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  1. Aug 11, 2014
    It's a great game but ea really need to fix their servers also for a game that costs about £45 to pre order you wouldn't expect it to have transactions in it. You probably expect that in most free games but not a game that costs money but they have been doing it for a few years now so they do the same every year.
  2. Aug 6, 2014
    This is a good game with a load of problems such as offsides and referees and god you really can't lose fairly and the fouls wow me and my friend were playing co-op seasons and acording to ea modric fouled by getting the ball fairly but overall good game
  3. Jul 16, 2014
    Not a bad game but not very realistic compared to games like NBA2K14 or Pes 2014 very the same as other fifas! Would recommend getting pes instead!!!!
  4. Jul 14, 2014
    I can't believe how many negative reviews this game has, seriously. The game is probably not that much of an improvement from 13, the career mode has been fleshed out a bit more along with the introduction of a FM style scouting where you are unable to view the stats un-scouted players. Although a nice addition for the more hardcore football fan, in reality it becomes a bit tiresome.
    Gameplay is pretty flawless despite what the haters say. You won't find a better footy game, or realistically another one at all for a reason, FIFA reigns supreme!
  5. Jul 10, 2014
    As someone who hates EA Sports sooo much, my review may not be fair this time, but in all honesty i can say that you should NOT buy this game. That's it, DON'T BUY THIS GAME. There is not much of a need to review it even further. But, according to a phrase that i love "You must either extremely love or extremely hate the thing you are reviewing in order to talk a lot about it". This is the kind of a feeling that injects me and i will show you how extreme hate i have to review this piece of ****

    The gameplay is-What a shock.- "slightly improved (i am gonna directly quote from Wikipedia but open brackets to show the truth when needed)

    The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game feature a new game engine called the Ignite Engine. This features both graphical and gameplay advances on the previous game engine used by the FIFA series (slightly), the Impact Engine (which is used for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game). Improvements include advanced AI to make players react more like real human beings (Yeah right.), "True Player Motion" to create more realistic movement from the players, and more enhanced realism for environmental features such as weather and the crowd, which responds to what is happening on the pitch in a manner similar to a real crowd (we saw that on FIFA 13 as well).

    However the biggest feature they advertise the **** of it regularly is the Ultimate Team mode.............. Which i did not play as part of my EA sports resistance :)
  6. Jun 29, 2014
    “If you are a fan of FIFA games you tend to be quite philosophical, because they tend to build you up then let you down.” FIFA should be a benchmark-setting soccer game with great gameplay and years of thoughtful development & refinement. Currently, it is a husk of latent unfulfilled potential, and is a treated as a blatant cash cow for a lumbering shambles of a company. They also treat their customers with disgrace. If you go to EA Sports forums, they have “vent” treads and any criticism you voice about the game is considered heresy pending a banned account and confinement in the Tower of London. What EA Sports had achieved in the past 10 years would have been easily surpassed by any another studio with more ambition and commitment like Bethesda. When buying a Fifa-EA product, I find myself paying through the nose for their monopoly on licensing & copyright rather than for entertainment. They drip feed 1 or 2 untested “improvements” per year, most of which undermine smooth and consistent gameplay; their flagship features such as randomness, first touch passing and UFC style tackle/collision systems have totally lost the plot. This would be fine if it had been done correctly, but there is no consistency to the implementation here. The game lacks refinement and adding “randomness” to already poor gameplay makes for an extremely frustrating experience. The whole result seems like a rip-off of Madden or UFC. These professional “critical” reviews seem to glorify each FIFA game in isolation of the 10 previous iterations before it, marketing each release as some sort of ground breaking & innovative affair; when in fact there is much less to like. According to EA, “It doesn't matter if you call it soccer or football, in the end all you need to know is that FIFA is the only way to play” or so they hope! More work is done by EA Sports in each iteration of FIFA by patches & fixes, than the original game itself. IMHO the lack of innovation, absence of improvement and dreadful gameplay does not marry well with the high asking price. Expand
  7. Jun 25, 2014
    This is the end of the road for me. FIFA will not be getting bought again until I hear any sign of simple problems being fixed.

    I bought the game a couple of weeks ago (when the price had been reduced, a good 8 months after release) as I had refused to buy this FIFA at full price after my disappointment at FIFA 13. It was a terrible mistake and it won't be getting made again.

    I don't
    understand how a game 8 months after release can still feel like a half-finished product. The gameplay is essentially the same as the last few FIFAs except now the players (even the finest of the lot: Messi, Ronaldo etc.) feel like they are running through quicksand and their first touches are usually appalling.

    The game play wasn't the main issue though. I was expecting the same-old mediocre game play. I was also expecting the career mode to be terrible. My expectations were fully warranted. Career mode is as bad as it has ever been. The Global Transfer Network is an absolute shambles and far too slow and laborious to even bother. Every game is the same against the computer as well, the style of play doesn't change depending on who you're playing against. All the CPU do is defend until the last moments of the game when you are suddenly trapped in your own box. It just confuses me how a certain aspect of a game can be so much worse than it was 7 years ago...

    Despite the lethargic players and the boring gameplay in career mode, the last few FIFAs have at least provided me with some fun in the online modes. Ultimate Team is still a fantastic concept and, although the money-grabbing techniques of tempting idiots to buy player packs still infuriates me, I still enjoy the game mode and find it much more exciting and faster paced playing against another human being. However this FIFA is the worst yet in that the servers just seem so awful. I have times where I have been winning 4-0 in the last ten minutes of a match online and the message comes up on the screen "Your opponent has left the match". In every other FIFA this meant I got a win... HOWEVER, in this FIFA I have been awarded with a loss the majority of times this has happened. Just terrible... So even the smidgen of fun I had on previous FIFAs has been removed from this game by a simple error.

    Another error that has made me furious is the Creation Centre. I spent a lengthy period of time creating a few teams and a tournament to put them in... only for a few of the teams to vanish. This was annoying enough as I had wasted my time creating these teams to no avail. Anyway, I decided I'd use what I had and tried to play Career Mode swapping my created teams into the Premier League. Every thing was fine... until BAM the game freezes every time I try to play a match with these created teams in Career Mode. So my purchase of the add-ons to have extra slots for creation centre and use created teams in career mode was completely useless. The worst execution of an add-on I have ever seen.

    Unlike most of the reviews on here, my review is scathing not because I have been beaten once in a match, or felt like the game was scripted, or even because the gameplay is just the same as previous FIFAs with minor, albeit still awful, changes. No, I was expecting these things. The reason I have written this review is because I have had enough and I wish others who feel the same way would join me in abandoning this clearly sinking ship. I can understand that games upon release will have errors, will have criticisms, but EA simply do nothing about this.

    Clearly the general public can see EA are no good! The very fact they have been voted worst company two years in a row shows this! So why do we, as consumers, still eat up the manure they are feeding us and waste our money that could be better spent elsewhere? The supercilious attitude of Moore towards EA's customers and the very disregarding nature of EA and their "customer support" is too much to bear anymore for me.

    I will not lie. I am not going to buy PES. All I can say is that, as a huge football fan, it is very disappointing that I must miss out on enjoying myself on a football game because there is no competitive market to provide a decent alternative. My FIFA days are over and anybody out there with any sense will join me. Boycott the FIFA series until something is drastically changed. Otherwise, they win.
  8. Jun 24, 2014
    This game is so rubbish It's so unrealistic. Headers are op and little weaklings out muscle some of the strongest players in the game. This game stresses you out rather than give you enjoyment. The worst fifa buy far
  9. Jun 24, 2014
    A football game made by EA Sports which features different modes like career mode or just play. Its is not as bad as all the reviews say it is personally, but I do admit it is somewhat scripted. Another big concern is that passing or most actions like shooting or passing, take a while for the game to process. Another concern is that the game sometimes doesn't detect fouls. But the game isn't horrible. Expand
  10. Jun 23, 2014
    Like noted by so many before me there is no joy in playing FIFA 14. Mostly, it's frustrating. Realistic? I want to have a vision of how to play in a given situation, and then execute that vision to the best of my ability with the xbox controller. I don't want the challenge to be in how well you can control the players, but how well you understand football. I am certain this is what most players want. Does EA fail to understand this?

    It hasn't gotten more realistic, just more difficult to control. The players are incontrollable and seem to me like morons. There is no realism in a player on a ball sometimes taking several seconds to turn and move in another direction when practically standing still. " It's like they all have hip and pelvic injuries the players do not move like athletes. "

    However, with a stroke of luck you can still beat on opponent 1on1 because they somehow managed to **** the defense up just as bad. Yay, balance!

    Also, perhaps to balance the game better (jk) seeing as well-orchestrated attacks are near impossible in FIFA 14 sometimes defensive AI's just run straight away from the situation leaving the opponent an open road to the net.

    Obviously headers are overpowered. Passes are strange to control and often even go to the wrong teammate.Through balls are absolutely ridicolous, it's like they have a life of their own. When playing defense in previous versions you could easily pick the player you wanted but now it always picks the wrong one.
  11. Jun 23, 2014
    Don't waste your money, The ultimate teams section is garbage. Player control will jump to a player across the field randomly when you get the ball stolen so you cant get it back. The game is 100% scripted in single player, teams that are far inferior will be unbeatable if you win to many times in a row. The game has little to do with skill, so if your looking for a skill based game keep on looking. This has been claimed to be caused by the difficulty level of each team being different for the season you selected. If true this is a truly horrible idea since I for one like to pick things at or slightly above my sill level so I can improve and enjoy a challenge. what fun is losing to a team that's world class when I chose semi pro because Im new. Definitely wish I had my money back for this one they can keep it. Expand
  12. Jun 21, 2014
    SHAMBLES. The game will never become anything close to real football game, there is next to no progression in features would make the game more realistic. The game HOLD GREAT FISSURES in its gameplay, one of which is the introduction of DEFENSIVE BUTTONS. This feature completely destroys the every single aspect of attacking football. Attacking is no longer creative or fluid do to these defensive buttons and has made attacking - especially in Ultimate Team - extremely repetitive and dull. Granted, when defending, without these buttons it was difficult to have full control over your defence, however there there must be another way to navigate round this issue. Though surprise surprise EA just produce another spin off of its older version, and only sells due to - what seems like - MORE MONEY SPENT on the games MARKETING than redeveloping the game to even remotely ENHANCING the actual gameplay. It almost like they didn't even do extensive testing to identify this HUGE FISSURE IN THE GAME which is the DEFENSIVE BUTTONS. Expand
  13. Jun 4, 2014
    I think it is really disgusting how EA have focused on the aspects of the game that brings them money rather than the game overall. Although they have improved ultimate team (as it's what brings them the extra cash) They have just added seasons to every other mode and believed it is enough of an improvement.
    However there are so many flaws with the game.

