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  1. Jan 15, 2013
    Well, they did it, and I fell for it. Let me start out by saying: THIS IS NOT A BAD GAME Let me finish by saying: THIS IS A BAD DMC GAME It tries so hard to be edgy, I felt as if I should go kick my dog. Not everything needs to be gritty, it's just what hollywood is doing. Superman, Oz, Jack and the **** beanstalk? Everything is just so badass and cool it's retarded. Donte is just a wet dream for and 16 year old, and I am returning my copy ASAP and getting the HD collection Expand
  2. Jan 15, 2013
    The characterization and writing is terrible. The combat, from what I have played so far, is decent. But not quite like the older DMC titles But that's no excuse, because combat is something they draw heavily from its predecessors and previous Ninja Theory titles . Kinda of hard to screw that up doing something when you have a defined template to work with. That being said, everything that DMC 5 tries to do to distinguish itself from the previous DMC titles is where it falls apart. The way they characterize Dante and Vergil makes them extremely unlikable, Kat seems to serve as a plot device more than a character, and the story is incoherent and too self-serious. From what I've seen in the "Official" reviews, let's say GiantBomb for example, it is clear that whoever did that review had not played the previous DMC games. Maybe that's fine for those whose first DMC game is this one. But fans of the franchise tend to have expectations and higher standards, and this particular title does not meet them. So all and all I can I can say that this game is designed to rope in a new audience, and flip off its old one. Expand
  3. Jan 19, 2013
    The words "Devil May Cry" hold a lot of meaning for me. Devil May Cry was the first game I ever played for the PS2, and I've enjoyed every game in the series since it (except the second entry; what a shocker). I know Dante as if he were my own brother. I've seen him grow up, grow up some more and even take a backseat to another **** little white-haired bastard. I understand every aspect of Dante as a character.

    That's why it surprised me to hear some people complaining about the new Dante in DmC: Devil May Cry. He is the same Dante as before. He's just younger and more immature. Weren't we all that way once (I still am)? Don't get me wrong; I was shocked when I first saw Ninja Theory's new character design for Dante. Now that I've played the game, I get it. I see no problem with it.

    I also see no problem with making Devil May Cry a little easier. I grew weary of getting my ass handed to me in the older games, which could be agonizingly frustrating at times, and "agonizingly frustrating" does not equal "fun". If that makes me any less of a gamer as I've seen some users on Metacritic stupidly point out, I apologize. The thing is, it doesn't. It's just yet another dumb observation by a bunch of idiots who shouldn't even be allowed to play video games.

    Besides, DmC does stay true to its predecessors in the way that its combat is an absolute blast. I found myself getting all giddy when I nailed an especially impressive looking combo. I kept nailing cool combos throughout the game. It may have been because of my experience with the previous installments, or it may have been because of the lowered difficulty, but either way, it was awesome. The combat system is deep, satisfying and easily one of the best things about DmC.

    It has tons going for it. It's very fast-paced and exciting. As the game progresses, Dante gains angel and demon weapons. What this basically means is that one type, the angel weapons, are assigned to the left trigger, and the other type, the demon weapons, to the right. It's a brilliant choice by Ninja Theory that allows players to mix things up by constantly swapping between each weapon type and Dante's firearms.

    New enemy types are introduced throughout the game, forcing players to strategize. For example, one enemy type might only take damage from an angel weapon, and vice versa. This can be one of the game's biggest flaws at times due to the lack of a lock-on feature. I found myself aiming but hitting the wrong enemy type a lot of times, which was irritating. Thankfully, the lock-on has been replaced with a dodge button, which is a welcome addition to the series. It can stay right where it is, thank you very much.

    Dante can also grapple toward enemies or pull them to him. This adds even more depth to an already broad combat system. He can also use his "grappling hook" to latch onto platforms in the environment. The platforming in DmC is kind of a letdown, but it has its moments. Still, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Ninja Theory changed it up a little bit in the inevitable sequel. It sometimes overshadows levels that are otherwise enjoyable.

    Speaking of the levels, the environmental design in DmC is amazing. Dante has to make his way through a place known as Limbo, which is a world he gets pulled into for the majority of the story, and it's a world full of wonderfully grotesque and picturesque vistas. Limbo in and of itself is an enemy type. It really does seem as if the environments are trying to kill Dante. It was an ingenious decision on Ninja Theory's part to design the game in this manner. Exploration was my favorite part of DmC (and it often resulted in me getting a bad time rating at the end of the missions).

    My least favorite part of DmC is definitely the story. It isn't really all that different from the stories in the other Devil May Crys. A bunch of incoherent crap happens and Dante says dumb stuff. That's about it. It attempts to make fun of society and FOX News, and all of that is funny at times, but it's utterly useless as a meaningful storytelling method. The character named Bob Barbas is essentially an exaggerated version of Bill O'Reilly, which means he runs his mouth a lot about nonsense nobody gives a damn about.

    The story is at its best when it's exploring Dante's past and developing him as a character. Dante realizes before the end of the game that he may have a bigger purpose in life than lying around in a mobile home, boozing and sleeping with women. I chuckled at a few of Dante's unbelievably lame lines of dialogue, but a lot of them are just that--unbelievably lame and unfunny. It's one thing to spout off Schwarzenegger-esque lines like "You're fired"; it's quite another to brag about your penis being bigger than someone else's. That just emanates desperation.

    DmC: Devil May Cry's strengths far outweigh its flaws. The story sucks, but the gameplay is great and the art style is better.
  4. Jan 23, 2013
    As much as I wanted to hate this game with a firey passion for the Edward Cullenization of Dante...I just cant. This game is nigh unplayable don't get me wrong. The characters are far from likable, so much so that if, at any part of the game, Dante had decided to kick a puppy, I doubt I would've been surprised. The dialogue sounds like it was written by a 13 year old boy who just learned to swear from his abusive step-father. Basically they took a fun camp game we all love and "modernized" it. The gameplay is it's saving grace. Its tight, fast and a lot of fun, much like the old games. Although the lack of a lockon or targeting system, make parts of this game a nightmare. And thats to say nothing of the level and boss fights which are amazing! However the fact still remains that there are several middle fingers to the fans sprinkled about the game. All in all this game pushes me WAY to far and practically begs me to put it down. If I can't stand the main character, why would I want to play his game? The Problem is not that they changed Dante, It's what they changed him too. Expand
  5. Jan 17, 2013
    The bosses are now dull, character design has went down in quality and the combat system is "broken". For a Triple-A game, you expect quality. Instead, they took the approach of a "modern" story with terrible writing, and expect fans of the series to take it no questions ask. Everyone shouldn't wonder why this game is getting hate, there's a reason for it.
  6. Mar 11, 2013
    esse jogo um horror mecanicas ultrapssadas,dante emo,vergil um nerd idiota

    ninja thery e capcom acordem pra vida e façam jkogos de qualidade igual platinum games
  7. Feb 4, 2013
    I was very hesitant to get this game at first but I finally broke down, bought a copy and i must say that I am floored by how good it is. I love this game and it deserves to be played and enjoyed by any action game fan. I am a huge fan of the previous DMC games with this one and DMC3 being my absolute favorites. Dante is voiced very well and has some great dialogue and character progression. You can also get his classic skin through cheap DLC if its that's part of the issue people have with him.The combat is as excellent and responsive as ever and its full of Holy combos and moments with flare and style. The evil media/corporation theme is very fitting this day in age so I enjoyed how it was delivered in this game. I mean, do people really think the owners of these major corporations and news stations are innocent little angels? Of course they aren't. So the story was fun and it made for some truly incredible set pieces that compliment the flashy combat. With great replay value, great graphics and art design, bloody palace (free) DLC coming soon and even more DLC on the way I cant recommend this game enough. To all fans of action games, buy this. Expand
  8. Jan 15, 2013
    Oh boy. There is so much to say about this game, and next to none of it is good. From the absolutely convoluted, asinine, and downright insulting plotline to the poor writing, voicework, and general pacing of the game itself, DmC falls flat on its face at almost every turn. No matter what you're looking for, longtime fan or not, all you will find here is a poorly done story about a generic rebellious, "Occupy Wall Street", da-corporashuns-ar-evul teenage anarchist and his quest to destroy the evil not-Fox-News.

    On the visual end, it's passable for a game designed to run on ancient hardware. There are noticeable frame rate drops and the performance is often shaky at best, but the general appearance of the world is interesting to a fault. The actual design of the levels however, is not. It's very straightforward and boring, with little variance in what you actually have to do.

    Ultimately, the game will leave long standing fans upset and disappointed, and newcomers confused and disgusted. Pass on it.
  9. Jan 15, 2013
    To begin with, i think it's rediculous that paid-reviewers are giving this game scores in the 90s and above. When i say paid reviewers, that can be taken in two ways, either they are paid as a job to review games professionally, or Capcom has bribed them to just give 8/9 out of 10 as a rule, no matter how much of a train wreck it is. This is one of those games.

    To begin with, when
    you're making a reboot of a series, be it a movie, or a video game, or any piece of media, it helps to check what came before, as a guide-post to show you what was worth keeping, and what needed to be fixed. The Batman series did this, Nolan looked at what was good about the old batman movies, and what went wrong, he kept the dark under-tones, the gadgets, the focus on action. But dropped the campy 60s vibe, and the over-the-top villain designs.

    DmC has done half of this. They set out to re-model the old Dante, who, as far as i know wasn't really the reason the game series was worse. But fair enough, they re-modeled him, into a foul mouthed brat basically, a far different affair to the camp, humourous, over-the-top Dante we used to have. The new Dante swears every other sentence, and is quite happy to let his brother kill babies and pregnant women, not really hero material, i know, not even anti-hero material. But giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the old one needed the reboot, fine, we'll ignore this, the thing Ninja theory have focused on as 'the sole reason DmC is controvercial', was the dante overhall.

    Problem is, Devil May Cry, has only ever been on the very surface of it, a game about visuals, story, and Dante. The core of the game is it's game-play, games are supposed to be played, not watched. Old Devil May Cry was known for it's challenge, it's fluid and perfect combat system. The new DmC has taken absolutely nothing from the old series staple game-play system, it has the rankings of D-C-B-A-S etc. But it no longer has styles, and you are dropped to a bare minimum of weapons. The gameplay is effectively lifted from Ninja Theory's past failed game, heavenly sword. There is no lock on, you're trapped with 3 very boring, standard weapons. And in total, the game has a lifespan that lasts about one sitting. It isn't very difficult, whatsoever, even on it's harder modes.

