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  1. Dec 29, 2012
    Overhyped and overrated, this game is not near as good as I expected. A number of issues include a weak story, repetitive gameplay, abysmal graphics, and rushed stages.
  2. Nov 6, 2012
    Pretty much open-world, a big plus for any adventurous kind of gamer. A story that is both personal and political, with a dark twist ending that will leave you wrenching and praying for a sequel.
  3. Apr 1, 2013
    I would most likely grant this game a solid 8.25 rating. The game largely succeeds at what it set out to accomplish but manages to trip up on more than one occasion. This is definitely one of the better stealth games that I have played in recent memory. You take the role of Corvo, the personal bodyguard to the Empress and her daughter, Emily. As you probably already know, the Empress is slain on your character's watch and Corvo is framed for the dark deed and immediately thrown into prison to await execution. At first glance, this is a fantastic (albeit somewhat cliche) setup for a good revenge story, but as you progress through the game, it never really becomes said story. The people who framed Corvo for the assassination rarely made any sort of appearances, save for when you're sent to assassinate them and so I never quite developed a need to hate them. The story fails to build this hate that's necessary for any good revenge story and so these missions wound up being "Kill this guy because he's supposedly bad". Not to mention that the entire game progresses in a repetitive manner that will quickly bore you of the storyline. I found it difficult to care what the hell happens to the future of Dunwall and what the hell is currently happening to Dunwall as you assassinate targets. The storyline also proves to be quite predictable throughout and there will be multiple occasions where you will have deciphered what happens next before it's even revealed to you. The game attempts its own twist about 3/4's of the way through the game but as I mentioned earlier, you will probably already have it figured out at that point in time. The fact that Corvo is also a silent protagonist means that any NPC interaction is pretty much trimmed to a minimum and so your ability to care for anyone other than yourself becomes quite limited. The inclusion of a supernatural being that bestows your character's supernatural powers feels forced and is entirely unnecessary to the overall plot. The game attempts to include this character as a bigger part of the story but instead, it serves simply as a means of explaining how you're character obtains powers and that's it. The game's environments quickly become bland and rather colorless and the game's climax is extremely unsatisfying. Generally, when a good revenge game or movie concludes, the targeted audience will feel relief and satisfaction knowing that the main character accomplished what he/she set out to do. I felt none of this at the game's conclusion. In fact, I actually began to feel somewhat angry at how unsatisfied I was with how the entire plot panned out. There's two different endings to the story, depending on how many people you actually kill throughout the game. Similar to the original Bioshock, the "evil" ending pretty much sucks and the "good" ending is far and away better. However, unless you want to Youtube it, the only way you can view the other ending is by playing through the entire game again. Honestly, this isn't so bad, as the game does possess some fantastic controls and combat mechanics. In my opinion, I felt that the combat was far too easy. Obviously, the primary goal of the player should be stealth but not every encounter will go so smoothly and this forces you into combat with guards or Overseers. Blocking and countering are key aspects to surviving encounters, unless of course you have ammunition with your pistol (which you always do). Shooting enemies or destroying them with your supernatural powers is far easier than engaging them in swordplay, making any scenario throughout the game a cakewalk. Moving on to positives, the stealth mechanics in the game are top notch and they really give the players an astonishing amount of tools to get the job done. All of Corvo's gadgets are extremely fun to utilize and there's a delightfully wide range of them to choose from to accomplish the task at hand. Whether it be sleeping darts to silently take down targets in a nonlethal manner or explosive bolts to eliminate clusters of enemies at once, it's all up to the player how these scenarios go down. Corvo's supernatural powers are grandly-implemented, never feeling imbalanced or out of place and they really allow you to overcome just about any obstacle. Possessing a guard and walking him into a nearby electrical fence is always good fun. As is with any good stealth game, there are multiple paths that you can take to successfully eliminate guards and complete missions. It's always a treat to become the silent predator lurking from above, waiting for that one guard to be alone before pouncing. Overall, Dishonored is a treat for stealth-game fans. The stealth mechanics are surprisingly well-done and allows for tons of freedom in how the player chooses to accomplish tasks. However, the story is weak and predictable and if you have never been a fan of stealth games before, I highly doubt that this game will change your mind. Expand
  4. Oct 12, 2012
    This game would get a 10 out of 10 if it wasn't so short. Simple amazing and fun. Brutal, brutal kills! Finished the game in 6 hours give or take so that was really disappointing.

    I have never played a game twice but this one has so much replay value. Great game, good job.
  5. Oct 21, 2012
    Just an amazing game! Visually the game is unbelievable, I stopped more times in this game to admire the art direction, enviorments, etc. than I can count. This game nails immersion and atmosphere, perfectly. Great sound design. The gameplay is excellent, and the combat is fluid - and the different ways you can dispatch enemies and complete missions, gives nice replay value to an otherwise linear game. I know I'm going to do a second playthrough. Highly recommended, especially if you're a fan of the Deus Ex and Thief games. Expand
  6. Jun 3, 2013
    Gran juego, pense al principio que no iba a ser divertido y me atrapo por completo, Tengo ganas de jugarlo con otras opciones para ver los otros finales, Vale la pena,
  7. Jul 20, 2013
    This game was a totally surprise for me. I loved it. The story is one of the best parts, and I totally got into it. There's ways to optionally dive deeper into the story that I won't reveal but the plotline is rich and very fleshed out. The gameplay is very fun too, and the missions which the game revolves around are all well thought out chapters in the overall story. Many of the characters are memorable and interesting.

    I 'keep'd the game from GameFly because I plan on playing through again on a harder level. I'm debating on buying the DLC as well.
  8. Mar 10, 2013
    it could have been better, specially from a game that is an entire copy from bioshock and has seen many games that used it recipe (like singularity, which is even better than DH).
  9. Oct 19, 2012
    Multiple-choice approaches, large levels, great design, fun core gameplay and meaningful decisions are some of the factors that make this a great game. It's not perfect - no game is - but it's an awesome breath of fresh air compared to most big-title games. Best stealth game in a very long time.
  10. Mar 28, 2013
    Good investment. I had a lot of fun with it. It was the first game in a very long time which I replayed right after finishing my first walk through. While a narrow environment, you still have a number of options on how to approach the missions. Some of the abilities you receive are very mighty and make the game play unnecessary easy, but by declining them the second time, the challenges are quite right. Visuals are good, atmosphere and some elements remind a lot of Thief 3 which is a good thing from my perspective. Expand
  11. Aug 2, 2013
    Gameplay is amazing, as is the whole steampunk setting. It felt like a mix between Bioshock (really atmospheric, and the Powers are sort of similar to Plasmids), Hitman (main focus of the game is assassinations) and Deus Ex (open world, different routes available, choice between stealth and carnage.)

