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  1. Mar 21, 2013
    I decided to write this review because I'm one of the people that got Judgement on release day. Being a huge Gears of war fan I was looking forward to a new title, new weapons and Overrun Mode. And ultimately, I find myself SEVERELY disappointed. I will say the game brings to unique aspects that I did enjoy, but it's glaring flaws outnumber any advancements that game adds. As I mentioned, the game does some things right: The addition of "Declassified" missions is a pretty fun take on the general Gears formula. Some missions require the the area to completed in a certain time span, other require the use of certain weapons for example; in any case, it brings in a new level of "challenge" to the Gears formula, that's much appreciated. These declassified missions are of course optional, but unlock various multiplayer items.

    Overrun mode is a solid addition to the Gears of War formula as well. I will say playing as the Locust provides more entertainment than Cog; both Locust and Cog gain "Points" for achieving various objects, healing allies, killing enemies, etc. But ONLY Locust get to use these "Points" for purchasing upgraded Locust minions, such as a Mauler, or Corpser. Cog get nothing, just a competition for who can get the most points. I feel like perhaps the designers could've given the Cog access to upgraded weapons, grenades or powers to spend their "Points" on, but there is nothing. Overrun is is a fun game mode, but it still leaves players with the feeling that the game mode could encompass so much more and not just be a run off of the Gears version of Team Fortress or Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

    Now on to the bad news: This isn't you traditional Gears of War multiplayer experience. I understand that People Can Fly has made an attempt to mainstream the series, but this is definitely a multipalyer experience that will upset the Gears diehards and really feels like a couple of steps back from Gears of War 3. To begin, players are limited to four game types: Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Overrun (VIP players get 4 more game types... Just the VIP version of each of these that offer no additional maps, no additional benefits other than double experience). Players also get the aptly named "Survival" mode, which is similar to Overrun, but against computer Locust; this is like "Horde" mode, but limited to 10 waves, and you're stuck in rigid classes.

    In any case, back to the standard multiplayer it seems a little rushed and severely numbed down. To begin, you now can select one of up to seven primary weapons to start with (Shotguns are now considered "primary") and you get your Snub Pistol.. Not only that, but you only get two weapons to switch between (with the "Y" button) and your Grenade (which you also can choose between 5 grenades to start with). Being able to select such a variety of weapons and grenades before you spawn severely limits battles over the weapon drops on the maps.

    Judgement also removes from multiplayer, some key concepts brought about by the Gears saga (but oddly enough are kept in Campaign). The first is downing opponents and executions. No more human shields, no more stunning visuals of smacking the heads off your foes with the Longshot like Tiger Woods teeing off at the Masters, now you just kill (except in Overrun). No tagging walls with Grenades to step up mines. In fact, there's not even a bullet power bonus from Active Reloads any longer (just fire speed).

    Really with all the changes, many of the weapons have become underwhelming. The weakness of the Lancer, the inaccuracy of the Retro Lancer, the weakness of the Hammerburst without the bonus power of an perfect active reload, just don't seem to do enough damage. Also, Sniper Rifles and Torque Bows just don't seem to have the same effect in Judgement as they did in game past. Multiplayer in Judgement has really become a Shotgun circle, with each team sprinting at each other, Gnashering or Sawed off until no one is left. With the other weapons becoming so Underwhelming (well minus the Boomshot, Booshka and the explosives), why would a player want to pick any other weapon? The cover mechanics of Gears feel very gimped when your target is 100ft away and they rush straight at you, eat an entire Lancer clip and manage to one shot you with a Shotgun, or survive 4 shots from a Marzka, but can kill you mid range with four Shotgun shots. The multiplayer experience seems like it was rushed, or was developed by entirely different team than the campaign. Even fun additions, like being able to wield a shield with any primary weapon, are overshadowed by the flaws in game play. The sad part is, the maps are very well designed but aren't really appreciated due to the imbalances in game play.

    In summary, this game does have some great additions to the series, but takes so much out of the Gears experience, it feels like a step in the wrong direction after such a great experience with gears of War 3.
  2. Mar 19, 2013
    The game that killed the series. Everything that all fans liked about Gears is taken away and turned into a more arcade COD like game. Disappointed is an understatement.
  3. Mar 19, 2013
    This game that runs under the moniker of Gears of War hardly qualifies for the title. Epic games has killed off the hardcore fan base and dropped the ball by changing what made gears of war...gears of war. The multi-player made gears it's own shooter and gave it the appeal that kept a solid fan base. This title however bring in changes that unequivocally destroy the unique nature of the multi-player that once was the reason people flocked to stores to buy the games. No "down but not out" ,aka no executions, has turned what used to be a game with skilled shotgun and sniper battles into a very vanilla shooter. No more can you wall bounce your way out of a head shot from a sniper. Now he can just clip you to death with poor aim. No more epic shotgun battles that caused your adrenaline to shoot up while you pop'd your opponents head off with a delightful pop.

    Epic games and people can fly have ruined what made this series.

    It's almost like Michael Jordan's return to basketball. It's a sad sad version of what once was, and what hope that had been brought with the thought of a new title to an amazing series has been... dare i say it, curb stomped.
  4. Mar 19, 2013
    Sigh, by far the worst game in the gears of war franchise I can go as far to say that it does not even deserve to be have the name gears of war in its title. the game has been totally changed the controllers have been turned into call of duty style unlike the good original gears of war controls, only 4 launch maps, around 9 characters (carmines are not included). down but not out mode is gone so you just die immediately not get downed. the story line has concept but it is badly executed half of the campaign seems like you are playing an online match just setting up defenses and waiting for the locust to come towards you it is boring and nothing but a time burn. I've been playing gears of war since the first one and I can honestly say that this is the first one in the franchise that I will return. Collapse
  5. Mar 19, 2013
    The problem with this game, and also Halo 4 is that they both attempted to fuse call of duty in their gameplay which makes it worse. Some things have been added and removed, such as instant respawn, no more downing (you die instantly), no more active reload (WTF?), everyone starts off with a frag grenade (again, WTF?). I feel like epic betrayed their fanbase for the COD audience, and if they want that then I wont stop them. I rented this game, I'd probably never buy it. Expand
  6. Mar 20, 2013
    Gears of War lost its identity with this game. Judgement was made by People Can Fly who made Bulletstorm and is where most of the influence of Judgement's campaign comes from. Instead of just going through the campaign just to hear the story and live through moments of the character's lives, you play through an arcade shooter with a narrator. While it's not the worst campaign they could have done, it's lacking in originality and takes all the arcade elements from Bulletstorm and tries to call itself a Gears campaign just because it uses character from the Gears universe. The campaign has always been nice to have but was never the main reason most people buy the game and multiplayer is where Judgement falters beyond what I could have even imagined. First, you have to choose between different gun loadouts, none of which allows you to have two what I will call primary weapons (i.e. gnasher and lancer). Instead you get one primary and one secondary (i.e. snub pistol) which is odd because you could always start with two primaries and a snub pistol in every previous game that it seems destructive to take away your ability to have two primaries. Part of the reason People Can Fly may have opted to make this change is also present in the multiplayer game modes. Free for all, domination, and team deathmatch are the three traditional competitive game types that make their way into Judgement and they are all copies of Call of Duty or any other first person shooter. It seems to me that People Can Fly could care less about what made Gears unique and just wanted to sell another generic shooter with the same generic control scheme and the same generic game modes and the same generic weapon loadout system. Even overrun copies team fortress with the class system and how the cog interacts. You think that's all they copied? Nope. They even copied Mass Effect 3 with their prizebox system. Instead of copying call of duty again and unlocking things based on experience points earned and what you choose, you are forced to unlock things randomly with prizeboxes. Want a really cool gun skin? Well you better pray that you can get a prize box which hopefully unlocks it for you because that's the only way your going to get it. Unless you want one of the skins you have to pay for. Yes, microtransactions are in Judgement and each character skin is going to net you $4 more, and there a lot of skins that are download and pay for only. People Can Fly effectively ruined everything that made Gears of War unique by changing mostly everything to copy another game instead of coming up with something new and creative and Epic just sat back and did nothing because they don't care about the games they make apparently, it's all about the money. Expand
  7. Mar 21, 2013
    this entry is indeed the weakest of the series. the constant dumbing down of our games these days is becoming tedious. numerous devs including the new epic (minus cliffy b, now i see why he left epic) and people fly, are dumbing down, and "younging-down" our games. stop it. this game is a rent, just so you can see what i mean and perhaps so you can experience the free for all multiplayer which is one of the only things i liked about it. dont you dare buy this game if you havnt yet. Expand
  8. Mar 22, 2013
    This game was okay, but had too many negative points to receive a good score.

    This game completely lacked a decent story and character growth. In fact if you've never played a Gears game, your opinion of the regular characters would not only be bland, but probably inaccurate, as the writing was that bad. However, it seems the makers of this game did not attempt to make a game similar to
    the previous ones, but rather an arcade game set in the same universe.

    In this light the game does well. The game play is entertaining and trying to get all 3 stars on every stage will keep you coming back for more. I enjoyed how the Declassified missions made the various stages more difficult in different ways, although I fail to see why anyone would opt to NOT play with them on. I played this with a friend on local co op and we beat the entire game in roughly 7 hours on hardcore, doing all the Declassified missions. It had it's difficulties but it wasn't too hard. We still had an entertaining and fun time, but since it lacked an interesting story and really lacked any character development it felt rather bland. The campaign felt like a fun multiplayer variant but didn't deserve a game of it's own. The multiplayer aspect of this game is atrocious. We had no fun at all. It was very constrictive in how you have to play (heaven help you if nobody chooses a Soldier or Engineer), and the gameplay just felt boring even when we played correctly with using all the different character types. I just did the same thing over and over again and there was hardly any real strategy. Horde mode in the previous game was much better although I think that could have done with some more objectives. I was sad to see it go. The main multiplayer is nothing special anymore either. I remember when I played the 1st game's multiplayer. It was so different. You really had to have good squad tactics and use cover in order to perform well, unlike the CoD or Halo games out there at the time. This game felt like they were trying to make it more like CoD or Halo making it Red vs Blue, and it ends up just being the worst of both worlds. They messed with something good, and ended up with something worse.

