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  1. Apr 21, 2011
    Charming game with a cool interactions on the world and on the society of the game. Its cool the options of that every actions affect your aspect giving you personality,thats cool but it needs more depth ,also annoying some AI don't act well and some weird glitches. The graphics are colorful , the gameplay is easy and simple.
  2. Sep 6, 2010
    This is a very solid RPG. Especially for a system that has few RPGs. The story is pretty good and the gameplay is fun but some of the quests can get kind of repetitive but this is not a very major problem. The main problem is that there is not much replay value after you beat the main quest. After the game you might spend 2 hours after the game and this is kind of dull for most RPGs. This doesn't count the DLC which was actually a lot of fun for me. All and all, this is a very solid RPG with a good story, fun missions, and some cool gameplay. Expand
  3. Aug 17, 2010
    once again lionhead studio's fails to deliver . the first fable was a overhyped bunch of lies that was a mediocore game at best . the second is just as bad . the story is very dull and for a RPG its very key to have a story that will draw you in to keep you wanting to push foward. the combat is yet again a dull button masher . navagating the world map just sucks period. your dog which many of the big critics have said is so loveable and endearing ,fels more like a annoyance. the joy of being evil or good doesnt feel near as fun as what Star Wars KOTR or Fall Out or Elder Scrolls Delivers . it is abit longer then the first one though i couldnt beat it it i got to bored with the story to want to finish it . the co-op is a broken and stupid set up . the only fun i had in this game was buying and selling realestate . just how said is that when in a RPG thats the funnest thing to do. Expand
  4. Nov 18, 2010
    A truley amazing game.. despite what most people say about it, its amazing so much to do it looks amazing and its awesome to play.. i think i put in 25+ hours and i would deff play it through again
  5. Jan 9, 2011
    I really don't understand why the user reviews for this game are so low, because Fable II is a lot of fun. Sure, it's fairly linear and the gameplay can become pretty simple, but it's still a very well-designed adventure. Some people might argue that there isn't enough to do, but you really need to appreciate the things you CAN do, because those things are very enjoyable.
  6. Jun 27, 2011
    Fable has yet to make good on its promise of revolutionizing the RPG. Combat has been simplified, meaning that swords, bows and magic each have their own buttons. There is a significant imbalance between these powers, with magic becoming so strong that you would be stupid to use anything else. The story is one-dimensional and the characters are never developed. The side aspects of the game (a variety of jobs, marrying, having a family) are shallow and there is not much point (other than money) to spend any time at them. Getting married is the most uninteresting as every man and woman are pretty much the same. The only information given are their names and moderately useful facts about them. The game is too short and the final boss is underwhelming. Still, I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy playing it. There are lots of secrets and plenty of loot to keep players interested. The combat is fast and satisfying. The world is wider and more accessible although Albion never feels as alive or as vibrant as Cyrodil from Oblivion or Hyrule from Legend of Zelda. The Fable series, though entertaining, has many problems at its core and has yet to reach the upper echelons of western RPG's. Expand
  7. Mar 5, 2012
    This game is just boring, first of, there is no challenge in the game you cant die so the game is easy as hell istead when you are defeted you just lose some experience points but these are not hard to earn, second the character has no personality wathsoever, never talks and nevers expresses himself, at lest in some games like zelda Link doesnt talk but when something bad happend he screams or something like that but here the character doesnt do anything of that, is the most unexpresive character I ever seen in videogames. The world is good in a visual perspective the enemieas are well designed and the location but techniclly speaking the world sucks. The dungeons are really easy and boring just move straight forward and there you go the travel is tedious and slow if you dont use autotravel. If you are looking for a good RPG look somewhere else. Expand
  8. Oct 29, 2010