    Main problem is the length (I completed it in just over 2 days, admittedly I spent all
    weekend playing it. Also, it would have been nice to be able to replay the game with the upgrades you earned on your last playthrough (New Game Plus.) Expand
  12. Oct 22, 2012
    A very easy game, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to play. The gameplay feels like a mix between Thief, Bioshock, and a Deus Ex game. Not a terribly great story, but not bad either. Not great graphics, but acceptable enough. The hub worlds could use a little bit more activity within them, but I'll give that a pass as well seeing as most people are dead or dying from the plague. Anybody giving the game a 10 or a 1 is a moron. I think 7 is a fair score and I look forward to seeing the improvements in the next game. Expand
  13. Oct 9, 2012
    This is the game we all wanted an unique game with great art style graphic great AI and the best of all unique gameplay you can play like you want if you want sneaky you can you want action/FPS you can and thats why this game rules and probably win some game of the year award becaouse like CVG said its the best game in this generation.A perfect 10 from me.
    P.S Sorry for bad english im in a hurry
  14. Oct 12, 2012
    A fantastic stealth game and the best since Thief.A ton of playstyle options are available and are most welcome in these days of (shudder) twitch FPS'ers.Dishonored gives you a wealth of tools and upgrades and lets you loose in each level to do as you wish,kill everything or nothing,as well as anything in between.The second and third playthroughs are far superior than your initial time with the game.The story is fine,but could have been more thoroughly explored and a New Game + mode would have been desirable.Though this game doesn't quite reach the majesty of its influences,namely Bioshock,Thief,Deus Ex and Half-Life 2,it is excellent nonetheless. Expand
  15. Oct 10, 2012
    You can really tell this is an effort from people who were involved with the original Deus Ex and Thief games, and City 17's visual designer. It's the perfect combo; an old school stealth action game with lots of room to explore and get distracted. The universe, characters, environments, and story are all immediately engrossing; one of those rare moments when a new game franchise feels like it's already matured. I won't spoil any more. Give it a whirl. Expand
  16. Dec 2, 2012
    Seriously underwhelming. The graphics look dated, the music is forgettable, the controls feel jerky, immersion is constantly broken by loading and score screens that require interaction, the enemy AI is simplistic and inconsistent, the missions are predictable and warmed-up cliches from other games. I was really looking forward to this game, but find myself super-disappointed.
  17. Oct 18, 2012
    The most problem is that story ends when you want more! Amazing game with unique atmosphere and incredible gameplay. Reminded me Thief series much, and I'm thankful for that.
  18. Oct 19, 2012
    A new game that still seems to carry with it a twinge of nostalgia. The predictable twists and turns of the story were not enough to take me down from the high I was experiencing while playing through Dishonored. A fantastic game, worthy of my sixty dollars.
  19. Oct 23, 2012
    Well, there is one main point you should know about this game. Because many people will love the game for it. Other will trash it because of this feature. The huge portion of the game is made by the side locations (whole areas, that you do not have to visit at all), many paths to the target (but you have to use just one of them) and huge amount of details (journals, books, letters, or whispers about every npc or location) that can be missed or ignored. So basically quality of this game depends on your favorite gamepplay style. If you like to explore, look for the details and enjoy the world and freedom you will love this game. It can offer you over 20+hours of gameplay and it is real gem. If you like to play "to the point" and just go to finish your mission, you may be able to finish it under 5 hours (Im not talking speedrun here!) and dont see anything special. If you for example choose COD play style, the shooting is actually less fun that in other FPS games. So if you are this kind of player, you will be dissapointed. Expand
  20. Oct 16, 2012
    A truly masterful title that really lets you see how your choices effect how the rest of the game will play out, the gameplay is just awesome, unlocking new powers and abilities and experimenting with them and trying to find new ways to get through levels or new ways to take out enemies. Dishonored is all about choice, want to sneak past every guard and not kill anyone? You can. Want to just go berserk and murder everyone? You can. The combat and the powers also feel very solid, and so does the stealth, sneaking around feels great just as it should. Taking many cues from games like Thief and Bioshock, Dishonored is one of the best games to come out this year and anyone who remotely likes stealth games should go out and purchase this game ASAP Expand
  21. Apr 13, 2014
    This game is a true delight for any stealth fan. Not a bad little runner for action/combat fans too. To my eternal shame I missed this game first time. Borrowed it, played it for an hour, just didn't get it. After Adam Sesslers review of Thief I decided to give Dishonored a try a couple of years later. And loved it. Everything works. Gameplay, story, stealth mechanichs, magic and combat are all perfectly balanced. Expand
  22. Oct 11, 2012
    Brilliant game with multiple paths to completing various missions. If you enjoyed games like Deus Ex: HR with it's mission based structure, you'll really like this game. Although it isn't a truly open world game (it may have benefited from this, who knows), it does have a similar feel. The soft RPG elements, and wonderful artistic style give it a very unique feel compared to other games of this generation.

    It isn't an entirely flawless game, there a few tiny hitches here and there like being unable to take out lights in certain areas, but as a launch game and the first in the series, you can bet it will only get better in future endeavours. I've given it a 10 for the incredible effort the devs have put into the game and it is really evident.
  23. Jun 10, 2013
    Despite all the processing power this generation of consoles have to offer modern games all too often want to just funnel the player from one cinematic set piece to the next. For me the very best video games, such as Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex, provides the player with an interesting game world and lets them decide how best to make their way around it. Fortunately Dishonored allows you to do just that.

    Each and every mission provides players with a number of possible solutions made all the more interesting by the different powers (that are far more than just the usual fire and ice spells so often seen) and weapons that can be found or unlocked throughout the course of the game. As a result it is possible to complete Dishonored without killing a single person or, should you choose, you can simply kick down the front door and fight your way through.

    Aside from the fact that the morality system is a little too black and white the main criticism I would level at the game is that it is perhaps over a little too quickly, my first playthrough took about 12 hours, but it is certainly a game I will return to and play differently at some point. This is certainly one to buy.
  24. Jan 7, 2013
    This game is an innovative marvel and should be rated in the 90's on metacrtic. I haven't seen a better game even close this year. I love that you can play this game in a multitued of ways from pure stealth, to pure guns ablazin, to a combination platter of the two. As well, the overall artistic style is so subtletly done to perfection with hints of comic book, steampunk, and high saturation. None of it is in your face and is all maintained at an exquisite. Suffice it to say, I love this game. Expand
  25. Nov 18, 2012
    In Dishonored you play Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher and bodyguard of King Foltest. But when Foltest is killed and you are framed for the murder... oh wait, i'm thinking of a much better game. Dishonored is a pretty game, for what it's worth, but the story line has been done better before. In some ways it plays like a dumbed-down Thief. The main problem I had was that the stealth system seemed to be completely broken. It may have been a glitch, but going into stealth mode alerted everyone in the area. Beyond that the combat difficulty was well, low enough that you could just hack and slash through the entire game. I got bored with it after about 30-45 min. Expand
  26. Oct 9, 2012
    Best game since Half-Life 2 came out. The story is amazing, the stealth gameplay is second-to-none, and the tension and atmosphere are top notch. Highly recommended.
  27. Oct 21, 2012
    Dishonored, is, in short, both one of the best games of the year and biggest disappointments. Rarely has a game left me feeling so conflicted. I love stealth, using big open levels that can be structured and fun rather than the more better-sounding but shallower open-world games, that are really quite linear. Dishonored offers both of these, with a kind of Bioshock 1st-person feel, whilst channelling Assassin's Creed, in Hitman-esque open levels, by way of Half-Life 2's City 17. So why did it leave me feeling rather flat? Firstly, the world of Dunwall is a really depressing mix of Steampunk and Victorian England, ravaged by plague. You are constantly reminded how dire the situation is, yet I never felt any connection to it, compassion or, well, anything on an emotional level. This is mainly down to the rather dry writing, flat, emotionless (with one or two exceptions ) voice acting, and cardboard characters so reminiscent of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. As a result any feeling of heartbreak at the Empress' death, anger at your own downfall and thus motivation for justice and revenge quickly dissipates into a void of dreary numbness. As someone who doesn't care about graphics, even I was rather taken aback at how poor the visuals are. Whilst the game looks quite painterly from a distance, up close the textures are muddy low-res and ugly. Also the character models look dated and why is it every single maid/courtesan is exactly the same? Pure laziness, which further breaks immersion and emotion.
    The gameplay itself works rather well, giving you multiple paths through each level, save for a few annoying invisible walls, options on ghosting, or taking out enemies in very, or non-violent ways, and gives you various powers to play with. However to really get the most out of these you have to wait a while to get enough to start combining them in fun and creative ways, begging the question of why no NG+ was implemented. Also the AI is inconsistent and not smart enough to really take great delight in outsmarting or toying with them which is crucial in a stealth game. The Audio of the Ai is particularly bad.

    Dishonored ultimately is a victim of it's own expectation. With the talents of people who worked on Half-Life, Deus Ex and Bioshock, I was expecting better. What we got was a game that clearly has grand and noble pretensions, and in a world of shallow, linear, 'cinematic' franchise unit-shifters for people with ADHD, I desperately want to love it and scream at you to buy it. Yet I I'm left feeling how I sometimes do after being on a diet of Hollywood movies, then watching a foreign art-house film with subtitles: I admire it and am glad I saw it, but can't say I honestly enjoyed it.
  28. Oct 9, 2012
    Wow. Breath of fresh air. Amazing game, and something NEW for once! Must buy for anyone that is on the fence... it has depth, and some of the most unique gameplay I've ever experienced.
  29. Jan 4, 2013
    Beautifully crafted and artfully written, Dishonored takes us to a Whale-oil-punk dystopia known as Dunwall. Our protagonist must prove his innocence by killing or otherwise neutralizing the group who framed him for the murder of his charge, the Queen. The game uses a leaning system to allow the player to sneak around levels filled with guards, plague-infested civilans and traps. The player can choose whether to rely on stealth or combat, and their actions affect how the story develops. I gave this game a 7, because it looks great, has an awesome story, great mechanics and awesome style. However, replay value is almost nonexistent. The game is design to be played twice: once by sneaking and killing no one, and buying no powers, and a second time buying all the powers and murdering everything. After you do that, theres not much more to do. Expand
  30. Oct 14, 2012
    I would have expect more than 5.5hrs for my $60. Game mechanics, multiple paths work well. AI can spot you even behind cover making the stealth runs very frustrating at times, and the graphics are awful. When you see trailers, tv spots for this game, the screens are not representative of in game. rent don't buy.
  31. Oct 19, 2012
    Great game. This game allows so much choice. The choice of do i kill everyone in sight or do i try to be as sneaky as possible and spare their lives. Even the choice of getting to you objective. You'll find that there are many ways to get to your objectives; up, down, around, straightforward, possessing animals and people, secret passages, the choice is yours. There are also times in the games where you'll feel creative and smart like solving riddles to unlock a safe. This game has obvious influences such as its gameplay is comparable to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The setting and graphics are very similar to Half Life 2. Expand
  32. Nov 27, 2012
    I remember seeing pictures of dishonored in an issue of game informer in 2010 and then reading an article about it in 2011. I remember being very interested in the game. I also remember feeling let down that I couldn't purchase it when it was released and how envious I was at the people on my friends list that were playing it and raving about how great it was. Fast forward 2 months later. I borrowed it from a friend and lets just say that I am very happy that I didn't purchase this game. Yeah, the graphics are cool and the combat is kind of fun, but other than that there is nothing special about this game. It feels like I've played this game a million times. The plot is basic. The characters are one dimensional and the fact that the developers try to force emotion on you is annoying. The whole game is one step up above generic. Is this the worst game I ever played? No, far from it, but does it deserve the high praise it's received since it's release? Not really. The whole entire experience so far has been a pretty ho hum, single player fps by the numbers. This is one where you'll forgot you've ever played it a month or two down the road. Expand
  33. Oct 29, 2012
    These days, I'm already thrilled by a game that just let's me play. This one offers me the option to play like I want. Being stealthy gives you the best endings, being an assassin might not give you a great ending but it's fun to make some creative kills. Most games only offer you the illusion of choice (yes Bioware, I'm looking at ME3 and Dragon Age 2) I've been let down by a lot of big game series and it has become rather rare that game studios are willing to take risks. This game is by no means perfect but If you are looking for a game that doesn't make you feel like it has been dumbed down for a 6-14 yo target audience by marketing boys, look no further. Expand
  34. Oct 20, 2012
    I am here really to only make one thing perfectly clear. This game is NOT short. If you finish this game in 7 hours then you didnt play the game, you RUSHED the game, skipped entirely sequences and quests and went straight for the finish. I spent a health 40 hours in the game so far, but that is because i AM exploring, i AM being stealthy, i AM looking at the scenery. This isnt a race to see who can finish the game first. It's short because people are doing speedruns in 4 hours. /rolleyes. Expand
  35. Feb 13, 2013
    Probably the best game I played in 2012, I love how the game uses its art style and the story telling is amazingly well done, the game is very immersive and overall a great game.

