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  1. Mar 8, 2011
    I have been following Bioware through their first ever steps. I own all their RPG titles until this day. Sadly this will be the last Bioware title I will own. As such an old fan I came to appreciate the effort put into game making. Titles such as Baldur's Gate, KOTOR will always be memorable. What can someone say about Dragon Age II though? The gameplay is dumbed down to the point of hack/slash. Thanks but no thanks, Diablo III will do a better job than this. Storytelling is linear and non thrilling. Tactics are next to non existent and inventory, customization are a shadow of what is expected for an RPG game of this caliber. That said I think 60 bucks for a game rushed to please the mass fan base it too much. 30 would be good for this quality.. Expand
  2. Mar 9, 2011
    Sadly DA2 is no roleplay Game in my Oppinion anymore. The only thing this game has is fighting (with much blood and exploding hordes of enemies - like the Marketing said.. for every button something flashy happens) also there are no Skills anymore, beside the fighting skills... The other thing is the story presentation, which Bioware still is good at.
    But things like the restricted
    inventory and kodex entries (50% percent of the things you find are nondescript junk?? really?), the MMO Interface.. this all makes it to an Action Adventure at best. As a roleplay game it sadly fails in nearly every way :( Expand
  3. Mar 8, 2011
    Soulless, disappointing, misstep (if not outright misshapen). Bioware has long been a gem of rich storytelling and having the ability to define gestalt. However, glamor doesn't make a game. The graphics & sounds effects are clean, dark, & too simple to bring reference to the genre (they're more suited to modern, the future, or a tech setting). The quality of voice & story leaves one wondering that budget cuts were in the wrong areas--quite frankly, the game feels low rent, a sellout, & hoping to be a cash cow--or else promising to deliver to an immature crowd. The deviation from the genre just doesn't work. Given critic reviews of the game vs. user reviews, I wonder that critics are now as out-of-touch as Tom Cruise. As much as I feel that Overlord was an underrated game by critics, I call this game far too overrated. It's a huge let down. Let RPG fans mourn the loss of Bauldur's Gate, the downfall of it's "successor", & pray Skyrim is better, not bastardized, nor as dumbed down. Expand
  4. Mar 8, 2011
    Absolute trash Bioware. EVERYTHING is inferior to the first game. It's like KOTOR 2, but made by Bioware themeselves. As someone who deeply enjoyed DA:O, I am immensely disappointed by this sequel. A terrible change in direction from Bioware, linear maps, more simplification, absurd anime-like combat with teleporting rogues that makes the whole setting unbelievable, Oversimplification compared to previous rich detailed title, where you could create numerous different characters(just one aspect eliminated by Bioware). I highly recommend to avoid this game if you played DO. It's like i'm really playing a JRPG Expand
  5. Mar 8, 2011
    A horrible, wretched nightmare without end. That is what this game feels like.

    DA:O was a lovingly-crafted tour-de-force masterpiece in the history of video gaming. It sequel feels like a rush job to cash in on its success. The graphics look bland, the characters are boring, the quests are paltry, and the combat is dumbed down for consoles. Shame on EA! And shame on Bioware for releasing
    this steaming pile of crap. Expand
  6. Mar 8, 2011
    This game makes FFXIII feel like Chrono Trigger. Terrible combat, story, graphics, and even better, DLC on day one. You can see where the priorities lie. You are being robbed at $60 - don't think twice about it.
  7. Mar 10, 2011
    Bioware have abandoned us, they just wanted more money, so they got rid of every kind of complex aspect about this game, people blames wii for being casual, but sadly the whole industry is everyday more and more casual. And with Dragon age 2, I just reached the limit, everything on this game, from the lack of story and complexity, the lack of any sort of deph in the gameplay, and the way its portrayed as a hack and slash, is just an example of how much companies, like EA or bioware really care about their fans. They dont give a crap. This is the last time I am buying a bioware game, I guess they'll do the same with mass effect 3, I bet they will make a game for casual people who dont want to think about anything but follow instructions and pressing buttons to kill things to the end. The RPG is dead this generation gentlemen. Expand
  8. Mar 8, 2011
    Never good when you make a game worse than it's prequel. So many problems with the game. So much hype over it by DA fans. The "professional" reviewers are giving it a high score for some reason I do not know.
  9. Mar 9, 2011
    One of the most overrated games ever, second to Treyarch's works. You say graphics are good? In my opinion old Dungeon Siege looks better and juicier. Game looks like poor MMORPG. Dialogues are flat, boring, predictable, and trying so hard to be epic, that are actually parody of RPG genre. The whole history of hero's family is like "The Bold and the Beautiful" or "Dallas" with dragons. The most funny thing is the masturbation mode for 12 y.o.: dragon-sized boobs everywhere. Hell yeah, I just drowned in epicness, singing the song of the old days. What is good? I really don't know, maybe music here and there? This game is not BAD, it deserves more than 3.5 (user score at the time I'm writing) - I'd say it's something between 5 and 6 (7 if you really love dragons). It still offers adventure and ugly creatures to kill and for sure it's better than Arcania.. But in order to balance these crazy optimistic rates I give it 1. Because I have enough of this stupid trend, that if BioWare did this, or Bethesda did this, or some part of the title says "Call of Duty", than we give 8 or 9 at the very beginning and then we play the game. No, folks, all the glitters is not gold! And Dragon Age 2 don't deserve to be called VERY good game (8/10), fantastic game (9/10) or masterpiece (10/10). This game has nothing more to offer, than dozens of similar RPG games. My score is my protest against such practice mentioned above. (Sorry for bad spelling). Expand
  10. Mar 8, 2011
    From the beginning Bioware knew that would "streamline" the sequel to Dragon Age Origin to attempt to draw in more and more action fans. There entire advertising philosophy was "push buttons and awesome happens". However, this left out many of the old school RPG fans out in the cold. The game has not been improved by this streamlining it has been Dumbed Down. From the lack of changing your characters armor to alterations in combat, the game is no longer a RPG its an action game with elements of RPG tacked on to it Expand
  11. Mar 9, 2011
    Well, what can I say really? Its becoming the norm for Bioware now to covet what it doesnt have at the expense of what it does already. I saw it in ME2, and Ive seen it in this too. It really isnt that surprising that if you structure the game around a combat system designed for the lowest common denominator, the rest will suffer.

    Crappy environments based around ploughing through endless
    dumbed down combat. Poor story?

    It really is the transition from Mass Effect 1 to 2 in fantasy form. Both games just redisinged their core combat mechanic and made it the overriding focus of the game and all its pre-release hype in order to try and snare something approaching COD sales figures (which the PR folks are practically admitting openly).

    For me, its simple: ME3 is last chance saloon for Bioware. Currently as an RPG powerhouse, theyre simply dead to me. Its a question of if the final act of what started out to be a promising sci-fi RPG-shooter hybrid can get out the defibrillators and recapture some of that spark, or if its simply going to remain a dumbed down TPS.

    As DAII so closely mirrors it, Id have to say the same. After such a mediocre affair, the only way I could ever take interest again is from a concerted effort from Bioware to make up for all this dumbing down.
  12. Mar 10, 2011
    Quite simply a horrendous sequel in every way possible, bioware have truly let their fanbase down. Casualized combat coupled with horrific graphics and a dull plot really let this game down. It borders practically on being unplayable becuase it's that easy and boring. A game that has simply been created and tampered with to suit frat boys more accustomed to call of duty and halo. In other words bioware have ruined a once respectable RPG series and dumbed it down for the consumer market with quite horrific results. Spend your money elsewhere if you are looking for a good RPG experience, or even for that matter, a gaming experience on any level, because frankly I would rather play through crap like sonic riders than play this absolute abomination of a game again. Expand
  13. Mar 10, 2011
    Dragon Age: Origins was a groundbreaking RPG with an engrossing plot within an intricate fantasy world, with well-written characters and good replay value. Dragon Age 2, by comparison, is a lazy, cynical slap in the face. The visuals are the most obvious flaw. Somewhat dated graphics can be forgiven, but the art direction seems almost nonexistent. Kirkwall, the main setting of the game, looks like something out of a 1990's first-person shooter; it's comprised of large, sparsely-populated open areas with drab walls that essentially form long corridors with only 90 degree turns. The "bazaars" are a handful of people standing next to chests under otherwise empty tents. Assassin's Creed-level detail isn't necessary, but to actually have *less* graphical intricacy than the first game - and substantially so - is baffling. Outdoor levels fare slightly better, but are still inferior to the first game. Of course, this could be somewhat forgiven if the core story and gameplay were decent, but they both paid a similar lack of attention. The story fluctuates between being completely uninteresting and being simply generically mediocre, spending most of the time closer to the former due to a plethora of mindless and unengaging side quests, not to mention leaving things wide open for future DLCs. The branching dungeons and outdoor areas of the first game have been replaced by linear paths that would be navigable by a decapitated chicken. The inventory system has been similarly simplified. The tactical gameplay remains, thankfully, mostly intact, with a welcome action-oriented twist, but with so many other flawed elements, the game simply loses its appeal, becoming an arduous grind rather than an addictive adventure. This is easily the biggest disappointment of the year, and it's shameful that so many gaming "publications" (aka EA mouthpieces) are giving it stellar reviews. Expand
  14. Mar 8, 2011
    Nice to see bioware not even act like they're trying anymore with the day 1 DLC and worse graphics than the first. I mean really. If you're gonna purposely take out features atleast wait a few months before releasing it.
  15. Mar 10, 2011
    If you want to ever get decent, smart CRPG again, if you dont want the whole genre to die out - Dont buy this slasher game! Under any circumstances - dont buy this slasher, labelled as RPG!