    As much as I enjoyed Fable I it hurts for me to say that Fable II felt like a step back. The game barely even felt like an RPG. I enjoyed romping through Albion, but in the end I play RPGs for stories in which I feel I had a great impact. I just did not come close to that with Fable II. It is it's over-simplified combat and black and white morality choices that break the experience for me. Not to mention that there are less weapons, clothes, and absolutely no armor in the game. Customizing my character's appearance was fun to me. Now it is reduced to a handful of outfits. Being able to change the clothing's color is nice, but its not a saving grace. The addition of a pet is a good idea, as are the job mini-games (but jobs get dull far too fast). In the end this game is just too shallow for me to find playing it to be worth the price of admission. Expand
  9. Dec 27, 2010
    I'm seeing 2's and 0's here, with an average score of 6.2. What? These are obviously guys who are just PS3 fanboys, or are mad that lionhead changed the fable gameplay formula. Get over it. I prefer this Fable to any of the other fable's, and that includes fable 3 (While good, it wasn't fantastic). The inclusion of the guns and different rates of fire was nice, while also keeping the weapons simple and fluid at the same time. The combat's great, and you have to work to get that ridiculously overpowered spell. The story was really good, and while no mass effect, it was definitely worth experiencing. While co-op is nice, it's way too limited, which has been improved on in the third game, though its still too easy. But all-in-all, this is a brilliant game that you should definitely pick up ahead of the other two fables, with the only bad points being it's quite easy, the co-op is limited. Expand
  10. Mar 9, 2011
    Fable II is entertaining and, at least for a time, fun. The main quest line is very short, though, and the myriad side quests and "life" elements that supposedly provide "hours and hours" of gameplay really aren't very much fun. Combat is really easy, and the proliferation of life phials means that even in the off chance that you do fall in battle, you're revived without consequence. Even if you DON'T have said life phial., you're resurrected with a negligible loss of experience and a scar somewhere on your body. Oh no, my video game character is scarred! Now I have to restart the whole game! The interface to switch between spells is also poorly constructed, making it nearly impossible to create a true mage. Ranged weapons are handy here and there, but the game is really geared toward the swordsman build. Overall, the RPG elements are lacking.

    But then, you're supposed to be able to spend hours "living the life" of the hero. Sure, you can get married. Multiple times, even. To a man and a woman, if you want. But who cares? You can get a job doing the same thing - chopping wood, pouring beer, banging a hammer on an anvil - over and over and over and over again. Woo-hoo. You can buy every single piece of property in the entire game world, if you have to patience to save up the money. You can watch your weight or get fat. You can get tattoos and haircuts, as well as change your clothes. But these are things I have to do in real life! I don't want to have to do them in a video game, too! Fable II is a mildly entertaining, quaint game that gets old after about 10 hours. Even for the obsessive compulsive completionist, this game will disappoint.
  11. Aug 13, 2011
    I enjoy RPG and i bought this for my xbox360. As an RPG it is just rubbish. The graphics are shoddy and the story is for kids. Nothing new and nothing great.
  12. Mar 5, 2012
    If you're a fan of JRPG this isn't the game for you. Storyline is very thin, combat is very simplistic. I really tried to like this game but it's become one of those games I will never finish cause I find it's a waste of my time. Also the framerate at some area's is very low and that doesn't improve the feeling of the game either.
  13. Oct 29, 2012
    Fable 2 is what people in the industry would call a
  14. Aug 17, 2010
    Very boring, short, and shallow. Interactions with npcs and choices are very terrible. You interact with people by farting at them which sounds funny but when thats the only upside to the game its garbage. Magic has no balance because there is one spell that does more damage than all the others at the same cost as the others. The plot could be interesting if it had actual depth and took more than a few hours to complete. The game has no challenge unless your goal is to kill yourself which is impossible. Shooting mechanics are atrocious. The multilayer isn't even worth being called a multilayer its more of a tug of war between people for screen control. I gave this game a two because overextending the fart expression and messing it up causes you to crap your pants. -Now that I have an account i'm reposting. Expand
  15. Aug 28, 2010
    IT Is very positive and amaizing roll game. It's let me remember my childhood specialy when i was play with my brother and sister, it's something else.
