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  1. Feb 28, 2011
    I was never a big fan of Bioware at all. In fact, when I first put this game in my 360, I was already having doubts on if this game will be good, because I tried Mass Effect, which is considered to be Biowares best game, and didn't like it. I admit that the game looked good when I first saw it. A friend of mine decided to let me borrow his copy of Dragon Age, which he later said I could keep with no charge. Thanks Josh. So, why am I thanking my friend for a game by Bioware, a company I never liked? I'll tell you why. Because this game IS AMAZING!!!!! I'll be perfectly honest, Oblivion is one of my favorite RPG's ever, but I think Dragon Age actually beats it. I'm already looking forward to Dragon Age II, it has become one of my most anticipated games on 2011. So since I only have 5000 characters per review, let's get to the game. The most important aspect in any game is, of course, the gameplay. So, how is the gameplay in Dragon Age? Outstanding! It's like a very fast paced version of the Final Fantasy XI battle system, except much more active. You're not hacking and slashing, but it's still a very active system. Don't you worry Turn-Based Haters, this game is not turn based at all. They basically took the turn-based battle system from FFXI, and removed the turn-based part of it. Absolute genius! You can also set techniques to your quick cast buttons, much like setting your items to the C-buttons in Zelda. This makes it easier, because anything that's not set to your quick cast buttons, you can only cast by opening up the ability menu, and selecting it. However, this is quick, and is a great way to pause the game if you need to observe the battle and decide a change in strategy. Of course like any other advanced RPG, you can create your character to your liking. You can choose between 3 races. Human, Elf, and Dwarf. I decided to be an elf. After that, you choose your job. You can choose one of 3 jobs. Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. I decided to be a rogue, because I like sneaking around and being quick. Each job has 4 specializations that you choose from after unlocking them through quests in the game. The rogue specialization I chose first was Duelist, which is a person who can deal very good damage, and is very good at dodging attacks, and is best with dual wielding daggers. I later made Archer as my 2nd specialization, that one should be obvious. But in case you don't get it, it means you use a bow and arrow. Each time you level up, you get points to spend on character attributes to make him stronger. You do the same with your party members. By the way, you don't travel alone, you have a party with you. So obviously, this means you have to keep a well organized party. As far as the story goes, the story starts off differently for every race, but it all leads down to the same story. You become a Grey Warden, a special warrior meant to protect the people from the darkspawn. Of course that's up to you. The game has the same choice system as Mass Effect, so the choices you make will affect you later on, and you can choose to be a good guy or a bad guy. Not only will your decisions affect you later in this game, but they will also affect you in Dragon Age II, so choose your path wisely. In either case though, you have to gather allies from around the world by either helping them solve their problems so they can aid you, or by forcing them to aid you. The only problem with this game is it's difficulty. Casual mode is too easy, but Normal mode is way too freakin hard. It's like the game completely skipped Normal mode and decided to make Normal mode hard mode. Even the hardcore RPG players are usually playing the game on casual mode, because Normal mode is way too hard, it's nearly impossible. One can only imagine how difficult Hard and Nightmare modes are. I have yet to hear of anyone who can play the game all the way through on Nightmare mode. All and all, fantastic game, and it deserves every penny you pay for it. It has to be one of the best RPG's of all time, so if you love RPG's, pick this game up. Mass Effect ain't got **** on Dragon Age! 10/10. Expand
  2. Jul 26, 2011
    I played through this game in its entirety 11 times. So many times, I had to remove characters to a flashdrive because you're only allowed to create 8 characters. It's that good.
  3. Nov 29, 2010
    This game is amazing. The graphics are not great for a 360 game, but everything else is way above average. Great story, great characters, great voice acting, great music, and very challenging gameplay (at least if you play it on Nightmare). The gameplay is very strategic, and it is very rewarding to finally win a difficult battle after many tries. Also, the characters are so well developed that they truly come to life on screen. This is my favorite RPG for the Xbox 360. Expand
  4. Jun 21, 2011
    After playing about three hours of Dragon Age I stoped. Just don´t understand what all you guys have with this Bioware. Mainly I did not like the graphics-realy bad.
  5. Jul 4, 2011
    Just terrible. In my years of playing RPG's, this game was delightfully devoid of most control concepts, most notably the battle system. Once you engage an enemy, the game pretty much takes over for you and has the characters doing their own thing, for better or for worse. And no, I don't care to know every AI character's backstory which ends up reading about 10000 lines of information that has nothing to do with game play. I stopped playing this after 10 hours, and it's the reason I opened a Goozex account. BLECH. Expand
  6. Oct 8, 2011
    Story: 10
    Characters: 10
    Graphics: 9
    Setting: 10
    Multiplayer: N/A
    Technical: 5
    Audio: 10
    Gameplay: 6
    Re-Playability Value: 10
    Fun Factor: 9

    Score: 8.7/10 = A
  7. Mar 11, 2011
    It's much more linear than a game like Oblivion, but that's okay because all of paths you are able to go on are awesome. Dragon Age Origins feels like an old-school RPG in the best way possible. The combat is paced so that you can strategize effectively and still feel the excitement of battle, and the story and characters are excellent. My highest recommendations for any RPG fan.
  8. Feb 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is what you call an rpg. the story like is really good and keeps you drawn to the game. you find your self needing to complete with all the races and classes that are available to play . the game play can be a bit similar to other stuff on the market but you dont really notice it while you are playing. Dragon Age: origins i do recommend to rpg players. Expand
  9. Mar 14, 2011
    I have completed this game 14 times so far and still want to play it. The characters are genuinely funny and charming. The story is epic and the choices I made seem to really affect the world. Gameplay is a tad on the slow side but allows for some tactical manouvering. Graphics are not great but the immersion more than makes up for that. Amazing experience from BioWare a must get game.
  10. Apr 6, 2011
    Great game, great story, great RPG. In my opinion this is one of the greatest games I've ever played and including DLC was an amazingly fun 80 hours. Wish it didn't have to end, and thanks to the re-playability, it really doesn't!
  11. Nov 29, 2011
    I'm really not sure what to say for the first time , Dragon Age is more like a mixed bland boring combat game. But in the same way, the compelling story-line drags my attention completely and push me to play it. The game has lacking bad animations , they don't seem to show an emotion, they just talk and everything start progressing. While It is a very deep game in terms of story and decisions that by far that's how Bio Ware rule the RPG ( they are flawless in creating story ) I see more Dragon Age as a lacking Mass Effect ,is more like the other side of Mass Effect . But don't get me wrong Dragon Age is an interesting story teller with no problem. Expand
  12. Jul 22, 2012
    Bioware pride themselves on being able to create amazing storylines that make you feel as if you are actually in the world of the game. Origins is no exception. This game has a challenging yet interesting combat engine, accompanied by very personal and well designed characters, a huge amount of gameplay time and a brilliantly written plot. My one complaint would be graphics, but they aren't particularly bad, just not amazingly good. Besides that, this game is almost perfect. Expand
  13. Oct 30, 2013
    Anyone that has played any of BioWare's other RPG titles, and Knights of the Old Republic in particular, will be instantly familiar with the way Dragon Age: Origins works. Having completed one of four unique origin stories the player sets about putting together a team and convincing different tribes to join them in the battle against an army of demons, known as The Blight, that are hell-bent on destroying the world. Along with the fantasy setting this plot could of course be considered a little clichéd but the detailed world, expansive history and interesting dialogue choices more than makes up for this.

    The gameplay itself is well paced with battles being played out in real time, although they can be paused at any time to allow for tactical decisions to be made. With so many spells and techniques available there is plenty of scope to customise your team just how you want meaning there is a great deal of depth to proceedings.

