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  1. Jan 5, 2012
    UPDATE: I've been desperately trying to give this game a chance since my last review in Oct and my frustration and disappointment has only exacerbated. To Summarise, If you literally like spending 95% of your time chasing the ball and miss-timing tackles, while the CPU cuts through your defense and makes you look like a mug, buy this game. I can see what they're trying to achieve by placing more emphasis on tactical defending (and I still like the concept), but they got the balance wrong to the extent there's virtually zero emphasis on YOUR attacking phase in single player (you wont have the ball long enough, while every shot and cross is blocked and intercepted), its sucked all the fun from this game and feels like too much hard work. Yes for more depth in defending, but I mostly want to spend my time trying to score goals, not chase the ball. Its the first time I've had to destroy a disk to ensure I can't give it "just one last go" in the hope I've got it all wrong or decide to sell this crap to anyone on ebay. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. PES 2012 is a non starter so its back to Fifa 11 I'm afraid.. Completely gutted Expand
  2. Sep 29, 2011
    FIFA 12 is a step backward that allows PES to catch up slightly. They should call it FIFA 12: Online, because the offline game is a terrible experience. Tackling is terrible, with the CPU cheating to beat you. Go into replay mode and you'll see the CPU's animation firing off the same time you make the tackle. It's near impossible to take someone down with a slide tackle. The new collision engine just ignores them. There are still only a few ways to score. Running up the box line then Finesse shooting is still the easiest way. The heading system is awful. They had it perfect in 2010 with regard to who wins the header. When you do get an opportunity the CPU will block your shot 90 percent of the time. All the games play the same, with both teams passing to the edge of the box within 2 seconds, then passing like Barca around the box until a player finds space. Counter attacks are impossible because of the sluggishness of the players when recieving a pass. Truly boring offline gameplay even after mastering Tactical Defending. FIFA needs a new development team. Expand
  3. Oct 2, 2011
    FIFA 12 is without any doubt the worst FIFA I've ever played, to the point I already regret buying it after just a week of playing. Which is remarkable to say the least since I've played 9, 10 and 11 to death, loved every minute of them, and had been looking forward to 12 for months. With FIFA 12, EA tried to make the game more like real soccer, focussing heavily on defense skill. This is not a bad thing per se, but in the process they removed all the action-packed fun from the game and made it boring, frustrating and just plain unenjoyable to play. At first I accepted the fact that I'd just have to adapt to the new tactical defending and would get better over time, but 25 games in I'm starting to realize it won't matter if I did, since this is simply not how I want to play a footie. Playing the AI is like masochism, especially if you play a weaker team yourself, and no matter what team you play against. Your own defenders will miss 9 out of 10 tackles, and if they do the AI will simply walk past you, often 2 or three players in a row, score, and leave you completely helpless. Trying sliding tackles doesn't help since they are the complete opposite of the sliding tackles in previous FIFA games: even if you really try, you'll have a hard time even just hitting the player, let alone the ball. Try a standing tackle in the box and you have a 50/50 chance on a penalty, even if the tackle lands exactly on the ball (which is rare). So how *do* you defend in FIFA 12? By trying to push back the attacker using contain and jockey, and trying to use teammate contain so you can cut off passing opportunities with your own player. This is what EA calls 'tactical defending' but there is hardly anything tactical about it. Since you can't rely on the standing tackle, you'll be spending all your time off the ball chasing the AI, which passes the ball around without breaking a sweat or making any mistakes, no matter if you