    I Give this game 10
  16. Mar 30, 2012
    OMG what a terrible game. This has to rank as one of the most solid game products out there that is dull dull dull. A fantastic job was done on the world and some of the dungeon or areas were done fantastic but the gameplay is about as basic as it can get and even those mechanics are poor at best. The game is so simple it is a one button masher, ok I can understand we want this game to be for the young or inexperienced gamer but then what is with the romantic parts of the game? Are we trying to teach the young how to have an orgy with anyone of any sex because in this game I tried to get my wife and my wife only to follow me and instead we constantly find a mob of groupies standing around me offering to marry me. On the status screen my wife says she wants sex yet you can buy her the world, all her special likes in her favorate world areas, then she does nothing except clap her hands and watch you do silly tricks and is not interested in trigerring her status effects. So, if the status screen says one thing and the action side doesn't match, the game is broken. Its not just broken there either- the game is too simple for advanced gamers and too far out there for youngsters too....Lets talk about other mechanics, I can buy one shop or home then turn my xbox off lets say for a month and come back and I'm a millionare? I like the advancement systems, they are neat but really that is all, if i leave my xbox off i can come back rich as can be and buy the game up. There is so much wrong with this game i don't know where to start. Maybe if i was 10 years old it would appeal but being an adult i have to say this game is definately not for me. Expand
  17. Oct 20, 2010
    In my opinion Fable II is a totally unique and very enjoyable RPG. It took me nearly two years to play this game since it was released back in 2008, 1) because I didn't buy a 360 until recently and 2) because Fable 1 was quite a letdown for me. The characters were fun but the entire world just felt so small and confined, like an MMO that I was beta testing. This game raised the bar in absolutely everything. Story, Gameplay, Characters, Side-quests, and so much more. If you love action RPGs then you absolutely cannot miss out on this game. Expand
  18. Oct 9, 2010
    This game is good, is the combat simplistic, yes but it works more towards the games advantage than against, is the story simple and cliche why yeah, but so are a ton of other games, the world is more open than fable was, the game looks good, it plays well, I like the game. I'm not trying to say it's perfect, but there are no glaring issue that take away from my enjoyment of the game as a enjoyable whole. Expand
  19. Jul 28, 2013
    By technical aspects the game is not perfect, but damn-it, it's enjoyable. It's one of the only games that to me merited a replay not just once, but 3 separate times. That's right. I played through the game 4 times (not in a row), and am planning on playing it again. Way better than its sequel.
  20. Apr 6, 2011
    Fable II is one of the greatest RPGs and one of the greatest games I've ever played, and in my personal the best so far in the Fable series, the gameplay, story, and features are outstanding, as are the graphics and sound, and it's just so much fun, but it does have its flaws like the bugs and glitches, and the fact that it lags in populated areas, but this is still a highly enjoyable experience I can recommend to all. Expand
  21. Aug 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ok, so Fable II sounds like this really awesome game. I never had any of the gamebreaking glitches mentioned here (but there were some funny ones, such as when Bowerstone lost its buildings after completing a job). However, why am I giving this game a 6? The combat is ok, that's a pass. I like the demon doors and the silver keys, in my opinion, those are the pride and the glory of this game. But there are three glaring problems: lore, story, and items. Albion, I have to say, is not a very exciting fantasy world. Firstly, it's not big, like Nirn (Elder Scrolls), Amalur (KOA:R) or even Tyria (Guild Wars). No fun races (hell, even elves would sound nice in the game), realistic backstory (like who created the world? why the hell are we even in this game?) or even fun creatures (heh, the most menancing is a Balverine, a rip off of every single werewolf you've seen, and btw, only 5 types of creatures to kill). Secondly, its story (which includes sidequests) just lacks the feel Skyrim has. In Skyrim, you're lost in the world, like a kid in a candy store. Everything is beautiful, feels magnificent, and even feels real (bears attacking you on the middle of the road, numerous [and I mean NUMEROUS] caverns, forts, waterfalls, mountains, forests, just like a real world). Secondly, the lore is so bad the story suffers (couldn't you have chosen something better than Hero as the "heroes" of the world? And, might I mention, no fun boss fights [trolls don't count] or final battle-WHY CAN'T I JUST FIGHT LUCIEN? WHY DOES A BULLET JUST KILL HIM?). Thirdly, the item system is no fun. Only four types of weapons (from Rusty, Iron, Steel and Master) instead of countless numbers of great loot and items you get in other rpgs. I don't know if I can call Fable II an RPG. Yes, I can level up. Yes, I can "upgrade" my equipment. The first time I played through it, maybe I said yes. Maybe I convinced myself it was indeed worthy of competing with Oblivion. But now, I know even Oblivion is several steps ahead. If I could become completely lost and immersed in Fable II, then it would absolutley crush Bethesda's masterpiece. But its lack of length or even its lack of redundancy cripple the game, allowing the Elder Scrolls to trample over it. I want more out of you Lionhead. You're not a terrible company. I want to have more items and customizations to choose from. I want to explore a massive, massive, world. Fable could have been that and so much more. It may forever be the game that promised immense potential and failed to deliver. If it were anywhere on the level of Oblivion and Skyrim, then I would crown it the king of games. Expand
