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  • Summary: Five decades have passed since the events of Fable II, and Albion has matured into an industrial revolution, but the fate of the kingdom is at peril. In Fable III” you are called upon to rally and fight alongside your people, ascend to the seat of power, and experience the true meaning of love and loss. The choices and sacrifices you make while fanning the flames of revolution, and then as you rule as King or Queen or Albion, will lead to an ever evolving world of consequences that will be felt across your entire land. This sets the stage for unparalleled action and adventure that offers even more ways to fight and engage than ever before. Throughout your journey, you encounter a colorful cast of characters that fans have come to expect from the off-beat style and humor in the Fable games. After determining whether these characters are your friends or foes, you either join them or fight against them in explosive combat, alone or with a friend on Xbox LIVE. In your quest to plant the seeds of revolution, seize power and rule over your kingdom, the choices you make change the world around you, for the greater good or your own personal gain. Who will you become? A rebel without a cause, the tyrant you rebelled against, or the greatest ruler to ever live? [Lionhead] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 72 out of 88
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  1. 100
    It's hard to talk about Fable III without heaping more and more praise on it. It's one of the best games of the year and one of the richest role-playing experiences to hit the Xbox 360. It begs to be played by anyone who appreciates a game that is expertly produced in almost every area.
  2. A bold experiment in storytelling that shines all the brighter for its many imperfections. [Jan 2011, p.93]
  3. Dec 19, 2010
    Fortunately, those familiar concepts have been augmented with some innovative new ones, and while they aren't all successful, the overall package is an impressive, if imperfect RPG experience.
  4. Oct 26, 2010
    For those of you looking to rekindle the Fable flame and get online and have digital babies, then there's plenty to sink your teeth into. You'll feel right at home with what's on offer, and be glad to make decisions for the greater good. It's an entertaining ride, and one that has the legs to keep you hooked from humble beginnings to royal conclusion.
  5. 80
    Revolution in story is not followed by a revolution in the game system – unfortunately. Nevertheless Fable III is a decent ending to the series. Although great freedom of act is not followed by great responsibility. [Dec 2010]
  6. Dec 19, 2010
    The fact of the matter is Fable III feels like Fable 2.5 rather than a full-on sequel.
  7. Dec 19, 2010
    Fable III attempts to radically reinvent the franchise, a reinvention that fans neither wanted nor asked for. Instead of following on the success of the previous entries, Fable III tries to be something other than it is, but I don't think the developers were even sure what this is supposed to be.

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  1. Oct 26, 2010
    It's been interesting to see how critics respond to the latest iteration of a well known game franchise over the course of this year. With so many top-notch titles the market itself has felt more than saturated with grade-A content. This is far from a bad thing for us gamers. Quite the opposite as it marks a new step in gaming where we aren't overstocked on too much random IP and have a plethora of games to choose from.

    The drawback has been in the way games have been received and the strange ambiguity that game critics have put forth of late. It's been a neverending series of "damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't" reviews that seem to be in constant conflict with other games. When a game like Fable III hits the shelves you'll see critics lauding the game as a triumph for its hilarity, size and willingness to change the mold, and yet another game will be crushed for doing the same. What do we as players want? The same game again? Do we want it to change? The difference in this perspective is causing critics to appear extremely random in their desires. The frustration of this all is knowing that yet another by-the-numbers FPS will be out here shortly that will roll in praise for no solid reason. We, as gamers, deserve better than that. As a result I urge you to enjoy the title for yourself and ignore negative reviews for this game because after several hours (all night) I can stamp it with a seal of greatness.

    Fable III has what I will call the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed syndrome. By that I mean you'll have harsh critical bile spewed over changes in the franchise and yet the fans will flock to it because it has a certain charm that just can't be labeled. The humor of the game is as hilarious as it's ever been and yet there are moments of true human drama that should tug at you emotionally. The games engine feels slightly dated at times, but it's never a drawback and might be considered a perk to veterans of the series. The story can feel slightly contrived at times, but there are twists to be found that make it worthwhile. It's difficult to discuss without spoilers but suffice it to say that the story is far more engaging than the so far more critically appraised Fable II.