    -Unrealistic Defensive
    -Really poor AI in Pro Clubs
    -Overpowered Heading
    -Retarded Goalkeepers
    - Poor Unrealistic First touches
    - Momentum
    - Blowing the whistle at half-time/full-time when a team is on the attack
    -Lack of ambition with Pro Clubs
    -Same Player creation system for god knows how many years now
    -Alot of poor refereeing decisions regarding fouls (not opinionated happens for both sides)
    -Poor player switching
    - Unrealistic Career with poor youth systems and
    - Taking out or changing elements of previous Fifas which weren't an issue such as:
    -The right stick to take large touches
    -Making automatic containing ridiculously underpowered
    -Victor Ibarbo
    - A useless and unnecessary external creation centre(which was a problem before but should have changed)
    -Awful Servers
    -Defence is a joke
    -Players falling over on their backs after a soft tackle
    -Isn't satisfying as it used to be
    -Repetitive commentary
    -Stupid animations which are copied every single year
    - Managers just look horrific , just like the substitutes.
    -One handed goalkeeper catches
    -Slow gameplay (don't even start about how it's more realistic, cause it ain't)
    -Whatever happened
    -Oh and i have to buy a seasons pass to use my created team in a career mode?
    -To get good players in packs you either need to suck off Electronic Arts (paying them) or rely on miracles

    There are probably more that I forgot about but honestly. I've played Fifa since 2003 and some of these games were good. EA are money whores who pay reviewers to give them a great review every year. It makes me sad knowing that they know themselves that they are ripping everyone off and ultimate team just floods them with even more money.
  14. May 31, 2014
    great game i cant say anything about fut because i got the game at 5 year pack opening.
    Career mode is great.I love the mode where you can create your competitions
  15. May 31, 2014
    You cannot even enjoy this game even if you are on some serious drugs. This game is another proof that money is replacing the joy and the heart for the game. (This might be the only resemblance this game has to real life football)
    Shockingly bad controls, laughable scripting, terrible physics, freezing, kit clashing on pro clubs, pro clubs being completely let down and forgotten, boring
    repetitive career modes this game has it all. Terrible customer support and a good dose of "I don't give a ****" from the men with ties. The only reason why I am still playing this game is because I need a football game to play, and I play it with my mates. Without them, this game would not just be buried, but it would also be lit on fire and shot off to sea with a cannon.

    Stop supporting this scam.
  16. May 23, 2014
    Been playing since FIFA 08, this is by far the worst one I have played, the amount of game abusing tactics are beyond recognition. To name a few...
    -Infamous 'kick-off' glitch, assign your starting centre circle duo to LB+A and then LB+Y when he's about the break the offside trap and hey presto, you're in for a **** header.
    -Placing a strong player up front, this game is just all about
    strength, use Ibrahimovic, Lukaku, Benteke, Falcao, Cavani and guess what, just use LB+Y and 50% of the time you're in!
    -A 'foul' button, I can't recall if this was introduced in FIFA 12, but I don't think it was, I think it was FIFA 13, why is there a button to deliberately pull a player back? I remember hearing about a 'diving' mechanic in pro evo and hearing the FIFA community ridicule it, how is this any different? And the fact you can get away with it most of the time? How stupid are these designers?
    -Broken first touch, no one enjoyed the implementation of the first touch initially, but most of us, including me and my friends, warmed to it, however, it has become to common on FIFA 14, due to the fact that better players climatise to tackling a player's touch rather than the player itself, in other words, your opponent will not tackle you, if the ball comes in for a goal kick, or a lobbed pass, he will just wait for your player to do a 'dodgy' first touch, steal the ball and possession is turned.
    -Headers and across goal shots, why is it, every iteration of FIFA, there must be some overpowered mechanic of Scoring? If you've all forgotten, FIFA 10, volleys volleys volleys, FIFA 11, LB Free kicks and power shots from 30+ yards out, FIFA 12, finesse finesse finesse galore, FIFA 13 Near post, every goal, just bash it in near post and now? It's headers and the ability to 'swerve' a shot so conveniently across your body as you shoot, that it just lands in the net, why can't all methods be equally good or bad? why must there be this abuse of tactics in every FIFA iteration.
    -Goalies, why is it, unless you have the TOTY 90 Petr Cech, that your goalie can't seem to push a ball above his head? The amount of times I have seen my goalie fall backwards, accepting defeat, allowing the ball to literally go above his un-extended arm, is beyond comprehension, why does this exist? Other than as a catalyst for EA's intended premise, matches which end with 10+ goals.
    - Physics engine, I had a player, yesterday, who was rightfully awarded a yellow card for fouling my opponent, however, his second yellow came from him preparing to shoot, having the ball slid from his possession, then kicking the opponent due to the absence of a ball, enough said.
    -Contracts/Injuries, it's become far too apparent nowadays that EA only has one thing on it's mind, quite obviously, money; personally I've always despised contracts and injuries, but it's gotten to the point where I've physically injured myself out of frustration, winning games 3-0 then losing or drawing, exiting the game annoyed, then having to apply 4 contracts and buy 4 contracts, then applying an injury card after I buy it, I eventually don't return to the game.
    -The absence of care for other game modes, my and my friends love pro clubs, however we fail to experience it's full potential due to the lack of money it creates via in-game purchases I.E. ultimate team, this is just solid evidence that EA only cares about profits, as a business I understand this approach, but as a games company I have no longer any respect for them in terms of their ethos, a company should both want to appease its audience aswell as satisfy it's monetary needs, however this has failed in the former, I honestly have never been so annoyed at the fact that I need to buy this game, ever year, because the only other alternative is PES and none of my friends are willing to buy that, this is in fact the lesser of two evils, but that just sums it up perfectly.
    -Broken ultimate team traits, it's obvious when some teams you come up against in ultimate team have 7/11 TOTY players and 4 players (Mainly Colombian) like cuadrado and constant, that some players are just in fact, utterly utterly broken, the fact that these players can compete with the rest of their team-mates and literally not stand out as worse or better just tells you that some traits are so much more valuable than others, i.e. pace... this is an affront to the type of footballers I adore, I.E. Vidal/Pirlo/Gerrard/Xavi who aren't known for their pace, therefore suffering on the ridiculous stage that is 'ultimate team' and why in the end? Because they're slow, so they're obviously bad... duh... sigh...
    My advice? If you want a football game, buy this one, but don't let it get to you like it has to me, I've fallen yet again for another steamling pile of AIDS contributed by EA themselves, they are literally the epitome of a scum TNC, I hope they go out of business not just for this, but for other franchises they've killed, R.I.P Dragon age/Dead Space... ):
  17. May 8, 2014
    This is one of the worst **** game i have ever played. There is a serious dead zone for player 2 and the **** LUCKY BOUNCE is **** useless. Nothing i can do as i am round my mates and he as just scored 2 from THE **** HALF WAY LINE. WHAT THE **** THIS GAME IS **** AS **** AND MY OLD GEOGRAPHY TEACHER

    BAG GAMES. Expand
  18. Apr 26, 2014
    It's rubbish I've never had so many problems with a football game in my life, no time was put into this game it's a massive disappointment all this game does is piss you off
  19. Apr 17, 2014
    Brilliant Game if your a football fan I don't get complaints about this game I don't understand all the negative reviews in personal opinion I don't see what else you can expect from a football game the graphics and game play are spot on. little slow on updates apart from that id say a top class game. better on xbox one but that's down to the console
  20. Apr 10, 2014
    The worst FIFA yet. Sad this game used to be so good. I understand you can't please everyone but this is truly an awful game. The point was to make it more realistic which is last thing this game is.
  21. Apr 8, 2014
    connection issues, as always with fifa and ea games means there is no point in playing, sold it, getting pes from now on. d
  22. Apr 7, 2014
    I can honestly say that this by far THE WORST GAME EVER MADE!!!! YES, EVEN WORSE THAN FIFA 13 AND BLACK OPS 1 AS IF THESE GAMES WEREN'T **** ENOUGH TO COUNT AS GAMES. The game had potential of being decent with some attempts to improve game modes including FUT. However it failed miserably, so here are some things that have really pissed me out on FIFA this year.

    1) I can understand why
    to make the pace of the game slower than it was on the last game because it way too fast and players with 85+ pace is basically unstoppable. But with this game they took this too far and make every player on the game really slow so that players with around 30 pace can catch up to a player with 90+ pace and making these players unusable.

    2) The amount of headers and rebounds that are scored on this game, mainly UT. The number of games that i have played, about 90% of goals i concede are headers and rebounds. The headers i concede are mainly from corners, it always happens in the 45th or the 90th minute but i never score any headers from corners but that's what costs people games on FIFA and to top this one off, HEADERS ARE SO OVERPOWERED!!!!!.

    3) The game is also ruined by absolute biased referees that does not apply the rules of football on a video game. That's terrible because referees only given decisions that are not fouls or whoever gets the possession. They book players when you touch an opposition's player and does not book any players for bad, rash tackles. What's worse is that when you make a fair tackle when on a one on one situation, THE REFEREE WILL SEND YOU OFF!!!!! WTF!!!!! Why can't they have real life referees instead?

    4) The transfer market system on Career mode is a **** joke. If you want to buy the best players in the game, you look at their overall ratings and stats. But that's nothings compared to this game. The players don't have an overall rating until you scout them to confirm the player's overall rating. But who wants a scout in your club anyway, you will never find any unknown potential young players in the country you want the scout to go to for finding these players.

    5) This one may not be the game designer's fault for having in the game, but i really do feel when you play online on UT that people should never use any substitutes during an UT match because your wasting more contracts by using more players in one match. This can really also change the flow of an UT match instantly which is annoying because gamers are too scared of losing matches so they decide to bring on the most overpowered players off the bench instead of keeping the team as it is. It would help because it will stop the opposition from wasting your time when pausing the game.


  23. Apr 7, 2014
    Before I played this game, I was a fan of PES. I bought this game for Xbox 360 and to be fair, at first it looked brilliant, but when I started to play, my opponents were being given penalties, stupid free kicks were made by the ref. The characters look great as well as the presentation, you could change quite a lot of settings but it is really hard to get the right control on it to play. I found the pace in passing great, and some amazing crosses could be made. The spectacular could even be made for a player like Kagawa. I would recomend this game for pro of FIFA, but not to a beginner. Expand
  24. Mar 31, 2014
    WORST FIFA YET!!!! I buy FIFA every year to play it with my friends and for the love of the sport, but EA ruins it every year. Where do I start? Overpowered headers, handicapped goalkeepers, mentally challenged defense, horrid first touch system, broken transfer market, horrible servers, and more than I can write in less than 500 characters. Unless you want to break your controller or anything within your household, DO NOT BUY FIFA 14. EA can go such a fat chode. Expand
  25. Mar 23, 2014
    awful, doesn't always pass in the direction u want it to, always lags in game, players' stats mean nothing (e.g. when terry paced my Walcott), packs are a waste of money cos you never get anyone good and its just ea trying to take your money, rarely players will respond to your commands straight away so don't expect to do any volleys, lower rated goalkeepers seem to perform better than the best ones, ea has based the player ratings mainly on their ages and whether they play for man city or not, sometimes when the game freezes you will receive a loss even if your winning, ea appears to pick the winner before kick off so one player will always suffer, on pro clubs someone will always lag loads, usually the team with benteke will beat the team with messi, contracts are pointless.

