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  • Summary: Join the DOA girls at the beach--frolic at your own pace, compete in new beach games and see all their curves up close and personal. Play as Kasumi, Christie or any of the nine female characters that appear in the DEAD OR ALIVE series. This is the way resort life was meant to be enjoyed. Admire the girls of DOA like never before... The gorgeous women of the award winning DOA franchise come to life in a fun, beautiful, island environment complete with all new cinematics. What would a tropical vacation be without some beach blanket games? Play games from the original DOAXBV including Beach Volleyball and the fan-favorite Hopping Game or try out the all-new additions, the innovative Hip Wrestling or experience an adrenaline rush in the personal watercraft" racing mode. Do you feel lucky? Gamble the night away as the Casino feature is back with even more games to test your luck. A DOA game without a little competition? Never! Play by yourself or challenge others in versus mode or through Xbox Live. [Tecmo] Expand
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  1. 78
    Right now, its price point is simply too high and it offers too little compared to the previous DOA X.
  2. If you enjoyed the first game, you might enjoy the second game, although the minor differences between the two games make you wonder if Team Ninja could have done more to differentiate it from the first game.
  3. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 is pure and unadulterated fan service, nothing more, nothing less.
  4. This is worlds beyond the bar set by The Guy Game, but not far enough to garner any respect. Stick with the fighting games, if you know what’s good for you.
  5. In my opinion Itagaki needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with some new concepts for this hybrid dating sports game. Some more depth is certainly needed as the inclusion of water sports doesn’t accomplish this.
  6. Very pretty to look at and a lot of attention has been paid to female anatomy, but it has no substance whatsoever. [Issue 15, p.82]
  7. It’s a given that the Xbox 360 sequel has slightly better graphics, but they don’t justify the aforementioned gameplay or the subsidiary poolside mini-games. Xtreme 2 represents a large step in the wrong direction for one of gaming’s finest development teams.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Mar 26, 2014
    What you have here ladies and gentlemen is video game perfection here I mean 10 outta 10. I mean the concept is just amazing This should go down as the best game of all time. It's all about the art for me, one of my all time favorites. Be sure to pick it up, it is a major recommendation and you will not regret when you consider the very cheap price. It has everything you want in a video game beautiful environments and landscapes, solid gameplay and incredible athletes. This is one hell of a sequel now we just have to wait for the third game which I am happy to say should be released this year. In summary and in all serious this game is alot more fun than most of you think it lacks a story really but did it really need one not really, it is a really cheap game easy to find if you look in the right places and so much fun plus the soundtrack overall is also good featuring artists such as Inner Circle, Baha Men, Big Mountain, Janet Kay and even Bob Marley so you will be greeted to some very relaxing music whilst you play through some of the various mini games. When it comes to the mini games most are good the only one I did not like was flag race but it does not hurt the game in anyway, I really enjoyed pool jump and tug of war. There are also various casino games that you can play and all work well. This is not a game for everyone, the serious gamer would not take one look at it but if you are a very casual gamer such as myself you will pretty much play anything if you look at my other reviews you see they are all 10/10 and that is because I dont nit pick everything I just get down to the enjoyment factor and the factor is high for this game so take the time to check it out you wont regret it. Expand
  2. May 5, 2012
    as a volley ball game the originl DOAX was pretty good and all the collecting of the swim suites gave you some bonus stuff to do now in DOAX2 the volley ball has gone to crap compared to the first . just way to much goofy stuff happens like going for a set and having the ball just roll down the front of your face , or the ball just bounce right off you and out of bounds when you go to bump it , or when you go to set or bump it or spike it and nothing happens your charicter just stands there or just runs off in some weird way. now it would be one thing if this happend rarely but it happens ALL THE TIME even to the AI team . then there is the jet ski racing which is ok except when you bump in to some thing which sends you flying all over the damn place also a track selection would have been nice. there is also flag chasing and butt bumping which is just dumb i did find the water slide thing kind of fun . pool hoping is also back but to me it doest work as well as it did in the first and its still boring as hell. Team ninja couldnt come up with better mini games then this? hell there exploiting the DOA girls might as well go for broke and do a wet T-shirt contest , strip Beer Pong , and mud wrestling for mini games. the graphics are ok the girls still lack any real graphical detail and there hair still looks awful. Expand
  3. Nov 6, 2011
    All i have to say is, why did i waste $5 on this game? Jesus. it's so boring. At least the girls are hot, but aside from that, there's just not enough content to warrant a purchase for even $5. Avoid. Expand
  4. Mar 8, 2013
    Except for the women and the graphics, this game has nothing to offer.
  5. Jan 2, 2013
    The volleyball aspect, which is the reason I loved the first game has been retooled to be unplayable. In the first game, the characters would position themselves under the ball since there is very little indication of where the ball actually is in respect to where your character is. This makes each game feel like a real volleyball game where the strategy is about setting up a good kill. Now, the characters don't automatically position themselves near the ball which leads to nothing but frustration. The extra features such as jet skiing do nothing to cover up the fact that the MAIN selling point of the gameplay, the volleyball, has been ruined. This not only leaves the game with no replay value, it also leaves it with no PLAY value. Virgins will love this game because of the girls in swimsuits. Gamers will hate this game because of the weak attempt to use sex appeal in order to sell this hollow drek as a worthy purchase. Fans of the first DOA Xtreme will absolutely despise this game's very existence due to the original fun factor being stripped away. The only good thing this game has going for it? It killed DOA Xtreme as a franchise. Expand

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