    All in all, the game is as bad as the negative hype built it to be. I was hoping that the game would just get past the basic negative hype of 'Dante looks different, boo!' and have a solid action game underneath with a decent story. Instead, it's built on that negativity, even the core gameplay is missing. Either way, Devil May Cry as a series is done for, if this game sells well, there'll be another, and the old series will be replaced. If this game fails, we won't see another game for many years.
  10. Jan 15, 2013
    Worst gameplay and story than DMC 2. Actually, I´m starting to like DMC 2 more now. I don`t feel an evolution in the franchise, and this is the fifth game of DMC. Less weapons than the previous games, with the same exact combos and they do exactly the same! WHY!? I know that Ninja Theory games don`t have good gameplay, but, come on! This is boring as hell! For being the 5th installment in the franchise, it should be better, but this is like a mediocre PS2 hack n´ slash before the first DMC existed. Also, because of the RED/BLUE enemies, you`re restricted to attack them with specific weapons, downgrading the deep in combat. Also, the lack of lock-on is annoying and sometimes the camera moves wherever it want. Textures pop-ups and bad shadows also make me thing I`m playing a 1990 game. Enviroments look great, not doubt about it, but just the first scenarios, the later ones look boring, like they get tired at the end. And speaking of the end, the ending is one of the worst ending in the history of gaming. Looks like a 12 years old boy wrote it... Dialogue was horrible. New Dante is no more ssstylish. He is just an unlikable annoying douche... Vergil is predictable and Kat is just Kat... Boring gameplay, boring storytelling. This reboot was unnecessary... Expand
  11. Jan 15, 2013
    I only needed to play the demo and look at the cutscenes on youtube to know this game is complete garbage. They even made fun of the old Dante. They should've let it go at DMC 4.
  12. Jan 15, 2013
    This is a really, really bad game. The framerate tanks constantly for no discernible reason, the enemies just stand around waiting for you to kill them, and the bosses have a grand total of about 2 attacks each. If you want a generic bad action game on the same level as Dante's Inferno, this is the game for you! If you want an actual good action game, Grab DMC4, the HD collection, or Bayonetta.
  13. Jan 16, 2013
    Ok so let me start of by saying I'm a huge dmc fan.I've played Evey game, saw the anime and read the manga. This game is a great addition to the series. The graphics are amazing, the game play is spot on. The level design is some of the best I've seen. Dante is Dante through and through. The game opens up as u play and one u beat it, he .. wait for it...has white hair. Don't listen to the so called fans of original dmc. This game is amazing I highly reccommend it to any action game fan. Stop reading and go buy it. Oh and son of Sparta mode after u beat it makes it even better. Expand
  14. Jan 18, 2013
    As a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series. I thought this game would be decent at best but boy was i wrong i really really enjoyed this reboot. Everything is pretty much solid. I have no complaints about the game except for the overpowered axe and easiness of SSS. I have no idea why DmC is getting bashed so much. ITS A REBOOT!!!!!! You can't expect to have the same old Dante. I personally have enjoyed the new Dante and this new take on DmC. Expand
  15. Jan 19, 2013
    An average action game with its saving grace being the good art direction. The story is insipid and pretentious and the characters extremely unlikeable. Brings nothing new to the table aside from some of the most vulgar writing and scenes you can think of, but expects to be treated like a masterpiece. The soundtrack tries too hard to be edgey and will more often get in the way of the experience rather than adding to it. Glitches galore, exploit them at your leisure. I gave it a 5 because the combat can be fun if you're using most of your brain for something else and some of the visuals. Expand
  16. Jan 21, 2013
    My actual grade for DmC: Devil May Cry is an 8/10 but based on the average grade, this game could use all the help it can get. Even if you dislike this game it is still playable. A 0/10 game is unplayable, and downright disgusting. Dante is not as fun of a character in this game as he is in previous DmC games but he is not a horrible character. He has corny one liners and a very metal attitude with his combos. As for the combos well the auto-lock, while annoying, is not game breaking. You can seamlessly create awesome combos and even though that part is easy, as well as dodging, it is extremely satisfying. The platforming is the other part of the gameplay and is just as unique and fun as the combat. The music is fitting, the lip syncing is incredible, and the stages and bosses make you want to throw up a rainbow. What's left then the story? I don't want to spoil anything but it's sort of predictable but it is definitely a set up for a sequel so be ready for that. If you like brawlers and platforming then this is a fantastic way to start the new year of gaming off right. Expand
  17. Jan 23, 2013
    In response to negative reviews: "Slap in the face?" No. This content offends you? Why are you playing an M rated game? You're obviously not mature enough to handle the "offensive" content ,despite the context given in the story. Devs trying new things with a franchise is not a personal attack against gamers. This reboot is exactly what the franchise needs and I find it hard to believe that anyone who actually finished the game or paid attention to the story could be unsatisfied, let alone offended. Especially if they're a hardcore DMC fan. I get the feeling that many of these negative reviews are from the type of kids that were told they were special and exceptional as long as they "tried their best", and now they think the world owes them something because of some artificially inflated self image. GROW UP. Go buy another call of duty or guitar hero game if you want a franchise that never changes. The core question remains: is the game fun? Just enough was iterated on in this installment to keep the gameplay fresh, but the core elements of DMC remain in tact. They still have the mission structure, with secret rooms, scoring based on style during combat, and improving abilities that allow access to other areas of the map for second and third new game plus playthroughs. We've still got the cheesy dialogue, but much of the gothic feel from DMC 1 and 2 has given way to grittiness. The goofy cheeseball Dante of DMC 3 has been replaced by more of a brooding rebel in search of revenge. Like any good story, we see change in the main character through the conflict. We see this play out in the storyline which has Dante exploring what happened to his parents, and subsequently what happened to him and his brother. This resets us to the starting point of DMC 1 potentially, but in the current technological era. The excellent grab mechanic from DMC 4 has been included and improved upon. The art style of the game is gorgeous and reminds me of the excellent game "Enslaved", only MUCH prettier and that's saying a lot. There is a lot of artistic expression that plays out through the traversal and combat scenarios in limbo. Many of these are super exciting to play and really engaging. Overall Ninja Theory has done a great job of breathing new life into this franchise. It will satisfy newcomers to DMC and older folks like myself who appreciate artistic expression and creativity in sequels. Games like this move the industry forward. Games are for adults now, they're not just toys and if that's what you want, go pull out your Wii or plastic guitar. Expand
  18. Jan 26, 2013
    Don't let this LOW user score bother you. The haters can hate. but damn the action is badass, and the story is mildly engaging, and in the end, you can look past its minor flaws. For those unfamiliar with the genre, this is an excellent game to start out with, and anyone should give it a try.
  19. Apr 5, 2013
    From the story that seems to be written by an edgy 12-year-old, to the boring and easy gameplay, this is NOT a true sequel to DMC4, and it not only puts the series to shame, but the gaming industry as a whole.
  20. Apr 21, 2013
    Ok, first off, to hell with anyone who gave this game below a five. Most of you guys wrote the review on the day of release. my thoughts? they all are a preemptive assault to try to slander what is a GREAT game. so please, you are a coherent human being, avoid the hooting dick-holes. and to said hooting dick-holes; grow up and off.

    REVIEW TIME: this is an AWESOME game. over the top
    action and furious style are dealt in spades here. absolutely stunning level design and combo chaining the likes of which the DMC 3 and 4 have trouble contending. if you're a fan of the series, give it a go. the aesthetic ma be different but the game is all DMC all the time. Expand
  21. Apr 13, 2013
    The gameplay is solid, while devil trigger sucks ass and the new style system has been dumbed down considerable. However, the characters are horrid and the dialogue reminds me of a 15 year old's fan fiction. Storyline was semi-interesting though. And c'mon, new Dante does look like a heroin junkie.
  22. Apr 27, 2013
    I will admit, I never played any of the original DMC games but there's something people seem to forget. This is a REBOOT! The team that worked on this wanted to make the game in their own vision and wanted to use this game as a way for new people (like me) to get into the series, and I believe they succeeded.

    I NEVER cared about DMC until I played this game, the gameplay was really fun
    and fast paced, the story was just okay but I was told that DMC was not mostly known for it's story anyway and I thought the boss battles were excellent. I played and replayed this game multiple times. It's not the greatest game I ever played but it definitely got me interested in the series so that's a win. Expand
  23. Jul 30, 2013
    When i first started playing DMC it was a while back when 4 came out. I played and got hooked. I bought the H-D collection which had 1,2, and 3 and they were fun. Then I heard of this DMC and I was excited. Then i bought it and I only have 1 major gripe with the game. No lock on. WHY NOT? but it is cool looking and the graphics were cool and i know I will get a lot of s!@# for this but i like the new Dante more than the old one. Expand
  24. Jun 9, 2014
    Yes it takes a bit of a darker tone with Dante, but come on. The visuals are amazing, the voice acting is alright, the combat was awesome, and who could forget Combichrist! I can literally sum up what I loved most about the game with one word. Combichrist!
  25. Jan 20, 2013
    I actually enjoyed playing the game, the combat felt very smooth and first time in a hack and slash game my hand wasnt hurting from turning combos. The story had somethings that could have been done better, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Had some of the best level designs I have ever seen in a game, did not feel like anything was reused. Did I have problems with it? Of course, I thought the characters could have been done way better (seriously what happened to the smart ass Dante I came to enjoy). Why are there only 6 bosses in the entire game? If there were maybe 8 bosses in the game I wouldn't have minded as much, but 6 felt very underwhelming. Speaking of bosses, why the hell were they so easy? Hell the hardest boss in this game wasn't even as difficult as the easiest boss in any of the other DMC games. Even though I do have quite a bit of problems with the game, I did enjoy the game enough where I do recommend trying it if you are a fan of hack n slash, die hard fans of the series will be put off by how they characters are handled (seriously Ninja Theory you butchered Vergil and Dante). Expand
  26. Jan 15, 2013
    I have the game early since and the way you get the weapons are TERRIBLE. So far out of the three weapons i got 1 of them was from a boss. The weapons arent creative at all, especially the fists one.
  27. Mar 10, 2013
    Great game, good story and excellent combat. Don't believe the "fan's" negative reviews, but try it and you will be not disappointed. Trust me, i did the same and has 70 hours gameplay now.
  28. Jan 20, 2013
    Namco....what have you done

    you don't see people taking Kratos and then making him some scrawny emo kid do you....nooOO

