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  1. Dec 12, 2012
    Really a wonderful game that was far more than I expected it to be. From the looks of it, I think that the developers had also not expected it to be as much of a success as it was. The PAWN system was a great idea that I loved using. I really loved exploring other people's creations and how I could make my own and have it ranked as well. Excellent combat and styles: I actually tried all the classes and they're all great (though I did prefer the Magical Archer class.) Character and PAWN customization was great, but considering just how many people & PAWNS there are it did feel a little limited. More clothing, Armor, weapon, hair, tattoo types would have been nice just to try and make a good looking PAWN that stood out (without having to make it a purple midget.) Overall: I say this is a wonderful first game of what I hope will become a franchise. Hopefully Capcom are taking notes and improve upon the formula for the sequel. Expand
  2. Feb 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well its Monster Hunter with a A.I. crew of Pawns who never ever shut up. Oh well its got lots of strong foes to battle plus the usual aimless wandering looting though no fast travel argh! I got to the point of just running away alot so I didn't spend 10 mins or more in battles as most of the time I just wanted to go from A to B. Expand
  3. May 25, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma is the newest Capcom action RPG that blends characteristics of several other games like Monster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus. The game follows the story of a character, who lives in a village by the ocean that is attacked by a dragon, and while many soldiers die and people run away, you, a normal person gets a sword and face the dragon. You're defeated, but amazed at the bravery, he rips his heart from your chest and swallows it. Nevertheless, you do not die and resurge as a Risen to start your quest to reach the dragon, aided by human-like creatures, called Paws,beings of another dimension, that look like us, but without the spark of life that gives life and personality. The graphics are very good, in some parts and less in others, but maintains a high standard. The designs of the characters are are just a bit simpler, but very good and varied.Having a look that reminds the classic D&D look and their books of rules.

    The highlights are the same environments and monsters; the scenarios are richly detailed and general environments, possesses impressive details such as wind, dust, foliage, effects of light, magic and fire... I found very realistic this recreation of a world by Capcom. The game has cycles of day / night, about 24 min, with variations among them, and in the night the number of monsters increases dramatically, and you must use itens to help visualize things like lanterns. One thing I missed: weather effects like rain and snow.

    The enemies are richly detailed, and feature designs that reminds a encyclopedia of monsters of a rules book, some enemies beying huge and very impressive.

    As for sounds and music: aside the corny J-Pop in the presentation, I have no criticism - the songs range from epic orchestrated music to choirs, all timely and at key moments to give the general climate the game. So say the sound effects are perfect, from scenarios sounds like winds of the sea breeze, birds and leafes up the sounds and cries of monsters and other things. The criticism in this department is in some voiceovers too forced, but nothing to panic about.

    The gameplay is a mixture of RPGs, has many touches of Monster hunter (collecting) and elements from other action RPG games like Shadow of the Colossus.

    Initially, you set up a character, starting from basic models pre-selected, which may or may not customize according to your preferences: you choose the name, nickname, voice (out of 6 variations). After this you can customize the face in detail, variations between body proportions and appearance, from lean to muscular and fat.

    Finally you select between 3 basic specialties: Fighter, Mage and Strider. The game has a Manin Quest and Secundary Quests, and you are free to follow whatever you want, within the maps, which have physical limitations despite being enormously large.

    The gameplay has good fluidity and very well done fighting, where you should actually use group work and planning, for without the help of the Pawns, you die easily, and what they do know and use is essential to survive. You have a primary weapon, with strong and weak attacks, and a secondary, which varies according to class (shield, bow and staff), each with sub-special moves. The primary and secondary weapons (selected with the shoulder buttons) have up to 4 special moves, selected with the normal buttons, that can be bought in some places with the credits that you collects in the game, and can be purchased either for you or your Pawns.

    The Pawns (may be 3) are controlled by the AI, and you have a primary pawn, that can be customized as you want plus personality traits, and that is fixed, and 2 Pawns that exist in training camps, which are varied, and can be purchased (higher classes) - the main Pawn can be used in Live, where friends can use it in their party, and he brings back to you after material gains and of XP acquired, beying acessed in Rift Stones. I missed a true Coop in this game...

