Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 25
  2. Negative: 16 out of 25
  1. Darkest of Days provides a unique and overall well put together single player campaign. Any fan of action games or time travel mechanics should give this one a serious look.
  2. Those technicalities take a pretty good game and drag it down into the realm of mediocrity. Still, automatic weapons during a Civil War battle…it’s hard to pass that up.
  3. Gun-crazed gamers just looking for another run-and-shoot romp will find the plodding pace and home-spun presentation distasteful, but Darkest of Days offers everyone else enough fresh and rewarding gameplay to offset its worst problems.
  4. If Darkest of Days were a film it would make the rounds at festivals, where “flawed but interesting” has its place. But there are no festivals in gaming, outside of the ten games that get selected for spotlight every year at PAX.
  5. Darkest of Days also features very little content - there is only a single-player story mode to wade through that has very limited replay value.
  6. On top of the flawed shooting mechanics there are glitches aplenty that keep this from being an inventive and fun shooter. Sorry, but this is one action game best left forgotten by time.
  7. The concept is intriguing and the game worlds can be very immersive, but the execution in Darkest of Days falls short of its potential amid control, AI, and other gameplay issues.
  8. The concept behind Darkest of Days is a pretty original one, and the companies involved should be commended for trying something different with the crowded first-person shooter genre. Unfortunately, good concepts alone don't make for good games, and this is an example of what happens when you ignore every other aspect of the title.
  9. Darkest of Days ends up being a mediocre FPS. The production values are severely lacking, but under the hood you can see that the developers really tried. This is only the second game produced by 8monkeylabs, hopefully their future games will have a more polish.
  10. Both the past and the future look dreary in this bizarre and unsatisfying time-travel shooter.
  11. Interesting concept, poor execution. Unfinished even.
  12. There's really no reason to bother with Darkest of Days, especially with a price tag that approaches full retail. There are a few moments that might be memorable, but you can live without experiencing them.
  13. Long load times and limited magazines feel more like a cheap way to pad the game's length than to capture an historic feel, especially when these weapons are far more accurate at a far greater range in the game than their real-world counterparts ever were.
  14. Boring and brief campaign, no multiplayer and poorly executed, Darkest of Days is a nice starting idea with a bad development.
  15. Its a shame that Darkest of Days didn’t turn out better. One thing that is for sure is that Darkest of Days doesn’t feel 100% complete.
  16. Darkest of Days takes the concept of time travel in an interesting direction, and then proceeds to fumble at every turn. Poor AI and slowdown lead the list of this game's problems, and with so many better shooters out there, this isn't worth the time and frustration.
  17. Darkest of Days is just another low budget PC title that somehow snuck onto the 360 and will soon be forgotten.
  18. 40
    Darkest of Days' best missions come right at the end (with closer-quarters action and a fantastic original weapon), but by that point, it's too little, too late. An entire game built in that mold might've been able to overcome the numerous problems, but unlike with time travel, there are no do-overs in game development.
  19. While the story had potential for creating a cool juncture between history and science fiction, there’s very little flexing of those muscles in the actual product.
  20. 36
    Darkest of Days indeed. This first-person shooter from 8monkey Labs fails on nearly all fronts. A promising narrative setup is roasted over a bonfire of mangled mechanics, poor presentation, and sloppily implemented missions and objectives.
  21. A game with a great premise such as time-traveling problem solvers with futuristic guns could, no, should have been done better. So pass this one up, unless you want to feel shame, despair, and regret the morning after.
  22. Darkest of Days is not only a game about time travel, it physically manages to transport the player 10 years into the past by delivering a gameplay experience that might have been acceptable a decade ago, but by today's standards, it seriously falls short.
  23. 25
    With a dismal few good ideas and some of the worst execution seen in quite some time, DoD can't manage to save itself to be remotely enjoyable.
  24. 20
    It is all so poorly realized, wrapped up in such a clumsily produced game, that these enticements just add to the frustration.
  25. Darkest of Days is the worst first-person shooter of this generation.
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 76 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 17
  2. Negative: 6 out of 17
  1. anonymous
    Oct 7, 2009
    I thought the game was really good. Yes the graphics aren't the best but I still hope they make another game.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    I found this game to be quite enjoyable, the AI is crap of course and there isn't as many time periods i would like and the graphics are moreI found this game to be quite enjoyable, the AI is crap of course and there isn't as many time periods i would like and the graphics are more of an early 360 game like Gun. All in all however i found it to be fun with an entertaining storyline and fun gameplay. My favorite battles were in the Civil War missions and the last mission. there really isn't another shooter anywhere where you can blast a Roman legionnare in the face with a shotgun. In conclusion at least rent this game or borrow it to see if you like it or wait until the price drops and if you do buy it because i want another one of these games to come out. If you are one of those people who just have to have good graphics you are not going to like it, but to me it was a breath of fresh air from all the CODs out there. Full Review »
  3. OlafK
    Dec 5, 2009
    Dissappointed in these low reviews Scores. Its like orginality doesn`t count anymore and the gaming Industry just need needs to give us Copys Dissappointed in these low reviews Scores. Its like orginality doesn`t count anymore and the gaming Industry just need needs to give us Copys of the same overdone Concepts of old games to make a buke. I for one enjoyed Darkest of Days. A small Developer set out with a new fresh Concept, Homebuild Engine to deliever Entertainment and that it did, yes it does have some flaws but honestly every game nowaday has them. so I am given this a 8 because the engine may not look Mega Good but the graphic works for the setting, it uses lierally hundreds of units that act on screen, and i really enjoyed the small details like the the good use of the physX engine like the fog and weapon detail effects. Full Review »