    I wonder if it was worth the change though because fans are clearly pissed despite the critics review, but then again no one ever listens to critics these days because they always either get bribed or just make bad decisions...much like Namco did this time
  29. Mar 20, 2013
    THE GOOD: GAMEPLAY- Combat is a blast throughout the game, which is in part do to new weapons being added to your arsenal at consistent intervals. Switching between those weapons mid combo is fluid. The amount of platforming feels appropriate and is enjoyable.
    Graphics- Probable the best part of the game (which is often a bad sign) is the graphics. This game is beautiful to behold,
    especially while Dante is in limbo. THE BAD:
    Characters and Story- I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed Dante. He is juvenile and kinda of a tool, but it made for a memorable and sometimes funny character. His character progression is awful. They failed to show me why he began to care about what was going on in the story or why he didn't care to begin with. All they had was the revalation of his parents past, but it wasn't very impactful as it should have been. The rest of the characters boring and forgettable. Same thing goes for the story, which is a shame since this is a prequel/reboot, and was a prime opportunity to hook people on the world and mythos of Devil May Cry.
    CONCLUSION- Even for its faults this game was fun from beginning to end and does not deserve the user scores it is getting on here. Although the developer could have avoided much of this hate if they took more care paying homage to the previous games of this series in its gameplay and especially it's story and characters
  30. Jan 15, 2013
    man besides the big changes i was definetly hoping a at least playable game, but the wig joke was a greath #$%¨$##$%, man the game sucks in everything, the combos is simple and the hystory is tremendous infantible, well now i put my hopes on metal gear rising, at least raiden looks like a real male android , not like a **** like this hero , shame on capcom to allow they do this to a briliant game like dmc series. Expand
  31. Feb 23, 2013
    The user reviews are unfairly low for this game. The story and characters of this series have always been ridiculous, and this game is no different. If you honestly believed DMC 1-4 had a great story and characters, I am really embarrassed for you. It's a shame that this game isn't going to sell well because gameplay-wise, it's one of the best action games I've played in a long time. It is incredibly polished and well balanced in contrast to many of the previous sequels, and I highly recommend it. Expand
  32. Jan 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Don't believe the hate. This game is awesome - Ninja Theory have changed a few major bits and pieces, but overall DmC is a better game for it. They've revived and breathed new life into a franchise that had grown stale, and was looking like it was sure to be a relic of the previous generation of consoles. Even with the changes, the game still FEELS like a Devil May Cry game. The characters feel fleshed out, and Dante seems to have a lot more depth in this new story. Giving deeper meaning to his relationship with Vergil is also one of the best parts of the game. And for the people who are complaining about the way Dante looks... He ends up looking more like the character we know by the end of the game. Seeing him take this transition from how he looks at the start, to how he looks at the end, has a great effect on the character. This is an origin story in every sense - Dante becomes more and more powerful, until he becomes something resembling the white haired character we know. His physical transformation (even if it's mainly just his hair) emphasizes the change in the character that takes place throughout the game. This isn't just Ninja Theory pissing off fans. Every decision they have makes sense for the game they have created.

    The framework for the story has given Ninja Theory the opportunity to design some awesome levels, that offers some "best in class" scripted moments. DmC keeps things fresh by constantly giving you interesting locales to hack and slash through - from an area that takes place within a reflection (causing everything to appear upside down) to a level that takes place within the motion graphics of a News channel. This is the most innovative DMC has been since the first game came out.

    What people have to understand is that Capcom were pretty much done with the old DMC. They had no idea what to do with the franchise as it was. All of the people complaining about this reboot were NEVER going to get a traditional DMC sequel, as Capcom saw no reason to make it. It was either they make a reboot, or they make nothing at all. I'd rather they try and keep the franchise going with a reboot, than forget about it forever. It's just a bonus that the game they created for this reboot happens to be one of the best action adventure games of this generation.
  33. Jan 15, 2013
    It is, perhaps, not as bad as all the people who have not played it throwing bad scores at it would say, however the game is extremely lackluster in many categories. First off the dialogue and story are infamously atrocious, but that goes without saying. The gameplay is incredibly easy as few enemies spawn in the same area at once, the axe weapon is obscenely overpowered, and you can infinitely juggle an enemy in the air with the angel and demon grabs, not to mention that you get SSS almost immediately from any attack, and that the game lacks the lock on system necessary to aim attacks at enemies. The music tends to be obnoxious as well but thats subjective.
    However, while the story and gameplay are mediocre at best, it is still fun to hack and slash a bunch of demons, so its still earns itself some points
  34. Jan 15, 2013
    This is a bad game.

    The story is bad. The characters are unlikable. The protagonist shoots a pregnant woman in the stomach, then kills her, then later mocks the antagonist about it. A minor character makes magical portals with squirrel semen. The game rips off the Slurm Queen from Futurama, except does it entirely seriously. It thinks you are dumb, too. It's not enough that you're
    fighting EVIL DEMON BILL O 'REILLY head, they have to make him yell DO IT LIVE, in case you hadn't caught on to the fact that it was bill o reilly.

    The only good part of the story is the interaction between Dante and Vergil, which hilariously is ruined by the ending, because Ninja Theory had to have a sequel hook. Oh, and the final boss fight occurs for literally no reason whatsoever.

    The Combat is bad. Slow, plodding, and boring. No Lock-On limits options. Enemies requiring specific weapons limits options. The ability to fly forever as long as you have an enemy to beat on makes the game pathetically easy. The weapons are all either useless or overpowered. Certain enemies are a chore to fight because they only take damage from the weakest weapons and everything has too much health, especially on higher difficulties.

    No Replayability. Replayability in previous DMC games and games like Ninja Gaiden come from the grading system. You replay levels to get a high score, or on a harder difficulty because traditionally games like this have NOT had gradient difficulty. In Devil May Cry games before this one, increasing the difficulty made enemies behave differently, sometimes radically so. In DmC it just gives them much more health, and slightly increases the damage they do.

    The style system is utterly broken. It's based on damage rather than variety, allowing players to button mash their way into a perfect rank. It never degrades unless hit, a vast departure from previous games. The 'Completition' score, which is based on how many secrets you find, locks when you find everything, so you never have to collect them again on subsequent playthroughs of the level. This allows players to cheese the grading system by collecting everything on one run, and then jetting through the level as quickly as possible on another to get the best time ranking. Perfect scores in other games are testaments to your skill. In DmC they are testaments to having 20 minutes to burn.

    No interesting bossfights beyond the final one, which is a watered down version of the encounter at the end of Devil May Cry 3.

    In summary, DmC: Devil May Cry, is bad. It has bad writing, bad gameplay, bad grading, bad bosses, and no replayability. Don't buy it. Don't even rent it.
  35. Jan 15, 2013
    Coming from a long time DMC fan this game is great. Sure i had my doubts like many others after hearing ninja theory was rebooting the series. And boy was i wrong this game turned out to be awesome. Combat is great (on par with dmc 3 but different style, still jc is in) and the story is a good start to this new franchise. Can't wait to see what they have in store for DmC 2!!!
  36. Jan 15, 2013
    I was willing to give it a shot, even with the redesigned Dante, but the game is just terrible. From Sniper Rifle abortions to "Yah-Matt-Too" and the "I've got a bigger !@#$", the writing was absolutely atrocious. Gameplay isn't exactly bad, because you can still do some interesting things, but it's such a step down from DMC3 or 4 that I felt more restricted than Nero felt in 4. The game is also way shorter than previous entries, not counting the unskippable cut-scenes. Please, don't support this game. Expand
  37. Jan 15, 2013
    dmc devil may cry is a shameless reboot to a great franchise,this game has obscene violence and even a sex scene in it. ninja theory claim its a shakespear-esk game but in reality its a pitiful game
  38. wou
    Jan 16, 2013
    incrivel como vagabundo ta chorando até agora só por causa do cabelo do dante, que por sinal ficou bem mais homenzinho, ja que aquela franja branca era MUUUITO emo

    amazing how ta bum crying until now only because of dante's hair, which by the way was much little man, ja white fringe that that was sooo emo
  39. Jan 16, 2013
    The big problem of this game is the name, because comparison with the previous DMC is inevitable. The first mission is good, but just the first mission. The game doesn´t give you something new to the genre. The combat is boring and repetitive and doesn´t give the depth We all feel in DMC 3 and 4. Story is horrendous and some scenes are disgusting (Tameem has a problem with women?). I don´t have problem with changes, but this is just a completely different game with the DMC name on it, just to sell copies. And the worse is all the hate that caused. I can´t believe jornalist can support companies like Ninja Theory. Sorry but this is the first time I can´t recommend a Devil May Cry and it´s sad because it was a great franchise. :( Expand
  40. Jan 17, 2013
    First, they ruined Resident Evil and now they ruined Devil May Cry. Capcom will soon be out of business. It has nothing to do with nostalga, when a game takes 5 steps backwards in terms of game play. This is Devil May Cry for the Call of Duty generation.
  41. Jan 17, 2013
    Bad Framerate , Bad Voiceacting , Bad Writing , Bad Ending , Bad Game mechanics .
    Do not trust Smoshgames or any untrustworthy site (IGN *Cough*) .
    Crapcom , get your **** together.. start making games the good old way and stop giving your franchise to artist wannabes.
  42. Jan 21, 2013
    I was feeling a little sceptical initially as a result of the controversy surrounding its release. I cancelled my pre-order but I am very glad that I gave into my curiosity and bought it. It was fast paced, and consistently exciting, the surroundings revolved around me and were great to look at. I absolutely love the vibrant colour palate used and I found myself playing for hours on end. I quite like Dante's new look and raw attitude and the combat is so fluent and fun. I found myself striving to pull off perfect combos and experimenting regularly in the training mode. My only criticism with the game is the occasional issue with texture popping during the cinematic scenes, but it was a very minor issue. One of the best and most addictive games I've played in a while. Thank you very much Ninja theory. Keep up the good work. Expand
  43. Jan 27, 2013
    Just because Dnate changed his haird doesn't mean you should bash on the game this much. Here is a link to a longer review
  44. Jan 29, 2013
    Beautiful, ironic, talented game with annoying platformer elements and some borrowings from Alice: Madness Returns. Ninja Theory - good job. Not great maybe, but still very good. Waiting DmC 2.
  45. Feb 7, 2013
    Everything is this game makes ZERO sense and it has a bad story bad character development to easy gameplay wich makes the game even more boring you have to use red weapons to kill red enemies blue weapons to kill blue enemies and they putted some elements of the other Devil May Cry's without a logic it's a complete and big mess this game is a reboot a very bad one and without logical explanations just EVERYTHING in this game is horrible and if you liked the previous Devil May Cry's games you will rather die than play this junk. Expand
  46. Feb 8, 2013
    it's boring casual game with dull combat it's so slow compared to older ones it made me come back to the devil may cry hd collection in no time... i beat it in 1 day at nephilim, gameplay is copypasted from heavenly sword... i had more fun with gunXsword (wich is an average game)... it's a game below awerage and we know why the majority of sites gave it amazing scores (capcom paid them directly or indirectly using sites as advertising) story is ripped off and lame, music is horrible and gave me migraines, some of the enviroments (they look alike those from bayonetta but bayonetta was better in all the possible ways) are great but that's not enought to give this game credit... after ruinning resident evil with the 6 now they've ruined devil may cry... good job capcom
    ah and no lovk on feature, 2 dodge buttons (cause we have to press a trigger for angelic and demonic wepones)
    do yourself a favor... do not buy it...
  47. Feb 8, 2013
    This game has shallow, unbalanced combat. The main focus of the game is the combat and it has not delivered anywhere near the standard of previous Devil May Cry games. The 30fps does affect the smoothness of the action and it feels as if the game is trying to catch up with the players inputs at times.

    The story is badly written and acompanied by awful voice acting. The art style/design
    is an insult to the previous titles and no amount of talking about 'white hair' can cover over the obvious flaws and shallow nature of the combat mechanisms. I also found the cortrol system to be overly clunky and not responsive all of the time. Enemies are badly designed too and are nowhere near the standard of previous titles.