  22. Jul 3, 2011
    That was it? Throughout playing the game, I kept going back and forth from giving this game an eight or a seven. With the defeat of the main threat over (and still having over half of the side quests to do) I easily settled on a seven. It's not so much that this game has potential, it reached extremely well everything that they wanted to do to make it a unique and entertaining, it's just that they forgot to flesh out a story for your hero. A big plus was the "Sims interaction" approach with all the npcs. It certainly doesn't feel like your hero is the loneliest person on the planet any more. The combat starts off annoying due to the button mashing, but after leveling up your not having to hit the same ol' button (too much anyway). The use of a gun and the ability granted to shoot the body, head (always go for the head) or the weapon was a nice unique feature that you can't even find in today's shooters. And even though they went with caricatures of a 2-D style, the game's artwork and graphics were stunning. Probably one of the best looking RPG's I've played to date (and this game is three years old at this point) because of the artists strong attention to detail they give this game. After reading other reviews, I keep seeing the words "for the experience", and, yes, I agree. I recommend this above else for the experience of what Lionhead has created. But the sad parts are, for one, you are stuck on paths and have very little room to explore the world that was created. And the mapping system left me seriously disorientated to where I was at in the relationship to the continent? country? world? of Albion. Which is how I think this game comes off; disorientating yet worth getting lost into. Even if it's for the short duration of its plot line. Expand
  23. Mar 15, 2011
    The highly anticipated Fable 2. I enjoyed Fable 1 so much. it was awesome. I had such high hope. But I've got to be honest. For me it just didn't deliver. There's so many bugs and the most annoying thing of all is the low FPS while executing jobs and cycling through menus. I keep playing hoping it will have more to give but it just doesn't grab me like the first one. Sad face :(
  24. Mar 16, 2011
    Technically sound and nice visuals which I like,however your time in the world of Fable 2 is wasted.Why build up spell power and such when there are no big bosses or even challenging encounters.Some great ideas but poorly implemented.The most generic story very dissapointing.Its bad when you're 4 year old can complete a game like this.I wanted to love it more but it just let me down over and over and over. Expand
  25. Mar 20, 2011
    First, I will admit that had never played Fable when I played Fable II, so I didn't have any prior experience with the franchise going into this game. That being said, I did have a lot of fun playing this and exploring the world. The story was alright and the character interactions were really quite good/well acted, but the climatic moment was too sudden and short for me to really feel the payoff from all the hours invested. But I did enjoy the metagame of being a hedonistic slum lord hero, and watching the reactions of the NPC's around me - that alone provided hours of hilarity. Expand
  26. Apr 19, 2011
    There were a lot of cool things in the game, but the game was just not well balanced and integrated. First, it is extremely easy. I kept thinking that this was a kid's game and then realized that it had adult content. The interface is horrible. Inventory use and management is prohibitively slow and awkward. The economy is completely out of scale- I had millions of gold with very little to spend it on. On a related issue, re: treasures you have to patiently wait for the dog to find the 'dig spot', and then patiently wait until the digging animation was done. And then.. boom.. the treasures were almost always useless. When I have over 2 million gold, a sack of 5,000 gold is unrewarding. To me, it is as though they made the game, but never bothered playing it. Because anyone who played the game would notice these issues. It is unfortunate, because there were some very cool features in the game, and the potential was there for a great game but the lack of *balance* and *integration* really made the game hard to be fun. I'm not sure how some critics (or users) felt justified giving this game a 10. It's definitely not a 10. Some of the features of the game may have deserved a 10, but, as a whole, I think the User Score average captured it with a 6.2. Expand
  27. Apr 23, 2011
    Absolutely loved this game, so much so I played it from start to finish twice. I can see from the other reviews that you either like this sort of game or you don't, and I am one that does. There are many well known voice actors, the game looks beautiful and plays well and is full of humour.
