, i hated it. Zombies is good and all but is nowhere as near as good as WaW's. Campaign 9/10 Multiplayer 4/10 Zombies 7/10 Call of Duty Black Ops 6.5/10
  8. Nov 28, 2013
    my opinion of this game is that he is so so,first personshooters are not my favorite genre,there is a lot of things almost equal to his antecessor and i don't like it.
  9. Apr 1, 2013
    It's all right I guess. There is more hype than fun with this game. I seriously do not see what's so fantastic about this game. It's a C at best. The campaign is boring. I didn't finish it. The multiplayer's probably the best thing about it
  10. May 2, 2012
    I will never buy a Call of Duty game made by Treyarch ever again. Sub-par campaign, horrific multiplayer, and the worst graphics i've ever seen. The only thing that i would prevent this from being an unrated review was the decent first 2 DLC packs.
  11. Aug 19, 2011
    Let me just say,go back to 2007 call of duty 4 and play it.You will see a core of the same things there.There is still playing that game,thousands online after all this time and it is mid 2011 now.That is why COD 4 and COD 4 II won so many awards and are so good.I'm not going to be bias and knock it harshly on the review side over that but you can see my point.Black ops has an awesome campaign,great multiplayer,great graphics,ect..but for one I would rather put in COD MW 2 any time of the day and there is still up to 100,000 playing that game online and for being a 2009 game that is where you see some of the brilliance behind it.Black ops is a solid 8 but the two before it were perfect 10's so go figure. Expand
  12. Mar 13, 2011
    Decent story for the campaign, but it's extremely hard on Veteran (hardest), including hordes of respawning enemies. It's even a slight challenge on Hardened.

    Zombies is fun as always and this game provides the best maps yet, with more perks, guns and gadgets.

    Multiplayer has the same feel, but it plays different. After all, it IS on a DIFFERENT engine than IW's games. (MW2, COD4, COD2)
    It can be a little laggy like the game depends way too much on the host. There are no dedicated servers, but you still get the solid gameplay of Call of Duty and Treyarch took away 90% of the cheap bullcrap that MW2, like certain perks, certain killstreak, stacking killstreaks and they even provided multiple Barebones playlists. (No perks, killstreaks or attatchments).

    Overall, it's a good game. I would give it an 8.5, but since so many losers rated it so low on purpose... because they hate COD because they suck, their connection sucks or they miss the cheap crap from MW2.

    To let you know how this game stacks up in my opinion. I'll list my favorite CODs in order.

    1. COD2
    2. COD4
    3. Black Ops
    4. MW2
    5. WAW
    6. COD3
    7. Big Red One
    8. Finest Hour
    9. Classic
  13. Aug 8, 2012
    The singleplayer was a masterpiece, the zombie mode was extremely fun to play, the multiplayer was a let down, the connection errors were always appearing, and it just wasn't as fun to play as other call of duty games, it seemed too dull.
  14. Mar 26, 2011
    'Allright then,who am I?'
    'American spec-ops?Check'
    'Who am I killing today?Zombies,Commies,Terrorists or Nazi's?'
    'Terrorists again?Ok,damn. I wanted Aliens this time,I'd show them who's boss'
    'Didn't i do this last year?I did?'
    Almost single handedly destroying the FPS.
  15. Mar 19, 2012
    Again, I rate this game on it's two main features: campaign and multiplayer. Both have redeeming qualities one would expect from such a storied franchise. I rate the campaign a full 5/5 because I can honestly not find anything wrong with it. The story was amazing and unexpected, and kept you interested throughout. Graphics were good (if a little outdated on the engines part), and mechanics were just as good as they've ever been.

    Online is a bit of a different story. I think the core online multiplayer deserves no more than a 1/2.5, because of severe synchronization problems. You can fire off an entire clip at an enemy and he will kill you with a single shot. When you look at it again in theatre, you aren't shown to be firing a shot. This shows that you are lagging behind the actual game time, and it can be a severe impediment in head to head battles. Sometimes, it works in your favor, but it's too big a factor to ignore.

    Zombies is definitely a huge redeeming feature of this game, and for that it gets 2.5/2.5. One of the best 'swarm' style games I've played, and the innate black humour just makes it better. Weapons are amazing and the actual 'stories' behind the maps are engaging and sometimes downright hilarious.