    Overall, this game is a complete let down and not worth wasting time and money on.
  48. Feb 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I picked up DmC the other day over all the protests that I've heard about it on this site. Why? Because I took a look at it on youtube and watched some other people play it before I dismissed it as a bad game. Guess what? It's not. The combat is as enjoyable as you make it, like any of the other DMC games, there are a few different weapons to choose from, just like the other DMC games, and you decide which ones you like the best and learn to kick ass stylishly with them. There are only a few enemies where you are really limited to what you have to use and they are color-coded, so you're not at a loss as to what to do. The new Dante is a bit more snarky-skater-punk-hipster than the old Dante, who was a ninja turtle with white hair and a red jacket, so pick your poison as far as characters go, but let's face it; no one plays these games for the story, it's for the combat. The writing is not great, that's true. It's a little ham-fisted as far as a the evil propaganda news network goes, and they didn't steal a subplot just from They Live (which is really good and one of John Carpenter's best and you should watch it), but also from Futurama ("Fry and the Slurm Factory"), so that's unfortunate but, again, no one plays an action game for the story. Mario is a pretty stock platformer and no one is knocking nintendo for the "there's a princess, you're a good guy, what else do you need?" as a storyline. As far as the presentation of the game goes, it's decent for the game but a little forced into the "gritty reboot" corner for the story and the setting, but there are some fantastic levels that go outside that spectrum and really make the game look good such as the platforming sections inside Dante's mind and the Club level. There are even sections of the game in each level where they toss the camera into a corner or above him that are reminiscent of the old games and look damn good to boot. Fact is, most of these reviews are based on get-off-my-lawn nostalgia and not an accurate appraisal of the older games in the series. If this is a reboot, even as a one-off, it's a decent game in its own right. Don't trust the haters who just got an account to get a soapbox. Give it a look, give it a try. If you like action games of the hack and slash variety with just enough depth to give you some options, you'll probably like it. I do. Expand
  49. Jun 10, 2013
    Being new to the Devil May Cry universe I found the new addition to the franchise entertaining from a action aspect as well with a kick ass soundtrack written by Noisia and Combichrist. With that said. I beat it on the hell and hell difficultly and once you have mastered the combo's and upgraded every weapon it's a slight challenge. Getting a Sensational ranking is very easy compared to previous Devil May Cry's. The game does make you feel like a badass in combat but some fight's are generic and can get a little tedious and annoying. I enjoyed the Limbo parts of the game and it shows Ninja Theory had some great artistic designs but the story is were this game starts to suffer. To be honest the new look of Dante never steered me away from the game but it was his lack of a interesting character along with Kat and Vergil. Bob Barbas the demonic Raptor Reporter was the greatest and most fun boss battle I've battled in a while at the same time some boss battles are copy and paste and there is not much for innovation. The camera angles can sometimes build a mind of it's own and leave you stuck staring at the ceiling but it's a minor issue. The final verdict is that it's a okay game after going back through all of the difficulties and getting most of the achievements. The DLC Vergil's downfall holds no torch to the actual game. If you are a massive fan of the franchise it might disappoint you with only 2 hours of actual gameplay and a somewhat half assed tale of Vergil's Downfall. If Ninja Theory made a DMC 2 I'd give it a try but the game has gotten a lot of hate but if you want to give this a try, wait till a huge price drop and give it ago! Don't set your expectations high. Plus there is a moment in the game were a white wig happens to flop onto Dante's head and he looks into a mirror reflecting on the old style of Dante. Dante smirks and says, "Not in a million years". With this said it's a huge middle finger to the older franchise and like I said myself not being a huge fan of the serious I felt the anger with that being in the game. It was unnecessary and it goes to show you where the company feels about the past games and the history of DMC. We might not see a DMC 2 and with that I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed. Expand
  50. Jul 24, 2013
    Devil may cry 4 was a HUGE flop, they MUST reboot the story, and the new style is AMAZING.
    The gameplay is pure fun,
    all the weapons are useful, not like in the others, when you can play ONLY with a sword.
  51. Jan 19, 2014
    Quick lesson on me. 1: I've played all 4 of the previous Devil May Cry games. 2: I've beaten and liked 1-3 (finished 1 at least 10 times)

    When playing this game with the other games in mind you must remember one important thing: you play Devil May Cry games for the action, not the story. And personally, I believe DmC is amazing when it comes to the action. The story and characters arent
    absolutely terrible like many believe. The art style for the game is actually pretty interesting and I like it a bit.

    Like I said earlier, you play for the action in this series. Really, I believe the action is the best in this game out of all 5 of the games in the series. When you fight a large amount of enemies it is fun and exhilarating. The tracks that play during the fights add to feel of kicking ass in my opinion. When you get a new weapon you feel awesome and want to just destroy everything. I like the way to combat system works and I believe it is done well here. There are only a few exceptions where I feel the game is a bit unfair (Im looking at you Tyrants and the final boss!) but besides that it doesnt feel like you are out-matched when fighting. It feels nice when you hit a bunch of enemies and watch your combo meter skyrocket.

    For a hack-n-slash fighting game it does it's job well and pretty amazingly I would have to say. It's my favorite Devil May Cry game in the series when it comes to the action (you know, that thing Dmc games are known for). When I first played this game, it reeled me in with it's high octane fighting and soundtrack. I ended up not putting down the game until I finished it. It's a great game for people who like simple hack-n-slash with a little secret collecting.
  52. Jun 26, 2014
    This is a fantastic game. The game play is amazing. The level design is one of the best I've ever seen. The only criticism I have for this game is that it was on the easier side, for the first play through at least. The difficulty of course ramps up as the harder modes are unlocked. As for the characters, I for one liked them but i'm guessing that many didn't that's why they are judging this game entirely on subjective terms. Expand
  53. Aug 16, 2014
    In my opinion, the most important thing in a game is the gameplay, and I liked that in this game. It is true that the story is not very interesting and it gets boring at some parts, but I do not care about it, because the gameplay makes me feel that I am "The Boss". I finished the game like four times because I wanted to play every game difficulty and complete every secondary mission and I did not get tired. Expand
  54. Jan 26, 2013
    Ok the people that are **** about the game being destroyed are idiots, dante is different in every game, this one is like a younger version of the dmc dante, game is beautiful, layout is sick, combat is grade A, story line is great too. In all honesty its just as good if not better than dmc 3. Soundtrack is dope as hell, definitely worth buying, i randomly preordered it at gamestop, no intention of buying it honestly, saw it was a new revamp of dmc so i picked it up, i regret buying skyrim, gears 3 and halo 4 more than i do dmc, worth the $65. Expand
  55. Feb 7, 2013
    The first original devil may cry was my very first ps2 game back in the the day. I always remember how great it played and it looked fantastic. My expectations were lower back then and when dmc2 arrived I was quite disappointed, then the third installment was a bit better followed by the dreary 4th. Then news of a reboot surfaced and I wasn't that interested as my interest in the series had gone. I watched a few videos and read comments from everyone moaning about the new Dante and how the game looked. n vtime I just realised thatit finally, I was hooked. It's slick, funny and impressive these were fans who couldn't let go. When I played it I was well impressed. People seriously have to get over it and accept that its a brilliant solid game Expand
  56. Jan 15, 2013
    It's hard to start on this game. The story is insipid, it's very juvenile and hamfisted in its presentation and it shamelessly takes from the film They Live. You shouldn't expect to be enriched by it.

    But the game's worst part is that it's gameplay is just.. mediocre. It's slow, clunky enemies are unmemorable and bosses are very poorly done.

    Instead of using insane combos and quick
    reaction to defeat the bosses, it's mostly just dodge their one big swipe attack and then use some platforming gimmick to make them weak. It's something I'd expect from a Legend of Zelda boss. The combat at it's core, is well. Mediocre. It's a clear downgrade from previous games but on it's own it's playable. It's just nothing special. Devil May Cry had some potential, but it's developers didn't have the competency to carry it out. Expand
  57. Jan 23, 2013
    honestly just dont like the feel of the combat. just a personal preference. i dont like the changes to the character but im not crazy angry about it. i skipped devil may cry 4 for similar reasons i didnt like the new character introduced and heard it was a very short game. im not acting like a crazy fan boy of bashing the game just dislike the new direction of less over the top goofy and fun, that the reboot is following. like i said i didnt like four and only rented it to try it out. voted with my dollar wich obviously didnt work. so i figured id write one of these reviews to try to do something different. i dont care if anyone reads this and if u do i dont think ive said anything to try to change anyones mind and im not trying to. i just feel sad for losing a series that was one of my favorites. im sure everyone has had that happen before and can understand where im comeing from. also i dont think this will work. its just something from a long time fan who feels like hes lost one of the series that got him back into games back on the ps2. lol end of review Expand
  58. Jan 16, 2013
    Being cool doesn't mean using *bleep* in every conversation ! this Dante Does not represent the old Dante in any way ( especially his personality ) ! and after seeing the "Wig" joke 1 thing comes to mind " The developers of this game do not respect the original series nor the fans!" .
  59. Sep 17, 2013
    Seeing the bad score i had to write a little bit on my own.

