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  1. Jan 26, 2011
    Dead Space was a landmark for the survival-horror genre. The game ramped up the scares and action to ludicrous levels, delivering one of the most fun and intense horror games since Resident Evil 4. Dead Space 2, like its dementia-afflicted protagonist, is absolutely insane. The game cranks up the action into overdrive while still delivering some hefty scares, albeit less frequently than the first. However, that does not stop Dead Space 2 from being a tense thrill ride. This sequel improves greatly upon the flaws of the first. The environments are varied, the game is longer, and it packs multiplayer to boot. If you even consider yourself a fan of sci-fi or horror, pick up this game. Now. Expand
  2. Jan 27, 2011
    I'm kind of disappointed that this game got only a meta-critic of 90. And I'm also disappointed that the highest score I could rate this game is a perfect score. This is the scariest horror game I played in my life.
  3. Jan 26, 2011
    I've been playing survival-horror since the genre's creation back when I was in middle school with the first Resident Evil, and I've been an enthusiastic supporter of the genre ever since. The first Dead Space was a phenomenal knockout punch that undoubtedly sent a wake-up call to the people at Capcom and Konami. Dead Space 1 managed to use every element to its advantage. The graphics were superb, the sound design was flawless, and the combat and gameplay were interesting and fresh. Now we have a sequel that has improved upon the original in so many ways, while leaving the core formula of the game intact. It feels like a true sequel that has fully realized its potential.

    As soon as Isaac wakes up from his coma, the game starts you (the player) off with a perfect example of the game's new action focus. You have to run through an infested hospital, in a straight jacket, with no way to defend yourself, while Necromorphs are bearing down on you from all sides. You finally get a weapon in your hands, and you're off to save the Sprawl. The setup is disorienting and tosses you right in the middle of the infestation, which is awesome. You wake up in the thick of the pandemonium, and it forces you to come to grips with your situation super quick.

    The graphics are unlike any I've seen on a home console. I just played through the first Dead Space a couple days ago (in anticipation of the sequel's release), and Dead Space 2 improves on the graphical presentation in almost every conceivable way. The environments are unbelievably varied, with some softer angles and lighting tricks. There are shopping malls, apartment buildings, and a creepy cultist church (which is modeled immaculately). There is so much variety in the graphics, it stands in stark contrast to the Ishimura's beautiful-but-bland environments from the previous game. Character models are equally impressive, with very high polygon counts and the fantastic dynamic lighting effects make some areas of the space station downright terrifying.

    The graphics may be amazing, but the sound design is what made Dead Space 1 truly special. The audio design was such a key element. The same is true in the sequel. Little noises, like the clanging of a piece of metal that was knocked over by something just outside your field of vision constantly keeps the fear level up. There is also more actual music this time around, as opposed to the musical sounds that were designed to appear as though they were made by the ship in the first game. This time around, there are more orchestral stabs and percussion rhythms, which is not a bad thing by any means. There are also some really creepy moments with music box audio beds and other treats that just creep you out. And of course, there are the screams and wails of the inhabitants of the space station (living or... otherwise) and that is certain to make you jump more than once.

    All this wouldn't mean a thing if it weren't fun to play, so it's a good thing that the game plays a lot better than its older sibling. The controls have been tightened up, so Isaac moves around and looks around much faster. He's more agile this time around, and he's a lot more fun to play. The strategic dismemberment system is also back, and it's better than ever, granting you new abilities- like blasting off a blade-like arm from an enemy and using telekinesis to shoot it back at them, pinning them to a wall. You'll never get tired of that one. There's a multiplayer mode, but I haven't played it. It looks fun- 4 on 4 humans vs. necromorph teams. Don't know how well it works in practice, but it sounds good on paper.

    All-in-all, Dead Space 2 is a fantastic game that really takes a winning formula and improves it with expert precision. Little tweaks and new ideas all merge together to become something truly special, that the original game was trying to be all along. They managed to take a gameplay style that had already amassed intense acclaim for its creativity and freshness, and came back stronger and meaner in the second game. It is truly an expertly executed sequel. Like I tell all my friends- you can play Halo, and run around shooting stupid cartoony aliens that are more like comic reliefs than a real threat to humanity, or you can pop in Dead Space, and feel what a truly terrifying alien attack would be like. Which do you want? Cartoony mindless fun, or pulse-pounding terror mixed with the will to survive? The choice is clear. Play Dead Space.
  4. Jan 26, 2011
    Wow this game is 2 disks. Just over 12 Meg installed on the Xbox hard drive.
    So far playing this game (and im just starting chapter 2) my chest is tight, im scarred & loving it!!!

    A heart felt thanks to the people who made this game. 100% in my books!
  5. Mar 15, 2011
    As much as I would have like this game to be a perfect 10, and as much as when I was playing it I wanted to say, "This is awesome!!", I have to admit there wasn't much there to make me feel like I thought it was even a decent sequel to Dead Space, which I had rented and returned one week late because I was so obsessed with playing it. There were many core things that I couldn't understand weren't in this "monster of a sequel":
    1) Where are the huge bosses? I don't recall seeing a one. The final boss was just plain annoying, not epic or anything...
    2) Where are the cool repair missions and the complete feeling of being two steps behind all the time, survival seeming impossible..
    3) Where are the cool characters you meet and love but don't trust at all?
    4) WHY OH WHY DOES ISAAC TALK.....WHY???? Him not speaking was half the mystery about the protagonist they had created. They removed all doubt about his character or 'mystery'...this might seem like a small detail but for me this was huge. I found it strange and out of place that he would speak.
    5) The new guns are VERY gun is the same as what you can do with kinesis..but wait....they added a SNIPER RIFLE...? Dead Space was all about creative weapons, and just plain tools you'd see around.
    6) Online feels like it was thrown in just to please all the YouTube whiners who want a multiplayer experience in every single game they play. Why are gamers like that now? What happened to creating a really really good single player experience..? Felt like a ripoff of Left 4 Dead..
    7) The new aliens don't really do anything for me...enough said.
    8) The gore was REALLY upgraded, a sign of making up for shortcomings...aka becoming a typical survival-horror shooter..
    9) Suits were boring and were basically 3 or 4 archetypes and then all that changed were the colours. COME ON...
    10) Game felt repetetive, the hack puzzles were unimaginative and boring, story sucked, and really didn't make sense at all...

    Ok so now that I'm dwelling on the negative, I do have some things I think they improved:

    1) They shooting mechanics felt much better, I thought they were and improvement, including the reloading animations especially for the plasma cutter.
    2) It's Dead Space. Enough said...
    3) Hard Core mode looks like I'll never ever beat it...
    4) Graphics were really really good.
    5) Hey, at least they released a sequel

    All that being said, the game was alright, there were times when I thought it was pretty good, and times when I felt ripped off. All in all, I give this game a 5 because of the fact that it really didn't live up to Dead Space 1. It's not an innovative addition to the series, it added boring multiplayer and a streamlined single player experience. If you don't get the online pass, don't bother. I'm really in the minority here, but hopefully some people can read a review from someone who absolutely LOVES Dead Space and considers the series one of the very absolute favorites.
  6. Feb 1, 2011
    This game is awesome. I don't even like this type of games but Dead Space 2 is someting out of the ordinary. The work put to this game is simply astonishing. EA made it happen finally!! The graphics + creepy audio had my heart pounding like crazy
  7. Jan 27, 2011
    If you're looking for one of the greatest survival horror games ever made (if not the best one in general), then look no further than Dead Space 2 (though you might want to play the first one to get caught up to speed, plus that's a great game too).
  8. Jan 31, 2011
    After the first Dead Space, I was instantly glued on the idea of getting another. Everything the first Dead Space had, Dead Space 2 has more. I was rarely scared in Dead Space, but that was before I has surround sound headphones. With my Tritton AX Pros I can hear every sound, even if I don't want to. Surround sound really immerses you into the game, and if you have it, there is no doubt in my mind that you will love this game. Compared to Dead Space, this game has more varied environments, a much better developed protagonist, more enemies (on screen), and great cut-scenes/action-scenes. I really enjoyed playing through the game, and the multiplayer is a nice addition. Some people say the game had a difficulty spike, I never felt it on normal difficulty. Some complained about the missions (go here do this, Isaac does whatever he is told) but you have to remember, Isaac is suffering from dementia and needs all the help he can get. If you are a skeptic, play the demo. I'm sure you will be hooked and ready for more. Expand
  9. Feb 3, 2011
    I will explain here with few simple examples why Dead space 2 doesn't meet the high expectations from the first game. DS1 have 2 really big bosses (Leviathan and Hive) - DS2 have nil. (i was expecting at least 3 )
    In DS1 you have 6 bad ass costumes. In DS2 you have 4 crappy outfits. (i was expecting real bad ass-ness here, but throughout the game I was like lol, and why?!)
    In DS1 story
    make sense. In DS2 it doesn't. (DS - alone, trapped in a haunted mining space ship, with only mining tools at your disposal, scary and depressing atmosphere. DS2 - not alone, not trapped = no scary. Only mining tools as weapons in entire space station? - come on. If one man can kill hundreds of necros, imagine what an army could do - just send the space marines, the army, tanks, battle ships ). One Big disappointment on all fronts...