    The fights always need a variety of strategies, and specific skills and Pawns to survive the toughest enemies. The struggles against bosses, are sometimes epic, and using the resource to climb them, as in the Shadow of the Colossus for grabs and punches.

    The collection part of the game aplies to several objects found in the world or collection, and have several uses for combining or using the same material: for example, you find a empty vial and kill the goblins, sometimes takes their remains, and by combining the two, it makes oil vials that can be used to fuel lanterns, or combined with arrows to create arrows that serve oil enemies to soak them and then set fire with fire spells.
    Life has points, but if she regenrea food and using spells (no end Wolverine here).

    In short the game is a excellent hardcore RPG, where you must use more than brawn, and presents an ingenious and varied gameplay, you just addicting, despite some wandering power churn, with elements such as coletagem / combination and press strategy.
  4. Aug 21, 2012
    It seems that the only two games I have been playing this year are Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma. Both offer up a rich, gorgeous world to explore. Both have that "in game" experience of playing out the story. But neither will win any awards for storytelling, and that's okay because Capcom understood to make a fun gameplay rpg experience first before storyline. The lack of "fast travel" is a little jarring at first, but then again, it takes me back to the original Final Fantasy games were you had to troupe up and down the world map with your character and getting attacked left and right. Ah, the good old days of gaming brought back with Dragon's Dogma. The draw back to this is that for every quest you do, it seems to take a couple of hours to complete due to the tedious traveling in between. The combat is intigrated nicely into the gameplay on the quality level of Fable and Witcher games and not like the horrible button mashing of Dragon Age 2. There is only one save option for this game, yet the game is so huge in gameplay that do you really need to have extra saved games sitting there while you spend 100+ hours on your first one? The animation is top notch and stunning to look at in a video game to date. I highly recommend this game for any age. But be prepared for a tedious adventure. Expand
  5. Jul 2, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece you have to admit the rare feature's in this game.Personaly I like it way better then skyrim the whole game was Amazing you must try it.They currently made a new Dragon dogma dark arisen I hated they new one its the same thing until you beat it all over again then at end theres Expansion,but I though the original was way better.

    [This is a must buy Massive
    Open world]

