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  1. FIFA 11 is huge. Filled with licenses and data, amazing production-wise, with photo-realistic visuals and incredibly truthful animations, EA's simulation delivers a convincing gameplay paired with a thrilling atmosphere. From the rumbling of its stadiums to the hit music of its menus, this 2011 edition fills us with joy, as it's surprisingly able to innovate yet again, despite the franchise already being the frontrunner. Praise the 11 versus 11 online play with the ability to play as the goalkeeper. You're more of a manager. The career mode is there for you. Add several subtle additions here and there, and this year yet again, we'll have to call it "the king FIFA". And if the way EA Canada has paved up until now is any indication, it seems the throne isn't ready to waver.
  2. If you're looking for a football game fully capable of recreating the real atmosphere and feelings you'd experience on the pitch, FIFA 11 is surely the answer. If you consider yourself a football fan, you absolutely can't miss it.
  3. FIFA is quickly becoming the hardest franchise to review in the entirety of the video game galaxy. Basically, it's been making us look like mugs ever since FIFA 09.
  4. The addition of the creation center has put FIFA 11 Soccer in a class by itself, straddling the fine line between reality and gaming amazingly well.
  5. FIFA 11 is THE soccer game. Personality+, Pro Passing, REAL AI and all the other features build a near-perfect gameplay, with a lot more of variety (compared to FIFA 10) and a visceral realism. Simply amazing!
  6. A great game, highly enjoyable both off and online thanks to new modes like the player-coach one and the goalkeeper career and a great improvement in player control and AI.
  7. FIFA 11's near perfection of the genre is what makes it the best, not its innovations.
  8. 95
    FIFA 11 doesn't redefine the football game, nor does it bring with it bold or surprising ways to play. What it does, however, is refine an already superlative game, taking nearly every aspect and polishing it to help create a whole that's notably superior to its predecessors.
  9. FIFA 11, has seen some significant improvements over last years version, most of which come in the gameplay mechanics. The focus seems to have been set on creating the most authentic football game ever, and I'm pleased to say that FIFA 11 easily achieves this.
  10. Dec 22, 2010
    "Quotation Forthcoming"
  11. The passing is perfect, graphics [are] breathtaking and the new modes are worth your time and then some.
  12. FIFA 11 doesn't try to reinvent the formula, but to perfect it, and it mostly achieves it in the best football game of the year.
  13. The improvements over the predecessors and the additional features, as well as the game's depth and replayability factor deem FIFA 11 a worthy purchase, even at the £40 price tag
  14. FIFA 11 is the best football game in the current generation of consoles. Perfectly balanced gameplay and massive amounts of content make the latest EA Sports game an experience that any football fan will love.
  15. Just when we thought that last year's edition was the peak of the summit, the guys at EA Canada have proven there is even more to the mountain. This year stands-out as a must own title and once again, the pressure is on the competition to try to catch up.
  16. FIFA 11 pulls it off: Every fan of soccer will enjoy this game. Great gameplay and lots of licensed teams do their share to make the player happy.
  17. 92
    The FIFA franchise claims the victory over the Pro Evolution Soccer series again this year. FIFA 11 is definitely the best football game available, at least for the next twelve months.
  18. 91
    It feels and handles unlike any other football game currently available and it's about as close to the beautiful game as you can get.
  19. Jan 16, 2011
    Year after year FIFA 11 is getting a little better. EA has made probably the perfect football game with FIFA 11.
  20. Oct 24, 2010
    FIFA 11 doesn't reinvent the genre. It does however take the astonishing fundament of the past versions and polishes the experience by adding some excellent new features and changes. Is it the best footie so far? Maybe. Is it an extraordinary game? Without a doubt.
  21. FIFA 11 isn't as instantly enjoyable, comfortable or easy a game as FIFA 10, instead it's one that rewards your perseverance with perhaps the greatest simulated soccer ever to grace a home console.
  22. FIFA 11 is almost as perfect a football game as you could ever expect to play and it does pretty much everything right. The passing requires a more deft touch and fine aim than previous, which can throw you off a bit at first, but other than that, FIFA 11 is the beautiful game in every sense. Personality+ seems like a far too subtle addition from our uneducated football perspective, but Be A Goalkeeper, Be A Pro, Career and other modes will keep you irrevocably hooked for months on end. It's a cliché, but FIFA 11 hits the back of the net, every time.
  23. This year's edition of FIFA is more about new functions than polish. EA has made the transfer system better, made a smarter Virtual Pro game mode, more unique players and some fixes in the game engine. It's a great game that has become slightly better. That's enough this year.
  24. To many it'll still seem ludicrous that sports games are worth the purchase every year, but for anyone who's ever kicked a football in their life, this is the definitive choice.
  25. Yes, you could get by with last year's game, but you will be missing out on what will probably be the best sports game of 2010.
  26. Control-wise, FIFA 11 offers several new features, but it has some ideas during the match that prevent it from vastly improving itself and becoming the ultimate football game. Its main features this year: playing as the goalkeeper and playing 11 vs 11 players online.
  27. Fun, intelligent and far better than FIFA 10. EA Sports has found its path and they clearly know what they're doing.
  28. FIFA 11 doesn't deliver anything truly revolutionary, but it does improve on nearly every aspect of an already-stellar game. It'd be nice to see something truly revolutionary for the franchise in next year's installment, but considering that FIFA 11 is the most polished, refined entry in the series to date, it's hard not to recommend it to even the most discerning of football fans.
  29. FIFA 11 is more playable, refined, and feature-packed than any FIFA game before it.
  30. Still the best football game in the world, bar none. [Dec 2010, p.84]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 142 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Oct 11, 2010
    I reviewed this as a 10 at first but gradually I have found more and more problems with this game. The "all new" career mode has even lessI reviewed this as a 10 at first but gradually I have found more and more problems with this game. The "all new" career mode has even less depth than ever before, no youth system, no scouting, no picking backroom staff. Annoying e-mails from your assistant manager telling you that you have spotted a good player almost all the time. I KNOW THATS WHY I BOUGHT HIM!

