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  • Summary: Modern Warfare 2 continues the gripping and heart-racing action as players face off against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse. An entirely new gameplay mode which supports 2-player co-operative play online that is unique from the single player story campaign. Special Ops pits players into a gauntlet of time-trial and objective-based missions. Rank-up as players unlock new Special Ops missions, each more difficult. Missions include highlights from the single player campaign, fan favorites from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and all new, exclusive missions. Setting a new bar for online multiplayer, Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer delivers new capabilities, customization, gamestates and modes, including: Create-a-Class Evolved. Secondary Weapons - Machine Pistols, Shotguns, Handguns, Launchers. Riot Shields. Equipment - Throwing Knives, Blast Shield, Tactical Insertion. Perk Upgrades. Bling (Dual Attachments). Customizable Killstreaks - AC130, Sentry Gun, Predator Missile, Counter-UAV, Care Package. Accolades (Post match reports). [Activision] Expand
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  1. Anyone who already has issues with the single-player ‘style’ of IW’s games will still find fault with the scripted, linear experience, but in terms of sheer drama and show-stopping set-pieces accompanied by laser sharp FPS controls, Modern Warfare 2 is your daddy. And that’s without Spec Ops and Multiplayer.
  2. 100
    Mixing real-world locations with bombastic set-pieces MW2 continues the guided, thrill-ride experiences of its predecessor, and adds even more depth to its multiplayer offerings. It might not have fixed all the problems from the first game, but there's just so much quality content packed into this game that it will almost certainly be one of the most-played games in your library for a long time to come.
  3. Modern Warfare 2 shatters the old standard of excellence and has raised the bar for what it means to be an epic shooter. With a mind-shattering campaign, superb co-op play, and the deepest multiplayer experience on Live, Modern Warfare 2 is one of the greatest shooters in gaming history, and a must-own for fans of the genre.
  4. While I generally don’t often gravitate towards ultra-realistic military shooters, Modern Warfare 2 is easily one of my top games of the year.
  5. Modern Warfare 2 carries the good tradition of its predecessor. The campaign is nonetheless too short, and it feels too inspired to the previous one; on the other side, the multiplayer carries a lot of improvements, and Spec Ops is a well crafted coop mode. If you consider buying for online fun, this is the game that will steal your life for the months to come. If you're up to an unforgettable single player experience you might consider other more lengthy and original titles.
  6. 90
    The moments when Modern Warfare 2 isn’t good are few and far between. That’s about all you can ask from a hero.
  7. The single player stages are much too linear, the co-op missions are reused from the single player campaign, and the main multiplayer deathmatch style modes are very unbalanced, especially for new players. But like Uncharted 2, MW2 is like an insane action packed movie that you can participate in… too bad the game’s heavy use of scripted events make the player feel like they have do not have any control regarding the out come of the final experience.

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  1. DaveL.
    Nov 10, 2009
    The single player is short but intense. I would rather have a good short single player with a robust multi-player. The MP aspect of the game is absolutely mind blowing. It takes everything that was good about the first one and adds to it. I'm sure there are balancing issues that people will complain about but I haven't found any at this point. Spec ops is a ton of fun with a friend. Not too fun single player. This is easily a 10 just based on the value that I will get out of this. Anyone giving lower than an 8 is just a fanboy of Halo, KZ2, UC2, etc. This is a great game that will keep me playing for months and months. Expand
  2. AnonymousAnonymous
    Jan 28, 2010
    I don't see why there are so many people give games 0 score if its just a little bit bad or mediocre. People say MW2's campaign is less than 5 hours long, if you play on easy and do something like a speedrun. The campaign is really good, and not too short. Spec ops is fun with friends. Multiplayer is just awesome. Expand
  3. Aug 5, 2013
    My review for the last good call of duty game.