  6. Jun 13, 2012
    People giving this game a good score just because you can climb on monsters and stab them, have obviously not played other games. There are a lot of games where you can climb on monsters and hurt them. Castlevania Lords of Shadow, God of War 3, ETC... I like this game but there is really nothing to get excited about, everything in this game has been done before. Why is everyone getting excited over things that have been shown in the 90's? This game copies other games and mashes them together, how is that innovative? This game doesn't have 1 original idea, it's just a cluster **** or other games. To the people saying that Skyrim is good.... Skyrim ****ing sucks OK. It's the same **** game that we played 3 times now, but worse because they take more and more out and people still say it's good. Dogmas combat isn't innovative either. So anyone saying that this game is innovative get your **** together because there is nothing innovative about this. It's a fun game, but we've played games like this before people. I understand why this game gets average reviews, because it's an average game, because we've seen it before. That's just like saying Call of Duty should be rated 10s every year even though it's the same game every year. I give Dogma an 8 because it IS fun. Btw people, it's not a good thing if a company has to take ideas from 3 or 4 different games to make 1 game. How about they make their own damn game. Don't praise them for stealing ideas, because then we will begin to see it all the time.. Expand
  7. Feb 6, 2013
    This is possibly the stupidest game I have ever played. Do not trust the people saying this game "rivals Skyrim". These people are clearly suffering from some sort of mental disorder. I play tons of RPG's (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Witcher) just to name a few. Dragons Dogma is the lamest attempt at an RPG I've ever witnessed. The story is utterly terrible, the voice acting is god awful, and the graphics are uglier than Whoopi Goldberg.... yes, I went there. The combat that everyone seems to be praising is actually quite basic and boring... nothing impressive. These positive reviewers must be brainwashed from drinking the Capcom kool aid or something. This is one bandwagon I will not be jumping on. Don't waste your money here, there are literally 1000's of other games much more worthy of your time. Expand
  8. Jun 11, 2012
    Take monster hunter mix in better combat, a huge game world and days of content to eat through and you have this masterpiece. The story is vague but intriguing and pays off very nicely at the ending (which leads to a new game+ mode with additional quests/loot) This game should be the bench mark for rpg combat, do you remember shadow of the colossus? it's that with every monster above a humanoid which is most of the worlds monster population. There are frustrations console controls just never seem to have the precision I'm used to as a PC user and the difficulty tends to dip ridiculously but through all that I'm well on my way to a second new game+ and I still haven't done/seen everything and I'm loving almost every second of it. Expand
  9. Aug 31, 2012
    I had just finished Kingdoms Of Amalur and I was looking for my next game when Dragons Dogma appeared. Its a great game. The world is quite limited in physical size compared to Skyrim and KoA, but what is there is consistant and graphically quite beautiful - right up there with Skyrim, maybe even a bit better! The story is very good. Gets off to a slow start, but overall brilliant. Again, like KoA, quite an adult story line and several bits that were (unexpectedly) quite emotionally moving. I didn't like the character skills progression much, but thats a small gripe in a great game. Expand
  10. Sep 27, 2013
    I've played over 50 hours of Dark arizen. You get an unlimited ferrystone. (Very Helpful) There are more port crystals to place along the map. Fighting any boss is a blast. The difficulty is awesome especially on bitter black island. I love this game. The fact that not many have tried it makes me feel wise. Try the demo. It's so immersing.
  11. Oct 1, 2012
    I'm not really following the "BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!!" cliches that seem to be floating around about this game, but I do agree that, overall, it is a good game that can provide many solid hours of gameplay for those of you seeking an open-world RPG. Being brutally honest, I use the term "open-world" quite loosely, since the world actually seems quite linear. Sure, you have the ability to enter almost any segment of the map at anytime, but of course, there are several catches with this. First off, the entire open-world isn't that large to begin with (I'd compare it to about a third of Skyrim's open-world map). The areas that are traversible all feature the same repetitive environments, whether it's a dank catacombish area, a bland cave, or the most obvious "grasslands as far as you can see". You can literally see across the entire map if you stand high enough upon a mountain, so the whole "huge world" notion truly dissipates after a few hours of gameplay. The quests become truly tedious after the first 10 or 15 that tell you to either kill a certain number of this type of monster or collect a certain number of this type of item. In addition to standard questfare, the main storyline is an absolute bore. By the end of the game, I did not care one single bit about the story. In fact, the story is so poorly pieced together that you will not even understand most of what is going on until the conclusion. Which would've been fine if the conclusion was not so ridiculous to begin with. The offer of "New Game+" certainly adds additional gameplay time for those seeking to continue leveling up or completing quests but the absurd downside is that monsters maintain the exact same strength the second time around. Meaning, everything becomes a cakewalk to destroy and the challenge of combat is removed entirely. After my first playthrough, I was able to one-shot giant ogres and cyclops as a Ranger. One of Dogma's selling points was the abundance of giant monsters and the grappling mechanic that has been implemented. What they didn't tell you was that the majority of those giant monsters appear once, maybe twice, throughout the entire game that spans 50 or so hours. Bosses are very poorly designed, making them either laughably easy or annoyingly cheap. The grappling mechanic is also extremely flawed due to the fact that