    Micro freezing still hasnt been fixed. Player growth is poorly thought out, Lower league teams have all the kits and names but plain goalkeeper shirts. Why have they been so lazy as to exclude goalkeeper shirts? Instead opting to just a give a plain shirt wth no sponsor or badge.

    Pro clubs online has had a server update and more servers added but it still hasnt fixed anything. That mode doesnt work.

    Personality + is a BAD thing. You cannot have a competitive game that throws in so many random elements. The AI on your team sometimes randomly decides to stick a foot in with bad timing without you controlling it and get a player sent off for a menial challenge. For this next one fan boys will say "oh well get better duh" At times the passing is ridiculous, I will be stood with no pressure on me in an open space and all the time in the world, press A to then pass to a player right next to me and sometimes it has passed in completely the opposite direction because a players personality in real life will suggest that he is not good at passing. If Im playing a fighting game and I tell my character to hit a punch and the computer says "sometimes in real life this guy misses this particular punch so I will make this punch go out wide and miss his face" I wouldnt play it competitively. Fighting in real life is down to me controlling the situation. Football in real life is the same. It may seem random when looking at it but the way it is controlled is not random. A game needs to do what its told otherwise it basically renders a strategy or skill useless because it may or may not decide to do it. This is not realistic. My leg doesnt randomly decide to pass in the opposite direction to where my brain tells it in real life. Random environment events in a game work, randomising character controlled actions do not.

    This glitch happens everytime I play a friends league online. For example I pick Marseille as my team in the league. I then play head to head matches after I finish the league and pick Chelsea. My team and shirt are chelsea but if I go to team management it will have the Marseille team list. Go to start game with this and you will have a Marseille player in a chelsea shirt in the arena and then your game will freeze after about 6 seconds. This happens 90% of the time.

    If you do get a pro clubs game then your randomised team mates that arent pros probably wouldnt even be fit to play in League 2. They are easily out paced and muscled off the ball and so virtual pros stand out from the pack and can stroll through creating unrealistic high scoring games for both sides a lot of the time. This is after only a few weeks of the games release. Imagine what this is like towards the end of the season when the random AI players havnt grown with the virtual pros and the pros are now all much better than even Terry, Puyol, Messi or Ozil with 98% of the accomplishments complete! Its pointless. Im only on 30% and my pro is already better than half Chelsea or Man Utds players.

    What is good about this game? Well the keepers are fixed and I have scored only 1 lobbed goal and nobody has against me so thats not too easy. The actually gameplay is alright in terms of physics. Graphics are better than last year. Ummm, I can pick my own chants. Oh wait no I cant because if you create your own chants apparently the game cant deal with it and freezes.

    In all honestly now having played this game more I wish I hadnt wasted my money. Ive spent more time restarting my console with all the glitches and freezing than I have actually playing the thing. Apparently there is a fix on the way but I feel for people who play offline when a developer relies so heavily on updates they cant be bothered to test a game. I remember when online updates didnt exist and games had to be released in working order.
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  2. Sep 28, 2010
    Fifa beats PES every time with its different gameplay and passing. As for the passing i thought it was way to easy score in fifa 10 sumfingFifa beats PES every time with its different gameplay and passing. As for the passing i thought it was way to easy score in fifa 10 sumfing that you would call ping pong passing with you just pass and pass one touch passing cheating really. Fifa 11 i am impressed with all new Carrear Mode the menu's look much more better, i like how you can put your own music and chants into the game. Keepers are much more intelligent and defenders make it harder score, although you can score some brillant goals no doubt Full Review »
  3. Sep 30, 2010
    One of the worst installments yet. FIFA 11 manages to make everything more complicated while fixing few of the problems that have plagued theOne of the worst installments yet. FIFA 11 manages to make everything more complicated while fixing few of the problems that have plagued the series. The AI is still terrible, players have no desire to grab loose balls or make obvious runs. The auto-switch is worse than in FIFA 10, leaving players less control over an already erratic system. Career mode now is clogged with three times as many menu items and still cuts features, such as the ability to sort possible transfers by asking price. Finally, I have already discovered terminal bugs, meaning that EA managed not to realize how much trouble they caused in FIFA 10 by not giving a crap about QA. Also, it's good that they included the ability to mess with sound, because their song selections are horrid again this year.

    Tips: The game will not run anywhere near well unless you download the game onto a hard drive, the load times are killer, especially in career mode. Also, become good friends with your TV mute button. Minimum screen size to read the tiny text is 28 inches, HD required.

    Looking forward to dozens of painful experiences before returning the game for a full refund? No, then avoid this game.
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