    All in all I found Origins to be a deep and thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish, and that’s saying something in a game that lasted over 50 hours.
  14. May 9, 2011
    One of my absolute favorite games of all time. The story and interaction elements are fantastic. Yes the graphics aren't the greatest and the combat can get frustrating, but it was nothing that kept me from logging many, many hours on several playthroughs. You have to give this game a try if you enjoy an incredible, deep story that will keep you entertained for more time than you're willing to wager. Expand
  15. May 17, 2011
    this is such a bad game,absolutely pathetic attempt at creating an rpg,shame on you bioware,i will be never ever ever again purchasing any of your products after this abomination of a game
  16. Dec 19, 2011
    Upon getting this game and putting it in my Xbox, I didn't know what to think.
    This was like no other RPG I've ever played, at first I had doubts but I just said "What the hell, why not enjoy something different from Final Fantasy", even to this day, I'm glad I trusted my gut because this was one of the best RPGs I've ever play.

    With 100s of different character creation combinations,
    races, classes, and origin stories, add to such interactive gameplay, with a cast a great characters I could relate.

    For me, a game that allows me to have my personality in the game will always be a 10/10
  17. Dec 30, 2011
    This game is great. At times it may be slow but the story absolutely blows you away. Each new area that you visit is fun and entertaining and is full of different types of quests. The character progression allows you to mold your character to fit your playing style. The graphics may be sub-par but it makes up for it with a lush environment. I was so excited to see the next place i was going i never even cared about leveling my character up. There was never any need to grind to be able to continue the story. (Besides on nightmare mode) While i loved RPGs like mass effect, oblivion, and KOTOR, i think this was my favorite. The replayability of this game is extremely high because of the multiple origin stories you start off with. (Mage was my favorite) Overall this game is great and i never got tired of being a Grey Warden. Expand
  18. Mar 14, 2012
    One of the few true RPG's to appear in the last 5 years. That being said, it has many flaws that take away from the overall feel of the game. In characteristic Bioware fashion, texture loading decreases in quality as save file size increases. Voice is acting is average at best, with a few notable exceptions. NPC's are generally mediocre and not very notable. Finally, the combat mechanics are sluggish and clumsy and battles take far too long on even the easiest difficulty. This is still a very enjoyable game and provides many hours of entertainment. Expand
  19. Apr 13, 2012
    Dragon Age: Origins presents fast paced RPG battles with wide cast of lovable, and loathable, companions. Gameplay is built on automated attacks while you the player stratagizes and make use of you and your companions many unique abilities. DA:O offers a nice selection of races and upbringing for your character, combined with the possible skill trees makes each character special. The gameplay can be tedious and sometimes even difficult to pick up. People who play for a long time will find a solid battle engine that rewards strategy and quick thinking. Other than that, the story is gripping and presents a wonderful fantasy story that is filled to the brim with fantasy worthy of any epic. Expand
  20. Jan 11, 2013
    Dragon Age: Origins is an action packed RPG where the protagonist of your design is joined by a party of no more then four people fight to save the world. The protagonist can be male or female. The protagonist can be a human, elf, or dwarf. The character creator allows you to make your character completely original. Depending on the character you create you will experience one out of the six opening scenes which allow you to have an original gaming experience. Dragon Age: Origins has a very engaging story line that never bores you. You can be exploring the lands of Ferelden killing dark spawn, gathering allies, or pursuing possible romances. I would recommend this game for any gamer! This game is perfect for gamers who want to get into RPGs and for pro RPG players who want a test of their skills and an interesting story line. Collapse
  21. Mar 18, 2013
    Hands down my favorite game of all time. It had everything I look for in a good RPG; The plotline, which may seem overused at first, was detailed and engaging. The characters were unique and memorable, with distinct personalities and deep back stories, on top of which they have a wide range of skills to match a party to any style of play. Not to mention all the choices; Every major plot point has at least one major decision that affects the end of the game, and most have many smaller choices too. To go back to your companions; rather than being passive place holders they actually respond to the situation around you; Approving or disapproving of your choices, and giving their own input when they feel strongly about something. (Plus there are few things as amusing as listening to the conversations your party occasionally starts up while you're exploring.)

    No, the graphics aren't up to the standard of Bethesda's 'Skyrim', and the loading screens can be a bit of a drag, but beyond that it's very hard to find fault with the game. (And let's face it; The graphics in Skyrim were exceptional, very few games can even come close.
    The graphics are still good enough to make the game engaging, with a few truly beautiful scenes if you take a look around. (Try looking off the cliff by Redcliffe.) And the music is incredible. And for those interested in such things there's a wealth of history and culture in the codex, an unbelievable amount really, without reading even a quarter of it you can fully immerse yourself in the world's politics and racial relations. Nothing is left unexplained to those who want to know.

    All in all a simply amazing gaming experience, rife with adventure and humour. A must-have for any gamer.
  22. May 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. To put it simply, Dragon Age: Origins is a great game that you will likely be pleased with if you are a fan of RPGs.

    - Combat (if you're a fan of auto-attack with a slight strategic bent.)
    - Characters, voice acting
    - Choices effect outcome of game
    - Storyline (it's predictable but original and satisfying.)

    - Combat (if you are more interested in the action-RPG style.)
    - Graphics (the graphics are definitely tolerable, they are just sub-par compared to other games released at the same time.)
    - Difficulty spikes (some difficult battles are random, unexpected and the game will not autosave beforehand [desire demon in the Circle of Magi, anyone?!] and some battles will be disappointingly easy.)
  23. May 16, 2013
    Just about everything about this damn game is terrible. The story and narrative are one giant cliche, the setting is uninspiring, the music is entirely bland, the characters are quite one dimensional, combat is sluggish, the interface is clunky, the visuals are a mess, level design is utter garbage, but the voice acting is pretty good.
  24. Aug 15, 2013
    A very good RPG. I don't like how Bioware makes its games for teen boys when it comes to women, sex and the dialogue in general. In DAO that stuff is sufficiently out of the way so that it doesn't get in the way of gaming. I'd rather have a world like that in Witcher instead of Bioware's classic good vs evil with large breasted women and huge spiky armors. Nevertheless, DAO was good. Definitely the best game Bioware has ever produced and looking at the horror that was Dragon's Age 2 and how they "developed" Mass Effect downhill through the series it is safe to say that DAO will be their best game ever. Expand
  25. Oct 6, 2013
    A very story-driven game where it succeeded in delivering a good one. Although you could definitely tell it was made for the PC, the combat wasn't too bad. A little buggy. I was getting sick of my character running in random directions when I chose to attack something. When it came to looting, eventually your equipment just didn't get better. Also, the quest tracking in the game was simply awful. The constant waves of enemies got very repetitive soon. The game delivers when it comes to giving the player an abundance of choices that significantly impact the game and story. Expand
  26. Nov 20, 2013
    Alright, let's start with the good. The story is great and very interesting in all of the choices and different characters you can meet along the way. I liked how much detail they put into all of the lore of the entire world of Dragon Age. The graphics were alright, I mean they didn't look amazing, but still good. The music, to be honest I can't really think of any particular track that stood out to me. Now for the bad. Combat which takes up a lot of the game is horrible, I mean on PC it looks totally different and actually good! The console version got the short end of the stick when it comes to it. My character at times will just stop what he's doing and sprint in a random directions, this got very annoying. The quest markers on the mini map were pretty bad. They would be on the map... some of the time, but most of the time it's just looking for yourself and that kind of felt like I was just wasting my time. In the end I do recommend this game it can be enjoyable and look for about 20-30 hours of game play, since this game is pretty old you could probably get it for about 15-20 dollars, which is well worth the price. Expand
  27. Mar 3, 2014
    Good choices.
    Good back story for each race.
    Good story, not great.
    Good voice acting.