    My totals add up to an 8.5/10. Since metacritic only allows full number value ratings, I downgraded it to an 8, because I can't see a game with such an average multiplayer (main feature) being a 9/10.
  16. DME
    Jul 22, 2011
    The campain was nothing short of epic. It had a great story, interesting characters (Reznov was my favorite), and plenty of variety. Zombies is back and better than ever. But it has it's letdowns... No highscores for offline or private match play. So if I get to round 42 on Solo, nobody is gonna believe me unless I take a picture of the TV screen and show it to them in person. It also takes to long to find a match for Zombies. But Kino Der Toten is an instant classic and the dialogue (while repetetive) is hilarious. What's left? The heart and soul of Call of Duty... multiplayer. I am happy to say that Black Ops has the best multiplayer of any CoD game I've ever played. Everything (well, mostly everything) is balanced. Perks are well thought out. Weapon choices and attatchments are good. The sniper rifles are no longer over-powered. My only gripe is the FAMAS. The FAMAS is the most popular weapon because it is too accurate for the damage is does. Take away two bars of accuracy from the FAMAS and all weapons are balanced. Private Matches can be customized to a surprising extent. Maps are exceptionaly designed, but sometimes visualy-unappealing. And the 4 new Wager Match modes delivered even more fun. Killstreaks are better, but I wish there was more interactivity with some of them (eg. Attack Helicopters and Attack Dogs). I also wish we had the Predator Drone back. But the best thing about multiplayer is that Treyarch is keeping the place clean of hackers (yes, you may stumble upon one or two). The game is free of glitches (due to frequent updates), and has fast matchmaking. Overall, you can't go wrong with Black Ops. This really feels like a great end to the CoD series. But we all know Activison won't stop until they lose their customers. And after this, I don't think it will be happening soon. Expand
  17. Feb 15, 2012
    The worst call of duty to date the controls are sloppy the graphics are awful the story line is boring and online is the same thing everytime. all the guns feel as though they do the same thing and the unbelievably unfair perks ruin online even for the people who are great at this game. The only thing really good about this game is figuring out the zombies hidden storyline
  18. Nov 24, 2010
    It's a much better game than Modern Warfare 2, but it doesn't really feel as fresh as it probably should. The new additions Treyarch made don't really help the gameplay much, and seeing as most people have played MW2 to death, there's really no reason for anyone other than hardcore COD fans to buy Black Ops.
  19. Apr 14, 2011
    Yet again the critics get it so wrong with another Cod Game.Ok,they didnt get quite as over excited than they did with Modern Warfare 2(the most over hyped & overated game in history).The user scores for this & Modern Warfare says it all.. For my Views on this game,you only need to head over to my Modern Warfare 2 review.The exact same critisisms apply.Ridiculus storyline,No Campaign Co-Op(Not even a rubbish Spec Ops mode),Re-Spawning Enemies(What is this,the 80's),& gameplay & graphics that are competent sure,but are both feeling very tired now... Oh yeah,& a mode that allows you to fight against bots,but you have to be online to use it?! GREAT!... an offline mode,you cant use offline.Nice One. For me in future,if i'm to buy any more CoD games,they will need to have CAMPAIGN Co-Op as standard.& thats just for starters.they need to really start to evolve this increasingly stale series with genuinely new gameplay features.I can already see alot of discontent with the series as it is.I've always been a big fan of Treyarch,& always been a vocal supporter of them.Over the overated & less talented Inferior Ward.but i was really dissappointed with Black Ops.Especially with the lack of Co-Op.Especially after they had in in the excellent World at War. Expand
  20. Sep 3, 2012
    This is my first XBox 360 review, as the only reason I had one was for Halo and COD games. For the most part I am now a 100% PC gamer, but I did at one point have 360 and this game. I have to say that I did enjoy it and I do like it better than Modern Warfare. The multiplayer in Black Ops is more solid, better guns, better maps, more realistic perks. Modern Warfare was alright but the followups were flops and currently the series has kind of fizzled out, COD: BO2 might change that. XBox Live IMO is much better than PSO but if I had to pick between the 2 it would be hard because the PS3 looks much better. If your a FPS fan at all, I believe this series is a must have, but I will now be moving to the PC for Black Ops 2. Expand
  21. Oct 26, 2013
    ok,i liked this game
    was fun. it doesnt have a good story
    but the game is fine,the graphics are the same as
    modern warfare 1,but still better that modern warfare trilogy
    i think is a good a game,is not excellent but is great
  22. Nov 9, 2010
    Black Ops is amazing! The campaign story is meh, but with zombie mode, and extremely great graphics, im surprised with these users! Go Black Ops!! :-)
  23. Rem
    Jul 11, 2013
    Call of Duty: Black Ops does just enough to stand out from the other CODs and making it a worthwhile package. I want to question though if Michael Bay worked with the creation of this game. There is a crap ton of explosions and it all becomes tediously annoying a few hours in. However, the story this time is actually interesting and manages to stand out from games even outside of the genre. The gunplay is the same as ever as you move through a level sprinkled with explosive setpieces here and there, but most people play COD for its multiplayer. COD points being the new addition, is well implemented and the contract system kept me playing for a while. The most improved feature of this package however is the fun Zombies mode. Holding off waves off Nazi zombies have never been so fun while coming with replay value. The framerate is a silky 60 frames again, but textures can be rough at times. There isn't too much changes to the overall way you play the game, but I still kept playing this release for the annual mega franchise. Expand
  24. Nov 9, 2010
    When compared to MW2, the campaign mode in Black Ops chews MW2's up and spits it out. Graphics are similar to MW2's graphics, there is not much difference. Black Ops adds nice new weapons such as RC Detonators and Flamethrowers to mix up the action, and multiplayer maps are very interesting, albeit some are extremely small. that you often find you are on a kill streak, or a death streak, considering how the game often will respawn you in a spot that can get you immediately picked off without warning. Another major issue with multiplayer are the servers, which disconnect very frequently and disrupt gameplay. And frequently is about maybe once per every other game or so. This was written after only a single day live, so that issue may change in due time. For now though, the game gets an 8, server problems holding it back from any higher. Expand
  25. Jul 27, 2011
    Ok so most of the reviews are from trolls who started a "I hate call of duty" fan club although they still buy it every year. Anyway I hate EA more but activision are much more greedy. Now I prefer this single player campaign to all other cod games, but the multiplayer sucks mega balls. Campers, kids, noobs and the occasional Jesus on YouTube thinking the S.A.S are going to phone him up for help. Now zombie mode is cool but the maps are fail. Wager is cool but the maps are fail. Other then that online is fail. Expand
  26. Apr 8, 2014
    Es sin duda el mejor CoD de todos, una trama acojonante, unos escenarios bien hechos, las armas. Pero que aun sigue teniendo el mismo motor que sus predecesores. Sin embargo es un gran shooter.
  27. Oct 29, 2012
    The weak and twitchy single-player - with many of the same old flaws - almost undermines all of the superb extra features and pretty much flawless multiplayer offering. Veterans and regular players still have the advantage over newcomers, but with Combat Training and the Zombie mode, there is plenty of fun to be had for even the most inexperienced players. Black Ops isn
  28. Jun 1, 2011
    Yet again Treyarch tries to compete with Infinity Ward as the best developer of the Call of Duty franchise. Black Ops is obviously much better then their previous game, World at War but like the latter, Black Ops just contrasts too much with the original Modern Warfare series we all play and love. The balance in Black Ops is much better then Modern Warfare 2 but the addictiveness severely lacks. For many players the only reason they haven't lost the Black Ops disc is probably due to Nazi Zombies. Nazi Zombies alone I give this game an overall score of 8/10. Without it I would give it a 6.5/10 Expand
  29. Sep 21, 2011
    Call of Duty's strong point has always been its multiplayer. However, I think that Treyarch has made the most original story line in the Call of Duty series yet, not necessarily the best one, but by far the most unique. Game play (as always) is great, multiplayer can be addicting, original campaign, top notch voice acting, and satisfying graphics. All around, it's another winner for the COD series. Expand
  30. Oct 18, 2011
    Call of Duty: Black Ops may not be as big of a hit as Modern Warfare 2 but it is still pretty good. The biggest thing about Black Ops is it's story, the story has a lot of heart and depth, unlike Modern Warfare 2's story. The story is actually memorable and so are the characters. However, this may be a falacy as with the action. The action is still good but it doesn't evoke an "whoa that was amzing!" type of feeling, it feels as if it has already been done but the story is still pretty good and it kept me interested, the voice acting and the sound are all stellar. The controls are like MW2's but that is all right because the controls are still really good. Zombies is a fun addition that keeps you playing and playing to get to higher rounds. However I wish that more types of zombies were put in like a beserker zombie or something, that would make Zombies more fun. The multiplayer experience of Black Ops is the bomb as the ability to choose your perks or gear is great, the addition of contracts makes the game all the more funner but I still see more improvements that can be made but multiplayer is still good. Overall, Black Ops is a game that is worth playing as you wait for Modern Warfare 3. Treyarch has shown with Black Ops that it can make good shooters and Black Ops is a game worth playing to quench your Call of Duty needs. Expand