  28. Apr 21, 2011
    Fable 2 is the second in Lionhead Studio's series of games that over reach and promise to be a complete and immersive game experience but just sort of end up being mediocre action/adventure titles, Though nice to look at and filled with some great comedic dialougue and some good SIM-life options Fable 2 falls short of the hype. Should it be judged so harshly on hype? Normally I would say 'No." but the developers here have used their 'innovation" and "unique and creative game design" buzzwords to create a frothing pulsing hype around what they claim to be a game changer but just ends up being "pretty entertaining".

    Fable 2 is kind of short. From the standpoint of any RPG fan. The main story missions will take you well under 15 hours to complete. There are side quests and jobs to perform and houses to buy so that you could just try and inhabit the world for hours after you've completed the game but since none of this seems necessary to the overall plot I found myself not giving a hoot. The story attempts greatness and I must say, since I was reading the Dark Tower series while playing this, there were certain elements that thoroughly intrigued me, but it does fall apart almost comically in the third act. To the point where you're left wonder what the hell just happened.

    It isn't all bad. The combat system is top notch allowing action gamers like me to take control of of 3 different play styles all at once and giving you a great sense of power and finesse throughout. Even in the most mundane of battles I found myself enjoying it to the last swing, shot or fireball. It's a great looking game as well. None of that photo-realistic mumbo jumbo, this thing is completely stylish (like a Fable) and it all looks great. The arcetechture and clothes all contribute to a great setting.

    All in all I did want to enjoy this more than I did. But with customization options just laying there like a limp noodle as well as the story. The short list of good points don't add up to a "game changer".
  29. May 9, 2011
    Not a bad game. In my mind the user score is more accurate than the metacritic score. Fable is decent, has a good story line and is fun. Also graphics are exceptional. Problem is this game gets boring towards the end. Worth playing.
  30. Jun 3, 2011
    I very much enjoyed Fable II. Character interactions, combat controls, and the expression system are unique among RPGs which makes for a refreshing feel. I like toying with the locals as much as I enjoy toying with my own morality. The only major issue was feeling like the game was over too quickly (which was unfortunately the same problem with the original Fable). There were lots of odd little achievments along the way that were also fun. :) Expand
  31. Aug 14, 2011
    FANTASIC GAME!! I loved the first fable i still play it to this day. I have rarely come by a Lion head studio game which i didn't like, the story wasn't my favorite if they would have stayed with the heros guild it would have made this game perfect. The dog is perfect, they did a great job with it. graphics were awesome. the game play was so much better then the first one. you can get more involded in your world and the world changes with you. fun game :) Expand
  32. Aug 30, 2011
    A decent RPG, but not deserving of GOTY 2008 (Gamespot). The game-play was fun while it lasted, but the sense of achievement or adventure in the game was limited by how easy everything is, and how little there is to do.
  33. Oct 4, 2011
    Story: 7
    Characters: 10
    Graphics: 8
    Setting: 10
    Multiplayer: 5
    Soundtrack: 10
    Audio: 10
    Gameplay: 7
    Re-Playability Value: 8
    Fun Factor: 8

    Score: 8.3/10 = A-
  34. Nov 9, 2011
    I enjoyed playing this game particularly with all the little options available, but it never really clicked for me. I never found the draw to come back and finish this one. Didn't stop me from playing the 3rd one on sale but it really didn't shine as much as I'd hoped it would.
  35. Nov 15, 2011
    This is a really really stupid and pathetic game. Nearly all the quests and methods for making money are really boring and stupid. Literally, the best way to make money in this game involves filling beer mugs all day. RPGs like this are a complete waste of time: why would I want to do a bunch of things in a game more boring than real life? The combat can be fun, but it gets really repetitive after awhile, and the main story fails to keep the player engaged. This game can be addicting, but that is a bad thing, as it will suck hours of an idiot's life doing completely stupid things in a video game, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Expand
  36. Nov 29, 2011
    Its pretty average if you ask me and not as good as the first game. While Fable 2 is a ton more realistic and life like then the previous game, There are a ton and I mean a ton of bugs and glitches as well as a poorly designed world and simple combat. Its pretty disapointing.