    If you don't want to end up smashing your controllers, then don't buy this game
  26. Mar 18, 2014
    Remember the time when FIFA video games were supposed to be fun? When you used to be jolly happy because you played them? No more! EA Sports have produced the ultimate no-fun game! FIFA14! I usually play the seasons mode for 1,2 quick games every day. But this game has become a complete joke.

    First of all, FIFA has decided to make through balls impossible. They probably thought. "Hey
    remember, when FIFA 13 was fun because people could play nice through balls? Let's kill that off!" Great idea. Now everyone has to play lob passes. And like that alone isn't annoying enough (because which team in real life would play with lob passes) the defenders are always so stupid to stop running when someone lobs the ball. Great idea EA Sports! What they have also decided is that FIFA 13 was too much fun because you could play nice combinations. But there they also thought "Let's get rid of that". The touches are ridiculous now. 5 star team players act like this the first time they play. Also they need a radius of 5 meters to make a turn. Good job, EA!

    Goal keepers are horrible at corners!

    9 of ten goals are scored by headers. According to EA football players are now better at scoring with their head than with their feet! You learn something new every day! Thank you EA Canadians! You big football nation!

    Some special players like Ibrahimovic are impossible to defend against! He can do anything he wants. You don't have skills and you don't know how to play football? Fine! Just play with PSG and Ibrahimovic. Even Champions League final defenders like Hummels or Subotic won't win a header against him.

    When you play a long pass to your players in front, it will most of the time go to the offside player! They can stand on the same exact line and 5 of 6 players can be onside but you can be sure the player who is off side will touch the ball first even though you never meant to play the ball to him.

    Probably don't need to remind people that the games are all scripted and that there are streaks! EA, this is football, not a pit game in a Las Vegas casino!

    What is also really nice and realistic is, that after you score a goal and there is a kick-off in the middle of the pitch it's actually a lot easier for the opponent to score a goal! So we all know that after a goal both teams go back in their own half! So obviously it should be hard to score a goal 5 seconds after the kick-off? That's why they rarely ever happen, right? Not according to EA. Watch a freaking game of football (or soccer like you call it) once in a while!

    But there are also one good thing! EA has worked on the goal celebrations! Isn't that great? Isn't that why you buy a game? Not because you wanna play a fun game with nice passing goals but so can you have 100 different goal celebrations that you can rub in your opponent's face when the dramatic game script allows you to score!

    This game is finally dead to me! Never again! I want to play football against people. Not "dramatic script ball" against nerds who only try to beat you by exposing the flaws of the game. This is not football! This is not fun! I'm sick of being frustrated after playing a video game! EA please stop buying the FIFA license when you bring out a game like that! It's a disgrace.
  27. Mar 6, 2014
    This game is so bad and it's also scripted by E.A. so u won't win most of your games. In my whole life of gaming i have never played a more enraging game than this. Sure you might feel happy for a game or two but after a while E.A. will troll you then you will be in a world of rage. All i have to say is, this game is not worth your money so DON'T BUY IT!
  28. Mar 2, 2014
    My mom walked by me while i was playing this game and actually asked me "Why is everyone running in slow motion"?
    The players do not feel realistic, they feel like they are mentally challenged.
  29. Feb 25, 2014
    I have owned every Fifa since 2006 and never have I been so disappointed. Fifa tried to make the game more scrappy then in years past but they went way too far. The game exaggerates the momentum of the game far too much and if your team is out of form then it feels like you're taking on Chelsea with a team of preschoolers. Shouldn't I be the one dictating the momentum of my team? I mean if I get nervous going 1-0 down then it will reflect in my play or if I am feeling confident it will naturally reflect in my play. Instead Fifa makes my whole team panic and run around aimlessly if I go one down. With the new modifications it feels more scripted then ever. If I had the guts I would have snapped the disk in half months ago. I still have dreams that I do. Expand
  30. Feb 13, 2014
    I really likes the fame but for me fifa 13 is better than 14. And man the Ea server is tottaly with bugs and many times we lost a match because the server is with many bugs . They may release a patch for the game because we cant play ut like this
  31. Feb 12, 2014
    This game is **** stupid. Just cause someone picks brazil means they win every header, never get called for fouls and never get beat on defense. This game would be realistic if they didn't have the coach suck the reffs dicks before the game to win. Make this **** for both ways.
  32. Feb 7, 2014
    Rubbish game. EA needs to stop copying and pasting from previous games and build a new fifa.

    Online, this game is so bad. I've never seen a Fifa game this bad before. Seriously you might be selling the game EA this year, but i will not be buying Fifa 15, forget it.
  33. Jan 20, 2014
    FIFA 14 is a game that has received mixed reviews some positive and a lot that are negative. FIFA 14 on the 360 brings nothing new to the table. It's just FIFA 13 with a new coat of paint. All the games are rigged up the wazoo. Playing ultimate just to score 3 goals and then just to get smacked in the next half. Your just following what EA has planned for that game.
  34. Jan 20, 2014
    The game is without doubt scripted in FUT mode. A few weeks ago I won every match, against anyone. It was so easy. It was like all my shots went in. Now I have lost 28 out of the last 30, some of them against people who doesnt look like they have ever played before. I can have 20 shots at goal against one and still lose 1-0. Scripted.
  35. Jan 17, 2014
    Easily the worse version of FIFA I have played over the past 15 + years.

    The controls are horrible, for example when you take the ball off a player it doesn't flow well. I took the ball from a striker 3 times but it just bounced back to him and he scored. It's almost like playing a poker machine that is rigged. Every single cutaway shot in the game is annoying. The controls are the
    worst I've played in any football game. I'd rate soccer on Commodore 64 above this version. What a waste of time and money! Expand
  36. Jan 15, 2014
    This game is so annoying :(
    I started no tutorial set semi pro

    I thought amateur

    Is this game only for person who played fifa13?

    but graphic is great movement is awesome

    and i don't like this game
  37. Jan 12, 2014
    DO NOT BUY THIS **** GAME. worst soccer game ever. i cant even believe that the people who "tested" this stupid game even allowed it to be released.
    1.) goals are small making it impossible to score
    2.) your keeper blows theirs is a brick wall
    3.) your own players that arent under control wander around mindlessly and wont help you or make a run
    4.) u cannot make a pass to save your
    5.) your own players will get in your way when you try to dribble/shoot
    6.) other teams defenders block every shot
    7.) players (on both teams) will run offsides 99% of the time and the ref will call a offside if your 1/10000000 of a millimeter offside
    8.) if your player gets fouled ref wont call it for you
    9.) ref calls everything against the players team
    10.) the difficulty setting will change whenever it wants making the opponents impossible to score on
    11.) you cannot dribble the ball worth a ****
    12.) you cannot shoot the ball worth a ****
    list goes on and on
  38. Jan 9, 2014
    This FIFA has to be the most pathetic game I've ever had to witness. Don't get me wrong I love playing FIFA and am very good at it. The new game play is okay not great but okay. What makes this game is pathetic is that they called this 'the most realistic FIFA' that they had brought out but it's completely the opposite... the actions your players take when you're winning is that of someone who has never seen a football in their life. Your goalkeeper parries the ball to their players basically every time, 'when in doubt cross it in' since when could you in real life score as many headers as FIFA does. Why is it that when you're also winning the other team gets to go into God mode and that you can tackle, tackle and tackle over and over but the ball either doesn't get taken from them unless they get a throw-in, corner or a free kick. Why is it that when you're also winning that your players that you're not controlling will randomly foul the opposing team in the box giving them a free penalty, seriously what is that about? This does sound more of a rant but I'm backing up my comment on how pathetic and 'unrealistic' this game really is. I pray that they sort out their game play for their upcoming FIFA's because it's not 'who's the better player' it's who can get the most unlucky due to EA interfering in the games. Do you find it that a lot of goals are scored up to the 45th and 90th minute? it's programmed to let the who ever has got the ball to be able to score basically anywhere and that no matter what the goalkeeper will let it in or parry it to their player. Review done 0/10 the game is rigged. Expand
  39. Jan 9, 2014
    I got this game on Christmas Day and all i've had is fun. I've been playing career mode which is incredibly immersive and fun. I've never felt like there's any scripting, if I concede it's my fault. I also had a few friends who got this game before me so i've also been playing Pro Clubs. It's incredibly fun especially with people you know.
  40. Jan 3, 2014
    DO NOT BUY! I have never considered writing a review for a FIFA game until this year. Obviously we wouldn't be writing these reviews unless it was either a great game or a terrible game, but it seems this years was especially bad.
    The speed is almost correct, but speedsters need to get off the mark quicker. Granted; some defenders can make up ground well, but the fast attackers need to
    be able to outrun defenders. Left and right backs are an exception as well as the occasional speedy central defender.
    The user needs to be able to change the player that is being controlled while the ball is in the air and for 50/50 balls. The computer consistently selects the incorrect player to make a challenge on balls in the air as well as retreating defensive situations. The computer also selects the incorrect player for passes, especially through balls, and certainly chip-through balls. THE USER CANNOT CHANGE THE PLAYER IT CONTROLS WHILE THE BALL IS EN-ROUTE (massive glitch; if i want to change the player I am controlling and I press the button to change players, I HAD BLOODY WELL GET A DIFFERENT PLAYER TO CONTROL. ESPECIALLY IF I AM NOT ON THE BALL.) I have had perfect passes to the runner I expect the ball to go to, have the ball hit the player in the foot, and the player will not pick up the ball or recognize the pass was to him because he is designed to believe the pass was to the player behind him, since the bar was completely charged. THE BALL HIT HIM IN HIS FOOT. If another player is within the line of he path of the ball, and the ball and the player intersect on this line, the player needs to accept the pass if the ball is not traveling very fast. Either this, or ALLOW THE USER TO CHANGE THE PLAYER IT CONTROLS WHEN THE BALL IS PLAYED.
    These are just the large problems, for me. I could write a book about how poorly made this game was and how progressively worse it has gotten over the years. I buy it for the updated rosters. If I could buy an updated roster pack or something, I'd still have Fifa '06. It is almost criminal how much money they are making off us, but we keep buying these products so...they are lucky football is addicting and people love to control their favorite players on a digital pitch.