    I thought this game had a lot of potential and I thought could have had a good story. Their idea was good, but awful execution. They obviously spent way more time trying make a good arcade game rather than a good story and I'm sad they didn't work harder on both. This really should have just been a series of add-ons to the previous game rather than a game of it's own.
  9. Mar 20, 2013
    Not at all up to par with the rest of the series and a bit disappointing in the graphics and mechanics which feel ten years ago technologically. I would like to think that with the modern advances in other shooter games Epic could have made the game a bit less clunky and arcade-like. I could have lived with the forced story line as that is a standard occurence in many games (even if this one is rather lame thus far) but having to follow the prescribed flow of events while using controls and viewing graphics which I could have found a decade ago is not leading to a very enjoyable experience. I will be beating the story line and returning to get something else quickly. Easily killed my love for the series. Expand
  10. Mar 20, 2013
    doesn't feel like Gears, trying to be like other games. only 3 real kinds of multiplayer games; tdm, free for all, domination. no Horde. new controls. throw grenade with LB. change weapons with Y. LB no longer shows where weapon pick-ups are and where teammates are. there is no button with this function now. only one primary type weapon and a pistol. it's still called an active reload, but it's really not. there is just a fat white line that you have to hit when reloading and that is how you reload your gun. there is no added damage (at least that I've noticed).
    everyone has a grenade now, not a pick-up weapon anymore.
    grenades are very hard impossible to plant.
    also the grenades stick to whoever they are thrown at now.
    ink grenades don't seem to stun. just walk right through them and take minimal damage.
    not enough maps for each game mode.
    have to pick up ammo. run out of ammo all the time if you don't pick some up.
    some of the maps are built kind of like a maze where there are areas that have no importance, but take forever to get through.
    i guess domination was supposed to replace KOTH, but it is a completely different game mode, not really comparable, and it is just like every other game like Call of Duty.
    instead of cogs vs locust, it's just red cogs vs blue cogs.

    this game is basically the same thing as Gears 3 just with less features. it looks the same visually. they would have been better off just making another season pass for 3 and putting these maps on there
  11. Mar 25, 2013
    This is even gears of war anymore. Multiplayer mode is destroyed while only the campaign seems to stick to gears tradition, and it still sucked. Y to switch weapons, cant be revived anymore, terrible graphics, no active reload, the list goes on and on... If you loved gears in the past, this is not the game for you.
  12. Mar 21, 2013
    Let me start by saying that i'm 35. Like many of my friends, Gears is the reason i've bought an xbox in 2006 and the only reason i subscribe to xbox live. I'm not interested in COD who have dumb down FPS to a point of no return. The first Gears was dark, short quote from protagonist and action packed but still, you needed to use the cover system and apply some strategy or you would be out in no time. The whole trilogy campaign was EPIC. The complete opposite of most game at that time. Gears was not a fast game and people liked it this way. Gears 2 tried and successfully success to bring things to a new level. Yes they had major problem with connection at launch, it took almost 3-6 month to have a good patch for the game. But it was in some ways a blessing. True Gears stayed... others left. Gears 2 was near perfect. When Gears 3 released we kind of felt Epic was trying to bring new people to the franchise more guns, more power weapons, bright colors. Horde 2.0 huge success. Many complaint about the sawed-off but in the whole picture it was still Gears...

    Then Judgment: If you played the previous iteration's campaign who were Epic in scale and story you will be greatly deceived by this arcadish feel. The campaign doesn't feel dumbed down but i would say younged-down i really don't understand who they are trying to appeal. Enough said about the campaign, lets move to the multi portion. The first thing you'll notice is the very little amount of mode and maps offered here. Theay have chosed to remove the locust of multiplayer match. Only Cog vs Cog. The only locust you'll see are in the Overrun mode that is kind of a Beast 2.0 from Gears 3. Many little tweaks of previous games have disappeared. They actually tried to bring Gears to a fast paced shooter, which is actually not really Gears...

    To sum up, i don't really know where they want to go with this franchise i love so much, but the result is, with Judgment, they are going away from my xbox...
  13. Mar 20, 2013
    how did i know that the people who made gears 2 would again fail at making a good gears game, if you liked part 2 go ahead with this game, but if your a purist and still think part 1 was the then don't bother with this. Just a few things, when playing online in TDM or anything besides overrun and survival, everybody is COG and just painted different colours to differentiate teams, i almost puked in my mouth, then there's classes, this isn't COD, then it's Y to switch weapons and LB to toss grenades, that's when i did puke in my mouth, they specifically ask you when you start the game for the first time if you know the basics, how can you ask that question if you change the basics? it gets a 3 from me because overrun is new and a bit fun but it seems like that was the main focus of this game. WASTE OF MONEY! Expand
  14. Mar 30, 2013
    I am a long time gears of war fan but honestly, anybody who gave this game more than a 5 is either a fanboy, doesn't know gears or games or both. this is game is an insult to gears of war ESPECIALLY multiplayer. They took out DBNO, meatshields,executions, active reloads and wall tagging frags. They also took out the ability to have a tertiary weapon. In other words you can only have one big weapon and a pistol with a grenade to start each match. there is no horde and the campaign is, quite frankly, boring; it's stale. the only half decent part of the campaign is "aftermath" and I'm pretty sure it's a lost DLC from gears of war 3. I beat the campaign because that's how much hope I had in the game, telling myself "the story will get better" but to no avail. people can fly are trash for even allowing themselves to think of this as a game. all they did was make a game, skin their character with the franchise game, slap on the gears name and told us real fans that it's gears of war it's not. I recommend this game to no one Expand
  15. Mar 31, 2013
    I pre-ordered this because Gears. I have spent literally thousands of hours on this series and this by far is the weakest. They have a 'VIP' zone, splitting the community into 2 groups. WE ONLY GET 4 MAPS, No DBNO, no meatshields, no active reload, ONLY COMES WITH 5 CHARACTERS, the execution DLC just released includes 1 map with a seriously poor tacked on take on 'execution' The campaign should be called arcade mode as is it no way cinematic, just a start-stop point grab. Avoid this game if you want to preserve your fond memories of gears. Gears of war 3 was perfect. This looks slightly better, yet plays worse. The most disturbing thing is the microtransactions. EPIC have created more custom suits and weapons to charge you a ridiculous price for, THESE SKINS COME ON THE DISC. We are paying to unlock them, on top of the DLC and game. this review would of been expletive if It was allowed. Expand
  16. Mar 20, 2013
    Developers have once again found a way to ruin an amazing franchise. Game play has nothing new to offer, story doesn't make sense, multiplayer full of the same old stuff and no improvement in graphics. If you are s fan of this franchise get ready to get screwed.
  17. Mar 22, 2013
    Been into gears since the first one and enjoyed gears 1,2,3 but this one is terrible, i have given it a score of 4 for the campaign but MP is a joke. Dont waste your money, this should have been dlc at half the price.
  18. Mar 21, 2013
    Same gameplay and same cover mechanics (Yeah, it has new few things, but nothing impressive after all) new guns? New guns dont change a TPS mechanics, Multiplayer... ITS THE SAME! I knew this game would fail, they released a trailer about this game 10months (I think) after Gears of War 3! They failed, the plots and "sad" momments are stupid, Gears of War 2 is by far the best in the series, dont buy this new one, get the Gears of War 2 complete edition! CHEAPER AND BETTER! Expand
  19. Mar 21, 2013
    Do not buy this game under any circumstances. I am an avid gears fan and the fact that anyone could call this gears of war is depressing. The story lacked the emotion and connection the other gears games had. The multiplayer is the worst part about the game. They simplified all the controls, nerfed all the weapons, everyone starts with grenades, and added constant crosshairs. All of this combined makes it just a bunch of people trading kills until someone finds a map weapon of value. I hate to be one of the people comparing this game to cod but there is definitely some merit to that conclusion. Overall the worst in the franchise and I hope they end the franchise after this because they clearly aren't heading the right direction. Expand
  20. Mar 21, 2013
    Pros; the game boots up, you can connect to other players, Cons; not a gears game feels like COD, took out DBNO, have to pay for warzone and execution only started gears no big deal. RED vs BLUE really? I like playing as the locust. Very broken mp was this play tested? Cover base game not in cover ever, ONLY 4 mp map not counting overrun, the maps are just bad, this list can go on and on, this was failment Expand
  21. Mar 21, 2013
    Everything I loved about the original is gone. Gears used to be about deep strategic teamplay and intense standoffs but it has become a generic run & gun shooter.
  22. Mar 24, 2013
    Split-screen can't host an online game, campaign is too short, frequent glitches, weapons layout change is horrible, build a character you can't use. "People Can Fly" RUINED my favorite game of all time. I was so excited. I took time off--prepared to spend hours, upon hours on my favorite feeling a disappointment I hadn't felt since learning Santa wasn't real. (Tears) :-(