  31. Nov 25, 2010
    The latest entry in the COD franchise features one of the most memorable single player campaigns in recent memory. Ditching Modern Warfare 2's OTT theatrics, Blops tells a a grittier tale which focuses on black ops agents during the 1960s. COD's highly popular multiplayer is back and largely resembles the last few entries. New additions include wager matches and credits which players must earn to unlock new weapons, killstreaks and a host of customization options. The only real knock on this game is that some of the weapons sound very weak and flimsy. Expand
  32. Jun 11, 2014
    2010 wasn't a very big gaming year. For this it was. This game was one of the more complete and deep games of the series. Of course it probably wasn't the best or hardest, but it was one of the more popular ones. BO2 was not when I started playing COD (I started on MW1) but when a lot of "Noobs" started. I was actually very good at this game. I reached a very high prestige (around 9), so it clearly was filled with "Noobs." I think the single player campaign was 'ok', but not the highlight of the game. The multiplayer definitely was. I think what made the game so popular was the fact how MW2 kind of boosted the series A LOT. A big factor that went into making the game so popular was that it was sold as the fact that it was "easy", mainly because since there were a lot of 'Noobs", they were probably playing there first COD experience. The game was my second favorite in the series (following MW2), but after about 4 after it came out I tried playing it again and of course it was dead. Every good old game, there all just dead now, what a shame... SMH. Expand
  33. Aug 18, 2012
    The singleplayer campaign of the game is pretty solid and has some nice twists and turns, but it would have been nice if the story were changed so that you wouldn't be playing through flashback. What makes the game shine is the multiplayer and zombies mode. Zombies is ambitious, engaging, challenging, and a ton of fun. Multiplayer is hugely addicting. Honestly, I've had more fun with the multiplayer in BO than in any other CoD game. Expand
  34. Jan 9, 2011
    Unbelievably hyped up and overated. As what i see as the only decent game series or game on the XBOX, i was massively dissapointed when i realised what had become of Call of Duty. The story line began as engaging and interactive, but soon enough the repetativeness sets in. After playing wi-fi battles for over 4 hours with still no luck in seeing what was so good about this game, i simply gave up. Goldeneye 007 for Wii was a far better effort than this. Expand
  35. Jul 7, 2011
    This is the worst shooter game ever played!!!! Same old multiplayer, same old graphics, and the only good part of this game is the campaign and that's pretty much it 1/10.
  36. Mar 4, 2011
    Hands down, the worst X360 game I've played, to date. The campaign is ok but, I found it to be repetitive. Ah yes, now the multiplayer. It sucks, I only found only that...uh, I forgot the name but it's a little "town" with models of people in it. Avoid please. Don't be suckered in. So much hype all for nothing.
  37. Apr 29, 2013
    This is my favorite COD ever.The campagin has a great story,Best multiplayer in the series and a really fun zombies mode.Even thought the cod points were stupid,this game is really fun.
  38. Apr 14, 2011
    This is hands down the BEST CoD game there is. Great graphics, great dark story, great crafted multiplayer (WAY better than MW's multiplayer mess) And i think that this might be the only game i acually would keep on my shelf for a while.
  39. Nov 24, 2011
    Honestly at first all I did was compare this to MW2. I truly hated this game for quite a while. Eventually I actually went back to MW2, and could not stand it. I then realized this game is quite simply amazing. The graphics exceeded the predecessors, and so did the game play. I now compare MW3 to this one, and without a doubt the multiplayer in this game is still without a doubt better. This is honestly the best FPS I've ever played to this day. Expand
  40. Nov 9, 2010
    This game is AMAZING. Graphics, Music, Gameplay, Voice Acting - all perfect. The multiplayer is as challenging and rewarding as ever, though it may seem a bit jarring considering certain changes (to perks for example). The story mode is a rush, with barely any break in the action. The constantly changing set pieces keep a fast pace while jumping between classic Vietnam to slightly more modern scenery. Its unfortunate that Call of Duty haters are too stubborn to pick up a copy of Black Ops and embrace it for what it is. 10/10 Expand
  41. Jun 4, 2011
    Overrated guns are terrible, Online is terrible. You die too easily. People are dumbasses calling it "Best Call of Duty game" It's second to worst after World at War.
  42. Nov 15, 2010
    This is definitely a great game. i am espescially surprised at how well Treyarch did with the campaign. it was one og the funnest that i have played in years. and multiplayer as always, is amazing. i also like the new zombie mode.
  43. Sep 15, 2011
  44. Jul 12, 2011
    Not a bad game, but not really the full potential we've seen in a Call of Duty game. For starters the singleplayer experience wasn't as appealing as it could have been, because it was hell bent on making the game feel like an action movie, and a suspenseful one, where in reality the story was boring, had more holes than the Iraqi Navy, but most importantly it was cliche. The multiplayer is where the experience is at, but even that was severely boring after a while because it was just MW2 with a sugar coat graphically, making it lookelike Bobby Kotick vomited. And I feel the game had potential but the minor things like graphics, repetitive gameplay, land it on a 7 because at the core of it all, it is a solid COD game. I only recommend this to Michael Bay fans... but to those Michael Bay fans, even the effects aren't all that impressive. Expand
  45. Feb 26, 2012
    Black Ops was an interesting experience. I enjoyed the campaign, it actually was enjoyable, made sense, and had somewhat of a coherent plot. This game was well made and well thought out. Multiplayer is amazing! Recommend this game out of any CoD game out there!
  46. Nov 28, 2012
    This game overall is a pretty good game and had some good ideas such as gun game but the servers were inconsistent and the guns shot paper bullets half the time. its more like a 7.5
  47. Mar 17, 2013
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is a good first person shooter, It's a bit too similar to what has come before in the Call of Duty franchise but if you can get past that fact then you will find an action packed story, and some of the most addictive multiplayer out there, along with the great zombies co-op survival mode, This is a package that will give you tons of playtime, This was the last call of duty I played as I was starting to get bored of the franchise and therefore I skipped more recent entries, But overall Black Ops was a fun multiplayer game, It's not perfect but it's good enough to recommend, However if you are looking to join in on the Call of Duty franchise, You may be better off going for one of the more recent entries in the franchise where there are more active players. Expand
  48. Nov 22, 2010
    I seriously don't understand some people? While Modern Warfare one and especially two were unoriginal neo-con wet dreams, some enjoyed it because as one put it on COD website: 'We get to nuke Arabs'! Pathetic simple minds, yet sadly common on xbox live. Treyarch for me are extremely under-rated as WAW and Black Ops are better more compelling games, yet because of mind-less fan boys they get smashed. This is the best game in the series without doubt, the longest yet best story mode, excellent and IMPROVED multiplayer, and comical (in a good sense) Zombie mode. Though yes it doesn't really stray from Modern Warfare template too often, so if gamers have any sense they would stop buying the yearly update and buy it every two years, as hopefully that's how long I'll be playing this for. Expand
  49. Mar 23, 2011
    Call of Duty Black Ops doesn't do much to advance the series or change up the 'winning formula' that Call of Duty 4 established. Developed by Treyarch, they have once again made only refinements to the multi-player experience. The removal of juggernaut and stopping power perks is a good idea, as well as toning the kill-streaks down. But there's still some questionable decisions. RC-XD and second chance being the main negatives of the multi-player experience. Luckily, there are lobbies to avoid the nuisance of the aforementioned perks. The ability to go split-screen online is a massive bonus, and the 2 zombie maps included are good for a few hours. The campaign was poor and although slightly longer than Modern Warfare 2, it was boring and generic **** and with no ability to play the game any differently to the millions who have likely played it. Nonetheless, the content including multi-player and zombies, including the top-down Dead Ops, are all decent but fail to break any new ground for the series. Expand
  50. Dec 31, 2013
    think this is the start of Call of Duty's descent, but still a good game. The multiplayer added a currency system, and more creativity with emblems and titles. Basically they reinvented the whole game. Some good things and some bad things. I think the game feels more stiff within the multiplayer, and it's a small step down from MW2. However, the zombies have added so much more, and really makes the game awesome in that sense. The single player takes a step up, because the gameplay and story is much better. Ultimately it's still a good CoD game, but not a great one.