    Career mode isn't scripted but the momentum feature gets a little out of hand. Every player on the team does't their pants just because one player makes the wrong pass or the other team hits the crossbar. Momentum builds over several minutes; it may be two minutes but it doesn't change after one misplaced pass in the opposing half.
    I get the distinct feeling that the one that makes this game, don't actually watch it, let alone play the beautiful game, which means "the little things" are overlooked. Bad Game, but worse are the quality team for letting everything slip. I will not be buying FIFA again.
  41. Dec 31, 2013
    This game is amazing as far as Ultimate Team. After a while every game i played at least 2 of my players got injured. Even if i put maximum power into my shot he basically passes it to the goalkeeper
  42. Dec 31, 2013
    I played FIFA 13 for an crazy amount of hours because it was fun. I play 14 every 3-4 weeks for half an hour but just because I don't want it to be true....but it is...
    This game captures football more realisticly but only the boring part of the real game. Let's be honest, a fifa game is about 10-15 minutes which is as along as the highlights of a real football game. The HIGHLIGHTS!
    Thats why it has been a idea by ea to pack the boredom of a real game into 90% of the experience. Because what players want more or less is to play the highlights of football game with of course a little boredom but just because of the immersion. Anyway I play with Bayern Munich and ea's idea of what that should look/feel like is nothing more but alarming in almost every concern. Individual player performances are ridiculous compared to reality. Team "tactics"...come on...and on top of that what everyone calls scripting. I call it inability of coding a sophisticated football ai....In the year 2013 with ea's amount of ressources...I win all of my games in legendary mode like the years before but this time it is absolutely no fun. It is me getting used to how ea thinks it should work. And again this has nothing to do with what real football looks like. At least not the enjoyable part of it. Try it: Watch a FCB game on saturday and remember all the actions of ribery, robben, thiago, götze etc. The play 14 and compare what you can come up with in 15 min...this is a joke. Some people it is a good thing that you are not able to abuse...that is bs. watch the 15 min highlights of a FCB game and you will notice this team is succeasful because individual players ABUSE their skills to be superior! Expand
  43. Dec 30, 2013
    This game is almost like a step back, it more suited for people who don't know how to play the game of football. Absolute rubbish, glitches in this game far exceed what was expected. The offside Trap feature sucks the movement is slow individual runs are slow as hell.
  44. Dec 28, 2013
    I have played different fifa's but this part appealed to me.Seriously this is the best part of fifa Realistic ball realistic moves great soundtrack and great desing. I dont understand persons who gaves 0.I played PES too but i think FIFA is better.
  45. Dec 27, 2013
    Diabolical is the only way to describe this game which has been written by people who haven't seen a game if footy in their lives. Spamming long balls all game seems to be the only way to play this joke of a game.
  46. Dec 25, 2013
    why would you connect me to someone with a poor signal and experience lags, gameplay is odd, looks worse than 2013. no wonder they dropped the price to 40$ what a disaster! Easports reputation is going down the toilet, this is a very very bad designed game! what a shame
  47. Dec 23, 2013
    I really enjoy the newest Fifa. The tempo of the game is more realistic than on previous Fifas i've played. It's more fun to play career mode than before, because it really requires some tactical thinking sometimes to break the AI-defence. Also it seems that AI is wiser and better than before.

    Anyways, i'm not giving 10 because sometimes it feels that all the goals are identical. Just

    All in all, great game with lots of nice singleplayer and multiplayer modes to choose from. FUT is awesome.

    PES 13 was great, but this is even better.
  48. Dec 21, 2013
    Why is there no offline mode??? No one gives a f**k about ultimate team its boring as f**k. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! You spend more time f***ing around in menus than playing!!! GUTTED JUST GUTTED!!! EA F**ked us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Dec 16, 2013
    Pound for pound the worst football game ever. Didnt buy last years as I dont think EA do anywhere near enough each year to warrant £40. However this years is different, while its still the same scripted rubbish that punishes the better football brain, and nothing more then a test of how well you can exploit the games many flaws- this year has a great new gimmick: absolutely no entertainment what so ever. All goals come from headers and corners. It is impossible to play attractive football. long shots hit the woodwork sometimes but dont go in: tactical defending is still the most uncomfortable bag of crap in the world. The great idea from EA has been to manipulate the game so as to lower the scoreline hence creating a really realistic "soccer" experience- without the goal fests that used to happen when the game was intended to be fun to play. What the Canadian morons fail to see is that the only way this is realistic is as a Sunday league simulator. I cannot express how much I would advise no one to buy this game, I spent £45 on it which in itself makes me consider suicide. EA are a greedy disgrace of a company and from now on I will play PES or nothing. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP Expand
  50. Dec 14, 2013
    This game had so much potential. Yes, they did improve a lot of things such as ball physics, and more realistic player movement, but seriously, the stuff going on 'behind the scenes" in this game is a joke. EA has practically taken the idea of user input and made some sort of practical joke out of it. Players rarely do what they are intended to do. Such a shame.
  51. Dec 13, 2013
    SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUY FIFA 13 (360) INSTEAD FIFA 14 (360) is riddled with bugs. For example: • Rage quits often crash the game. • Multiplayer opponents don't appear in Xbox Live recently met list (so you can't mute, message, or avoid 'em). • You can't choose what to do after a match is tied at the end of 90'. FIFA 14 (360) still lacks basic features. For example, you still can't filter possible multiplayer opponents on the basis of connection quality.

    You may as well buy FIFA 13 (360) instead.
    • The above-mentioned bugs don't exist.
    • Most of the graphics (gameplay, UI) in FIFA 14 are identical with FIFA 13.

    • EA spent as little on development as possible on FIFA 14 (360). Perhaps this was to maximize resources on the next gen SKUs, and the upcoming World Cup 2014 title.
    • Microsoft knowingly allowed this turd to ship. Perhaps this was in exchange for the assurances that EA would promptly ship FIFA for Xbox One.
    • Any pro reviewer giving FIFA 14 (360) a high score is dishonest.

    PS Don't blame the QA testers. They invariably find these bugs. It's management who over-rules them, deeming bugs as "shippable".
  52. Dec 13, 2013
    I've always bought every FIFA game and played this game nonstop now I feel conned into getting this crap, if you think 13 was bad this is by beyond bad horrible game. The only thing you might be able to play career other than that seasons, pro clubs etc is horrible, the whole system gameplay is bad the first touch is worse, AI is more stupid now I don't want to rant anymore just don't get this POS. Expand
  53. Dec 13, 2013
    Fifa 14 is probably the worst way to follow up the overly-attaching and fun Fifa 13. This game tried to be the perfect Fifa to keep up with Next Gen, and it failed. The game feels much more realistic in that the in game play isn't so focused on the player's speed, which provides more of a fair balance during the gameplay experience. One of the main problems in my opinion about Fifa 14 is the (what seems like) lack of effort put into this Current Gen title. When I first went onto the game I immediately looked at the squads and there it was. Mesut Ozil was at Real Madrid and Gareth Bale was at Spurs. Bear in mind that these two players transferred from these clubs over three weeks before the game was released. It speaks volumes.

    Fifa 14 provides a perfect balance in general gameplay but feels like a major let down following on from the fantastic Fifa 13.
  54. Dec 11, 2013
    This is probably the worst game i have ever played. Yes, not only the worst FIFA i have ever played (and i played FIFA since 2005) but also the worst game overall.

    - The game is scripted and decides when opposition will score a goal. Especially in 45th and 90th minute.
    - You can have 20 shots on target and goalkeeper will save everything. Opposition's team will have one shot on target
    and will win. I know it happens in real life but in FIFA its happening too often (i am talking about World Class and Legendary here).
    - Even the team with worst passers in the team can play like Barca. Sometimes they definitely keep the ball too long on their own half if they winning (even in first half).
    - Strength is overpowered in this game. Not only overpowered but players who are lean and not muscular at all can push your defenders like wind.
    - It feels like every goal is the same. Over the time i played. maybe 40% of goals were scored after rebound when keeper saved it in front of him.
    + many,many bugs that were in FIFA 13 are back. I guess this game is fine when you play on low difficulty. On legendary, even if im winning, it dont feel satisfied because of all the bugs im getting pissed about during the match.

    All i want from FIFA is to be like World Cup 2010 with updated squads. That was a perfect football game.
  55. Dec 11, 2013
    The game play side is ok not really a step up from 13 but what they have done on career mode is a joke. The transfer system on 13 was good, it let you search players based on skill level, age etc.The new system is over elaborate, I do not play online much so can not comment there. Really felt I wasted my money here, if you are thinking of purchasing this and already have 13 then do not
  56. Dec 11, 2013
    Fifa 14, a mixed bag overall. Admittedly whilst the new features make for a more realistic football game, i found that a lot of the time they made for a less enjoyable game. If i take the global transfer network, for example, it does seem like a more professional way of searching for players however the lack of the ability to search for players by overall rating really hinders the transfer system in the game. Also just whilst on the subject of transfers i feel, in my experience, that some clubs asked for unrealistic and just plain over the top amounts to sign players. This made it difficult to sign good players without paying through the teeth to get them.

    The actual in match football for this game has been slowed down considerably, with more emphasis being put on pressing, controlling the midfield and generally more strategic football. This makes for a more challenging game in my opinion but at the cost of making a love it or hate it play style that will alienate many fifa regulars. The footballing gameplay is more streamlined and realistic, but will make some of the same mistakes previous games would. Some of these include your defenders being caught in no man's land by a single long ball over the top or by the sluggishness of the AI players reacting to loose balls. The most severe of these mistakes in my opinion the fact that your players will constantly be caught offside through a combination of their ineptitude and by the most unrealistic part of the game, good linesmen. These guys could catch you offside if you breathed past the last defender, which although annoying does cut out some of the through ball syndrome previous fifa games had.

    The rest of the game i found satisfactory, with menus not necessarily made simpler but organised in a way that allows for quicker navigation when you get used to the system and the usual high amount of fifa customization throughout the rest of the game.

    Final verdict: Not a bad way to initiate your fifa experience if new to the franchise, but i wouldn't recommend fifa 13 owners to 'upgrade' unless really into this style of strategic football.
  57. Dec 10, 2013
    All right read this carefully as I am not going to torture myself by saying one more word about this game ever again in my entire life. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE CRITICS, they have no F***ing idea how S*** this game is. I live and breathe football, withoubt a doubt the biggest and most beautifal game on Earth. But F***ing FIFA 14 for F*** sake, it F***s up the entire F***ing sport. I know this review will be F***ing gigantic but I am just reviewing it like it should be reviewed. So bear with me.

    I am not going to sugar coat it like the F***ing fat ass critics that suck EA's D*** so they will get paid, oh no no no. This game is F***ing terrible the critics blab on about, ahh this game is wildy realistic and is a replica of real life football well I find that very insulting. Clearly none of the C***s have ever watched or played football and then they play this and their like woah this is good. Well in comparison to a free internet game made when google first came out then I guess you can say it isn't totally horrrible. Look to give you an idea of how "Wildly Realistic" this game is listen, wait sorry no, read this.
    So I have a BPL team in ultimate team with 100 cem. My gk is Cech with the cat chemistry style card which improves diving and reflexes etc, bear in mind he is the best BPL gk with 85 overall. So, I was playing some guy who had a similar rated team. He is on the attack and running down the left flank and I had a defender on the goal side of him. He reached a point where he was 12 yards away from the goal on a 20 or so degree angle. He had nowhere to go so he decided to chip shot, the ball went passed my defender and headed for the goal and was about 1 metre above the ground. The ball is coming straight to cech atthe front post when he decides to F***ing drop to the ground like he was on F***ing fire or some S*** and the ball went in.

    Yeah that happened, this game is F***ing S*** and is a F***ing waste of money and time. If any people have fifa 98 on the ps1 or something and are thinking about getting this on your new console. Don't do it, it is absolute horse no matter how good you or you're players are EA's brand new scripting engine will find some way to F*** things up. For example I was playing aginst stoke as liverpool and I had 23 out of 25 shots on target and they had 2 out of 2 and I lost 2-1. How the F*** is that realistic how the F*** does stoke cities benchwarmer striker score 2 from 2 and F***ing sturridge and suares combined kick 1 from 25.