    Only problem is the game is quite short, it has multiple endings but you want more after.
  36. Feb 15, 2013
    This is one incredibly memorable stealth action adventure. Dishonored gives the player a handful of fun and exciting tools, all incredibly flexible for mixing and matching gameplay styles. They are hard to pick up, challenging to master, but incredibly fun once dash across a roof top, possess a rat, sneak up behind a guard, jump out of the rat, assassinate him, and teleport back up to the rooftop. PHENOMENALLY satisfying. The story is fairly interesting, but there are some inconsistencies and some rather poor design choices that mar the experience. The core of the game gets everything done right: first person assassination with a dose of stealth and run and gun. It's an incredibly exciting game, and a hard one to put down at that. The story is pretty exciting but simple, but it's the rich and dramatic world that will keep you invested for the 15-20 hour run time. There are a couple of truly unique levels, and playing through the game without killing anyone is a gleeful challenge (to an avid fan of Metal Gear Solid). The ending leaves much to be desired, though, as it proves to be sloppy and rushed. Fans of Assassin's Creed or Half Life will really enjoy this game, as it executes first person stealth, exploration, and gameplay very well. It's just the sloppy story and ending that leaves a somewhat negative impression. So, in the end, triumphant and polished gameplay, intriguing world building, but weak and lacking story. Expand
  37. Nov 11, 2012
    *note: This review is pending (hopefully) due to a game-breaking bug that I and many others have encountered a few hours into the game. *

    I have been fairly excited about this game for months. My excitement dissipated soon after booting up the game. Visually the game is inspired, but it rides the fence of real and cell-shaded/cartoony and ends up looking dull and washed out. I cranked
    the color up on my TV to make it a bit more tolerable. The sound works well, and the music adds just enough tension and atmosphere. The voice acting is good, although some of the NPCs far too often repeat themselves. The level design is decent and interesting but so sparsely populated that you never feel like there is anyone left to save, just bad guys to avoid. Control is functional but the parkour abilities are great. All of this would add up to an overall decent gaming experience had it not been for a game killing glitch. Without spoiling anything there is a mission that should you do it, you find yourself trapped in a house. When you leave, the game instantly freezes on a loading screen. Backtracking, loading previous saves, clearing the cache, none of these options worked. Many others are having this issue and the fix is, "go back and replay from beginning, ignore that sidequest, and MAYBE it won't freeze again." Sorry, for my money and time, this is not an option. If and when a fix is posted I'll play through and update this review. But for now, I'll be as nice as possible and give it a star for every couple hours of fun I had before it broke. I paid full price for this game, I do expect more. Expand
  38. Oct 10, 2012
    I could not put this game down. The levels are interesting, the powers are fun, and the story line is enjoyable. If you played batman arkhamill asylum or city and like the dectective mode and stealth fighting, you will love this game.
  39. Oct 9, 2012
    While it has a few quirks here and there, Dishonored delivers on almost every admirably/crazily ambitious promise made by its creators. Its impeccably crafted gameplay and exquisitely haunting and detailed world stand in loving tribute to all of the iconic and acclaimed franchises that inspired it, and yet it still has a soul and style all its own.
  40. Dec 24, 2012
    Beat the game twice. This ain't no played it for 6 hours or got halfway through it review. First, the gameplay is solid, too solid. Halfway through the game, you will feel like a God in a Peter Molyneux game. Instead of being represented by a huge hand that plucks things into the sky, you are a hooded assassin who can magically appear next to an enemy and pluck the life from him however you wish. Graphics are standard fare. The art style is quite different exampled by exaggerated noses and facial features. Music and sound are quite forgettable. Where the game falls apart is that it becomes ridiculously easy a third to a half-way through the game. The story is predictable and the world is rather confined. Not linear, but not quite as realized as it could be. There could be a little bit of simulation game elements added such as an extra room at the base to use as a marker of progress, yet no dice. Overall, standard game with little ambition. Expand
  41. Oct 21, 2012
    A very good homage to the Thief trilogy. Involving world, interesting story, dark vibe. Coming a bit short on the gameplay - the protagonist is WAY too much powerful. Some of the abilities make the game a walk in the park, but the story and surroundings make up for it and you want more and more. The "chaos" mechanic is buggy and the ending doesn't depend on the major decisions you have made during the game, but on a simple kill count. That was a bit disappointing (it gave me a "bad" ending while sparing almost all of my major targets). I'm an explorer and it took me over 10h to finish the game so the length is very decent. Overall a great, great game. Sincere recommendation. Expand
  42. Nov 16, 2012
    I'm a great fan of the games Bethesda softworks make I loved fallout 3 and the appocoliptic wasteland they created bustling with unique and interesting characters and spent many an hour going round the waste land doing mission and side missions/ quest, hunting for big and better weapons, gathering resources and random stuff to sale so I could make more money to buy better armour or guns. I love both the elder scrolls oblivion and skyrim and still spend many an hour playing these games due to they are excellent in quality and replay ability. So when I herd that Bethesda were making dishonored I was really excited at the chance to explore another new and huge city that Bethesda had created so I bought it on day of release. I started to play dishonored and saw that this could have the potential to be a brilliant game even maybe game of the year but as I progressed thought the game I became quite disappointed with it, the game lacks the scope of any of Bethesda's previous games and in some parts feels rather disjointed in the way it plays, it also fells like Bethesda took some ideas from the bioshock franchise mixed it with a bit of assassins creed and created a game that doesn't live up to the expectations of previous Bethesda games, I would say rent this game and give it a try and maybe you will like it but for me this is one of those games I hate and got rid of soon after buying it. Here's to Bethesda for hopefully continuing their amazing dlc for skyrim and hopefully to a new fallout out game maybe fallout 4 for the next generation of console but sorry dishonored wasn't for me Expand
  43. Nov 11, 2012
    Great First Person stealth game, similar in style to BIO SHOCK but combining a little of the staples originated in games such as METAL GEAR SOLID. Great atmosphere and art design. Too bad that some weaknesses inherent in First Person Stealth Game are still there, namely its hard to 'hide' from your enemies, when you can't see your avatar in relation to your opponents. That's why many great stealth games are made in 3rd person view. Hand to hand combat also leads the camera to move all over the place. Other than those weaknesses, it's one of the original properties released in 2012 so gamers that are dead bored by the usual fare out there (Cough....COD..Cough....) should give this one a try. Expand
  44. Oct 12, 2012
    A very gripping game! It sucked me in right from the start and didn't let go. The game is very challenging and makes you examine the environment and enemies before making your move. It allows you to pick several different paths in each level. You can be stealthy or cut a bloody swath through the city of Dunwall. Speaking of which the city of Dunwall and lore behind Dishonored are quite detailed and add to the atmosphere of this steam punk/sci fi world. The game is a ton of fun and will challenge you to creatively dispatch your enemies with the array of powers at your command which include stopping time and summoning a swarm of rats to devour helpless guards. Dishonored is one of the best surprises in gaming this year! Expand
  45. Nov 29, 2012
    This game is not bad but it is not good either. The writing and the acting is atrocious despite some of the voice actors being famous stars. All the dialogue over explains what is already apparent. This is no Bioshock. There is no atmosphere whatsoever and quite frankly I couldn't wait to get it over with. I finished the game hoping it would pay off at some point but it was just trite and predictable. The game play had some good ideas and that is where the game redeems itself somewhat but not enough to make me want to replay it. Also I found all the paintings and the achievement did not unlock. I did not have fun playing this game and do not recommend you buy it, borrow it from a friend if you must play it but I suspect you will be disappointed. Expand
  46. Dec 15, 2012
    This game is a cross between Thief and BioShock. Overall there is very little to complain about. This is an excellent start to the series. The ability to do things stealthily or guns blazing is great. The powers seem pretty cool and unique. The environment and story is different and interesting. I didn't experience any issues playing the game at all. The length of the game is a little short compared to other games but given the story I think it was perfect. Some games stretch out the story to make the game longer and it shows with dull levels. With this game it is long enough to convey the story without levels that are tedious or dull.