  37. Jan 24, 2012
    this is my review:
    -the story is the best in the series
    - combat is way better than the first one in a landslide
    -the world in the game is huge and there are a ton of a fun and exited side missions -lots of
    cusomization -can do almost anything (like buy and rent houses get married and have children)
    -the dog is an awesome addition to the series
    -beautiful graphics
    -co-op is horrible
    -this game crashed on me a few times (it may of been just of my game)
  38. May 27, 2012
    Can't believe this gets 89 on metacritic. This is a 7 out of 10 at best. Not that different from fable 1. Best thing about it is the humour. Really silly when a far better game like dragons dogma only gets 75. Some of these reviewers really do boost the so called AAA titles. Sad times.
  39. Mar 21, 2014
    Fable 2 is an incredible, enjoyable experience start to finish. An excellent re-tool of the magic, melee, and shooting system make combat much faster and more fluid, comparing the Fable 1. The music and ambient sound are very well done, as is the stylized architecture and populace.
    All of that aside, the main reasons to play this game are the incredible storyline and your dog. Your dog
    is easily the greatest executed companion since Navi.
    Excellent game to replay time and time again.
  40. May 17, 2012
    This game is better then fable 3. The story while still am easy ride, is better then Fable 3's. It's also shorter. The combat isn't as easy and you will probably be knocked out at least once in your first play-through. However the real fun comes in with playing with your morality bars, and controlling real estate. I recommend this cheaper title over it's successor.
  41. Jun 21, 2013
    I played this game rather late without any real knowledge of its failed promises or anything of that sort. I just gave it a try one day, and found it extremely endearing. While combat is simplistic and apparently magic is overpowered, I played through focusing primarily on melee and secondarily on ranged with minimal attention to magic. I found combat satisfying that way, although it was still rarely a real challenge with the few times I had to use the resurrection phials. The marriage and dating aspects could've been a lot better, as they were bland as others have rightly pointed out. That said, I loved the world itself, the silly characters in the quests, and even the main (if short) quest. It isn't top-tier by any means, but it is surprisingly enjoyable nonetheless. Expand
  42. Apr 19, 2013
    This is my favorite of the series. Fable 2 improves on everything from the original and takes it into the next generation. Granted the ending was a bit stupid and the most anti-climactic one I think I've ever experience, but even so the game as a whole just shines. Great story, fun combat pretty locations and some really witty dialogue. Although, I will comment that some of the character models, particularly women, are rather poorly designed at points.

    Fable 2 is, for me at least, the best fantasy game I have played on the the XBox 360 to date.
  43. Dec 20, 2012
    The overall feeling I had with this game is that it took most of what the original did wrong and made it right but also inexplicably left out most of what the first game did right. The magic in this game just didn't feel as fun as it did in Fable, you didn't feel like an unstoppable powerhouse and that's probably because they didn't want you to be one. However that's what I liked about the original game, running around in Union Jack boxers beating up guards with a stick, it was funny. I feel that a lot of the humour was lost in this game. Unfortunately it doesn't replace the humour with a more solid storyline, that is, unless you're playing as the good guy. I always feel that Fable would have benefitted if instead of calling you Evil when you were getting up to mischief, they called you a "bit of an a**hole who still gets the job done" because there was a point in the game when I was standing head and shoulders above Theresa wearing a dark trench coat and a pirate hat and I felt like I was being told off by my mother. In Fable this would have been funny but the sequel just didn't quite pull it off. Still a very fun game, pity they never bothered releasing it for PC. Expand
  44. Jan 14, 2013
    If you're after a decent economy, a great selection of weapons and a fully fleshed out sandbox RPG, Fable 2 might just be the game for you.
    Graphically superior to Fable 1 and Superior in every field to Fable 3, I always come back to it every year to play through again.
    You can also train up your dog, build statues of yourself, buy potions which give you experience points, buy shops,
    rent out properties without having to maintain them.

