Mixed or average reviews - based on 91 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 91
  2. Negative: 7 out of 91
  1. Ultimately, this game is a very sub-par offering that has no real reason to exist. Everything that is good about Crackdown 2 is already in the original Crackdown, and many of the problems in Crackdown 2 are unique entirely to this installment. In essence, all Crackdown 2 does is take the original game and make it worse.
  2. It's admirable that the guys who made Crackdown 2 have created a sequel every bit as good as the original. It's just a shame they don't have that insight into the genre at large. Because there's almost nothing in Crackdown 2 to recommend it over the competition. On the whole, I'd rather be in Panau.
  3. Crackdown doesn't look great, brings no fresh ideas and overall feels like an unnecessary product. Watching a TV fortune-teller is a better waste of time then Crackdown 2. [Aug 2010]
  4. Crackdown 2 is quite ugly, technically outdated and uses the same gameplay patterns as the first episode without correcting any of its flaws... You'll find so many better games of the same kind, it would be a waste to play to Crackdown 2 at full price.
  5. Quite honestly, I would recommend the first game over Crackdown 2 with no hesitation, and based on what's actually here, it seems to me that positioning the effort as a piece of $15 DLC would have been far more appropriate than trying to pass it off as a $60 retail release.
  6. For a game to go to so much trouble to replicate its predecessor in so many ways it is downright amazing that it should fail so spectacularly. Co-op and competitive multiplayer adds an extra dollop of playtime, but if you've never played the first game you will have a much better time for a lot less money - and if you have played the original you will only end up hating both Crackdown 2 and yourself for wasting your time on this garbage.
  7. Let's quickly sum it up: if you enjoyed the original Crackdown, no need to get this one, and certainly not for 60 euros. Aside from a few details, there's nothing new here, but the competitive multiplayer play. Which may, for a time, help raise the value of Crackdown 2, but not for long. Same city (but uglier), repetitive missions, endless brainless action, and a story you can write completely down and in details on a single Post-it. Yes, there is still the power grinding of the character to pursue, level after level, trophies / success to unlock, and various stuff to collect all over the city, but you know... been there, done that. And better, bigger, sexier at that, like in Just Cause 2 for example.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 183 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 70
  2. Negative: 17 out of 70
  1. ChrisS
    Jul 12, 2010
    If you liked the original then you will like this one since its not very different. They improved a few things but failed in some areas too. I would recommend waiting till it drops to the $30 price range since it will be dropping soon...believe me. Full Review »
  2. IanG
    Jul 9, 2010
    I'm going to assume that most people rating this game as '0' are those that dont agree with exclusives. This game covers so many genres, there is something for everyone. Anything below 6 is drawn from a chip on the shoulder of the reviewer. Yes the graphics are nothing like RDR, FF, GoW... but that is the point. It's a comic book appeal. A look it has achieved with no flaw. A poor storyline? It does not matter, the Crackdown series has never been about a story. It's about creating your own mayhem with the tools Ruffian have provided you with. No freedom? It may not have the freedom of RDR, but then where in RDR can i attach a mag grenade to a helicopter, and another to a vehicle occupied by a friend, then watch them as they are carried off helplessly? You need to look at different games and apprecitate the differences, not draw crazy irrelevant comparisons from them. At the end of the day, Crackdown 2 is a lazy sunday afternoon pick-up that makes you want it to be Sunday everyday! Full Review »
  3. Sep 4, 2010
    Crackdown 2 was entertaining for the first few hours hours until you realize this is it.... and the credits roll. The game is short, the content is weak, the orb chasing is tedious and even on (Sadistic) it is far too easy. I rate it a 6 only because I enjoy mindless games from time to time otherwise I'd say its a 4 or so. I'm not saying it isn't fun for a little while but you will soon get bored then furious when you realize you've wasted another $59.99. Full Review »