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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] The grandmother of all fighting games is here, with FATAL FURY SPECIAL, a unique adaptation of the original 1993 arcade smash Garou Densetsu Special. Experience all the great fighting game action, with added network play and high-definition display, now available on XLA. Fifteen fighters (plus a special guest), gather for the match of the millennium. Can you beat them all? All your favorite characters are here, including Terry Bogard, Billy Kane, Wolfgang Krauser, and a special hidden character. The classic game has all the original features of the arcade smash, but has been updated for high-definition displays. Twelve new achievements, ranging from easy such as beating a fighter without sustaining any damage, to difficult, such as taking 10 straight wins on Xbox LIVE, are presented for you to master. Four leaderboards: Four ways to track your overall performance in the game. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. SNK’s long line of fighting games are classics for a reason. With Fatal Fury Special pretty much being the benchmark of the early fighters (not to mention the harbinger for the modern-day 3D fighters) it’s no surprise that this game rocks.
  2. A surprisingly stable online mode. [Issue 26, p.118]
  3. Fatal Fury Special thoroughly deserves the sort of audience that Live Arcade can deliver, it's just a shame that this particular version feels rather unloved, hampered as it is by frustrating control issues and lacking the game mode that many players will want most.
  4. The D-pad simply is not made for the really crazy moves you have to do on it to perform those over-the-top attacks. Jumping between depths of the screen is nice though.
  5. Fighting game aficionados are encouraged to download this.
  6. Fatal's look hasn't exactly aged well, and SNK has done little to update the graphics. [Dec 2007, p.78]
  7. Fatal Fury Special is not worth the points to download. The game is tougher than a two dollar steak, and has aged about as well as milk left behind a radiator for a month.

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  1. BryanM.
    Oct 29, 2007
    You know for just being $4 bucks this game is great. it does have a little choice of characters but other then that this game is just like the one on sega. the controls are good too so that is a big +. the graphics have a little touch up but still fell like you are playing it on the old sega Gen. so just get this game play with your friends online is even more better if you do not have 800 points after buying a 1,200 point game get it. Expand