    Overall DS2 is nothing more than MEDIOCRE space shooter with doesn't-make-sense crappy story. DS was innovative, scary, thrilling, had a story that makes sense and it deserved a much better continuation. I am sad, very sad...
  10. Mar 16, 2011
    Why would you give this game a ten out of ten, i'm sorry but why? I'm not gonna say everyone's fanboys but I cant see your reason. I love DS1, it is ranked way up there in my top ten but what DS1 did was new and scary and actually interesting, it had a fudging story! DS2 is a tedious romp through repetetive areas that get old. The puzzles are awfull i have to say and the enemies are the same, come on at least change a bit, oh look babies thats it really and they get old too after the tenth time it to minutes almost getting killed, i found that i had to put on the hardest difficulty after half an hour. Its not even scary, in DS1 i had to have all the lights on and the curtains open in the day to play it, this... i would give this to my six year old brother. It is an awfull game not worth buying even if you want the online which is even worse as it is just as repetetive and dull, God save anyone who buys it. Expand
  11. Jan 29, 2011
    Awesome game! providing hours of thrills and scares that just keep surprising. and when you finish with the great new campaign, you still have the new multiplayer component where you can play as humans and necromorphs. though the controls may be a little sketchy in multiplayer and the campaign enemies a little unfair its still must buy.
  12. Jan 27, 2011
    Absolute 10. A definite must buy to everyone who is a fan of survival-horror games. The graphics is incredible, the atmosphere is intense and the sound design give the game that unique plus when it comes to scaring people. Story is way better than the prequel which was also one of the best. Level design is very straight forward but this time around it is filled with variety and thanks to its multiple difficulty setting the games playtime can be from 8 to 18 hours. Multiplayer is fun but passable compared to the other bigs in the genre. The FACT is: Dead Space 2 is unique game in the survival-horror genre and don't hesitate to pick this one up because in this genre this is the future. Expand
  13. Jan 27, 2011
    This review may be a little bit biased due to the fact that I was a huge fan of the first one. I played through the first one multiple times, getting every achievement and secret possible. And after playing Dead Space 2, I plan on doing it again. Let me start with what I feel should be icing on the cake, which is the multiplayer. Obviously, you should not purchase DS2 just for the multiplayer, as you will most likely feel a little disappointed for spending so much on an online game that is really not too complex at all. Now, by no means is that saying that the multiplayer is bad, because it's quite the opposite. Being either the humans or necromorphs is extremely addicting (I don't know why), but I will add that I feel the humans are still a little bit overpowered. However, the combat is extremely brutal and intense, and the pace rarely lets up, hardly giving you time to breathe after several enemy pack players just tried to maul you. For me, I think it's great since I loved dismembering necromorphs offline so much. Being the necromorphs is a ton of fun, being able to spawn from just about anywhere to ambush the enemy human players. The level up system is pretty straightforward, with the higher level you get, the more things you unlock, such as new abilities, armor, weapons, or upgrades. The maps in my opinion are pretty decent and get the job done, but a few of them tend to be a bit bland. Since the action is constantly so intense, you hardly have time to notice. Overall, a great addition to the game and I feel that it should be kept for Dead Space 3 as well with a few tweaks. Now, the meat and potatoes, the single player. This is where this game really shines, bringing the survival horror genre a new meaning. From the very beginning of the game, you're immediately thrust into intense sequences and horrific scenes. When you wake up in the straight jacket right in the middle of fray (I won't try and spoil anything), you realize from that moment on just how insane the game is going to be. I feel that this one is scarier than the first one, as I didn't feel the first one was too scary. This one is basically guaranteed to make you jump several times, and the dementia that Isaac faces gets pretty creepy at time. I played the game two hours straight when I picked it up, and the entire time my heart was pulsing. The difficulty, even on normal, is much harder this time around, and I found myself raging a few times at parts that took huge tolls on your supplies (ammo, health, etc.). The pacing of the game is fantastic, letting up every so often to let your heart rate return to normal, before thrusting you right back into frantic battle for survival. The storyline is great, voice acting is awesome, and the graphics are much improved. The lighting is a ton better, putting you through pitch-black rooms very often and changing it up to environments such as apartments or an elementary school (one of my favorite areas). The sound is also improved, ranging from the clanging of metal objects falling, all the way up to the screaming and grunting of lurking necromorphs waiting to pounce of you. The guns are all back as well as some additional firepower for your arsenal. The melee is tremendously improved, which was a huge relief for me, since I felt that the curbstomp from the first one was basically useless later on in the game. Overall, an amazing game that doesn't let any of its flaws outshine its brilliance. If you're a fan of sci-fi, shooters, survival horror, or anything in between, than it would be a travesty for you to not pick up this game. Highly recommended. Expand
  14. Jan 31, 2011
    Dead Space 2 is a perfect sequel to one of my favorite games of all time, (maybe one of THE greatest games of all time). Upped the action, the violence, the story-telling, and the theatrics. This is one of the greatest games EVER. Do not miss it. Survival/Action Horror has never been so amazing.
  15. Feb 6, 2011
    The original Dead Space is a classic one of my favourite games which makes Dead Space 2 even more of a let down that it actually is. It almost feels as if EA said you can make a second one but make it on rails so people don't get lost and copy a few more monsters from left 4 dead. It has lost the whole experience that was Dead Space and is now just a generic on rails space shooter with gore. The new Left 4 Dead monsters unbalance the game so now you have one way to play, back into a corner with as much ammo and health as possible and keep shooting, it has lost all the tension and variation in game play that the original had. If this was just another shooter I'd probably give it a 7 but as it is they have ruined the chance to create a great sequel and with cash in crap like Ignition, an on line pass and DLC announced before the games even released a 5 is generous. Expand
  16. Jan 29, 2011
    T.E.N.S.I.O.N ...... wow this game is more tense and horrifying than the first, and that's a tall order. After playing most of the popular horror games from the last 10+ years such as silent hill, resident evil, fear, condemned, etc I'd say that dead space 1&2 fits right in with the greatest horror games of all time. I especially like the level design of DS2, my only issue with DS1 was that the level design got somewhat repetitive. Every level/chapter in DS1 was similar with the dark corridors and what-not (I'd still give DS1 a 9 or 10 out of 10) but DS2 offers a refreshing variation of lighter levels as well as the original dark, dank hallways and rooms. This time around Isaac is on "The Sprawl", a large space station, and your journey through the sprawl leads you through shopping malls, an elementary school, a creepy religious temple, and many other places. The weapons are great and there are a few new ones, the armor designs are as always, amazing. The HUD (inventory/weapon screen) is one of the most visually stunning, slick, smoothly designed HUD interfaces I've ever seen and it can be used easily and seamlessly. This brings me to my next and final point, the graphics, DS2 looks amazing, the level of detail in everything is spectacular. One wouldn't believe that such a dark, gritty game could look so good but it does. 10/10 Expand
  17. Jan 28, 2011
    Dead Space was pussified. As the developers stated in an interview, the first game was deemed "too scary" for mainstream audience, and they considered that the reason behind the mediocre sales of the masterpiece that is Dead Space 1. In other words, Dead Space 1 was too good to be successful.

    Now, what made me love DS1 was exactly that, as a seasoned horror fan, it's very hard to find
    something to gave me real shivers, be it in movies or games. And DS1 delivered, as no movie or game in recent memory could do - maybe with the exception of Silent Hill 2.

    Yes, there were recycled levels, and yes, they ripped off lots of stuff from other games. But, as Picasso reportedly said, the mediocre artist copies, the great artist steals. Critics called DS1 "unoriginal", but that's missing the point completely. It was worthy not because the script, storytelling or game mechanics (despite dismemberment being original). It was worthy for achieving a overwhelmingly macabre feel that no one on cinema, lest gaming industry, today manage to achieve. Dead Space 2 is just not scary. I played it on the level above normal, got killed a lot of times. Still, I couldn't feel that impressing sensation of imminent danger that made DS1 into the game I loved. Some critics talked about the jump from Alien to Aliens, Ridley Scott to David Big Cheese Cameron. So, it's like having your favorite cult movie being re-shot in a generic commercial way by a Hollywood studio - or, more specifically, a Hollywood studio accidentally releasing a masterpiece and "correcting" it later.

    Now, DS2 has its merits as a game. Combat is still very satisfying, the script is a lot less generic, with Isaac turning into a person with his own will, not a generic vessel of suffering. It deserves the 7 I'm giving for those merits, and for that I'm excluding my comparison with DS1. Fortunately, it's not easier than DS1, maybe harder. On the down side, it's too linear - I really don't see the point of critics in hailing that as an advantage. Worse still, one of the new monsters, the stalker, caught my attention as a symptom of dumbification - it's supposed to hide at corners to suprise-attack you, but it actually sticks its head from the corners so you can peek it every time before it predictably charging head-on for you to cut his legs. The stalker actually playing peek-a-boo with you - I suppose that's adequate for the public they had in mind.