    Worst gameplay ever.
    Horrible graphics.
    Bad facial animations.
  28. Aug 14, 2010
    An epic immersive storyline, some fantastically humorous and emotionally engaging characters (Oghren and Alistair for myself). A somewhat clunky and combat system to begin with, but definitely one of the better ones for its genre. A huge campaign quest line and side quests that can take from 40 -100 hours depending on your own speed and interest. Each of my play throughs has taken ~60 hours, considering few games last longer than 10 hours of gameplay this is a great investment. Expand
  29. Dec 29, 2012
    Decent story, gameplay, and characters. Some major problems on consoles include many glitches, extremely weak graphics, and a slow battle system. Would receive a much higher score if it weren't for technical issues.
  30. Aug 24, 2010
    I really should have liked this game more than I did. Here's how it lost points: game play and storyline was very derivative (this is D&D Neverwinter Nights re-packaged, folks), the game is so restricted to such a small part of this fantasy world, I felt claustrophobic and finally parts (not too much) of the game was tedious and boring, boring, boring. With a little work, this could have been a legendary RPG. Expand
  31. Sep 9, 2010
    Dragon Age for the XBOX lives under the shadow of its PC counterpart. Many of the criticisms that can be tossed at the console version such as its graphic, GUI and companion control issues are non issues on the PC. But if you don't have a PC that can play DA don't let that persuade you to pass on this game though. After losing its license for Dungeons and Dragons, Bioware did a fine job of constructing their own in depth world although admittedly not nearly as vast as Forgotten Realms. Those that enjoy reading about the world via codex entry will be in heaven here. I personally missed quite a bit of information because I didn't follow-up and read all the entries (and there are LOTS of them) as I came across them. Sometimes I would complete missions I didn't even know I was on. I think that the tsunami wave of back story you find in the world is an attempt to quickly build the history and mythology of Ferelden to be as immersive as the world of Baldur's Gate. As overwhelming a task as it may seem, they've done an awesome job (let us give a toast). I also appreciate the mature content in this game. I find that game studios are becoming more prudish when it comes to sexual content and gender roles but more liberal with graphic violence and death. Not that this game overly objectifies a particular gender but at the same time I didn't feel like I was in an after school special. My fear is that this game is among a dying bread of adult games and that game studios in the future will create nothing but PG and PG 13 like games. Support Mature games and buy Dragon Age! Expand
  32. Aug 1, 2011
    Dragon Age: Origins is a good game with a few major flaws. While the characters, voice-acting, and dialogue are all excellent, the main problem is the length of time it takes to get things done in this game. The excessive micro-management of the inventory is an absolute nightmare (collecting billions of items is most definitely NOT role-playing, for those who may think otherwise), and you start to get bored with cavern-after-cavern-after-cavern of the same basic combat. Given the excessive length of this game, these kinds of things really hurt the replay value. Still, it's a great story, and this game is a decent start to what could have been a worthwhile franchise for years to come. Unfortunately, the sequel was an absolute disaster. Expand
  33. Oct 27, 2010
    The main story is very good and has a lot of great quests. Unfortunately it is not helped by the poor graphics and the fact the main quest is very very hard.
  34. Dec 13, 2010
    Very, very satisfying game. The customization ability in the game is superb. So many choices in creating your character physically as well as classes and special abilities. The game also has a great storyline and history to it. I'm sure if you took the time to read everything that you pick up along the way, it would read much like a fantastical story. The game can be difficult at a few points but for a beginning gamer, it should be a simple task on the easiest difficulty. There is tons of replay ability in the game. It will make you want to change characters and play a whole new storyline. It took me around 25 hours to complete and i didn't do too many side quests. The DLC will add a pretty substanial amount of time as well. The audio is great and a few characters really stand out in their voice acting. The one complaint I have with the game is the graphics and bugs along the way. There are many blotched settings and bugged conversations, which can get annoying. However, the game was tremendous and i recommend it to somebody who loves RPG's. Overall: 8.7/10. Expand
  35. Sep 5, 2012
    This game was.... a pleasent surprise actually. A bloody good story that's quite dark and mature (And is mature in the way it handles these darker elements) with a wide cast of lovable characters and an antagonist that you just love to hate. Yes, the style of story is nothing new but it certainly is the best of the formula. The combat is not really my thing but I found it fun anyway, and I actually had to reduce the difficulty because this game is HARD. You can still play this game as a casual if you lower the difficulty but even on normal you WILL need to gear up, choose your party wisely and go in with a plan if you want to win most fights, even with trash mobs. It was a little frustrating at first, but there's the option to lower the difficulty if you wish, and it's nice to see a game that isn't super-easy or super-cheap, considering the abundance of those games nowadays. The best characters in the game by far are both Alistair (You always want to hug him :3) and Morrigan (She's a **** but you love her for it :D). Both are polar opposites but are both played masterfully and their interactions are some of the funniest in the game. Of course Zevran is great, but his backstory and seeming lack of character development puts him at third unfortunately. He's still great though. In conclusion, if you love a good hero story or old-style RPG's then you will LOVE this game, as it is basically the perfection of the formula. Expand
  36. Apr 28, 2011
    Ok, so being a fan of bioware and their previous games such as baldurs gate, KOTOR, mass effect etc I knew what to expect from an RPG from them, this game being very similar to Knights of the old republic in many respects I was at home with the way the mechanics of the game worked such as interactive dialogue etc. They storyline is very consuming and characters very believable, i even felt myself feeling for them at some points of the game. The combat is not real time and when leveling up your characters and others you have to constantly change their 'quick' set of moves from the menu to the more powerful moves etc so they dont keep the old less powerful ones, the menus are full of statistics and the codex contains interesting info about each important character in the quest, which helps to build an understanding of their relationship to you and the game world. Each main character is voice acted superbly and the story is absolutely convincing and draws you in in a way only bioware RPGs do. This is the best part of the game and will keep you playing as the gameplay gets a bit repetive after a while. Now the main problem with the game is the difficulty, I started out on the highest difficulty (nightmare) which of course was extremely difficult but to the point where i found myself stuck in the wilds at the beginning of the game unable to progress because i could not defeat the enemies, after many failed attempts I changed the difficulty and after a little more put it down to casual, the problem was sorted out for the most part. However the difficulty level still seemed to jump in places from being very easy to being very tough, which was frustrating. Other than that I'd say the lack of the 'light' and 'dark' side meter took away from the experience as there was no consequence to being evil and your character leaning toward a darker more sinister person. Or doing good deeds becoming a 'lighter' type of character who helps those in need. I also would have preferred the game touse real time combat like in mass effect, except of course with swords etc. Overall I'd recommend this game to any RPG fan but not over mass effect 1 or 2, which I believe along with KOTOR are the best bioware have to offer. Expand
  37. Jun 30, 2011
    This has to be one of if not the best games I have ever played, the story is fantastic and that alone will have you glued to your controller for many hours, it's emotional, intense, and epic, and the characters are the best of any Bioware game so far, only a few characters from the Mass Effect series are this enjoyable, but you still do have some lame followers like Sten and Zevran, but for the most part they are awesome, and they are genuinely hilarious, I found myself often laughing until I couldn't breath at some of the conversations between the characters (Alistair and Morrigans bickering is a laugh riot!) and the combat system works well for the game, and feels every bit like a classic RPG which is a good thing, and it has HIGH replayability do to do to multiple character creation options and different choices to make, that and it's just so much fun, and for all these good things I was originally going to give this a perfect 10/10, but there is one flaw, during the end of the game there is a HUGE difficulty spike, don't get me wrong the game was always challenging, but it was the rewarding kind of challenging, but at the end it's just frustrating, before that combat is nicely paced and you have just enough enemies to feel challenged, but in the final moments your constantly swarmed with enemies at all sides, and this also happens during the final boss battle, I mean the boss itself is tough, but just tough enough to be fun, what makes this encounter so frustrating is that when you get its health to 50% he sends in swarms of enemies, which once again overwhelm you, I eventually made it past this boss battle, but only after a lot of cheap deaths, I mean nothing i the game prepares you for that, no warning or anything to how frustrating it will be in its final moments, but even with those flaws I still loved this game and it has earned itself a special place in my heart, and it's an experience I will never forget, it's just a shame that the final moments are so frustrating, but this is a near perfect game, and I highly recommend it to any and all gamers, this is definitely one of the greatest games of all time. Expand
  38. Jan 14, 2011
    This is good RPG with some good characters, intriguing options, and a decent story. I disagree that it's the "spiritual successor" of Baldur's Gate (though even DA's creators don't claim that), but I'm not really sure that DA tries to be anything other than a new fantasy RP IP and a good one at that. It's much more focused on action and character development than Baldur's Gate, while lacking the depth and richness of the environment and narrative of the BG series. Combat can be a bit wonky. I recommend being a mage for the greatest flexibility and tactical strength. Anyway, this is a fine RPG, but it's clear that Mass Effect is Bioware's flagship RPG series. Maybe Dragon Age 2 will prove me wrong, but ME2 set the bar pretty high. Unless you greatly prefer fantasy to sci-fi, choose to play Mass Effect before this. Expand
  39. May 11, 2012
    Dragon Age is above and beyond better then any non open world fantasy RPG on the 360. Which sounds less impressive then the game really is. It has superb voice acting, great visuals, a memorable plot and loads of content. The combat is also a treat as it incorperates strategy elements that make you think fast and use your team as a cohesive unit. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a new franchise to put faith in. Expand
  40. Jul 5, 2011
    Just as good as Origins except where it counts, the end. The ending and even the later parts of the game just serve to ruin the story from Origins. I would love to erase this from my memory and from the canon of Dragon Age as a whole.
  41. Feb 9, 2011
    I was so looking forward to get my hand on this game, only to be face with dissapointed. The story line is pretty good, and the voice acting are top notch, but how the developer tried to make this game not to be is what made this game not so appealing to me. After almost 16 hours of playing time (I did't do any of the side quest), I'm almost about to give up on this game. It take too long and very long conversation just to get the mission and it takes longer to get it start. They are just too many long dialoque with options (which what you choose will effect the story) which make this game so slow and long. I want more fights, treasure lots, boss fights, which this game doesn;t give it to you. But when you do get to fight, this is where the game shine. Combat sequences are fast, great animations and plenty of powers to play with, which you'll get new one each time you level up. This could have been a game that I would spend hundreds of ours playing it, but it fell short. I might give it another try someday. Expand
  42. May 26, 2011
    The storyline is absolutely brilliant and deserves a 10. Wish it was like Mass effect though as your character never speaks. You only choose your answer and people reply. Graphics are OK at best, but no game should depend solely on graphics, the mechanics aren't that great either. The story is the thing that makes this game good and compelling!
  43. Mar 8, 2011
    Best game I have ever played. I realize this much more so, given how much I hated the sequel... I loved the dialogue, the environments, the story and the variety. Oh DA:O, you'll be missed.
  44. Mar 9, 2011
    A fun and engaging game that tends to be clunky and surprisingly one-dimensional at times. DA:O tells a great story, with rich characters, a riveting plot and superb writing/voice acting. However, this game gives off the appearance of variety and freedom when, in fact, it lends itself very strongly to only certain strategies. Combat is fun, but can be repetitive. Additionally, unlike in better-designed RPGs, not every build can be good at combat. The rogue build is useless in the later portions of the game when enemies become quite strong, and the tank is...well, the tank is never fun to play. The DD can be fun to play, but mages are just so powerful that it doesn't make sense to control another character. This problem could be avoided if the system to control the actions of your party members were more exhaustive, as in FFXII, but it isn't. Even the story plays to a specific role. Want to be the bad guy? You'll lose several of your characters permanently, because they disagree with your choices. The most powerful healer in the game has TWO opportunities to leave your party, if you make decisions she doesn't like, and it's pretty hard to trudge through the end of the game without her.