monsters make it their life's mission to remove you the moment you attach yourself. They will flail their arms everywhere, shake furiously, all of which drastically drains your stamina, meaning you can only attack while grappling for short durations until far later in the game. The Pawn System, while somewhat innovative and fun, remains flawed as well. Rift crystals essentially have no use since you can hire pawns for free that are your level. One of the more irritating aspects of the whole Pawn System is the lack of the ability to assign combat tactics. Far too often will my pawn refuse to heal me when I desperately needed it. Of course, there are the other times in which my pawn will constantly attempt to heal me when I'm full health, wasting their offensive abilities that have been assigned to them. Combat, however, is remarkably well done and does not feel forced or tacked on in any way. Melee is brutally satisfying and archery is some of the best I've ever seen in an RPG. Magic leaves much to be desired due to the clunky targetting system and long casting times during combat. My biggest gripe for this game is the lack of multiplayer. On paper, this sounds like the absolute best game to include co-op for, and yet, Capcom fails to deliver, again. Still, the lack of co-op does not tarnish the current experience as is, and I would fully recommend this game to open-world RPG fans. However, going in with the mentality of "ANOTHER SKYRIM!!!!" would be foolish and if this is indeed your thoughts before you purchase this game, rethink it. Expand
  12. Jul 20, 2012
    Dragons dogma is one of the unique, and different RPG's to come out in years. Creating a pawn and making him a warrior, ranger , or whatever you want to benefit your team is really cool. Plus any other people playing the game could use your pawn you made to aid them in there own adventure through the rift. In the rift you can see and recruit other pawns users have made and it gives a really cool sense of community in the game. The combat feels great and is reminiscent of something like monster hunter. Learning new skills, for you and your pawn gives you a sense of progression, and the world is big and expansive with a lot of places to explore, a good amount of side quests to take on, and a pretty interesting main storyline to keep you playing. Well worth the money for anyone who likes RPGS. Expand
  13. Jun 28, 2012
    An intriguing addition to the Action RPG genre that's wonderfully innovative in some areas but very weak in others. GOOD: Fantastic combat system that's genuinely very exciting with a wonderful sense of physicality reminiscent of Dark Souls; The Pawn System for sharing and hiring party members is a genuinely exciting new method to play games of this genre and has a surprising amount of depth to it; Great amount of freedom where you can pretty much grab onto anything in the game world, whether that be a rock face, a towering cyclops or a poor unfortunate rabbit that you decided to throw off a cliff; Character and monster animations are superb and some of the best seen in this genre; Each class in the vocation system feels genuinely unique and the the class you choose massively effects the way you handle each battle; Some of the bigger enemies you battle are simply awesome, requiring various techniques to take them down; The use of lighting in the game is superb and adds an element of suspense to night time battles; Post-game asynchronous co-op is a really interesting new way to play games of this genre. BAD: Terrible story told through tedious nonsensical cutscenes involving ludicrous characters; Romance system is lazily implemented and just doesn't make any sense; Game world is actually very small and lacks variety; Graphics on most NPCs are horrible; Screen tear and FPS drops can sometimes distract from the beauty and excitement of battles; With no difficulty settings or an increase in difficulty with each subsequent NG+, the game becomes quite unchallenging after around level 40 which completely undermines the excitement of felling larger foes; Hired pawns have a tendency of repeating the exact same piece of dialogue constantly and especially during battle where they will happily tell you hundreds of times that everything is weak to fire; There is actually very little enemy variety when travelling in the wilderness and random battle events do not happen frequent enough; Item combining and weapon smithing is a bit weak and unexciting; Main quest line is extremely short and the way that non-noticeboard side-quests appear is odd and lacks consistency. OVERALL: I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dragon's Dogma. The battle system is genuinely very exciting and the Pawn System is a great new way to shake up the stale party mechanics of other RPGs. However, there's no denying that Dragon's Dogma has some way to go before it can fully live up to its potential. Dragon's Dogma 2 has already been announced which is great news, as now the foundations of the combat and pawn system have been laid down, Capcom can focus on making everything else shine just as much. Expand
  14. Mar 14, 2013
    One of the best RPGs I ever played. I had such an amazing time on this game. I couldn't stop talking about the time a Gryphon came and just ambushed me in the middle of a quest and it took me literally 25 minutes to kill made it suspenseful and surprising. Its attacks and defensive motions made him/her a challenge. But once you ride the Gryphon in the middle of battle, you seem to forget that your fighting and the awe and wonder of the game is so immense that once that Gryphon starts trying to buck you off and you mercifully bash it's skull in with a kanabo and it crashes into the ground the idea of combat seemed free and note worthy. The once you defeat it, you just reveal in the moment of what a great battle it was. Expand
  15. May 22, 2012