    Anyone who has any respect for football take the time out of your life like I did to review this game and talk about your experiences and how you think it is. Trust me you are not wasting your time reviewing this because everyone reviewing it has already wasted time and money on this absolutley S*** F***ing game.

    Please save yourselves and don't touch this game don't even pick it up and look at the case when you are browsing in your local games store. Just don't do it, unless you are a BOXER and need something to rev you up before a match want to really beat the out of anything, FIFA 14 will certainly help in that case.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, It feels good to get that out of my system. Thankyou for reading if you made it this far and bear in mind that I could literally and I mean that "LITERALLY" go on for days about how F***ing S*** this stupid F***ing game is.

    Goodbye fellow footballers and EA haters.
  58. Dec 9, 2013
    AWFUL, going backwards, even worse & more scripted then FIFA 13. Every year a false hopes that it will be better and only gets worse.. SCRIPTED to worthlessness, it just doesn't let you play against your opponent... ALL PEOPLE WANT, IS TO BE ABLE TO PLAY AGAINST OPPONENTS & LET THE BEST PLAYER WIN, NOT EA DECIDING WHO WINS.. So obvious that the bias engine clearly throws the game in only 1 direction. This is not momentum it's cheating, worse of all is that there is nothing you can do about it... Its like EA thought people wouldn't notice when they dismantled ones ability to control the players.. They also made it where trapping the ball is impossible sometimes, not matter if you push button to trap, strait ignores it (this is for offense, defenders have no trouble trapping anything, including shots) just shameless shameless, this is real people the play and at some point loved this game, for some reason EA has not figured out that people are not going to eat EA $hit. Expand
  59. Dec 6, 2013

    I've invested a lot of time into Fifa 14 and I have to say that I have yet to have anything like what could be described as fun playing it. There's a slower pace to the game, you can play with manual passing which forces you to pick your passes very carefully but the lifeless A.I. means that your teammates never move for the ball. What's more, first touch is
    non-existent in this game which is unforgivable in any football game. Football is all about touch and passing and Fifa can't really do either.
    The two thumb sticks could have been put to real use but instead the right stick is designated for skill moves which look nice in videos but simply don't knit with the gameplay. Fifa is chained to some slick animations that actually detract from play. Compare to NHL where the gameplay is beautifully intuitive, the right stick moves the hockey stick, the left stick skates. If only the same principles were brought to Fifa.
    Stop buying Fifa, it's a horrible engine, a horrible game It's the least fun you can have without actually playing any football.
  60. Dec 4, 2013
    Paid for reviews is the only thing I can imagine has happened here, there is no way in hell that these game reviewers could honestly award it as high as they did.

    Let's imagine scripting and momentum isn't anything for this review.

    The Defending AI is worse than every, constantly cutting back for a fraction of a second when a through ball in the air is played. Fumbling into each
    other, over each other and into your keeper. The AI controlled defenders will ignore your defender choice at times and still mark the same player you are even when you don't call for assistance.

    The attacking AI is either rarely making a move or moving so far off side is just disgusting, The game even after numerous patches is still dominated by long lobbed through balls and crosses which just remove any sort of challenge. Player a tall striker like Benteke upfront on ultimate teams and just watch the goals pour in.

    First touch is now non existent, players like messi at times have the first touch akin to the fat guy who plays five a side and only got invited because you were seriously desperate for players. One moment you can turn on the ball immediately after receiving and the next if you dare turn within 2 seconds of receiving the ball they WILL lose possession. The sprint button has now become a combination of knock on and sprint making the game a much slower pace unless you're bursting down the wings... but don't really expect much to happen as the game seems to make the defending team 10% quicker as soon as their opponent gains possession. This sort of gameplay makes Emile Heskey look good.

    Passing and switching is the worst I've seen in any fifa, the passing is so... well it ignores what you tell it. Want to pass left? How about as soon as I receive the ball I do a quick 180, quicker than you could actually do by choice due to the awful first touch but when I do turn, I'll kick it in the complete opposite direction and then to make it more fun, I will force you to watch your uncontrollable player to chase it down. I mean... don't even consider bringing your keeper out of the box, you might have 2 miles of space but 9/10 the keeper will kick the immediately leaving your goal open straight after. Player switching is Auto by default and the options are Full Auto, Air Balls only AKA Full Auto and Manual which actually surprise surprise... appears to be a combination of Manual, Air Balls Only and Full Auto, I can let go of my controller and see my player switch rather rapidly.

    Silly 'bugs' like being unable to receive a throw-in make this game absolutely infuriating, how could EA possibly this up. My player will remain stuck to the ground but as soon as I make the throw-in he will charge towards the ball and either watch it sail over his head, or duck out the way! Sometimes you feel like you get stuck in a perpetual game of piggy in the middle when tackling. It doesn't matter how you approach it the ball will always rebound into the opponent and this can go on for 10+ tackles perfectly landing at their feet each time. Players constantly bump into each other (AI (your team) into your player). This is especially noticeable on kick off, sometimes the AI will literally barge me off the ball within 0.1s of the ball being kicked.

    Actual AI gameplay is probably worse than Fifa 12/13, it was never that good to be honest as there were always ways of winning reliably, Fifa 13 was a case of curling the shot from the edge of the box and putting it in that way.

    When people think I've given this game a 1/10 review because I'm butthurt, think for a moment. I'm not giving it because I'm butthurt, I'm actually not. I bought the game full price, played a few games online, two full seasons (Manager) and a handful of nights with friends versus. I realised my mistake almost immediately after the game presented me with a dribbling skill challenge, at that point I realised what they had done.

    Though the reason why I have given it such a low score and is the absolute fundamental problem, EA have once again somehow managed to copy and paste a game, slightly alter the GUI and along with carrying issues from previous titles have systematically completely ****ed up features that are imperative to a football game, the worst offender being throw-ins immediately putting you at a disadvantage.

    Fifa reminds me of the war between Intel and AMD, the only competitor is pretty much always considered as the lesser of the two. Being the dominant game they can do what they want and we'll still accept the crap that gets churned out.

    Games like this and Battlefield 4 prove to me, that game review sites are indeed paid for by publishers. Even my girlfriend (who doesn't play any games at all) spotted immediate flaws in Fifa gameplay within mere moments of playing. How a reviewer couldn't spot them? Well, all that delicious 'free' goodies from EA must of got in their way.
  61. Nov 30, 2013
    I like the game and all but I get very irritated about the first touch because they take the first touch to big. This irritates me very much because Fifa 12 is way better dribbling then Fifa 14.
  62. Nov 29, 2013
    Oh man! I created a Metacritic account just to review this horrid game! I have bought every Fifa title since 2006 and my Fifa playing days go back to around 1996! I'm pretty good at this game and used to play on Legendary in pretty much every title until Fifa 13. I used to have a system for playing defense that was unbeatable until they made tactical defending in last year's version. Fine with me. I'm all for more realistic tackling and ball physics....whatever. I still pretty much crushed in Fifa 13. The pace was awesome and the dribbling was spot on. If you can dribble, which I was good at, last year's version is fantastic. I can almost say that Fifa 13 for me was amazing on almost every level.....except......the career mode! I love the career mode and it's the main reason that I buy the game. Create a player with your own likeness and RPG the out of it. Absolutely love that fantasy. EA Canada just doesn't give a FLYING F*** that this mode is important to a lot of gamers! They just don't care. Last year's career mode was filled with sooo many glitches that it absolutely ruined it for me. Not to mention it fails miserably in comparison to the depth and quality of other career modes or my player modes in other sports titles. For example the NBA2K series' career mode is incredibly deep. It is pretty much what I would like to play for my favorite sport! Fifa 14 career mode is THE EXACT SAME thing as Fifa 13, just that they( for the most part) fixed the glitches that marred the previous installment. I actually don't mind Fifa 14's career mode. It's ok, but wtf is it offering that's cutting edge or even interesting to delve into? NOTHING I'm not interested in Ultimate team and playing online, because you have to PLAY ALL THE TIME to get ranked and it's not feasible for someone that is not a professional gamer. So that's just career mode. Disappointing and not worthwhile half-assed effort from EA Canada. They can give two ****s, I know. Now that's not the most upsetting thing about it, though. The most disappointing thing about FIFA14 is THE F***ING GAMEPLAY! They absolutely killed it. Killed the pace of the game, the dribbling, the passing.....they ruined pretty much everything!!!! When you take control of a player in Fifa14, it's like moving a bus or a tractor trailer. Every dribble move takes longer to pull off and the whole left trigger-to-shield-off-opponent bull**** is exactly that. BULL****! LOL you almost have to play lobbed through balls every time.....don't even try to thread the needle with a hard through will NEVER HAPPEN. Guess what happens when you time that lobbed through ball to perfection and are pretty much clear on goal with only the goalkeeper to beat......the slowest and I mean slowest of defenders will catch up to your striker and almost overtake him EVERY TIME. LOL I played the other day with my friend who plays on a high level just like me....I chipped a through ball to Lewandowski, sprinting on goal with ten yards between him and the last defender. It took I feel like less than a second for the defenders to make up the ground and almost steamroll on top of him like two locomotives lol. HE JUST GOT BOSSED OFF THE BALL IN A FLASH and I barely got a half shot off. I bring Walcott in as a sub in a different game.....his pace makes NO DIFFERENCE in this game. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIBBLE PAST ANY DEFENDER.....that makes the game almost unplayable....OH OH and how bout the matter if you are there first, or press the button to clear and are holding left trigger to try to hold off your opponent, they will beat you to the ball almost 85% of the time. The auto switching on air balls was bad last year, well this year forget trying to defend against a cross or a it's a crapshoot who will win the header.....Fifa 13 took skill to play, but this utter monstrosity that is called FIFA14 takes that skill and shoves it up your ass lol. Last year I could take a player like Ramsey who is rated 77 and score a Messi goal with him. This year, you'll be lucky to score with Messi bec. he will handle like a supercharged bus, but a bus is still a f***ing bus! EA, I think I am done with this franchise. It truly feels like you are now milking your cash cow and don't care about truly innovating and raising this game to the next level! Shame shame shame. I wasn't sure whether there was anything to the "scripted" gameplay ramblings, but there is some sense in it, bec. the airballs are consistently undefendable and the dribbling and the pace of the game is absolutely on earth can Walcott not be able to make a move and sprint past a tired defender. Even the knock on move that EA created last year they went and ruined lol. This game in my opinion is the absolute worst of the franchise. It might seem polished since they own all the licenses, but they ruined the amazing fluidity of the game! FIFA 14 ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! Money back please Expand
  63. Nov 27, 2013
    This is quite honestly the biggest tragedy I've ever seen on a TV screen other then grown ups 2. I don't know how you could bring yourself to even convince yourself it's a good game. The passing is god awful, it does the exact opposite of what you want. The dribbling and the first touch of this game takes the cake. Oh my even Messi makes the most disgusting mistakes ever. The player response to controls is terrible (I tried multiple controllers too). You'll find yourself hitting buttons and see your players not responding and you just wonder why. All the FIFA's previous to this were fun ad at least worthy of a 7 but this is the worst soccer game I have ever played. Oh yeah, I already sold it. Expand
  64. Nov 17, 2013
    It seems that quite a lot of reviews of FIFA 14 have been made by people yet to be completely accustomed to the new style. A frustrating game at first, FIFA 14 will infuriate with its loose control and cause broken controllers with its "players turn like milk" policy, but eventually the creases can be ironed out with a change in style of play.