    This slasher needs to flop. Bioware should go bankrupt. Laidlaw, Gaider, Muzyka - all these... ahem... businessmen... no longer have moral rights to wear the same badge as Baldurs
    Gate 2 creators.
    If DA2 succeeds comercially, this kind of gameplay re-imagining may very well happen to possible Baldurs Gate 3. Just imagine this nightmare - Baldurs Gate 3 : God of War style.
  16. Mar 10, 2011
    I am a big RPG fan and I was crawing for Dragon Age since i heard it for the very first time. I must say even Dragon Age: Origins had flaws although the game was ultimately sucessful on almost most of it's main points that I was simply ignoring these stuff. That is why I am so genuinely disappointed about Dragon Age 2 this much.

    They took away pretty much everything that made the original
    Dragon Age such a big sucess. Story is a way too simplified thanks for the hunger of pulling new gamers to the franchise. Dialogue options are limited which makes the Characters less and less developed and beliveable. Graphics even the animations are a little off but these are flaws that i can let go. What i can't ignore is, the fact that Dragon Age 2 is a train wreck. I played the Demo and it was horrible, though i kept my hopes high for the game hoping it would improve somehow. This is not a story that would fill it's player with awe, and make him beg for more. Dragon Age 2 is a over simplified hack and slash game where not even the gameplay but the story itself is simplified in order to make the game more accessible. I am sorry really sorry for Bioware. A game where accessiblity takes over quality and immersiveness is destined the sink to the bottom. This is trully not what I expected from developers that made such a great game like Dragon Age. Expand
  17. Mar 9, 2011
    Worst game ever of the year. Don't buy it for $60, because it's TOTALLY not worth it. They're going to hit you with a **** of DLC costs too. Wait a year until the ultimate edition comes out ... and then wait until it's on sale for $20.
  18. Mar 9, 2011
    Ive never reviewed a game on here before, but after about 10-15 hours into this, i just could not do it anymore. i needed to tell people not to buy this game. you might argue that that game has good RP systems, or whatever, and it dosent deserve a flat out 0, mabye a 3 or 4, but a game that when i play it, all i want to do is **** STOP playing it, deserves a 0 in my eyes. god i hope i can get my money back on this junk. it is a total insult to all DA:O fans, and PC gamers in general. terrible console port, from a company that once made such great games. Bioware, if you are reading this, do NOT let your DA team ANYWHERE near Mass Effect 3. Expand
  19. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is such a disapointment. I am SICK of developers screwing over the PC games because of console playing peasants. Starting with DA2 , Bioware became just another EA wh0re , pushing out subpar games to please the unwashed masses.

    Really looked forward to playing this game, but the god-aweful combat, subpar conversations ( YES , LOL YES , HELL YES used as dialog wheel options) ,
    pityful graphics and a lifeless world killed the mood entierly.

  20. Mar 9, 2011
    RPG is not a full voiced hack n slash. RPG is not a linear cinematic scenes. RPG is not a copy paste dungeons. You want profit of casual gamers but you are losing your fan player base. DLC policy are totally abusive and greedy. ad graphics, bad gameplay, bad story, loaded with day 1 DLC that you have to pay for. What is there to like? Dragon age origins is so much better than this POS. Don't give into bioware and stop buying their products. Save your money and buy something better. Expand
  21. Mar 10, 2011
    What a Disappointment.!
    Why did they dumb down the game like that?!

    There is not any fun in the combats anymore!
    The camera mechanics are extremely frustrating. There is not enough dezoom to think any tactical choice. You can't even move the camera around. The combats are way too fast paced and look completely ridiculous. Since you pass most of your time in combat, it's hugely

    It feels super scripted with cinematic every two seconds. Loading times every two seconds.

    I'm really sad for bioware! They are loosing a lot of credibility with this joke of a game.
    It's an insult to rpg players. It has lost almost all the elements that gave some interest to the first opus. And it was already pretty dumbed down compared to Baldur's Gate.

    Save your money!
  22. Mar 10, 2011
    A Dynasty Warriors from Bioware? wtf
    I loved their games but this is awful in all ways. No NPC reaction for stealing, fighting, etc. Tube Levels, cloned caves, a dumb story, cloned NPC (thx for the big **** BW! if this would be real, yeahhh!)
    Please make RPG instead of this crap Bioware!
  23. Mar 9, 2011
    If this game was promised to be a worthy successor to Dragon Age 2 and this game breaks all of those promises to try to be something that not only undermines everything that was good about Dragon Age: Origins, it spits on those mechanics and insults the player's intelligence at every moment in some new spectacular way. When the game runs out of ways to prove it's not it's more mature sibling it begins to plateau into boring and repetitive quests that leave you asking, "Was this supposed to be fun?"

    The setting was supposed to be stylized more to look more exciting, though someone forgot to tell the art direction what stylization meant and they just assumed it means making boring designs and making them look ridiculous. The best example of this is the gigantic weapons that look like they'd be more fitting in a cartoon, which are lazily animated to rest on the back two inches away as if held there by magic. Also another pet peeve that's plucked about the weapons is that staffs (tools that are normally used to assist walking) are placed on the back in an absolutely ridiculous manner. Knives are also held on the back in this way and look absolutely ridiculous while placed as such.

    The writing is downright elementary and the game treats the subject matter of sex like a bunch of giggling school children who've just seen a breast for the first time in their life. We've grown far beyond this juvenile stage in video games and EA should feel ashamed to publish this trash that's dragging down the medium of video games.
  24. Mar 9, 2011
    This isn't a RPG! It's a hack'n'slash! There is nothing else to say: it's a game for casual gamers! At technical level there's only one interesting thing: the soundtrack! Everything else it's really really poor!
  25. Mar 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I had high hopes for Dragon Age 2. I loved the first one and was so looking forward to this one. I anxiously awaited the day the demo was available so I could get a look at this sequel and I was terribly disappointed. Against my better judgment I did not cancel my pre order and decided to give it a chance anyway. Honestly I should have saved the 50$ I spent on it. Leaving out the fact that the new combat system is just dreadful in my opinion....

    The characters are ugly, the art style is terrible, the character creator is mostly just a rehash of the same options you get in DA: Origins. The same hair styles with a couple of new additions, the same tattoos etc. You would think that with a new game they might try to come up with some new options for your character.

    Then we have the characters... I played all day as soon as I got my game and installed it. I did not feel any connection at all to the characters. My own character is not very interesting and I know some people love that the character is voiced but it just makes it harder to give my character the personality I want her to have. I don't care for it at all. I don't care for the conversation system either. I liked being able to initiate random conversations with my companions. Being able to only talk to them when they feel like it is not immersive at all. I feel absolutely no connection with these people even though when I can talk to them I explore all the conversation options and really try to get to know about them. My sister died in the beginning and my only thought was oh damn the one with the heals died. Seriously I felt nothing at the prospect of my sister dying. In origins I was actually saddened by the deaths of my companions even the redshirts that were doomed from the start I cared when they died. In this game I really don't care.

    Then there is the story. It is boring and lacks the sense of urgency and epic feel of Origins. Where is the story? Where is the reason for my characters actions. I feel nothing, no sense of purpose, no urgency no desire to see what happens next. To me this game is a complete and utter failure. Granted I am only about 10 hours into it but it should have grabbed me by now. Origins had me in the first 15 minutes of game play. An RPG, like a good book should grab you from the first sentence and make you not want to put it down. This one fails to do that. I could look past every other flaw it has if it could do that but it doesn't.
  26. Mar 10, 2011
    Quit playing after 4 hours into the game. This game is a slap in the face of DA:O fans.
    - conversation wheel with 3 options in a role-playing game
    - Mortal Combat style fighting
    - bad characters and story
    - linear plot
    In summary, this game is not worth my time.
  27. Mar 9, 2011
    When I first heard of DA2, my heart soared. Wow! A sequel to one of my favourite WRPG's of all time! The initial trailers showed promise, but when the demo finally hit, everything turned sour and quick. I got the full game to confirm my suspicions, and I can tell you right now: This is NOT a Dragon Age game. Ok, picture Mass Effect. Now throw in some swords and magic and you've got Dragon Age 2. Next to nothing of the original game remains in this sequel, save a similarity in the combat systems. Everything else is just...No.

    The game has you play as Commander Shep- Hawke, a refugee from Lothering which just got destroyed by the dreaded Darkspawn (Think orcs, but led by a giant dragon.) This is my first gripe with the game: Hawke. In Dragon Age: Origins, you played as a character of your own creation. You could choose from 3 different races and several different origin stories. The character felt unique to you, since everything about him could be customized. Hawke, on the other hand, is always a human, and has 3 different personalities, depending on your choices: The second coming of Jesus in terms of pure selflessness, Satan in disguise in terms of full-on evil, or an arrogant prick. I went with the third option because that's how I felt Hawke's character wanted to be portrayed: An arrogant prick that has nothing better to do that ruin a perfectly good franc- kill Darkspawn.

    For those of you that enjoyed the 8-9 different dialogue choices given in DA:O when prompted that allowed the player to sculpt their character as they saw fit, there's a fun little surprise here in DA2 just for you. Gone are the dialogue choices. Instead, we get the Mass Effect choice wheel. New and exciting!

    Enjoyed exploring all of Ferelden, gathering armies to confront the Darkspawn in an epic battle of glory and chaos? Too bad. You're stuck in the city of Kirkwall, with occasional (read: rare) instances of outside exploration. Instead of gathering armies, you're gathering party members. Mass Effect 2 called, Bioware, and he wants his EVERYTHING back.

    The combat might be considered DA2's saving grace, but only because it's the only thing that remains from DA:O. Bioware claims that it's a great improvement, but I didn't see it. The only thing improved are the animations, which do well to excite the easy-to-please gamers out there who only play games because of the "pretty lights". Apart from that, the combat is the same as DA:O, minus any semblance of challenge. Protip: Play the game on the hardest difficulty setting. It equates to DA:O's easy setting.