    Maybe it's not the developers' fault or executive meddling, maybe they set the bar too high, or it's just impossible for one to get the same scare twice - see Silent Hill after 2. Still, I'd wait for the price go down a little before acquiring it, not expecting it to be Dead Space, but just a competent monster shooter, a little soulless, but funny still.
  18. Jan 31, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The pro's are actually right for a change, this is a GREAT game. If you like horror games, which I do. However, before I say whats great about it, I feel like I have to point out that this game is not an instant classic because it does have its flaws. But it would be hard to attack the game for these flaws without attacking the conventions of its genre or the limitations of the technology which was used to make it.

    Dead Space 2 is still very much a horror game and as such succumbs to the limitations that have been a staple of the genre ever since the early days of the T-Virus. For some reason, developers are still confusing tank-like controls and sneak attacks for tension and suspense. Your characters sprint is a brisk jog at best and your melee attack still consists solely of wildly flailing your arms while grunting. (Sadly the Plasma Saw from Dead Space: Downfall was not featured in this game.) So your defensive measures are still pretty much limited to your ammo reserves. There aren't many new weapons and your combat proceeds very much like the last game. When you enter a long hallway, either zombies will come sprinting at you from the other end or come bursting out of previously locked doors, resulting in the "boo" scare followed by a few moments of panic as you mash on your fire-button to blow the limbs off the monsters until money, ammo, or a health pack bursts from their corpse. When you enter a large open space, you simply walk or run forward until you spring the trap and are ambushed by a swarm of no more than 6 or so enemies. Shoot, run, collect items, repeat.

    And while this is no fault of the developers, a much bigger game is promised but unfortunately cannot be delivered on. When looking out a window you see what looks like a frame from Blade Runner of a huge sprawling metropolis but most of the game is you simply spending about an hour running around a huge building or labyrinth before riding a tram or getting blown out a window to your next destination. By the time I popped in the second disc, I was completely lost on what Isaac was trying to accomplish. or where he was supposed to be going. And for your character being an engineer, your engineering is pretty much limited to insert Object A into Slot B to open Door C. Games like Bioshock have experimented with utilizing hacking to have control over your environment, why couldn't this one? While the hacking mini-game in this is a quicker, more convenient method than in Bioshock, its all done purely to open a door or restore power to an elevator. Yawn.

    But what I can say is that this game still succeeds leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor and most other games in the genre. This is by far the most linear and cinematic game I have ever played. While the dialogue is still laughable and cliched and the motivations and logic of both protagonists and antagonists questionable in the extreme, the game never once takes you out of the experience of playing it. While most games still rely on chapters and cut scenes to load the next sequence, Dead Space 2 never once breaks for a moment, instead being so much more about the journey and less about the destination. (Which does lead to the final boss battle being surprisingly underwhelming, but more on that in a minute.) The game jettisons the constant backtracking and end-chapter load screens in favor of creating a truly interactive movie experience.

    The graphics are amazing, down to every last detail. The zombies are even slimier and more menacing, the blood and viscera more plentiful, and your character's suits don't just get tougher as the game progresses, they vary so much in style and function that no doubt players will be able to find a favorite to call their own. Although the game does still rely on many jump-scares, there are parts that are so nerve-wracking they must be played to be believed. The story doesn't really answer many questions from the last game. There is still no answer as to where the Marker came from or why these Scientology-clones can't seem to learn that their religious artifact is basically a zombie-factory, but this I'm sure is all just for the inevitable Dead Space 3. Which if I can offer any suggestions to EA for the next game, is don't hold back. The outer-space setting offers so many different ways for ripping zombies to pieces that I felt there were things int the game that could have been done but weren't. For the next game, let us take a Plasma Saw to our enemies. Give us an honest-to-goodness shotgun to go all Ash on them. Let us pilot a gunship to rain hell down on a horde of monsters. As long we're ripping off the Alien films, give us a Power Loader to take on a Mega-Brute. Let us use the Solar Beam to burn down another Hive Mind. Hell, introduce another alien race to fight in addition to the zombies. Up the ante and the body count and I'll be back for more...
  19. Jan 29, 2011
    Pretty much an improvement in almost every aspect over the first Dead Space. New weapons to use, better use of kinesis (using the necromorphs own parts against them never gets old), tighter controls, more personal story, considering Issac talks this time around, heavy action (good and bad), more enemy variety, more interesting environments, the sound is top notch, graphics are superior to most games on the market. With that long list in mind, I did, however, say the sequel is better in ALMOST every way. I felt the scares this time around were more cliche'. Where as in the first game, my heart was racing and nothing way even popping out, just the environment itself was terrifying. It seems the scares are just monsters popping out of closets, ceilings, panels etc. I also didn't care for the mission design this time around. I felt the first games missions were designed better, where as 2, it's just A to B over and over and over. However, the Pros FAR FAR out way the Cons, so pick this one up, whether you played the first or not, it's an awesome game and every fan of video games should experience it. Expand
  20. Feb 1, 2011
    Let me start out by saying that i was not even a horror fanatic,until one day lol i was bored and look around some cheap games until i found dead space (1),and thought ehh why the F not XD.So anyway i really liked the first one so much,that i couldn't wait for the second and its a classic.Nothing much has changed from the first game apart from,impaling necromorphs,new weapons,new necromorphs,and new areas,but its still fun as hell.The story is pretty solid & there's also multiplayer when you've done the campaign,the multiplayer is not my cup of tea but if you like it hey that's just another bonus.I personally would give this game a 9.5,because nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement.But since i can't ill give it ahh Collapse
  21. Jan 27, 2011
    Wow. improves in every way from the first. Visceral games definitely studied how to scare a person, because as much as an alarm clock going off in the game will send your behind up in the air and coming back down.
  22. Jan 27, 2011
    Being a massive fan of Dead Space 1, I was excited for dead Space 2, and I can easily say I wasn't disappointed. The single player was amazing, intense and action from the beginning, while being horrifying at the same time. the pacing was brilliant, keeping the game flowing at all times with no major stops and little down time, flowing from one fight for survival to the nest. The difficulty was much higher in the sequel, something that truly defines Dead Space 2 as survival horror. You always feel on edge, outnumbered and running low on supplies, always afraid of what's around the corner. The combination of visuals and sound create a tense atmosphere, keeping your heart pounding the whole way through. I found the story to be amazing, with twists and turns I didn't expect, and an ending that is simply amazing. On these merits alone, Dead Space 2 is a 10, But it's multiplayer just adds to it. While not immensely deep, I find it to be fun and addicting. Teamwork is essential and the action is unrelenting. A great add on to an already incredible game. I now look forward to my many re-plays, because the single player is just that good. If you haven't got this game yet, go out and get it, and you will not regret it. Expand
  23. Jan 28, 2011
    a great game, and a great step forward in the series, though the linearity is not doing the game any good. i really missed the bioshock-like immersion and exploration of the first game, which this city could have offered on an even bigger scale. if everything keeps going in this direction, soon we're gonna end up with an other shooter series coming out with a 5-hour game every year. i would really hate to see dead space succumb to that Expand
  24. Jan 28, 2011
    Dead Space 2 rocks! The lighting, visual effects, sound design and gameplay are all top notch! This game sets new standards in graphics quality. A must have for any sci-fi / horror fan.
  25. Jan 29, 2011
    Having spent a fair amount of time strolling precariously through the narrow hallways and winding corridors of the USG Ishimura, I was well-prepared for Dead Space 2. Or so I thought.

    During the very first chapter I was put through my paces, and my heart rate was greatly elevated by the constant threat of the Necromorphs. It is safe to say I was not SCARED by the events, but they
    certainly got my adrenaline pumping. Dead Space to me has never been truly scary, but has focused more on the quick thrills of the jumpy appearances of the Necromorphs and their occasional screams which can be heard echoing through the Ishimura. However, in Dead Space 2 I found that Visceral games had avoided these cheap thrills to an extent, and tried to focus more on atmosphere. The end result was a truly spectacular game.

    Unlike in the first game, I was genuinely scared in at least two scenarios, and was worried about continuing. The first encounter with the new enemies known as 'Stalkers' was terrifying, until I could actually see the enemies of course. That brief moment in the dimly lit room just before they attacked sent chills down my spine. Not nearly as much, however, as in Chapter 10. The first few minutes of that chapter shook me to my core. I shall say no more on the subject. With many small plot twists thrown in, some being truly unpredictable, Dead Space 2 will keep almost any story lover occupied for a good seven to eight hours on the 'Normal' difficulty.

    The graphics are stunning to say the least, and the detail put into each character is amazing. It may not be the best game in the world in terms of graphical content, but it is still very high on the imaginary list. The voice acting in Dead Space 2 was well-done, with a great choice of voice actors and a very convincing script. Additionally, ambient noises and the unnatural screams of the Necromorphs aided in creating a powerful atmosphere. Gameplay was very smooth and felt comfortable, constantly keeping the player engaged and thinking ahead in terms of ammo conservation and weapon choices - although I never really found myself out of my depth with just the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle. Fully upgraded, of course. There were some moments which felt extremely unfair, and I struggled to pull through in many of the later encounters in the game. There are moments when Dead Space 2 will throw an incredibly large amount of enemies at you in small but very quick waves, and a lack of ammo here will lead to your downfall. I struggle to think how I will get past them on Zealot or Hardcore mode. It is these very unfair fights which slightly tarnish the otherwise spotless game.