    I played some of the older DmC games, but none realy that extensively.
    I like dante´s new look of, the action is great, the music is awesome like the best game soundtrack i can think of right now) the jokes are actually kind of funny, the story is not toooo bad. Compared to other games of the prox genre playing Asura´s
    Wrath now, or what was that Resident-Evil-kinda Ninja game called?? I LOOVE the lack of QuickTimeEvents All in all a very enjoyable game and there is no way it deserves a 4.9 rating Expand
  60. Jan 17, 2013
    From a neutral standpoint you probably either think that anyone who doesn't think the game is awesome is just another "hater" who spends all day complaining about hair, or that this reboot is the worst game ever depending on who you listen to in this complete mess of a marketing campaign. Its hard to find a truthful and educated opinion from either sides in this internet slug fest, Capcom and Ninja Theory have been bashing anyone with a difference of opinion and trying to discredit them, while some of fans of the original DMC have been spending all day on the forums of Capcom and even giving death threats. I am a huge fan of DMC 1 and 3, DMC in particular is a high standard in the genre which i do not think has been met to this day, but when i first heard of the idea of a reboot my mind was actually open to the idea if it could be done right, but when i saw the trailers it didn't really interest me, but i didn't bash the game in the youtube comment sections, although i was disgusted with the way Capcom and Ninja Theory dealt with customers. What I am trying to say is that I am a DMC fan that came in with a open mind to this new reboot. I have played it solidly for the last week after renting it out and have not been overly impressed with the title, The game isn't bad but it isn't good either it instead is a completely mediocre game that you should have no problem leaving on the shelf at your local game store. The biggest thing holding it back is its sluggish frame rate, you simpally cannot make 30fps look like 60fps, Even more problematic is that the frame rate drops from 30fps to 20fps or even lower than that in my own experience, which seems unacceptable for dmc which has always run at a solid 60fps since DMC1. Also the combat seems incredibly basic and uninspired, Removing the lock on means removing directional inputs which results in a very small move set for Dante in this new DmC, not only that but it also means the combat is imprecise making it a guessing game whether or not you grapple or shot, swing or stab etc. Not that it really matters if you screw up your moves because the enemy AI is some of the worst i have ever seen in any game in the genre, the ai in this game is very close to DMC2 and that is not a good thing. Most enemies just stand there in combat very rarely swinging with a very slow and easily avoidable attack, the same can be said about most of the games bosses. Even on low difficulties a complete noob could finish this game without dying once. Take myself for instance, i beat this game 3 times in a single weak, i even managed to beat the game on Dante Must Die Mode without dying once, and this is not because im a master at DMC games, I'm pretty dam noob at DMC 3 and 4. But even DMC3 special edition on easy is harder than son of sparda mode on this reboot. The game is to short, it took me just over 10 hours on my first try and even less on my second and third. I found that the only reason the game is as long as it is, that is because of the platforming sections. These sections may look cool but add no real gameplay to the game at all, these sections are way too slow, you could walk most of the platforming sections and still survive, they are there purely to pad the games length and they put heavy restrictions on player by forcing them down a linear path. This isn't the only place were the game is linear though, several enemies can only be killed by one particular weapon, removing player choice from combat, this is dull and boring its as if the developers want everyone to play the game the exact same way and hold our hands throughout the whole game. Maybe because if we played the game a different way the game would glitch out, because the game did so for me many times, several of the glitches forced me to quit the game and start the level over, and i wasn't looking for glitches which is what most Capcom fanboys will say to defend the game. The style meter is now a complete joke, all you need to do to get SSS style is use the demon dodge once then swing the red axe and boom, in one combo you are at SSS, once your there just dont get hit and the style doesn't drop, which you can do easily with a attack you use that keeps you in the air, and drags enemies off the ground into the air with you, there is no longer any skill required to get SSS style. And the thing which Ninja Theory fanboys claimed their favourite developer would destroy the old developers at is story. To my surprise Ninja Theory screwed this up so bad, Previous DMC titles had the story line of a b grade action movie, cheesy but still enjoyable because of how over the top and stylish it was.This new DmC story is more like a 13 year old boy trying to write an edgy story but ultimately just trying to hard to be cool.Dialogue mainly consists of swear words, bad sex jokes, and the new Dante thinking he's awesome when really he is just a douche. The same can be said about most of the characters.No time to cover graphics and sound Expand
  61. Jan 31, 2013
    This game is a reboot/prequel that breathes new life into the series. Luckily the things that matter haven't been changed. Most people are complaining about difficulty, but if you beat the game you can unlock the SON OF SPARDA mode which makes the game so much harder and more satisfying. The story is simple and satirical and for everyone saying it's very American it's style feels more British to me. I enjoyed the characters and have played all the old games. If you enjoy beat em ups this game is going to be right up your ally. Don't listen to all the hate about his hair not being white, besides when you beat the game you also unlock his old costume, so play on the hardest difficulty with the old costume and it'll be just like the old DMC games, everybody wins. Expand
  62. Jan 16, 2013
    The games story is overall boring and uninteresting, but the characters, the bosses, the level design is very good loving the art style too. The combat while not as deep as the others is very fun and still has a deep level you can take it too. Even the platforming type sections with the whips is fun, to the point were i feel like spiderman. exploration, hidden keys, collectibles this feels like a DMC. i really like the passing of the levels they way it changes in real time, the addition of the training mode is good aswell. I dont think its the best DMC but by no means is it the worse. Give it a shot and you may like it Expand
  63. Jan 15, 2013
    What i'm loving about this game is how it's not just a button basher like previous games in the series, this time you have to use your brain and think to pull off that perfect combo. I'm constantly trying to get the 'A' rating each and every time and it feels so rewarding when i do. It's insanely hard on the hardest difficulty setting, just one hit and your dead, so i've dropped it down to medium setting for the time being. I'll give anyone who completes this game on the hardest setting a cookie because you deserve it if you do lol. Expand
  64. Jan 19, 2013
    Dante ist tot, es lebe Dante. Zugegeben, es war ein gewagter Schritt von Ninja Theory das Devil May Cry Franchise zu rebooten, doch das ganze hat sich gelohnt
  65. Jan 15, 2013
    I came into this game with an open mind, I didn't care about the redesign also long as the game play was intact since Devil May Cry has never been about story. The combat is terrible, The enemies are punching bags that barely do anything even on Dante must Die mode. The game constantly drops below 30 frames per second despite the fact that it's predecessors ran at 60. The lack of hard lock-on means you will be constantly attacking enemies you did not want to attack and your move set is much smaller than previous games. The styles meter is now damage based, which means you can spam the same move over and over to reach SSS rank. Finally series staples much as taunting and styles have been removed. Everything they have done to this game is a step back from previous games, every previous Devil May Cry game has added features and built upon previous games, while this game removes features and adds nothing of value.

    TLDR: The game is a piece of garbage that's worse than Devil May Cry 2 save yourself $60 and don't buy it.
  66. Jan 15, 2013
    Long story short, worst thing capcom has done ever, simplistic gameplay instead of technical mechanics based on difficulty levels, retarded plot and an unnecesary reboot, one point for graphics,a game that should have never existed.
  67. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Right, first off I will try my damnedest to review this game as a new series as opposed to a sequel to Devil May Cry. First, the major reason this game is getting so much flak: the story. and characters. While this game was intended to have a great story compared to other games of the same genre, DmC fails horribly at being either an interesting or fun story. I suppose it isn't that the story is bad, but rather it feels forced. There's a cutscene at the start of a chapter, one at the end, and some in-between the chapters. Not so bad, right? But they end up taking more time to go through than the actually playing the game. And my god, the characters. Kat is the only one that is semi-likable, probably because she's rather passive. Dante is on of the inconsistent characters I've seen in a long time. And the antagonists. It's been a while since I've seen sympathetic antagonists, but I don't think I've ever seen one that was meant to be a big bad type of guy, yet the protagonists managed to far, far worse. An example: Kat is taken hostage by Mundus, the big bad. Dante managed to capture his wife, Lilith, and offers her to Mundus. He accepts, and gives Kat to Dante. Vergil shoots Lilth, which I forgot to mention is pregnant, in the stomach, let's her realize what happens, then kills her, all the while he is smiling. Dante never even asks why Vergil did it, either, and even taunts Mundus about his dead child and wife. Don't think that tit was Ninja Theory's intention to make Vergil seem like the bad guy either, as something similar happened in Enslaved before it was fixed by an outside writer. But even of the story, the gameplay is where it should shine. If you can get past the scythe, Rebellion and guns being useless. Or the boring enemies that telegraph their attacks miles away, or the repetitive platforming that is forced in pretty much every mission, or the constant cutscenes that plague the game. The combat is fun, by far the best combat from Ninja Theory yet. Unfortunately, fun combat does not help the boss fights. Out of six bosses, only one is one-on-one fast paced boss. The rest of them, like the regular enemies, telegraph their moves a mile away, with a cutscene roughly every one fourth of their health bar that, again, breaks any kind of flow of combat there might have been. I feel very generous giving the game a 3/10, as there are better games coming out within the next few months. I would not recommend this game to any one unless they could get it for ~20$. If the storys is something that you're interested in, I would recommend They Live. Hell, it even has better combat than DmC. If you're interested in the combat, the DMC collection is a pretty damn good collection. I still don't know why they skipped making a second DMC game and just went to the third one though...
    TLDR: The game's story is bad, the characters are horrible, the environments are neat but useless in the end, there are constant framerate drops the combat, while fun, is covered with bad platforming and constant cutscenes, and last, the horrible, horrible voice acting and models of the characters.
  68. Jan 15, 2013
    I can't believe i paid 60 dollars for this piece of garbage. Playing this game on Dante must die mode was about as hard as DMC 4 on Easy. I play games to be challenged not to hold my hand. I could have forgiven this, only if the story wasn't such a predictable bore.
  69. Jan 15, 2013
    I'm generally not that in touch with video gaming these days, but I like to play the occasional sequel to titles I remember fondly from teenage years, alongside other recommendations. I was intrigued by DmC, which was a reboot of Devil May Cry, a series I enjoyed for it's likable characters, dark world and the sort of combat you love to learn, and learn to love. It being a reboot I assumed it would be like DMC4, a new setting, maybe new characters, but ultimately the same DMC, because it's not a beloved franchise by accident. I'm going by the logic that Expand
  70. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is simply 'Meh'. There is nothing outstanding that will warrant a purchase.

    Under normal circumstances I would rate it higher, if the game wasn't pretending to be a Devil May Cry game. I've noticed in official reviews that the game is apparently 'amazing compared to Devil May Cry 1' which I think may be a decade old by this point.

    Big game reviewers are trying to claim this
    game is fantastic, gripping and amazing - You can see who gets ad revenue from Capcom if their reviews sing along those lines.

    This game is Heavenly Sword with terrible story and writing, nothing written in this game is worth listening to. Fear for your sanity if you are looking forward to this story.

    This game is a shell of the former glory that was DMC3 and (the Dante parts) of DMC4.
    Honestly, I think that Ninja Theory only played DMC2 and Nero in DMC4 when they were designing this mess.

    In closing, this game is average. I rated it slightly lower because it's trying to be DMC.
    Fanboys, please don't immediately scream hate in my direction, I tried to be as unbiased as possible when playing this, and I'm not particularly happy with the death of one of my favorite franchises.
  71. Jan 15, 2013
    What can I say about Devil May Cry? It's a game I received early and I've been playing it sense. It has a ton of depth and detail that really surprises me on a level that no game has in a long time. To make this short and sweet, this is possibly one of the greatest games of all time.

    You are Dante, the demon killer, a hero and voice of the voiceless. You go through over 15 action packed
    and intense missions as him and the more you play as him the more you realize the subtle brilliance of his character and dialogue and just simply how bad ass he is. I'll say no more, but he's certainly better than a certain wannabe geezer.

    The gameplay is and as a huge action junkie who buys EVERY action game I see I can say it's easily the most refined combat I've ever faced. Lock on is totally unnecessary when everything is so damn fluid. Some of the boss encounters are simply one of the greatest moments in gaming history and you'll be blown away by them. The graphics are some of the best detailed, I mean the limbo moments are simply mind blowing! And there's a level that's COMPLETELY LIKE A NEWS BROADCAST! I won't say more, but I can say I was NOT disappointed in that.

    And finally the sound design. The dubstep, as a personal huge fan of the genre the game does it total justice and the music makes me want to buy 10 soundtrack CDs just so I can share it with my friends.

    In closing, I loved this game. I wasn't that big of a fan of the original series but this reboot did it total justice. You would be a fool if you would let this pass up.
  72. Jan 15, 2013
    Very unspecific and light spoilers

    The good:

    While the combat may not be as varied or fluid as the previous 2 entries in the series, it manages to retain enough DMC flare to make it solid, better than the competition, killing regular baddies remains very fun, even if 7 year old DMC 3 had over 10 more moves than the new iteration, a turbo mode and an extra playable character that was
    not DLC.