    I gave it a 4 out of respect for Gears 1-3. So sad!!!
  23. Mar 24, 2013
    Imo, the game does deserve a 7/10 (it's good, not great), but to take what gears was and develop a short arcade campaign (that, personally, did not get me invested) then to take away Horde mode and add some non-gear like changes in other mp staples nets me scoring it in the red to bring it down. It's what has been lost that has me scratching my head; why remove Horde (survival is in no way a replacement), people loved Horde mode, Horde mode received great aclaim; this omission of Horde and the other changes to multiplayer modes (some changes are good however, and it's still fun), have to me, taken away what gave the gears series it's own flavor in the multiplayer sense. Overrun is a welcome addition and would have been more appreciated by myself if it stood along side Horde mode, not the "overrun with bots" mode that survival is. Scoring this in the red because HORDE MODE! Expand
  24. Apr 25, 2013
    Took everything that was good about Gears multiplayer and ruined it. This isn't Gears of Duty, bring back executions, actives, D-Pad switching, DBNO, no starting grenades so many things that made it a great series. Only points given in this game should go towards the campaign and overrun which are both pretty solid and enjoyable. BUT FIX MULTIPLAYER.
  25. Mar 20, 2013
    The main reason i bought an xbox 360 is because of gears of war. Wow fan boy's how can you love this P.O.S. I almost quite playing gears of war when 3 came out but man you really seemed to screw things up this time. No i am not waiting for you fix things this time. I'm trading in my gears game for bioshock for P.C. There is no longer the reason to practice shooting a weapon from the hip. It takes no skill now.You have the cross hairs already up. Granted you can swap out you pistol for a shotgun but spawning w/ one core weapon is dumb. This isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield stop making classes.The game mechanics isn't made for classes in this type of game. Now you know why Cliffy B and Rod F left Epic. It's another activison all over again. Save your Money Expand
  26. Mar 21, 2013
    this game sucks so bad these companies are just trying to rip us of. lets put a stop to this.. 4 maps at launch? the other 6 as season pass dlc? the average multiplayer game comes with 10 maps at launch. there going the call of duty way.. one year is made by epic and the next year is made by people can fly. so this one sucked and now there going to shift the blame on "this game wasnt made by the original gears of war people" then hype us up for gears 4 and say "epic is making this one" but following year after that we will see judgement 2. dont let these companies do this to gamers anymore. and dont trust game review sites like ign. open your eyes people! Expand
  27. Mar 21, 2013
    i was really excited about multyplayer for this game because the maps were not flat any more, However, the multiplayer was huge let down because basically if you can't use the shot gun then your screwed. I don't under stand why the the lancer can't counter the shot gun at long range like it can in gears 3. even the saw off shot gun seams like it does less damage then the shot gun at times.I thought multiplayer should appeal to everyone but not GOWJ its for shotgun loving gears fans.Now the story is weak. their are some cool moments for long time gears fans but other then that its lame. the characters don't even really act like them self. Baird had no sense of humor and Cole does not look like Cole even though its 15 years in the past i know i get he younger. The aftermath story should have dlc for gears 3. Honestly paduk is my new favorite character. He is the only character who is really fleshed out. in short if you a die hard gears fan who loves gears multiplayer form gears one and two then this game is for you. Expand
  28. Mar 22, 2013
    This game is a joke to the Gears franchise, there's nothing much more to be said. I am a long time Gears fan. Playing the game ever since I got my first Xbox in 2008. When Judgment was announced, I was excited. I couldn't wait for a new Gears title after been announced that the third instalment would be the last. Oh how I wish Epic games stuck to that word. This game takes everything away from what make Gears of War a unique game. Essentially giving the middle finger to long time hardcore and casual gears players. When you think of Gears of War, the aspects that come straight to mind are accelerated game play, intense close quarter battles, brutal executions and just amazing gameplay in general. The multiplier aspect is a camp fest. With players taking the infamous "Call of Duty" approach. Just sit on a ledge with a rifle and wait for your opponent, All skill has been removed from the game without any consideration to long time players. Sure, I am all for new players picking up a game and been able to play but there should be a learning curve. Not just pick up the game for the first time in your life and instantly be able to hold your own against some of the veteran players. That is not what Gears is about. Down but not outs (DBNOs) have been completely removed from the game taking with it the execution rule. Story wise, sure, a prequel sounded like a good idea but why make Baird the lead character for starters. He is the least liked character over the last 3 gears games (taken by polls on forums and other game sites). Why not take it back to Dom growing up or even Coles transition from thrashball player to COG. yes I'm nit picking now but it's just the thoughts I have about this game. my biggest issue with the game though is the control system. For 6 years, the D-pad has been iconic in the Gears play style. allowing instant switching between 3 weapon and a grenade. It worked perfectly. So why has People can Fly suddenly decided to follow the control scheme of pretty much every other shooter out there. The number of time I have hit the left d-pad to switch to the gnasher for close quarters, only to get gunned down by a rifle is ridiculous. Also when I go to check my surroundings, see where my team mates are and where I should be heading has only resulted in throwing my frag grenade. This game is just the classic example of giving a extremely popular game title to a not so well known company and them completely taking everything away from it. It happens when Ninja Theory did Devil may Cry, It kinda happened when 343i did Halo 4 (although that game was a noteworthy sequel story wise). Overall, the game is terrible. It will certainly has no replay value and I think I will stick to Gears of War 3 as my primary shooters. THANK YOU PEOPLE CAN FLY. You have killed the Gears name. Expand
  29. Mar 22, 2013
    I have been an avid Gears player since Gears 1. This is by far the worst in the series. The campaign is decent, but I played gears mainly for the multiplayer. One of the main gears signatures was the down but not out feature in multiplayer where you could perform executions. Well, Guess what?! That's gone! You heard me! No more satisfying executions of those opponents your love to hate. You just fall down dead or blow into pieces. Gears had its own multiplayer experience like no other game and it has completely lost that uniqueness. Gears use to require some sort of strategy or tactic, but now its more of a run and gun. They have also changed the button layout. I don't mind button changes; however, when there was nothing wrong with the old system, why change it? You now start with a pistol, pick a primary weapon then a grenade type. Judgement multiplayer doesn't even feel like the other Gears whatsoever. I feel like they tried to make it more like a CoD style or even like an unreal tournament. I couldn't be more disappointed in this game. I was also a huge fan of execution and warzone modes as well as wingman. These are all gone. I know I have said it already, but this is not the same Gears at all! I'm ashamed to call myself a Gears fan now that this is out. Now I will have to be more specific... I am a Gears 1-3 fan. Judgement can go play in traffic. Expand
  30. Mar 22, 2013
    Awful game! Haven't seen graphics this bad since the Atari days, it looks like the old ET game. Gameplay is awful and glitchy, all you do in the game is sit behind walls and talk to your friends about the meaning of life, seriously! Worst game this generation! It's a shame because the only exclusive of the year for the 360 is terrible! Avoid at all costs!

    This is for turkishkarma
  31. Mar 23, 2013
    (EPIC CASH GRAB: Lag and Disappointment) should have been the title for this turd. Gears of war is my favorite game series this generation. With that being said this title is a total cash grab and an embarassment to the series. Your basically paying $60 for half a game then expected to fork over another $20 for the other half in a month or so. Four maps on disc for mplayer in a AAA title is a total joke. The maps are decent but the entire drop in from above concept is totally at odds with a cover based shooter. The new weapons are fun to use but the marksa is really cheap in the hands of a good sniper because of the amount of ammo in the clips. Overrun is fun but feels unfinished-like there could have been more added to make it more balanced and technical but the developers said screw it it's good enough. The competitive multiplayer is a total joke. It's clear the second you realize everyone can spawn with frags and have shotguns with a shield this game is a total noobfest. Anything that required skill and thinking in past games is now completely removed, even the quick reload WTF!! The removal of locusts was also done for the sole purpose of milking players into buying skins for cog armor. Everything about multiplayer just feels off. Even the gnasher shotgun feels...slightly wrong like the hit detection isn't quite right. Survival is the best thing about this game. This is the only mode with minimal lag, a decent challenge, and most importantly FUN! Guess what- it's also the mode with the least experience points for play and not included in the VIP playlist at this time. Every other mode I played is so full of bouts of LAG that the game is nearly unplayable. Every game save for Gears 3 was laggy but this one is the worst since Gears 2's mess of an online mode. After four games there's no excuse other than the developers just don't care, and why should they people keep shoveling money into the series so they keep copy pasting their net code. The campaign does get some things right by including the Declassified missions and bringing back the tone of the first game. Gore and horror themes are what started the series before it trailed off into the lame generic environments from later titles. That said the story is short and pretty unremarkable, doing nothing to further the series canon in any way. This title was supposed to be a love letter to die hard gears fans, instead it's a slap in the face. Taking away nearly everything we love about a series and charging full price for half a game full of lag is just unacceptable. You can tell a REAL hardcore gears fan from a casual player just by the reviews you see on this site. I'm ditching this game in a couple weeks for Defiance and hoping for a better experience. After this Epic has it's work cut out for it in winning back my affection for this series.... I gave the game a 3 which is honestly the amount of effort I feel was put into this terrible title. For everyone else who thinks they are getting a great deal here, you are part of the problem... Expand
  32. Mar 23, 2013
    Gears of War Judgment takes BABY STEPS of evolution, the same thing like last Gears of Wars Games without Marcus Fenix, the story is very boring and the graphics same level I think is a desperate move from Microsoft and Epic to trying to take our money, Very Disappointed
  33. Mar 24, 2013
    I went into Gears of War: Judgment with high hopes but after playing the multiplayer for countless hours, I just can't reccomend this game. First, there are only 4 maps to play on. Just 4! It is like they did it on purpose so that people will buy the season pass to get more maps. The weapons have been dumbed down so much. The Gnasher is nowhere near the level it was in any of the previous Gears games. The gameplay feels overall just not as good as Gears 3. Nothing has changed that much with this game. They took out what made Gears, Gears (DBNO, Locust vs human battles) and replaced it with elements that just don't fit. As much as I want to reccomend this game, I just can't. It is more like an expansion with the good taken out of the game. Save your cash, this game is not worth it. I will probably trade my copy in shortly. Expand
  34. Mar 24, 2013
    Gears of war judgement is just downright awful. Epic games has lost me as a customer. I have nothing positive to say about this game. It functions and loads correctly. This is a copy and paste as far as game mechanics go but that's it. Wall bouncing plagues this game. You charged 60$ when this content is dlc at best... dumb ass campaign full of story holes. Stripped down multiplayer, that you will be nickeled and dimed for. No down but not out function Overrun is a welcomed addition but the classes make it extremely unbalanced. I don't care what your next game is, we as fans now have to worry about epic also rapping its customers like call of duty. This game was made for tweens that thought gears 3...2...1 were too hard. Epic games has lost its stay at my house for good. Thanks for getting 60 dollars out of people for 20$ work. Its a marvel why cliffy left...? He saw what was going on and left. People can fly suck. Bullet storm was a joke.. its sad that you all call yourself developers... hope I see this pile in every bargain been soon. PS 4 maps for a retail release. Who has the balls of lack of intelligence to push this on there community of supporters?? Epic that's who.... epic ca$h grab. Hope people are smart and pirate thus trash or don't buy it either way. Not a good game. If your looking for gears ignore this one because its trash and pick up isn't until Tuesday. Expand
  35. Mar 24, 2013
    I am so glad this was only a rental for me, because I would of felt cheated of my money. The biggest problem with this game is content, there isn't hardly any! There are more weapon and armour skins for sale then there is to unlock! Microsoft have shamelessly overcharged for something that already exists on the disk and it costs more than the season pass! The gameplay feels samey, which would not be a bad thing but the story is so sub-par it feels like this should of been a 1600 MS points addon for gears 3! This is what happens to good games when the creative directer is no longer working on them. I got this to fill the gap between getting Bioshock Infinite, but it never did. Expand
  36. Mar 25, 2013
    I am a hardcore Gears fan. I think we all knew that Cog of Duty: Gnasher Warfare Judgment wouldn't live up to it's hype of being the surprise next gears of war after the trilogy ended. But I think we all secretly hoped that it would have been better than the developers were telling us and that the game would actually be fun.

    Cog Of Duty: Gnasher Warefare Judgment is a gears let down,
    cookie cutter of call of duty with a gears of war paintjob. And I can't really say the description of this game fits anything but that. So much originality taken out and so little put in. The list goes on from things that People can Fly have taken out.
    The highlights of these are: secondary shotguns, grenade sticking, downs and executions, horde mode, beast mode, active reload, the list goes on. Multiplayer is so bland and so boring. I haven't played multiplayer this boring since... Since... Ok, this is THE most boring multiplayer I have every played. The multiplayer is extreeeeeemely unbalanced since you can only have 1 primary weapon iether shotguns or assault rifles. Did PCF even play the original gears? WTF? Though I have to say it makes for some pretty funny gameplay when you see every one with a lancer get dodged out by someone with a gnasher and will walk up to them hit b to stun and BLAUUUUUUULA!!!! If you use anything but the gnasher you're screwed. It's more overpowered then previous gears! Since there are no downs and b melee takes you down to half health and since downs are out you die in 1 hit but the gnasher from 20 feet away that is if the enemy can even get away from you. If you use the gnasher, you win. Did I also mention it's humans vs humans now? Locusts were removed in multiplayer... Since there are only 4 game modes now the game gets even more boring. And you don't want to go back to the menu because the menu music makes you want to blow your brains out.