    All in all, Dragon Age 2 is one hell of a disappointment. Many reviewers are kneeling at it's feet, saying that it's the "reboot the series needed". Yes, because a "series" that's composed of one game and an expansion for that game clearly needed a reboot.

    Bioware, let me give you some friendly advice: Don't try to Mass Effect everything. Yes, Mass Effect is a hit series and we all love it to bits, but when you start making games that are pretty much Mass Effect but in a different era, that's when you've lost everything. You guys have shown that you can make compelling games that aren't Mass Effect with DA:O. Now you went and completely **** that up with Dragon Age 2. Did someone in the office just yell "Wait! This isn't Mass Effect-y enough!"? Hopefully, Bioware will rectify all the issues outlined in this ran- review by releasing a patch. (read: Recalling all copies of DA2 and printing more copies of DA:O while they work on the real DA2.)

    This was my review of Mass Effe- Dragon Age 2. Thank you for reading.
  28. Mar 9, 2011
    Terrible graphics, terrible dialogue, forgettable music, bland characters, linear gameworld, uninteresting locations, terrible button-mashing gameplay. Overall: A very very bad game that you should avoid
  29. Mar 10, 2011
    i liked the story of dragon age 1, despite the mediocre graphics. what i really don´t liked, was the straight forward level design, it´s the same with mass effect which is exactly taken just "dragon age in space". after playing da:o i really felt like it was roleplaying for dummies. roleplaying for me ist always something like oblivion (or baldurs gate) or fallout (every part of it). different paths, a open world linked with decision making and character development with different impacts.

    but what are the changes in dragon age 2? they try to make it easier and more simple, to meet the casual gamers wishes.

    i hope this works out for EA, it´s good that nobody is forced to buy this game. life is too short for another "run of the mill - hack and slay" game.
  30. Mar 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I must say this is one of the biggest disappointments I had in the last couple of years in terms of games. I have spent over 50h playing DA1 and even though it had its flaws it managed to give a memorable and overall enjoyable experience, cool locations and character development. It was solid. I don't really know where to start when it comes to DA2. It's such a wasted title. With all the built up hype and promises from the ever so self-content developers the end result is appalling. The worst thing in my opinion is how Bioware treats us, their paying customers, delivering a product of such low standards and still advertising it as an improvement over the first installment. Day 1 DLC with an additional NPC character? Seriously? There is so little to go with in the game itself and yet you cut out one party members? I've just finished the chapter with the expedition and to my dismay discovered that I am still confined to the same city, the same locations (with re-rolled resource items so you have to look for them again). There are what - four unique dungeon/building maps which repeat over and over only to change the initial spawn point and lock some of the doors. The dialogues, although pleasantly voiced, have no impact on the story whatsoever. It doesn't matter whether you pick the nice option or the aggressive one - the show goes on no matter what. You can bad-mouth most of the important npc characters with no penalty. At some point I started skipping lines altogether and just relying on the map marker to guide me to the next objective - yes this is what this game degrades to after some time - running around delivering answers / questions to the next individual and slaying groups of cloned enemies appearing from thin air on scripted locations. I once had spiders descend on their webs straight from the bloody sky. Combat although presented as dynamic and engaging comes down to mindless button-mashing. Large groups of cloned enemies appear in waves very much alike to some arcade games. The fighting is so high-paced all you see on the screen is bloody pulp exploding all the time and severed limbs flying all over the place. I mean how is it possible to hit someone with a dagger so that the body explodes and only the boots are left standing? After a while, when you have seen all the animations and effects, combat becomes more of a nuisance rather than fun. As for me I am abandoning the game completely - it's not worth the time and it feels more like punishment or some chore. I strongly advise you to skip this game and keep your money. Expand
  31. Mar 9, 2011
    Just dire. Did not think BioWare could make games this bad. Is it the EA effect? This is neither a proper action game nor a proper RPG - it's some mutant ugly hybrid trying to appeal to both types of gamer, and failing. And a cliffhanger ending? So much for epic story - just an ad for some DLC or DA3. The graphics are worse than Dragon Age 1, like some 2005 console port. The combat is just a button mashing cartoon, dumbed down from DA1. LOTS of things have been cut. It's short - like 12 hours for the main campaign. The characters you meet feel lifeless, and the same scenery is recycled. To hide this, BioWare stuck in lots of bink cinematics and sex scenes. Get ready to be fleeced with tons of DLC now that will raise the cost of this disgusting trainwreck to over $100. Last BioWare game I buy - I dont even trust they can do Mass Effect 3 right after this.â Expand
  32. Mar 24, 2011
    This game lacked everything.Story was weak and very boring .Levels were disgracefully reused.

    The whole game screamed rushed and dumbed down.

    Bioware appear to have this PC elitist approach ..thinking we on console are so dumb we only want a dumbed down peice of garbage hack and slash.Very let down by the lack of effort that went into DA2
  33. Mar 9, 2011
    I don't know what the developers were doing all this time. Squalid landscapes, a total simplification of the RPG-component. As a result, low-grade slasher.
    Epic Fail. Sad but true.
  34. Mar 9, 2011
    I don't normally write reviews, nor read them prior to playing a game. I enjoyed DA:O, so why wouldn't I try DA II? Big mistake. I'm 4 hours into the game, and I think I'm giving up. I'm bored. The first hour of the game is 45 minutes of badly written cutscenes and 15 minutes of combat. How is the combat? Terrible. I just hold down a button. Being a rogue is usually a fun and interesting class to play. Nope, not in DA II. The characters are boring and uninteresting. They don't draw me in like they do in DA:O or Mass Effect. The voice acting is meiocre at best.

    It's like they took DA:O and watered it down with Fable 3.
  35. Mar 9, 2011
    Classic case of a game developer "dumbing down" a franchise to appeal to a larger audience. Dragon Age: Origins laid a great foundation for the future of the DA franchise. It was a deep game with complex RPG elements.

    Dragon Age II, however, basically stripped down most of the RPG elements to the lowest common denominator. So instead of a deep, fulfilling game that appeals to RPG fans,
    the result is a watered-down "hack-and-slash" game that tries to call itself an RPG that appeals to no one. Expand
  36. Mar 9, 2011
    I tried to keep an open mind, I really did, But Bioware messed up big time. Literally everything about this game is what is wrong with the gaming industry. from the insane amount of pre order DLC that they put out to the "nerdy" jokes they try to force, DA2 did not deliver at all. Now, I was a Bioware fan, played Baldur's Gate, Kotor, and Mass Effect is one of my favorite series. Hell, I even played the First Dragon age as well, but the quality of DA2 is drastically lower. from the casualized button mashing combat, to the sappy attempt at romances, to the maps that simply with a different skin. im not lying, there are 3 dungeons with the EXACT SAME LAYOUT. They said that they improved the game from the original, no, they did no such thing. in fact it's worse. the original was fun because you caould play it with rts tactics. with this, it's like they got rid of that and tried to copy dynasty warriors. And it seems they spent more on marketing than the actual game for crying out loud.
    Now The "New dialogue system?" it's a direct copy from mass effect, and your only choices are to be a boy/girl scout, a "funny" guy (not that funny at all), or an **** not much else. the graphics are only slightly better, but both the default character presets literally look decent like 3rd party hair mods. The graphics are so terrible, BW even released an official patch to help it along. Now the Characters... oh god the characters. They are too oversexualized and forced. there's a pirate with the biggest pair of knockers Ive ever seen in an WRPG and She has a Jay Leno chin. They Butchered the awesome Mage guy from the Origins Expansion. your sister is probably the best looking female in the game, why would you do that? The Templar chick looks like a dyke, Fenris was pretty cool. and The elf Merrill is literally Tali 2.0. The only saving grace in this game was Varric, the Dwarf telling the story. I found him to be very interesting and unique, considering he breaks away from the traditional dwarf, and he;s an interestin character.

    in the end, DA2 is a terrible game. i dont know what the official reviewers such as IGN etc were thinking, but it's just terrioble
  37. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is a clera example on how a company maximizes profits using a brand name, lot of resouces to advertising and marketing (INCLUDING PROFESSIONAL REVIEWERS... SHAME ON YOU) and an awful product.
    This "Sonic-like" game doesn't deserve a review, this game doesn't deserve nothing. Stay away, save your money, it's the best thing you can do.
  38. Mar 9, 2011
    If you want to play RPG stay away from Dragon Age 2 I.e.:
    - Speechless NPC;
    - Boring quests: kill, kill, kill or kill kill bring something to me;
    - Lack of interactions with game ecosystem, or being honest lack of any ecosystem.

    If you want something like full of blood fantasy movie - go and spend your money.

    The choice is your.
  39. Mar 9, 2011
    When Dragon Age 2 was announced, I like many hardcore RPG gamers looked forward to it. While in the past several years Bioware hasn't been producing awe-inspiring games as they once did, they've remained a very solid developer who's RPG's are interesting, characters are varied and get you involved, and build worlds which have depth and are enjoyable. Dragon Age 2 is a complete betrayal of this standard. The combat feels jolty and unrealistic. The characters wield a 2 handed sword that would make Braveheart sweat like it was made from tissue paper. The weapons were equally large in Dragon Age: Origins, but at least they felt like they were actually that big. Instead, what we have here is a combat system that resembles crappy anime more than anything else.

    As if the combat wasn't bad enough, the dialogue has been dumbed down into the wheel-of-fail style that was implemented with Mass Effect. Not only that, but every single piece of dialogue feels like it was written by an 8 year old who just read his first fantasy novel. There is no character depth, I'd as soon stab my party members as look at them, and to glue all this together the voice acting feels more like a group of Live Action Roleplayers than paid voice actors.

    To top all this off, the game not only doesn't look and present itself better than Origins, it actually looks worse. I can't recall another time when a sequel to a game looked worse than its predecessor. It feels as though Bioware did everything in their power to make this a worse RPG in an effort to alienate their hard-earned fan base and sell to the mass media'd console market.