    I've always been on the fence about Dragon's Dogma. For one, it looked awesome. On the other hand, it's a Capcom game. So I've always been skeptical. But now the full game is out and I have to say that it's good... but PLAGUED by serious issues. Of course, at number 1 on my complaint list is the insanely annoying AI teammates. No I'm not talking escort mission retarded annoying, I'm talking repeated dialogue and they never shut up annoying. Try, just TRY to go through a single encounter with goblins without hearing GOBLINS! five times and A GOBLIN PACK! 3. It's unbelievable how much they repeat the same phrase. I've heard SNOW HARPIES come out of the only female party member I have 4 times within a span of about 15 seconds. This SEVERELY detracts from the full game. The only thing I can do about it is set all voices to zero and turn off subtitles. Which means I have to dig through menus every time I think there will be a cutscene. I got tired of the repeated dialogue by the time I had finished my first enemy encounter. Also annoying are the constant black boxes at the top and bottom of the screen, which I'm guessing were done to keep the game's framerate in check as MT Framework would struggle at full resolution for a game this huge. Now on to the good parts, I suppose. It's very pretty, character models look nice, animations are great (especially on large enemies) and they do nice things like have clouds that sometimes cover up the sun. The combat for the most part is pretty good, fighting the large enemies (which you can climb on) is totally awesome. Smaller enemies not so much but they go down quick anyways. A really nice thing about the game is that it's challenging, although sometimes it just seems like your character is made of glass. An option to be downed instead of just killed when your health runs out would make it a bit less annoying. Solid combat all around. The world is absolutely massive which is honestly a negative. Remember Twilight Princess and how it took forever to get where you're going, often with nothing in between huge spans of land? This game reminds me of that. Except there's no Epona so it's even slower. Speaking of slow, there's no fast travel. Well, there IS but it's finite and you have to spend TONS of cash on it, which makes it worthless. And even when you spend all that cash it only brings you back to the capital city. The music and sound design are very pleasant, I'm really into those. And for being such a huge game the textures don't look too too bad. Now for the biggest strike I can possibly use against the game... you have one save file. Just one. In an open world RPG with multiple classes. This is unforgivable in a game like this no matter the reason (the pawn system which only gets you those annoying AI teammates I mentioned at the beginning). It's like Capcom saw the popularity of Skyrim and other WRPG juggernauts but got all the details wrong. Even Dark Souls had freaking fast travel once you got far enough in the game, and you didn't have to pay for it either. For the things the game does right it does just a bit more wrong. I can't give this one a pass, wait for something better. Maybe they'll make a second game that fixes the issues. Expand
  16. May 31, 2012
    I thought no game in near future will compete against Skyrim... I was so wrong. This game is an exceptional journey in a big world with tons of quests, a very intriguing story, very good graphics and lots of varied enemies and really cool unique bossfights. The bossfights in this game are very epic and addictive, they are also not very easy at first. But when you know the mechanics and prepare for the fight with the right potions you can kill every Monster out there, no matter how big or epic they seem. I have never seen so much varieties of legendary bossfights in a game before. The atmosphere and the landscape feel totally naturally and are very huge, after playing more and more the whole game will suck you in for a long time (minimum 80 hours if you want to see all and do all quests) if you like Action-RPGs with much to explore and to do. The game starts with an introducton and after it you get to character-creation, the customization is very good and big, you can choose between a lot of things, best character-creation I have ever seen. You have one Main-pawn that you can customize too at first and he is always with you and levels up, you can hire 2 pawns either from other players (if your logged in to the internet) or from the game. They do not level, but you can hire others when you want to everytime. Pawns with your level are free, if you want higher level pawns (then you) you can buy them for riftcrystals, you collect them on your epic trip anyway. Sometimes I thought the game would be over after some bossfights but even after them the game is not over. Even after the credits there is an epic epilogue that surprised me very much and gives you even more hours of epic battles after the mainquest. I suggest all RPG-fans to get the demo or the game, in addition get some days free from work or school and you will be glad.This game was so addictive, I have not played Max Payne 3, GR Future Soldier and Diablo 3 since I got this game. Do not missunderstand me, those games are good too but cannot compete with the legendary, epic Dragon`s Dogma. THIS IS JUST AWESOME CAPCOM! I thank you so much for one of the best if not the best, most epic RPGs I have ever played! I do not want to miss this game, I will start now again... Expand
  17. May 30, 2012
    Take one part Skyrim, a dash of Monster Hunter, a sprinkle of Shadow of Colossus and blend with some original concepts and fantastic creature models and you get what could be one of 2012's best sleeper hits. Capcom have outdone themselves with this massive open world game. From detailed character design to astonishing scope and landmass this game will have you playing for a long time. Monsters are highly detailed and can be quite a challenge as you must learn how to properly kill each one by climbing, grabbing and striking the creatures in various ways to best kill these awesome beasts. Everything from cyclops to Griffins, to even dragons, this game has a plethora of beasts to slay. The part that really shines in this game is the ability to create and "share" your companion or "Pawn" with other gamers. Once your main companion is created, even though they never leave you side, she or he will be available to participate in other people games gaining items and knowledge of areas you may not have entered yet. Each time you visit a hotel for a nights rest this information is downloaded to your game and your Pawn can become that much more useful. You may also take on other player created Pawns that can be used throughout the game at your leisure. The monsters are beautiful and brutal, the lands are open and wide, and the story, while slightly vague, is intriguing. A truly excellent start to what is hopefully a long and expansive franchise. Expand
  18. May 22, 2012
    unbelievable how low the reviews are for this game.... somehow Skyrim gets a pass on all its faults and scores a 95, but Dragon's Dogma is hitting around 80?

