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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] This isn't just a boring remake. Featuring table-turning game dynamics, super-slick visuals, and vast waves of enemies, this is the definitive version of the arcade shooter classic. Classic Galaga action redefined: Galaga, the classic top-down arcade shooter released by Namco in 1981, is many fans' favorite arcade game of all time. Now, completely updated and revitalized, Galaga Legions bursts onto the scene with new game dynamics and spectacular graphics. New achievements are offered for you to conquer. Show the world your old-school Galaga skills are new school enough to beat them. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. 91
    Legions is one of the most fiercely competitive multiplayer games on XBLA.
  2. It’s another one of those high-score hypodermic needles – you get addicted on getting a higher score so you keep repeating it over and over, working out new ideas for drone placement each time. It’s like a chess game at 100 mph, challenging and twitchy, all at the same time. On that point, Galaga Legions ranks up there with the best of them.
  3. Multiplayer would've been cool, but these Legions will still keep you busy.
  4. Galaga Legions is a fun, imaginative XBLA game that I'd recommend in a heartbeat during almost any other time of the year -- but given its lack of content and the other, much more impressive games from the Summer of Arcade, Galaga Legions might not be for everyone.
  5. Given how well they did with Pac-Man, it is hard not be disappointed with the lackluster Galaga Legions. You cannot help but feel like they could have done much better. Legions is a solid offering, but lacks the depth to justify the 800 MS Points price, and is certainly not the next great XBLA title.
  6. Galaga Legions offers an addicting style of play as well as provides a substantial challenge for any high score junkie.
  7. Epic seizure-inducing madness that is the graphics. [Issue#37, p.117]

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