    Moving onto multiplayer, I can safely say I am impressed. I had my doubts about multiplayer working, and felt Dead Space should always remain a single player game. Visceral Games somehow managed to pull it off, though. Multiplayer is very action-packed and fast-paced, and keeps both sides firmly on their toes. The multiplayer is exceptionally well-balanced, and is only flawed in a lack of the Necromorph control scheme, and the occasional bug where players will pick up an objective and be unable to progress in the match. Despite these issues, multiplayer is still a strong selling point for Dead Space 2, and just adds that little extra longevity which Dead Space 1 lacked somewhat. Don't get me wrong, Dead Space 1 was fantastic, just a little bland after three playthroughs.

    Overall I wish to give Dead Space 2 a 9.5/10, but 10/10 is the closest to that I can manage here. A superb game with outstanding graphics and a brilliant story mode, backed up with a fun multiplayer gametype. Dead Space 2 is an absolute must-buy.
  26. Jan 30, 2011
    Have been playing Single Player mode solid. It is THAT addictive I haven't even tried the multiplayer yet! But I suspect it won't disappoint me. 10/10.
  27. Jan 31, 2011
    An overall better game than its predecessor, which was already a very good game. May get a little tired of being told to "go do this and then do that" almost all the time, and it might not be as scary, but it has its jumpy moments. The multiplayer addition is a fun little twist to such a game, it reminds a tiny bit of Left 4 Dead, but hat's no problem at all. The minus is that they could have added a few other modes as well so it doesn't get boring after a few hours. It has top-notch graphics, looking outside the window on The Sprawl is a beautiful view, and watching all the gore everywhere gives a few creeps. Getting more personal with Isaac Clarke and varied and new additions to enemies and weapons are very welcome. Considering multiplayer or not, I'd give it a 9.4 if possible. Expand
  28. Jan 31, 2011
    To keep this review short: play this game. The story, the characters, the weapons, and the overall experience is something that only comes once every couple of years. The whole game had me on the edge of my seat and you'd be missing out on a real gem if you pass this up. Great job Visceral Games!
  29. Feb 2, 2011
    DeadSpace was the only game i have ever said "that was worth $60 bucks!!! and was to me the best game i ever played! its been a long wait for DeadSpace2 and dose it live up to the first one?
    and i know the answer is going to hit a few buttons but..... not evon kinda sorda... Deadspace2 looks awesome! it's just beautifull! and the sound is great! But the story is boring and the "plot twist"
    are very predictable or just not not exciting... all leading up to a fail final boss and a boring ending. And when it comes to fear its just not as horrifying as the first one witch was a huge let down :/
    i really wish it was more scary, and had a more interesting story.....
    and if the DeadSpace team is reading this! Please Please Please make the DLC different suits and not just recolored version of the same suits please D:
  30. Feb 18, 2011
    A clear example of game makers listening to fan feedback and giving them what they want. DS2 still has everything that made the original a spine chilling masterpiece but adds to it. DS2 has more variety in the gameplay and is a bigger more epic experience. The nerve shredding survival horror now blends with breathless action set pieces that wouldn't look out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster. Fully cements Dead Spaces position as this generations survival horror king! Expand
  31. Feb 2, 2011
    10!.... na, no no no... this game needs a score board that goes higher. Every second of the main game i loved. so much detail its untrue, feeling and emotions from the characters are believable which just drags you in. the trophies/achievements are a good challenge with nothing stupid. and EVEN the multilayer is fantastic fun. i completed this game in 2 sittings (no game has held my attention like it) yet still i go back for more... the re-playability is fantastic. hard core mode TRULY is hard core... iv never been so tense whilst playing a game. PLUS i got the on rails extraction game FREE!! along with all its separate trophies. this is one disc that will probably stay in my Ps3 longer than MW2 ever did .... i HOPE they bring more maps and crazy costumes to the multi-player... i dont care if they cost.. gimmi gimmi gimmi. ps bring on DS3!! ... actually i can wait for that a bit longer... its all about DS2 for now. Expand
  32. Feb 3, 2011
    Do not listen to those rare freaky people who review DE2 with less than a 9.0. This game is a masterpiece of horror and shooting gaming genre. I just cant find any flaw. Of course, the plot is not too deep; it wasnt necessary anyways. Just try it playing in the darkness with headphones, you will feel TENSION. But what really surprised me in DE2 is the pacing, really really brilliant. In resume:

    Graphics: 9,5 (lighting is superb)
    Sound: 10 (you have to try this game with headphones or surround system)
    Duration: 9,5 (lengthy and replayable campaign)
    Control: 9,5 (smooth and precise. perfect button layout).
  33. Feb 3, 2011
    Ok lets start with the faults. the Multyplayer, could've done better. its entertaining for a while being the necromorphs and all but here should be more game types it just always seems like a death match. its kind of bland. the weapons and suits keep it interesting for a while but it gets boring. hopefully hey will update i. Next the number of suits and the look of them. they are somewhat pretty kool but i was expecting more suits and a little more customization on color. and i personally thought they werent that much cooler than the first game. Next the number of bosses. i didnt think it would be too important but there were not many bosses in this one and i would of liked some sure there are some minor ones but none that made me ahhh like the last boss in the first game. and on the sense of the scare factor the only thing is in number one u were pretty much alone and u were in small spaces. i expected them to add some large spaces but it all seems to large and it lost some scare. on to the good. Detail, absolutely amazing simply awesome. they outdid themselves with the level of detail. the detail itself told its own story. next is the game play guns are fun but what really got me into it was the epic moments it had were therewas just so much going on from being blown up into space from some of the interactions with other characters but mainly he psychological factor. Issac in this game is insane and has constant visions witch i loved. the constant fight with himselve brought me into the game. so much so that i played the story a whole 3 times.and the random visions will make u jump and the game isnt just shooting there are some puzzles which the game even better. and lastly the gore i love gore and this game didnt dissapoint with that so much blood and limns and i loved it overall this game was a great fallow up and is ultimately i think better than the first one and is one of my favorite games it is the best horror game franchise. definitely recommend this. the goods out weigh the faults. Expand
  34. Apr 8, 2011
    I'm not usually a fan of video games that are very linear, but Dead Space 2 is the exception. If anyone were to get the full experience from this game they would need to play at night with very little lighting (apart from the television) and no company. The asthetics aren't the best, but they suit the game very well. Like most video games it doesn't have a very deep or expansive story, however it is definitely enough to keep you playing. This game will keep you engaged, adrenaline-pumping and on the edge of your seat. If you were ever considering playing it, do yourself a favour and buy it. Expand
  35. Jan 29, 2011
    Being a fan of the first game I couldn't wait to get my mitts on the anticipated sequel. Dead Space 2 blew all my expectations out the water, the story is intense and by the end is filled with twists and turns that would make M. Night Shyamalan giddy with joy. The game-play has been slightly improved upon and Isaac feels a lot more bodily able while still retaining the feel of your typical every-day-man and not a space marine. Visceral seem to have abandoned the cheap scares of the first game in favour of an action-thriller atmosphere and it has worked brilliantly. Dead Space 2 is one of the best games I have played in years. Expand
  36. Feb 2, 2011
    This video game is one of the best horror games ever! I am hooked into dead space 2 like never before, the lighting, the story, and the characters that are in dead space are so real!! Heck! Even my mom liked this game!!
  37. Feb 2, 2011
    Incredible game graphically. Lives up to the original Dead Space scare level flawlessly. Game is slightly more action-packed than the first, and this makes it a tad easier to play in the dark by my self (don't worry: this doesn't mean the scare is gone. It's back and more frightening than ever). Only thing that detracts from the game is the multiplayer, which though lacking in depth is very clean and fun nonetheless (sadly, I don't expect to last more than a week or two before I revolt back to Modern Warfare multiplayer). Story mode more than makes up for online features, though and I find myself playing it a second time through. Wonderful game! Expand
  38. Feb 2, 2011
    Dead Space 2 is one of the most intense, bloodiest, scariest and horrifying games of all time. Do not play this in the dark- You will **** yourself! got that addicted to it that I completed it in two days. Im hoping there will be DS3. Guys that made it you did an amazing job. You can really tell a lot of love and hard work went into it. Please don't let this be the last Dead Space.
  39. Feb 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dead Space 2 es el mejor survival-action-horror de esta generacion de consolas. Tenebroso, demencial y con la mejor calidad auditiva lo hacen el mejor juego del genero. IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM Expand
  40. Feb 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dead Space was easily one of my favorite new IP's of the last 10+ years.
    And with completing Dead Space 2 I'm ecstatic to state Visceral games has further cemented that opinion. With the overall atmosphere, story and how completely immersed at times I was when playing to the point of audibly reacting to and sweating as I told myself over and over again... "just one more checkpoint". I was extremely skeptical of their decision to give Isaac a voice. I understood the reasoning, but I felt strongly that NOT having a voice allowed me as a gamer to be more effectively enveloped in the world and situations of the Isaac. A lot of credit must be given to voice actor Gunner Wright for proving me wrong by effectively making me care even more for Isaac's plight. For the most part that is what separated Dead Space 2 from the 1st game. Yes, there are new and dangerous threats. The Stalkers in particular are a nerve-racking addition to gameplay as are the child-like Pack. There are new weapons as well, and as fun as they are I found myself relying exclusively on deadly triumvirate of the Line Cutter, Force Gun and Pulse Rifle. Sound design is top notch, particularly when playing with the lights off and using stereo headphones. The sound design of Stalkers play a huge part in creating a sense of foreboding and pure dread. I found myself constantly entering and leaving re-entering an area to coax them out of hiding for fear of being ambushed. The gameplay is as tight and responsive as the 1st game. I wish at times isaac could run faster or (at least) have a quick turnaround (ala RE) as most of the necromorphs cannot be outrunned. Visually the game is impressive with only the minimalist of texture issues (e.g. lo-res textures on the doors of the Store). Animations are fluid and amazing at times, particularly some of the more gruesome death animations for Isaac (e.g. one involving a needle is incredibly effective and thoroughly disturbing). My biggest gripe, if I have any, would be the odd menu implementation of only being able to purchase weapons if one of the 4 weapon slots are free. This required you to manually move one or more weapons to the SAFE to free up slots. A more elegant solution would've been any weapon purchased above 4 to be automatically moved into the SAFE. Also, in the heat of battle (most of the time) it would be great for the AI to distinguish between organic threat and inanimate when using stasis! Many a time I found myself back-peddaling frantically trying to slow a Super Slasher only to find I fired stasis on a dead body or fire extinguisher, etc. Ugh! That being said, Dead Space 2, much like the 1st game, is one of the rare, rare games I made a concerted effort to play through twice! And now I am preparing for a Hard Core run through to take my 950 gamerscore to the glorious 1,000! The more I play Dead Space 2, the more I'm convinced it is superior to the 1st game and a fantastic achievement for Visceral games! I look forward to the impending singleplayer DLC and more importantly the inevitable continuation of Isaac's journey to destroy the Markers in Dead Space 3!
  41. Feb 2, 2011
    I feel bad that I found out about the first Dead Space so late after release but once I started playing it, it was love at first kill. It feels like forever since there has been a survival horror game that I could really get into other then the original RE. Those closed quarter hallways where the only the sound of your footprints could be heard. Dead Space 2 definitely took it up a notch with tremendous environments, eerie atmosphere that kept me standing in one spot waiting for the unseen necromorph to pop out around the corner..or grate. Giving Isaac a voice was a plus cause it help to build his character and made me feel more like a jerk when he inevitably cause pierced or decapitated. I hope to see more Dead Space games in the future...btw, the ending gave me quite a chuckle. :) Expand
  42. Feb 2, 2011
    Dead Space 2 really hits the nail on what survival horror should be. Great story, great monsters, great personality and characters. This game really gives a nod to the roots of old school gaming with customization, power-ups, and secrets. Things that make you want to play the game over and over again to understand a certain event or collect something. Thank you Visceral for giving us classic gaming renewed for the future of gamers everywhere. Keep Dead Space alive! Altman be praised! Expand
  43. Feb 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dead Space 2 was an improvement from the first game. The first Dead Space was one of the scariest games I have ever played. The lighting, The feeling that something was always behind you or about to break through a vent, made me feel tense the entire time. Dead Space 2, although a lot more action packed, still has that scary tense feeling. Every time during my first playthrough when i would hear or see The Stalker running around and hiding behind walls my stomach would tense up and when it would finally scream and run at me, especially the first time seeing them, i hesitated because I wasn't expecting it.
    I think it's awesome that Isaac Clarke is now actually talking and communicating with the other people. The movement of the character seems more fluent. The new guns, especially my personal favorite, The Seeker Rifle, are awesome. The new Necromorphs are even creepier.
    This is a very well made game and I am currently doing a second playthrough. I hope there is a Dead Space 3 and that the franchise keeps going strong.
  44. Feb 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After completing the game and changing my poop sack I realized that nearly twelve hours had gone by, and it had gone in a flash. The first Dead Space was extremely fun and terrifying from start to finish, but Dead Space 2 had my palms sweating on the controller the entire time. I knew the game would be excellent, but I had no idea to what level Visceral was going to take it. Never did I feel safe in the game. Nor did I see any of the events coming. The most memorable moments were in the school and the needle scene, but The zero G parts were amazing as well. Overall this game was the most fun, playable, memorable survivor horror I've ever played, and if that's not enough they threw in an addictive multi-player. Dead Space 3 Please... Expand
  45. Feb 2, 2011
    ta cabron es super interesante y tiene unas graficas demacias y da mucho miedo jajajjajja es unos de los mejores survival horror game k e jugado en mi vida, si sale un tercero o cuarto aunke esten a trecients dolares lo compro jajajaja
  46. Feb 2, 2011
    Dead Space 2 is a great game. The controls, customization, level design, lighting fx, sound design and story are of the highest quality. But for me, the reason I bought this game, it is all about the scares and this game delivers. I am not a gore but the presence of gore doesn't faze me. It's the long hallways and the air vents you have to pass to get to the door at the end of the hall, the door that could be another empty room on the other side or a room full of ridiculously frightening creatures ready to spit, slash, bite and or maul me to death. The game kept me on the edge of my seat from the get go and gave me some welcome anxiety. Most single player campaign games get one sometimes two playthroughs before I am off to the next game. DS2 has a permanent place on my shelf, right next to DS1. I wont be trading this in or selling it ever. Total keeper. The Dead Space series has raised the bar high for anyone else existing or trying to get into the Survival Horror genre. The game is outstanding. I am not a fan of the multiplayer but it isnt bad and is not a factored into my rating. Sidebar Note: I think the Your Mom Hates Dead Space advertising campaign was brilliant. I wish I could see all of the interviews. Get the game, grab the bars, sweet dreams!!! Expand
  47. Feb 2, 2011
    I just want to say thank you to everyone who had a part in making this masterpiece a reality. I had always found something missing in horror games because I had never found them to be scary. Now either I was just playing the wrong games or they just really weren't scary. Then i found Dead Space at a friends house. I asked him if I could borrow it and when I got home I went to town on that game never putting it down but pausing often to catch my breath and let my heartbeat slow back down to normal. Upon beating it a couple weeks before the launch of Dead Space 2 I found myself absolutely craving the anticipation of the sequel. I watched every trailer, every interview, every speculation I could find. Finally the day had arrived and I had a copy of Dead Space 2 in my hands, oh man the excitement. I got home and before I had even shut the door DS2 was in my Xbox. I just beat it last night and it was some of the greatest gaming I have witnessed in my life and that's a lot of video games. So once again thank you very very much to everyone that had a hand in helping me find the game that defined the horror genre of video games. Thank you so much for making me think 7 or 8 times before going around every corner, making me jump so high I thought I'd get a concussion from the ceiling, making me have to take drink breaks just to let my mind process what it was I had just experienced. I cannot wait for the future of this amazing title and I expect incredible things to come. Alright I'm off to play some more. Peace. Expand
  48. Feb 2, 2011
    Dead space 2 is one of the greatest survival/action/horror game ever made! it gives a great amount of scares throughout the entire game with many points of action and awe. I have to say that it has a great online mode that is fun and interesting. I love the game and am pretty good at it if i say so myself. if anyone wants to play on xbox my gamer tag is XxwinkdinkyxX
  49. Feb 2, 2011
    I can only play Dead Space 2 in one way. I wait until midnight when everything is quiet and still, turn all of the lights off, plug my headphones in and then adjust my TV brightness level so I have to use Issac's flash light in dark areas of the Sprawl. Then I see how long I can take the tense and terrifying atmosphere Dead Space 2 surrounds me in.

    Good job Visceral Games! You've done
    yourselves proud. The addition of amazing action sequences is welcomed as it doesn't deter from the horror side of things, like a certain Resident Evil 5 did. Best game I have played in a long time. Expand
  50. Feb 3, 2011
    Ok..I've always loved games like this when Resident Evil first came out. But, then it turned to **** and I haven't played anything worth writing a review about in this horror style of game for years! I gave up on this genre, so many games have been terrible recently. But, then came Dead Space. It's AWESOME! scared me numerous times and replay value is awesome. Now Dead Space 2 is out and it's a great continuation of part 1. Still making me jump. I love playing it at night with my surround sound on hooked up to my Dr. Dre Beats loud as **** And the online is way different than any other I've played. I LOVE it! I've heard a lot of negative things about the online play, but maybe that's just because it's way different than the typical online fighting like Halo/Call of Duty? Not sure why so many people have talked bad about it but I think it's awesome to be a lurker upside down on a ceiling in the shadows guarding a computer that the humans are trying to get to and just destroying them until they finally find me (which I've gotten pretty good at hiding spots and can sometimes be there for 5 minutes before a Line Gun chops off all my tentacle things). I have DS1 and DS2 on 360 and have extraction for the wii on standby for when I finish DS2. I also recently bought both blu-ray movies and the book. I LOVE this game and the story! I have never bought this many side items for a game (movies/book) ever! I'm 28 and have played games for at least 15 years...this might be my favorite game ever! For sure in my top 5 Expand
  51. Feb 3, 2011
    Dead Space 2 is the best survival horror ever. However it did not scare me as much as Dead Space 1 did. The level designs and music made the game come to life it also brought suspense. I beat the game in 8 hours and I hoped that it would have been a bit longer but I was already freaking out from the scary moments in the game. The lighting in the game also is the best I have ever seen. I also love the boss fights. The boss fights are easy to do and are not frustrating but, towards the end of the game it can become increasingly difficult with the Necromphs all over the place. Isaac Clarke this time around is a far more intersting protagonist now that he his a voice. As you progress though the game you will begin to notice that Isaac has become insane. The game shows this very well thouoghout the game and ends it with a very satisfying conclusion to the game. Also hope that thier will be a Dead Space 3. Expand
  52. Feb 3, 2011
    This is the most intense game i have ever played in my life, and i gotta say, hard core, takes it to a whole new ball game. So does online, playing 4 vs.4 like left 4 dead, GREAT job there staff of Dead Space, another great job and successful accomplishment, and i'll be playin it day after day, so should you if you're reading this and thinking about getting the game, seriously, tons of fun and you won't regret it at all!!! Expand
  53. Mar 9, 2011
    I absolutely loved the first deadspace game. Couldn't get enough of it. I found this one to not be scary or enjoyable. I see I'm in the minority here but I thought the story was stupid the scares were simply creatures spawning out of thin air behind you and the gameplay seemed quite lineur. Maybe I needed to spend for the launch dlcs or something but this was the most disappointed I have ever been by a game I couldn't wait to play Expand
  54. Feb 15, 2011
    I never ever buy games on the day they come out, but Dead Space 2 was an exception. I loved the first game, and just had to get this the first day it came out, do i regret it HELL NO! This is a fantastic game that will make you jump, go errrrrr and scare you witless but at the same time it delivers a fantastic story which your feel so involved in. As for the multilayer it is absolutely fantastic and will keep you hooked for hours!