    Call of Duty Black Ops gets a 7.7/10.
  51. Mar 26, 2011
    I'm a little disappointed that the Call of Duty franchise has hit a point in the series' history where any subpar developer can slap the words "Call of Duty" on the front cover and it will become the most successful selling game of all time. Yes, Black Ops is still an excellent game, but I'm giving it a 6 because the game had a ridiculous amount of hype and yet, it delivered absolutely nothing new or inspiring to the table. As another user critic said, the game is doing nothing except receive a piggy back ride from Modern Warfare 2. If Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 switched release dates, MW2 would be the best selling game of all time. You could not tell the difference between which game was released first. The only reason that Black Ops is as successful as it is, is because of one reason: it is more new. I am not exaggerating this when I say it. It is not superior in any way, but rather actually a degrade in many aspects. To start, the graphics are literally the exact same. And in some cases, it somehow manages to be worse. I have absolutely no idea how, and I still have don't have an answer to this day, other than the engine is worse the MW2's. On the topic, since the engine is different, the entire feel of the game isn't as smooth as MW2 feels. I can't describe it too well, it just feels clunkier, and the hit detection is worse. The single player is very good, despite having another extremely short campaign. You can complete the campaign on Normal difficulty in probably 3 hours tops, so if you don't have online, I highly urge you to not buy this game. The storyline of the campaign is very original in my opinion, and the ending was very well-written. Despite this, it was a little anti-climatic, as I'm used to a pulsating thrill-ride the last ten minutes of a standard Call of Duty campaign. Voice-acting was extremely well-done, and there's some recognizable names behind the acting such as Ice Cube that really deliver an astounding performance. Some of the missions are a little cliche, a mere, "Been there, done that" feeling that you have already experienced this in other installments. Moving on to multiplayer, this is where I feel that I was disappointed the most. Sure, Black Ops has their original Nazi Zombies, but let's be honest, would you really pay $60 for just that? It's fun for awhile, but not enough to warrant a purchase alone. The multiplayer maps online are merely a host of mediocre maps that are nothing memorable. They involve a lot of camping spots and chokepoints that enemy players are constantly hovering around. Also, because so many of them are not as largescale as MW2's maps, sniping essentially goes out the window. On the topic of snipers, they themselves are worthless weapons in comparison to any assault rifle, and it is not uncommon to be called a noob for using one. The weapons are unbalanced, and everyone uses either the FAMAS or the AK74u, which is to be expected, since both of these guns are far superior to the others. The sound quality has actually become worse than on MW2, and the killstreaks available to you are boring or borrowed from MW2. One example is the Chopper Gunner; sound familiar? Amidst this darkness are some great new addions, however, such as the ability to customize your own personal emblem. Also, the addition of contracts is a rather cool idea, and some new game modes such as One in the Chamber are a blast to play. Overall, there are some great additions to Black Ops, but they don't add up to much. And they certainly don't add up to an entire purchase of a brand new game that feels, looks, and plays like MW2. If you have your copy of MW2 stlll, it would be best if you stuck with that. If not, I guess Black Ops would be a worthy purchase since that's what everyone else plays. Expand
  52. Nov 24, 2010
    not since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have we seen a game this wholehearted and fulfilling. Campaign was excellent, introduced to the story in media res, we are taken through Alex Masons last few missions before we learn where he is being detained. Excellent story arc and bridging. The Coop Survival mode (Zombies!) is better than it was in World at War. If you didn't already realize, I am saying that it's only rival is Halo Reach's Firefight, and only just barely. The multiplayer is fun, and balanced to what I have seen. The only downside is the terrible lag, and constant host migration. At least it's faster. Expand
  53. Jul 2, 2011
    overall I think call of duty black ops is just an OK game. The multiplayer doesn't really offer anything new to the series, and could get pretty boring after awhile. The same goes for the zombies mode. I also think the campaign could've been better for it's kind of dull. If you are thinking about getting this game, you might want to look for something else.
  54. Mar 29, 2012
    To be honest i cant say i diddent have fun with the campain. It was pretty well made and had a nice cinematic flair. But there is where it falls flat it is just so generic and not super intersting. The mulitplayer is alwasys full of players that are willing to play with you if you enjoy this type of multiplayer Whitch i dont. I would try it out just for the pretty fun single player.
  55. Nov 11, 2010
    Same old, same old. A real snore-fest. I know! lets stopping buying this old dog and get some new, fresh innovative games on to the market! Seriously this IP has fully run its course at this point. The same old gameplay and mechanics. Its just so bloomin boring now. How about an open world CoD type game, or one that got some RPG elements in the single player. Anything just to move away from this oh so very tired old formula. Expand
  56. Nov 7, 2011
    If there's anything I hate more than cats, it's hypocrites. Bear in mind that the following review is coming to you one day before the release of Call of Duty's next, and probably final, game, Modern Warfare 3. When everyone bought Black Ops, it was just about impossible to find someone saying, "Black Ops is **** in fact, I could hear nothing but glowing praise, praise that i'm inclined to agree with. But ever since around 3 months ago, it was like the entire gaming community turned on Call of Duty, and that's something that really pisses me off, because as far as i'm concerned, my fellow gamers all became the thing I hate most, Hypocrites. Review Starts Here. Campaign: While it maintains a lot less explosive, memorable moments than MW2, the plot of BO exceeds any previous expectations, I guarantee you'll play it through at least twice, probably once on Recruit and once on Veteran, and then there's all the achievements and intel, BO's campaign is some good **** Multiplayer: Since MW1, MP has been COD's undeniable focus, and with the exception of the less than loveable World at War, they haven't disappointed, the twelve mp maps that come with the game are the essence of variety and are endlessly playable, and to top it all off, a lot of the frustrations experienced in MW2 (Boosting, Butchering) have been majorly cut down, leaving only a manageable, minimalistic trace. Zombies: I guarantee this will have you coming back for months and months, survive for a.l.a.p against endless waves of the undead with up to 4 friends, buying new weapons and perks as you go along to compensate for the ever-increasing difficulty, Zombies mode is endlessly playable and undeniable fun, Black Ops' ace-in-hole. A must buy. ^The previous review was written three days after the release of Black Ops, but I decided to wait to publish it until now, and believe me when i say, I stick by every word to this very day Expand