    Everything is improved in every way. From the graphics to the story to the humor to your dog there is nothing that hasn't seen a step up in the series. Enjoy it for yourself and take the game in the lighthearted fashion it is meant to be played. If you don't you will miss out on one of this years top must play games.
  2. Oct 26, 2010
    Fable 3 is much more streamlined than the predecessors, and a very different in some of the aspects you may be used to if you have played and enjoyed the prior two fable games. The menu system is gone, which is disorenting at first, but as you continue and hit the start button the 'road to rule' comes in; which is a floating road that leads to a distant castle with treasure chests you open along the way for new abilities and skills. This became a feature I really liked, it keeps you in the game, world of Albion much much more, and you spend less time treading through menus to find your items you collect, and your still able to do the things you enjoy, like playing dress up, your man in womens clothes, costumes, dye hair, etc. The other major change is the CO-OP; which is now revamped and actually very fun! Your co-op partner is now their own character and they are not tethered to your same screen like a bad child not trusted to not get into things they shouldn't be into. Your able to work w/ a co op partner now in a much more cohesive way, for example blast an enemy with Vortex and your partner can shoot lightning or a fireball at them for a great combo! You also can marry co-op partners and divorce, and obviously cheat on them, or better yet, enjoy living the life of a polygamist. The story has many many side quests, treasures to be found, children to have, or now adopt, and then the main quest-overthrow the king-tyrant, and rule Albion. This is where the new featurs of ruling becomes very intuitive and fun. As a final note; Many of the characteristics of fable 2 are still present as well such as the fighting-magic, weapons-with a new twist, and melee-new twist-weapons develop through time/use, you buy houses/rent houses, add furniture to them, sell them to make money, etc. So, my final thought is this game is very very fun. The achievements are great, original, and will take you HOURS to obtain, I have been playing 14 hours so far, and there is plenty of more game to be had. I am a picky gamer- and usually don't buy new releases, but this was a good buy. However if you hated fable 1/2, you will probably not like this. But if you enjoyed, like, or loved the other fables, you will really enjoy this game, as it is much much much better! Expand
  3. Oct 26, 2010
    Fable 3 es uno de los mejores videojuegos de esta generación. Aún a pesar de no ser muy novedoso y de no tener unos gráficos espectaculares, fable nos enamora por contarnos una historia como sólo molineux sabe llena de magia y de referencias a los cuentos tradicionales. Si a eso se le une su magistral doblaje al castellano y su fx, fable 3 se coloca como el tercer mejor juego de rol de la plataforma de redmond sólo por debajo de la saga mass effect. Expand
  4. Oct 19, 2011
    Fable III trumps its predecessor "II" by giving you a well defined story which your protagonist can rise to the role of a hero and save Albion. Upgraded graphics, a clear map system, and a larger world to explore also make this a better game. The voice acting is top notch as usual and the side quests are as hilarious as ever. The Fable franchise has certainly become one of the more artistic and unique RPGs of this generation that is definitely worth experiencing. The decision to axe the menu system in favor of an interactive walk-in closet has good and bad qualities. The good is that you feel more immersed into the game you are playing, the bad is that it is slower than navigating an on screen menu. So it is more of an immersion experience over practicality, but doesn't take away anything from the game. The bad part of the game is that the npc interaction has been reduced from the Sims style of a player-choice wheel to floating option buttons, which takes away player choice and is limited. Not only that but the unusual choices given to you for the interactions make you feel like an idiot every time. If Lionhead could have used the Fable II npc interaction with the Fable III storyline this game would have been a 10. In addition, the "fetch" quests were just exactly that; "Could you go fetch this for me?"--"Thanks I thought I lost that forever."---If you're going to make fetch quests, don't be so obvious. Because of the lack of interaction options along with its idiocity, and the boring fetch quests, I avoided as many npcs as possible....until I realised that I could get Guild points from them, then I sluggard my way through them, not enjoying them one bit. Speaking of fetch quests, I found the final conflict to have been dissapointing in a sense that it lasted as long and I had to put enough effort into it as if it were another fetch quest. Lionhead needs to work harder on the actual climax of a story for the fan's sakes. But overall, the game was fun and entertaining so I do recomend it. Expand
  5. Oct 29, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I purchased the Limited Collector's edition of Fable 3 -- and expected that I would play the game until i had all of its Achievement (as I had with Fable 2).