    While the platforming is rather shallow, it does manage to show off the very impressive environments. The music seems to be fitting for the game style, and while not really my style, it never seemed to bother me too much.

    The bad: Overall, the game is too easy even on higher difficulties, I found myself sustaining 0 damage on some of the bosses, SSS style ranking by repeating two combos over and over, only one if I managed to land it after a demon evade. surprisingly, a normal foe, a dual sword wielding enemy managed to be more challenging than every single boss in the game.

    Out of 5 melee weapons the game provides, 2 of them manage to be rather useless, since the remaining three cover all your needs, I am talking about Rebellion, Arbiter and Aquila. This also happens with firearms, going from useless, to useful, to broken. You could say those weapons are there to give variety, you would be wrong, and I explain why next ...

    Color coding, apparently the combat designer felt the best way to show off the move set was not letting you use it, you come across these color coded enemies as the game gets "harder", that can only be damaged by either a demon weapon or an angel one, the moveset on Aquila (angel) and (Arbiter) are very superior than your other options, so is their damage output, which you need since these enemies have lots of health, there goes variety.

    The frame rate drops a lot to 20 fps (the old ones were 60 solid), especially towards the end when even cut-scenes suffer from it, in the very few scenes where the heavy handed red/orange/blue filter goes away, the city starts showing the unreal engine, everything looks grey with lots of bloom, with PS2 like textures and geometry.

    The chief designer claims that this will elevate storytelling in games to the level of film and theatre ....

    The old games were 80s B action movie cheesy, the dialog and story on this one were soap opera bad, if they made soap operas for edgy 14 year old boys and men during midlife crisis, I never knew sex scenes and profanity could be badly written until now, it´s full of shock value, no substance at all. Felt like watching The Hangover again, like an unfunny episode of Family Guy, I mean there was an abortion by sniper rifle. When the game takes itself serious it fails miserably at it too, taking a boss from Futurama character motivations from They Live and Stars Wars prequels. They removed taunting because it felt unrealistic, and yet the they show demon bosses being killed by a single bullet on a cutscene when previous game play shows those same bosses barely damaged by 400 bullets each. they also show the main antagonist, a super smart boy prodigy blabbing his master plan,in front of the wrong people at the wrong time, the worst possible way, to justify the last battle, which is is copy pasted from DMC3, only much slower.

    The game is fun, looks and sounds good too. I got some eye candy, I got shallow but serviceable platforming, and for combat I got 75% old DMC, 10% Dark Sector and 15% Heavenly Sword. .......

    This confused me, because when Ninja Theory said they were making it their own, I expected the combat to drastically change, for better or worse, I expected them to walk a different path, and yet it seems they walked the same one, only they gave up half way and called it a day, this made me feel the reboot was rather pointless, unless you really really like dubstep .......
  73. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is offensively terrible.

    Let's go step by step.

    First, the story. The story is a juvenile orgy of teenage-level 'anarchism' and events that make me believe the writers may be borderline psychotic. Our 'heroes' shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach, wait until she realizes her unborn child is dead, then kill her. Then later, our heroes say they enjoyed watching the wet chunks splatter on the floor. Other parts are no better. The Slurm Queen from Futurama makes an appearance, except instead of being funny, we are meant to take this seriously. Ninja Theory copied a ridiculous scenario from a cartoon and tried to make a serious world domination plan from it. Pitiful. Later in the game, you fight a 'parody' of Bill O'Reilly. I say parody because it's really not, it's too obvious. Ninja Theory thinks you are stupid however, and has to have the boss yell DO IT LIVE multiple times during the fight, in case you didn't catch their clever bit of completely obvious, dated, obsolete social commentary. If the sniper rifle abortions, plagiarism, and bad social commentary weren't enough, the main antagonist spends most of the game have intercourse with his daughter. Classy.

    Next, the gameplay in general. It is bad. The Combat is bad, but I'll get into the technical aspects of that in a moment. The gameplay is constantly broken up with unskippable cutscenes. It is almost as bad as Resident Evil 6, another major offender. Capcom seems to have issues with this and this gmae is no exception. Ninja Theory also included a lot of platforming in their reboot, which makes sense as their environments are the nicest parts of the game. However, they're really just fancy hallways in which you do the same basic platforming over and over again, and quickly become a chore, and seem like filler.

    The Combat is significantly dumbed down from DMC, or games like Ninja Gaiden. The style system is utterly broken, allowing players to mash to stardom, enemies do almost no damage when they even bother to attack, and Dante's Devil Trigger allows him to effortlessly obliterate everything while also slowing down time and rapidly regenerating his health. Angel Weapons do almost no damage, and while in other games using them would boost your score, in DmC score is based on damage, so they are pointless. Or they would be, if not for the fact some enemies ONLY TAKE DAMAGE FROM THEM. This becomes a chore as enemies are walking meatballs, able to absorb ridiculous amounts of damage, especially on higher difficulties. The Boss battles include 4 giant floating enemies that clumsily attack Dante and are more akin to platforming challenges, and two weaker versions of bosses from DMC3. Original!

    The game fails technically other than the environments and facial mocap. Voice acting is atrocious, frame rate drops constantly, struggling to meet the already barely acceptable 30fps. Characters move like stiff boards except for the face, which becomes unsettling to look at.

    Replayability is gone. Gradient difficulty rather than the more involved difficulties from previous games robs this game of any reason to be replayed. Furthermore, the game is short. About 6 hours, even with the unskippable cutscenes and platforming padding.

    If you have not played every game in the 'stylish action' genre made in the past decade, play any number of those rather than DmC. And if you have, well, you standards should be too high for this anyway. Avoid.
  74. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Before I go into the game, remember this took close to five years to be developed with an already established game engine.

    Story: What can I say, it really just sounds like someone has issues with life. Dante is some guy living in a trailer who is brought in to help fight against the demons who secretly rule the world using mind controlling soft drinks. Besides the immature dialogue and the see through plot, the characters themselves have no redeeming points. Dante harasses the humans he's trying to protect and be's a jerk to everyone except the girl he likes. Vergil kills a child in the womb and allows the mother a moment to realise her child is dead before he kills her as well and laughs about it.
    These two are brothers and while the relationship is established during the game, it just feels forced and when they inevitably fight because of opposing opinions (Vergil offended Dante's girl) there's no feeling to it. Overall the story has stolen many ideas and concepts from other movies and games that executed them better.

    The Gameplay is what the DMC franchise is known for. The lack of a lock on button means you'll be flailing around as the jittery camera spins during fights. The combos aren't as impressive as you think, in the old series tying your combos together helped gain a better score and allowed you easier means to beat your enemies. In this game, you can get a good score by either finding poorly hidden secrets (big red shiny door that glows) or by using a move with the axe that allows an instant SSS (highest style score). The bosses aren't challenging even on the highest difficulties. The poison fight was the most hilarious. When the boss does it's sweep attack, you can parry it which allows you to drag it down *cut scene* allowing you ten seconds to pummel it. Fair enough...except your attacks can finish it off within that ten seconds and then *cut scene*. Every boss is like this, one you find their weakness they are easily demolished. Worse yet, if you don't kill them in that ten seconds they rise and do the exact same attack again without fail allowing you over and over again if need be to pummel them without fear of being hit.
    Switching the weapons really feels pointless for starters when you gain an axe near the start of the game which does incredibly damage to everything. But you have to hold triggers down and tap the d-pad until you find the weapon you want and by then your rythem will be messed up. Oh yeah, style metres don't drop unless your hit, which would be a problem if the enemies attacked you. I waited fifteen seconds at one stage for one of them to attack me! Then when they attack they strike a pose, wait three seconds while their weapons flashes brightly signalling an attack, your given the option of choosing to use two evade buttons (they do the same thing) or jump out the way. Still, despite the combat, you'll be holding out for these moments as the rest of the seven hour game is filled with plat forming and jumping. Wouldn't mind this if the game wasn't a Hack 'n' Slash proclaimed to be the best of it's genre with great combat.
    The devil trigger feels to me like a slap in the face to the old fans. I didn't get involved in all the wars between the two fanbases, but why does a 'Devil' trigger make him get white hair and a Red coat? I thought that was the point of a reboot was to bring life into a franchise and to reinvigorate it, so they give you a button that makes the new Dante look like old Dante (despite him apparently being uncool, a loser, unfashionable)?
    He is half angel, half demon...why not just call it his 'Trigger' / 'Release' / 'Ascension' mode or something? Devil trigger implies he turns into a demon...

    Sound and Audio is a meh. Personally I'm not into recorded human farts (I wish I was joking here) and little pops that represent gunfire. The sounds are lackluster but it's a damn sight better than the dialogue which consists of "F**K YOU!" - "YOU WH**E". I honestly wouldn't mind if this wasn't forced upon you and felt like it suited the game and the atmosphere but it just sounds juvenile.

    Re-playability is really up to the user. Me? I won't be touching it again and will be dropping it off at my nearest game store. The secrets aren't really that good, the DLC just adds extra costumes (why they included a DMC 3 Dante outfit when they already have a Dante Trigger I don't know?) a game mode that all the others DMC games except the first had for free and a Vergil's downfall which is sort of a spoiler if you haven't already seen the entire game on Youtube or paid much attention to the games story (which I can't really condemn you for)

    Overall I could have gone alot more into detail on this game on just how BAD it is. For years we've had journalists saying this is the best game ever, but this is just pathetic. Five years and this is it?. It may have the name Devil May Cry but it will never have it's light!
  75. Jan 15, 2013
    First of all, I'm not some huge DMC fan. Infact, the only game in the series I've beaten to completion is DMC 4. So I'll mostly be talking about this game as a stand alone, rather than a continuation of the series (which quites honestly, it's barely that). The only good thing going for this game is the combat. But even that is flawed in many respects. The weapons have a strong newness and powerful feel to them for the first half of the game that disappears later on as enemies start demanding certain types used. This destroys any semblance of flow the game may have had. This coupled with a meaningless combo system (since you can get SSS without trying) leaves everything feeling generally hollow.

    The environment has much the same issue. At first it's an interesting romp through many varied and somewhat interesting zones, and while the scenery looks nice, it does nothing save throw you into the occasional, overly simplistic platforming puzzle. When I said it's like the combat, well, I meant that it gets worse as time goes on. The scenery just becomes generic and boring later on, as if the devs just gave up and said **** it".

    The story is where the game truly dims. Everyone knows it at this point: the story is childish, cliched, and seemingly written by a 12 year old with a chip no their shoulder. Pretty much every character has the inability to act their age, and the story line itself is a complete bore and would still be a bore even if the characters acted with a sliver of maturity. As a Devil May Cry game, this should be buried and forgotten. As a generic action game, this should be played with the volume off and all cut scenes skipped. It's certainly not worth it's full price, and it sickens me that there are so many high "official" reviews which show me nothing more than either A. Reviewers have lost all credibility and ability to rate fairly. or B. Bribery is alive and well.