  57. Nov 16, 2011
    For sure one of the worst Call of Duty -games released. I had my fun playing this game for a month and then I quit. Also, what's with the pointless amount of map-packs? And I don't understand why Treyarch tried to turn a Call of Duty -game into Battlefield. They took away the fun factor and tried to make it as realistic as possible. That just ruined the game! Although Theater Mode was a good invention. Expand
  58. Nov 28, 2011
    black ops is OK. it's not that bad, but it isn't that good either. I enjoyed zombies, which most people didn't. The online mode was OK. Some maps were great like Firing range, Nuketown, and WMD. But some were unoriginal. But that's just me.
  59. Mar 5, 2012
    This is the best COD ever , zombies is an absolute treat and overall the game is absolutely miles better than Modern Warfare.Treyarch simply put much more work into games and it is worth the money you pay , unlike with MW3
  60. Dec 27, 2010
    Fantastic game and a big step up from the overly hyped MW2. Great campaign with a nice sci-fi plot twist, with the awesome return of Reznov! Great characters too. As for the multiplayer, the weapons are way more balance as well as the perks, and the challenges are much more specific now and are really relevant to the perk. Cotracts and wager natches are great and interesting, and the money system I really wanted, so ty. Zombies is fantastic and has a great developing story. Enough said there. The multiplayer has been revolutionised and the Dead Ops bonus level with fun easter eggs are much appreciated. Looks like Treyarch listen to their fans and community. My only gripe is the down-graded graphics using WAW's old-engine but sometimes the graphics appear to be better than MW2's, quite strangely. But other than that, it's fantastic all-around. Thank you Treyarch. Expand
  61. Apr 23, 2011
    Call of duty black ops has a FANTASTIC campaign that will never bore you, an insanly fun zombies mode and on ok multiplayer. Let's start with the campaign, in my opinion it has one of the best campaigns in the series. It may not be the most realistic thing in the world but who gives a **** Personally i loved the story, i love the gameplay and i can honestly say the campaign competes with the campaign in cod4. Zombies is fun but only on 1 map maybe 2. Kino is by far the best zombie map in the game and then theres five and i mean five is ok but you can't get past round 15 without all 4 players in the lobby having ray guns and heavy duty upgraded machine guns ex. rpk, hk21 etc, or glitching on top of something. the other map accension is just bad. Now what trey arch did with the multiplayer is they took all the complaints from MW2 and "fixed them". They didn't want any of the guns over powered so they pretty much made every gun have the same damage. They didn't really add anything new to the cod expierience which is a shame because of all the hype about black ops. They didn't really have any original kill streaks besides the RC-XD and the black bird other wise all the other kill streaks have been done either in a cod game or a different shooter. THE VERDICT: If you are interested in an insane campaign or a survival game i suggest picking this up. How ever if you wanted something new with the multiplayer your probably better off with MW2, but if you are a cod loving fan atic and you are going to play the multiplayer if your good at it or not you will probably be satisfied with the game! Expand
  62. Sep 27, 2011
    The singleplayer campaign expects you to read the storyboard's mind or else you die, making a supposedly thrilling experience an infurating trial-and-error experience. Not only that, but Treyarch's attempts to make a psychological thriller makes a story that is so confusing that it seems as if 300 different writers worked on whatever they felt like and pasted it all together. So beside the horrible singleplayer campaign, the rest of the game isn't that big of a redeemer. The zombies mode is a recycled, cliche, dull attempt to accomplish what games like Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor already succeeded, yet it is overrated beyond belief by Call of Duty's mindless, brainwashed zombies who take whatever is thrown at them. The multiplayer is the best part, and I occasionally find myself returning to the offline, but it becomes a "I have played longer than you, I have better guns" and "I can be selfish and make my team win when 20 dogs rush everybody". Expand
  63. Nov 12, 2011
    Love this game, and even more so since MW2.1 came out , Takes nothing away from this one, From Nuketown to Kowloon this one delivers high paced action....Multiplayer is a blast....don't listen to the haters. Just give it a few days you'll be hooked (I hated it at first) ....but I hate the killstreaks and quick scopeing BS, it's the only negative, and some maps are a bit small, otherwise good stuff!! Expand
  64. Apr 19, 2011
    Not a bad game. The single player was ok, but it is the multiplayer where the game really shines. I know people are hating on this game, but the sales numbers don't lie. With 5 million sold copies, it is obviously a success. Also look at how many people are playing on any given night compared to Halo Reach or Homefront. The numbers speak for themselves.
  65. Nov 10, 2010
    Hey let's face it, a lot of people have an axe to grind against either Treyarch or the Call of Duty franchise for reasons nobody can explain. I found this to be a fun first person shooter. Was it as ground breaking as the first Modern Warfare? Not in the least. Is it buggy and the worst game ever? Not even close. They've revamped the multiplayer mode, increased the zombies and actually created a campaign mode that doesn't stink. That alone is an accomplishment. It doesn't deserve a 9 or 10, but it's a solid 8. If you're a COD fan you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for a videogame that's going to transcend the genre and become art, look elsewhere, like at a book maybe. Expand
  66. Jan 5, 2011
    To be quite frank... i see absolutely no purpose in this game, there is already plenty of C.O.D games out there, why need another?! Well I'll tell you... Money, not your well being it is for the companies well being so go find a new game instead of the same game just with some little extra details... just like a football game
  67. Aug 30, 2011
    Boring gameplay, the charachers seem like homelesses, predictable acts but the worst thing is the multiplayer. Lots of cheaters and campers, suck at all
  68. Nov 19, 2010
    Black Ops is a great game, of that there is no doubt. But it's a real shame that many of the problems from Modern Warfare 2 have been carried over into Treyarch's iteration of this series. These problems aren't of hackers, or glitchers, or really anything of that sort. The two games suffer from what I like to call, "Michael Bay-ism," where the games focus more on the action than trying to develop a real storyline. Now this is not entirely true- Black Ops has crafted a story that you will probably care about much more than you did with Modern Warfare 2, and this time you will understand why you are piloting an attack helicopter and blowing the living $^@& out of everything instead of just hanging on for the ride. And the masterfully-crafted multi-player from MW2 has returned, giving any normal player a reason to keep going back to this game even after you've played it for hours and hours on end. And the multi-player has a new couple of twists- for one, practically every weapon is available early on, but you have to spend points you earn from playing matches to buy them. You also must buy your perks, attachments, and kill-streaks. Plus, the best kill-streaks only send out a pack of dogs or give you control of a gunship, scrapping the extremely overpowered Nuke from the last game. Also new were the Wage Matches, a type of game-mode where you could bet your hard-earned points and play in one of four match types. If you place in the top 3 spots at the end of the game, you earn your money back and some more. Honestly, this game isn't perfect. Hell, it could do with some work. But what it is is an unforgettable experience that must be played. Expand