    Overrun is extremely unbalanced too! Locust win every time, Baird's sentry turret is way OP. Locust regenerate health, if you have a mauler on your team you win, the list can go on. Gears of War promised 1 step forward but took at least 50 steps back.. Very dissopointed, not worth the trouble to get up off your couch from playing good games to go to the store to buy this pile of s***.
  37. Apr 3, 2013
    i don't know how you people can say such good things about this game i will admit the campaign was ok but it was sunshine and rainbows compared to the other 3 gears of war games you go in expecting something sad but epic this game has disappointed me to no end its an abomination of halo call of duty and the shadow of gears this game was a waist of money and i would gladly sell it away if my inner gear would allow me to give up hope on this game the challenge is gone the fun is gone sadly gears of war is dead R.I.P Expand
  38. Jul 11, 2013
    Now they have made the game even worse. They are changing the game as It goes. I just logged in after a month or so cause the game was so boring, to find out now when you pick up ammo you dont recharge your grenades! wtf! one grenade per game? completely change the game mechanics once you get used to them? change the rule of the game in the middle of game play???????????? epic games doent know what the _uck they are doing, they go on pulling to the right, and the a month later to the left. _uck off and get your act together, this game is a joke!!!!!!!!!! ____uck this game is the reason I switched to psp3 the last of us rock great game, no ore epic and microsoft they dont deliver Expand
  39. Apr 5, 2013
    As someone who played Gears of War 3 for over 250 hours, I was excited to experience all of the changes Gears of War Judgement was gonna bring to the table. Only problem, there aren't that many! The menus, music, animations, are exactly the same! The only changes they did make, made the game worse! Just save your money and keep playing Gears of War 3.
  40. Apr 5, 2013
    This is the worst Gears so far. The campaign is ok the rest is horrible. Buy it when it goes down to $15 to $20 on the third market. I wasted my money on this pre-ordering it.
  41. Apr 7, 2013
    This really is a poor excuse for a 60 dollar game. By no means are you getting the same amount of content as you did in Gears 3. I am not even talking about the changes or features of the game, just the sheer lack of content compared to Gears 3 is just absurd. For features; just imagine everything that made Gears of War unique and special from the first three games, and take it all out. That is what Judgment is. There are way more features taken away then added. Another thing, remember in Gears of War 2 they implimented the boomshield and meatshield and you could only use a pistol? There was a glitch which was eventually patched where you could use ANY gun with a boomshield/meatshield. Yeah, that is now a FEATURE in Judgment. You can now use any weapon with a boomshield and meatshield in Judgment. That really to me shows how little they cared for this game. Expand
  42. Mar 22, 2013
    want to play gears 3 with a worse campaign and content removed? me neither.

    Gears of war judgement is a prequel to the gear of war series, you follow Baird and "kilo" squad in the standard "world is dead/dieing" gears of war campaign. the scenary is nice as unlike gears 1-3 the world isn't quite killed yet you see less dirt and grime, it's nice to see what the gears world looked like
    before the invasion.

    the story is pretty mediocre and same old gears style gameplay, walk a bit, enemies appear, kill them and move on.The declassified missions are the only new and good part to the campaign, which change the game slightly making it a bit harder and different, it's nothing amazing.

    there are new weapons, a semi auto sniper, a semi auto locus rifle, a grenade launcher, and stim grenades. the new semi auto cog sniper is AMAZINGLY over powered, be prepaired to kill grinders in 3 headshots (10 shots in a clip) campaign scoring seems to be gone which is terrible, the story is also in complete. for example, in part of the game you arm and fire a giant missile, against a direct order, the colonel states the missile is "going to be used elsewhere" but you never find out where it was intended to be used... many other scenarios play out in the game.

    Over run is the new game mode. one team is locust and can use the locust monsters and the other is cog and can use one of 4 classes each having different skills. honestly the game mode is decent but imbalanced. the cog sniper class has the most over powered sniper rifle in almost any game this gen. Locust players can kill the objective by simply shooting at it or widdling down it's health with coordinated ticker attacks or grenade throws... pretty bad.

    Remember horde, the game mode everyone loved? well they thought instead of doing that you would want to play over run vs AI. literally that's all it is. half the time if you use the matchmaking for this mode you are thrown in by yourself with useless AI on your team, and I mean useless I rather have a 10 year old kid on my team than the 4 ai characters combined.

    oh and there are only 5 maps... 5 maps in total.

    some of the older game modes like warzone and execution are gone, speaking of executions there is no real emphasis on them anymore, who cares if that's what started gears of war's popularity right? the down but not out mode is gone in multiplayer so its not like you see them outside of campaign now, they also don't have unlockable ones like in gears 3. no more active reload in multiplayer

    can't have a pistol unless you drop one of your primary weapons.

    over all, you lose out on this game. gears 2 and 3 are much better games and gears 1 has a better single player anyway. the only thing that give this game a 4 instead of something lower is the game actually works, i had no game breaking bugs, and over run, though broken, is a good game mode in and of itself, the problem is they removed the older stuff for it, they needed a good horde mode a better single player and many other things to bring this up

    want to play gears of war? buy the first 3 games, you will save money and get a better game.
  43. Mar 23, 2013
    The main complaints about this game that I have are #1, "Y" is now used to switch weapons:Why couldn't we have kept it the same? It just adds to the confusion. throwing frags is now "LB" which again Why couldn't it have been kept the same and I can't aim as well as using the triggers...these are things that gears is known for and also things that makes this game well as the fact that you can ONLY carry two weapons, with no pistol, this is not handy what so ever, and becomes frustrating more often than not....The new weapons aren't even as good as you would hope for a new game. I think that it should have been kept the same as it was, and now I consider even returning the game, I would rather play gears 3 ten times over than play this once more! This game must have been done by Activision! All in all, this is not a good game what so ever. I have played Gears sense the first game came out, and this is indeed the worst one yet. Like I said overall I DO NOT like this game, and did not enjoy playing it what so ever, me being a true Gears of War fan! So Epic& People can Fly need to rethink what they have done to my favorite game......HIGHLY disappointing. Thank God I had store credit so that I didn't have to pay the rip off price of this game!!! So PLEASE EPIC rethink what you have done to this game, and do better next time!! Expand
  44. Mar 25, 2013
    the Campaign is to short...they ruined multiplayer by dumping the core of their multiplayer Horde...Horde was the best part of the Gears multiplayer...I think its awesome how Epic Games ruined Gears...Dumb they can save face and make the fans happy by bringing back the Horde in a patch or a Download content. I've never been more disappointed in a game than I am now...Epic games congrats for on your loyal fans...must suck being able to overanalyze screw up the bread and butter of this franchise....this lacked the strong cinematic value and the Horde!!!!! Ruined! You guys made your money you don't give a F$%^! if anyone thinks this deserves more than a 1 PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!!! Expand
  45. Mar 25, 2013
    The campaign is fun, short and with a few random transitions which are never explained, strange seeing as it's a courtroom testimony. The kicker is that there's no feel for characters whatsoever. Everyone knows Cole Train and Baird from Gears 1, 2 & 3. And in Judgement we get no feeling of their characters, or Padak or Sofia. Apparently Sofia was a critic of the CoG, it'd be nice if they included that in the storyline but unfortunatly it's hacked into statistical chunks for how stars you earn so any sense of immersion or connection with the character is stopped when Epic comes along to tell you how well you did didn't do. Cole might make a remark about his wealth, but that doesn't expand on his character other than "he's rich", which we kinda gathered. That's as deep as characters get.
    Stars have been added for reasons I cannot fathom except for unlocking Tai and telling you what a bad job you did. Or rather how bad the AI is because you get peanalised for DBNO time, which is irritating when the AI have regressed in intelligence since Gears 3 and now ignore you for a long while as you watch your stars drain away until the decide when they want to revive you. Another banailty of Gears J is that on starting it, it asks if you're familiar with the controls. You'd think after three games of similar control you would be familiar with the controls and hit yes. Well guess what, they're brand-new controls all together, with only two weapons available and the weapon switching being changed to the Y button, quick-grenade throwing on the left bumper and tac/com being stuck on the D-Pad so have fun throwing your grenade when trying to check where your objective is and trying to remember how to swap to your Gnasher when Therons are trying to chop you into CoG paste. Declassified Missions are nice addition, a fun way to change up the action and really test your skill and it's one of the finer points of the campaign. However, if you don't choose the Declassified Mission then have fun only acheiving two stars (on Hardened at least) as though Epic's punishing you for not doing a time-trial or using only Boltoks. The big evil boss has about as much screentime as T-Dog in the Walking Dead, appearing in the most clichéd plot-twist. In all it doesn't do much for a Gears fan, you don't see any glimpses of the characters you would know from the other Gears, there's no addition to the storyline or canon of the Gears universe. In all it starts strong and quickly collapses like a deck of cards and finishes with an ending that left me stumped with no sense of acheivment or finality for completing it. Multiplayer is my biggest gripe with this game however. The only reson I bought Xbox Live was the play Gears 3, and I played it religeously. It's combat was unique and fun, requiring skills and tactics even in quick TDM. And this has all been thrown out the window. Firstly, there's no Locust vs. CoG, just CoG vs. CoG. And with only eight characters to choose, have fun trying to remember which of the four Bairds are on your team. And the idea of 'Team' goes out the window with random spawns all over the map, so you're all scattered throughout the map. No unlockable characters, no unlockable skins; you get nothing for levelling or for getting medals. If you want skins, you either have to spin the roulette wheel in hopes that it pops out of prize boxes or pay for it. Simple as. Removing all sense of acheivement that I had from running around as Prescott or a Kantus, nope I'm just Cole with stupid neon face paint. The combat as a whole had been ruined. No longer is is cover-based heated battles, now it's CoD-style running around like a headless chicken with a shotgun in the hopes that you can kill someone before inevitably being shot from behind by someone using the same tactics. No skills, no tactics, no cover-based shooting (which was the signiture mechanice of the first three games). Or just throw frags everywhere, they're common as muck; stim and becon grenades are about as useful as a pillowcase in multiplayer. The maps are so dark that it's hard to see what the hell I'm doing, it's dark even for Gears, and they're set out in a way to discourage anything except my afformentioned headless-chicken tactic. And kiss goodbye to gruesome excecutions, no more DBNO. You just keel over and respawn. It sucks. In all, I am irritated that I pre-ordered this game. I would've waited until it was cheaper, played the campaign then gone back to played Gears 3 multiplayer. Instead I forked out extra money for it to be sat there, with it's horribly broken multiplayer and water-weak campaign. If the title is anything to go by, the devs at Epic must have judged this 'adequate' in order to wring money out of its fans with skins and VIP Passes, because I cant belive they could think this as good as Gears 1, 2 and 3. I shall be playing Gears 3 multiplayer instead, because that was a well-made game. Buy that rather than this cash-in.
  46. Mar 26, 2013
    Do not buy this game. It is a pretty, heartless It masquerades itself as a true Gears title, but almost every line was cringe worthy. My friend and I had ourselves saying "Wow that line wasn't that bad" when we were surprised by one that wasn't awful. The game's story is predictable and uninteresting, filled with banal and under cooked characters. Lazy level design made me feel like I was playing a horde mode during every level and the boss fight was painfully typical and unimaginative. I could go on for so much longer about how bad this game was....but the graphics are that is a plus... Expand
  47. Mar 26, 2013
    Not happy at all! What is with the annoying habit of developers making the menu and in game language set to the country that you purchased the game in? There is no language choice option either... I live in Norway but I'm from Australia, therefore the menus and in game text etc are in Norwegian which even my Norwegian friends can't fully understand and do not like... As soon as I started it up I was pissed at seeing the Norwegian text, I have even changed my xbox region to the UK previously due to daft developers like Ubisoft having the same stupid language thing. Dear game developers...Just because you live in a country, doesn't mean you want your freaking games in that country's language!!!!!! STOP IT! Being a massive Gears fan the game is disappointing to say the least, graphics are substandard, the campaign is glitchy and stale to the point where I will not bother completing it, it just seems like a chore to get through the missions not much fun. The multiplayer is pants, not just because I can't understand what is what due to the stupid google translated Norwegian, but gameplay is again disappointing... Just seems like a money grab to me, the series has gone backwards. I'm trading my copy in today for Bioshock. That is all.... Expand
  48. Mar 26, 2013
    Not only have People Can Fly demonstrated that they cannot design games to anywhere near the standard that epic can, but they have actively destroyed what made gears great. It is no longer different, they've limited you to two guns like Halo, they've moved the weapon switching the Y button like call of duty, and it just FEELS crappy. No more locust in vs, instead you're now standard red vs blue. Why? So so disappointing. Epic was done with the series after 3, and I guess so am I. Really Irritated I bought it for full price. Expand
  49. Mar 27, 2013
    This is not GoW worthy. What you get for 60 Euro's is a joke. A weak singleplayer storyline and a dumbed down gears unworthy multiplayer with only 4 maps. None of the classic multiplayer modes are there, they changed the controller scheme without the choice to use the old mapping. Also The multiplayer is focussed on gun & run instead of skill play. What made the GoW multiplayer big in my opinion:

    - Exciting clutches
    - Executions (mode and executing enemies)
    - Slower pace, forcing the players to "think" things trough.
    - Teamplay

    All these things are missing from this game.
    They clearly want to appeal to the mainstream "CoD" audience lowering the treshold to join the fight but by ding so they are not making a Gears game but just another "CoD/Halo". It's sad to see this happening. Epic has with this game proven they care more about the financial numbers than putting down a creative and solid experience catering their core fans.
  50. Mar 27, 2013
    I give this game a zero and i know it really doesnt deserve a zero, more like a 3. but i do this to make a point. If you like the Gears of War series and are a true gears fan you will understand. The reason i give it a zero is because it truly killed the gears of war and how it used to be. The list of things i can create on how bad this game is is endless. Feels like im playing a beta of some call of duty gears of way hybrid game. Please save your money and if your a real gears fan pop in gears 1, 2 or hell even 3 was better and enjoy the good gears days. If you want a dumbed down COD version of gears because you sucked at all the gears then buy judgement and enjoy a trash game. Expand
  51. Mar 27, 2013
    Can't help feel let down. The campaign story works nicely with the whole trial theme and having the option to challenge yourself declassified. The new game modes of survival and over run are great. Good objective games. Comparing to gears of war 3, general game play is better, running getting into cover is a lot smoother. My biggest problem is multiplayer. Gears of war like the past 3 has always been about fighting the locust back so I really don't like the idea of 2 cog teams "red" and "blue" this takes the shine off the game completely. Annoyed that executions are gone for the obvious reason to bring in the new stim gas grenade. To me no longer being able to execute an enemy is like taking a key feature out of the I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that when epic games make their new DLC it will be much better Expand
  52. Mar 27, 2013
    The score is based on the weaknesses of/weakness that is the multiplayer. Note: this doesn't imply the campaign is not weak, just that I haven't played it. a few observations: -The dark, gritty vibe of the graphics (which has been accentuated in every installment since the original) is so diluted that it makes Far Cry look like Sin City. Too cartoony for my taste. -Character movement feels a lot less 'heavy'; cover is less of an asset than it's ever been, you can roll off precipices and land like a gymnast with minimal damage, committing crimes against physics or prompting questions about the integrity of the material of your armour ("I knew there were Defense cuts, but polyester, really!?")

    -Only 4 Deathmatch maps, each with a gimmick or two.

    -50 shared lives on Team Deathmatch means that nobody is (understandably) too concerned about conserving theirs at any particular moment in time, removing the need to play tactically and removing the tension inherent in a cover-based corridor stand-off (not to mention there are very few corridors on any of the maps, no corridors if we discount those which you can fly up the side of).

    I won't go on as the main points which I've omitted I assume have been said (no DBNO, gimmicky grenades, no Locust versus Cog Deathmatch etc.), so I'll sum up by saying there's absolutely no possibility of tension at any point in the multiplayer experience and it's basically just Run 'n' Gun.
  53. Mar 28, 2013
    I have played Gears of War since the very first game and have spent a massive amount of time on the 3 games in the series. Gears is my MP game, I hardly play any others, I don't own a single COD or Halo's all gears for me. I am a HUGE gears game. With that said, writing what follows is a bit painful.

    This game is garbage.

    It is easily, by far, not even close the worst game
    in the series. It feels like something they threw together at the last minute. I honestly don't have the time to list every single thing wrong with this game, and besides I will probably run out of room. I'll try to give a very brief overview.

    Campaign: Entertaining but lacking the depth and character development in past campaigns. The action and gameplay is fun, the missions are cool but it just feels....hollow. There's really no substance there.

    Multiplayer: This is where the game completely falls apart. A massive amount of changes were made that were totally unnecessary and ruin the game. This is what happens when a developer tries to satisfy multiple fan bases of different games instead of building a game that caters to fans of the series. This is a Halo-Cod-Gears abomination. It's awful, it's terrible, I can't stand playing it for a hundred different reasons that would take an hour for me to type here. It just sucks, period. And it really hurts me to say that because I really wanted to like this game, I was excited for it before launch, bought the VIP pass and then it just....fizzled.

    Bottom line: Save your money and wait for the next game on the new console (hopefully we get another gears game and they get a chance to redeem themselves after this mess.)
  54. Mar 30, 2013
    Easily one of the year's most anticipated titles has failed to deliver as a whole. The few new and pleasing aspects of the game are overshadowed by bland and uninteresting characterisation, uninspiring multiplayer modes and a general feeling that the developers did not care about the finished product enough to craft it properly.
    GoW3 was an experience that left me with a sense of
    accomplishment and one that tempted me back time and time again. GoWJ, on the other hand, has left me feeling a bit hard done as not only did I pre-order my copy, but also purchased the VIP content prior to the game's release. Once bitten, twice shy... I'll not be making that mistake again. Expand
  55. Apr 7, 2013
    This from a massive Gears of War fan.

    This is the most heinous entry in the series to date. While the single player is at least mildly enjoyable (if not grossly short) if you can get over the completely gutted controls and that you can now only carry 2 weapons. The multiplayer is however where this product has become a disgrace.

    They have removed locusts so now its only Cog vs Cog
    only. No active reloads, horribly designed levels that play atrociously because they are COD maps not gears of war maps and there is only 4 of them unless you want to pay for more. The entire weapon system has been changed for online, shotguns are now as crap as they were back in gears 2, you die from 1 shot of a flame thrower and a micro burst from a lancer will kill you too.

    The entire game has been ruined to the point it is no longer recognizable, it has now turned into and call of duty/halo game with a gears makeover. It is in no way shape or form a gears of war game, its almost indescribable how terribly they have destroyed a beloved franchise.

    If that wasn't enough there is less than half the content of the previous game, Gears of war 3. This game should be liable for false advertising, it is NOT a Gears of War game.
  56. Apr 14, 2013
    complete waste of 60 dollars. 4 maps for multiplayer? the campaign story is garbage, hit detection like always, characters, no active reload, no downs, no executions,2 piece is back, cog vs cog? no locust, the list never ends.... its exactly what a gears fan doesnt want.. EPIC games you are anything but epic... youre an epic FAIL.....
  57. Apr 18, 2013
    Judgement day has arrived and it's as bleak as we though it would be...

    A poor cash-in, a single player campaign that's just not even needed (Copy paste of previous GoW games but with the worst story ever) and multiplayer that includes 4 maps (but don't worry I'm sure they'll want you to pay more to expand that in the future)


    It doesn't even deserve its Metacritic score of 79
  58. Apr 25, 2013
    Being a huge fan of both the Aliens and Gears of War franchises, 2013 has been a terrible year for gaming for me personally. The reason people still play GoW 1 today is because of the competitive multiplayer, not because of the campaign or the well written story; the success or failure of GoW games has always been determined by the multiplayer. Which is why GoW judgement is such a disappointment to me that it actually makes me angry. It's so glaringly obvious that people can fly tried to make judgement like call of duty, for example: the shotgun doing next to zero damage, the fact that you cannot down enemies in multiplayer (if anyone mentions overrun i'm going to scream) and the introduction of the Free For All playlist which feels out of place. "Domination" is another shining example of this, why not just stick to the class annex or king of the hill which was successful in previous games? Because Call of Duty had domination so now Gears has to have it, ridiculous, so insulting as a avid Gears of War fan. Another point which I feel I should make is the crosshair. Its not permanently fixed into the middle of your screen in single player which is the way it is meant to be, but because some other successful shooter had it (wonder what it could be) now gears has to have it, because for SOME reason it must appeal to the "casual" gamer and totally rebuff the hardcore fans of the series; the fans who put the game where it is today. I know this review seems scathing and perhaps overly critical but thats only because I absolutely LOVED GoW1 and GoW3 multiplayer and playing judgement just feels like a third person CoD. In conclusion if you are a hardcore gears fan stay away from this game, if you like CoD then keep playing it because this game will offer you nothing that the newest installment of CoD cant. So very disappointed. Expand
  59. May 4, 2013
    lol the ppl posting 9s and 10s to "combat" the low reviews, I will give it a 1 then, so as to combat all you Epic fanboys, note, I am with Epic since UT2k3, but this? This was a money grab, no effort, greed, pure n simple, its bot city in MP, no comparing G3 to this, It is a blatant step backwards. Epic really took a big dump on its fanbase this time, (B)ad PR, (B)ad design choices, just (B)ad! Expand
  60. May 26, 2013
    Another case of a great franchise ending with a game that's very disappointing. The original controls from previous GoW titles were changed for Judgement, it all fell apart. The weapon selection is f***ed up, no Horde mode, and the story is just plain forgettable. Iv'e been a fan of GoW since Gears of War 1 and Gears of War 2 was my all time favorite, same with 3, but Judgement is just a complete waste of time and money.
    Gears of War Judgement is guilty for ruining a great franchise and sentenced to game prison for its entire lifetime.
  61. Jul 15, 2013
    It's awful. It literally took out everything that made Gears of War fun. The only thing they did do good was make a versus Beast Mode. It's got only 4 maps, only a couple game-modes, no Locust, a few characters, damage is inconsistent, etc. (just bad changes overall). They focused WAY too much on skins. I thought the skins were cool in Gears of War 3, and I was happy to hear you could have them on your characters in Judgement, but they handled the skins really bad. It's literally just for them to make money. The only people that can find this fun are people who have never played any of the other games, and are coming from a game like CoD. I normally hate statements like these in other games, but this literally is just CoD in third person with a cover system, better customization, and characters. that's all. Game just sucks. Expand
  62. Jul 18, 2013
    This Game took everything i loved about all the previous Gears of War It annoys me that this may of destroyed the franchise They made it like Call of Duty Style and it makes me Sick.
    The Games Campaign was ok but was a little cheesy id give it a 6 out of 10.
    Multi Player Was horrific and boring Call of Duty Style 2/10.
    Do not buy this game go play Gears of War 3
  63. Jul 23, 2013
    I am not normally a person that likes to complain about games check my reviews most of my reviews are positive but this game is just terrible i have known die hard fans of the series that have given up on playing gears of war altogether after playing this so do not buy this game trust me if you want a gears of war then get gears of war but not this one
  64. Apr 9, 2013
    GoW3 got me to buy an Xbox I loved it so much ...
    However after buying a VIP season pass -1600MSP/$20- and pre-ordering the game in full for $63.59; the demo came out 3 days prior to launch, I was disappointed in the "overrun" demo off the bat; there was/is cheats/flaws/exploits in the demo and full game still...