    ( The multilayer has a similar concept to Left 4 Dead, 4 Humans v 4 Aliens, so if you liked that you'll like this )

    If you are doubting weather to buy this don't, make that exception like I did and invest in this fantastic game that will have to hiding behind your sofa.
  55. Mar 18, 2011
    Quite simply not as good as the first story wise, still a good game but could have been much better. Graphics are great but the story left me feeling that it could and should have been better. Problem was it hard act to follow and I loved the first Dead Space.
  56. Feb 4, 2011
    Great game. A defining piece in the interactive space horror genre. Can actually put real chills in me...definitely worth a try. I did, and now I must finish it.
  57. Feb 8, 2011
    Amazing story and game play, it will keep you on the edge through out the entire game. I'm usually a pretty mellow person but I have never been more startled when a sprinkler system turned on unexpectadley. The multiplayer is interesting for a few hours, but not much more I'm glad they did two discs and didn't rely on their multiplayer for replay-ability.
  58. Feb 26, 2011
    Great visuals, amazing sound, and tons of atmosphere. Plus, it's really fun shootin' the crap of the necromorphs. A definite step above the first game.
  59. Feb 19, 2011
    Dead Space 2 is a vastly superior game to the original and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how Visceral Games expands this IP. It is short (I completed my first playthrough on Survivalist in 9 hours and 45 minutes... about 3 hours shorter than my first playthrough of the original game), but it is undeniably thrilling with some genuine chills-inducing moments and well-constructed jump scares. I highly recommend giving Isaac's second outing a try--but be willing to play through the story multiple times if you really want to get your money's worth (or invest copious amounts of time in the multiplayer... something I have yet to try). Expand
  60. Mar 5, 2011
    Absolutely insane! the first dead space was so new and had touched on a new era of sci-fi horror gaming which i personally thought was unbeatable....until dead space 2 arrived! Its safe to say that Dead Space is one of the only games in the history of any console gaming that actually makes you jump and makes you weary about what kind of hideous monstrosity will be around the next bend.The plot is full in its entirety and really puts you into the mind frame of the returning lead character Isaac Clarke who along with new tech and weaponry will cut , slice and tear limb from limb the necromorph hordes of the dead space universe and thats without mentioning the online! definitely worth a buy! Expand
  61. Mar 10, 2011
    A truly epic game. It met all my expectations and blew them away.

    An inspired and even original sequel which imporved on the first in several ways. Every Chapter was tense, every Chapter was impressive and every Chapter was thoroughly enjoyable.

    Couldn't stop playing at the end and delighted there will be more to come in the future. One of the best series' and games of this generation.
  62. Feb 26, 2011
    I am giving this game a ten.

    I guess the people who gave this a low grade for not being scary enough, started playing on normal or whatever.

    My first round I played in survivalist. It is an awesome game, more scary than the first game.

    you have my word is worth every penny.
  63. May 29, 2011
    Not a good game for wheel chair users! Dead space is set in the future. A future with space ships, mechs, laser guns, cloning etc .... so why are levels full of wheelchairs from the 1950s. It is like the future people decided that all disabled people must be punished and force to have crappy wheelchairs. "No you cannot have a mech suit or new legs. You must use this 1950s wheelchair". This spoilt what would be a great game. Now I cannot feel sorry for these people Expand
  64. Feb 12, 2011
    awesome game worth every cent spent, the single player is very well constructed some very graphic scenes which psh cos like me love to see.on line play is awesome but i would love to see more maps
  65. Feb 15, 2011
    Dead Space 2 is a great game which makes some changes for the better others for the worse but if you're a fan of survival horror then this game is for you; a must play. The game is much different than the first game in terms of pacing and exploration as it drops the exploration / explanation parts of dead space 1 in exchange for more linear action based gameplay. There are many more enemies than in the first game and more variations of mini boss monsters, many of the new enemies shoot projectiles which adds another level of challenge to the gameplay. There are new weapons that make this easier but you will find that the weapons from the first game are still the best and the new weapons are mainly a novelty. Ammo is in short supply like before, you will spend a lot of time stomping corpses for additional ammo and credits and many of the weapons and equipment upgrades require more power nodes than before but you have the option to remove all nodes and start over if you want which is great.

    Be ready for some cheap deaths because the game has very little visual cues and no hud just like the first one. In addition there is no line between where a cutscene begins and ends so it's best to just assume that at some point during a cut scene you will be able to control the main character again even if 2 seconds before you could not because 2 seconds afterwards you will be dead. Aside from that you will be in for a treat as this game is rock solid in both gameplay, and even paced with action scenes generally followed by some exploration and a few places of refuge where you can restock and reload before the cycle starts again. The flaws in this game are minor and wont apply if you've never played the first game. Enemies tend to jump out of where you expect them to and after an hour or two you'll be trained to scope out a room for vents before you enter it, depending on your play style you can almost see the invisible event triggers before they happen much like the plot's "twists" which were textbook and is why I gave it a 9. As great as this game is in presentation, sound, graphics, and gameplay, the story just wasnt as complex or interesting as the first, but the rest of it makes up for that. On a side note, as these games become more mature the stories should as well, hopefully they'll figure that last part out in dead space 3 :-D
  66. Mar 19, 2011
    best game yet! Really like it. Visceral did the best survival horror. Passed in one go from start to finish. I like EA games and Dead Space 2 is the best of they.вÑ
  67. Feb 16, 2011
    Dead Space was a landmark for the survival-horror genre. The game ramped up the scares and action to ludicrous levels, delivering one of the most fun and intense horror games since Resident Evil 4. Dead Space 2, like its dementia-afflicted protagonist, is absolutely insane.
  68. SFN
    Feb 12, 2011
    let me start off by saying that i wasnt a real big fan on the first dead space and i came into this game having low expectations but wow did they improve everything. from the low gravity parts, in the first game you have to aim then jump to move where you wanted to go but in here you have full control of the character, second, you have alot more weapons, i pre ordered the collectors edition which means i got the riviot gun and the gun wasnt that bad, its effective on some of the creatures but not all of them which brings me to my next point, they added more creatures to the game, you have the puker, the sist, the pack which is a screaming baby thing who will hunt in packs to try and kill you, and the stalker, this game is over all amazing but thats just the beginning, they have also added a new multiplayer mode which is you are either human or creature, and if your human you have objectives to complete but while the creatures are trying to kill you but if your on the creature side you try and stop the humans from completeing their objectives and this mode is really really fun, i am amazed but how far they have come since the first dead space, i hope they make another dead sapce but right now i kindof doubt it will happen, go get this game, you wont be disappointed Expand
  69. Jan 27, 2011
    Un producto dirigido casi exclusivamente para los amantes del juego original y del universo/personaje en que se basa.
    Técnicamente raya a un buen nivel, pero jugablemente se dedica a pasearnos por lineales escenarios, hasta ver la escena de turno; que por otra parte, es lo que te mantiene pegado la mayor parte del tiempo.
  70. Feb 24, 2011
    Well, scary as hell, and very hard to play with fear going through bones. Although, thats what we all want. Nice sequel, looking forward for part III :)
  71. Feb 4, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all let me start by saying that Visceral Games has outdone themselves again. This has captured the eyes of fans and critics alike whether it be graphics or story it has captured my imagination and many others. While improving on game play flaws from the Original Visceral also giving more personality to the Protagonist Isaac Clarke by giving him a voice, better face, and much more. like him how you will whether it be his new build, hearing his voice in horror at the sight other survivors demise or him just screaming profanity. Visceral has gone a long way from the original dead space making ecstatic improvements. For this being the first Dead Space in the series with online multi player it is spectacular. The mixed reviews for this game are purely biased by others who compare it to games that aren't in their Genre such as Call of Duty Black ops, and Assassins Creed Brotherhood but as far as I'm concerned Dead space 2 puts the Horror back in Survival-Horror. Expand
  72. Feb 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The reviews from **** and critical_strike are far from truth, plain and simple. saying that Issac "unquestioningly" and "constantly" follows direction is false, as within the first moments of speaking to the initial person trying to "help" him after the run through the beggining of the game in the straight jacket, he's almost immediately questioning her and telling her he doesn't need her help. the need for different types of guns for different types of enemies is a farce, as anyone who's played through the first game knows the plasma cutter works right through to the end just fine without using any of the other weapons offered. I'm amused in how the Unitologist is called a "crazy religious woman" when she never belies that state once in the game, only a mild notion of it before she gets splattered all over the wall with her buddies. 4 crappy outfits? have you bothered to play through to the new difficulties in the game, critical_strike? are you actually trying to tell me that the advanced suit looks like crap? this person must be using a sub-par television, as the final suit in the first play through is sick to view. and as I have started a new game with the weapons and suits from the first play, the first new suit is the riot security suit, which IMO is sick as hell. so when you write a review, people, at least do it with some semblance of knowing the facts and not just write because they didn't make the game how YOU wanted it.