play against Barcelona or some 2-star team. Teammate contain doesn't help, because half of the time the wrong teammate goes for the ball, or the AI simply passes the ball before your teammate gets there. Again, even if you manage to get your teammate in position, it doesn't usually help a thing because he can't do anything anyway, just stand in front of the attacker. You cannot even make teammates tackle ffs. So ultimately, the only thing you can hope for is that when the AI is busy passing around the ball around the box, that it either makes a mistake, it doesn't find an opening and has to run the ball all the way back to it's own half and decide to shoot the ball out of play (which happens quite often, how 'realistic' and 'tactical' :-/), or that it passes to exactly the player you are covering while using teammate contain. None of this is fun, and none of it works reliable. The AI on the other hand has almost a 100% success rate with their tackles, almost never makes a foul, manages to sneak between almost every through pass, and is deadly accurate when countering and crossing. The AI is so good that it seems EA tried to 'tweak' the scoring to at least make the scores look less unrealistic, because in a typical game the AI will hit the post about 6 times on average, even on almost open-goal chances. Note that all of this is playing on World Class, not even legendary :-S With FIFA 9, 10 and 11 I could play the career mode for hours on end, with FIFA 12 I get fed up, bored and extremely frustrated after 3 games max. It doesn't feel like playing a game, but like some kind of sick joke, a punishment for being so daft trying to play career mode with a weak team. Like the game plays you, instead of you playing the game. I don't care if someone thinks I should just try to suck less and learn how to play FIFA 12 because I don't see the point of that. FIFA 10 was very different from 9 as well, and also gave me hard time at first, but at least it was fun to play even if you were losing. With about 1500 hours of FIFA experience I would have expected to at least have the idea I'm going to have a head start, but playing FIFA 12 makes me feel like a total noob, no matter how hard I try. It makes me want to kill my controller. I haven't tried online yet, but from what I read everywhere it sucks even more because of gameplay exploits. Apparently half of the players online use the back button to switch control to the keeper when they lose possession, and let the AI defend for them. So even online no one seems to know how to beat AI defending. Summarizing, I'm completely and utterly disappointed with FIFA 12, EA ruined the game for me and I expect a lot of other long-time fans. I was really looking forward to another year of FIFA and all the improvements FIFA 12 would have, but the way things are looking right now, I think I will keep playing FIFA 11 and forget about the 50 euros I wasted on 12 :-( Expand
  4. Sep 30, 2011
    This game is joke. Game play boring and predictable. You are spending most time running to get a ball. CPU is unbeattable on World class. Whats more ? First of all Fifa 12 ONLINE is broken, ppl on xbox already cheats using a gliches so they cant loose a game. There is much more gliches and problmes but generally game sux. Its not a football. Even in manager games simualtion all looks better and more realistic. Expand
  5. Oct 28, 2012
    I'm sorry folks but this is the most overrated game in history,. Fifa still doesn't succeed in offering a realistic football experience. I've been playing it since Fifa98 and I have fun doing so but that's fun as in Tekken: it is what is: PRE DEFINED ARCADE MOVES! NOT FOOTBALL WHATSOEVER...
  6. Oct 6, 2011
    I honestly cannot believe the massive critical acclaim that has come with this game! I have been a proud backer of PES since the early days of ISS Soccer and moved into Fifa11 after a few years of shoddy updates from the konami back game, now comes Fifa12 and disappointed is not the word. I do not understand how you can remove something as fundamental as tackling from the game, it is no different from removing shooting or passing and as for the idiots saying it is more realistic I cannot remember a Premier league game where every player had a 2 foot invisible barrier around him.