    Focusing specifically on possession-based
    football, EA have gone from making a game all about skill and pace to making a game that isn't impacted on by either. However, the effort you have to put in makes winning all the more rewarding.

    Having said that, the inconsistency between each game is what spoils the overall experience. Stoke can pass like Barcelona and beat you 3-0, but Arsenal can't string a pass together and you can waltz to victory.

    Enjoyable? Perhaps not. The worst game of the year? Hell no.
  65. Nov 16, 2013
    Shocking game, been playing Fifa since the 95 edition and this is by far the worst of the series...My players are fouled throughout the game with no calls from the ref, I'll have a 5 star player receive the ball and look like someone smacked him over the head with a plank of wood, I'll have a 96 pace player be chased down by a 60 pace defender then have a 80 pace striker blitz past my 70 pace defender. The only way to win in UT is to constantly foul the other team and play balls over the top with the midfield passing being terrible, every second goal I concede is because of the ridiculous auto player switching which leaves me completely stranded....The game has destroyed my faith in EA and this will be the last time I purchase a Fifa, massive opportunity for PES to win my vote. Expand
  66. Nov 15, 2013
    Game is scripted to help weaker players, one game you'll be popping in 5 the next you can't hit a barn door. Completely un-enjoyable experience, both losses and wins you don't deserve leave you unsatisfied, next to zero skill involved.
  67. Nov 14, 2013
    For me the game feels largely unfinished and seems as though EA have put all their time and effort into the Next Gen version. Time will tell I suppose. Personally I didn't enjoy it and I have been playing FIFA since the very first version in 93'
  68. Nov 13, 2013
    Inconsistent. Frustrating. If you like possession and build up, you will be disappointed. Slowed down gameplay is a great theory. Works offline, but online is a completely different beast. Gamespeed varies wildly. Rewards mindless tactics. The shooting feels more realistic. Feels like your fighting the player switching and passing more often than not. Feels like another EA game that got pushed to meet the deadline. Some matches are completely unplayable. Players stand around. Ball physics closer to a rubber beachball than a soccer ball. Save your Expand
  69. Nov 13, 2013
    For crying out loud, fix the damn graphics. Why do the player names on shirts look so out of proportion?

    If I could give this game a minus score I would.

    At least Pro Evo tried.
  70. Nov 12, 2013
    This game dishes out pain and pleasure in unequal measure, unequal as that is how unbalanced Fifa 14 is. For example its normally Ultimate Team were noobs have a fighting chance but with seasons mode, where skill and tactics used to be key, noobs got smashed to bits. Unfortunately now its the other way round, because in seasons every noob runs to Real Madrid, so unless you are either Barcelona or Manchester City you have virtually no chance with Bale, CR7 and co running at your defense. With the game new mechanics players with pace and height (CR7, Bale, Ibarbo, etc) will tear the likes of Thaigo Silva apart. I like the new mechanics and the slowed down gameplay, but having such an over-powered team unbalances the game. UT mode has vastly improved, with the ability to change formations at will now and the ability to enhance player stats with boost cards. It's far more a tactical battle there, but it shouldn't be this way. Overall better this year in some parts, far far worse in others. Expand
  71. Nov 11, 2013
    i think FIFA14 was very better than PES14 i played both of them. In PES14 you can not see the ground. it is full of writings and other things and i really prefer to play FIFA14.
  72. Nov 9, 2013
    I dislike it when unrealistic transfers take place every transfer window.
    The teams wear the same gear every year.
    Players retire at an early age.
    Players slide and fall around on a wet fields and walk off as if they came out of a washing machine. Every time a through ball is given to 2 attackers, 1 offside, 1 onside, the ref blows assuming the ball was for the offside attacker!.

    Whilst running with the ball close to one of my team mates on my way to score, he dispossesses me! and sometimes they are offside too and the ref blows.
    What is the point of skill games? It has no effect on the career Pro, manager nor FUT, fun and challenging yes but useless. The way skill games can be useful is if it can be training which affects your pro's ability.
    The crowd is fine as is, I don't care about how the fans look unless they start running onto the field, hugging players and stopping the game play.
    I like the stadiums, they shouldn't remove just add more. The stadiums that are added has to be ones that are familiar to the world of FIFA you know, like those used for the previous World Cups.
    They say Fifa 14 is alive" then why don't players and referees deliberately do things? make mistakes? like real "alive" people do.
    I see online that there is the idea of "dynamic weather" that is as real as it gets! why is this an idea only now, it should have been in the game a long time ago.
    The GTN is such a good idea gone terribly wrong, again, there is no point to it. If I want to scout a player I use the old method, get them young and let them grow to be the best. I think it would be so much more effective if the two methods were combined in to one.
    Players and managers earn salaries in the game, why? I understand the concept but this salary cannot be used and this renders the idea, useless.
    The graphics are fine, you know who has the ball without hearing the commentator nor looking at the name bar.
    The precision movement is a great addition but needs to be refined, game play is sluggish.
    Ball physics is my favorite, the best goals ever seen is on FIFA14!.
    On FUT I made a substitution and the view didn't change, I was impressed with that, fluidity was maintained.
    The HUD is very good, the way it displays online and offline info and the pictures displayed, its nice.
    Like the message inbox, which still pops up after a match though but bearable.
    Commentary has been improved, still too much repetitiveness.
    Overall, more real,challenging and professional than 13 but so much less fun to play.
  73. Nov 8, 2013
    Problems with this games well... lots, I understand that the game is meant to be more realistic so they made the physics, behaviors more realistic but it made the game play to slow. The new user interface was horrible to use stick to the old one, as I used to think that was the best menu et-up you can get on the game. They made it too much like for a tablet because of the new gen so when you go on you can swipe through the menu, I don't like that. Expand
  74. Nov 7, 2013
    Instead of moving forwards and improving upon FIFA 13, EA have managed to create one of the worst FIFA's ever made. Despite claiming that the new slower form of play is more realistic, it is most certainly not. It takes far too long to pass/shoot/turn/tackle and it feels as though you are playing with a constant lag. Instead of making the game more realistic it simply causes the midfield the clog up sue to the slow play and makes it appear as though you are watching an U9's game down at the local park where all the players run towards to ball and group together in 10 yard radius. Utter rubbish, and glad that I've only had to play on my mates and didn't actually buy the game myself! Expand
  75. Nov 5, 2013
    Worst Fifa ever!! I never felt so angry playing a football game in my life..Fifa is going backwards with this new game..:(.
    I bought Fifa 14 two weeks ago and can't play it more than four games without turning it off, never had this problem before... Bad defending, bad player stats, stupid bugs in the game that really get to you when come on EA with the throw ins, whats
    with the players chasing the ball all the way up the pitch, then to bring it all the way back down to where he should be taking it, then changing it onto another player to take the throw in..whats the point??. A few hours ago I was playing it and someone crossed the ball into my box, I had two defenders standing right beside each other and the ball was perfect for them to head away, not one of them (DANTE & BOATENG Champions League winning team like..) made any attempt to head it away..My Nanny would of heading this away and imagine what Fifa stats she'd have.. I never post comments about games but I had to with this Fifa, really head another update EA and give us buyers a football game. 0/10 Expand
  76. Nov 5, 2013
    This game was good except for FUT. In the tutorial they teach you about chemistry and they make it look really easy but when you get your team its so hard to build the chemistry. Then your team sucks and you can't win. I just play it for the manager career which if you pick a good team then this game is really fun.
  77. Nov 4, 2013
    worst fifa, play areal game like call of duty ghosts, it is the best game ever made! The best FPS and better thna bf4, COD is beautiful, sooo gooood! good on ya infinity ward
  78. Nov 4, 2013
    ive noticed the MAtch script on fifa 13 even on online games when they want u to lose u will lose but now the algorithme is exposed too dump that ull feel it from the 1st match...
  79. Nov 2, 2013
    worst game ever u ever woke up in the morning and u cant sit down but u dont know why thats how i feel,, fifa14 is scripted i put vid on youtube a screen shot fifa14 scripting momentum ,,match intensity, fed up of havn 10 shot 8 on target ,second half starts opponents 1st shot of half 3rd all game what a surprise he scored, i scoed 2 goals opponet scored 2 golas 90th minute 4 goals in in 90th minute,,if you do the math 1 minute in real lfe is 7.5 fifa minutes so if 4 goals go in 90th minute, 15 to 30 seconds to score each goal anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes whch in fifa time is 7.5 to 15 minutes extra time,,even fergie time didnt last 7.5 minutes never mind 15,,, game of football 90 minutesa fifa game 12 mnutes, 90 divided by 12 =7.5 Expand
  80. Oct 31, 2013
    I had reviewed this game on Sep 30 2013 when EA promised a patch that would fix the issues. I gave a 6 because the game at the time had some promise. There were issues that completely broke the game but they promised to fix them.

    Now it is October 31st 2013. And I can only say one thing DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. I spent many many hours playing FUT 13. I only play maybe 1-2 games a week of
    FUT 14. Only to remind myself how awful the game is. Then I go back to doing whatever else I was doing.

    I will discuss the good and the bad in some detail.

    Let's start with the good:
    1) Great game modes. FUT is immensely popular and extremely addictive. There are tons of people to play quick online games with. The games are extremely competitive.
    2) The licenses EA has make it possible to play with a large array of different teams and players.
    3) The game is no longer extremely dependent on the speed of the player. With Fifa 13 everything hinged on how fast a player was. If he was slow everything else was rendered useless by his inability to keep up with anyone on the pitch. Fifa 14 does a better job of balancing passing, dribbling and others.
    4) The game can be fun. And they may still fix the issues I just don't understand what is taking so long.

    Now on to the BAD:
    1) The AI is a monstrosity. Especially when it comes to defense. In all facets of the game you will find yourself absolutely furious at the terrible decisions your players make.
    2) When it comes to online play there is an enormous emphasis on heading the ball. Headers are extremely over powered. I mean EXTREMELY OVERPOWERED. People are no longer using players like Aguero and turn to players like Benteke and Carrol instead because they can head the ball. This goes well with #1 the defenders do a PATHETIC job of defending headers. Absolutely pathetic.
    3) Corners are extremely unrealistic. You are more likely to concede a goal due to a header then any other build up play short of a penalty kick. Again this goes with #1 and #2. Heading is way overpowered and the AI to defend corners is just criminal.
    4) The full press tactic in Ultimate Team and Seasons is again extremely overpowered. Basically you can just sprint after the ball all game long and never get tired. Turns the game into a through ball fest.
    5) Lob Passes are grossly overpowered. This is mostly due to the fact that defenders have no idea how to defend against them.