    the story is solid, amusing at specific points and doesn't in the least sound like anything that these jaded reviews are pointing out. the puzzles are original, and when I mean original, I mean that in the 20 plus years of gaming that I have been through, I have not seen anything like them, other than that hacking puzzles which remind me of the hacking puzzles in Batman Arkham Asylum.

    the biggest improvement overall, is the brilliant change in the way the gravity free portions of the game have been implimented, as you are no longer constrained to jumping from floor to wall to wall to floor. you are now free to roam EVERYWHERE when there is no gravity, which puts the ability to feel like you are "truly" weightless and free to go around everywhere without restriction, even as when you're trying to align the solar panels, I almost tried to see how far I could go from the station, but I stopped myself. the only drawback to this, and I think it just puts more realism into the game, is the possible nausea you may feel while roaming around weightless as the screen doesn't stay level. totally badass beyond explanation, you just have to see it for yourself

    the only real criticism I have is this, and that is during the final confrontation. I was able to, within SECONDS, figure out what I needed to do, and that is seriously disappointing!! I mean, being able to finish the end "boss", if you can call it that, was completed in less than 3 minutes!! horrible!!!

    I give it a 9. the graphics are badass, audio is insane, reply value is INSANE, if you loved the first one and didn't expect much to change or want it to, BUY THIS GAME NOW!!
  73. Feb 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I liked this game very much, though not as frightening as the first game Dead Space 2 still has its moments. However the multi-player seems lacking, in that most of the modes are very similar. The new Necromorphs the guys over at Visceral came up with are more disturbing than ever. For example The Stalker, a creature that seems to be composed of animal parts that hunts in packs, communicating very much like the raptors from Jurassic Park, they also take advantage of when you reload or turn your back to charge and knock you over. So even though the multi-player will probably get old faster than I would like, this game will keep me coming back to its campaign for months. Expand
  74. Feb 14, 2011
    Dead Space 2 has been with us for a week or so now and in that time I've now managed to play-through twice. We continue Isaac's story three years after the original game, This time instead of being set on a spaceship DS2 is set in a huge space colony / city called Sprawl on one of Saturnâ
  75. Feb 6, 2011
    Dead Space 2 goes over the top with Horror-Shooters! The game has a fantastic single player storyline and the visuals are outstanding. The first installment of the game was a mere fragment of the blood, gore, and gruesome excitement of the second. If you liked the first game you will, without a doubt, love the second. Don't just take my word for it, all you gotta do is watch the trailer.
  76. Aug 9, 2011
    Dead Space was an inevitable progression of the survival horror genre, taking cues from the latest iterations of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It was (is) a perfect video game. The gorgeous graphics, tense atmosphere, kickass silent protagonist decked out in super cool space mining armor, and very satisfying limb-slicing gameplay all added up to a pitch perfect experience that I imagined EA and Visceral would have a difficult time topping, or even matching. I was right. Dead Space 2 doesn't improve on the formula, but instead rehashes it completely while adding some unnecessary flourishes and removes some fun and exciting elements found in the first game. A couple new enemies and guns are available, as well as a flexible (but rarely used and poorly implemented) anti-gravity control scheme and the occasional single pane of fragile glass waiting to send you and your enemies into the depths of space. The other additions are much less palatable, such as the ever-pandering multiplayer mode and Isaac's new vocal chords. Instead of potentially becoming the next silent space-scouring Samus, Isaac has been transformed into your boring, everyday, disgustingly relatable and forever-swearing meathead with a couple of shallow demons on his back that frankly serve more to annoy the player rather than bothering to tell a story with depth and the grandeur that being a lone future space psuedo-solider/hero should provide. Isaac's mystery is gone in the interest of makin dem BroBucks. The disappointments don't end there, as the removal of some key distractions from the endless room-clearing, move on, press switch gameplay progression are sorely missed. No asteroid blasting, no shooting range, no Zero G Basketball. The puzzles are also very very scarce and weak and would have helped greatly in pacing the decimation of the hordes of enemies you encounter throughout the game, especially towards the end. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed in Dead Space 2 though, as it's just enough of a sequel to qualify as one, but once it fulfills its (excellent) jump scares and flawless limb-chopping combat within a game engine that just won't quit, I'm still left feeling dissatisfied and listless. If Dead Space is truly going to become another regular or yearly franchise for EA, then I expect the dilution will continue until the original blood-smeared, helpless aura of the original is reduced to it's bare combat bones even more completely. Expand
  77. Feb 6, 2011
    Dead Space 2 is an excellent example of survival horror, and it indeed uses that genre to its fullest extent. The single player storyline is chock full of moments that are so in your face you have to tighten your grip on your controller lest you drop it in shock. It continues the proud tradition of eeriness that the first iteration introduced expounds on it in later chapters by bringing back familiar sights. It uses these ideas to great effect and draws the player in to Isaac's demented trip to the truth. All in all the single player campaign is excellent and needs little polish besides less paying for suits. On the other hand the multiplayer featured by Dead Space 2 needs much more to be finished. It is almost in a beta state and lacks many more features offered in other multiplayer games today. Its experience system is strict and offers no bonuses for doing extraordinary actions like completing all objectives with lots of time to spare, or on the other side stopping the humans from capturing or completing objectives and forcing an early defeat. Also there needs to be all weapons featured in single player to be present in multiplayer not to mention all forms of necromorphs. The premise of the game is excellent and is interesting in its own right but its needs more of everything that was shown to you in the single player game. As a last note they need to offer more maps as DLC seeing as those that like this game will continue to support it and purchase anything featured for it that will expand upon its universe. Don't leave the multiplayer by the wayside EA! Expand
  78. Mar 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game the best dead space it great the game have a good looking graphic and awesome gameplay the game have great game scenes like fight in space it is game that places a new standard for horror games You need to play this game,but don t show it to your mother becouse YOUR MOTHER HATES THIS Expand
  79. Feb 9, 2011
    Dead Space was a landmark for the survival-horror genre. The game ramped up the scares and action to ludicrous levels, delivering one of the most fun and intense horror games since Resident Evil 4. Dead Space 2, like its dementia-afflicted protagonist, is absolutely insane. The game cranks up the action into overdrive while still delivering some hefty scares, albeit less frequently than the first. However, that does not stop Dead Space 2 from being a tense thrill ride. This sequel improves greatly upon the flaws of the first. The environments are varied, the game is longer, and it packs multiplayer to boot. If you even consider yourself a fan of sci-fi or horror, pick up this game. Now. Expand
  80. Feb 13, 2011
    dead space 2 si ripropone nel genere action tps in tema survival horror. migliora ed arricchisce il precedente capitolo sia in chiave gameplay che da un punto di vista tecnico (grande comparto grafico, sonoro pauroso) ma viene forse a mancare un pò nel mordente della storia, al solito un pò arraffata ed incompiuta.
    Si propone con uno dei migliori esponenti del
    genera mai creati nella gen. consigliatissimo a tutti gli amanti dell'alta tensione e non solo...:) Expand
  81. May 25, 2011
    I love this game. The singleplayer is awesome and has some pretty creepy moments. Has a well paced and good story. It is replayable and is about 8-12 hours long. The some problems are that it tries way to many jump scares on you and that the multiplayer is not that good.
  82. Jan 3, 2012
    In a strange way this both builds upon and takes away from the original game. Originally we're given a story that seems utterly hopeless from start to finish and though the combat is in close quarters (mostly) the idea you were on a gigantic ship and in the middle of space adds to this sense of hopelessness. In the first game we're given a character, Isaac, who has no dialogue and is given only grunts and yells - in this game Isaac actually has a voice and personality. In a way this adds to the story, but it also takes away from the horror. In Dead Space I felt more like I was on board the horrific Ishimura, but in this one, though the gameplay remains extreme and extensively fun, I felt it was like I was watching the experience rather than being a part of it. In this Dead Space we're given an even bigger environment, but it doesn't really feel all that big seeing we only visit small portion of the huge space city. Fewer varieties of enemies are present in this one, and only a few new ones are introduced, but the scares remain there - especially with the newly added Stalkers. This game plays highly off of Isaac's dementia, which I thought was great, and it also adds a new sense of maturity and growth from the first game. The first game was classic and over the top (so is this one) but I feel that the storyline becomes so much clearer in this addition and we're given more to discover than we were in the first game. However the sense of confusion I felt in the first game was partly why it was so terrifying, and when the twist was revealed (in the first game) I was just blown away and even felt chilled. This is a great game, but the overall story mode is surprisingly short. I was able to beat it in one sitting - which is really quick for a two disked game, but also goes to show how captivating it is to get me to sit there for so long. The intensity is so great and the scares are so constant that eventually you may find your mind shutting down and going into a zone where pop outs and eeriness cease to be effective. There is also multiplayer, which is surprisingly fun (especially when you play as the necromorphs). The only issue I've had with multiplayer is the loading time, other than that it's loads of fun, and so is the rest of the game. Expand