    I adored Fifa 11 as it reminded me of the early days of PES where the lightening fast counter attacks of United could be recreated, and the Ultimate team was a massive draw with me spending over £200 on it over the last year or so... EA will not be receiving my money this time, I am shocked at just how bad this game is compared to Fifa 11, with the much vaunted "impact engine" resulting in nothing more than knocking players off their feet in crucial situations and blatant penalties being ignored one end whilst simple taps are given the other.

    The shooting, dribbling and passing have all had any speed taken out of them resulting in a boring defensive containment fest which results in one of the most tiresome and excruciatingly frustrating games of football I have ever played, there is simply no sense of fun!

    This has taken Fifa12 back to the bad old days of passing the ball to your front man for him to run the field whilst walking past 3-4 defenders who are incapable of getting within the 2 foot invisible barrier surrounding each player - This is not due to a lack of skill as a + 500 wins record on UT Fifa 11 will testify - Every player I have played against online uses this tactic and seems to have forgotten the pass button... quite simply boring, frustrating, repetitive and a newbies paradise, I will be returning to PES12 for some fun. This is the first review I have written on this site as I felt I had to put the common mans opinion up against the "critics" acclaim.
  7. Oct 9, 2011
    I am very disappointed with FIFA 12. I expected a step forward from FIF 11, but instead, it was one giant step backward. Confusing controls and game play along with very similar aspects to FIFA 11 make this game a recipe for disaster.
  8. Nov 13, 2011
    Its a great game, the best football simulation out there, if you can actually play it! hundreds of thousands of players have reported all offline game modes freezing, requiring memory resets just to play again. online modes like Ultimate Team are also afflicted by this issue.
  9. Jul 27, 2012
    Fifa is the dingle most overrated game in the industry. It looks bad but the really bad part is the game play. It all feels very pre-defined . Football should be played fully manually instead. EA doesn't aim for a real sim i guess...but arcade football is not much fun imho.
  10. Jan 10, 2012
    Horrivel, simplesmente, o pior jogo no quesito, roubar a bola, recomendo que nao compre o jogo... Para mim o pior de todos, o lema do jogo é " Nao pode roubar a bola " voce simplesmente nao pode ter ela em seus pes ! Da proxima vez EA tenha mais concinhencia com os jogadores !
  11. Feb 4, 2012
    This game has potential - but it is ruined by the unhelpful **** EA and the insane amount of scripting they put into the game. Online, the opponent gets lots of lucky deflections, your defenders act like mental cases and you can't do anything about it. The servers troll you, too. Every game that I win I get disconnected, but I am still logged in to XBL or PSN. Offline, you watch as the CPU rape you by walking through your defence, getting lucky deflections and then proceeding to cross the ball really fast to the attacker who acts like a ninja to score. But then, I tried putting CPU vs. CPU, they suck, even on the hardest difficulty! Why EA feel the need to script the game to hell I will never know. This is the worst FIFA for a LONG, LOOOONG time. Expand
  12. Dec 17, 2011
    The game has a lot of improvements but Tactical Defending ruined it. Also, they're focusing only in the online part, the AI is a joke, the games are fixed, there are matches that you can't win no matter how many times you repeat it and every team plays like barca when they're in possession of the ball even if its a 1-star team, the only difference its that they wont score.
  13. Oct 13, 2011
    I liked the game itself, but the goalkeeper glitch ruined it completely online mode, and I only play online. This new system of defense did not like, in the end no one is using the button to take the ball, everyone is only waiting for the CPU surrounding and take the ball for you, leaving the system much more automatic than the old system. It was boring.
  14. Oct 13, 2011
    FIFA 12 .....

    lets start by saying if crap played fifa even he would say its crap.

    now you only have to go on the fifa 2 forum to understand the problems with this game...the games been out for less than a month and its beyond ridiculous how many glitches/issues this game has, you see the difference between us customers and those in the media that get paid underhanded to review is that
    we play the game daily and scrutinize it as we would like any other of our purchases.

    when a game freezes during the career mode and makes u start again and lose ur progress it deserves a slap in the face,

    when theres a glitch online making newbs use the gk glitch then that deserves a slap in the face