    The only thing that kept this game from getting a 0 from me is the fact that maybe Bioware didn't intend for this to be an RPG at all, and simply another generic, boring, railroaded action game. As a lifelong Bioware fan, I truly hope they don't stay on this road. They've proven time and again their ability to make a solid RPG, but this game was an utter betrayal of everything I as an RPG fan have come to love and expect from them.
  40. Mar 9, 2011
    After hearing about dragon age 2 i was ecstatic, i could not sit still waiting for this game! more Dragon Age, i thought. how naive i was. After trusting Bioware to much, and shaking off the strange new changes as upgrades, improvements or merely thinking "Bioware know what there doing, i mean hey, they made DA:O, right?" I was wrong, the game is not good. it does not play way, it does not look good, it does not sound good, its a lazy, bad game.

    Do not buy this game.
  41. Mar 9, 2011
    Bioware has created what could go down as the worst "RPG" ever made. Of course, I have to say RPG in quotations, because all RPG elements have been stripped. It is a "role playing" game I guess, but that role is a very strict one laid down by Bethesda. There are no choices to make now, as has become a Bethesda trademark, and very few dialogue trees. The dialogue now is just a linear rambling between two bored sounding cookie cutter people, and the instead of influencing the conversation, you are only allowed to select whether the character will do the conversation angry, soft, or sarcastic.

    Gone is any hint of stategy of depth to combat. The game is a click fest, a poor mans devil may cry, that requires no skill to beat on hard or lower difficulties. On nightmare, a mode they obviously ran out of time on balancing, is just frustratingly impossible, not because it provides a good challenge, but because instead of balancing it, they just added 10000hp to every enemy and said "done".

    The graphics represent and huge step back not only from Dragon Age origins, but for the whole generation. This looks like something you'd find on the Playstation 2. The game lacks any art direction, and any sense for colors other than brown.

    Dragon Age 2 is not only a huge step back for the series, but a huge step back for video games in general. The dumbing down of the series marks the biggest leap in what has become a trend in video game design. I can only hope that Bioware listens to the fans after this outing and, pun intended, return to their origins as RPG designers in their next outing.
  42. Mar 9, 2011
    I'll preface this mini-review with: I actually like the game. I do, it's mindless. After working long days at my terrible menial job that saps my mental capacities; it's nice to sit down with a mindless game that takes absolutely no thought what-so-ever to get through. But that's a problem. This is a Bioware game. It's set to a higher standard than other games, it's supposed to draw you in with it's story and setting; the characters are supposed to be memorable, witty, devious, intelligent. But none of that really applies here. What we got was a game so vapid, so unintelligent, so... test grouped, that it's now not much more than a mindless Facebook game. Re-used maps everywhere. Lack of personality in it's setting and characters. Plenty of loot, but only one character to equip it on. (Oh that's nice, a 'mage only' item that has stats that my rogue will never be able to equip. Maybe I'll equip it on to one of my mages on my team, oh wait..) Poorly written characters that are voice acted quite well. And what happened to the Qunari? I mean, what? I honestly thought they were Darkspawn. Who even thought that was a good idea? I'm starting to go off the rails, the game itself is not worthy of calling itself a sequel. The people who spent the passed year or two working on this game should not be proud of their work. They were forced to make a game that they I'm sure knew would be a big disappointment for the people who actually enjoyed the first game. Sorry fellas, people aren't trolling, they're genuinely disappointed that you (Bioware) made a subpar game. Borrow this from your friends if you really really want to play it, please do not spend your (or your parents') hard earned money on this. Expand
  43. Mar 10, 2011
    So terribly dissapointed. Don't we have enough watered down mainstream games out there? That might even have been okay if this game was a good mainstream game. But its not. It tries to be a hybrid between an action game like God of war and a classical rpg, and it ends up failing at both. The story is also the worst I have seen from Bioware. The story never picks up a main goal and all you do ALL game is run around in one city and do quests that all feel like side missions. Suddenly the game ends with a bam and a cliffhanger... Not only that but they reuse every dungeon like 15 times, and there are only like 6-7 small dungeons. Any real rpg elements are taken out, you never even get the opportunity to talk your way out of a fight everyone just charge you. If I want an action rpg I will rather play diablo or titan quest.... this is a bad action rpg and it shames the dragon age franchise. I might be a little harsh, its an okay game, but nothing more... don't expect anything. Expand
  44. Mar 10, 2011
    ´As a Player of Baldurs Gate 1 &2 , Planescape Torment , Morrowind and all the other RPG´s which deserve to be called "Role Playing Games" i am shocked were the Genre is heading. I played Dragon Age origins and enjoyed it. I loved it, Really! That´s why this game hurts so much. But now Bioware made a game where i have to think : Is this a RPG or a Action Adventure/Hack´n Slay ? THIS, Dragon Age 2, is the Call of Duty of RPG´s. DA2 doesn´t even deserve to be named a RPG. One Town, No Worldmap, ridiculous characters, a "not so interesting Story", Graphics from 2005 (Hello bioware, we have 2011 now, Even the current console generation hardware is bored to death with this program), really bad environments, no armor management for party mambers and always the same cloned level structures like the dungeons in Oblivion. They oversimplyfied everything in this game. DAII does not make ONE simple point better than part 1. A downgrade all along the line. DA II is no RPG. It´s a slap in the face of every single person who loves role playing games. Expand
  45. Mar 10, 2011
    Disappointing sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and this poorly refined game does gamers a disservice. The game has been oversimplified, the graphics are terrible, the dialogues are corny, and the quests are boring.
  46. Mar 12, 2011
    From DA:O to DA 2 seems like a pretty big fall for Bioware. It almost seems like they didn't even try this time around. One of the biggest grips I have is with where the game takes place.
    DA:O had you traveling all over the place and DA 2 has you running around one city and a few other locations near the city. The main character is supposed to be this great champion but one would wonder
    how he would pull that off running around just one city. Even then the city doesn't seem all that big as dungeons seem to be copy and pasted over and over again. The only real break is the Deep Roads but that doesn't last too long.

    Combat from DA:O to DA 2 is much like from ME 1 to ME 2 where its more of an action RPG than anything else. Ultimately it just seems like they stripped down DA:O for some reason and ended up with this. Not worth your money in a time when games cost $60 new. Wait for it to hit the bargain bin if you really need to play it.
  47. Mar 10, 2011
    DA:O Managed to take Biowares "tried and true" formula for action RPGs and make it neither a compelling action game, nor a compelling RPG. DA2 continues with their woefully generic lore and improves the overall story a bit, while trying to put a strong emphasis on action oriented combat this time. What's left is a clunky mess with fewer options, and an overall worse product than DA:O which is sure to appeal to fewer people. If you need romance trees, go for it. It's Bioware's strong suite. If you're looking for an RPG or action game with engaging combat, deep or original backstory, and meaningful character building options, where you aren't shoehorned into a terrible 'alignment' system, look elsewhere. Expand
  48. Mar 10, 2011
    (skip to the paragraph starting with "Then along came DA2" to skip the DA:O-related intro)

    As a PC gamer, DA:O was my introduction into RPGs. And I have to say, even getting started was daunting to me. I had envisioned a vast open world of freedom, choice, adventure and fun, based on the reviews I had read and all the buzz I had been hearing about the game.
    Instead what I got with the
    first Dragon Age was a linear, repetitive, unimaginative and boring affair where nothing really seemed to come alive and "choice" was a thinly-veiled illusion conjured up most ham-handedly by uninspired developers.
    Also I did not care for the looks of this world and its inhabitants, which does not help immersion one bit (bland lighting, unimpressive structures, flat and unexpressive faces, goofy armor, ...).
    What got me the most though was a thing called "level scaling". Gone is the thrill of slaying a beast that once seemed completely indomitable, after having spent hours "training" your characters in preparation for your revenge. Instead everything and everyone simply levels up along with you. Disgusting.