  83. Feb 29, 2012
    BEST HORROR GAME THIS GEN!!! Soooooooo much better that the first dead space, graphics and gameplay are top-notch. This game is a MUST buy for every gamer outhere
  84. Dec 2, 2011
    This is the best game ever! I'm a big fan of survival -horrors and I hope to to see a game as good as DS2 is! DS2 improved from the first, worth every dollar spent. Would be the first game I will show to my son when he grows up!
  85. Aug 15, 2012
    Dead Space was a masterpiece action horror game, but does the sequel live up to its hefty heights the predecessor set? It surpasses them in short, the game is longer, more action packed and a more meaty experience all round. The events of Dead Space have left Isaac with a rare form of Dementia that will kill him if he does not get the cure. Being held on one of Saturn's moons names the Sprawl, CEC have brought the USG Ishimura in after the distress beacon you sent out was recovered, now the Necromorph roam the Sprawl and yet again it is up to Isaac to escape with his life. Expand
  86. May 7, 2013
    The game is more intense than the first one, but in the mean time lost almost all the scary factors. I don't know what I expected from this game, but whatever it was, the game didnt meet it. the game is surely with a lot of tension, if you die, ok, you die horribly, in the most violent way in game history (IMO), it is not scary, it is just sick to me. other than that. the game is still unique and worth experiencing. Expand
  87. Oct 29, 2012
    Dead Space 2 isn't necessarily better than the first game, it just improves in some areas that weren't necessarily that bad to begin with. The audio is still utterly masterful, creating suspense at all the right junctures, while the visuals and gameplay make Visceral's game one of the finest examples of cinematic gaming at its best. The bottom line however, is that Dead Space 2 is one of the most downright terrifying games that you're ever likely to play. It'll give you nightmares, guaranteed. Expand
  88. Oct 27, 2011
    Even, if games like Dead Space 2 aren't scary, this game is still very good. The action is well done, the sounds of the game has been done very well and the graphics are great. The story isin't anything interesting though, making excuses to do some more job alone all the time. The game doesn't really add anything new except multiplayer. Other wise you get few weapons, ability to send enemies to space and able to throw spiky objects to them. The multiplayer is also awful. Playing as necromorphs isin't fun, because human team can abuse slo-mo ability all the time and the combat feels stupid and boring. The unlocks also feel useless. I recommend this game only for the single player, which is short too (Only about 6-8 hours). Pros:
    + Graphics
    + Single player's action is great, especially during some scenes
    - Multiplayer
    - Doesn't add enough new stuff to single player
  89. Mar 31, 2011
    the reason i gave it a nine is because i felt there was a little lack of overall variety in enemies,weapons,suits... Else this game is just perfect! Spooky , Thrilling , Fun!!
    Killing Necromorphs is one of the most satisfying feeling EVAR! :D
  90. Apr 6, 2011
    This game is simply amazing. The creepy atmosphere is awesome. The graphics are also very nice. The game play is fluid and really easy to pick up. Some of the levels have some of the most twisted settings I have seen in a video game.
  91. Aug 8, 2011
    As far as scary, creepy and atmospheric horror games go, Dead Space 2 is by far the best I have ever played. It is far superior to its predecessor in every way; the mechanics, the weapons, the enemy variety, the challenge and the more various settings. DS2 provides scares and jumps from the start to the finish, and the story is interesting enough to keep you attached until the very final limb is severed. The decision to give Isaac Clarke (the protagonist) a voice was an excellent design choice and allows the player to gain a likeness of the character. The surroundings and sound are both superb; the original was fantastically atmospheric, but this game improves and refines everything. As a rental (or as second hand) you will not get an 'online code' and so this locks away the online multi-player, which is disappointing, however the single player 9-10 hour play through way enough to satisfy me. 4/5, superb. Expand
  92. Dec 4, 2012
    It's the game that got me back into zombie video games. Deadrising was ok and Left 4 Dead was great but when this came out, I renewed my faith in the zombie video game. Resident Evil 4 was the last time there was an awesome zombie game.
  93. Feb 12, 2011
    Why are people writing reviews of this game before even finishing it? Premature reviews aside, this is a fantastic game. Certainly not a ten, but not a five either. I feel like the developers really listened to the criticism that fans gave of the first game, improving a lot of the mechanics. What I feel they lacked in this sequel was staying true to the roots of the first game that made it scary in the first place. Dark, cramped areas with little room to run away from the scary creatures, with very limited ammo. I'm sure there are gamers out there that complained about the lack of decor in the first game, but now that they have it on this giant space station, are they satisfied with the result? Did it really make them more fearful and cringe at the thought of another necromorph right around the corner ready to pop out? Who knows. Maybe they can get the recipe right for the third... Expand
  94. Nov 17, 2011
    Pretty good game but doesnt feature much change from the first game. One of the big set backs for the game is that is lacks variety and it really feels you are just replaying the same parts over and over again. Besides that, Its pretty enjoyable and I had a blast playing it.
  95. Apr 27, 2011
    9.5/10 = Incredible = The best survival horror game is resident evil 4, but this is a very close second. It fuses action with horror so perfectly that I couldn't stop playing. This game actually got the better of me at times. Terrible online component unfortunately.
  96. Feb 5, 2011
    Bottom line this game has great graphics, sound (esp if you have surround sound head phones) and controls. If your even a bit into action and horror games get this game. Better than the first one and everything from the story to the gameplay has been updated expontially. Do yourself a favor and get this game you wont regret it best 60 you get so far this year.
  97. May 26, 2011
    A fantastic game. A shooter with a really good story. The controls, the graphics, the voice acting are all brilliant. I loved the first game and this is even better. The sense of dread as to when the next xenomorph is going to jump out at you had me on the edge of seat. I'm so proud to say that I played on "Zealot" the hardest difficulty. While there where times I wanted to throw the control pad at the screen the payoff for getting past a mass ambush is outstatanding. A must own game. Expand
  98. Feb 22, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I honestly hate hearing about how this game should've been "badass." Dead Space 2 is not trying to make Isaac a hero! That's not his role in the game. Its completely the opposite. Isaac is infected and he is trying to stop what he created and its suppose to be an emotional horror ride not a big explosion bad ass game. Hopefully anyone who has played this game fully has realized how emotional and how dark and deep this addition to the history of console games really is. This is a landmark of a game, combining very emotional moments, some of the scariest pop-ups and eerie places I have ever played a chapter of a game on and some of the best combat controls there are. I don't think this game can be really categorized into a specific genre. It is all around amazing. Expand
  99. Feb 25, 2011
    Better than the first game. Very inmerse gameplay and powerfull graphics and sounds. One of the best survival horros of the present generation. Must Have.
  100. Mar 1, 2011
    While I have completed several hundreds of hours gameplay each on titles like Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Oblivion, Dragon Age, Far Cry 2 and Red Dead Redemption; and only around 40 hours total on the original Dead Space, it still remains my favourite game of all time. It was innovative, was a fresh idea, and displayed a polish that no other game could match. Even now, 3 years after its release I would challenge anyone to name a game that matches the incredibly accurate projectile damage implemented by DS. There isnâ Expand
  101. Feb 1, 2011
    Let me start out by saying that i was not even a horror fanatic,until one day lol i was bored and look around some cheap games until i found dead space (1),and thought ehh why the F not XD.So anyway i really liked the first one so much,that i couldn't wait for the second and its a classic.Nothing much has changed from the first game apart from,impaling necromorphs,new weapons,new necromorphs,and new areas,but its still fun as hell.The story is pretty solid & there's also multiplayer when you've done the campaign,the multiplayer is not my cup of tea but if you like it hey that's just another bonus.I personally would give this game a 9.5,because nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement.But since i can't ill give it ahh Collapse

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  1. May 24, 2011
    The transition between CGI and gameplay delivers a great horror atmosphere. Isaac Clarke's got personality and we are only missing some bigger bossfights.
  2. Mar 24, 2011
    With this sequel, Visceral Games has masterfully expanded on the first Dead Space. They've revved up the series with tougher guns, a bigger setting, and online multiplayer, but kept the spirit and, most importantly, the scares of the original in tact.
  3. Mar 23, 2011
    I was expecting Dead Space 2 to be a great game, but it exceeded my expectations with beautiful, creative environments and a large array of both enemies and weapons with which to kill them.