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  • Summary: Compete against your Xbox LIVE friends on Xbox 360 and build your bank roll on the go with a companion game on Windows Phone 7. Play a quick two-player game for some lightning action, join a big 30-player tournament, or play a round of Texas Heat, our live poker game show where you play with thousands of players worldwide and have 30 minutes to bluff, bet, and raise your way to the final table! Expand
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  1. Positive: 23 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. Mar 16, 2011
    As far as I am concerned, Full House Poker is the jewel in Microsoft's House Party crown. Full of style, wit and excitement it isn't just the best console poker game, but the best virtual poker game ever.
  2. Mar 15, 2011
    Of course, if you are interested in poker this game will certainly interest you, but for those of you like myself who have hardly played poker and don't understand the rules, I can assure you this is a whole lot of fun!
  3. May 6, 2011
    You had us at 'dog mask'. [June 2011, p.81]
  4. Mar 17, 2011
    A good game, although the online action is certainly more enjoyable than the single-player game.
  5. Apr 14, 2011
    Full House Poker is well worth the time or in this case the past time. Full House Poker is a fun game for its single player mode or its multiplayer mode and beautiful whimsical graphics and use of our avatars.
  6. 75
    But for now, you're buying what feels like an early beta test. [June 2011, p.77]
  7. Apr 25, 2011
    A play-for-a-week fad. [Issue#108, p.131]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 10
  2. Negative: 4 out of 10
  1. May 23, 2011
    Incredibly fun and entertaining, but also can be challenging at times. A good game for all fans of poker, but also for the newbie. The best poker game out there by a distance. Expand
  2. Apr 30, 2011
    If you play poker at ALL, this game is awesome. A very nice implementation of avatars and fun and varied play. Many online modes. Only complaints are no Omaha or Stud, but that's pretty minor. Just watch out for the donkeys gambling 50k with 39 offsuit. Texas Heat is awesome as well. Computer AI is pretty horrible, but playing against real players really does help train you to be a better player. Especially if you're bored ever since Full Tilt shut down... Expand
  3. May 11, 2012
    This is very enjoyable. Great poker rules and fun to play with friends, especially since you see their avatars. I wish that there was a little more substance, but it's honestly the best poker game. Expand
  4. Mar 19, 2011
    I love Texas Hold'em, and I saw the demo available, so I thought what the heck! There in lies the first issue, I feel that any game that has multiplayer ability should allow each user to have access to the multiplayer even if only for a limited time. Other than that...the game has some upsides and was worth the download for the most part. I would really like to see a poker game like this that has tournament modes within the multiplayer in which you can earn MSpoints, and other prizes for how you play and place in these tourneys. I definitely understand there will probably never be the option of actually gambling over an Xbox connection, but there has to be a better way of keeping those types of players we all could live without. I want an experience that is not only fun, but actually helps raise the level of each players game, because in the end, we all know poker is as much about skill as it is luck. Anyone who has got their pocket aces cracked after a pre-flop all-in by a person who had no business calling knows what I mean. Expand
  5. Aug 30, 2013
    Like Bingo? This is the game for you. It is hard to find a real poker game because of the all-inners. However, if you like the soap opera drama....there is plenty with the on-line chat. Texas heat is full of glitches and the majority of the time you end up playing the bots. Don't waste your money. Expand
  6. Aug 31, 2013
    Online is just as bad. Again, play progresses so slowly as to be frustrating. The one thing this offers is the opportunity to talk to your opponents. Unfortunately, most players on Live are so unknowledgable that playing just isn't very fun. Am I going to call somebody's all in with Ace-rag? Probably not, but in this game it might be the best hand. Players tend to push all-in quite frequently, hoping to get lucky. If you try to play reasonably well, then you'll end up folding all the time. If you want to play at all, you'll need to take a chance with average cards and end up losing your stack. Of course, this is a problem when playing with free money, no matter the program, but the program is cumbersome and makes this game too frustrating to play. At least in most free games, play progresses so quickly that you do not sacrifice much time by folding frequently.

    My advice: download a free program from one of the dozens of online poker sites and save yourself $10.
  7. May 18, 2011
    Like 'flipping a coin?' Like playing with a bunch of Tweenz? Like being involved with a horribly unbalanced, trying to be 'TV' skank that you had to pay for the privlage of playing?
    Welcome to FHP...

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