    The level system feels limited, as well. You level a lot early on, and rarely later in the game. Additionally, certain skill trees are really just not that useful. Again, there appears to be many choices, but few are of those choices are meaningful or appealing.

    Finally, the game does not have high replay value. You quickly notice that much of DA:O's appeal came from its story, plot and characters. Once you've gone through it once, a second playthrough feels like yeoman's work. You'll find yourself skipping almost all the dialogue, wishing some of the long, drawn-out linear portions of the game (specifically, the Fade) were shorter or non-existent, and probably building the same character you built in your last play through...because there are really few viable builds.

    But all that said, DA:O tells a great story and is an entertaining and rewarding experience.
  45. Mar 24, 2011
    I really love this game. I feel like this game was made specifically for me. Being able to choose from different origin stories for your character is an excellent idea that guarantees replay value. The story is well written, deep and enjoyable. I don't feel the graphics are that bad, although I don't feel they're that good either. I do love the art style though. The realistic character animations really help with the immersion of this game. I felt like I was in this world and I cared about every choice I made and everything that took place in the game. This is definitely one of the best rpg's out to date. Highly Recommended! Expand
  46. Mar 11, 2011
    Dragon Age: Origins gripped me from the very beginning. I have fully played through the game with three separate characters, and had a partial play through with a fourth. I've easily invested several hundred hours playing, and loved every minute. Out of everything I like about the game, there are two components that stand out:
    1) I had to make difficult decisions with no obvious right
    answer, and my decisions had impact.
    2) The character interactions were outstanding. I loved learning about what made each of my party members tick.

    The game was outstanding, and made it easy for me to decide to pre-order the sequel (something I have never done before).
  47. Mar 13, 2011
    ¡Por los Guardas grises!

    Bastante tarde, aunque ya saben el dicho... Llega el analisis de uno de los mejores videojuegos que nos ha deparado la generación con caracteristicas bastante peculiares y con el respaldo de un estudio ya acostumbrado a crear obras maestras, como lo es BioWare.

  48. Mar 15, 2011
    By no measure an awful game, it manages to deliver exactly what it claims to. Containing many loved classic RPG elements and the tried and true formula for all recent Bioware games (Mainly Mass Effect and KOTOR) this game is surely to keep you occupied for hours on end. Being an FPS gamer myself (ArmA 2, Halo, Oblivion if that counts, being a hybrid game and all), I found myself bored nearly 36 hours in, especially during the deep roads quest arch, however, loving a good story and good characters, I found the motivation to push through to the end and even enjoyed it enough to purchase the expansion pack, Awakening. All in all, I give it a 9, and hope to enjoy Dragon Age 2 just as much. Expand
  49. Apr 7, 2011
    Poor graphics for 2009, no doubt, but an undeniably wickedly good RPG through and through. From the immersive storyline (a bit of a LOTR rip-off, mind you), to the great voice-acting, the endless fun banter between the companions (Alistair & dog! Morrigan -sigh-), the camp, the 7 different origin stories (what a treat), travelling and exploring Ferelden, finishing moves, the codex, the beautiful songs (Leliana!!), the artstyle, the romance, the combat tactics etc it all sucks you in. You are genuinely interested in what people, specially companions, have to say. In one word, you have to own it, period. Buy the Ultimate edition which includes the expansion (Awakening) and all 7 DLC. This RPG is as good as the genre gets. Bioware, thanks for making yet another game. Expand
  50. Mar 16, 2011
    Origins is an example of how games can be brilliant and immersive without amazing visuals.Alot of dlc and and expansion some better than others.Its one of those games that grows and grows on you,and thats quality.The combat in this version clunky but still fun when you go trhough the class upgrades.All in all well worth checking out if you havent already.
  51. Mar 18, 2011
    Dragon Age: Origins is a shining example of what made RPG's like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Knights of the Old Republic such engaging and entertaining games. Everything from the combat system to the story to the dialogue feels old school and, while this may turn off many gamers, for those wishing to experience old school tactical fantasy, Dragon Age: Origins is the perfect game.
  52. Mar 19, 2011
    Dragon Age II is a failed attempt to build a story set into the world developed in Dragon Age Origins. I will briefly describe and rate different aspects of the game.