  69. Nov 30, 2010
    Yes this game is similar to the last one but which games aren't?? This game has BETTER movie clips, graphics and story lines. Some think that because it is a video game it shouldn't have these clips in it but it is a war game that has a story line and if you don't know the story then it all makes no sense. That's what i think they were trying to achieve. The games levels are harder and they still keep it interesting. Expand
  70. Jan 22, 2011
    This game could have been so much better But the campain is OKAY but nothing really mind blowing and multiplayer is mostly fun only when you are playing with friends but still a pretty good game
  71. Apr 11, 2011
    In my opinion the story campaign is about as clever as CoD is ever likely to be. Good to see Zombies return. My one major gripe being that the multiplayer side of the game is horrible, we can all complain about there being no dedicated servers, but this really makes an impact on the core part of gameplay, the shooting. Bullet registration is beyond a joke, it seems like half the time you are lucky to make your mark and even if you try and evade your enemy by running round a corner the bullets are likely to follow you. All in all story campaign, yes, Multiplayer no! Expand
  72. Nov 26, 2010
    The game met the expectations, the story filled with trivia and lots of action, adapting all the good things and improve his predecessor, have cost it a multi-player addictive.
  73. Dec 19, 2010
    The single player offers a great story, but the game never calms the f*ck down. All the high-octane action sequences that occupy every second of the game lose any trace of realism. Fans of the COD multiplayer formula won't be disappointed, but I feel that it's more about reflexes than actual strategy. Zombies is fun though.
  74. Nov 10, 2011
    A decent game for a cod fan, but if you dislike cod this game is **** The campaign was fun, its a mini campaign being about 6 hours long, but thats cod.It is kinda fun but it gets boring after a while.
  75. Nov 30, 2011
    Good game, not inovative at ALL, but still a good game. Nice story (only 5 hours, if you don't know it) and great multiplayer. Zombies mode is cool. But, you know, as I said, not inovative at all, same CoD stuff. But way better than MW3.
  76. Nov 9, 2010
    This is a great game, i did not like World at War, but treyarch has definetly cleaned up. the campain is amazing the multiplayer is just as good, zombies are back and its the best looking call of duty to date, the reason i i dont give it a 10 though is because its just missing that chemistry between character and story line or somthing that i cant very well put my finger on, but that the Modern warfares possess that make you wanna say "OH SH*T:D" isnt here but, by golly its a darn good game Expand
  77. Nov 24, 2010
    This isn't a bad game, but it isn't anything new. The single player didn't engage me at all and I had no idea or interest in whatever the plot was supposed to be about. Kill a Russian or something, just like every other game ever made. There are ridiculous moments in it and too many uses of "cool factor" slowmos that are more cliche than cool. As well, there are times when infinite numbers of enemies rush trenches in mind-boggling simplicity that makes the entire game feel fake. The multiplayer is essentially the same as MW2 -- if you've played that, you played this. It's okay, but I dislike the maps. They're murky looking and not as fun to play in. All of the things that have frustrated me about MW2 are now compiled with all of the things that frustrated me about WaW and it's not enough to keep me playing. Expand
  78. Nov 9, 2010
    So far so good! The graphics aren't as good as Modern Warfare but the gameplay is definitely fun and very customizable!!! Wish Treyarch and Infinity ward would Co-op a game and share eachothers secrets.
  79. Mar 18, 2012
    Black Ops is the best COD ever. Thats still not saying much since I still only give it an eight, but when you compare it to anything that Infinity Ward has made, it is amazing. The Campaign is kind of silly, but fun. Zombies is amazing as always, and multiplayer is really balanced and overall, good.
  80. Nov 25, 2012
    Call of Duty: Black Ops makes history as the first call of duty to be set in the 60s during the Cold War and is the direct sequel to Call of Duty: World at War. Campaign plot: Alex Mason is being interrogated to give up the secrets of the numbers but has no idea what is going on. He begins recalling events leading up to his interrogation which help him remember what is presently happening. Zombies plot: After Rictofan manipulated the teleporters into time machines, they reappear in Hitler's private theatre where he has given speeches fighting off the undead horde, as well as John F. Kennedy, Secretary Nacramera, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon defending themselves from zombies in the Pentagon. Multiplayer: For the first time in Call of Duty history, players use an in game currency system called Cod points in order to purchase loadout options as well as killstreaks, and titles and emblems. Also for the first time in Call of Duty history players can play multiplayer game types against CPU controlled players. Players can also play wager matches which gamble their Cod points in order to attempt to raise their wealth. My opinion: this game is fantastic and really brings you back to the scary nuclear arms race of the Cold War. It is thrilling to take part in the vietnam war and take part in the bay of pigs, an attempt to assassinate Castro. Anyone interested in history should play this game as well as any fan of Call of Duty. Expand
  81. Jun 19, 2013
    As my First Cod game, I think this one is my favorite. It isn't that good of a game, but I poured countless hours into zombies and online play. And as much as I'm done with Cod me and my friends did enjoy our time with this one.
  82. Dec 11, 2010
    Simply more of the same and certainly not worth $60. Serviceable graphics and sound are not nearly enough to excuse the fact that this title is virtually identical to last year's installment. Also, the lack of local multiplayer options, at least at launch, is inexcusable. Why should a game made in 2010 have inferior customization to a game released in 1997? Or the game's own forerunners no less? Expand
  83. Jun 9, 2013