    However the "Declassified" missions in previews seemed new and cool to me
    -which is about the most I can find "good" in this game thus far oh and the Mauler is awesome; but thats about it- so I shelled out the $80+ w/ hope that the full version was better...

    Sadly it was not... Upon putting in GoWJ, menu pops up & there is no "Horde" mode which is what made GoW, well Gears... -mind you other game devs/makers have copied the Horde idea into their games now- And was replaced w/ a botched attempt at replacing it w/ "Survival" -which mind you feels like Zombie mode from CoD now- in an attempt to "reel" in gamers from other titles such as Bulletstorm/Halo/CoD -Bulletstorm had a GoW3 demo on it; so its the only reason PCF got sales on that game was because of the Gears coat tail its company has been clinging too- and for the most part I dislike all of BS/Halo/CoD style titles and have always only been a GoW fan because of its 3rd person view & it being so much DIFFERENT than all the other shooters on the market; which GoWJ is NOT a 5-star shooter game series anymore...

    Beast mode is Gone too..! Now I am a die hard beast fan -top 100- & many versus players never cared for the mode; but then again it only had one chance & that is in GoW3...
    This gaming mode has been replaced now w/ "Overrun" which above I point out in the demo has flaws still; there is many UNFAIR factors and EXPLOITS being used in this gaming mode; almost all quick matches will drop you into the loosing side & other time wasting factors involved; which I logically tried to point out on the Epic forums but the Mods/Admins simply delete/close those type of threads that point out exploits, flaws, or dislike for GoWJ; in other words EPIC on their forums IS ONLY FEEDING YOU WHAT THEY WANT NEWBIES TO SEE & KNOW... Also I'd like to note that IF Epic removed "quick match" in this mode & only had "ranked match" it would at least start off in a more "fair" manner; but no one plays ranked matches in this mode... =|

    Onto Versus/Multi-player mode; now in all honest I have never been a fan of or a huge player of this Mode because of the jerks that tend to trash talk all game; but I did find some of the modes fun like king of the hill & Capture the leader...
    FFA -Free For All- Is a new gaming mode which I actually like BUT its cog vs cog, games in this mode only have 4 maps -now 5 maps execution mode- & the maps are weak, game play is not like any of the prior versions of the GoW series; & over the course of the GoW series many things we removed to make the game fairly balance & most Gear heads will agree that GoW3 MP was about as perfect as one can get to play & enjoy; but what did PCF/Epic do..? Yup you guessed it they threw back in all the junk gears fans really hate..!
    Now again I am NOT a huge Versus mode fan -or CoD/Halo style game player either- but when I talk to others whom have played Thousands of rounds of Versus mode on prior GoW titles say:
    "this versus mode sucks now"
    well I am sorry but that just goes to show you that the people whom really play this game show a genuine discontent for this title & that the game is not worthy of all the FAKE HYPE it is receiving from paid/employed/career reviewers...

    Campaign/Story Mode I thought the declassified would be cool & it is; but thats it..! The Game Lacks story content entirely; the most you seem to get is a few minutes worth of brief "testimony" between chapters; & thats about it... In all honesty the "arcade" star earning thing is semi-ok but its not GoW feeling at all; that GoW FEELING IS GONE..!

    If you like other titles I mentioned that are not of the GoW series then you might like this game, but as a person who played all 3 prior installments of the GoW series I have to say overall this game is a total waste of money & a flop; I have seen the game on craigslist already for as low as $35 if you must get you chance at it buy a used copy there because thats about its worth...

    Why do I rate this Game so Low..?
    Because Epic made this game as a cash grabber to help out themselves & PCF out & of course to feed stock holders pockets; because of this I rate this deceptive attempt of Epic to pass off a low quality vision of bulletstorm in GoW skins to the masses & not even care to listen... 2 of 10 Now..!

    On Demo Launch I gave the game 5.5 of 10 -the servers had over 12,000 players on at once that weeked..!-

    First night release I went down to 5 of 10 -severs had between 1000 to 5000 players per mode the first week out...-

    2 weeks later I gave the Game a 4 of 10 -I had not played all the campaign or modes yet to find out how many exploits/flaws/cheating & dull/boring the game got-
  65. Apr 12, 2013
    Who ever bought this game needs to be re embursed! They have ruined the game!! Please do not try to fix what is not broken!!! Back to playing Gears three
  66. Apr 13, 2013
    This will be the last Gears of War I play. I could prattle on what made this game less than worth the $60 I paid on the release date, but I won't. Instead I'll just sum it up. 1) Campaign was too damn short and SEVERELY lacking detail and depth 2) Multiplayer just seemed pared down and not nearly as addictive as the previous GOW 3) The "extra campaign" was absolutely not interesting. I felt like I was playing the leftover game play from GOW 3 and 4) to expect me to spend Microsoft points merely to customize my multiplayer character is absolute nonsense.

    Overall, this game was dull, repetitive, and pointless. Bah.
  67. Apr 15, 2013
    This game is seriously BAD. I have been playing gears of war since 2006 and could only stand this game for less than a week before selling it on ebay. I cannot even begin to explain what it wrong with this game because there It just too much! 1 out of 10 score for me. TRASSSSSSH.
  68. Apr 25, 2013
    some of this people who just think this game is awesome need to play previous GOW,. Judgement sucks i mean they don't have the Locust no DNBO this game was rushed in less than a year to compete with other games EPIC messed this up really good,
  69. Apr 28, 2013
    This game is just a crap version of gears 3. This game tries to appeal to CoD fans (which never works, EVER) and in doing so, it alienates its original fan base as you no longer go down, and active reload is gone in multi-player. you spawn with one weapon a pistol and a grenade, there goes any tension of going to power weapons or grenades, btw the maps suck as well. the graphics aren't better their just more colorful. EVERYONE TWO PIECES in the multi-player, you can melee twice in one second almost. which doesn't make sense when you think about it as they know that people hate it when they were developing. the enemies in the campaign go out of their way to melee you as well, especially on insane. just play gears 3. its better in every way almost. the campaign is way too short and isnt even as good as the aftermath campaign also in the game that's just a section of the gears 3 campaign. one i complete my insane play through, i'm returning this game. Expand
  70. May 2, 2013
    Terrible game. Terrible campaign. Probably the worst mulitplayer I have ever played. 0/10.............................................................
  71. May 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Where is active reloads? Why is the 2 piece back? Why do I want to smash my xbox everytime I get a grenade thrown at me and it tags me? Why are the maps not symmetrical and so big? Why is the reticle on my screen not an option?? why is it red bs blue not cog vs locust? WTF IS STIM GAS DOING IN MULTIPLAYER? a good a idea that originated from a brain would be to have STIM pickup downed team mates only, oh wait dbno is gone. Why can you start with any rifle/shotgun/grenade you wish? Why have you destroyed all competitiveness for this series? Spoiler alert WORST CAMPAIGN ENDING POSSIBLE Expand
  72. May 7, 2013
    This game really makes me believe that there really are evil people out there. Gears of War Judgement, is literally the biggest middle finger I've seen in my life. I've produced that look better than this pile of garbage, and smell better to. I bought Limited Edition, I had faith at the beginning, I loved the original trilogy of Gears, so what could go wrong huh? Everything. The game feels like its been sent to the wrong studio like Treyarch or Inifinity Ward and they added all these features, like "Y" to change weapon, only two weapons and you have a default grenade. I like have 4 weapons, gives more of a variety of annihilation. So much is wrong with this game I literally cannot explain how much I hate this game and how much of a regret it is, I cannot be bothered writing a full review because there would be too much too write. For hardcore Gears fans, do not get this this. Literally the worst thing you will ever do. If you are a jackass and haven't played the Gears trilogy then go ahead you obviously haven't lived yet so no harm when this game gives you no challenge or acknowledgement. Do not buy this game, it is Story sucks, multiplayer sucks and you People Can Fly Thank you so much for ruining one of the greatest franchises ever created! Well done Cliffy B for abandoning ship, because this ship shouldn't have sunk long ago! Expand
  73. May 12, 2013
    Gears of War: Judgement will be a waste of money to all but serious gears fans. First off, it is not even worth the money compared to what you would get in gears 3. There are less than 10 unlock-able characters, less than 10 unlock-able weapon skins, and you have to buy the other like 20 skins that are only un-lockable via Microsoft points. Also the multiplay is really watered down comapred to past Gears games and lacking in terms of maps and game modes. Two of the game modes are just carbon copies of eachother (survival is overrun but with bots). The campaign is short and consists of mostly a flashback telling the story. Each section is its own level and is scored like some sort of mini-horde wave with some objectives. The campaign doesn't feel like a big story like most every other shooter. There is little characterization on a team of soldiers that is just begging for tons of characterization. A former athlete gone soldier, an old UIR soldier (the UIR and COG were enemies), Baird, and an Onyx Guard cadet. All of there lives were thrown upside down by the locust invasion but this is barely touched on in the campaign. Another thing that was not given enough attention is the locust themselves. The locust are a fearsome race of sub-terainian monsters that launch a genocidal attack on humanity for seemingly no reason. The people of Serra would have been scared out of their mind and the armies of the COG don't know how to fight this new fight to every last man woman and child over surface control. And the game takes place 14 days after they first appear. The GOC thinks they are just mindless monsters but as the war progresses they realize that the locust are actually intelligent beings. All of these details about the locust are lucky if they even get one line of dialogue mentioning them in campaign. The locust are just some guys that are just in your way. Not only is the campaign short, choppy, and lacking sustenance; but it is repetitive. Each level starts with you exiting a door to the last. There is a bloody skull icon, "crimson omen," that lets you "declassify" or add challenges to the mission. You kill some locust because they are in your way then come to an open area and fortify that area for a couple locust attack waves, just like a mini-horde mode. Rinse and repeat--that is all there is to the campaign. Speaking of horde mode where is it? You get a taste of how freakin' awesome it could be with some of the new turret placement mechanics and class based play in over run, but there is no horde. Not even just a copy of horde 2.0 fro Gears 3. Horde has set gears aside as a unique shooter since Gears 2 but they failed to include it. Horde isn't the only long-time tradition to go though... Down-but-not-out has been really changed, the three weapon carry has been reduced to two, grenades are now tap to throw rather than the unique targeted throwing, and the control scheme has been made more like COD/BF3.