    Graphics: The graphics aren't bad but they by no mean redefine the industry's standards like some critics claimed. 7 / 10

    Gameplay: The combats are interesting and compelling but the game's mechanics are tarnished by a few
    problems that really hurt the fun factor. Mostly, you just walk around in town and endless waves of weak humans attack without real reason (they are some civilians walking around with no reaction). The fights are too fast for the player to really set in strategies. Also, the difficulty of the fights isn't fluid. Most of the fights are way too easy on normal difficulty you will want to set the game to hard until your champion meets a real challenge that kills him in a few hits. Many people also criticized the threat system (how enemies pick their target) not without reason. Aside from a short expedition into the deep roads, where you actually kill real enemies and bosses, the fights offer no surprise. Finally, the player will also spend a great amount of time moving from places to places on the city map to talk to characters that has uninteresting things to say and tiring quests to give.

    Interface: The big improvement compared to Origins is there. Cycling through the menu is less of a pain and everything is set and explained fine except for a few details. The crafting is now done at specific shops (or Hawke's house for convenience) and doesn't require learned skills. I thought it was a big improvement over Origins, where I felt many character and inventory tweaking were unnecessarily complicated. The skill tree is also vastly improved and many useless skills were removed or combined to reduce possible skills to a compelling amount. 8 / 10

    Story: The player embarks into the quest of Hawke, a refugee from the dark spawn invasion triggering the events of Origins. Unlike all games, there is no real quest here but the underlying veil of social ascension punctuated by an infinite pile of uninteresting and mostly incoherent side-quests. The story, which spans over ten years played through four acts, is boring, dull, and shows nothing to hide the fact that the game is just about button smashing your way through side-quests. The champion eventually attempts to bring down the Chantry (mostly a dubious sketch of medieval Christianity) but it wasn't the mission or the intend of the game from until very late into the story and it still feels as artificial and a pretense to kill easy targets as the rest of the quests. This makes the whole game deprived from the very single touch of epicness, a big strength of Origins. An RPG, with no story, come on. 0 / 10

    Role-playing: Upon playing an RPG, you are usually expecting two things: playing a role and building a character. Since there is no story, the role playing can only be provided throughout the dialogues where you to get to select an answer between three dialogue patterns: Kneeling **** idiot clown and jackass. Note that the considerable margin between the written tab and the ensuing vocal dialogue made many people consider themselves as Hawke's schizophrenic soul. Furthermore, the three options always lead to the actions after a line or two of stereotypical **** Character customization has been simplified, following the trend of Mass effect and american boys' brain. The warrior can no longer wield two swords and dual wielding rogues can only use daggers, thus forcing the damage scale on dexterity. Inventory items require two set of attributes now. Warrior weapons and armors need strength and hp , rogues need dexterity and critical damage and mages magic and mp. There is, therefore, no way of customizing your character aside from the skills selection. 2 / 10.

    Level design: Except from the short expedition in deep roads, where the game designers even dare to send you back for side-quests, all you get (and by that i mean ALL you get) is a mountain, a mine, a town, a foundry, a backstreet a little keep and an Island. Every area has to be visited about an hundred times to complete the mostly mandatory side-quests and all of the what the game designers thought to make is seem different is to block some paths with gray walls. The rest of the level even shows on the minimap! Sometimes, the game will pretend it's a different place which makes it all very confusing and downright insulting the mine accessible is the same as the tunnels accessible from town. 1 / 10

    It's like the game was made by two teams: one designing the interface and the gameplay, which didn't fail even it if wasn't perfect, while the other one dedicated itself into producing the worst story ever ported to a screen. Final score: 3 / 10
  53. Nov 14, 2011
    This is a game that takes a little while to get into. For the first few hours I wasn't that impressed and thought the graphics were very poor. Then I found myself warming to it and at the time of writing I've played though it about 5 times. Story has always been Bioware's strong point (at least everything prior to Mass Effect 2) and this is no exception. Decent game, worth a play though if you're an RPG fan. Expand
  54. Mar 24, 2011
    The story and world that Dragon Age is set in are truly spectacular and the sheer wealth of possibilities and gameplay this game provides are mind-blowing. My one criticism however would be the battle system. The character classes (Tank, Damage Dealer, Healer) are standard RPG, and like most RPG's this can become very repetitive, very quickly. The ability to customise your characters and add sub-classes and new abilities to them seems very trivial too. I became so bored of levelling up that most of this was done using the 'auto level up' feature I was happy Bioware had added. Overall, one of the best RPG's on the market. A massive world to explore and a compelling storyline are let down a little by the repetitiveness of the battles, but for a first attempt this was pretty special. An unpolished gem I hope they improve on for DA2 (which I'm about to start playing) Expand
  55. Mar 27, 2011
    This is a gaming experience that everyone should have. Don't get me wrong its not perfect but as far as storyline and depth of characters is concerned not much comes close. Bioware you can have my babies.
  56. Apr 28, 2011
    Ok, so being a fan of bioware and their previous games such as baldurs gate, KOTOR, mass effect etc I knew what to expect from an RPG from them, this game being very similar to Knights of the old republic in many respects I was at home with the way the mechanics of the game worked such as interactive dialogue etc. They storyline is very consuming and characters very believable, i even felt myself feeling for them at some points of the game. The combat is not real time and when leveling up your characters and others you have to constantly change their 'quick' set of moves from the menu to the more powerful moves etc so they dont keep the old less powerful ones, the menus are full of statistics and the codex contains interesting info about each important character in the quest, which helps to build an understanding of their relationship to you and the game world. Each main character is voice acted superbly and the story is absolutely convincing and draws you in in a way only bioware RPGs do. This is the best part of the game and will keep you playing as the gameplay gets a bit repetive after a while. Now the main problem with the game is the difficulty, I started out on the highest difficulty (nightmare) which of course was extremely difficult but to the point where i found myself stuck in the wilds at the beginning of the game unable to progress because i could not defeat the enemies, after many failed attempts I changed the difficulty and after a little more put it down to casual, the problem was sorted out for the most part. However the difficulty level still seemed to jump in places from being very easy to being very tough, which was frustrating. Other than that I'd say the lack of the 'light' and 'dark' side meter took away from the experience as there was no consequence to being evil and your character leaning toward a darker more sinister person. Or doing good deeds becoming a 'lighter' type of character who helps those in need. I also would have preferred the game touse real time combat like in mass effect, except of course with swords etc. Overall I'd recommend this game to any RPG fan but not over mass effect 1 or 2, which I believe along with KOTOR are the best bioware have to offer. Expand
  57. May 6, 2011
    Very good game with a really good story line, graphics are good as is the sound track. What really makes this game special is the characters. Allistiar and most memorable Morrigan are two of the best characters ive seen in any rpg game. Leveling system is rewarding. Not anything negative about this game, the reason it doesnt get a higher score is because it isn,t as good as games like oblivion, mass effect and fallout. If you have never played this game it will be well worth it. Expand
  58. Oct 12, 2011
    I liked this game it had a very good story in my opinion,the combat was lacking something still can't put my finger on what that is. The companions were fun and I liked most of them, (hated Zevran) I was admittedly looking for another Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion( if someone mixed the 2 games it could be the best game ever-just my opinion) After playing DA2 I am angry I feel robed of a great followup to a good game no story, combat sucks worse it just sucks fast, I hate just about everything about DA2. Expand
  59. Dec 17, 2011
    Wow. Just wow. I completed the game a few moments ago. It has one of the best stories in a RPG I've played in a long time - decisions are hard, there are no GOOD MEH EVIL choices. For example (slight spoiler), a boy is possessed by a demon - do you kill him and the demon inside him, or sacrifice his mother to perform a ritual to cleanse her son? The ending of the game is pretty much a 'what happened after', and WOW. It hits hard. It summarises all of your decisions, you may regret your choices, but sometimes you see no alternative. I felt connections to each and every character, and I hated having to let one down to make another happy. Overall, I believe the overarching story to be 11/10!

