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  1. Aug 22, 2010
    Do not buy this game. The entire QA staff should be chased from the industry. Go look up the glitch reports for this game, a long list of seemingly unmissable horrors makes the Manager Mode, the core of the single player game, unplayable. I have no doubt that if a game of this level of polish were made by a smaller studio, the studio would not exist today. Here's to hoping that FIFA 11 addresses the 52 documented terminal glitches and numerous other lapses in quality that render the game, well, bad. Expand
  2. Feb 18, 2012
    Minor improvements from FIFA 09, the Ultimate Team feature which you even had to pay for in this game which is outrageous, just EA Sports trying to make some more money from the fortune which they already make. One bad thing about this game is that in FIFA 09 the achievements kept you playing the game which was quite good as at least you got your money's worth. However in FIFA 10 the achievements are unappealing and whereas in FIFA 09 it was to win a match with 10 men, it is now to win a match with 10 men on legendary or higher, what about the players who are not so experienced at FIFA? Overall I think this game was worse than FIFA 09 in all areas (features, graphics, music) and that is unacceptable. Expand
  3. Sep 26, 2010
    It may be super easy, but this is by far one of the best sports game ever invented. It made me feel like I was playing an actual game. However, manager mode is full of bugs.
  4. Mar 7, 2011
    This game in a nutshell: the more you watch actual football, the less you'll enjoy this game. While it can be enjoyable, the AI is horrible (doesn't attempt runs, doesn't follow the ball and makes no effort to defend) and most of the time it feels like the other team bought off the ref so they can play like the Netherlands in last year's World Cup.
  5. Sep 10, 2011
    Good game play and really fun. It was my first soccer game on the XBox 360 after the move from PC (where I played every version since 1998).

    I liked the dribbling capabilities for the game along with control over the player but at the end of the day, our favourite mode (manager) disappointed us with the ton of bugs :(
  6. Sep 17, 2011
    The football is really enjoyable and a great step up from the previous version and emphasises the shift in power at the top of the football game simulators, from Pro Evo to FIFA in recent years. The simulator is good, simple football, multiplayer is enjoyable and the new dribbling and skill system is quite realistic. However, the manager mode, which I would have enjoyed most of all, is terrible. The players, clubs and money are nowhere near life-like. I found teams in League 2 winning the UEFA Cup, having somehow ended up in Europe! The transfer fees are nothing like real life, the worlds best players can be bought for 4-5million. Player development is also ridiculous and the mode itself is very buggy, after a couple of seasons with various teams I consistently found that my data was completely deleted and it is for this reason that I can't mark this game higher than an average score. Expand
  7. Sep 20, 2012
    I'm reviewing my first sports game rather than the game itself so bare with me. FIFA 10 is very accessible and on the pitch, a decent game. With logical controls, fluent movement of players and ability to customise the level of assistance you want for each action, you can easily tweak the settings to how precise you want to be. Graphics suck like they've always done but that doesn't matter since it's a football game. Framerate is consistent so that's all that matters. On the pitch, FIFA 10 is a fine game. I don't have any interest in the sport and the gameplay is pretty much chasing a ball round a green field for (x) minutes. But even stil, I can respect FIFA 10's efforts. It's everything off the pitch that lets it down. Manager mode is useless unless you want achievements, and very boring as well. Be A Pro is just an RPG kind of thing but really unwarranted in a football game. Oh and EA shut down the servers now so you can't play online or get some of the really easy achievements requiring you to connect to EA servers. Another problem is that, due to the nature of using real life teams, there are balancing "issues" (even though they are intentional). Teams are split into tiers and I can imagine that in online play picking your favourite team is not possible, so you're limited to the best teams if you want to win. For me that wouldn't matter but for someone who supports a team I can imagine it to be annoying. If all these silly things like Be A Pro, Manager Mode and all that "This team is better than this and you will lose because your stats are worse" was removed- infact if all statistics of players and teams were ommitted, or they were made balanced so teams have certain advantages and disadvantages, it would be fine. But in its attempt to be an all-inclusive game they've put a lot of clutter in that needn't be there. Practice mode is useful, and obviously you can play online or with up to 3 other people on the same console, but everything else is just a waste of space in my opinion. Expand
  8. Oct 5, 2011
    Fifa 10 is a very good game but the problem is that you can't curl when you shoot also the players don't go down and it doesn't say substitute player Fifa 10 is a cool game but just needs little tweeks to make it special
  9. Dec 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Addicting and fun, especially on the multiplayer side. The singleplayer campaign could have used some polish. As of now the ai isn`t up to scratch while the entire campaign feels a bit uninspiring. The gameplay on the other hand is very solid, and if you are into soccer this is worth checking out. Expand
  10. Jun 30, 2013
    Fifa soccer games has always had the distinction of being technically solid, and true to the world of soccer or 'football' and Fifa 10 carries on that just as well as it's predecessors. I played most of my time in Manager Mode and I found it be extremely exciting and playing through multiple seasons to be rewarding. I played as Chelsea and had great pleasure crushing Manchester United over and over again! However, those who play soccer in real life might notice the unbelievable goals that you can have in this game, but I looked past that because I really like the animations of the players and the sounds when you're in the middle of the game and score goals it just really powerful. The crowd animations aren't that good, but luckily you don't have to look at them all that much. This is a really good soccer game, in fact it is one of the best. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 63 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 63
  2. Negative: 0 out of 63
  1. Having convincingly overtaken its main rival last year, FIFA 10 nevertheless consolidates its lead with great authority. Last year, I said FIFA feels like football, rewards football, and punishes football for football reasons. The difference between FIFA 09 and FIFA 10 is that the latter knows exactly where the former fell short of that, and makes up the distance in almost every case.
  2. 93
    One of the most refined, polished and compelling takes on the beautiful game – and arguably of any given sport. While this year’s improvements might seem slight on paper, each one is perfectly pitched and works together to create an experience that’s an improvement on last year’s game in every conceivable way.
  3. FIFA 10 is all the best a football fan could imagine, you simply have to have it. The score is the right prize for a nearly perfect game that deserves the right prize for the work done in the last years that brought the average arcade game of the past, to the nearest thing to real football actually available. You'll stop playing FIFA 10 only when FIFA 11 will be on shelves. Great job EA, great job Moore, great job Rutter. You have to play it!