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  • Summary: 2006 FIFA World Cup features 12 official stadiums used at 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and stadiums from each qualifying region. Gamers can play as their favorite team from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the tournament in Germany. With enhanced player animations, EA SPORTS has emulated close to 100 of the world's superstars, capturing their playing styles and individual likenesses. In addition to enabling gamers to participate in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany by taking control of one of 127 national teams, the game features new compelling modes of play, including the groundbreaking Global Challenge that tests even the most hardcore soccer fan by recreating classic moments in FIFA World Cup history. Furthermore, the game supports up to eight-way multiplayer matches and features a plethora of in-game unlockable content such as legendary players and exclusive apparel. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 49
  2. Negative: 4 out of 49
  1. 90
    The control feels natural and responsive, but the Xbox 360 version features somewhat larger players on the feild than the PS2 - something gamers without big screens may wish to consider.
  2. The Xbox 360 is technically superior with no slowdown but it does lose out some features that the current-generation versions have.
  3. The lack of an online tournament mode did not go unnoticed and it's something that needs to be addressed in next year's version - and considering how good this game is, you can be rest assured the series will continue.
  4. Gameplay wise it's everything you'd expect from EA's FIFA series and no more, it's an improvement on the previous Road the World Cup title but still lacks that little something in the gameplay department.
  5. Gameplay still lags behind the mighty Pro Evolution Soccer in a few areas, but the 'first touch' and 'off the ball' systems continue to impress. Presentation is great as expected, making this the perfect title to celebrate the World Cup with, even if it's not the perfect footy game.
  6. A fun football simulation for newcomers and the best FIFA of recent years. Even so, competitor "Pro Evolution" still has the virtual World Cup firmly in its grasp.
  7. A poor effort that simultaneously shows up EA's footballing naivety and its rampant capitalism. It will sell like the proverbial hot cake, but don't say we didn't warn you. [Issue 7, p.100]

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 3 out of 12
  1. Dec 30, 2012
    This is simply a horrible game. It's a step back from FIFA 06: Road to the World Cup - and isn't even on the same planet as FIFA 07 (which - while also flawed - was at least semi-enjoyable to play). Inconsistent control and horribly written AI (your AI stands around and does nothing; while the opponent AI makes perfect 100 yard passes) just kill this game. How to know you've created a bad game? If a person hits a certain sequence of controls and holds them and releases them for exactly the same duration, the same result should occur each time (i.e.: if you hold down the 'a' button for exactly half a second and release it, while running in a straight line towards the opponents goal, and this passes the ball - supposedly in a straight line towards the aforementioned goal - then that pass should travel exactly the same distance and on the same path, each time you hold down that button for exactly the same amount of time. If, though, each time you do that, instead the ball travels in some random direction and goes some random distance, then you have SERIOUSLY created a horrible game).

    Quite literally the worst sports game I have ever played in my life. EA should be horribly ashamed - and should give each owner of this game a refund.

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