    but when these issues among loads of others get neglected to be resolved without even an apology for a failed game riddled with bugs then that deserves nothing more than neglect from us from there future products!
  15. Nov 4, 2011
    FIFA 12 is the next installment in the FIFA series...and it's exactly the same as the other installments. Why buy this game when it is exactly the same as the others. Like the others though, it's boring and lacks entertainment. A lame rehash of the other games.
  16. Jan 3, 2012
    This game is poor! I got it as an unwanted xmas present and initially rated it a 5. Now I've had time to play it, I'm rating it a 2. Why? I believe this game is a MASSIVE step back from previous versions of the game! The tactical defending is rubbish! Ok, you can turn it off but its so not needed! Attacking is a complete joke! You're telling me to beat defenders you have to do all these fancy flicks, twists, turns, step overs, chops etc etc again not needed! Have the devs ever watched REAL football matches.... these things rarely happen unless you're Ronaldo or Messi..... it so un realistic its untrue. And thats its downfall; they have tried to make it realstic they have actually made it unrealistic and unplayable! The controls are so sluggish and laggy too. The through ball is a joke.... it never goes to the intended target. I swear their players must have telescopic legs! Just when you think you ar through.......... NO intercepted again! Passing never reaches its intended target about 25% of the time! Shooting is a nightmere! Always goes wide or hits the bar/post whatever....... its just bad!
    The game is just poor! Thats another thing why are my strikers always on the half way line?? WTF?? They never push forward! Its crap! Games crap and I hate it! The last fifa game I actually bought was fifa 10 and I loved it.....this version is crap! I'll be putting this game on ebay today! Save your money, games broken!
  17. Nov 9, 2011
    I tried for a few weeks to lie to myself, but in the end I had to trade this in. It's such a horrible game, especially online. I've played FIFA since 08 and it's defiantly a series that's been getting better, probably peaking at FIFA 10. FIFA 12 is such a step backwards. Tactical defending is a poor addition, it's clumsy, awkward, but at the same time once you get used to it defending is easier. In fact I had a losing record online in FIFA 11 but a winning one on FIFA 12 (after over 100 games). The game play in general is also not as smooth and the physics of players colliding is so bad this could be a PS1 game. Feel sorry for people who are new to football games as there is nothing out at the moment, PES is rubbish too. It's a better game in manager mode I'll admit but after 3 seasons about half the league had been brought by Arab billionares which was strange! If you want a football game I'd suggest sticking with FIFA 10 or 11 and wait to see if FIFA 13's any better. Expand
  18. Nov 10, 2011
    tous le jeu de foot ce resemble le foot sport de pedale Ce jeu est blague. Jeu jouer ennuyeux et prévisible. Vous passez plus de temps courir pour obtenir une boule. CPU est unbeattable sur la classe mondiale. Quoi de plus? Tout d'abord Fifa 12 LIGNE est cassée, PPL sur xbox déjà triche en utilisant un gliches sorte qu'ils ne peuvent pas perdre un match. Il ya beaucoup plus et gliches problmes mais sux jeu en général. Ce n'est pas un ballon de football Expand
  19. Nov 20, 2011
    Very disappointed with fifa12. It feels like EA have tried too hard to improve a near perfect fifa 11. I was a massive pro evo fan until konami tried to "improve" things, then I moved over to fifa, now it seems EA are doin the same thing. Fifa 12 feels sluggish, speedy counter attacks are near impossible and the new tackling system is totally unrealistic. EA need to have re-think on what makes a game fun, because fifa12 isn't. Expand
  20. Nov 22, 2011
    John Terry scoring two 25 yard goals with his left foot. Long shots are broken. Defense is nifty and requires alot of concentration, defiantly not new player/young player friendly, Slide tackles are pretty much useless unless u try and block a shot. The defenders constantly trip over themselves. Their is no 'common sense' with the AI players at all. Many goals conceded because of players running into each other, kicking the ball at each other ect. Controls are really poor, You try and pass it to the player next to you and even if the direction of the stick is correct and you press the button once it still managers to go in the opposite direction to a player further away. Players attributes are baseless seems as they didn't scout the players and just gave messi 100 in everything and went from there. The new defense for starters requires you to really read the game. Tbh I control my DM and let the AI CB's make the tackles because all honestly, its just horrid. It is hard to anticipate, because by time the other person does a skill move to dodge past you, It has to travel over the internet in a small time (ping) then you have your reaction to the move and by time that has happened his strolling past. The Manager mode once again is the most pathetic thing I've come across and still hasn't changed. Compare it to a realistic manager game like Football manager (DEFIANTLY NOT FIFA MANAGER, WORST EVER) and its really balls. Expand
  21. Nov 28, 2011
    Ok so where to start, graphics will always be good by EA however the game play as always is terrible in fact its boring. They have changed the tackling so you can' tackle unless you figure out you can go in to settings and use old Fifa tackling. Secondly player skills and attributes are so messed up fast players run so slow and players who have no skills in reality are doing mad skills past your players! As for online MP the game is so slow like players use energy in a few seconds. It is very poor yet again EA fail to improve what people hate! If Pro Evo had graphics like Fifa it would steal the market. Expand
  22. Dec 14, 2011
    Was really looking forward to this game before release but I am so dissapointed. First off, i hate it when people quite the game because youre winning and is the main reason why i play h2h seasons online. I can pretty much beat every opponent i play but i've lost quite a few mainly down to lagging out. Playing against the computer is a completely different story however. I'm playing career mode on professional and it feels as ive the computer is cheating for the opposition. The computer has 1 shot during the whole game and they score off it, a 50/50 challenge goes the way of the other team and pretty much makes the game a non contact sport and it feels like the ball falls straight to the opposition. The defending is also a disgrace, you press B and the player sticks his leg out and stops completely dead, realistic right?? So many things to complain about not sure if i've remembered them all. On Fifa 11 i could beat world class but this game is so frustrating i wanna break my control. Not getting another Fifa game unless they completely change it and would advise people to stay away from this game. Expand
  23. Dec 29, 2011
    The 2012 was the year when football became boring, so it seems. I've been playing it for a few weeks and the tactical defending really ruins it and slows the pace of the game. It is not entertaining to play anymore. You just try get half of the time the ball back from CPU which predicts your every move and also plays towards his own goal frustratingly often. Also sliding tackles go through the players as they would be invisible. It is amazingly slow to shoot so about everytime you get into position of shooting CPU will just come and take the ball away from you. Oh, and it is so rare for you to get into the actual box. You just have to try to shoot from long range. Opposite taking goalkicks is slow also, the goalkeeper just keeps standing there. No more header goals it seems, since the opposite is always between you and the ball. When giving a through ball even the best runners (Ronaldo, Messi etc.) can't beat the defenders. They slow their pace to half when getting the ball and then opposite comes and end your attack.