    HONESTLY IT DOES HURT THE GAME INDUSTRY THAT THESE REDUNDANT COD GAMES SELL 30MIL COPPIES EACH. People buy 20-30mil copies of CoD and miss out on truly unique games like metro 2033 or the darkness 2 and these are in the same genre they are FPS's and damn good too. How many people can say they truly bought call of duty black ops AND Metro 2033 Not many if any and at least metro is an FPS too. Can anyone say black op2 was actually pound for pound better than Deus Ex H.R.? Now i don't always agree with critics but even they thought deus ex was much better than black ops2 and look how deus ex sells maybe 2 million including pc and Call of doody black oops2 sells 10 times that on xbox alone. Even worse a great immersive FPS with ten times the heart and story Metro 2033 sells under 500,000 copies, yes it sold in the ball park of four hundred thousand copies...shameful that a quality game like that sells all together less than what CoD sells in one day. Is this because CoD blows ops2 is soooooo much better than metro....? NO, it is not but brain washed sheep buy the same game with the same engine in it with the same graphics every single year, they just change the name or put a creative (1),(2),or (3) next to it and the lambs come running to shell out 60$ instead of getting a truly unique experience and maybe having some taste or style or any uniqueness of your own. Even a mega hit multiplatform game that in my opinion might be the best of all time the vaunted "Fallout 3" pales in comparison with around 8mil sold while each CoD game more than triples those sales. Can even a CoD fan name any CoD game that even comes close to being as great as Fallout 3....wait i forgot to say that modernwarfare 2 doesn't count........just kidding that would be too cruel because that is what you were gonna say right CoD fanboy you original gamer you, and i bet you play CoD on your XBOX too how original and i bet you don't even play the 4hr campaign do you? All you 14yr olds and 40yr olds alike just grab a slim jim, take a swig of Monster if you are 14 and of course Budweiser if you are 40 and start on that CoD multiplayer with all that great story and non repetitive MP gameplay, of course you do this while waiting in anticipation for bungie's next sterile, super unique( i.e. halo 3 odst) game. Oh wait bungie is actually doing something good now (i.e. Destiny) so i guess 343 or whatever their name is will be copy and pasting a new label on the same old halo game, but at least halo doesnt come out twice a year. Good luck on not being as good as Battlefield 4 Call of Doody Ghosts (scary ghosts) but hey there are enough dumb people out there so you will outsell them even with last gen graphics and the same exact engine as model warfare. Greedy, Greedy Activision shoveling crap and calling it caviar when will you stop buying it. Expand
  84. Nov 10, 2010
    Based on the multiplayer only, this game is a no-brainer for fans of FPS games. Why are you even reading this? You know it's good. And, I hate to say it, Infinity Ward fanboys, but Treyarch makes better maps. My only gripe is that the matchmaking system still suffers from the same problems as before. Why is it still so hard to get into a game when I play with more than three friends? Getting kicked back to the menu repeatedly is not what I'd call fun! Expand
  85. Nov 18, 2010
    Treyarch, the second favourites, the underdogs, the second best. Some of the names you hear as the company's name gets bashed around. Although they have never been able to out do the brilliant work of Infinity ward, they have always delivered a game which could bear the Call of Duty Brand safely enough without the series getting ruined. Of course, feel free to disagree... World at War was overall a solid game with some stunning campaign moments and awesome characters played by some of the best actors around. Giving them that and Treyarch something to improve on, they have done splendidly! Overall Black Ops still has these awesome convincing actors, a multiplayer experience bound to draw in the millions and a campaign which is very fun throughout due to its unique time periods and settings. Yet, the plot has a typical COD twist. This game is going to cause lots of polarising views, you have to try the game for yourself and then decide for yourself. Expand
  86. SFN
    Jan 4, 2011
    This is one game you can not miss, Call of Duty Black ops is a absolute play, the graphics are so realistic, i have always been a fan of the Call of Duty series since the first game, and after modern warfare 2 didnt think it could get any better but they just keep suprising you again and again, they bring back alot of new things such as the slow motion action scenes and many types of weapons and other neat things,. the thing that will really keep you interested is the new zombiesmode, you have new maps, new weapons, and new characthers to play as, also is the online multiplayer which also brought back the customizable weapons to where you attach thing such as scopes and other neat things, this is a must buy. Expand
  87. Jan 10, 2011
    Well I just finished the story of Black ops and I must say great job on the story Treyarch.the only reason I didn't give Black ops a 9 or 10 is because the multi player is just a copy of MW 1 and 2,very fun though...
  88. Mar 23, 2011
    Frankly the singleplayer is just crap. Despite the several slightly different environments you get to play in everything looks and feels about the same because of gameplay that never evolves and a totally boring color palette that also never changes. I could care less if it's longer since it's just more time to not be having any fun at all. The multiplayer is good - in theory. What that theory doesn't include is HOST ADVANTAGE which I absolutely guarantee will haunt every match you ever play with instantaneous deaths, invulnerable enemies, and spawn camping - camping -camping. Camper friendly perks, guns, maps, everything. Balance? No one who honestly plays this game could possibly find it balanced. Zombies is a slightly redeeming quality if there were more than 2 maps and 1 that you have to burn and unnecessary $15 to get as DLC (not including the dead ops arcade which is fun but super limited). At this point you have to face the truth, which is that Activision is publishing CoD for money, not the buyer. If it wasn't for wasting money on so many of their games I wouldn't have known how this was possible, but here's the answer. Activision uses the following to get buyers - promising to deliver on past greatness (CoD 4) - Promising to fix problems - Establishing a forum for people to communicate to the developers But none of these things matter because - Activision refuses to release a new game for fear that they could alter what they view to be the golden formula - Actually building the game with problems so they can claim to have something to fix when it's time for another sequel - Activision's money lust has proven that they don't give a rat's ass about the community so have fun banging your head against a wall in the forums
    here's the fact, if you want Activision to start caring about their community, then you have the power to do so, it's called a boycott.
    when the next CoD comes out, you simply don't buy it because Activision is not delivering the goods promised. When Activision finally gets beat over the head by a lack of sales, then they'll get their ape-like brains to build a connection between profit and respecting the community. On the other hand, if you DO purchase the next CoD and it turns out the same way, then you're rewarding their behavior of **** the CoD franchise for profit. I want to see CoD return to it's former glory but that's just not happening under the lordship of the Activision pig.
  89. Feb 13, 2012
    masterpiece, amazing maps, zombie mode returns in stunning fascion, campaign was OK, to scripted for me..even for cod but the multiplayer is right up there with cod 4.
  90. Mar 17, 2013
    What a Horrible game, this game, blops 2, and Mw3 RUINED the COD series and could never be the same. This can show that a company cant even spice it up a bit, with Blops 1 and 2.. they both have graphics and engines. They both suck. Dont BUY.
  91. Aug 22, 2013
    Solid entry into the series, and likely to be the game non fans will think of when people say call of duty, more so than the others.