    Let me tell you this, I am a real gamer and this game has WAY better combat than Skyrim. The environment is not as detailed as the PC version of Skyrim, but comparing a PC game to a console game is not fair at all.

    This is a FUN
    game. If you like Skyrim, Dark Souls, etc you will really enjoy this game a lot. It does many things better than Skyrim, and I love Bethesda, but this game is a pure win for anyone who likes action/RPG.

    Lastly, I would think that RPG gamers would be praising this company endlessly considering how badly they've been treated with dumbed down sequels to their favs, not nitpicking on a few minor imperfections that truly do not take away from the overall great experience this game offers.

    In Dark Souls blightown was practically unplayable due to framerate drops but you heard little criticism and it was just a footnote, it also had major connection problems with its multiplayer, again completely glossed over by reviewers. Dark Souls is probably one of my all time favorite games and it was universally loved by reviewers and lavished with praise. It is really unclear to me why this game is not getting at least 85's by most review sites - because it is totally worth that.

    Bioware and Bethesda can only wish they could make an RPG with combat this good. I cannot believe what a pass BEthesda gets on their GOD AWFUL COMBAT.

    It is just a great game. You really should play it.
  19. May 22, 2012
    Well done capcom you've created a great game. I wish some of these reviewers weren't so damn harsh on a few glitches here and there. Like come on, name me one open world game with no glitches. It's just ridiculous.
  20. Jun 21, 2012
    I was a little reluctant to get this game after seeing the video clips for it but after reading some positive reviews I went out and purchased it. DD is a compelling open world action RPG with some stunning graphics and some of the best modelled creatures from mythology and the AD&D monstrous compendium you'll ever see including the awesome Beholder. Even better is the free flowing nature of the pan system. Recruiting someone else's off sider with quest and monster killing strategies that you have yet to encounter is awesome, and sending your own pawn out to adventure with other players and possibly pick up some extra knowledge and items for you is likewise addictive.
    The story is well told, the adventuring well paced, and the map to explore large and interesting. It really does tick all the boxes for a modern interesting RPG, and the amount of character and pawn customisation available is a plus too. DD even allows you to spend xp levelling as a fighter and save that stored knowledge then start levelling as a mage or hybrid class knowing you'll be able to switch back the next time your in town if the wizards life isn't for you still retaining all your former stats.
    Highly recommended.
  21. Jun 2, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While the game looks awesome and the replay value is actually pretty high, it has a few glaring issues that cannot be overlooked. The biggest issue is the massive plot-holes in the romantic themes. The romance, while not a desired aspect of the game experience, is jagged and illogical and it is very much forced into the plot. Spoilers follow so stop reading if you don't want to know; however, these spoilers are not in regard to how the game ends. The primary romance that is just wrong, and since I only made it that far as a male character, presumably it only happens if you are male, is when you fall in love with the duchess. It is such an unexpected development and once pursued it is either accomplished or failed. The problem is that what happens after the "affair" makes no sense at all and indicates a flaw in the storytelling. You get busted by the Duke and imprisoned and tortured but when you break out of jail you resume your quests for the duke as if nothing happened. It is so bizarre and really makes the love angle irrelevant and forced. Add to that two other characters that complicate the romance department and an unexpected heavy-handed climax, it is easy to see how the story itself is rather convoluted and messy. The silly romance angle aside, the game is pretty spectacular. The combat is pretty cool and the "share" system with the pawns, as well as the customization of your primary pawn, is pretty cool. Also the game play after the final act and credits is very much affected by the outcome of the final act which is pretty awesome. I made a choice and I get to play through the consequences of that choice and all I have to say to that is WOW. It really does seem to become a whole new game experience after the credits role. So, silly love stories aside, it's pretty solid. I know a 7 may be kind of low for a game that is otherwise pretty awesome but the flaws leave a pretty sour taste behind and chances are others feel the same way. I won't spoil it... you'd have to play all the way to the credits to understand what I mean. Expand
  22. Mar 26, 2013
    With the lack of a strong story, no fast travel, and lack of direction still lies a fairly good RPG. The pawn system is great as it's always interesting to see what others have made and it just adds to the customisation options that is present. Dogma also has one of the best combat systems I've seen in an RPG. Fighting enemies doesn't feel floaty and the ability to scale dragons is also an added touch. The content in Dogma rivals many other RPG's on the market but through the 80-90 hr experience is constant walking to locations and situations which involve dying and restarting from a checkpoint say an hour or so back. Even with it'd problems, I would still recommend it if you are even the slightest fan of action RPG's. Expand
  23. May 22, 2012
    Truly a breath of fresh air, Dragon's Dogma has come through for me in the areas that matter.