    The only complaint I have against this game are the achievements. Firstly it looked like I was playing Dues Ex all over again with some of the achievement names. Secondly some of the achievements just seem stupid to me. One of the achievements has you play the entire game without using any powers or equipment upgrades. Why would the developers put all the time and money into building this stuff in just to create an achievement saying you cannot use them?? One of the stupidest achievements ever. It's like an RPG that says you cannot level up or an FPS that says you have to use the pistol. Achievements should reward you for playing a consistent or different way. Not punish you for using the features that are supposed to make the game fun and different. Additionally the achievements mandate that you play through more than once. I fail to see why devs feel their games are so awesome that everybody has to play through it more than once. There are very, very few games worth playing more than once for many, many reasons. So don't punish us by making us play your game again. It isn't as much fun the second time through.

    The only other thing that I found to be odd was the side missions. At the beginning of the game you get a couple of side missions. Then nothing through most of the game and a final side mission at the end. The side missions are interesting until themselves but this isn't an RPG and they just feel out of place compared to the rest of the game. They don't really add anything but they don't distract either.

    Overall a great game if you like BioShock, Thief or Dues Ex then pick this one up. If you are an FPS person then this game isn't for you.
  47. Oct 15, 2012
    Excellent game if you want you can play in stealth mode or you can play in Rambo mode killing everyone in your path making the next levels more difficult. you have to play this game
  48. Oct 24, 2012
    The Telegraph review pretty much sums up this games qualities. It is a truly refreshing experience, a game that is actually intelligent and where choices have consequences. FPS fan boys may not appreciate its finer qualities...guess some folks prefer tequila shots to a fine sipping bourbon or single malt scotch. This game resembes the latter.
  49. Oct 15, 2012
    Great Game. Told a great story and gave you the freedom to decide how the story was told and how it ended. Nice to see real craftmanship in a game. At least two play throughs. I'm already on my second one.
  50. Nov 5, 2012
    An original first person fighter, different from any other. The powers you earn are what make it interesting. I choose the path of choking people unconscious and hiding them in the trash at first, and then when I got to the end I just murdered everyone. I'm not sure what this means, but one path is darker at the end. Mine didn't seem too dark. This game is good not great but I'd recommend it. The ending was eh. Expand
  51. Apr 2, 2013
    I was recommended this game by two different friends as it had flown under my radar despite the rave reviews, and I didn't play it until I borrowed it from a mate in Feb 2013 (I'd just finished Dead Space 3 so we did a swap).
    My initial impressions were rather good! I dig the art-style (though the comically-oversized hands seem a little unnecessary) and the voice acting (despite lack of
    depth to the script) is down-pat.
    There are a lot of things this game does right. The stealth mechanic (and increased difficulty for choosing the more subtle approach) and multiple pathways both on the small and grand scale really show the effort Arkane Studios put into this game. It's immensely detailed for a non-RPG, though the lore you can read in the books littered around and the storyline itself was for the most part, forgettable. I couldn't empathise with any of the characters and by the last levels of the game I was merely going through the motions.
    I did get distracted with the release of Tomb Raider (now THAT was a game that had me hooked).
    Dishonored has heart and I can see why people like it, but if the idea of upping the challenge for the "Clean Hands" achievement results in a run whilst repeatedly saving and loading the game and fumbling your way to a murder-free victory, I'll pass.
    I finished the game today after having it in my possession for around two months, but it was an absolute chore by the end. I hit an almost game-breaking (for me, as I didn't want to start the level again) in the Lady Boyle mission that almost had me throwing in the towel. I'll give the game a solid 7 because any higher and I'd be lying to myself.
  52. Oct 18, 2012
    Anyone that says this game is only 5 hours is crazy and not playing the game called Dishonored. I am in the last chapter (chapter 11) and so far I have over 23 hours of gameplay. The game allows you so many options and choices for each mission and I have been playing a combination of stealth and brute force and this is the most original game I have played since Bioshock. This game is not for children or for unintelligent people. It is a game for thinkers and for people who who like video games that are for adults. This game is exactly what the video game industry needs: original ideas and new intellectual property. I am tired of remakes and sequels and there is a reason games like this sale a ton and that's because some of us have grown up and we want really smart games with choice and well thought out stories. I love multiplayer as much as the next guy but they are not what changes the industry. It is games like Dishonored! Do your self a favor and play this game. It is so much fun and regardless of how you approach the game you will be amazed! Expand
  53. Oct 21, 2012
    When I looked the release list for games this year I had a few on my radar but Dishonoured (UK spelling) was not even close until I read a review. I finally picked it up yesterday and WOW what a game. I've been playing Borderlands 2, FIFA 13 and PES 2013 for the past couple of weeks but they have been gathering dust since I popped this game into the drive. The negative reviews people are giving it on here aren't justified. This is one awesome game. The controls are tight, the graphics are stylish and the progression of your powers are spot on. The story is tight as well and the characters you meet have personalities. You can't just jump in to a fight, you need to plan ahead or you will die. It's not an FPS it's more like Batman Arkham City. You need to find the best way to move ahead. Do you try and take enemies on or find a way round them. I can't remember a game that gives you so much choice. You have to be patient with Dishonoured but if you do it's one of the best games I've played this generation and easily the best this year. Buy this game and support originality. Expand
  54. Oct 13, 2012
    It is a rare sight in this day and age to have a game that gives the decision making to the player. If you are an action nut and killing everything in your path is your style Dishonored lets you do it, if you are a stealthy assassin who's goals are to inflict little to no casualties, Dishonored lets you do it. I have only had my hands on Dishonored for a few hours but in that time I see how well Arkane Studios has done with this game. The control are solid, the stealth system has only a few flaws to mar an almost perfect system, and the action is intense. Dishonored is definitely a sleeper hit for this year and is going to be the game that will be given credit for Arkane Studios success with future games. The only small issue I have with the game is the graphical design the developers took. Looking back on trailers and reading article about the game it gave off a vibe of gritty and dark that would benefit from a very realistic graphical approach, unfortunately it comes up short in these aspects, the graphics mimic more of a Bioshock look and some of the colors in game are too bright and eye catching for a game based in a town plagued by corruption and a plague. Overall the game is not something that most people should pass up on, and I can't wait to see the work that Arkane Studios will be putting out form here on out. Expand
  55. Nov 1, 2012
    DISHONORED is great but not as i thought before playing it.there are so many ways to kill the enemies,various upgrades and challenges but the story is not great as in the beginning is not so attractive(i played on hard) because you are weak and stoppable but after 2 or 3 upgrade you are a terminator with unstoppable locations are multi-layers but small(my idea bad).
    graphic details are good but the textures are middle quality(why?i did not know).
    enemies AI is so-so,sometimes challenge you and sometimes just watch you killing them.
    with high&low it is great at total but the best thing is it`s satisfying gameplay elements.
  56. Mar 5, 2013
    Well done Bethesda you utter bastards for tricking me again. Time after time they show games that look good but I very rarely buy, however when I do it ends up being crap like Brink and I end up overlooking brilliant games like RAGE and Dishonoured.
    Corvo Attano is an assassin for the Empress of Dunwall, a city riddled with crime, scum and a deadly plague spread by rats. When Corvo
    returns from an unsuccessful search for a cure to the plague the Empress is assassinated, her daughter and heir to the throne taken and you are accused for the crime. 6 months of jail time later and with a little assistance you escape to hunt down the power hungry aristocrats of Dunwall to gain information on the heirs whereabouts, take her back and no longer be dishonoured, however the roots of evil and corruption run deep in the streets of Dunwall so this will be no easy task.
    Dishonoured at its heart is a stealth game, however it can be played as a melee focussed action game, requiring you to mix sword attacks, magic powers and ranged weaponry such as crossbows pistols to take down your foes. The game lasts around 6-7 hours which is disappointingly short however these hours are insanely good fun.
    Dont be put off by the length or the stealth focused gameplay if that isn't your thing because Dishonoured is easily one of the best games of 2012.
  57. Feb 18, 2013
    Starting to play this game at the start I knew this was gonna be a good enough game, but when you escape the prison you will fall in love with this game. You play as Corvo who is the bodyguard of the Empress who gets murdered by assasins. After been acused for killing the Empress you go to prison and the games story just more interesting. Another thing I love about this game is that is ho you choice of taking out your foes like killing everyone you see with the power of spawning rats to devour your foes or not kill a single soul (I did I it of sneak killing but mainely not killing anyone) and it all affects the ending. Only flaw is stealth is a little messed up and needs bit of fixes. But overall Dishonored is the Bioshock and Assassins Creed met and make this and hope for some type of sequel. Dishonored 9.2/10 Expand
  58. Oct 17, 2012
    Good - but very over-rated. Most reviewers have wet their pants at this game. Many reviews claiming you will play it through 4-5 times just to see what happens if you play differently. Well I won't be. Any one thinking about buying - wait till a price drop. It's worth playing but I feel disappointed having paid full price. Had it 5 days and nearly finished. Will be trading it for Borderlands 2 any day now. Expand
  59. Oct 12, 2012
    What a gem. This game is everything we want as gamers. It's new, fresh, innovative, and just a damn good time. It doesn't take us for fools and is a smart and well thought out game. Love that you can remove the hud as well. This isn't a game you are supposed to rush through. Take your time, explore, etc. Unbelievably great game.
  60. Oct 12, 2012
    I am in love with this game. It's soooo beautiful and the world is so well made. I love exploring the levels and finding everything it has to offer. I am playing a full stealth game and it's so intense and fun. If I get caught I consider it a failure and reload I haven't had this much fun in a game since Deus Ex: Human Revolution!
  61. Oct 30, 2012
    A very strong showing of a new IP. It is poised to capitalize on a strong start to probably make a fantastic second entry into what hopefully will continue as a console series. Its flexibility in play-style cannot be overstated... when I was patient I could play super stealth or maybe I wanted a bit more action and to just "move" through the story... Dishonored allowed me to fly around levels knocking out enemies and feeling like the most powerful stealth assassin ever. Awesome fun. Improvements should come with story (fiction is great though) and flow as well as level design could be improved even more. Great job Arkane. Expand
  62. Oct 11, 2012
    I'm going to be the first to say it, This game isn't all its hyped up to be! It has VERY good mechanics mixed with great intuitive design, but Is let down by a short story(~6 hours) a lack of re-playability and a very Abruptly disappointing story. They make the game seem like it has tons of Re-playability by telling you that you can re-play the game in different ways, But to be honest, that's the least Appealing thing to me right now; Because 1.) At this point I'd usually try the game's online multiplayer, Dishonored has none. and 2.) There is no new game+, So I'm unable to continue collecting runes and making my Corvo better, You literally have to start again which tbh sounds tiresome, I'd rather go and play a different game. Next thing is the "Bone charms" The basically useless "mini-traits" they give you never seemed to prove useful, The only useful one I found was in the last mission so in theory was no use to me whatsoever! This game would be 100x better if it had a story like Skyrim(Length wise) If this game was 60+ Hours long, It'd be my game of the year, because the game itself is excellent and I REALLY enjoyed playing it, It just ended too fast, for a £40 game, Your not getting much from it, With the lack of re-playability, I'd say this is only worth finding if you get it cheap, because you won't be spending much time on it, I'd pay about £6 for it in a steam sale, because with its annoying down-points this is a great game that's VERY short-Lived, But it's one of those Turning point's in the Genre that you MUST play before this generation is over, A sequel with a 50+ Hour story line could be the best game ever made! Expand
  63. Oct 15, 2012
    First things first, I'm sick of people saying that you can clear a level in x amount of time 'if you want to'. The point is that this is ideal for multiple playthroughs, do all the exploration on your first playthrough then when you go through on your second playthough it is quicker. Why are people complaining about the length of the game when they are just trying to make it as short as possible? You can actually put quite a lot of time into this game if you want to, and I certainly have, it's not the longest ever but not every game has to be a marathon, it has high quality gameplay and a compelling story to go along with it.