    Overall I am being very generous giving this game a 3. It is a very broken game.

    What makes matters much worse is that EA has not released a patch in almost a month. This tells me that they blatantly do not care.

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Wait until Xbox One comes out. That one should be better.
  81. Oct 30, 2013
    Just like the recent current-gen sports titles, like NHL 14, NBA 2k14, and Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14 brings nothing new to current-gen consoles and is just a re-skin of FIFA 13 with a roster update. FIFA looks great for next-gen, but FIFA 14 is a complete bust for the Xbox 360. Pure-shot brings nothing dramatically new to the table and other than that, this is the same damn game. Do not buy this generations edition of FIFA! You'll regret it if you did! Expand
  82. Oct 24, 2013
    I rate it so low because of ultimate team, which is my absolute favorite thing about the game. Contracts?! have to fight people buying them constantly so the can resell them and spam the market all the time. Everything over priced so to encourage more spending of real money as if 60$ wasnt enough. In game- welcome back to speed abusing and threw balls over and over again oh and the finesse shot from the top of the box that always goes in. ground through balls that always go to the defender instead of playing it to space like it should be. Ultimate team is pure chaos, everyone just sprints around with their head cut off, it is so unrealistic and took all the fun out of the game. I was in division one and won titles no problem last year, this year it is very difficult to put a winning streak together because of the dissapointed as this was one of favorite games, EA you blow and are just money hungry instead of improving the game you made it worse and added just more cheap ways for people to abuse the system Expand
  83. Oct 24, 2013
    Having been lucky to experience this on the next gen at Eurogamer; going back to FIFA 14 on the 360 just shows how stretched the series has become in recent years. EA certainly have plenty of ideas taking the game forward on the PS4 and ONE but the current systems are really showing their age with only a few improvements once again. EA have essentially taken FIFA as far as they can on the current generation but do leave a few neat additions as we look forward to the future.

    I felt 13 was far too pacey with the better teams but this years outing is considerably slower; too slow if anything and exhaustively uninspiring with weaker teams. If they kept to a similar pacing like FIFA 12; this game would be finely balanced. Some may argue it is more realistic but even the most avid football fans want more of a flow as this is a game after all and not a 90 minute simulation.

    Defending is much easier but attacking is now trickier to master which results in many matches being orchestrated around the midfield. Matches now are tighter than ever particularly on the more challenging difficulty settings.

    The presentation is much improved in the menus but the textures in game are still lacking compared to the likes of NBA, Madden and the superb MLB The Show. EA have pushed it to the limit visually and it is still lacking with some poor textures and shoddy stadiums. The cardboard crowd is also back as EA fail to represent football with a convincing matchday feel. Thankfully we see more animations this time around in-game which improves the way players look when they pass and shoot and move around with the ball. The general shooting is much improved and the gameplay feels less scripted but it still is not a giant leap we were hoping for.

    Thankfully the next gen version is highly polished with a full 3D crowd, 10x more animations and with vastly improved free-flowing matches; this version will be a huge basis for EA to work from well into the future. The presentation is absolutely superb along with the pace. Overall; FIFA 14 on the 360 and PS3 is an acceptable game which has slight differences but I'd wait for the next gen to really kick off this game for the coming months.
  84. Oct 24, 2013
    Somewhere here, there is a great game struggling to show itself under a fog of over-dominant AI, lack of control and lack of responsiveness. EA have the right idea introducing realistic inertia/momentum, but the execution is terrible in this game. 1) The effects of inertia are too inconsistent. When a player gets the ball, he feels heavier and slower to turn than without it. Even nimble, quick-footed players like Robben and Messi struggle to make 2 quick turns in succession. And remember. These guys are world class players not village players. However, defenders charging in at full speed are capable of producing perfect tackles, regardless of their angle of approach and speed, seemingly immune to momentum or inertia. This makes charging a far more effective tactic than it should be, because the risk attached is so low. Defenders seem to only be affected by inertia if you move them from a standing start, or if you don't point the player accurately enough at the ball carrier and overrun it. Inertia can't be a random variable surely? 2) Pass weight is so slow. Every pass seems under hit and the ball is almost at a virtual stop by the time it reaches the recipient. The game doesn't let you take control of the receiving player until the pass reaches a certain distance from him, so you're left standing waiting. This is just as frustrating for the defending team, because you can see the pass and are within reach of intercepting it, but the game doesn't let you, so you have to watch it roll by. So, combine points 1 and 2 and you get; 3) the ball carrier constantly has 2 or 3 players on top of him. He is within their 'tackling radius' (or 'influence radius') and you lose responsiveness. When trying to pass under pressure, far too often the ball goes magnet-like to the charging player to intercept, who despite running at full pelt and having the ball just knocked off him is capable of controlling and running off with the ball. Give the same player a 5 yard pass to feet however and he'll take 4 touches, or even better still, just stand there as the ball bounces off him. 4) This is magnified yet again, because when you turn your back on the player and use the 'protect the ball' function, it barely works. More often than not, the more aggressive player will grapple the ball carrier off the ball or just run clean into him and knock him off the ball. The shoddy refereeing programming means that you rarely (if ever) receive a foul. 5) The AI is automated to aggressively pressure in groups. A new addition, probably because EA developers saw the success of Bayern & Dortmund and thought their game should replicate this style. FOR ALL TEAMS. AT ALL TIMES. So you protect the ball from the first challenge, only for 3 or 4 other players to hound you down in milliseconds. 6) Acceleration of quick players since patch is non-existent and pretty much every defender can catch up having been skinned, even outperforming their stats when the contain button is held. Mertesacker catching up to Neymar having been beaten, to perform an inch perfect slide tackle, for example. It means the incentive to be careful about your defensive decisions is minimal, because the AI will recover for you. Worse still, if you press shoot to get a shot away before the defender has caught up, the game delays you until they have. The shot is blocked, it looks realistic, but the player who pressed shoot 2 seconds ago is wondering why it took Neymar 2 seconds to shoot! Another manufactured/scripted scenario. The key to being good at this game comes NOT down to making thoughtful football decisions, but being able to aim well and press the right button at the OPTIMUM time. If you get your button presses right in this game, it disables the other player's button press and plays out an animation almost like a micro-cutscene. Anyone good at the game how doesn't agree (I'm in Div 1 having lost only 2 games so far) is in denial. The game is 75% CPU-controlled, if not more. It feels like your decisions are successful when (and only when) the game has decided to allow it. It throws in an AI howler, or opens you a clear path to goal, or sends a rebound to your feet, or directs all of your opponent's tackles bouncing straight back to your feet. There are long spells of reduced control and nerfing that happen in periods of matches where you are "under pressure" whether you like it or not. You know the one, right? Passes won't go where you aim, inertia physics suddenly feel like players are trudging through mud and have the strength and reaction times of a poorly tortoise. Scripted micro-events that EA refuse to acknowledge, but are as obvious as the nose on my face. This is a football game designed to be played with build up play, but with glaring oversights rendering it over-complicated to achieve the simple things, yet very easy to pull off things that would be considered the most difficult skills to achieve in real life. Such a disappointment. Expand
  85. Oct 23, 2013
    The whole game is pretty much broken and the graphics are the same and awful of course. As I said everything is broken and no I'm not just saying that.
  86. Oct 23, 2013
    No fun. Horrible 'tactical/contain' defending means online players simply allow the AI to defend for them. Atrocious.

    Just a rehash of already poor game (FIFA 13).

    Don't put money in EA pockets, complete rip-off merchants. I joined the forum to complain and they Banned me... says it all really. Awful, awful product from a terrible company.
  87. Oct 22, 2013
    Worst FIFA release of the past 5 years.
    EA have amped up the scripting in this game to such levels that you have virtually no control over your players. Want to volley a first time shot? Forget it, the game will decide you need an extra touch...oops now you lost the ball. The game plays at breakneck speed, so there's no way to think and create anything interesting. You can only get rid of
    the ball as soon as you get it. Add the freezes and you have an absolute dogs dinner of a game. Avoid at all costs. Expand
  88. Oct 22, 2013
    A game that you could not describe as "Fifa 13.5" It's vastly different and some of it for the better.


    Dribbling and ball control can be a little frustrating with people Involuntarily going into the "Precision dribbling" mode when you haven't pressed the button to do so and players just flat out forgetting to trap the ball and letting it roll by them. Besides that
    dribbling is more realistic, unlike it's predecessor you can't run at full pelt and retain such a high level of control and it's a welcomed feature although I feel that even when you're not sprinting even a player with good control will make a uncharacteristic bad touch and that can be frustrating especially when you're in a good attacking area.


    In it's entirety is a lot better and feels a lot realistic and you can easily distinguish a good shooter from a bad one but there is moments where you look and say to yourself "How did that go in?" with shots where a players body position is facing a corner flag yet can strike a ball sweetly enough to make it swerve inside the far corner, heading post and pre patch is probably the most consistent method of goalscoring, Mandzukic, Klose among other strikers proving rather infamous and they can single handedly put you ahead of your opponents (See what I did there? heh)

    AI and other miscellaneous Gameplay thoughts

    On the whole it's probably better than 13 but there is moments where you simply facepalm and leaves you looking for some thing to impale with your controller, switching can be a frustrating ordeal with heading being a rather popular method of acquiring goals and players not bothering to contest a shot can leave you feeling hard done by.

    Goalkeepers are considered by stereotype to be "Crazy" and it seems Fifa are sticking to that with some flat out insane moments where by coming out to punch the ball away seemingly miss the ball and end up breaking the strikers lower jaw or so you think as he gets up with out much as a scratch. There also appears to be a delay between a shot aiming for goal and the keeper actually diving to save it and It can lead to some really tame shots trickling into the bottom corner which can frustrate even the calmest of gamers.


    Whilst I think the game is a improvement, the main problem I feel is that you never feel like you have lost genuinely to a player who has bested you this time around due to some irrational action the AI has done instead of what you wanted to do. I think as gamers we want a fair game where as we can play a game and win based on our skills and abilities rather than on something that is beyond our control although I know we cannot control every player on the pitch at the same time but surely it's not a taxing request to have the AI competent enough to not do irrational actions right?

    Should anyone at EA read this I want to say this. You are letting your ego and monopoly corrode a famous franchise. We don't expect a perfect game where everything is peachy but we at least expect a game where we as players can win on ability and not on things out of control effect the game as much as it does. We don't like what EA has become and not before long EA could very well be playing catch up to PES and I sincerely hope it does because then we might see EA look to do things right.
  89. Oct 22, 2013
    The demo looked quite good. On release it was OK, but had a few problems, such as overpowered crossing, through balls, corners, finesse shots. People abused these bugs. They said they would release a patch to correct these problems. The patch did not do this. IT DESTROYED THE GAME!! It basically became like a cheap version of FIFA 13 with zero gameplay. No fun. All scripted and set up for pace abuse. It is an absolute disgrace they killed the game with these patches. Since then we have had no response from EA. It is shocking they do care about their customers. I will never buy an EA sports product again UNLESS THEY SORT THIS MESS OUT! Expand
  90. Oct 22, 2013
    I simply had to write a review as I found myself laughing at the 0's and 1's that people have put. This game is wonderful, really really ramping up the realism another notch. If you want an arcade game that plays like an arcade game, then get PES. The main issue that EVERY SINGLE ONE of these bad reviewers have is that they had learned how to beat everybody in previous FIFAs and in this new one this methods no longer work and they have spat their dummies out. I think that expression is particularly relevant here as a huge portion of the reviewers are not old enough to remember FIFA on a console prior to the Playstation 3 or Original XBOX.