    Additionally, the player can make money even when the game isn't switched on. Every hour, the money the player makes through a rented property gets added on regardless of whether the game is on or not.
    Also, One of the demon doors in the game provides the best jump scare in a game ever.
  45. Feb 8, 2013
    Fable 2 is a good game. The story is fine but could have been better, the combat is a bit sluggish but okay once you get used to it. The dog feature was nice as it follows your alignment and changes like you and the towns are lively as villagers and guards spawn back if they die. I was disappointed in the ending though as it wasn't a good ending. But overall I had fun playing this game and maybe you can too. Expand
  46. Mar 17, 2013
    Fable II by Lionhead Studio's is a solid action adventure game but it just lacks in a lot of area's, The game is way too easy which takes away any challenge the game could of had, the world is sometimes very graphically appealing and has a magical feel, but other times it's bland and uninteresting, It's a very mixed bag with some silly design choices. The fact that you have to sit there doing boring work mini-games to get money is the most uninteresting game design I have seen in recent times, Your companion dog is a nice addition with some good AI to him with helping find you treasure and dig spots, But in the end Fable II is a technically solid title, but bad design choices bring it down dramatically. If you own an Xbox 360 and want a fantasy action adventure title, Fable II is a decent ride despite some issues but if you are looking for deep game design then you should look elsewhere as you will not find it here. Expand
  47. May 30, 2013
    Colorful graphics, unique story, and appealing game play. Fable 2 is a gem that I'd recommend. It gets a fuzz bit repetitive and it has poor boss fights, but I enjoyed this game and highly recommend it.
  48. May 31, 2013
    fable 2 is disappointing but that dose not mean it is bad. Fable 2 has a mediocre story and average side quests, but there are two main problems which are the game is to easy i was never on the edge or worried that i was going to die because i never died once in the entire game. The second problem was the combat was only based on one button so in combat all i needed to do was keep pressing x all the time to win. Thats not to say its all bad managing my property was pretty cool and a nice addition to the game, it was also very addictive. Expand
  49. Jul 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Definitely an amazing game, Picked it up cheap used with my friend and beat the whole thing pretty quickly. Fairly short, but makes up for it with extra side quests and things. My only issue with it *SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Is the ending. It just wasn't very satisfying. You kill the bad guy in a cutscene for gods sake! Not even a bossfight. But I think I can forgive that because I had so much fun playing the game Expand
  50. Oct 16, 2013
    this is definatelly my favorite rpg game. Wonderful, colorful, living fantasy world, interesting plot, a lot of british humor and ofcourse chickens. A must have!
  51. Nov 20, 2013
    Let me tell you straight away, I don't fully understand why I enjoyed this game, it's far from perfect. The combat isn't that good, your characters face is weird looking, the story could be drastically improved, but I have still spent an unimaginably high amount of time playing this game, and I don't regret a damn thing (maybe I regret getting the DLC). I recommend this game, even if I don't really know why. Expand
  52. Mar 22, 2014
    The main downfall with Fable 2 is, in my opinion, the fact that it is a victim of it's own success. Fable: The Lost Chapters was stunning, but Fable 2 was far less impressive. However, it was, by any stretch of the mind, a worthwhile game for the franchise.

    The story, I personally found, was slightly deeper and more innovative than the original, with three heroes who must come together
    to defeat the current ruler of Albion. The game takes place in what appears to be around the 1700's. The regions are far more expansive than it's predecessor, and there is a lot more to collect and do, but the combat is not so great. Every time you get knocked down, you simply get up again like it was nothing, and lose any experience you dropped. This removes any specific challenge within the game, and makes it almost insulting to fans of the previous game. There are still legendary weapons, lots of property to buy, lots of dig spots, gambling, and a new feature to the series; jobs. You will earn money by activating the job at one of the work points, and then playing a minigame, which can get slightly repetitive after a while, but is good to make a little extra on the top. Property can still be purchased, and on occasion, is mandatory for specific quests and items.

    There isn't much more to say about this game. Just think Fable with less challenge, more collectibles, bigger regions, new characters, new story, new experience system, and you have Fable 2. Not perfect, but not terrible.