    This year's Fifa was a great disappointment and I'd highly recommend to stick with the Fifa 2011 if you haven't bought this game yet. Three points for: it's football, great graphics and choosing shirt colors is better 'cause you can see the whole outfit (no more confusions between same looking whole outfits).
  24. Jan 8, 2012
    I'm not a huge football fan, but I've always enjoyed the FIFA games. Well, not this one... I know I'm not brilliant at football games, but they've made all AI teams practically superhuman. Scoring is virtually impossible, "jockeying" to defend usually results in the AI just steaming past you at 100 miles an hour, and tackling is pretty much eliminated from the game (in other words, if you try to tackle, it just doesn't do anything most of the time). I can only imagine this appealing to football/FIFA enthusiasts, because it's simply too hard. On the other hand, multiplayer becomes too simple because you just hold down "A" whilst the computer does the rest for you. Practically a waste of time. I regret getting this, and will be trading it in when I get the chance. Expand
  25. Feb 25, 2012
    FIFA 12 is a decent game if you want to play it when you have your friends over, if you want to play it online however the game is horribly broken and is filled with very flawed game design. After playing every game out of the FIFA series since the early days on PC (which featured 5 A Side), but this is definitely the last game I buy. If you play online then you can completely dominate a person in every aspect of the game, but his keeper pulls off one incredible save after another, then your opponent gets one shot on goal and the ball just roll in. In various forums this has been called "scripted events" which EA desperately denies is in the game, but whatever it's called - it's in there. It's noticeable in many matches, sometimes you have the advantage, and sometimes your opponent got the advantage. Those games where every single ball bounces in favor of someone and one shot on goal, no matter how bad it is, goes in. Those games where the AI of your defenders are either in the wrong position, or tackle the opponent in the penalty box, or just stop in the middle of chasing the ball resulting in your opponent getting a one on one with your goalkeeper.

    I don't recommend anyone buying it, and I don't recommend anyone buying FIFA 13 unless they take care of the issues mentioned above. But knowing EA they will just upgrade the graphics and leave the game design untouched, and of course throw in another mode that costs money.
  26. Feb 26, 2012
    When I first got this game, I loved it. But as you start to play it you realize just how many things are wrong with this game. The defending is absolutely horrible. If I am going to "tactically defend" and block pass lanes, I need my AI defender to be able to adequately defend my opponent with the ball. When you do attempt to tackle/jockey, it is incredibly difficult to time correctly, leading to your opponent running right past you. If you do tackle correctly, the ball magically bounces right into your nearest opponent's foot and the whole process starts all over. However, my biggest and must infuriating problem with this game is how it is somewhat scripted, for lack of a better word. You could take the exact same shot, in the exact same situation 10 times, and FIFA will decide you get to miss 6 of those, because apparently having a random error generator makes the game more realistic. It doesn't. If I have a good shot on goal, I expect it to go in. Also, you have a SIGNIFICANTLY better chance of scoring in the 45th minute, 90th minute, or just after you've been scored on. This leads to some absurdly terrible shots being scored, which in my mind removes the legitimacy of this game. Basically, until all that crap and more is fixed (which it likely won't be), I won't be buying another FIFA game. I also feel dirty every time I give EA my money. Expand
  27. Apr 12, 2012
    It's the SAME DAMN THING IT IS EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YET EVERYONE STILL BUYS IT EVERY YEAR!!!!! Footy simulation that is auto-controlled. To much focus on realism. Only thing I can say is: FAIL
  28. Mar 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's nothing compared to Fifa '07 or '08! It's Slow and not as funny as previous editions.Konami has finally passed EA.A huge missed opportunity! Expand
  29. Sep 12, 2013
    Same as the last one but with better graphics its still kicking a football and running around also you still kick a ball did i mention that yet? OH and spoilers its rubbish

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. Jan 3, 2012
    It's by far the most realistic football title on the market and there are plenty of game modes to keep players entertained. FIFA 12 is a must own title for football fans who will no doubt be playing up until the next instalment.
  2. This year's game plays ultra-slick. [Dec 2011, p.104]
  3. Nov 29, 2011
    FIFA 12 takes realism to an all-time high in sports games. The innovative changes in gameplay mechanics, much needed changes to career mode, and additional online modes makes this one of the most complete FIFA packages to date. If you're a true football fan, you'd be remiss to pass up FIFA 12 - even if you own FIFA 11.