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  • Summary: In Sin City there are no secrets, only hidden answers. Join the new Vegas CSI team and let the evidence guide you to the truth. Explore five brand-new, shocking cases written with CSI writers and bring the guilty to justice. Explore crime scenes, dissect a victim’s body, or follow the twists and turns of the story. CSI: Deadly Intent is an all-new immersive experience thanks to intriguing cases written with CSI show writers, a new rendering engine allowing for more realistic graphics, improved lighting effects, and enhanced character acting and lip sync with the voices of the actors from the show. Partner with the cast of the new CSI Season 9 with characters such as Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) and Riley Adams (Lauren Lee Smith). Work together on the crime scene or help each other during tough suspect interrogations. Play one of the most skilled forensic experts ever to join the Vegas CSI team. Help other detectives in their investigations and gain their respect through your actions and teamwork. PERFORM THE TASKS OF A CSI DETECTIVE: Collect evidence at the crime scene: Dust for fingerprints, Search for items that might be related to the case; Unveil hidden evidence through observation; Interview a variety of witnesses and suspects: Utilize an improved interrogation system for more realistic character interactions; Ask the right questions and use evidence collected at the crime scene to get the truth. Analyze the evidence with the latest technology: DNA analysis, Microscopic analysis. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. All true CSI fans, turn your speakers up, put the kettle on and switch off your phone, as you get comfortable in your favourite chair.
  2. Overall CSI Deadly Intent doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, however, it is a fun title.
  3. Aside from the five new cases and a few technical improvements, this new CSI game doesn’t offer a whole lot of changes but remains an interesting title to check out in between other games. Just don’t expect to be blown away by it. If you can keep your expectations low you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Same old story: linear, ugly to see, easy to solve.
  5. The slow-to-respond point-and-click gameplay is more pixel-hunting than actual deductive case-solving. [Dec 2009, p.82]
  6. Technically woeful by-the-numbers tot with a few perversely enjoyable bits. [Jan 2010, p.79]
  7. This is not a game, it is just a bunch of barely interactive episodes of the show and as such, is only suitable for die hard fans and people in need of a quick gamerscore boost. Everyone else should steer well clear as there is precious little fun to be had here and the whole thing soon gets mindlessly repetitive.

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  1. Dec 21, 2010
    A totally unsurprising little adventure. Five murder cases, ten hours of entertainment stripped of any challenge whatsoever, and somehow even easier than the previous CSI game. Not exactly bad or disappointing (when picked up cheap from a bargain bin and knowing what to expect) but it's certainly more of a simple interactive experience than a genuine game. Expand