    My first impression (say, the first 5-6 hours of gameplay) was that it had been underestimated by professional critics. But, as I continued, doubts began to creep across my mind. Albion was full of charm and whimsy (as ever) but little in the game is innovative. My dog was virtually useless in battle. The RPG aspects appeared to be "dumbed down" -- perhaps as an appeal to casual gamers. Once i obtained the ability to combine two spells together -- I chose electric shock and ice storm -- there was hardly any enemy that could knock me out (Fable's euphemistic equivalent of "dying"). The final battle was simply a button-mashing exercise -- As most gamers will know by now, Fable 3 is divided into 2 sections; the first 90% consists of uniting various factions so that you can stage an uprising and depose an evil King (your brother). That section is moderately interesting even though nothing ground-breaking occurs. But the remaining 10% (approximately) consists of making critical decisions, most of them in your throne room, that involve major expenditures. If you decide to play as a "good" King, and honor your agreements with your allies, and improve the lives of Albion's citizens, the treasury will be quickly depleted. (If you play as an evil King you are apparently no improvement over Logan, your brother -- a paradox that the game does not comment upon.) In fact, Logan tries to justify his actions by saying that he had the long-range interests of Albion at heart and was not truly "evil" as the citizens believed.

    You are told however that, in one year's time, you must raise over 6 million gold pieces in order to protect the citizens of Albion from an unprecedented invasion (by something called "the darkness"). Should you fail to raise this huge sum, most of Albion's citizens will perish (so you are told). It is impossible as far as I can tell to make "good" decisions as King and yet raise the cost of defense. Each day as King (or Queen) you are forced to make decisions -- all of which involve spending or saving money. You are not given any opportunity to address your subjects and rally them together in an effort to deal with the economic plight or defend the country. It is not (in my view) a particularly interesting section of the game to play -- despite the stakes involved, partly because the game's mechanics force you to be (a cruel and treacherous ruler who saves the treasury solely for defense or a good ruler who benefits his subjects with but lacks the means of defending them.) A simplistic paradox barely worth thinking about.

    Fable 3 has interesting ideas but fails to develop their potential -- it has a split personality: rather like trying to combine Walt Disney with Machiavelli. And so, eventually, i felt royally let down by this game: I completed it but with no sense of accomplishment. (unlike how i felt at the end of Fable 2). I also had the feeling that this game marked the end of a long-lasting relationship with the Fable series; i.e. it left me suffering from Fable fatigue. Too much of the same thing, endlessly repeated.

    It is possible, of course, for this game to attract new gamers for whom this Fable will be their first -- and they may love it (for everything will be new to them). It remains to be seen how commercially successful it will be regardless of its quality. But, for me, it is "goodbye to Albion" -- Personally, I am drawn more to Fallout New Vegas (which is familiar but innovative enough to justify sustained interest) and also to the upcoming Black Ops (which I am fairly sure will not disappoint).
  6. May 6, 2011
    This game i felt was very poor. Felt far too much like fable 2. The upgrade system was a shambles and combat shockingly bad. Running about holding little girls hands isnt my idea of a good rpg game. The only saving grace and reason why this game did not score lower is because the graphics where exceptional. In my view your not missing much here. Expand
  7. May 27, 2013
    It started in 2010 when I picked up Fable: The Lost Chapters. I played through it once, and then played through it again. I really, really liked it. I saw Fable II and bought that. I really, really liked it. Fable 1 was better, but II was still great. I learned about Fable III, buying into the hype. I bought the game on the day of the release, and I was blown away. Not by it being good, buy by it being the biggest disappointment of my life. I never died once. Fable had always been a fairly easy game, but couldn't even die without trying, and just like Fable II, you get right back up and brush it off. The combat is broken. Why is there a melee weapon when the magic and ranged attacks can kill a Sasquatch in a powerless hit? Instead of a pause menu, they added the Sanctuary. I can't even explain how terrible it is. The Road to Rule is the most stupid way of using experience, ever. You have to open a chest to upgrade your experience. The system in I and II was fine. It might have had a few flaws, but it was fine!!! The expression system is terrible. In Fable II, it was a wheel. It was not perfect and it needed improvement, not to be completely ripped out and replaced with randomly assigned expressions. Oh, you want to give him a high-five? Too bad, dance! This game is not worth buying. This game was the biggest disappointment of my life! Expand

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