    Its not perfect, in fact its perhaps balanced to a fault in its multiplayer, but its not as incredibly boring as MW3 was, nor as schizophrenic as its sequel Black Ops II. At the same time, you cant really go wrong with it, and generally you are rewarded
    for good play as opposed to your killstreaks and cheap tactics. Expand
  92. Nov 15, 2010
    the best call of duty game to date. treyarch made a great game, keep it up guys. for me this lived up to all the hype. and the wager games are incredible.
  93. Nov 21, 2010
    I hold a completely different view then ColdSpike(not saying he's wrong he's entitled to his own opinion) you can't just rate the game for its campaign qualities you most certainly need xbox live. i think the campaign is the best in the call of duty series yet. Its as if your in a movie due to some stunning gameplay cinematics and an exellent plot line. This is probrably the only call of duty game i was actually bothered about what happened in the campaign. The online is also a high standard with alot more features. Since there is an awful lot to describe its probrably best you watch some gameplay footage. The zombies mode is also very fun with a whole new dead ops mode in which you shoot using the analog stick. To summarize

    CAMPAIGN --------- 92/100

    OVERALL -------- 88/100
  94. Jan 27, 2011
    Oh my... I'll write in short and simple lines what i think. This game is ugly and sucks. The campaign is the wrost of all, weapons as well, Multiplayer is simple Camper wars. The only thing cool here is zombies coop.
  95. May 27, 2011
    Been there done that. I'm a bit torn on how to score this. Its a fine game. Its polished. Lots of cool weapons and an uhm...tenacious...multiplayer community. I just think if someone threw me the profits from millions upon millions of sold copies of COD games that I would actually have enough money for more than just a bunch of programmers and polish. I Think I could afford to pay someone a few hundred bucks, Sit them down in a room and say, " you think you could help us and give us one freaking innovative idea?...since we can't seem to come up with anything ourselves. I mean seriously, we have about as much creativity from one year to the next as Wayne Newton, and he has hashed out the same crap in Vegas for decades. Please help us before we sink in the ever growing cesspool of our own cash grabbing content." The multiplayer gives this thing most of its appeal...but the appeal is in human vs human challenge, definitely not in creative game modes. After five years they come up with sticks and stones mode and they smile and wink like they pulled a rabbit out of their a$$. Its still just a bunch of guys running around killing each other. Hey geniuses, ever thought of including some of the exciting occurrences and situations from campaign like settings and events into a competitive multiplayer mode? Holy****, what's that sound? Is that Gabriel's trumpet? Is the world coming to an end? Oh...never mind, Activision isn't listening and would never do anything that requires that meager amount of vision. Do not misread me as someone who is hating on COD out of a rebellious nature toward the Fan Boys out there. I am hard on COD because tough love expects more from them. Their programming skill...or at least the number of programmers that all that cash can employ is impressive, but the lack of creativity has me exploring other options when it comes to multiplayer or military combat. Shape up or ship out. Bottom line...a high quality, well performing, polished game of blah blah blah been there done that. Expand
  96. Dec 29, 2012
    The game provides exactly what fans of COD would come to expect. The maps are interesting enough and zombies mode is a blast. The SP campaign is ok, nothing revolutionary. The mix of modern and cold war era weapons is fun. The flaws here are server issues and the overpriced DLC.
  97. Nov 21, 2010
    I found the plot took a turn for the absurd which was surprising given Call of Duty games usually try for realism. The game levels are pretty though pitfalls are plenty and you'll be replaying from a few checkpoints because you didn't jump just right. I found that most of the Ally NPCs couldn't shoot straight (would have been nice if they could function as well as the enemies) and provided no help, mostly being on-screen to act as props (and run into my crosshairs). It became a bit frustrating they way enemies continued to stream in to replace their fallen comrades until you could move far enough into a room.

    Multiplayer is what redeems this game.
  98. Mar 2, 2011
    I can't understand why people love this game so much. In fact, this game is almost as overrated as World of Warcraft and Bioshock. Not saying Bioshock was bad, I was ok, but what was the big deal? I gave Bioshock a 7 out of 10, but that's for another day. Anyway, Call of Duty Black Ops seemed to show promise when people first saw it, even I was a little excited to try it out. Until I found out who developed the game. Freakin Treyarch, when they're the one's making a Call of Duty game, it's never a good sign. I decided to get it and try it anyway, but ended up trading it in literally days after I got it. It was boring, why was it boring? Because it's the exact same thing as any other Call of Duty game. There's nothing new here at all, not even the Zombie mode is new, that was available in World At War, which was also made by freakin Treyarch. If only Infinity Ward were the ones making every Call of Duty game, the series would be so much better, I spit at Activision for firing them. This company releases a new Call of Duty game every year, but they hardly make good upgrades with them, and most of the time, it's the same game that we had last time. The only Call of Duty games that were any kind of upgrade were the Modern Warfare games. Those are fun. But what about Black Ops? Again, same thing we've been playing for a long time, no upgrades other than earning credits to spend on weapon upgrades, but is that really worth paying $60 for, over just playing a Call of Duty you already have that's the same exact thing? The multiplayer is the same, the zombie mode is the same, and the campaign is just plain stupid. Worst shooter campaign I've ever seen. Now this doesn't mean that the game isn't enjoyable by some people. The multiplayer is fun for a while, but it's really not different from what you already have. Here's basically who this game is for, it is specifically made for hardcore fans of the series. It's like the Majora's Mask of Call of Duty, only huge fans will like it alot. As for those who are new to shooters, or those who like playing Call of Duty but are not real big fans of it, like me, this game is not for you. If you want to play a Call of Duty game, just play Call of Duty 4. It is much more entertaining than Black Ops, and unlike Black Ops Call of Duty 4 was a great game changer for the series. NEWS FLASH ACTIVISION: It's time for change! 5/10. Expand
  99. Nov 14, 2012
    If you or your kid have been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or Kalnienk vision disorder this game is designed especially for YOU ! This is not the Black Ops game you were hoping for... This is Super Turbo Edition ! Treyarch came to the conclusion medium size maps are boring and not engaging enough.Play area has been shrinked significantly (on most of the maps) to accommodate extremely engaging close quarters play-stile of spawn chuck a grenade and then either kill something or get killed by whatever flew out of opposite side. Every map has been build around simple principle of tiny area and 3 corridors to flow the gameplay in the middle left and right side. I dont care about single player or will be talking about it but I assure you its Michael Bay style showcase from killing Vietcong soldiers, wing-suit flying all the way to some idiotic command and conquer RTS style mini-missions 0_o why ? I don't know... and YES ! There is dubstep, because every game in 2012 needs some of that wub wub. The only redeeming factor could be zombies, but why would you be willing to pay full price for it when there are more engaging brain eating themed games available for a lot less (L4D series) So far I've spend 5 hours in online battles and had no fun at all ! I'll try to sell this game by the end of the week or trade with somebody for something else. Meantime I'm going back to battlefield, maybe I won't have shiny 60 frames per second but at least game is not forcing me to have fun doing escapades inside rat maze size of a shoe box ! Expand
  100. Mar 15, 2011
    Call of Duty Black Ops, is another great game in the Call of Duty series, although some things could be changed.

    The campaign was great, you met up with some old friends, you got some new tech and weapons, and you even got to use some other cool gadgets inside the campaign. The campaign even had a twist to it which made the story line even more greater and made you think.

    The multiplayer
    was alright, but it could be better. It felt like almost all the other Multiplayers on other Call of Duty games but with different weapons, different maps, and different kill streaks. But it did add some new cool features including the Dolphin dive, or the prone dive. It even added more customization into the playercard, the player models, and the guns, but the multiplayer did feel the same and a little old. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 89 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 89
  2. Negative: 0 out of 89
  1. A short campaign which is never spectacular and never very clever, but always solid enough. [Feb 2011, p.99]
  2. Jan 18, 2011
    By dint of obstinacy, Treyarch delivers probably its best with Black Ops Call of Duty to date - but probably not the best in the saga.
  3. Jan 16, 2011
    There are more highlights in the first two missions of Black Ops, then in Medal of Honor. The requirements of Treyarch seemed to be better, than in the past few years. They made an interesting setting. In addition, there's a nice zombie mode and an overwhelming multiplayer. No doubt, this is Treyarchs best Call of Duty ever!