    Buy-n-large Gears of War Judgement is full of missed opportunities, and things watered down to match COD/BF3. EPIC games could have put so much into this game and made it probably one of the best Gears of War games yet. But instead they failed to draw on what makes Gears unique among a market saturated bad shooters, and instead added another bad, forgettable shooter into the mix. I hope the DLC redeems this game of EPIC makes another Gears game next console generation because this is a pathetic end to one of the Best shooters ever made. 3/10.
  74. May 15, 2013
    Completely ruined this game, when I got tired of playing COD or halo gears is what I came to and when gears 3 came out It actually became my favorite game and I started to play it non stop cause it has such diversity from all the others. So when I heard Judgement was coming out I was more than thrilled cause what gears 3 did to me but was I wrong. Multiplayer SUCKS like seriously cant emphasize more on how much it does cause they just took everything that was good and threw it all away. Campaign is playable but seriously lets be real here we are all in it for the multiplayer. Seriously wouldn't be surprised if the whole gears community hopped back on to gears 1 and gears 3 instead of playing this trash. Epic you better think about this next game hard before this franchise goes down the drain. Expand
  75. May 21, 2013
    If you are looking for another Gears of War game, don't buy this one because it isn't. Bought it on release day being a die hard GOW fan. Tried campaign, almost threw up because of how bad it was. Tried multiplayer, definitely threw up. The Dev's decided to put a bunch of weapons around the map instead of the simply power weapons of the previous installments and original. Oh yeah, NO GNASHER SECONDARY. Don't buy this game. I hate to say it, but the moment Cliffy B left EPIC this game was bound to fail hard. Expand
  76. May 24, 2013
    i was a huge fan of GOW until i played judgement. why the hell did they give people can fly to make the fourth gears, bad mistake. so disappointed. i dont like the arcade feeling at all. it is the worst game ever.
  77. May 29, 2013
    I cannot express the amount of hate I have for this piece of garbage. They have taken out everything that made gears unique and replaced it with call of duty like features. Seriously do not buy this game.
  78. Jun 1, 2013
    I've played every gears of war multiplayer and story mode and every one was great and very fun, so naturally I assumed judgment would be just as good but sadly I was mistaken,the controls are not nearly as good as the last ones, the new multiplayer maps are all pretty bad and there is only 4, the story mode was way to short and even though it had a lot of new stuff in it it still was awful, the wall bouncing which every gear head has grown to love has be come very clumsy and you will constantly get stuck on corners and sometimes get stuck on nothing. Even though the new updates have improved the multiplayer it's still doesn't even touch gears 3, I will say this over run its a good addition but its not good enough to save this game. If your a huge gears fan like me you've already bought the game and because of that I say sorry, if you haven't bought it yet just rent it and you will see what me and my others are saying. Also one last thing taking away horde which was fun and a great part of gears 3 was taken out and survival was put in and if there wasnt a few achievements based around it I can guarantee no one would play it twice. Over all gears of war judgment is a sad ending to a fantastic series, epic should have just ended with gears of war 3. Expand
  79. Jun 2, 2013
    Never been so disappointed. I bought this game on launch day and played it for about two weeks, hoping I could get over the new changes. I can't say I was very open minded about the new features brought to the table, but the campaign was boring despite their attempt to keep things interesting. I actually couldn't finish it after putting 6+ hours into the campaign. The multiplayer was so frustrating it really let me down compared to the previous titles. Gears of War was the first game I ever played on my Xbox 360, it gave me a lot of good memories and was nothing I had ever seen before. This game took away all the originality that Gears of War created, no other game had what it had. Judgement somehow took away everything from the franchise and made it so painfully bland I don't know why I paid 60$ on launch. Expand
  80. Jun 17, 2013
    This series is getting worse each and every game. Probably the last in series I bought. Pity because that was a good game once!!! Even better because we are all going to PS4 after release anyway.
  81. Jun 18, 2013
    Gears of Time-Crisis-Arcade-Machine. Rather disappointing. The heavily arcade-styled campaign removes any sort of immersion within the walls of the game. Accompanying this amongst two-dimensional characters, poor pacing and a series of bland story events, People Can Fly and the Epic brigade have easily created the least inspiring Gears campaign yet. Even the multiplayer fails to save the shortcomings of the main story. Free For All is often a mess, with very little strategic thinking needed as you parade around the map with your shotgun. Overrun is enjoyable at first, but very quickly loses its entertainment value. It's baffling how most of the fun produced by Gears 3 has disappeared in this latest title. If you're only after the prettiest looking Gears game yet, then Judgment is for you. Otherwise, I'd give this one a miss. Expand
  82. Jun 19, 2013
    Gears Of War: Judgment doesn't deserve to be called a game rather than an extremely overpriced DLC. The campaign was extremely short, Survival is nothing like Horde, and multiplayer is awful.

    The campaign was the best part about the game. It provided some challenge and it stayed fun with the optional side objectives. I'll give that a 7.

    Multiplayer has never been Gears' strong side
    and it got even worse here. It was boring, to be exact. 3

    Survival and Overrun. They got rid of Horde, the for sure best part of Gears of War 3. No building fortifications or raking in cash and using it strategically. Survival isn't fun I played it twice. Overrun is decent but gets old quick.

    Overall 4

    Story 7
    Multiplayer 3
    Overrun and Survival 4

    You dissapointed me, Epic.
  83. Jun 21, 2013
    Absolute franchise killer. I find it ridiculous that metacritic rated it as high as it is. Gears player since Gears of War 1. This game takes everything away from a seasoned veteran player from their previous enjoyment out of the franchise. The reason my review says 2 instead of 0 is because they upgraded the character customization and has an "okay" storyline to the campaign. If you're in it for the multiplayer you will be in for a bad time. Expand
  84. Jun 21, 2013
    Gears of War is the game that brought me to the 360. I've played them all, got all the DLC ('Cept for the weapon skins in three, that was crap.) and played them pretty much religiously.

    So believe me when I tell you that Judgment is not worth it.

    Did you like the story of one through three? Judgment basically throws all character interaction out the window in favor of a narrative
    viewpoint. The characters are lackluster at best, and downright boring at worst. Baird might as well just be a stereotypical action hero rather than his usual sarcastic Cole's complete enthusiasm is so far gone that you forget he's even in the game, and the other two characters occasionally have a funny quip, but apart from that, you'll forget their names by the end of the game. Top that with the fact that the game plays more like an Arcade game than it does Gears with the "declassified missions" in play, and you'll forget it ever happened. Don't even get me started on the lame villain. The "Aftermath" campaign, a bonus mission, contains more story than the actual Campaign.

    Did you like the multiplayer of one through three? Down but not out, Human versus Locust, a fair amount of tactic being necessary to figure out where your enemy was and destroy them? The Locust have been removed, DBNO is gone, and with such gems as starting with any grenade you want, including "Spotter" or "Stim" grenades, the multiplayer is so incredibly bad that it's not even worth playing. It's just another Red versus Blue game.

    Horde's gone too, in favor of Overrun, which is another 5v5 where one team plays as CoG and the other as Locust classes, the CoG defending an E-Hole and Locust trying to open it for three waves, and Survival, which is basically the same thing, but ten waves and you only play as the CoG.