    The best part of this game is the choices it gives you when you are presented with each scenario, finding alternate ways to eliminate key targets is very interesting as is route finding during general sequences, this game gives you a lot of freedom considering it isn't open world, plenty of things to discover including side missions, objects that will help you along the way and looting for coin.

    Another great thing here is the setting, Dunwall has a good art style and is great to look at, among its secrets are many interesting back stories which you can get involved in and it helps you understand the place you are investing your time into, it tells you what life was like for certain people concerning plague, industrialisation and repression from the aristocracy, a great representation of Victorian London.

    I haven't finished the game yet so I cannot judge the ending but I understand the low chaos ending is better than the other. 2 points have been knocked off because I think the stealth lacks variety as the developers have focused more on combat focused techniques and then given you a couple of good abilities for stealth which will get you through the game that way.

    Overall I think I can say that the game lived up to my expectations, I certainly wasn't expecting it to be GOTY like everyone else was for some reason but it was thoroughly enjoyable, I hadn't even heard of Arkane studios before this game so good job to them.
  64. Dec 17, 2013
    One of Top 5 games on this generation. More freedom on gameplay than almost any other game out there. Graphics and style are awesome, really artistic. There are so many ways to go trough this game that one walktrough is totally different from another. You have to own this game and play it over and over again.
  65. Oct 11, 2012
    WOW!! Ok i'm not finished with the game, only about half way through. First if your a Half-life or portal fan you are going to love this. It has the art and some of the look to Half-life but set in a steam punk world. Additionally yes you can go toe to toe with the bad guys but at a world changing cost. I've been opting for a more pacifictic approach in knocking out or tranking my foe's & not getting busted, or just plane avoidence. This is very difficult but rewarding as you must "Blink" from location to location and not get busted. The whole of the maps are very "puzzle" like and in combination with npc movements require you to truely think and plan your course of action. Stratigy really is the common in this game. Additionally the magic really gives a unique flavor to the experince as it's very different from say Skyrim or Dragonage. It's all ment to be combined and tactical. Magic is also very smooth, not at all sticky. The story so far is fairly compelling although somewhat a "been-there" plot but not enough to be boring. The tech in the game seems to be a mix of Fallout meets Batman, meets the 1790's, which for me is all very cool. Appairently you can go through the whole of the game without killing anyone which is very difficult. I would truely recomend this for anyone who wants a very grim, creepy, Batman/Half-life kind of experience. I think this is going to be a ground-breaking game. Very unique and out of the box thinking went into this. Additionally (not that it really makes a difference) some great voice talents in the game. Also if your an Eldar scrolls player or fallout, get your loot searching into gear. Scaviging is a must. This is a great experience!! Expand
  66. Nov 26, 2012
    Bioshock's "Jack" and Mirror's Edge's "Faith" got together and had a baby. His name is Corvo Attano. This game is outstanding. It let's the player feel like the ultimate spy/assassin.

    The good: The weapons, powers, upgrades, gadgets are all outstanding and allow the player to take many different approaches to how they play (my first playthrough was a bloodbath; I have not killed a
    single person in my second, nor have I been detected). Also, the side missions and power-ups (in the form of runes and bone charms) encourage the player to explore the area and sneak into places otherwise avoided. Each area/mission also has plenty of entry ways (though the obvious ones ((expectedly)) are well guarded, so searching for a bit longer and thinking creatively can be well worth the time), and I always find myself planning an approach, only to see something new and replan and repeat. This game offers so much diversity that the replay value is through the roof. Many people say this game is too easy. Yes, if you do not mind killing everyone in your path and help spread the plague that is ravaging the city. But stealth offers a much cleaner progression, though it is MUCH more difficult. But what do gamers play for if not a challenge? My point: this game is as challenging as the player wants it to be.

    The bad:
    The textures can sometimes be poor, though overall the graphics are up to par. The story and characters (besides heir-to-the-throne Emily) are pretty bland (but to be honest, this game is more about the missions and gameplay than the story). Corvo, the protagonist, has no personality besides his love for Emily (but in some ways, I enjoyed that because I never said "Well, this doesn't seem like something Corvo would do."). The real interesting bits do not seem fully fleshed out (Granny Rags, the Outsider, Daud). The real deep background comes from books found in the world, which can entertain hardcore fans and bore anything less than that. The plot seemed overly predictable, and the heart can actually assist in spoiling some things for a mind that can put two and two together.