    Then along came DA2. From what I was reading this true sequel to the Dragon Age saga promised to be substantially different from DA:O, and I was excited. Even though DA:O was a huge letdown, it had kindled within me the hope for something truly epic and inspired.
    I had been reading various outcries from die-hard RPG fans and DA:O fans, but since the latter game had disappointed me so these outcries only strengthened my conviction that DA2 might actually be different; and I might actually enjoy it.
    Not so.
    Take all the negative comments on DA:O above (uninspired, unimaginative, linear, ugly, repetitive, devoid of actual choice, ....) and multiply them by any factor you may deem impressive, and you have DA2.
    * The corridors of DA:O have become even narrower and more confining;
    * The level design is unapologetically lazy (copy-pasted dungeons and caves);
    * The choice of story-progressing replies has dwindled to a basic three;
    * The graphics are at a playstation 2 level (although the overall style has improved);
    * Combat has been dumbed down to a button-mashing fest artificially rendered more difficult with mid-fight enemy spawns (only remotely enjoyable difficulty setting is "nightmare" but as said before the difficulty is artificial);
    * Kirkwall (where all but the entire game takes place) feels and looks artificial and devoid of any bustle and - indeed - life itself;
    I could go on and on about how much I have started to loathe DA2, but in the end it really is my fault for pre-ordering a game which promised to be "different" but turned out to be merely "worse".
    Much worse.
  49. Mar 17, 2011
    The story is there but the telling of it is very poorly executed.
    It lacks the depth and strategy elements that made the first one good.
    The reuse of levels and the ability to only play human as well as the lack of control over your companions really pulls you out of the enjoyment.
    At best it is mediocre.
  50. Mar 9, 2011
    I love dragon age. Or at least the first one. This much anticipated sequel is a wreck. I played the demo and it's obvious this game has problems. First, all the systems from origins that were "improved" looked retarded and weren't to my liking. All the skills were cartoonized, the leveling tree is stupid, and your portraits are minuscule! I made a mage and guess what? They gave me one stunning spell and that was it. The new loading screen even grinds my gears! It looks high tech, at least for dragon age, while the old one was realistic, looking like parchment and blood. And the hurlocks have no detail! Their faces were completely black and I used maximum quality. This is a degraded sequel comparable only to the force unleashed two (I haven't played many games so this is all I could come up with). A major disappointment for a long time bioware fan. Expand
  51. Mar 10, 2011
    With DA: Origins BioWare captured a tiny bit of the magic they used to have in their heyday with the likes of Baldurs Gate 2 and KOTOR, and in my opinion that strategic, tactical "thinking" gameplay felt like a step in the right direction, particularly the PC version with its overhead distant perspective allowing us to get a good view of the battlefield. However this game just feels so watered down and casualised its just lost all of that past BioWare magic. I felt the same about Mass Effect 2 also, which seemed dumbed down and more about mindless action. So if anyone else out there reading this felt the same about that game, then trust me, DA2 will disappoint you too. Expand
  52. Mar 9, 2011
    Very disappointing... I was hoping for even more depth, better, more creative graphical designs and more interesting combat. Instead it delivered less of all those things. A lot of the characters and monsters look absolutely ridiculous. It's not 'dark', it's just bad design. I do not get the sense of scale that DA:O had at all. It's fine that the adventure is 'smaller' but this is just plain uninteresting. And everything sexual is still cringe worthy, just so shallow and unexciting. This game shouldn't exist. Expand
  53. Mar 11, 2011
    I went into Dragon Age 2 with relatively low expectations. The first game was something special, something unique. I realized that it would be unfair going into Dragon Age 2 expecting a game of greater quality than its predecessor, yet... Bioware has been handing out top-tier games for many years now, ever since baldur's gate 2 it has been a never ending line of quality writing and top notch game play. This game, has to be the odd one out. No more than a few hours in did the cracks begin to show. Giving the game the benefit of the doubt did nothing. I went into the dungeons, I let the dialog play out, I gladly read the new codex entries and leapt into every side-quest. What was I met with? Disappointment, garbage, complete and utter surrender from the game developers side. A weak storyline, flat dialog where the conversation choices slide between "GOOD", "BAD" and "SARCASTIC". There is no way to say this nicely. When a game has been dumbed down, dissected and stripped of originality, only to be rudely presented as a cash-in and "game of the year" at the same time, I am left with two thoughts. The major game-reviewers have been paid off, and this game is complete and utter garbage. Expand
  54. Mar 9, 2011
    I think the number of Bioware reps jumping onto this site to defend this sorry excuse for a game is pathetic. Oh no! People are actually going to discover what horrible dreck DA2 actually is! In all honesty, I have never been so disappointed from when I bought a game, to actually getting home and playing it. This is the worst game Bioware has ever released, and I played Jade Empire. I was so upset I even went back to the store and bought the PC version to see if it was any better......WRONG. In addition to being just as boring as the console version, the PC one was buggy beyond belief! I am never buying a Bioware game again without reading reviews first, and NOT the paid-for "professional" reviews. Expand
  55. Mar 12, 2011
    Oh my... I have never thought I had to write that...

    RPGs... I did em all... from the first days with my Commodore Amiga (Bard's Tale, some AD&D RPGs), to PC games (also AD&Ds, Might and Magics, Ultima Underworld, those from Interplay, and all the classic Biowares, and Elder Scrolls Arena, Daggerfall and so on...), so I claim to have a vast knowledge about how RPGs were and how they are
    now. I found some better, some not so good, but most of them were quite solid RPGs.

    It's of course a matter of taste, but to me, RPG means story, interactions and customizing the characters. DAO is already streamlined compared to the Elder Scrolls Universe, but still classic RPG because of all those things that are still possible, and probably one of the best story and especially dialogues (which results in a great overall atmosphere) I have ever seen in an RPG.

    Although, even in DAO I miss being able to jump, or to access all those places that can be seen, from that point it's a bit limited, but still acceptable to me as there are other unique features.

    Now DA2... I decided to first have a look, so visited a friend, and had a look, and have to say, I won't buy that game. I don't hate it, but I am not into Action-Adventures. Opponents spawning out of nowhere, 2 metres jumps in full armor, no thank you... to me that is more comic style gaming, jump and run even a bit... no, that's not RPG anymore to me.

    Flemeth designed like a mixture of Manga and Domina, no, not my taste.

    Not being able to equip my party... that is a no go for me in an RPG. I mean, I love to spend hours with so callled unimportant details like trying out clothes, armors, crafting, making potions... whatever. DA2 delivers nothing. A fast paced action game, not bad by itself, but not worthy of being named Dragon Age or even being regarded as its successor.

    Some good things still, some nice dialogues, but it feels more like an interactive movie... hey of course not to the extent I had with Dragon's Lair on my good old Amiga... but still, too dictated for me. Everything is kind of chewed before we get it to eat.

    I don't hate this game, but I don't think it is wise to distribute it as the successor of DAO, and besides, Bioware to me was a synonym for great RPGs. Now, that does not seem to apply anymore. A pity.

    Per se there is nothing wrong in offering variations or different style games within the same universe... other companies did that in the past too, Bethesda had some spin-offs (Elder scrolls series vs Battlespire, Redguard), 3DO had them (Might and Magic series vs Heroes), Origin (Ultima, and then Ultima underworld was different), and some more.

    They could have opened a new spin off series, like DA Action Adventures or whatever, then the players can decide for themselves whether to try it out or not, without being fooled with wrong expectations, rising up when hearing the name Dragon Age, or even Dragon Age 2, which implies the continuation of the 1st game.

    Dragon Age, to me, stood for RPG, like Elder Scrolls does, different, but great. I don't want to see an action adventure under the Elder Scrolls series label, and I didn't want to see that with DAO.

    It happened, and I think they didn't do themselves a favour. For me, this series ended with DAO, and will start again, when they pick up on what they built with DAO. Whether it was Bioware's fault, or EA's, it is an enourmous damage that has been done to Bioware's reputation, in rushing out such a game, and pretending it is the successor of DAO.
  56. Mar 31, 2011
    The stats on the game tell the story Dragon Age Origins requires 20 GB HD space while Dragon Age 2 requires 7 GB HD space. why duplicate scenes, less game!
  57. Mar 11, 2011
    I Can't believe after 6 or so RPG's, BioWare still hasn't seemed to notice there mistake.

    In this game, you play as a boring character with the lamest voice ever. The conversations are dull and boring and they make you feel like you want it to be over. Not to mention how bad the voice actors are in this particular title. This game feels like it was funded out of BioWare's pocket money.
    Dragon Age: Origins had a very bad combat style but a decent storyline nonetheless. This game has a button mash combat style with a lame storyline. The ending sucks. Save your money. Expand
  58. Mar 11, 2011
    I've played this all of the way through before writing anything. I've always been a Bioware fan, but seriously, DA2 is disappointing and I cannot see how the bulk of review sites can ignore some its fundamental flaws. Granted I can see how the combat has improved for console platforms, but it's really the rest of the game that leaves me feeling irritated. For instance, the dialogue options and conversation interactions have really been dulled down - I assume this is due to the fact that Hawke is now voice-acted. I would love to sit down and talk with whoever came up with the 'sarcastic' replies for Hawke - he just sounds like an idiot. Taking the character of Isabella as an example - we get it, she is a sex addict - there is no need to constantly remind the player over and over again aside from the obviously intended hit with the younger male audience. There is no connection with the characters, you just don't end up caring what happens to them. The exception to this in my opinion is Merrill, whose dilemmas and underlying story fit in more with what I'd come to expect from Origins. The constant 'cameos' from older characters only reinforce the lack of interest with the supposed main cast of this installment. The story is definitely a lesser scale than origins, which makes me feel quite angry as to the marketing propaganda hinting at some sort of epic ascent to 'power'.

    Whilst the combat mechanics are a little more streamlined, as is item and inventory management in general, this doesn't fix the issue of repeated zones, reuse of assets, the low variety of enemies and the incredibly annoying 'walk-into-an-area-and-keep-spawning-stuff' ideology. Perhaps it is my fault for having expectations that were too high, or not checking beforehand that the entire game was essentially going to be set in one relatively bland city with a few outdoor areas which would be reused at periodic intervals as 'years' progress.

    I see a lot of the positive reviews being given here with scores of '10'. I just don't see why. Especially the 'OH MY GOD IM LEVEL 7 AND THIS IS AMAZING' - I too was still 'giving it a chance' at that stage hoping that it would open up and improve. Others suggest increasing the difficulty somehow compensates for the bad storyline and being locked into only a few zones just so that you can engage in slightly harder repetitive combat where on occasion people jump randomly from the sky, up from the ground or pop out of nowhere.

    I'm not a professional review writer - and I've never posted a review on metacritic before despite being a deidcated PC gamer for well over a decade. I just felt massively let down as a player and as a fan of DA:O that the experience of DA2 was quite simply a let down. Honestly it feels as if they sat down after the Awakening expansion and thought 'lets do that again with a new character and implement some of the ideas we couldn't fit into the scope Awakening - we'll call it Dragon Age 2'.