    I feel combat lets the game down - to me, it feels like PC number bar hotkey combat. Despite having 6 shortcut keys on the console, I felt like I spent a lot of time in the radial menu. This may be due to my playstyle, a healer with some combat prowess, but it wasn't all that enjoyable. Combat felt to be average - 5/10.

    Quests felt quite repetitive too - go here, kill this, open door, more monsters spawn. But it worked. I mainly only did the main quest (don't hate) as I was fed up with combat but there were always choices and dialogue that gave variety. Quests - 7.5/10

    Looking at other reviews:
    difficult to navigate interface - Indeed, but you begin to get used to it (after 20 hours! :P)
    difficulty level that jumps around - I personally played on easy, as I'm a story person. But there were parts where I had to save after each encounter, and other where I could eliminate a whole group with a single AoE (remember, I'm primarily a healer), so this is a valid point.
    BORING - erm, it does take a while to get into. I got this LAST Christmas (2010) and only just completed it. I played around 8 hours back then, but never got into it. But when you do, you are compelled.

    Overall, the game was enjoyable for story purposes but combat let the game down. The thing is, the story and characters are still spinning around in my head, as well as 'what ifs' - I want to replay it! I rarely feel this way after completing a game. Despite its issues, I am tempted to buy it (again!) for PC, as I feel this will make combat a little smoother.
  60. Nov 9, 2011
    Great game for those looking for a lengthy RPG experience, the talent trees are robust and a allow for a great deal of replayability, and there is MUCH to do as far as side quests and party member quests to add to the play time to the game. My only gripe with the game would be the combat system and the general difficulty of the game, the game seems to spike in difficulty very often, and the lock on combat system can be very annoying I didn't feel like it played as smooth as Knights of the Old Republic for some reason. Also there is no good side/bad side personality meter in the game, you can do good or bad/evil things but it only really effects your party members disposition towards you which can be reversed with gifts. In Conclusion, not the greatest bioware RPG, but the story is pretty cool and it delivers a great and challenging RPG experience. Expand
  61. Oct 15, 2012
    I've had to re-review this as, after a 3rd full play-through, it just gets better and better. Again, you can't hide a few flaws, but something I never mentioned in my old review is that how little those flaws actually affect the game or the experience itself. The weight behind some of the decisions, especially those towards the end of the game, just feels massive and it's phenomenal that a computer game can provoke such an emotional response. The tactical side of things is something which gets overlooked too - the way enemy ambushes operate and are setup is quite simply stunning - the amount of time they must have put into the game to make every battle feel so great must be staggering. An upgrade from a 9/10 to a 10/10 for me - a true classic. Expand
  62. Sep 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So, I finished the campaign last night and uh, it was nice. Very satisfying ending. Overall, I like the game a lot. That should be obvious, I've posted quite a bit about it. That's cause it's very good. Not a perfect game though. Not a game I can consider as a candidate for GOTY 2009, let's just say. The BioWare signature is definitely all over it, you can feel that same sort of relationship with characters that you got in KOTOR and ME and all that. It's just a very cozy and enjoyable experience, I'd say.

    But ya know, there's a few wrong turns as well and I figured I'd just write up my thoughts on that. Quick summary here and uh, maybe there'll be improvements for Dragon Age 2, which I eagerly look forward to.

    The graphics in DA aren't so hot. I can't believe I'm living in a world where people are posting that they can't believe they live in a world where the graphics in Dragon Age are considered bad. Like, really? Honestly, this is the year 2009. Dragon Age's graphics are considered bad, because they are bad. You look at video games, and it's clear we've come pretty far. Uncharted 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Crysis, Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Infamous, Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2, lots of games with great graphics. But ohohoho, you raise your hand and object... those are all action games, not RPGs! Well, alright... that's true. Let's look at RPGs... we've got games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, all which look much better then Dragon Age. And some of em came out over two years ago. And I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure Final Fantasy 13 is going to look much better then DA when it comes out sometime next year. I've never played an FF game in my life, and don't intend to pick up FF13, but it's clear to even a dude like me that it looks so much better then what BioWare delivered to us here. So no, it's not crazy to say that DA has some pretty bad visuals.

    It's all fine and dandy if you say you're a hardcore RPG player and story-telling and dialogue come first and you don't care about graphics. That's fine, those are your own preferences. But to simply ignore that they are not that great is deluding yourself. It's like buying a used car with some scratches on the paint. You might value great gas mileage and the roomy interior and so the scratches on the paint don't really bother you at all. That's not why you bought the car, it doesn't affect your enjoyment of it. But don't act as if the paintjob is beautiful and flawless while conversing with your next door neighbor. Don't tell him the paint is great. That's escaping into some sort of bizarro world.

    The world is changing, I feel. We no longer have to put up with FPSs with nonexistent stories, or RPGs with horrible visuals. What's Fallout 3? It's a first person shooter, but also an RPG. What's Mass Effect? It's a third person shooter, but also an RPG. It's not an either or proposition. Oblivion was an RPG that actually had decent combat for a change. This is a good thing, new games are taking the best elements of each genre and coming up with a really nice hybrid design. So don't give me the old chestnut that because it's an RPG, you shouldn't expect anything in terms of graphics. That doesn't fly anymore. Well, unless it's an indie game, which I don't think DA is. It's a BioWare game, so you're damn right my expectations are gonna be high. They've set a high standard for consistently great RPGs. KOTOR looked great when it came out in 2003. Mass Effect looked great when it came out in 2007. So to me, expecting BioWare stuff to look good isn't exactly going off and battling windmills.