    It's an adventure game at it's core, complete with companions for your quest, loads of customization and grand battles in the wilderness. Think Willow the game, and you will have a fair idea what Dragon's Dogma is like.

    I got an early copy of the game and have spent 56 hours with it... and
    haven't completed it yet - I have however got distracted more than once whilst questing, the mark of a true adventure indeed!! Recommended for fans of Dark Souls / Divinity 2 DKS / KoA - and to a lesser extent, The Elder Scrolls series.
  24. Aug 19, 2012
    Highly recommended. This is Capcoms' best title for some time and one of the best games of 2012. There are some inspired touches and it delivers on action and atmosphere in equal measure. The ambition of it's design combined with it's fun factor far outweigh any technical flaws. Dragon's Dogmas' fighting mechanics really set the bar for an action RPG: Creative, spectacular and sometimes epic in size and scope. It's a massive game with tons of quests, equipment and skills to play with. This is essential for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy romp with extra hack 'n slash. Expand
  25. Sep 5, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma is one of my "must have" games. My recommendation is to try the demo, but don't just mash the buttons like I did at first. The controller button scheme seems weird at first but it becomes second nature after a while and is actually well designed. If you're not impressed by the demo, you probably won't like the main game.
    Dragon's Dogma has an elusive "fun factor" than many
    games lack (e.g., Skyrim for me is fun to explore but not fun to play). There is a great sense of adventure and the world is very memorable. Combat is highly satisfying and the giant creature battles are intense. It can be more difficult than average games but it doesn't feel frustrating as with Demon's Souls (e.g., you can save your game except during combat). The art, game animation (i.e. character/creature movements), and music are all excellent. The story is somewhat minimalist and leaves some things to your imagination but it works well here. Despite my great enjoyment, there are some annoyances with this game. To me they are tolerable but they seem fixable in any potential sequel(s). My biggest complaint? After 70 hours (I play slowly) to finish, I wanted more! Not more sidequests, but more of the world, more dungeons, continued story, more combat styles, more monsters, etc. This is not a complaint but a huge compliment to the game. Expand
  26. May 29, 2012
    You see, I really love this game, but it does have a few misses when it comes to a basic RPG to-do list. However what Dragon's Dogma does right it revolutionizes. And to all of you saying it's to hard...grind a little bit to get to at least rank 3 on the class you want to quest with, switch your pawns every time you enter the city and TAKE 2 HEALERS. Works like a charm. The only slight problems i see that haven't been mentioned are that it takes a long time to level up a class. I can level up my character 3 times before i rank up my Magic Archer. Which stinks, especially in a game with a really cool class system. I say play the demo, if you can keep up with combat, rent it...if you still like it, you will invest your money's worth in play time. Expand
  27. Aug 6, 2012
    Great game, the lip sync is bad, but that doesn't bug me. The gameplay makes up for it. The monsters/bosses in this game are truly amazing. Better than any game I have ever played.
  28. May 31, 2012
    What makes a gamer mad is when a game this good gets hidden from them. I wasn't a fan of the free demo which felt like the graphics were worse than the final product. I then saw guys playing the game on twitch and was finally pushed over the edge to buy it even after being brainwashed by angry critic companies that didn't get their fees.

