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  • Summary: The sequel to the award-winning vertical-world adventure, Crackdown 2 is the ultimate open-ended world action experience. The game lets you be judge, jury, and executioner for a huge, fully explorable city. Crackdown 2 takes multiplayer gaming to new levels for the ultimate co-op and competitive multiplayer experience, providing you and your friends with the complete freedom to explore, destroy, and play your way as you restore justice and peace to Pacific City—by any means necessary. [Microsoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 91
  2. Negative: 7 out of 91
  1. All in all, Crackdown 2 delivers more of what we loved in the original game while adding enough nuances to drive a very compelling story.
  2. 83
    One of the best things about Crackdown is that it wastes no time in throwing players deep into the action.
  3. This sequel doesn't innovate in as many ways as it probably should have, but it does still wind up executing a pretty decent formula that serves up more of the same - plus just a little bit extra.
  4. Crackdown 2 is quite similar to the previous game, it lacks innovation and fresh ideas. But its 4 players coop mode is really fun, and we can spend several hours playing that game mode. If you plan on playing alone, there are much better options.
  5. Same city, same abilities, same combat system and same graphics. Crackdown 2 is an unsurprising sequel that loses the spark of the first game.
  6. Crackdown 2 is so similar to Crackdown 1 that it ends up feeling a lot more like an expansion pack than a completely new game.
  7. Let's quickly sum it up: if you enjoyed the original Crackdown, no need to get this one, and certainly not for 60 euros. Aside from a few details, there's nothing new here, but the competitive multiplayer play. Which may, for a time, help raise the value of Crackdown 2, but not for long. Same city (but uglier), repetitive missions, endless brainless action, and a story you can write completely down and in details on a single Post-it. Yes, there is still the power grinding of the character to pursue, level after level, trophies / success to unlock, and various stuff to collect all over the city, but you know... been there, done that. And better, bigger, sexier at that, like in Just Cause 2 for example.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 69
  2. Negative: 17 out of 69
  1. Feb 19, 2014
    I love this game, all the comparisons to the first game are void, this one has a better more detailed world, a new challenge, better physics and more weapons. Need I say more. Much better than the first one (which was amazing btw.) Expand
  2. May 31, 2011
    I'm kind of in two minds about this game.. As theres ALOT i like about this game,& indeed Crackdown 1.That it has Co-Op(Shame theres no split-screen too though),its free roaming,the leveling/improvment system,& the fun of the combat & jumping & climbing from rooftop to rooftop.Its great that this game offers 4 player Co-Op,over the first games 2,but the thing that brings this second game down for me sumwhat,is that this games set in the same city(though its kind of interesting to see the contrast of whats happened to the city,& all the places you recognised from the first game).& the mutants that come out at night.Nightime just feels ridiculous & TOO over the top,with all these mutants about everywhere,You would think their numbers would start to dwindle,as you exterminate them in huge quantities throughout the game,but they dont seem to.. I know the ultimate aim of the game,is to eridicate them completely,with these light bombs,but being able to reduce their numbers significantly during the course of the game,would've been nice.. Expand
  3. Aug 5, 2013
    A lot of people say this game is more of the same, and it is partially true. here is my review:
    SINGLE PLAYER- 6/10. very basic story, not as
    good as orginal
    GRAPHICS- 7/10. almost identical to original, with few new additions (i.e. bigger explosions)
    SOUND- 7/10. nothing special. serviceable, but not outstanding
    GAMEPLAY- 8/10. similar to OG, but with fun new additions
    CO-OP- 9/10. fun 4 player co-op, drop in and drop out
    FUN FACTOR- 8/10. similar to OG, but still very fun game
    TOTAL SCORE: 8/10
  4. May 20, 2011
    I expected a lot more from Crackdown 2. I expected a lot more introduced from Crackdown, first and foremost. Crackdown 2 doesn't do much new, but it makes everything from Crackdown more AWESOME. You'll love it even more if you haven't played Crackdown as well. Still, like I said previously, Crackdown 2 does make everything more AWESOME. In keys to the City mode, you can be a super powered, invincible, tank driving, zombie spawning GOD. It is incredibly fun, and fairly big, but it's not exactly clever. You'll have fun in Crackdown 2, but it could have been so much more. Expand
  5. Sep 4, 2010
    Crackdown 2 was entertaining for the first few hours hours until you realize this is it.... and the credits roll. The game is short, the content is weak, the orb chasing is tedious and even on (Sadistic) it is far too easy. I rate it a 6 only because I enjoy mindless games from time to time otherwise I'd say its a 4 or so. I'm not saying it isn't fun for a little while but you will soon get bored then furious when you realize you've wasted another $59.99. Expand
  6. Aug 12, 2010
    After loving the first and thinking great a sequel should really move things ahead and get some great action, graphics, gameplay and movement in all the right directions. I was graced with a expansion pack that was delivered as Crackdown 2. It mad no moves forward and yet just provided you a name of what was a good game. Not worth the time or effort on any level. Expand
  7. Mar 8, 2012
    They took Crackdown and removed features, and didn't add ANYTHING. The entire game is just the one mission, go stand on 9 different pads for 30 seconds each. That's it. That's the whole game.

    Have fun.

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