    Don't buy this game, if you haven't played earlier Devil May Cry games, I can at least say 4 is worth it. If you have played earlier Devil May Cry games, play them again, because this one isn't one.
  76. Jan 15, 2013
    While many expected this game to be at least a redeeming action if not a valid DMC heir, it turned out to be atrocious at all fronts. Late game restricts you to the usage of specific weapon for coloured demons, platforming is tedious and uninspired and plot is awfully bad. Inexcusably bad writing. It's like developers only had a brief look at what DMC3 is and thought they got everything right while they clearly have not. Expand
  77. Jan 15, 2013
    The game is a complete train wreak. Absolute garbage from beginning to end. The characters are idiotic, the writing is cheesy, the gameplay is slow and boring, and the framerate is locked at 30 fps. I had more fun unclogging my toilet than playing this game.
  78. Jan 15, 2013
    This is one of those games that went from having a deep, complex, and challenging battle system to a game where you press X to win. There is like 1 or 2 combos that you'll use throughout the game and not even come close to needing any of the others. Not to mention the terrible voice acting, asinine plot, and watered down art design to cater to all the new gen console babies. I returned this game day one, I had to resort to lying about how the game with scratched and wouldn't play. Expand
  79. Jan 15, 2013
    I'm disappointed in the characterization of the characters in this reboot, mostly with Dante's brother Vergil, but that isn't a huge issue. What IS a problem is the focus on platforming and cutscenes with little emphasis on the actual combat. When there is combat, its slow and floaty. Compare it to the previous games and you'll notice huge pauses between every swing and a massive reduction in the number of maneuvers possible. I hope they try to raise the bar with the combat in the inevitable sequel. Its certainly BETTER than what was in the demo, but thats not saying much. Its also better than NT's previous titles by a large margin so good on them. Heck I'd say its even better than God of War. But it absolutely does NOT deserve the Devil May Cry name. Those are massive boots to fill. MASSIVE. DMC started the 3D action genre in 2001. Its the only reason there was a market for **** games like Heavenly Sword. If you want to be the next DMC developer, you have to focus on the combat. Do whatever you want with the character design and story - I really don't care at the end of the day so long as the combat is world-class like previous titles. What we got instead was a generic light-heavy system that has plagued the genre for years due to mediocre game design and incompetent game developers. Expand
  80. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Couple that with the fact that if you hid the name of the game and characters from me, I Expand
  81. Jan 15, 2013
    The devil may cry franchise has always been one of my favourite franchises ive grown up playing devil may cry but this game has just killed everything that made devil may cry a good game.first of all the new dante is a angsty teenage douche that isnt likable in any way, the combat is now less fluid and too easy and now requires you to use certain weapons to kill certain enemies which has never happened in any devil may cry game because you could beat anyone with anything, also this game just gives out s rank combo for pulling off just a basic combo. the story is awful especially the ending also the character writing is awful the whole game is filled with curses for no reason other then trying to feel edgy and appeal to teenagers. theres a part in the game where a white wig lands on dantes head and he throws it off and says not in a million years that felt like a kick in the nuts to anyone that was a fan to the old games.
    so once again capcom sh*ts on their fans of the older games and once again ninja theory ruins another franchise.
  82. Jan 16, 2013
    An absolutely dreadful game. Gameplay is dumbed down from its predecessors, soundtrack consists of dubstep (which is inherently bad), graphics are a mixed bag (great environments, but awful character models), and the story is abysmal, featuring unskippable cutscenes, awful dialogue **** YOU!", "and I got a bigger dick", "The world is now your **** as am I"), and a setting straight out of deviantart. If you like dark, gritty games and easy accessible gameplay, you're a ****ing retard and you shouldn't be playing games. Expand
  83. Jan 17, 2013
    Most of what could be said about DmC already has... But I shall do it again.

    Combat is totally basic, even a child can play it and go carnage, but does a child actually knows anything bout gameplay? The lack of Lock On is terrible, basicly you'll hit what the game WANTS you to hit, not what you do, the moves are also few, they might look like a lot, yet it might be even less than Nero
    had back at DMC4' time. Enemies are few, you'll face the chainsaw dudes and the flying babies to everywhere, and the other enemies are pretty much derived versions of them. The bosses here are pathetic, they're slow and predictable, but not in the usual way, you just know what they gonna do before they actually do it, a terrible thing for an action game. Guns are useless, just to say, the sole reason you can't go single move spam with whatever weapon is that some enemies requires a certain weapon to be defeated... A totally lame thing for an action game.

    So far the game gave me no reason to thing it is good, I saw a total noob playing and in less than 15 minutes he totally owned the three first missions without a single retry, he just got there and destroyed everything without problem...

    And now for the story... Just think about a hollywood movie, there' DmC for you, there is NOTHING original there, everything has been done before and will be done again, the cutscenes are just useless, they don't give you important information, or awesome moments, it is just a sequence, usually long and pointless, you know what will happen when you see it, 'cause it has been used many many times already... Shakespearean story? Shakespeare would laugh at it...

    Want to play it? You'll waste your time, get Anarchy Reins or even better, wait for Metal Gear Rising.
  84. Jan 16, 2013
    This game was a complete trainwreck since the beginning... I just can't sum up all the things DmC does wrong: slow and laggy gameplay, too easy enemies and bosses, unattractive character design, boring platforming, such an unoriginal story with a lame ending,and plot filled with disgusting and even offensive stuff... It just left a bad aftertaste; I really needed to replay DMC3 to get rid of the sensation of failure this game left in me...
    NT and Capcom hyped this game too much, and in the end it didn't deliver... DmC is a mediocre hack n' slash, and doesn't deserve the title of DevilMayCry.
  85. Jan 15, 2013
    I'll be short: Gameplay is a big step down from DMC 3/4, its been casualised so anyone can achieve SSS with a couple of combos it actually is more akin to God of War than Devil May Cry. Platforming is boring and way too much, bosses are the whole game in general are super easy, the story is a rip-off of "They Live" and in one cutscene a major character shoots a pregnant woman. Music is horrible dubstep but if you like that kind of thing then good for you. The scenarios are cool and very creative but thats about the only thing good in this game. As a stand alone game I would give it a 6/10 but as a Devil May Cry game is a gigantic step back. Expand
  86. Jan 20, 2013
    This game is bad, the combat can be fun but the enemies are just to easy and the difficult mode are forced and don't feel natural, the history is to plain and childish ("we will conquer the world trow debts" ). And the characters, they really **** this up, vergil now use guns and have 0 honor, is motives are like any other run of the mill antagonist , dante is a **** punk - emo, that in the first 20 min u only want to kill him and his new partner is so weak that u cant just buy the rest of the history. Congrats capcom you kill another great game you **** resident evil and now you are coming for Devil May Cry Expand
  87. Feb 19, 2013
    Absolutely terrible and pointless. From tasteless, childishly amateur writing, terrible graphics and ocean of bugs and glitches to a completely bland and casual gameplay that, when it actually works properly, is only targeted at replicating the visual feats of the previous games which you had to actually master back in the day. A vanity project devoid of any style, substance or passion sown together for a quick buck riding on a big name. At this point unless we see a DMC5 developed by Capcom itself in few years, it's safe to say that DMC is dead and this abomination is what finished it off with a shotgun to a head. Expand
  88. Jan 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. DmC is a very, very weak game, not even counting the other games in the series. I will give it the credit where it is due, first. The concept of the combat is okay. It's probably the most flexible of any hack n' slash I have ever played. But later enemy encounters throw this out the window by requiring specific tactics, which would be okay is a less frantic game but just kills the pacing here. It is far from difficult to get SSS Style rankings consistently, and the second weapon you get, the Arbiter axe, makes this trivial. Limbo is also a really cool concept, and really fun to look at and maneuver through with Dante's new tools, but also feels a bit confined at times, and in some places it's easy to fall off a platform while fighting. With that out of the way, now for the bad news. The story feels like it was immaturely written, including one scene where a woman, demon or not, I don't care, got a rifle abortion, then shot fatally by Vergil. Just... what the hell? That's disgusting. Other highlights include ham-fisted political commentary and the word **** well over a hundred times with little context or meaning. The issue isn't the word itself here. Finally, the horrid, horrid abuse Kat suffered in her backstory just to make her edgy is just misogynistic and uncalled for. Dante, the main character, is likable when bonding with his teammates, but outside of that he feels like a rude little punk, to the point where even Mundus, the local main antagonist, comes across as more likable than him. Dante even insults Mundus about the after-mentioned Rifle-Abortion when Mundus asks why. The dialogue, as mentioned at the overuse of the word **** without context, is very awful. Tameem promised Shakespearean writing, but we got gems like "Me, a god, versus you, a piece of **** and "Dante? The son of Sparda, and Eva THE WHOOOOORE!" The music is nice and varied, but at the same time feels inappropriate to the action onscreen and more than a little irritating, It has no sense of rhythm, and just feels annoying. It may be good independent of the game, but it feels like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. Finally, on the least important but still necessary part of the game: The technical specs and graphics. On both the PS3 and 360 versions, the game runs at Thirty Frames per second, whereas on PC it runs at sixty. This can negatively impact your ability to fight since the fewer frames can lower your reaction time a little. The character designs range from the awesomeness of Vergil's trenchcoat, to the okayishness of Dante's model, to the awful, plastic look of Lilith's model. Again, Limbo looks nice, and probably steals the show here. The PS3 version does have some graphical and technical issues, but it shouldn't be a problem if you're here looking for the XBOX 360 Reviews.

    All in all, this was disappointing, and people who just listen to the big-name critics may want to read the more thoroughly written user reviews as well before deciding on buying this game. If you absolutely HAVE to have it, go for the PC version, but I feel this game isn't worth the current $60 price tag.