    It looks like Capcom didn't pay the commercial
    bill to sites like Gamespot and IGN because the ratings this game is getting is a complete travesty. This and Diablo 3's critic reviews should be flipped. Even if you hate this game you would at least give it an 8. Don't know how Skyrim didn't get marked for bugs since it's bugs were 1000 times worse. The best part about Dragon's Dogma is that you play in a pack or you can play with a friend with your main guy. The attention to detail in this game is a nice addition. Menus are comfortable, ask you the right questions and theres just enough work required to equip, buy and sell without it becoming mindless like Diablo, or way too over the top like Eve. The combat is interesting and requires you to have some skill at mixing a team together that fights well. If you botched a team, then you can grab new teammates in a flash. The fact that it is possible to screw up is what many games don't seem to do anymore. This is a fantastic game that should be considered for RPG GOTY already and it's not even half over yet. Expand
  29. May 23, 2012
    This is a great looking game with one huge glaring flaw, your AI team-mates! If only Dragon Age could have looked this good!
    Everything about this game is your typical quest, so I won't bore you with what works, and will only highlight what will make your crack your teeth and pull out your hair, your AI team-mates!
    The AI team-mates are absolutely horrible.
    1. They run ahead yelling for
    you to follow constantly! Capcom hid items all around a level, behind walls, down cliffs, so they knew people would take time looking for items, yet your AI team-mates just won't shut up, telling you to come this way. I would use the help button to bring them back only to have them come, turn around and run ahead, shouting.
    2. One area the AI team-mates instruct you to be quiet, all the while they are yelling "GOBLINS"
    3. They don't wait at all! They will rush ahead killing everything before you even get a chance to see the enemy, affecting how you level up.
    4. They will pick up items without telling you they got an item. The screen is so busy, good luck knowing what the AI picked up for you, without pausing the game.
    5. Collision detection is HORRIBLE! Your AI will run through you, themselves, boulders, and enemies. I stood in the middle of a Belly of a Boss, while it spun around trying to figure out where I was, and all I had to do was stand in the middle of the Boss and Hack and Slash till it fell!
    6. Sometimes when you do want to go exploring, your AI will jump around like a Mexican Hopping Beans. I walked down a cliff to look for treasure, and here came those irritating AI Pawns! Oh how I wanted them to just jump off the cliff and die!
    7. Did I mention your AI team-mates are HORRIBLE! If there was only someway to play through the game by yourself or a "STAY" command like there was in Dragon Age.

    Sadly the AI Pawns, ie..Team Mates, take a gorgeous fun to play game, and turn it into back seat drivers constantly saying "Are we there yet..Are we there yet..Are we there yet..Are we there yet??"
  30. Oct 16, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma has many interesting elements within the Action RPG genre. A combat system that works very well overall thanks to the many tools that owns and pawns original system (management, recruitment, study, change) that gives a lot of depth which is the battle itself. Beyond this is the vast world created remarkable, full of missions, secrets and many, many enemies will kill us again and again. But nevertheless fails to live up to other greats of the genre. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 59
  2. Negative: 1 out of 59
  1. Aug 3, 2012
    A unique hybrid between japanese and western rpg's featuring extensive customisation options, fun fights and indirect but rewarding ways to help (and be helped by) other players.
  2. 70
    Although I did know what kind of game Dragon's Dogma was when I picked it up, I was hoping that it would be different, have something I found compelling, something I could get addicted to and want to spend my time with. But for me, this kind of 'old school' gaming found in Dragon's Dogma is simply tedious and rarely enjoyable.
  3. Jul 8, 2012
    This is what Hercules must've felt like. [July 2012, p.58]