    P.S. Bring back more of the mage schools and spell combos. Why remove them?
  59. Mar 12, 2011
    I wrote a detailed review about all the things wrong with the game earlier, and gave it a score of three. This is a revision to balance out the bioware employees and shills giving it 10s.
  60. Mar 13, 2011
    Utter garbage inasmuch as it actually inspired me to signup in order to post my views. This is truly a shame, given the expectations built up with DA:O -- What is hilarious to note is all the major review companies noting `once you get past the..' OR `compare to DA:O this is much worse BUT' and awarding ~80, tbh these look like paid for reviews in order to drive sales. DA2 is awful c.f. DA:O.
  61. Mar 13, 2011
    Very disappointing. A complete step backwards from DA:O in every respect-- graphics, gameplay, characters and storytelling. This was a rush job, and it shows. I'm saddened that BioWare doesn't think very much of their playerbase to not callously use them as an apparent cash grab by charging inflated prices for a substandard product.
  62. Mar 20, 2011
    If you liked the nwn series, DA:O or even the witcher you may than i suggest to try the game first before buying. You may prepare for some serious disappointment.
    There would be nothing wrong with the game if there were some 'Diablo' letters on the cover, but it is a tremendous disappointment and dumb down if you expect a rich and interesting game.
    Its basically pure hack&slash (Diablo
    Style) with a soso story and some nice characters. The graphic feels cleaner and worse than in DA:O, the combat was streamlinded and quickend, but is esthetically totally unpleasing. Its never elegant, its never eye catching eye candy, i never bothered taking a screenshot, while i have hm ~2k screenshots from the first game.
    Now there are some nice additoins. The voice over feels good, and some options like the possibility to give funny answers is an enrichment, espeically if thats what comes first in your mind anway .
    But the repetitive dungeons, boring map, boring graphics, missing items, everythin feels like it has a huge stamp on it "MAKE the over 10 MIL copies SELL with just 1/2 year development EA order". That just wont work. It was definately my last Bioware game i ever preordered before reading user reviews. / as such its interesting to see how commercial reviewers join Bioware´s epic fail.
    What should they do better: Well stop trying to do a DIABLO clone (knowing that the real diablo would be delayed and thus sniffing blood) - but stick to your theme, stick to what you know best. Deliver a full rich and good - but well yes, costy - RPG environment again. And yes, keep the EA guys away from Product planning.
  63. Mar 9, 2011
    Dragon Age II will be recorded as one of the worst blunders in video game history. Bioware somehow managed to take a promising series, and do a Tomb Raider with it. The game visually looks like a mod for Knights of the Old Republic, if that mod were to lower all the games textures and was inspired by minecraft. The writing in this game is exactly what you'd expect an autistic 12 year old farm hand. Gone are the "grey" moral areas, and choices that affect the story. Instead, a dialogue wheel now lets you choose between 3 options, Sissy school girl, comedic relief in b-movie, and complete jerkwad. With such rivieting dialogue options as "Hey, I wunna be a dragon too!" and "Boy, I'm hungry", it's hard not to believe that Bioware is doing a psychological experiment to see how much punishment masochistic fans will put up with. Most of the game takes place in the confines of a single "city". I say "city" loosely, because it is actually nothing more than a collection of buildings, devoid of life. All areas outside of the city and bland and repetitive. Let me be clear on this: EVERY SINGLE OUTDOOR AREA outside of the city consists of a rock wall on one side of the map, and a large, lifeless, poorly textured vista on the other. I've seen 2 year olds that can color better than the job Bioware did with this vista. Dungeons are frequently repeated. Yes, you heard that right, the exact same cave is used over and over and over again. You can no longer equip armor to companions, and the new companions are dull and lifeless. Every voice actor in the game sounds the exact same, and they all sound utterly bored with their jobs. Of course, I needed even comment on the combat to anyone who has played the demo. Bioware decided to strip out all tactical and RPG elements, and instead turn the game into a poor man's Dynasty warriors, complete with waves of spawning powder rangers running at you, while you perform the same over the top animations over and over carrying massive JRPG styled swords. I award this game no points, and may God have mercy on it's soul.â Expand
  64. Mar 9, 2011
    Here's the best analogy I can think of to summarize my feeling about Dragon Age II. Imagine you love heavy metal music and this new band released their debut album (Dragon Age: Origins) a couple years ago and it was simply awesome. Heavy, deep, rewarding. You counted down the days in giddy anticipation to their second album (Dragon Age II). You couldn't wait to see how they could possibly improve on the first album, but you knew this band would not disappoint. Finally the day is here and you have the album in hand. You put on your best set of cans, press play, and........find out your favorite band sold out and is now producing "pop" music for the masses. Yes, they may sell more albums, but man, what a bummer. Total sell out. Expand
  65. Mar 9, 2011
    A total embarrassment of a game, bioware should be ashamed of themselves.
    Terrible graphics, Terrible story,do not buy this poc
  66. Mar 10, 2011
    I thought DA:O was a decent enough game, although it wasn't the baldur's gate successor I was hoping for. This game however has nothing to do with the term RPG and is an insult to the DA:O fans.
  67. Mar 10, 2011
    Previous game was miles better. This one is just average at best, definitely not worthy of a good score. But I can see EA payed every relevant reviewer to have a descent score on Metacritic, though If you see the user scores It clearly shows the discontent of gamers about DA2, too much hype and all we got was a game where the only descent point is the combat mechanics (just at hard). Even the graphics are really bad. I have a high end PC were I can run Crysis at max at 60fps, but DA2 consumes a ridiculous amount of resources even on medium settings, and it's not like it has state of the art visuals or employs real time physics in every interaction either. I was going to give it a 5 but now. Bioware, banning a gamer and not letting him play the game just because he talked bad about your overlord, EA? That's low, and not just Activision low. See if I ever buy another game from you. Expand
  68. Mar 11, 2011
    Its different game. Its not DA:O and i know it. But i really don't enjoy this one. Combat system is ridiculous, inventory is entire garbage. On the other side - graphics and story is good (not great!). EA pushes to many pencils and this game was obviously rushed. And... I don't want play Mass Effect in fantasy world!
  69. Mar 11, 2011
    What reason do we have to believe Mass Effect 3 won't be given the same shoddy treatment as Dragon Age II? So disappointed. Bioware has bought into their own hype and is throwing their well-earned reputation into the proverbial toilet.
  70. Mar 12, 2011
    I'm a person who very much enjoyed Dragon Age 1, Mass Effect 1 and 2. And RPGs in general.
    I hadn't read any reviews or any info really on Dragon Age 2 before impulse buying it in a store. I never thought it could be bad given it's frikkin' Dragon Age by frikkin' Bioware.
    After having played it for 8-10 hours it became clear to me that I'm not really having fun. I don't care about the
    characters, I'm not sure who the bad guys are, the quests just seem unimportant.
    So I played for another 3 hours thinking SOON I will be hooked like I had been so many times before by Biowares stories. But I just got more and more disconnected. Running straight to main plot quests, skipping dialogue - something I usually never do.
    Now I'm done. 10 hours spent on the game and $70 later. The game is going on a used games market website. If I'm lucky I can get 2/3rds of what I paid for it.
    This leaves me worried for my favorite franchise, Mass Effect 3. Lets hope Bioware finds their way again.
  71. Mar 12, 2011
    This game in crap. No exploration, tons of bugs, tons of more bugs, awful difficulty calibration, crappy graphics. They made this game in few months just because EA command it!
    It's turned to a great rpg to a casual action rpg.
  72. Mar 12, 2011
    This game is not terrible but it is so wrong it threatens the future for pc RPGs.
    It's cheap and dumbed down.
    The game mainly consist in following yellow marks on the map, to complete or to take quests, there is no real need to be able to read to play this game.
    Combat is not so bad, but the difficulty is. Hard is mainly easy as pie and sometimes it gets stupidly luck based or imbalanced.
    I've not played much of nightmare because the friendly fire thing is not well thought out and causes rage-quit.
    Ambients are copy-pasted so much you actally feel frauded when playing.
    Character lack any depth and are not even remotely interesting.

    The plot is (spoiler alert) "You are a champion, or you are going to be one, and haters gonna hate you."

  73. Mar 13, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is in a word a disaster. Every aspect of the game is simplified. There is no story whatsoever. You don't get the feeling that you're playing to achieve any goal at all. It's only side stories loosely connected to each other. BioWare SOLD OUT. I'm so furious about it. I can't understand critics high scores. My only explanation is that they ware payed to write good reviews. This is the biggest scam of all time. Expand
  74. Mar 14, 2011
    This an extremely sad attempt for an rpg, before continuing i will point out the first obvious flaws in the game. -Reusing the same four maps 500 times.
    -Setting the whole game in one city.
    -Enemies have a ton of HP and come in waves so the game feels longer.
    -Frame narrative to avoid being too descriptive about what happens between large periods of time.
    -Half as much dialogue, more
    passive interaction.
    -Millions of stupid side quests that have nothing to do with anything.
    -Dull environment bereft of life and matter.
    -Inability to customize companions allowed you to skip designing different armor models.
    -Collecting hundreds of-- literally, junk items-- to create the illusion of immersion and depth.
    -Poor character development, so you hardly care about your companions by the end of the game. -Lack of any substantial choices that have lasting effects.
    -Contrived ending, that tells you nothing, and leaves a huge gap for sub-par DLC
    -Generic UI showing a lack of creativity and effort.