    This has been a review by AzureSoul. Have a nice day.
  89. Jan 16, 2013
    The combat does not feel fluid to say the very least of one of the commonly praised aspects of the newest iteration of Capcom's Devil may Cry. This is no doubt in part due to the design decision of going from the series standard of 60 frames-per-second down to barely 30 frames-per-second. Also there is an incredible lack of combat when comparing previous titles in the series with this one, this re-imagining opts for platforming instead. Interestingly enough as well is that the platforming is one of the few things I'll admit was decent about the game but it was more the unique level design and beauty of the limbo-based environments rather than the actual platforming. The story feels nonsensical and not in the zany way of many high-octane beat em' ups but rather in a Branded and They Live mixed sort of way with a good bit of the OWS(Occupy Wall Street) movement thrown in a giant pot and left to simmer in the sun for a month straight. In terms of other design decisions, the music had effort put into it and does fit the tone the game decided to run with. Overall this does feel like another studio's attempt at recreating the Devil May Cry magic but without great success, I would only recommend this game for renting from a RedBox or Blockbuster or the equivalent thereof. Expand
  90. Jan 21, 2013
    DMC 5 is probably the best game in the entire series... fluid gameplay... excellent graphics and creative level designing...... story is short but pretty good ........ overall this game is AWESOME....
  91. Feb 14, 2013
    Let me start by saying I never played any other devil may cry( I know). Now that that is out of the way. This game is a fantastic action game with a great story amazing visuals. The weapons you get are fun easy to use but complicated at the same time. Stinging combos together to try and get a ss score is gratifying and frustrating all in one. The world you are is beautiful and engrossing I found myself just looking around. I would recommend this to any action genre fan Expand
  92. Jan 17, 2013
    Everything as been said about this joke of a game. Yeah there a few good artistic-wise but it doesn't make up for the rest. Avoid it unless you get it for 10$.
  93. Jan 18, 2013
    Seeing how people are giving this game bad reviews makes me wonder if they actually played the game or they are fanboys that are upset because they "changed Dante." Relax, people! The game is indeed good! The visuals are impressively colorful, the combat is smooth and fast-paced, the voice-acting....well, some of the voice-acting is good to decent, the music fits the atmosphere, the character designs are good (making you feel like they are in a chaotic world), some of the one-liners in the game are actually good (when said right), the replayability is good (since you can go back with your abilities and find the secrets) and the story is somewhat interesting. But there are only three problems I can see when playing the game. One of them is the targeting system. When fighting a group of enemies, the game will target an enemy you didn't want to attack. It gets kind of annoying when you are trying your best not to die in the game. The second thing is the repetitiveness of levels. Don't get me wrong, the levels are colorful and impressive in every way, but sometimes I feel like the developers were copying some designs on one level and pasting them some others while giving them a different paint job. The final complaint is the voice of Dante. Portrayed by the actor, Tim Phillips, I was expecting for him to do a good job, but listening to him made me sigh with some discomfort. But when he says some one-liners, I chuckle every now and then, but hearing him swear over and over, it made me want to mute the TV. In short of the new voice, I only liked 30% of his dialogue, but wished that they used the person who voiced Dante in the anime series. At least that guy attempted to sound like Dante. In conclusion, the goods outweigh the bad and the game is a nice little change for the Devil May Cry series. But they should at least put Lady and Trish in it. Then it would have been even better. Expand
  94. Jan 19, 2013
    first thing first.... gaming journalist are big fat liars and are calling us fanboys and "you are all about the hair" that we are haters and so on...
    and the ratings... people those "official rating" are too hight and came out all at THE SAME TIME... and all of them are refferring to us like "haters" "fanboys" "afraid of change" even "stupid" or "terrorists"

    gee, thanks. never knew
    was a crime to not like a reboot too much different from the main series now i know... thanks... i will turn myself in cause i'm a terrorist not liking a game


    it's not about the hairs it never was.... it was the feel of the game, this game both story and gameplay do not belong in the devil may cry series...

    the story is a rip off of an old movie "they live" check it out if you don't believe me.
    the mechanics and gameplay are clunky and does'nt fel right for a dmc game, it's a lot more like dante's inferno(the whip mechanics are too much similar), i could'nt get SSS rating at the other games so easly ...this time the first time i played i got it without even trying. the combat is not deep is easy and clunky you can master it in less tha an hour of game
    new dante doesn't feel right, he's a bad character who say bad words and bang strippers, the enemies are most like ripped off dante's inferno again but some adding like chainsaw and old shaving tools attached on their arms... most of them wanna make me puke. we have a sex demon scene who made almost puke, the "limbo thing" is ripped off bayonetta's "purgatory" and most of the background looks like bayonetta's background who had stripped on dante's inferno enemies
    AAAAH oh my god the music... this music is so horrible it gave me an headache lightning fast (especially the dubstep music)

    I gotta say... it's not a bad or awful game, it's a decent game. it's just not a proper devil may cry who want to be it but it fails... but the horrible fact is that the gaming journalist are ling about it
  95. Jan 19, 2013
    A friend sent this game to me after telling me bad it was, just to see for myself, and wow just wow, what was capcom thinking allowing Ninja theory to develop this game, they completely ruined the main character and his personality and made him in to some edgy little teenager designed to appeal to a more or less homosexual demographic and people who have not played nor care about the original Devil may cry. This game was no devil may cry, it may have had the same name but it was so far from the original Dante and gameplay. I really do hope that if capcom decide to make a real devil may cry, they give it to developers who actually liked the original series, it was very clear Ninja Theory absolutely hated Devil may cry and being the self righteous **** they are decided to say **** YOU to the fans and create the horrible piece of **** known as dmc 5 instead. Poor narrative, poor gameplay, poor everything. Video games need to be held to a higher standard, not this piss poor excuse for a game. DO NOT BUY OR PLAY THIS GAME I REPEAT DO NOT BUY OR PLAY THIS GAME!!! And here is hoping for a real DMC in the future! Expand
  96. Jan 20, 2013
    This is my second review. First I wrote right after i stop playing so now i wanna share what i think. First of all Dante was a half human and in this game his no longer partly human, the scene when vergil shoots lilith is ofending! And the wig joke is a middle finger to all the fans who love and care for dmc games. The graphics is worst than dmc 4, The colour saturation is bad.. And the good reviews from "proffesional critics" are the biggest mistery to my since the birth of life.. Proffesional critics call me maybe hater or fanboy but im not a hater.. in fact I love the series in this game is simple a mix of ninja gaiden 3 and Heavenly Sword with DMC sticker..and its a bad mix.. I hope that someday we get a proper devil may cry 5.. Its not completely bad game but its VERY bad dmc game. For the first time my dissapoint was so big that its forced me to get a metacritic account and share my sandess and anger.. RIP Dante Expand
  97. Jan 20, 2013
    I finished DmC a few minutes ago and I have to say, it was a really solid game! I love the earlier Devil May Cry-s as well and this is definitely quite different, but it's also pretty great. The combat was fun, the levels were inventive, the music was SO much better. The plot was pretty much stolen from "They Live" but it worked pretty well in the game. All in all I recommend it highly!
  98. Jan 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The story behind this game's development shows that we are facing something more important than a game. There are also things like ethics, good taste, education and professionality involved: none of them were used.
    For those familiar with the previous Devil May Cry games, this is a step back: a million-steps back.

    -Gameplay- You have to face a completely redisegned layout, wich is both confusional and unpractical. There is no lock-on button. 2 buttons were wasted for the dodging. Some enemies may be attacked only by certain weapons. The styles of DMC 3 and 4 are gone (expecially gone is the "Royal Guard" moveset). The fights are too much and unfunny, giving the stages a sense of "being dragged too long". Most of the enemies doesn't have an aerial parry/dodge/block: so, at soon as you launch them in the air, they became completely helpless. No challange. -Boss fights- There are only 6 in the whole game, against the 13 of DMC1, the 14 of DMC3 and the 15 of DMC 4. All the bosses stand still with zero mobility. They usually remain dizzy for a long time after a few hits. Not challanging. They also talk for the entire fight: most of what they say is annoying or plain unintresting.

    -Enemy design-
    The enemy design is unispired. Most of the "demons" just seem like robots came out of Enslaved (previous NT game). They use to be helpless as soon as launched mid-air. Every single one use to charge before hitting, giving plenty of time for the player countermove and erasing every difficulty or sense of danger. The Bosses are particularly ugly, resembling alien-monsters instead of majestic creatures as seen in previous DMC games.

    Some landscapes are nicely done. Most of them are too much saturated and became annoying to the eye. The stages are most of the time messed up and they lack details. Indoor the rooms are always empty and there aren't intresting architecture in the game. The characters modelling is mediocre, with a special note for Mundus (particularly bad) and Lilith (her model is @ PS2 levels).

    The guns and swords sounds are weak and they make you feel like you are powerless. The soundtrack is decent but the lack of a recurring "fight theme" isn't good. -Story-
    The story is basically an emotionless and epicless version of DMC 3 mixed with the Mundus fight (DMC1). After completing the game one cannot ask himself what this reboot was needed for: the same story were told, and much better, in DMC 1 and DMC 3.
    The story is full of plotholes. -Characters-
    Dante: he is simply annoying. he's the less likeable characters of all, constantly calling the demons "pieces of **** "****-eaters", "fat-asses" and so on. The worste of him is during the Boss fight: before the battle is over you just want to mute the tv or throw the pad. Mundus: plain horrible. The former Mundus (DMC1) was basically a divinity, he was proud and noble, he did not swear and he considered the humans "useless beings". The new Mundus is some kind of wierdo wich likes to have sex with one of the ugliest woman in the universe (Lilith) and constantly talking about ripping out someone's heart. His motives are now inconsistent, considering the Sparda is just "guilty" of falling in love with an angel.

    Lilith: horrible, rude, nasty, ugly. She is everything a character (good or evil) should NOT be. Kat: a decent character, she is basically the counterpart of Lady, but without badassery. Vergil: total disappointment. He is incredibly weak. He escapes with no reasons and is no more a cold, noble, character. He is not as bad as Dante, but as soon as you start thinking "oh well, at least he is classy" he throws a "i have a bigger dick" joke. The order: they basically don't exist. You see the base, 3 guys in the background and that's it. -The city as a danger-
    The city "wich want to kill you" is just a bunch of pre-scripted sequences. You can basically sit down while the walls are closing to crash you: they will simply stop. When you fall, you simply reappear back: no damage, no fights, no nothing. -Platforming-
    Basically you have to pull some platforms and jump on it. In some of the stages it is too much and became annoying. You get bored of it pretty soon.

    The lowest dialogues in gaming history. lot of unneeded swearing. enemyes taling about pucking on your face, pissing in your neck and ****ting on your carcass. Annoying, rude, horrible. Anyone should feel offended to be trated like this. All in all, this game rapresents the worst of the actual society. It is a poor manifestation of a japanese producer trying too hard to be western.
    It is the product of a desrespectful team (NT) wich trolled the entire fanbase (even during some scenes of the game).
    This is the destruction of quality .
    The triumph of desrespect.
    I bought the game faithfully and i regret it. Not worth 60 $: if you have taste and dignity, is not worth 1 cent.
  99. Jan 22, 2013
    Ok, before you accuse me of hating this game just because of Dante's hair, there are a LOT more reasons as to why this game is an awful Devil May Cry game. Follow the link to see for yourself:

Generally favorable reviews - based on 65 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 65
  2. Negative: 0 out of 65
  1. Mar 11, 2013
    A worthy rebirth of the franchise as it possesses fast-paced chaotic action, which is diversified by the several weapons that make up Dante’s arsenal, an engaging soundtrack, and a story worthy of the DmC franchise.
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    Beyond the near-perfect controls and satisfying combat, Ninja Theory has clearly sweated the game's atmosphere and visuals.
  3. Feb 25, 2013
    Ninja Theory have against all odds created something fresh; a creatively superb and in places fantastic action adventure game. It will not be for everyone and is certainly more mainstream than previous efforts but DMC is a rip roaring start to 2013.