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  • Summary: Play as Eragon and his dragon as they set out to fulfill their destiny. Endure perilous travels, adventure and heart-pounding combat as you live the epic events of the movie. Disable and dispatch enemies with the unparalleled skills of a true Dragon Ride. Eragon's combat system features a variety of blistering attacks and defences, including a unique degradable block system. Extensive Dragon Combat – Ride Saphira and blast your enemies with bursts of fire, and call in devastating dragon attacks during melee battles. Eragon features multiplayer co-op with team attack bonuses and dragon fight/flight combo gameplay. Full cooperation from the film production team provides faithful implementation of the movie's look-and-feel. As Eragon discovers the powers hidden within him he learns to unleash magical attacks to decimate his foes. [Vivendi Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 32
  2. Negative: 15 out of 32
  1. An excellent treat for fans of the books and soon to be fans of the film. The game covers a lot of territory while doing a great job of bringing a decent amount of challenge and thrills to the masses.
  2. The game's character models, voice-acting, and sweeping fantasy score are the only items that hold-up throughout the experience, with the combat system loosing its luster early due to overly repetitive gameplay.
  3. If you’re dying to play a game like this, then EA’s Lord of the Rings games are very similar and far superior. And if you’re a die hard Eragon fan, then go with the GBA version instead and you’ll be a lot happier.
  4. The game seems to depend on a couple of nice ideas that you’ll repeat over and over again, thinking merely of the satisfaction of finishing the adventure rather than the fun you’ve had playing it.
  5. Scores of less than 50% generally indicate some sort of game-breaking technical flaw, unforgivable glitches or an Entomologist's dream serving of bugs. But in the case of Eragon, it's the simple fact that the game is absolute crap. Awful graphics, pedestrian gameplay, and about as much depth as the average puddle, Eragon lacks any sort of redeeming qualities...with the exception of just how quickly the painful ordeal is over.
  6. One of the worst games I’ve ever played. Tedious, unimaginative, button masher that offers little new to chew on.
  7. Eragon drags up torrid memories of the bad old days when movie licensed games were not only terrible games, but had sod-all to do with the subject matter. Judged on its own merits, it's clearly below par game in every single area imaginable. Technically bereft, poorly designed and coma-inducing to play, it's about as far away from being an example of where gaming is today as you can imagine.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 6
  2. Negative: 3 out of 6
  1. Jun 10, 2012
    It's à awesome book, awkward camera, repetive Gameplay but it is best played in Coop, its much better if you have actually read the book but otherwise à fun albeit short game Expand
  2. CarcasGalactic
    Sep 26, 2006
    This is my favorite book of all time. I have read it and Eldest 5 times each. This game gets a ten from the book. Wheather or not they screw the game and the movie up we will seen but I am hoping that their both worth ten. The only dumb move, not having peter direct it but I supose he is to busy with the halo movie. oo well hopefully it still rocks ( Posted on 9/27/06 ) Expand
  3. DarrenD.
    Oct 1, 2007
    Had a bit of fun playing this game but really it's not that good. The camera was the most annoying thing about this game at all times.
  4. Aug 12, 2013
    unpolished repetitive action game, despite it many flaws game can provide entertainment with it surprisingly solid fight mechanics, otherwise poor graphics, and repetitive Expand
  5. MikeC.
    Sep 16, 2007
    Man, this game ios absolute garbage, I rented it because I heard it was an easy 1000 gamerscore, which it is, but the time you spent playing will make you want to vomit, I can only say the same about a few other games, those are Phantasy Star Universe and King Kong. Still worth a rent if your a G-Score type person. Expand
  6. ShawnO.
    Jan 5, 2007
    Worst game ever even my little brother who buys the worst Xbox 360 games ever hated has terrible graphics. I recommend not renting this game its not worth the 5 bucks! Expand