    Thank You to Sharkey1337 from the Bioware forums for pointing this out. This "game" is a sad excuse for a rushed rpg that lacked any standards of innovation and i ask anyone who thinks about playing this game to not do so. At most, rent and DO NOT BUY, YOU WILL HAVE WASTED 60$ IF YOU DO. Dragon Age Origins compared to this is an absolute masterpiece and anyone who was not played it should do so over buying this short pathetic game.
  75. Mar 16, 2011
    First of all, just to clear things up, "Avanost" is a Bioware engineer. You see, as long as the critic ratings are positive, Bioware care about their "fans", & their opinions. But when the user reviews are negative, Bioware just dismiss them as an "overreaction". Thats right, we are all far too stupid to play proper RPGs - all we want is dumbed-downed drivel, but we just don't know it!
  76. Mar 13, 2011
    Worst game iv ever played, I think ill go play barbie playhouse instead. They've rushed this game so bad, Copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste.
  77. Mar 9, 2011
    "You are not the landed gentry and intelligentsia of these forums â
  78. Mar 11, 2011
    This game is utter crap, they decided to make a good start (DA:O) into **** by dumbing it down for the console marked, and it may be good business but it sure as hell rubs us computer gamers the wrong way, in the end i think you should just stop making computer games, and stick to the beloved console marked, if this is the piece of **** you want to release.
  79. Mar 9, 2011
    I loved Dragon Age: Origins and i was hyped for Dragon Age 2. But my anticipation quickly died when i played the demo. This is not Dragon Age, this is not an RPG, this is like fast-food and junk. I am disappointed BioWare.
  80. Mar 10, 2011
    I did not like this game. I thought it was majorly dumbed down compared to DA:O, which wasn't even that good of a game. I hope Bioware can learn from this fiasco and do a much better job with the equally anticipated Mass Effect 3 title.
  81. Mar 10, 2011
    Let me start off by saying I completely and utterly enjoyed the first dragon age, so of course I was plenty hyped for the next incarnation. What I got was an obviously rushed poorly designed shell of a game. I don't think it would have been as bad if I had been informed of the dramatic changes and 180 degree gameplay and story turns. But in all honesty this is a let down. 80% of the game is spent in one place no more traveling around and doing fun stuff, the main enemies from the first game have been completely redesigned and everyone in the universe apparently hasn't noticed. The level design and colors are all plain, boring, and dull. Not too mention the combat is now a button smashing hack and slash, ugh cant explain how hurt and disappointed I am. Expand
  82. Mar 10, 2011
    DA:1 was a good game. Sadly, EA and Bioware sold themselves out to some made up focus group to sell games. DA:1, like Balder's Gate, was popular with a group of gamer who make up a decent share of the market. Sure, it's not as large as the Call of Duty crowd, or even the Mass Effect crowd, but they make up for it in loyalty. DA 2 flat out ruins what made the original so good. It's sad enough that there are no improvements, but it's worse that it's a step back. The combat is horrendous and a button masher. The story is just a set up to sell DLC so you can get a real ending. Bioware sold themselves out, trying to grab a bigger market share by forgetting their loyal customer base. Because of this, it's hard to trust them in the future. i'm already concerned about the quality of Mass Effect 3. I'm sorry, I've been a Bioware fan since KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights, but I can no longer support a company that won't support its fan base that allowed them their success. Shame on you guys for ruining a sequel to an above-average game. Expand
  83. Mar 11, 2011
    I really enjoyed DA1 but this one i was really dissapointed i didn't care so much , it had no tactics at all i just ran and slaughter everything lol , The storyline was crap as hell , I loved the dialogue in Da1 they pretty much took away everything i liked from DAO , it didn't even feelt like it was a Dragon age games, I think they rushed the game and made the wrong decisions..
  84. Mar 11, 2011
    Another bad game from a bad company, just a button jamming slasher. Too many complaints, the combat, subpar conversations (YES , NO, HELL YES, NO) , terrible graphics and a boring world killed the immersion entirely. Rent this, do not buy.
  85. Mar 11, 2011
    Dragon Age II is a cheap, shallow,boring,unpolished,unfinished and repetitive game. It fails to improve on its winning forward and in what appears to be an attempt at commercialization by drastically removing elements of the game that gave DA1it looses what actual prestige it had. Customizing of characters almost non-existent, environments are repetitive and suffer from poor textures, the story is linear with limited choices and endings. Its a great disappointment to say the least. The only thing worse is observing as all of EA's trouble shooting trolls give this game a 10 and make wildly outrageous statements like this being GOTY or BEST RPG EVER. Be wary of such reviews. I'll be conservative and give this travesty of a game a 2. Expand
  86. Mar 11, 2011
    New Coke anyone? Our new formula is better than our original (seriously--just have a sip).

    Sadly, this could have been avoided. It was a matter of setting expectations and marketing this not as a sequel (as it deviates too far from the original) but as a X X of Dragon Age or Dragon Age Hero X. Although, Dragon Age 2 it's not. Crpg to Arpg in an existing IP wasn't even a risky move--it
    was foolish.

    Bioware has every right to change direction, but this wasn't well coordinated or thought out. I smell EA in the mix ... and hope that the black eye Bioware has now taken will strengthen their resolve in the future. Please stay true, Bioware, please stay true in the end...

    Please don't mistake me: The devs are not at fault. It's the fault of everyone on the GTM (go-to-market) team who signed off on this. Fire them. It's a disaster.
  87. Mar 11, 2011
    As someone who absolutely loved Dragon Age Origins ( I completed 6 playthroughs and finished Awakenings and most of the DLCs), I am traumatized by how much I dislike Dragon Age 2. They changed things in this game that didn't need fixing in my opinion. Sorry but does anyone else hate the new look of the Dalish Elves as much as me? I can't stand the new look of the Dalish Elves. I don't think they seem more mystical as some people have said but they remind me of the horrible creatures from Avatar. It kills me that they ruined something that was visually pleasing before to something so cartoonish and weird looking. I also don't like the new combat system. It seems like mindless button mashing is all that is required. I also don't like the annoying new levelling up system. I don't feel as strong of emotional attachments to my companions as I did in the first game. I'll still play this game since I've played out Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas but I am disappointed. I hope Skyrim gives me something better to immerse myself in than this game. Expand
  88. Mar 12, 2011
    How did Bioware manage to turn the majesty of DAO into this dingy and myopic little world? The plot is stunted, the Dialogue shallow, and the combat is clearly compromised, and that is without even touching upon the game's myriad bugs! Dumbed down doesn't even begin to describe DA2.
  89. Mar 13, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game very disappointed .. .. do not even believe that *it* makes developers NWN. Cool RPG turned into a dull meat grinder. I really, really sorry for the fans DE. Although children from 10 to 14, this game is really like .. Although there since age limit 18 )) Expand
  90. Mar 13, 2011
    The Dragon Age franchise has been tossed into the corporate machinery and spat out as a bruised and crippled shell of its former self. The game manages to deliver a thoroughly mediocre and disappointing experience to both RPG and casual gaming fans alike.

    The combat could possibly be the largest flaw with the game, however it is but one of many large flaws. Many skills and abilities
    present in DA: O which made the game an overly tactical, challenging and rewarding experience have been removed in favor of more 'exciting and fast paced' combat. In Dragon Age 2's case 'exciting and fast paced' equates into the mindless ability bashing. Combat now relies heavily upon 'wave' mechanics. Where instead of individual mobs of enemies the player will be bombarded by wave after wave of enemy turning an epic skirmish into a tedious exercise of endurance. Most side quests are trivial and generic which furthermore offer no further insight into the game world and hold little other responsibility other than keeping the player distracted for a few extra hours collecting X number of items..

    The visuals have undergone an upheaval, yet surprisingly manages to look worse than its predecessor.
    The combat now resembles something out of a Devil May Cry game, rather than the style set in DA:O. The visceral and realistic style of Origins now replaced with an over sensationalized gratuitous flood of warrior aerobatics and bloody explosions. Many Caves, mountains, roads used again and again presumably due to constraints imposed by the soulless suits over in EA pushing for a speedy release and a fast cash-in. Dragon Age: Origins was a modern day throwback to classic RPG games: It incorporated engaging Tactical gameplay , interesting characters and appropriate use of dialog selection and an immersive fantasy setting imbued with a touch of gritty realism to provide a satisfying fantasy experience. Because of this the game was critically acclaimed and sold very well.
    Now letâ
  91. Mar 13, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After two playthroughs, I finally pinpointed what it is that ruins DA2. There is just no choice; a bit of a dealbreaker for an RPG! Whatever you do, you'll lose a sibling, your mother will die horribly, the chantry will go boom, the Qunari will attack. You don't roleplay, you simply watch as a character stumbles into various plotpoints. Even on a replay, the very limited dialogue options (angelic, sarcastic, angry) make it hard to change much. You're more of a watcher, not really a participant.

    Given that the rest of the game outside of the main plot is spent acting as the world's errand boy, and the world itself is so dull to look at, it's just not much fun overall. There is nothing wrong with the new fighting system, though the enemy-spamming gets very tedious very quickly (as did Origins). There's nothing wrong with the companions or the overall story. It's just... boring, compared to the sense of magnitude Origins invoked. There is no getting away from this.

    I truly believe all of its problems lie in the lack of creation time. One year is nowhere near enough to time for a polished product, and lot of the things which made Origins great have been removed. There is an obvious lack of thought in the way locations are reused over and over and, worst of all... across 10 years, people are still standing in the same places and the city doesn't change even slightly. Go to Fenris' mansion, for example, and the same corpse is still lying by the door 7 years on! The bright spark in this game is the way romances are handled. They don't have as much depth as in Origins, since there is not much interaction beforehand, but the developers are to be applauded for making the romances open regardless of gender. I hope more games follow their lead, at least on that score.

    But overall, Dragon Age 2 is a disappointment for the genre. I realised this when Isabella kept commenting "I'm bored of this", and I found myself thinking "yeah, me too".
  92. Mar 22, 2011
    Refrain from buying this game if you have any expectations. While the game is not a complete disaster when regarded as a standalone game, you will get disappointed if you want to play it because you liked Dragon Age: Origins. Basically it is just a thumbed down, simplified version of its predecessor.

    My rating is not only game related, but mostly Biowares fault. While I would give the
    game a 4-5/10, Biowares extreme failure forces me to make it 1/10. How can a gaming company even dare to censor people opinions about the game in their forums, having workers write ridiculous hymns of praise on metacritic and paying major magazines money to give outrageous scores? Just refrain from buying Bioware products if you can avoid it. Don't support companys with such low ethical standards until they feel the consequences. This is the only way to hurt them for deceiving people in such a shameful, pathetic way. Greedy bastards.