  53. Jan 19, 2014
    Fable II misses out on the top end of the scores for two reasons, the first being that it didn't deliver what it promised in the build up to it's release, a lot of the features qualities where exaggerated I mean the world responds to your actions but in a very poor way and the moral choice system is straight up garbage. The second reason it misses out is because it fails as an RPG, it's like the game can't decide weather its a hack and slash or a role player. I admit the world (well most of it) is built to RPG standards, there are a few linear bits, but the towns are great places to spend time but it's all for no reason. The game looks good with a Disneyesque presentation which gives the game real character and the characters themselves are fun and colourful with lots of well crafted quests, the combat is solid however a little repetitive but overall this game is well worth playing despite it not quite delivering on expectations. Expand
  54. May 22, 2014
    I was thoroughly impressed with this video game. While it wasn't perfect I found the experience to be very enjoyable. There were lots of customizations, challenges, and various tasks to do. The sense of humor also helped the game immensely. I thought that was a large part of its appeal.
  55. Nov 12, 2014
    This game is way too short. Several great ideas, like the ability to purchase properties to bring in a constant income, are negated because (a) the games too short for that to have a positive impact, and (b) at some point you won't know what to do with that excess money anyway!

    People talk about Fable's charm, and while I somewhat see that, sometimes it just boils down to fart jokes
    and constant flipping the bird. That's not charm folks; that's child's play.

    Combat is somewhat more enjoyable than the original, but that's not saying much. For a game that prides itself on choice, you really only have two impacting choices in the game: be good or be evil.

    The story if lackluster, which is typical of all Fable games. The characters are a little more interesting. It's just not enough to keep you hooked. I struggled to finish the game, which is terrible considering how short it is! Some of the mini-games are fun though.

    I'm not sure I'd recommend any Fable game, and after this one I didn't even try the third (although I hear it's more of the same). Look elsewhere for fun RPGs.
  56. Aug 14, 2014
    This truly is an amazing game. The graphics are very good, as is the superb melee combat, which is brilliant. This is, in my opinion, the best Fable in the franchise. There seems to be an unlimited amount of things to do. Plundering, saving lives, hunting monsters, thieving, and exploring the vast expanse of Albion; one of the best open world's ever. Sure, the interactions are still too cheesy and stupid to take seriously, but when my boy ran into a cave on his own, I actually got scared. And obviously, the RPG elements work extremely well. And the entire game is extremely well done. Expand
  57. Jul 30, 2014
    Fable II is a fun, enjoyable experience for any RPG lover. I think this game really shines with the combat. The melee combat is very good and the movements are very fluent, the ranged attack is quite simple, and the magic system is also simple and works quite well. I enjoy the setting, it seems more fantasy like than other RPGs but the story isn't the greatest. The story is to just find the other three heroes and take revenge on the antagonist, Lucien; I also think the ending is kind of anti-climatic. To me the story and world seems a little linear and there's not a whole lot of free roam except traveling to towns to do various activities like buying property or working a job, which is fun. This is a great game that I find to be more for gameplay value rather than tuning into the story, so it's still a very fun game. Expand
  58. Nov 16, 2014
    Played it as a kid, I loved it, didn't play the first one though so I can't really compare it to that, but I do have Fable 3 so compared to that is freaking amazing

Generally favorable reviews - based on 95 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 93 out of 95
  2. Negative: 0 out of 95
  1. Fable II is everything Molyneux promised the first time around. It's funny, deep, emotional, epic, and, yes, wildly charming. We are already eager for a second playthrough, and we're betting a lot of you will have exactly the same reaction. [Dec 2008, p.68]
  2. It’s a game that builds gradually and then becomes irresistible, a beautiful lump of an RPG that continues beyond the close of its main campaign, and will have you thinking about it when you’re not at your 360. [Dec 2008, p.79]
  3. The combat handles well, it’s visually stunning, the voice acting and musical score are brilliant, and the epic storyline doesn’t end before it begins (like the first game did). But the most appealing thing about it is that it delivers everything that Molyneux has promised, plus it is oozing with wit and charm - something sorely lacking from many games nowadays. At the end of the day, Fable II is a triumph and a must buy.