    Though it has its flaws, Dishonored is one of the best games I have played. It combines outstanding environments and mission layouts with an array of skills, weapons, and gadgets that allow the player to approach situations with infinite options. The replay value is very high, and I see myself playing this game for years.
  67. Oct 10, 2012
    Absolutely fantastic, nothing bad to say about this game. The rpg elements dont hold back the combat, or vise versa. The characters and lore are well thought out, but dont force you to read everything. If you want to just play, that is possible, or if you want a more immersive time, that's possible too.
  68. Oct 10, 2012
    We have all established that Bethesda are well known for unique games that are worth playing. Dishonored is Bethesda's latest game at a new innovative game. And thankfully they have succeeded. Dishonored smart advertising and unique nature hooked us in the game so our expectations were high. The best feature of the game is the sort of Deus Ex feel to it in the means of gameplay. Each mission of the game is a sort of open land were you get to decide what tactics you will take. There are to main ways to play or stealthily or a more kill everyone approach. What is interesting is that there are many ways to play with either option. Interesting enough the outcome of the game drastically changes with each play style so multiple playthroughs are needed to experience the full package. The environments also change according to play style. if you kill everyone there will be more flies and rats than taking the stealth approach. Both play styles are fun but I prefer the stealth approach as I find that there are more options and spells suited for this play style. Another thing I adore about this game is the art syle. It is very interesting, it is cartoon like but is dark which makes the game have an edge. The graphics themselves are not that good but this does not detract from anything. The game is not hard, so not much skill is needed to beat it but it is very rewarding. A problem I found with the game is that the many ways to beat the game can allow you to skip specific areas way too easily but this is not much of a problem. The powers in the game are all very fun and most importantly very useful. These spells are so much fun to wield and as you will see you will use them a lot in the game. The sound in the game is also very good and with ok voice acting. A thing I did not like in the game is the story. The story I found is not that strong, the world is so dark and violent that I really expected to be blown away with the story and I got a very good solid story. Although some characters are really well written and they are really interesting. A think I also really like are the badass enemies and deaths. The enemies are especially cool looking and you can clearly see the work put into them. The game is not that long it took me 18 hours but everyone who plays this game will definitely play this game multiple times so the $60 are worth it for this game. This game really reminds me of Batman Arkham Asylum and it really is a good game. I really enjoyed this game it is unique and i'm sure that many people will enjoy this game. It has a impressive art style fun characters and in my opinion the small flaws diminished by all this games interesting features. It has the most fun gameplay since Dark Souls and nearly as rewarding. You really need to play this game its worth all your hard earned cash. The reason I am not giving this game a 10 is because its amazing but not a masterpiece but this franchise has the potential for glory. Buy this game it's gameplay is sooo much fun it's not difficult to get hooked in this game! Expand
  69. Oct 14, 2012
    Second review, after playing the game for a while. My score for it hasn't changed, still 10/10. People have complained about the length but achievements wise, you have to replay the game many times, and u get to study each map so for me the length is perfect. The story, yes it isn't the greatest or most dramatic but honestly that's not why we play this game. Graphics on the 360 leaves much to be desired but it didn't bother me at all. It looks better on PC, which is puzzling. The reason we play this game is for the gameplay and concept and both of those have been implemented Brilliantly. The abilities are all significant and unique, the maps all have multiple paths that u learn about each time u play. For the intrigued you have the ability to be creative. Don't put this game down for not being an open world rpg. That's not what it is it's not assassins creed. It's dishonored and it's a brilliant game. Expand
  70. Oct 14, 2012
    60 FPS. Has a pretty strong learning curve to really appreciate how to handle certain situations. Read the rest of the reviews they will tell you what else you need to know.
  71. Jan 16, 2013
    This game is great. Weather you are slaying everyone in site or sneaking past everyone without killing a soul, this game delivers. The story is a simple tale of reclaiming your honor through revenge with some predictable twists here and there, but the story is great and regardless of bringing the city to the brink of destruction or keeping it and yourself under control, every ending is great. The game changes 2 of the missions every play through which are both my favorites, but the other missions provide there own challenges in the form of numerous paths of varying difficulties depending on how you build your character or in what ways you are limiting yourself in your play-through. If you kill every one and every target the final missions change to reflect the fear your targets have, while playing mercifully will leave the more wide open and easier to finish off. The Powers I found varying in usefulness. My first run was pure stealth with no kills, no powers beside blink level 1, and no detection, and it offered me a unique way of playing that required thought and lots of saving. My second run lead me to learn that Blink and Dark Vision are very useful while Agility is decent and the rest of the powers I used were novel at best, but that was because of how I played. Even when killing everyone I kept to the shadows at times waiting for the moment to strike.

    The levels are all very different besides the 2nd and 3rd which share there first sections, but have unique areas in which to kill the target(s). The time of day varies which will try and force you to adapt a different style of play depending on how hard or easy it is to hide. The upgrades range for useful to pointless, and unfortunately none will help the merciful assassin besides 2 to maybe 4, but when it comes to combat they can really change the game.

    My only problem with this game is that new play-throughs overwrite the replay mission stats of other play-throughs. This means that that run through where you hadn't spent any upgrade points on supernatural powers until the last level allowing for you to approach the finally with any combination of powers was overwritten by the time you spent them all. Same goes for mission clear stats. You really proud of completing the game without being seen or killing anyone? Hope you aren't planning on replaying the game without taking some screen caps first.

    As for the game overall, it's quite possibly my favorite title of the year and I look forward to the major DLC coming in the Spring.
  72. Mar 19, 2013
    Dishonored feels like a game that inherits 75% of its history from Thief and 25% from a mix of System Shock/Bio Shock games. As such its certainly a first person game, and you can shoot guns but I would personally not call it a "first person shooter'.

    I almost didn't buy this game based off of some reviews, but I took a chance and I was well rewarded. Much of the depth of this game
    comes from playing it the way you want your character to work and how you want the end game outcome to be influenced.

    If you are simply playing the game to beat each level as fast as possible the game will certainly feel short. You can hit the primary objectives in quite a few levels relatively quickly. Mow down a few guards with your guns and knives and complete the objective next level up.

    If however you want to play a more stealthily game and play towards certain goals; like no one being alerted/alarmed during a level or completing a level with minimal (or perhaps no) deaths you can do that as well. This may require you to take the rooftop route, and find a secret back balcony entrance to the building instead of a front door but the designers will reward this alternate route taking with story interjections that you would otherwise miss, extra loot, and some times even side-quests.

    Whichever route you take you can upgrade your character similar to system shock bio shock with steampunk like upgrades to your characters abilities and equipment. Want to stabilize your cross bow and improve its range and damage? No problem. Want to be more stealthy and have bodies dissapear in a puff of smoke to leave no trail for your enemies to discover? Earn enough points and these skills will be yours.

    My personal feeling is Dishonored is a top notch game for what it wants to be: a worthy fusion sucessor to the Thief/Bio Shock genre.

