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  1. Mar 31, 2013
    FFXI going on 10+ plus years and has aged respectively with a still dedicated fan base; SE's swan song for their mmo is a large addition to the base content that will give the last of the regulars a few more years before they wave goodbye to Vanadiel. The price is a tad steep for such an old mmo, but if your still playing FFXI you probably have the 30$ to spare for it. Unfortunately assess to this expansion is difficult with no retail sales in stores around the US, the only way to get a hold of it is through online order for the 360 and PS2. So PC users get the convenience of not having to wait a week for the USPS. The two new jobs for FFXI seems a little pointless as they offer nothing truly unique but perfectionist of the game can happily level two new jobs with the same traits and abilities of others with a different name. Now what really sells this expansion is the new world itself, obviously the graphics are dated but SE did surprisingly well to make a somewhat gripping city that adds a great blend to the franchise. You can explore for hours as Adoulin is the largest FFXI city to date. The extra quests and missions can be a little dry and the story lacking but in what mmo is it not? I would have to say SE did a great job over the years to add content for a great fanbase and to give them this last treat to their old mmo, not saying SE wont add a few add-ons but this is their last expansion. To go out this way is how any mmo team would be proud to be a part of. For this reason I give it a 8/10 thank you SE for your continued support to an old friend.

    Now if only SE could get its act together on FFXIV

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