    I could go on all day about why Judgment is a bad game, but just know this. Myself and all my friends were die-hard Gears fans, and not one of us played it for more than two weeks.
  85. Jun 24, 2013
    People Can Fly thanks for killing Gears of War, for killing Baird and Cole personalities and for killing multiplayer modes.
    I can't put into words how disappointing this game is. I gave it a chance because I love Gears of War (up to GoW3) I played for a whole month, did campaign in all difficulties, played all multiplayer modes and all I was left with was sadness because thanks to this
    peace of crap game there might not be any more GoW games. Who would buy a new game after this disaster You people took the spirit of the game and threw it out the window. You suck. Expand
  86. Jul 9, 2013
    I have played gears of war games since the beginning, and judgment was a complete disgrace in my opinion, and the opinion of many hardcore gears fans like myself. Since the first gears of war, the gnasher shotgun was the weapon of the game and gears was based solely on skill with it. The same followed for gears of war 2 and 3. Now, the campaign for judgment was boring, and had some of the worst and ridiculous storytelling i have ever seen. The horde mode was gone, survival was absolute crap and a waste of time. The multiplayer looked as if it was made by cod players. The gnasher sucked, the weapons in play were lancers, which wouldnt have been as bad if there was a down but not out in the game. taking down but not out out of the series was a ginormous mistake. Spawning with grenades and using primaries with boomshields ruined it even more. The last thing that pushed me over the edge was the fact that the "red team" was not locoust, but cog instead. not only this, but there were only 8 characters to choose from at the least. Expand
  87. Jul 28, 2013
    They should've just done away with the franchise instead of ruining it with an unnecessary prequel not only based on the same characters, but also strips away almost everything that made Gears of War what it is, the single player is short, flat story, and is a load of crap. More importantly, Gears of War Judgment is horrible; 4 maps, no Locust (seriously) wtf WHY!? how can there be Gears of War without Locust in multiplayer? Instead, it's red vs blue cog vs cog multiplayer. There is also no active reloads, IT'S A SKILL THING; active reload gives you a damage boost, so, basically, they must of wanted to make the game easier for bad players, people with no skill even though they can do can do it as well; ANYONE, active reload gives you a damage boost. There is no Execution, no Horde, no King of The Hill, and other missing modes. I hate the reticle always on screen. There is also only 4 game modes: Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Overrun, oh, and I've heard there IS Warzone after all, but it's hidden in the games code which is NOT funny. Now they have decided to make the game more like everything else as you can only carry 2 weapons and now shotguns are primary, which ruins the game even more. If you die, you are DEAD and cannot be revived, that "down but not out" thing is one of the things that made Gears of War what it is, and it isn't without that. I was speculating about a prequel before they even announced Judgment, and this is not what I wanted, and I did not want the same characters and like any other person, I rightfully did not expect them to take away the Gears experience and turn it into a Call of Duty style game. There's tons of other reasons why this game is so bad, and by what I've just spoken about and other people here, I agree they must of been talking to COD fanboys out there and decided to make the game how they like it as well as wanting to make the game easier for people with a lack of skill or unfamiliar with the game, and don't care about their loyal Gears fans like us. I'm giving this a two because of what they've done to it. And this is also another game that demonstrates that critics can't be trusted with most games out there. Expand
  88. Aug 3, 2013
    Campaign: Awful storyline, awful gameplay and awful tone throughout. I have no idea why people like the campaign. The campaign is just Horde mode- wtf. Gears of war 1 and 2 had the best campaigns. I think the only reason why people like the campaign is because it is fun when playing with friends because it requires more teamwork (Its horde mode) and is more competitive because you now earn points and you want to beat your friends.
    Multiplayer: Couldn't even tell that its gears. They've taken out down but not out (No reviving or executions) which was the trademark of gears. No active reloads, no symmetrical maps, no locust. They've taken everything that belonged to gears and replaced it with COD features. Everyone gets a grenade to start with- its a bloody grenade frenzy. Teamwork is not needed anymore and that to me was what made the game gears of war.
  89. Aug 3, 2013
    this game is a disgrace to gears of war and is basicly a retarded version of halo I hate the gears of war series because it is a copycat of halo and resident evil
  90. Aug 19, 2013
    This game doesn't even deserve 1 star,it sucks period. It's so primitive and takes away all the nostalgic feel and elements of the gears trilogy. You'll leave after playing this game more frustrated than happy,it has no fun factor,it's terrible. Even if this game was free,I'd take it just to burn it...people can fly needs to be fired,and epic needs to get their together if they want to ever get themselves out of this ditch. .they should of left gears alone after 3,scrapped judgment and worked on a gears for the XBox One..they failed,miserably. Expand
  91. Aug 26, 2013
    Disappointed isn't the word! I have been a massive gears fan since day 1 and gears 1 was a huge contributing factor towards why I bought my 360. I saw the adverts and Press releases for judgement and I was excited about the New addition to the franchise, Oh how wrong I was!
    Everything that was good about gears has gone! DBNO, Active Reloads, Grenade tagging, meat shields, executions,
    unable to play as locusts, Clutching in multiplayer......... Need I go on? And instead they have added some terrible features that I honestly can't understand how anyone could like. Stim gas WTF! Jumping off buildings WTF! First to 50 in TDM WTF! Again need I go on? It's terrible just terrible. If you are a real die hard gears fan avoid this game like the plague. It's Crap! 4/10 coz the multiplayer is average and has a slight resemblance to gears of war. :0( Expand
  92. Sep 1, 2013
    We all know gears players aren't here for the story, but gears has Epic has always delivered on that front by some chance. This game delivers on no fronts. The story is bland at best. There is one boss battle and it was literally the worst one in video game history. All you have to do is strafe around and occasionally take cover( Even on Insane). They junked horde and added Overrun. Overrun is been broken since the demo/beta and has no appeal. The sad part is you can still play the Demo too. Survival is overrun, but your CoG? Why not just give us Horde? Multiplayer was the reason a majority of people bought this game, and it was terrible. There is only 4 maps for it, that doesn't get boring soon does it? The DLC was OK. Gears of War 3 is better in every single aspect of the Game. Why do you think Cliffy B and Rod left Epic huh? This game isn't worth the box it sits in collecting dust. Expand
  93. Nov 19, 2013
    I would go into a novel of a review like I did with Halo 4 but this game doesn't even deserve that much. Do not buy this game and if you have then use it to go towards a trade in for a game that really cares about its core players. If you like Horde then don't bother with it. Many are already disappointed by this game and I am as well. This game is just Epic trying to earn extra bucks for a popular series.
    Don't get me wrong I really love all gears of war games, but this one is garbage.
    The story sucks. And so does the MP.

    This game does not deserve the title "gears of war" it more deserves to be called "The adventures of Baird and friends".

    I wasted alot of time on this game that I'm never going to get back. Thanks for selling the fans a game that should've been a DLC for the first gears and the Aftermath story to be a DLC for Gears 3.

    Way to come out with a Leaky Garbage Xbox Exclusive before the Next Gen Consoles arrive Epic!
  94. Jan 25, 2014
    As a gears of war love this is the worst piece of **** I have ever played. Nothing but a **** cash grab. Would give a -1 score if possible............
  95. Apr 8, 2014
    Tengo que decir que es el peor GoW, cambian muchas cosas, por ejemplo los comandos, la mecanica del juego y de llevar un arma principal, eso si el juego tal parece que ha sido desarrollado para ser mas arcade, viendo los movimientos de los personajes, lo compre por su modo multijugador y ni de eso se salva. Un GoW debil con respecto a sus antecesores.
  96. Jun 23, 2014
    Day One Return to gamespot. I was extremely disappointed in this game. The Co-op has all but been removed, everyone gets grenades at the start? When did this game turn into a poorly-made 3rd person Call of Duty? The risk of picking up weapons is non-existent, the locust are gone in exchange for a customization option? Really? I Hope Black Tusk can fix it up in the sequel.
  97. Jul 30, 2014
    This is by far the most disappointing entry in the Gears of War franchise. Why they decided to make this is beyond my question, but when you change nearly everything from game play to the heart and tone of the classics, that just shows that this is a cheap cash grab, for people that adore the crappy CoD games and have no idea what Gears of War is about to buy or squeeze a little bit more money from it's adored predecessors. There are a few nice things in it though, like playing as Baird. Story wise, this was average at best, but multiplayer and combat was BUTCHERED! Instead of keeping the beautiful combat system like in 2, they have to dumb it down for idiots to understand. STOP IT! This game, is pointless, with a boring story, with no soul like the classics, and while the graphics might be the best in the series, graphics don't count in my opinion. This is a 3 at best, and they should have stopped at number 2. Expand
  98. Jul 31, 2014
    this game messed up the the series how do u take baird and marcus and have them arrested ive played it sucks campiagn there was not even characthers from 3 microsoft should had never bought gears of war they ruined it they should had left it with ubisoft and epic games and whos the new commander that dude just poped in and punched baired when he was saluting him i mean they took out so much from versus dont get me wrong i love gears of war but jugement ruined it Expand
  99. Aug 1, 2014
    the campaign is poor because the story is not that good and disappointing .. AND MULTIPLAYER is good but not great .. gears 3 is better and gears 1 is alot better then all of the series
  100. Sep 15, 2014
    Okay, where to begin. Let's start with the severely flawed gameplay features. First of all, no down-but-not-out. Now, when you're riddled with bullets, you're just dead 9 times out of 10, depending on the circumstances. In Overrun, for instance, you're dead, but can be revived by a medic with "stim grenades", (which to me is kind of ridiculous, just because it feels ridiculous, but that's beside the point) which doesn't make me feel any better about not having DBNO. Next, unless things have changed a good bit since the last time I played multiplayer, you can't grenade tag walls to set traps. I personally enjoyed this feature, as it was a fun way to add some strategy to the game. I also hate that you can't have two primary weapons and a pistol, just two weapons. These weapons can be any weapons mind you, so the developers have apparently decided that your snub pistol is as equally valuable as your gnasher is, which essentially renders the pistols in the game obsolete. I mean who in their right mind is dropping their lancer or hammerburst for a snub or boltok, unless they're showing off of course. I also disliked the reworking of the controls. Now this part may be a bit nit-picky, but the control scheme feels too generic now, like Call of Duty or Battlefield instead of Gears. It just feels wrong to play for veterans of the series. Which brings us to another disappointment to veterans. Remember how much you loved horde and beast mode? Well they're gone. But you've heard about overrun, right? Their shiny, new successor? Yeah. It falls way short of expectations. It's all kinds of fun, don't get me wrong, but it's no horde. And survival was just a disappointing, stripped down mode in general. And as if the lack of modes wasn't bad enough, the multiplayer is made laughable by humans fighting humans. So now if you want to play versus, it's red Marcus versus blue Marcus. If you want to play as a Locust, move along to overrun. On top of that, the sheer shortage of even human characters to play as was severely disappointing after the previous game's copious offerings. And then there's the addition of "character skins". Look, if people want to play CoD and shell out their hard earned cash for useless DLC, be my guest, but I've thought the idea of weapon skins in Gears was ridiculous since 3, and the addition of skins for your character such as "bee", "bacon", "candy cane", and "clown" is in direct contrast to how gritty and brutal Gears feels and is supposed to feel. The lack of active reloading could be overlooked, but I feel like the game is missing a staple action each time I reload now. Oh. And one more fun fact. Vets. Remember how in Gears 1 you could melee somebody, then blow them apart with a shotgun because it took you absolutely no time to recover? Well that's back! Thank goodness that never got old and abused! Now on to the positive aspects. I liked how fluid the movement felt, and how you could jump from high ledges now. It just felt really cool. What little multiplayer there is feels fun to play if you can ignore the fact that you just blew your own character's head off while he was dressed up in what looked like a Halloween outfit. The story itself, while unnecessary since we kind of knew the general details, was really fun, and I liked the addition of "bonus missions", so to speak, to reveal more details about what happened. The extra challenge was always welcome. I also liked how the focus was set on Baird and Cole, even though I sorta missed seeing Marcus and Dom, the series's staple protagonists. In short, this game isn't all bad. It's a big let-down to me as a veteran of the series, but as a starting point, I could see how it might not be awful. That said, it's worth playing if you're a hardcore fan of the series for the story alone if you can get it without paying too much. Just try to ignore how awkward and limited things feel at first and you might get used to it. Here's hoping that the next title in the series feels less like a stripped down Gears game trying to imitate Call of Duty and more like the bonafide, gritty, entrancing series we all know and love. Expand
  101. Mar 19, 2013
    Sigh, by far the worst game in the gears of war franchise I can go as far to say that it does not even deserve to be have the name gears of war in its title. the game has been totally changed the controllers have been turned into call of duty style unlike the good original gears of war controls, only 4 launch maps, around 9 characters (carmines are not included). down but not out mode is gone so you just die immediately not get downed. the story line has concept but it is badly executed half of the campaign seems like you are playing an online match just setting up defenses and waiting for the locust to come towards you it is boring and nothing but a time burn. I've been playing gears of war since the first one and I can honestly say that this is the first one in the franchise that I will return. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. May 9, 2013
    It's Gears 3, minus pacing and ambition. It's still fantastically enjoyable, but it's easily the least interesting Gears game. [June 2013, p.64]
  2. May 7, 2013
    Judgment shows that the People Can Fly team knows its way around triple-A titles. They managed to squeeze a lot out of Unreal Engine 3 – the game looks great even compared to Crysis 3, which set new standards in terms of visuals, also on consoles. And when the technology restrained them, they creatively found a way around limitations. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.60]
  3. Apr 21, 2013
    Judgment feels a bit like an excuse to provide the Xbox 360 with one last first-party game for what is likely to be its final year as Microsoft’s flagship game platform.