    As far as Morrigan goes... I'm kinda amused by all the discussion about her. It's really interesting how some people hate her a lot. I dunno, she was fine for my tastes. It's uh, it's okay if BioWare didn't just give us a retread of Bastila Shan or Liara. I might actually have found that really boring and lame. Morrigan's just different but still kinda alluring and provides a little discord in the party dynamic. Kinda reminds me of Joanna from the BattleTech novels. Ya know, mostly from Robert Thurston's body of work. Some people don't like Joanna cause she's basically a **** but a lot of people, including me, really really like her. Not like as in, I'd really like to be her BFF in real life, but we enjoy her as an intriguing literary character. Some people are just not that happy go lucky and they do have to occupy that realm of anti-hero. So yea, Morrigan's kinda... the best at what she does, but what she does isn't very nice? Heh...
  63. Oct 14, 2011
    Fantastic game. Combat is not fast passed, which is usually a bad thing, but in DAO it does a good job of forcing the player to focus on strategy and team composition. The dialog is very well written and voice acting is effective. Hearing inflection and understanding sarcasm is sometimes required to make the correct dialog choice. Making the wrong choice can have serious repercussions, which for me deepened the rpg experience a lot. Expand
  64. Nov 3, 2011
    What an extremely epic game. Hours and hours of limitless gameplay that almost, at times, was too much for my schedule to handle! Epic story and fantastic character-relations with intense customization factors. Definitely one of my favorite Xbox 360 games.
  65. Nov 10, 2011
    If you could have the option, purchase this on PC. The xbox controls feel a little clunky and the graphics are leaps and bounds ahead on the PC. The story and character development of this game is rich and breathtaking. This was the game that put Bioware's name on the map for me, only to have it torn down by Dragon Age II. Do yourself a favour and buy the last good Dragon Age game Bioware ever created. While the combat may feel more primitive, it is an EPIC adventure with great characters. RIP Dragon Age. Expand
  66. Nov 9, 2011
    I really loved what this game did with multiple class options and varied skill sets. I spent hours trying to perfect my play style for this game and I enjoyed every minute. Some sections got a little dull but that just made the action packed parts shine brighter. I also really liked the blood splatter all over the characters after a big fight.
  67. Jan 31, 2012
    I am sick and tired of reading negative reviews about this game when the reviews are all ignorant. Dragon Age is a shout out to the RPGs of yesterday. It is deep, complex, emotionally driven and, most importantly, very challenging and fun. People who claim the battle system is boring, or that this is KOTOR 7 years later with no improvements, really have no idea what they are talking about. I loved KOTOR, but this game is far, far more complex. Just take a look at the skill trees and you will agree. And you will be managing each one of those trees for each character. Battles are very D and Dish. It uses an auto attack style much like modern MMOs, with various skills available depending on which you choose, and each skill has a cooldown. This game is not for the faint of heart. Most battles require the utmost care in order to keep your party alive. You cannot just charge into battle and expect to win. I guess that for some of you, that's a bad thing. You shouldn't be playing video games if you are in that boat. Have some patience and try using your brain for once.