    SINGLE PLAYER: 9/10. carries on from COD 4, great moments with a lot of twists and turns.
    but it is short
    GRAPHICS: 8.5/10. improved graphics from COD 4, but no significant differences. still not bad looking, though
    SOUND: 8/10. good quality, but nothing outstanding
    MULTIPLAYER: 9.25/10. take COD 4, and improve it in every way. brilliant. didn't work so well for MW2-3
    GAMEPLAY: 9/10. 60 FPS, tight controls, few glitches, and good maps. what else could you ask for?
    FUN FACTOR: 8.75/10. fun game, but won't change haters minds
    TOTAL: 9/10
  4. Jul 10, 2013
    The singleplayer campaign is just a bit too over the top to be fully enjoyable and definitely belongs to the worse in the series. The multiplayer is of course fun, the maps are varied and well designed and the new killstreaks, perks and weapons are a major improvement over CoD4 (although its much less competitive now). However the multiplayer feels a bit unbalanced (Harrier strike, G18 akimbo, and that damage increasing perk in particular) which is odd considering the game is almost 4 years old now. Spec Ops missions are a nice distractions but are very repetitive and not exactly enjoyable. In my opinion, this is the worst that has ever come out of Infinity Ward (yes, including MW3) but for the price it bears today, its a recommended purchase people still play this a lot. Expand
  5. Jan 9, 2011
    The release of Modern Warfare 2 was incredibly hyped. I remember the buzz around everyone on the day of release, and the excitement that day made it probably one of the most fun times on the Xbox 360 that I've ever had. I started with single player and, as expected, it was over-the-top fast-paced action and that's what made it good. The campaign was short, but it was incredibly exciting despite some of the questionable plot choices. Notable missions include the one with the snowmobiles and the final level. Although they were obvious gimmicks they were extremely enjoyable; so all in all the campaign was quite good in my opinion. The Spec Ops mode offered a nice change from the zombies mode of World at War and was good fun, although I was disappointed to see a lack of support for it - but I'll come to the later. Then we come to the multiplayer mode. At first it was very exciting with awesome new guns and attachments and of course the addition of a multitude of killstreak rewards that you can pick and choose rather than being given the standard 3-5-7 seen in Modern Warfare 1 and World at War. Later on the inevitable and infamous "Cod rage" took hold and although this was to be expected with a Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2 took it above and beyond. It soon became apparent that the game had been made extremely "noob-friendly" with very luck-based gameplay, extremely easy-to-use combinations and clearly overpowered weapons, perks, attachments and killstreak rewards. Furthermore, once the insane power of the killstreak rewards was realised, the game revolved around it and this simply caused camping as players would play Domination (for example) purely so it's a longer match and they can therefore get their nuke with their generic 7-11-25 killstreak set-up. I could go on about multiplayer's flaws but I won't. Support for the game seemed to be a big issue for Infinity Ward. Each new map pack charged us ridiculous prices for a few of new maps and one or two old ones. 1,200 points is far too much for a map pack in my opinion, especially since, in spite of this, Spec Ops saw absolutely nothing new. As well as this, multiplayer was not otherwise changed very often at all to balance the game. The only updates on the game game were when particularly glaring flaws (such as the care package glitches or the Model 1887 issues). Overall, for me the multiplayer simply became more of a stress than fun and it was Infinity Ward's lack of listening to gamers that caused them to do nothing about it, but rather milk the cow with each new overpriced map pack. But that's not to say the multiplayer was entirely bad - private matches and playing with friends could often still be fun, but overall I found the experience lack lustre. Expand
  6. SkullScience
    Nov 13, 2009
    The game us uninspired and far too short. It is worth it if you don't own the original modern warfare. Otherwise just rent it for one night and complete it (that ain't difficult). The corruption withine the media must be rife as many far superior games didn't get the proverbial blow job reception the critics have been giving this. As an older gamer (32) I remember when the critics constantly said "graphics do not make a game". Especially when, conveniantly, the ps2 (the console with poorest graphics performance out of that, xbox and gamecube). How perceptions have apparently changed, yet money still talks and many an idiot reading magazines and websites base their gaming library and consoles they own on the aforementioned corrupt views. I guess activision and infinity ward had money to influence critics. Can anyone honestly say that this game is original, ground breaking or intuitive in any way. It is an average fps. I may have scored it higher but the ass licking associated with this game is shameful. Many superior games have been released this year with little fanfare in comparison. Expand
  7. AndrewT.
    Nov 19, 2009
    It's a really good game. Single-player is really similar to Call of Duty 4's. That's not a bad thing but I wish they could have made it a little better. The online multiplayer is extremely enjoyable. There's so many unlockables and the maps are fun to play. Expand

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