    But now to the game, which I played to the end. DA2 had 18 Months of development time, while DA:O took about five years. This manifests throughout the game which looks nice in the beginning, but lacks quality the longer you run around doing mindless, uninnovative quests. The combat system itself is fun at first but gets annoying due to it repetitiveness and unfair spawn system. A typical mission looks like this: Go to a cave, do x, collect y. Encounter enemies which spawn in weird waves that make no sense at all. When you run into the middle of a room you can be sure that enemies spawn right around you and the first thing you have to do in every fight is moving your fragile casters around the place and kite monsters so they don't die. Monsters are killed, many more enemies spawn for an unknown reason (couldn't they just be there from start) right in your casters again. Repeat kiting. Expect this to happen in 95% of all fights. And why do monsters suddenly spawn in hordes when there was not the slightest sign of enemies seconds before the encounter? Challenge in the fights come from unfair mechanics like hordes of monsters spawning in your ranged characters. This was so annoying, I can't put enough emphasis on it. Boss fights suck. On higher difficulties they are next to impossible due to near infinite health rather than intelligent design. You will do the same few button combinations for half an hour if you decide to fight that dragon/random other boss on hard difficulties. Often the result is endless kiting until the boss is finally dead - not worth it. A really sad game mechanic for a hyped 2011 game but probably the only possible outcome for a game which is rushed to make more money from the franchise.

    Next annoying thing is the game recycling as you advance through the game. While the main city Kirkwall and 4 locations outside of the city are not too shabby at first, EXPECT TO SEE THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN THE WHOLE GAME. EXPECT INSIDE LOCATIONS TO BE SEEN DOZENS OF TIMES WITH DIFFERENT ENEMIES. Every house, every dungeon, every cave is used multiple times. Seriously, there is no excuse for this in any way. Next thing are shallow companions inculding a crappy dialogue system. Low friendship/romance options are usually maxed out by pressing the "friendly" or "heart" answer 3-4 times. Clicking through the choices couldn't be simpler and has really nothing to do with role playing. Random pirate **** which offers sex to you the minute you talk to her, eerie looking elves on crack and other rather uninteresting characters you can have fight along your side.

    The storyline is another failure, since there is NONE. You flee from darkspawn to Kirkwall and try to become a champion there, which you are later on by collecting generic herbs, fighting some bad boys and rescuing maidens. There is no real mainplot which guides you through the game, generally you don't have a clue what to do next or what happens, since you will start running from one questmarker to another. At a certain point I didn't even bother to read quest texts anymore but rather collected the exp from certain generic, really, really, boring sidequests. This game is tricky though, at first it made me think "Aww.. what a bunch of haters, the game is not too bad. Nice fighting, decent graphics." But then you realize more and more that the hate has a foundation. The foundation is bad game design which can hardly be considered standard in a 2011 AAA+ game. Basically you end up running around in the same textures over and over again, slaying the same models of enemies over and over again as you advance through the three acts in the game. I also did not like the unlogical choices you are forced to make later on, but this is rather my personal taste on the story, which I found really awful.

    Do not buy this game if you are searching for a good role-playing game.
  93. Mar 31, 2011
    Dragon Age Origins was an excellent game. Dragon Age 2 is a big disappointment for me. Specially because there's no epic feeling at all. Why I have to spend 90% of the game going around Kirkwall doing small "kill this guy", "bring this stuff" missions? I'd like to battle hordes of enemies, be part of an epic story, command an army, lead a desperate mission or kill the king.. I don't know, something EPIC, difficult, impossible for no one but my character and his foes.

    But what I got in exchange is... hey, you can be a small smuggler/assassin.. and spend hours and hours of gameplay just moving around this city, doing "no one cares about it" missions.

    **** I want to be a hero! That's why I buy a game with "DRAGON" in its cover!
  94. Apr 16, 2011
    Let's see, where to start? Dragon Age: Origins was one of my favorite games in a long while. This game is a shell of that game. That's actually an insult to our shell-covered brethren. I would say that the graphics are much improved, but that's kind of a hollow endorsement in that you keep seeing the same graphics over and over and over. There is really no excuse for recycling the same map over and over with some lame obstacle keeping you from exploring the same map you saw five minutes ago. Some say the combat has improved, but I am not one of them. The game teases you by suggesting that you set a tank at the choke point to protect your mage or ranged character, only to then see enemies fall from the sky behind you. You can back up to what looks like a 4 story building and enemies just drop from the sky. Pathetic. Where to go next? Oh yeah, the loot system. I can see this conversation playing out. Some wasted dude in the corner says "Hey, let's make 80% percent of the loot they find worthless". Some equally wasted dude says "Okay, that sounds cool and to top that, let's have them sell their cool looking 3 star weapons with cool names when they pick up plain 4 star weapons with cooler names like"dagger"". Seriously, you couldn't take the time to make all the weapons have names that represented their properties? Once again, pathetic. Okay, and why do enemies explode? That just seems juvenile. This is a mature rated game right? Why appeal to the basest of gaming instincts? Blood everywhere!!! Stupid. I wish I could think of a movie sequel that disappointed as much as this game "sequel" did, but I'm drawing a blank. That's probably because I'm drinking, which I had stopped doing until I tried to finish this game. Actually, in retrospect, Dragon Age:Awakening was a better sequel to DA:O than this game. Did I mention that there is absolutely no story here? A bunch of random fetch quest with no real purpose. And tell me, how do I pick up a random item from a chest and magically know to give it to some random person for, get this, a 1 gold piece reward? Insanely stupid! I rarely use exclamation points by the way. This is the saddest follow-up to a great game that I have ever encountered. I thought Mass Effect 2 was a step down from the original, but it was okay. I hear they are looking at online co-op play for DA3. I fear what we have on the horizon is a "Call of Dragon Effect" where, in an effort to maximize profits, Bioware decides to appeal to the brain-dead co-op button mashers at the expense of those of us who actually like RPGs. I have bought every Bioware game since I started buying games because I trusted them. That ends now. Expand
  95. Mar 11, 2011
    Sad to see how far the once great Bioware has fallen. DA2 is a rushed, dumbed down travesty of a game designed to cater to the lowest common denominator of brain-dead console gamers. The mechanics are overly simplistic, the plot and characterisation are bland and the supposed 'dark' side of the game feels like it was driven completely from EA's focus groups. And that's before we even get to the isse of Day 0 paid for DLC. Expand
  96. Mar 9, 2011
    After nearly 10hrs of game play I'll start with the "game is a step backwards" statement. Anyone who believes otherwise is a blind fanboy(and yes I really did and do like previous BW titles and was a fanboy). The real problems start when the game moved from a cRPG(dao/a) to a action RPG. Where your PC does lightening fast **** that makes things explode! Well I suppose if you like that, this game is for you. There's serious problems with how bosses are dealt with. First if you attack a boss, they spawn 'friends'. Then as you keep attacking them, they spawn more, and sometimes more! This is the cheap way of making content hard. Sure I can understand having minions, but repeatedly spawning 8 groups of 10 mobs to make something difficult? No dice. The level designs are lack luster(the city itself is pretty). But you're going to revisit the same areas, again, and again, and again. Did I mention going to the same areas again? Maybe not. You will not have party conversations while out and about, nope you must goto their house/building/hideout. The difficulty scaling is messed up, no longer following a core set of rules. If you're waiting for us modders to fix the game? Well who knows, because they have yet to even say if we'll get a toolset. And the original toolset doesn't work in the game, missing assets and all that.

    I could carry on with the spell changes, and several other things but there's no real point. I'll say this, if you want to buy the game wait for the super-ultra-deluxe version, where you won't be nickeled and dimed over DLC. And hopefully by then we'll have a toolset, and be able to fix this horrid game.
  97. Mar 9, 2011
    this game sux in any way it can. worst console port ever. DA1 was good RPG, not perfect but just good.
    DA2 is just step back: bad graphics, bad gameplay, bad story and incredible high requirements.

    if u want play good cRPG just stay away from DA2. it's waste of ur time
  98. Mar 9, 2011
    ... way to go EA for turning Bioware into a factory... you should have waited another year to release this and actually make a decent game...
    steamy triple coiler....
  99. Mar 9, 2011
    Yet again a company decides to "improve" their game by removing the complexity and mechanics that made it great in the first place. No longer can you equip your companions with any item you find, you now have set upgrades. The skills have also been dumbed down. Removing or merging skills like trap-making, poison making, etc.

    The combat is also a mess. A slight speed up would have done
    Dragon Age well, but they went extremely too far with it. Animations are jerky, gore is over the top, they've basically turned it into a hack and slash RPG game.

    They went away from a lot of what made Dragon Age: Origins great. It's sad that they would insult the people who supported the first game.
  100. Mar 9, 2011
    Thanks Bioware for all the shades of brown. It's like there was a giant mystical power in the sky just **** out brown the entire time. Also, great job on all the paid reviews, does it feel good to know that everyone thinks your game is **** Oh wait, you only care about the money and profits you can make. The 2005 graphics mix well with all the brown. The dialogue is also very well written and probably took months to come up the extremely complicated and sophisticated "I want to be a dragon." line.
    **** you Bioware.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 75
  2. Negative: 1 out of 75
  1. Aug 3, 2011
    I'll give Bioware points for trying to do something different in their world, but they really did have it right the first time in terms of character building and the scope of the story.
  2. May 1, 2011
    Faulty game mechanics and disappointing maps, combat scenarios and storyline direction aside, Dragon Age II still has a surprising amount of intrigue hidden beneath the blemishes. The depth of character relationships, as well as the complex nature of the world of the Dragon Age franchise are a savior to a game that would otherwise forever be remembered by its mistakes.
  3. Apr 22, 2011
    Above all, it seems like Dragon Age II is an experiment. If you're a fan of the first game and expect a direct continuation, either in story or mechanics, you'll be disappointed. If you're not willing to put up with some rough edges and some mechanics that don't quite work as intended, you'll end up having a hard time. But if you're going for a game that has some of the best storytelling in RPGs in a while, or you're looking for a BioWare RPG to tide yourself over until Mass Effect 3, you won't do much better right now than Dragon Age II.