    I had FIFA Soccer on the Sega Megadrive and have watched this game go from strength to strength.. There have always been the occasional banana skin from EA (FIFA 09 with the stats nerfer aka the attitude/mentality simulator from going up or down goals anyone?) but this year it has been a real breath of fresh air.

    I found myself disliking this iteration in the first week of play too, because it was worse? no, because I couldn't use the tactics that I had relied on over the last 3 years to win anymore. I went from 10-0 victories in FIFA13 to 3-0 losses in 14. This years FIFA has made me relearn the beutiful game.

    In addition to this, this years game has made me exclaim 'Wow! That is so much like something I saw on MOTD last night' or 'Oh my god, that was a CLASSIC Vertonghen tackle'. It now plays like real football. you have to think about how to advance. Gone has being able to pass the ball to a quick defender and sprint from one end of the pitch to another and score a laces goal from just inside the box.. It rarely happens in real life and so why should it happen in FIFA?

    I am delighted with the new FIFA and have relished the challenge of re-learning the new mechanics. I have not seen a single bug with keepers letting in crosses or offsides being wrong... but hell, if I DO see it? I will be delighted that the referee or keeper has made a mistake once in a while.. because guess what? That's football. 10/10 for me.
  91. Oct 21, 2013
    If i could have given this game a minus review believe I would. Its fundamentally broken and will never be fixed, EA just take our £40 each year then laugh in our face's. No wonder they were voted worst company in America... TWICE. I will never buy another FIFA title again.
  92. Oct 20, 2013
    FIFA 14 In some respect could be seen as a slight innovation to the Football series.With the pace mechanics shifted from the last entry FIFA 13.The menus often feel laggy and unresponsive and other components to the game(apart from Ultimate Team) feel unchanged.Career mode feels repetitive.Co-op seasons is amazing.The enjoyment is great when you and your friend score after team work. 7/10 Good
  93. Oct 18, 2013
    So after being happy with FIFA 13 ironing out some little problem 12 had, I was hoping for an even cleaner game in 14... Nope! It seems like EA have fallen back into the same problems which 11 had! It's far too easy to put a lobbed through ball onto goal you hardly ever see that in real life, so not very realistic, hmmm? Apparently pace abuse has been sorted by players such as Mertesacker and Toure having been given an extra boost to assist with even gameplay... Nope. It's far to easy to run past a player as the turning and first touch control are awful!!! 90% of goals I've conceded are because of some ridiculous ball play by my players which you'd only expect from Titus Bramble. Again not realistic. The advanced player interaction is a nice addition, but other than that I'm failing to see where 14 excels, it's just frustrating. What a waste of my hard earned money. I hate you EA. Expand
  94. Oct 17, 2013
    I'm perplexed by the number of bad reviews Fifa 14 has on Metacritic. It's an improvement on Fifa 13 in every way.

    1. The gameplay is better. Players are more agile and shift their weight when defending and shooting. The AI is WAY better they attack and defend creatively. It's true that goals tend to happen closer to the end of the first and second half there's definitely a 'morale'
    system that has been implemented behind the scenes to make it more dramatic. That being said, there are a lot of things that are implemented in games without being overt, so it's not necessarily a problem (it happens to everyone, so how could that be unfair)?
    2. The format is better. Fifa 13 had pretty ugly presentation, and had lots of popups and menus that weren't necessary. Fifa 14 looks much better in this sense.
    3. Game modes are better. FUT is more complex, Career and Pro modes are slight improvements.

    My only complaint is that the graphics are only marginally better, namely the weather conditions and stadiums. It will feel pretty clunky compared to the Xbox One/ PS4 versions.

    I don't understand all the people whining about everything. If you don't like incremental improvements in games, don't buy games that come out once a year!
  95. Oct 16, 2013
    By far the WORST FIFA since FIFA 10! The touches are purely pathetic, most players touch the ball as if they're amateurs. The controllers are super frustrating, doesn't listen well to your commands especially when trying to do one touch passing or turn with the ball in a certain direction. Crosses are very much scripted especially with the OP'd players like Ronaldo Messi or Ibrahimovich. The goalkeepers are morons! They come out way too much! And the auto switching when you have it on manual is just purely pathetic! Finally the pathetic online booleans they have for matching players with their connections. Just purely pathetic and very disappointed in EA. Hope next gen version is NOTHING like this Expand
  96. Oct 14, 2013
    Let me get this out of the way first. My review is solely based on Ultimate Team. With that being said, this year is so insanely infuriating that I'm honestly thinking about selling the game back. Apparently the people who developed this game thought it was incredibly realistic to make the easiest ways to score be either by getting corners or taking finesse shots from midfield that fly past defenders and keepers like the ball is on fire. As far as corner kicks go, they are quite literally IMPOSSIBLE to defend. I can't tell you how many times so far I've held back an opposing teams player while the ball is flying through the air until my player is about to clear it only to have one of the opposing player magically shove my guy out of the way and put the ball into the back of the net with a header that likes of which Alan Shearer would be jealous of. An online game of Ultimate Team consists of cheap corner goals, screaming long distance shots, and spamming overhead through balls. Don't even bother trying to control the tempo of the game or win with good defense/good passing(ya know, like REAL FUTBOL.) You'll just end up getting beat 4-1 by some kid who watched a few Youtube videos about how to basically cheat/exploit this games awful AI. Not to mention there is literally no negative recourse for people who act like complete and utter idiots in this game. I really, REALLY, wish PES would have all the licensing for European leagues. If that were to ever happen I feel like the people who want a true futbol experience would actually be able to play game online and win with realistic futbol skills rather than arcade style non-sense being passed off as a futbol sim.

    TL;DR- FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is basically like playing NBA Jam on a futbol pitch.
  97. Oct 11, 2013
    A game trying to find it roots but struggling to match promise with actual quality.

    FIFA 13 was an abomination of football,; very arcade like and tremendously based around pace and auto-defending however FIFA 14 hasn't strayed too far away from this model and offers a glitch riddled game that dictates how you should play.

    In recent years FIFA has favoured the casual gamer and created
    a few do-it-all game actions, one of these was the long ball, which destroyed the enjoyment of playing single and online modes and the other was team mate press.
    To rectify these problems in 14 they have closed the gap between pace which means 90 pace isn't a million miles an hour faster than 69 pace. This is great as it resembles real life but in their wisdom to make the game more realistic they have handed the problem to another button.

    This button is the team mate press and jockey combination, for example whereas in real life a 6foot+ giant has little physical trouble against a 5 foot 5 midget in FIFA the seasoned player can decimate all large targets simply by using an auto-tackle built into the jockey button. This destroys the enjoyment of online for the many and for the seasoned sorts makes the game very tense and enjoyment free. This is a real sad step in the series because combined with the continued use of auto-tackle, in both jockey and team mate press form, the online experience is ruined and made into a chore.

    Defending successfully is about using the computer to do the work for you, and this is further exemplified by the single player mode where on very high levels contain defending is the only way to break down play (making a tackle button fairly pointless), it's a real shame EA and FIFA's developers hadn't thought about defending as a two schools of thought, contain and tackling. The problems with the jostle button are further exemplified on high levels where the CPU will continually push you off the ball making games very challenging.
    This is actually great as FIFA13 was extremely easy, but the learning curve is too high, and unless you use the AI to tackle for you makes for games of chance and not ability.

    Further on the gameplay side FIFA is slower, nicer to play (though first touch is not perfect as it was) and with better passing options but it lacks a lot of finesse and is riddled with flaws that the gaming community exploit fans are almost dead in this particular game. (FPS players love a camper right?!)

    Career modes are good as usual, which means single player is fun (unless playing on a high setting) and Ultimate Team actually feels like it is back to supporting players and not traders.
    Some issues remain; coin selling websites, long ball and pace well matched allies, it's hard to earn coins and prices for players are high however due to the passing game being mostly supported an average player can use the less favourable cards with decent success.

    FIFA 14 is a step in the right direction but if you're looking to recreate the beautiful game you're best waiting till FIFA 15 or looking at Pro Evolution soccer; FIFA 14 gameplay simply hasn't matched the heights of their marketing and licenses and this is a real shame for us purists.

    FIFA 14, the gamers game; you are FIFA and FIFA is not football.
  98. Oct 10, 2013
    I only opened an account to write a review on this game! Previously a die hard fifa fan! Loved almost all the series, eventhough they had their flaws they were fun to play! This time the flaws are ever so present and the funness has gone. This game has tried to be so realistic that it succeeds in being as realistic as amateur 14 year olds playing in the park. It takes forever to get the ball out of a players feet either to pass or shoot! Skills are now not even worth attempting, turning... forget it! Defenders always find their way to the ball first regardless of who the attacker is a defender will be able to outmuscle any attacker.

    To add to this EA horrible customer service on the phone, they are as helpful as a bag of rotten potatoes!

    All in all my game is on Ebay as i type hoping to cut my loses and I might revisit FIFA in a few years after they lose out on lots of gamers and then they will have to change this horrible formula!

    WORST GAME I HAVE PLAYED... in a looong time, also its very funny how the reviewers have it as 84 and the actual gamers at 4.5... goes to show how reliable reviewers actually are, and the conspiracy of them being payed of to review in favour of certain games seems to be a reality....
  99. Oct 9, 2013
    Following the recent line of flops from the franchise, Fifa 14 continues to define the word "recycle". There is no reason to spend 60$ on something that releases every year with no improvements other than the main menu.
  100. Oct 8, 2013
    el menu es mas complicado el modo DT es una mierda y varias cosas empeoraron de una secuela de excelentes juegos como lo es desde el principio Fifa 13, Con cada vez mas que hacerle en este año el juego es Fifa 12, 13 exactamente no se, solo espero que en Xbox One y PS4 no sea la tristeza del año

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    In this year's installment FIFA doesn’t take any larger leaps forward. It is still a polished football game for the dedicated fan base. And for the player who doesn’t want to play alone Ultimate Team is probably better than ever. But it is still too bad that EA hasn’t worked more on improving the core mechanics of the game.
  2. Oct 30, 2013
    FIFA 14 pushes the franchise forward in baby steps without providing any major surprises or new “wow” features, yet is still streets ahead of the competition and a must for any footie fan.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    While I have mixed feelings about EA’s perch on this lucrative pedestal, it’s hard to to argue that the EA Canada team hasn’t earned it, and doesn’t continue to earn it, by delivering a game that really does feel better, really does feel different, every year, even if you have to be an avid player of the game to really appreciate how.