    For those people looking only for a run and gun shooter it is going to feel a bit of a disappointment. Some of those players may make the switch in mentality early in the game and find themselves having fun anyways. Otherwise if you dislike anything that doesn't focus purely on action you might pass this up or wait until its on sale so you don't feel cheated.
  73. Oct 11, 2012
    Replaying through this game is a must. Even within the first level I noticed pathways/things that I completely missed the first time through. So great to see what happens when a company puts so much emphasis on a single player game nowadays. Instead of making a sub-par co-op mode or something they have made the most fun single player experience I have played this year....easily.
  74. Oct 19, 2012
    I have been playing Dishonored non-stop for the past week, it is extremely refreshing and a blast to play. You definitely see the Bethesda elements here and damn are they good. This game is by no means perfect but it brings a new twist to gaming that I think most anyone will enjoy. - Story (8): the story gets going right away and I don't want to spoil anything so I won't go into details. It is easy to follow, at times a bit bland and similar to other things we've seen, but it keeps you going. The conversations and voice acting are great and the plot can change depending on your choices/actions. - Graphics (8): The Graphics are not the strong point of Dishonored, but they get the job done and present the Victorian style scenery very well. London in this time period is an ideal place for this game and even though it won't stress your card the graphics and surroundings suck you in and make you feel directly involved. - Sound (10): I fully enjoy the background music, voice acting, and all the sound effects from weapons and skills. At times the sound sets a dreary mood and makes the whole thing more enticing. - Gameplay (10): An absolute 10 here, the gameplay is truly awesome and the best aspect of Dishonored. Whether you want to be "stealthy" or not, you are presented with numerous options and abilities that alter your course in the game. Duel wielding weapons, skills such as blink where you can travel to spots unreachable by jumping, or the many bone charms that give you other special perks, all of it is useful and rewarding. Finding schematics and applying upgrades is also extremely pleasing, along with powering up skills depending on what works for you. Depending on how you choose to play there are tons of pathways and choices at your disposal. - Endgame (8): Other than replaying for a different style of play I'd say that the endgame is a bit lacking. I really wish Dishonored was longer and took many hours to complete but that's just not the case. You will find yourself finishing in 10-15 hours and feeling pretty satisfied after your first play through, except if you went totally "non-stealth" and desire to do so. Overall (44/50 = 9): I am certainly glad I purchased Dishonored for the PC and played it all the way through. The entire time it felt rewarding and I loved sneaking my way to the next area and planning my next move. Expand
  75. Nov 17, 2012
    Amazing game. -1 point for a short game and -1 for hard to master controls. Nevertheless, this game is great I strongly reccomends this game when it goes down in price
  76. Oct 12, 2012
    If you were looking for game that rewards you with creativity and choice, than look no further. Dishonored truly feels like the first game to allow players to do a mission their own way. Your style is your own, there is no wrong or right way to play this game. In the end it's all up to you.
  77. Oct 11, 2012
    One of the most creative, original and engaging games that I have played in a very long time. I love having the power to choose what path I take and how to handle the various enemies along the way. You should definitely go buy this game immediately if you are a fan of stealth games (or just good video games in general). Easily the best game I have played this year.
  78. Oct 12, 2012
    I was expecting something resembling the original Deus Ex or the Thief games: Large sprawling levels and a long playthrough. I got 9 missions with a few sidemissions and levels that look open but all the routes go the same way. It gets progressively linear as times goes on. The best mission I have to say was the Boyle Party mission. It's a lot like Human Revolution, as it sort of resembles the open Action RPGs of the past, but has the disgusting dumbed down casualized gloss that all multiplatform releases must have these days. Expand
  79. Nov 4, 2012
    The games execution, art style, and Level design were great. But this is the kind of game you want to really make you care about characters and your actions. Really get you into the world and the story of the protagonist. Sadly, this game didn't really do that for me. With how popular its become though I'm sure this is the start of a franchise, so I hope to see improvements in future installments.
  80. Oct 15, 2012
    The game is not worth $60. I recommend people rent this game first and see if it can have a long replay value based on personal taste. As for me, I'm on my second playthrough and I'm already feeling bored. The game is good - but very short. Don't fall for the Bethesda fanboy hype!
  81. Oct 17, 2012
    Depends on the gameplay style, Dishonored shows its real values. If run & gun COD style then probably you would complete the game within 8hrs or less and feel some disappointment about its length. But Dishonored is not to be played like that - this title shows its superb qualities with a slower, stealthy walkthrough, while forcing you to plan every step in advance and offering many benefits coming from exploration - above all, you collect the runes & amulets which are a key issue to gain/improve your special assassin skills, furthermore you can find money and many valuable items, which can be spent for equipment/weaponry upgrades afterwards. The stealth gamplay itself is exciting, challenging and can be fulfilled with thrilling encounters with your foes - here there are many ways to get rid of your enemies, with creative kills and bodies disposal afterwards. Obviously you can go into open fights, but to act like a "ghost", kill or knock senseless each foe step by step and remove/dispose their bodies afterwards is much more fun and challenging. Ive clocked more than 10hrs in the game and currently Im in the 4th mission; For sure one of the best games of 2012 Expand
  82. Oct 16, 2012
    Let me start by saying that the further you get in this game the better it gets, having said that the first 1-2 hours are not very good. The overall story of dishonored is boring and the twist towards the end of the game is so predictable. You play as Corvo Attano but it is hard to get attached to this character as he never speaks and you never see his face. If you want to upgrade your skills and powers you will have to stray off the set path to find loot to sell, Rune's to upgrade your powers and Bone charm,s which are perks, however you can only have a set number of perks active at one time. By the time you get to the end of most games you have unlocked everything..... this is not the case in dishonored, you can't unlock everything even if you collect all the money, rune's and bone charm's which SUCKS. To sum up...... boring story, boring characters, good game play. Expand
  83. Oct 24, 2012
    For those who enjoy games, not products. While the game itself doesn't necessarily warrant a sixty dollar purchase, it is just a game that should really be played. Buy it, rent it, just do whatever to get a chance to play it. While the game isn't as fleshed out as possible, it contains as much player choice as the first BioShock. Nothing is scripted, and you actually don't have to kill anyone in the game to beat it. Highly recommended. Expand
  84. Oct 13, 2012
    Very rarely does a game come along that really and truly works on every level. Dishonored is that game this year. Its an amazingly unique game that is also familiar, its part Thief part Bioshock part Deus Ex with little dashes of Fable and Fallout thrown in for good measure. This game excels on every promise it made, I have bounced back and forth between total stealth and all out madman in the same level, and had a blast each time. It makes me really excited to go back and go for the total stealth and no kill playthrough. In fact this game really encourages multiple playthoughs, and for a fun and enjoyable reason. Some games just let you play again with all your items (Batman), or on a new difficulty (Shadows of the Damned), or to get all the collectibles (Alan Wake), but Dishonored one does none of that. The whole purpose of playing again, is because it will be a drastically different game if you switch up your style. Going through as a stealthy assassin and killing who get in your way, provides a different ending, a different world, and different attitudes in the enemies. Playing through as a ghost and killing no one, opens up different paths, results in less guards later, and a different ending. On my first play through, I hacked and slashed and shot and conjured up magic to defeat everyone. As I got near the end of the game, the enemies had wisened up a bit. I could no longer trick them into going through a rewired Wall of Light (an electrified wall that only the enemies can pass through, unless you hack it). I had to come up with a new approach. When getting in a big fight with multiple enemies I would Blink (a feature that allows you to teleport) up on top of stuff to hide. After pulling that off and attacking from above too many times, they started looking for me up top in the later levels. So I again had to think on my feet to make sure I wouldn't get killed. These happen in just one playthrough, and result in levels that drastically change while in them. The total stealth playthrough is going to feel so amazingly different. I have already done parts of levels in total stealth, and it is truly exciting fearing that you will be seen, or an unconscious body will be found, or you will knock a bottle over and alert them. It is truly amazing and wonderful. The last games to fill me with this much excitement were Fallout 3 and Bioshock, and just like in those games, there are moments of amazing beauty hidden in this dark and ugly world.

    Should you buy this game? Absolutely. But just like like this game, that choice is up to you. Make the right choice.

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  85. Oct 9, 2012
    Absolutely amazing game; the best in years. Signed up to Metacritic just to say that.
  86. Oct 17, 2012
    This game is amazing! this game is a mixture of skyrim, bioshock and thief! If your a skyrim or bioshock fan this is a must have. This is a must play game for everyone!
  87. Oct 9, 2012
    Honestly I am never usually a fan of these type of games, not many games let you choose between stealth and action but this game does. I have played all new releases and lately I have been wondering if the gaming industry can offer something that is different (a change of pace, if you will). Dishonored delivers and though the achievements are a bit 50/50 (for me, because I'm picky on when to use stealth). the game itself is absolutely great. Cannot find a fault with it. I signed up just to recommend it, be open minded when picking it up and you will be impressed. 9/10 (only taking the 1 away for achievements, but it's each to their own, if you are used to being stealthy then it won't be a problem, but I was never a fan of that type of game and this is really the first I've played since Splinter Cell). Expand
  88. Oct 9, 2012
    WOW, all I have to say is that I've never played a game that feels so unique and right at the same time. They perfected it to the point where they want you to feel exactly like they intended it to be; putting you in a situation where anything is nearly possible and you get to do it your own way. The environments in this game could be the greatest thing I've ever seen in gaming. I'm not talking about textures and graphics, but pure detail, to the point where a suit a man is wearing or a room looks like it belongs in a painting. I fell in love with this game 15 minutes after I played it, and that I can't say for many other games I've played. I want to congratulate Arkane Studios for developing such a badass **** game!!! Expand
  89. Oct 10, 2012
    Ok, I'll be the one to point out that the Emperor is wearing an extremely unflattering Speedo.