    As I have come to expect from Bioware, the story is brilliant and as complex as the gameplay, and the effect your character has on the world can definitely be felt. This truly is an incredible game. My only gripe are a few bugs here and there, most being graphical. They are not game breaking by any means, however, so they only take this amazing, instant classic, to a 9 out of 10.
  68. Nov 13, 2011
    This is a very action-orientated fantasy role-playing game. There is a staggering breath of well-crafted back story to engross yourself in to while not leaving out to much in the dialogue. There is a question about how well crafted the communication system is in this game, while slightly underpar graphics, yet it is nothing to take away from a solid experience. There is so much to do in this game (I have clocked up 130 hours over two completed saves), where major choices pin the outcomes that occur to your character to a reasonable degree. A wide selection of cast-offs aid you in your quests, although wrong moves have the chance of seeing the occasional rebellion, which forces the player to keep attention. Expand
  69. Dec 13, 2011
    I enjoyed the characters and the setting but I disliked the combat and the graphics. The combat was boring and I felt like you didn't have to you all the skills you got,
  70. Mar 14, 2012
    I can safely say I have never replayed a single game as much as this one. This is a great game with one of the best, original stories I have seen since LOTR. While initially I was a little confused in terms of where I was and who was who, it eventually set in and didn't detract from the excellent script. The only thing I disliked was parts of the game play. While I understand it was a traditional RPG, and followed the Baulder's Gate formula, it limited my party to a balancing act and I found without a healer I was constantly underpowered. It had a lot of bugs, and the Xbox 360 version was not as visually impressive as PC, but all in all it was definitely a great experience. Expand
  71. Mar 26, 2012
    one of the best RPG's i've ever played...that being said its a game only ment for rpg fans. i would not recommend this to anyone who is looking for a hack and slash kind of experience. skyrim may be better suited for that type of game play.
  72. Jul 9, 2012
    Dragon Age is simply one of the best RPGs there is. Fantastic storyline, awesome characters and gameplay. Lost many nights of sleep because of this game :)
  73. Apr 30, 2012
    I like Role Playing games but somehow i did not like Dragon Age, I really did not like this game. The quests were cool and awesome but the skills, the map and everything else was just confusing, no clear signs of where to go lead me to a long time of frustration, I did not finish the game and for that i have to give it - 6/10
  74. May 15, 2012
    WHY did i wait so long to finally play and beat this gem. I love the D&D western RPG and the characters really pulled me in. While i could see the argument this game was built for PC being valid, im much more of a console gamer and really enjoy having this experience on my Xbox. Can't wait to finish up all the DLC and then move on to Dragon Age II.
  75. Jun 8, 2012
    Another Fantastic Bioware game. The story is excellent. The combat is satisfying. This is one of my favorite games. However, the voice acting can be rather bad at times and the graphics are meh.Still, I would Highly recommend this game.
  76. Jul 16, 2012
    Dragon Age: Origins has a really interesting story and it has many interesting characters. The best thing about this game is how it allows you to interact with your party members and how your interactions with them make then like you or hate you. Also due to the fact that you can choose several different origins for your character it allows for the game to change in cool ways. Also the decisions that you make in the game impact the entire story which is really cool as well. The only down side to the game is the battle system. It's ok but it really needs some work because except for special attacks the battles work very automatically. Expand
  77. Feb 28, 2013
    I definitely enjoyed playing this game, Bioware yet again delivered a great RPG experience, the only problem I have with it, is it's ridiculous loading screen times.
  78. Nov 13, 2012
    Dragon age origins was the best RPG game story I have played. I just loved how the characters over time kinda grow on you especially morrgian who was my favorite character. Just playing it was a blast. the gameplay/ combat was blast to play all the leveling up and customizing what your character can do and all that was fun and immersive each character had there own story's to tell and Ioved just talking and getting to know each and every character. Also this game had one the best endings and with a good twist at the end which just blew my socks off haha. Some minor bugs here and there and some graphical glitches appear sometimes which didn't affect the game that much if at all cause its so good and long which left me feeling like I got my moneys worth. Expand
  79. Dec 11, 2012
    The story is good and it has good rpg elements, but the fighting mechanics just make me wants to stop the game and play Dragon Age II, even though it's worse in every aspect, since the fighting mechanics are actually good. If they updated the fighting mechanics. then this game could have been so much better.
  80. Dec 11, 2012
    Absolutely fantastic game. Combat is perhaps a little slow and a bit clumsy, but it is not the action that is the star of the game but the adventure. The excellent narrative, wonderful voice acting and deep character development of your side characters just take you deep into the world's lore. This has got to be one of my favorite games of all time.
  81. May 9, 2014
    Despite the awful graphics, weird "open world" and a character on par with Jar Jar Binks, this RPG is still one of my favorites. Man, I STILL want to c*ckpunch Allister...
  82. Mar 15, 2013
    Dragon Age: Origins is a fantastic RPG by BioWare with some great characters, a deep and interesting world and a great story, It's a long game which will give you anywhere from 20-40 hours in a playthrough depending on your speed and how much side content you do, But if you buy the DLC or the Ultimate Edition that number increases drastically with tons of great extra content. The graphics are one of the weaker points of the game on consoles but they don't detract from the game enough to be very noticeable apart from a few exceptions in some area's, the combat is quite slow paced with you controlling a party of 4 and switching between them, I think this game is much better then Dragon Age II and is a must for any RPG fan. Expand
  83. May 10, 2013
    I was never a fun of cold-weapon WRPGs, but I want to give this game try due to this is Bioware masterpiece. The game did not let me down. I cannot stop playing this for days. Some of the major mission blew my mind with its creative design. The combat sometimes is not so fluent since the hot-key is not enough and you have pause the game to choose your spells, but it is manageable. I think the game is slow-paced compared to games I normally play, which is good for a change once in a while. Expand
  84. Apr 28, 2013
    One of the best RPGs I've ever played. Amazing Combat with its stop and pause combat systems, It feels powerful when you pull off risky moves with your team of very awesome characters. The story is one of the best and they pulled it off. Even though some side quest are plain they feel rushed just to keep hours going with barely any story but the minor of them are very good side quest. This Game is amazing, I played it for hours and it was very well developed. This game will forever be in my arsenal of video games. Unlike Dragon age 2 and 3. .hehe. Expand
  85. Jun 2, 2013
    If you like solid RPG's with decent gameplay you will enjoy this game. If you want pretty scenery go to an art gallery and call it a day. That said the graphics are fine if you aren't some nit picky brat that cares more about things being pretty than being good. Engaging storyline with a good amount of personal choice and atmosphere.
  86. Jun 11, 2013
    Yeah, so 4 apparently doesn't put this game in the red. Well, shucks. I gave Dragon Age 2 an 8, but since that review was basically just bashing this game, I figured I'd flesh out my bashing a little more. First of all, what did I like? The city elf origin story (I am told I would like the casteless dwarf story too), king Cailan, the dog--whom I named Yarlan--and, um, nothing else. Oh, I guess the conflict of interests at the landsmeet was pretty cool too. Oh, hell, I also liked queen Anora. There. Wait, one more, the drama of Isolde killing her own son was pretty gripping and, well, awesome. Everything else--Boring! Stupid! Ugly! A pain to listen to! I mean really--"My warden sense is tingling"? "It's either you or me and it isn't going to be me"? C'mon! People bought this?! A generic the-world's-gonna-end plot involving ogres? I mean darkspawn--could've call them the Flood for all I care. That's what there is to offer? Did y'all really think the story was epic? Have you seen the map? There are only a handful of places to go to and the game can be beaten in 20 hours including the side quests. If it takes longer than that it is because hacking through every enemy--which you have to do to build experience since they don't respawn (places look like desolate wastelands when you revisit them)--is so damn tedious. Have you played an epic RPG lately? Diablo? Dragon Quest? Final Fantasy? Hmm? Does the game really give you that many options? I'm talking about good ones. I mean, how many ways can you tell Wynn she's an old hag with big boobs? That ought to be exciting. Does anything I do change the fate of the city elves? Nope! And would I really care since all the choices in the game basically add up to cue cards at the end? And Ogren. Awful. Maybe not the worst, most annoying NPC ever, but up there. Expand
  87. Jul 29, 2013
    Ok to sum up dragon age origins in won word. Awesome! This is my second greatest RPG of all time right behind mass effect and one of the best games I've played of any genre. Pros: one of the best story's in a game ever, party members are interesting with some of the most memorable back story's, you will be a bit annoyed by the auto attack combat but is really more strategic then about doing mass damage to enemy's, hours of content, deep customization for yourself and your team, interesting choices, great epilogue where your choices come together and either change the world in a good way, messed up and blew up and your face, or devastate the world Cons: it may be a bit too hard I played through on easy just so I would not end up taking a hammer to my Xbox, fade quest, an extremely annoying bug I got where I was unable to have any conversation with leliana and get her quest and backstory, morrigans spell near the end I won't spoil it but it makes no sense on how it works or why that's the choice since chances are if you played as a girl it may end up killing you So listen to me and play this awesome game you will never feel like you are not getting every penny of the purchase price Expand
  88. Jul 29, 2013
    Expectations: I had no expectations going into this game Scores: Graphics: 8/10 Campaign: 10/10 Sound: 8/10 Gameplay: 7/10 Multiplayer: N/A Final Score: 8.25/10 Final Verdict: Taking into consideration that this game came out in 2009 this games graphics are great a few bad spots here and there but apart from that they are excellent. The story in this game is great end of, the soundtrack in this game elevates this whole game to another level. I felt that the gameplay in this game could have been better but it's still good. Expand
  89. Aug 5, 2013
    A nearly perfect game, yet so unique in its own nostalgia, so charming in its characters, so tactical and past-gen in its combat, so humorous in its dialogue and so open in its narrative that it gets a 10 from me.
  90. Oct 4, 2013
    This game is amazing anyone that enjoys RPG's should own this game, the story and writing is wonderful, there is so much to experience. I finished the game in 49 hours with only 61% Exploration so even though the world is linear there are a lot of areas to explore, the armor design and leveling system are extremely well thought out, you can make an extremely in depth character with branching skills and specialization's. The only down sides to this game is the combat system is not very in depth, and the graphics won't impress you but they have aged well. So all in all fans of the RPG genre will fall in love with this game, and any gamer worthy of the title must own this game. Expand
  91. Nov 11, 2013
    Dragon Age:Origins is the worst game of all time. People seem to confuse dirt for diamonds in today's face paced world where information is gushing at your brain like a sewage pipe full of knowledge just burst. But honestly how can anyone find any sort of depth here? The dialogue that is so praised by critics is at best standard fair and nothing to the point it could convince me alone to buy the game, worst yet all bit of dialogue is spoken by weird alien looking people that look like they could past for CGI mannequins from a 90's film. The combat mechanics are pretty much like every other Bioware game and somehow seem even worse then what they were in KOTOR times, The characters are half assed archetypes I had no interest in knowing much less keeping alive, in fact half the time I wished I could feed Alistair to my dog, the Dog was more memorable then your companions. I can't even remember one line of dialogue from them and I just finished the damn game. The story is at best a slightly worse knock off Tolkein, it feels drab and uninspired. Any grand and memorable vistas? Any interesting areas? NOPE! The game generally keeps it's same, dark, depressing grimdark look through out the game making almost every environment feel the same. Also why is it the game even called Dragon Age? Why not Dark Spawn:Origins. The only damn dragon I saw in the game was slightly bigger then my character and easy as hell to kill. Wait a minute, why did I even play this worthless game? I might as well have gone and read Tolkeins books, I'd still get the same story minus the ****ty uninspired enviroments, the ripped off story elements, the horrid combat, the linear and pointless adventure that makes you feel like you really accomplished nothing but unite a bunch of fantasy stereotypes. In short the game is awful don't buy it. Expand
  92. Jan 11, 2013
    Dragon Age: Origins is an action packed RPG where the protagonist of your design is joined by a party of no more then four people fight to save the world. The protagonist can be male or female. The protagonist can be a human, elf, or dwarf. The character creator allows you to make your character completely original. Depending on the character you create you will experience one out of the six opening scenes which allow you to have an original gaming experience. Dragon Age: Origins has a very engaging story line that never bores you. You can be exploring the lands of Ferelden killing dark spawn, gathering allies, or pursuing possible romances. I would recommend this game for any gamer! This game is perfect for gamers who want to get into RPGs and for pro RPG players who want a test of their skills and an interesting story line. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 68 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 68
  2. Negative: 0 out of 68
  1. 84
    It's a delight to give into a fantasy setting with such a dense back story, even if the gameplay still rarely breaks away from conventions established a decade ago.
  2. Despite its lack of innovation Dragon Age: Origins is the best RPG in 2009. Its great value and addictive gameplay are among its main highlights.
  3. Incredible storytelling, great characters, and exciting battles are just a few of the things that make this fantasy role-playing game so great.