    It's merely published by Bethesda (developed by Arkane), so it thankfully lacks the zoo of bugs usually associated with their titles, but there are many things about the game that rub the wrong way. The setting of the game is a wild pastiche of ideas that feel scattered but do show glimmers on
    originality and potential. Trouble is, the game doles out information in a decidedly non-engrossing fashion and the first hour or so is just an on-the-rails game of hit-all-the-steampunk/fantasy-setting-tropes. The TF2, exaggerated art style is cool, but I can't help but feel that a more realistic look would benefit an urban game of gritty, moralistic conflicts. The stealth (like most FPS that try to incorporate it) can be fairly hit-or-miss and though you can blast your way through from hell to a whalemeat breakfast, the game suggests fairly heavily that the most virtuous path through it is a non-violent one. Not to mention that more than 3/4 of the unlockable powers are all used for killing or facilitating killing, meaning that you're going to waste a lot of runes if you want to go the no-kill route. The combat is simplistic but can be punishing early on and there are a few cool synergies between your powers and your weapons, but good luck to you if you think the game is going to prompt you much in that regard. There is a definite emphasis on "choose-your-own-path" at work but the narrative (and the assassinations involved in it) is broken down into discreet levels and you are graded and given the option to replay each one upon completion, so say goodbye to a fully immersive, open world experience. In a nutshell, the game is best described as a "steampunk Deus Ex" and yes, that would be Square Enix's recent "re-imagining" of Deus Ex, with all the connotations that entails. It's a competent action game with an interesting backdrop, but nothing that you'll be talking about 6 months from now. Expand
  90. Oct 10, 2012
    This is the game we all wanted an unique game with great art style graphic great AI and the best of all unique gameplay you can play like you want if you want sneaky you can you want action/FPS you can and thats why this game rules and probably win some game of the year award becaouse like CVG said its the best game in this generation.A perfect 10 from me. P.S Sorry for bad english im in a hurry
  91. Oct 11, 2012
    Its a great game in world of the same old, this game shows that there is still creativity left. It start slow as you learn the controls and how the world works in general. But with all the things to collect and see the game rewards you at every corner. The gameplay is takes time to master but that to me is a good thing. I love games like this a new IP that take some brain power and skill. Comparing this game to bio shock or anything else is not a respentation of this game. Love the sound and graphic style. At first I was not blown by the graphics but the art style makes me feel totally immersed and the graphics seem to get more impressive as you play. When the sun and moon pop threw trees and buildings the game looks absolutely stunning it really grows on you. The game length is about 20 hours. My first play threw took me 24 hours. I looked for all runes and charms on hard I did not know about the paintings you have to find so I will do a play throught on super hard to find those. So for me this game is the right length. I love this game because its not COD or Halo or uncharted, not to say those are bad games but I love to crack a beer, sit in peace and play something totally new that is not tailored to the 16 year old that takes gaming to seriously trying to prove his toughness to by screeming in his mic. The only let down for me is that there is no Game+ feature and is the only thing that keeps this game from getting a 10 in my book. Why developers take it on them selves to make such decisions in games drives me nuts I would loved to play the early levels all powerd up but Its not a game breaker. Expand
  92. Oct 11, 2012
    Unbelievably well made. What this game was able to achieve is absolutely incredible. Going in I was expecting to be a stealthy character with some cool powers and some freedom but still fairly restricted. What I got instead was a small amount of tools that allowed me to do anything I wanted. I figured the blink power (teleportation) would be confined to certain areas and have a mapped feel to it; I was however, wrong. You want to get up that building? *blink*, *blink*, *blink*, your there. Doing what you want to do in a game has never been this easy in my experience. This was exemplified by the characters jumping. You direct your character to scale a wall, he scales a wall; you direct him to jump then grab something and pull himself up, he does exactly that. These aren't scripted sequences either, you actually find yourself running at something, pressing jump and tapping the climb button right as you are approaching the ledge. The combination of jumping and blinking made the generously large open-hubs so much fun to explore. It became a game of what are the limits, and let me tell you, there are very little.
    The story is an incredibly compelling one and the characters draw you in. An important point is that the individual interactions aren't all that memorable but the way they all connect is. The level of cohesiveness in this game is astounding. Everything feels like it is interlaced and while the individual interactions don't feel like a whole lot, they contribute to the bigger picture. The bigger picture is what I'm talking about when I say the story is compelling and it is what will keep you wanting more and wanting to see what happens next.
    Your character, Corvo, is incredibly well equipped to take on the world with a few weapons and upgrades for them as well as some special weapons. I didn't feel the need to use half of the weapons which was inherent of my gameplay style but the fact that I had options is appreciated.
    While I'd rank other features of the game over this as being a high point the art direction is a pillar that this game really stands on. The oil painting art style mixed with the steam-punk era feel works so well to convey the feeling of tragedy, amazement and beauty all throughout. Although I have only had one play through I will certainly be having more in the near future. The experience as a whole combined with the notion that my second time through could be entirely different than the first is beyond tempting. Bravo to Arkane for such a well made game that offers an amazing concept and a cohesive world.
  93. Oct 11, 2012
    When was the last time you played a video game that just let you have fun the way you want to have fun? Dishonored bucks all the trends of an age of games that is dominated by linear shooters and online multiplayer as the only means of achieving any replay value. This is a sandbox assassination game where you can kill everyone - or indeed no-one in a variety of ways. Most players, like myself, will probably strive for a balance of the two, blending the games' sublime stealth system with a combat model that holds up equally as well. This is a game that responds to how you want to play it and that is indeed a rare thing from games of today. Buy this without hesitation now. You will not be disappointed. Expand
  94. Oct 11, 2012
    This game has a lot of detail and fun gameplay, but the exclusion of new game plus cripples it. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but since there is so much to collect and the game is extremely short for an RPG I feel like they just kick me in the balls at the end of the game. The story and environment is what saves it. Also I feel like with all the advances in the game industry there is no reason to have a silent protagonist and that comes off as seeming like laziness on the developers part. Expand
  95. Oct 12, 2012
    I am having a really good time with this game. It reminds me of System Shock and Deus Ex but definnitely has its own personality and style. You have so much control over how you proceed with your objectives its crazy. This is a game that demands exploration and experimentation. I definitely recommend it.
  96. Oct 13, 2012
    This game has a wonderful campaign and game-play. You truly feel the consequences of your actions and I got really depressed by them at one point. Also you are always tempted to kill the evil military and your targets but you feel that it's better not to do so but sneak and remain unseen (which is a lot harder than shooting them all). Just do not rush some things as you'll get fast in trouble.
  97. Oct 13, 2012
    This game, while having some genuinely interesting points, kind of disappointed me. It just didn't live up to it's potential. First, the good stuff. This game has a pretty interesting steampunk setting, the gameplay concept itself is really interesting and decently executed, and the way they've given you the ability to finish the game without killing a single person (if you so choose) is genuinely interesting. Unfortunately, on the Xbox 360 version at least, the graphics are pretty shoddy (probably due to the poor/non-existent anti-aliasing), and it's very distracting when the scenery has clipping artifacts when you look side to side. In addition to the poor graphics, this game is really short. I've done a few playthroughs, and it ranges from a low of 5ish hours for a "killing whatever and ignoring the optional objectives on easy" run to around 20ish hours for me to run the entire game on the hardest difficulty, finish all of the optional objectives, and collect all of the runes and bone charms. On top of all of this, the storyline really is just not very compelling. The game feels like way more thought went into the setting and lore than went into the actual events and dialogue that you're playing through. In summary, Dishonored is a game that has an interesting setting and some really neat gameplay options, but it's let down by graphical problems, story length, and some poor writing. In my honest opinion, if they would have made this game an open-world RPG, thrown more content into it, and given you a few more options as far as abilities and customization goes, this game could have been great. Such as shame, really. Expand
  98. Oct 14, 2012
    Although i own the PS3 version i have put the review in this section as the ps3 section is full of biased fanboy ratings, probably down to bethesda messing up the dawngaurd release on ps3, and them being the publisher of this game. Anyway, this game is a breath of fresh air for console releases and makes a change from the generic FPSs that come out on a yearly basis. It has a great setting, great atmosphere and actually makes you care for the characters, especially the young girl that you are sworn to protect. The game lets you tackle your objective how you wish and usually has various routes which you can use, as well as letting you decide if you want to sneak to your target without anyone knowing you are there or blast your way through the front door crossbows blazing. You can even play through the game without killing a single person if you have the willpower.

    The game seems takes inspiration from the original bioshock in the way it plays (which isnt a bad thing) but thankfully doesnt have all of the go to here and collect 3 of these before you can progress missions that plagued that game. With the numerous upgradeable powers and weapons available you really can play the game the way you want to, and with different endings depending on how you played, it has plenty of replay value. If you are looking for an action packed game and want a break from the usual modern day shoot em up then you can't go wrong with dishonored. Just remember to save often =p
  99. Oct 14, 2012
    Dishonored is a thinking man's game, period. Each level in Dishonored gives you a sandbox to toy around in and lets the player run wild with their imagination as to how they will get through each situation. Gone are the overly scripted scenarios you're used to in games that funnel you down a certain path that the designers carved out for you. Dishonored is a game that asks the player to think, to use their noggin, to overcome the obstacles, and while you have many tools at your disposal, it's your choice to decide how you use them and how you make your way through each environment. Do you prefer to kill every enemy in your path with weapons? Do you prefer to take them out through silent means? Or, another possibility and the most gratifying of all, is to make your way through the game without killing a single enemy. Everything's up to you, which is the true beauty of Dishonored. Dishonored's a true "water cooler" game where no two people will play the same and it's fun to talk to others and see how they played through the game. It's a deep game that only asks the player to think for once. Sometimes thinking for yourself can be fun.

    Dishonored's art direction is beyond amazing. It's important to note that one of the minds behind the art is Viktor Antonov, who was also the mind behind Half Life 2's City 17. Harvey Smith, Co-creative Director at Arkane Studios, has said that they went for a "water color" look with the game's graphics, which is an apt description. While you won't be blown away by the textures or anything, it's still one of the most beautiful games out there because of its unique aesthetic.

    Dishonored is one of those games we rarely see in this day and age. Harvey Smith, known for his work on Deus Ex and Thief, brings his experience from past games to make a new intellectual property that carries the same gameplay principals but puts it in a new and interesting world. This is a game that deserves to be supported. It's a rare and unique experience that no one should miss out on.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 56 Critics

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
  1. Nov 14, 2012
    Precise and elegant systemic design engenders an absurd degree of player agency, but is marred somewhat by a sloppy, unconvincing narrative and soulless characters. [Dec 2012]
  2. Oct 31, 2012
    What is there is so compelling that the lack of additional stages can't help but feel like a disappointment. The game's strengths are a double-edged sword. Regardless, this is still one of the best games of this year. With a bit of work, a potential sequel could be one of the best games of any year.
  3. Dishonored is never able complete that transformation from a game into a totally new and exciting world to inhabit. To be sure, our mostly positive rating reflects that this game is well-structured with all the pieces you'd expect and story flexibility will offer up a unique adventure for every player. It's a promising and mostly enjoyable start to what will perhaps be an ongoing series, but it lacks the emotional punch that could make it great.