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  1. For fans of the Guitar Hero franchise, Guitar Hero: Metallica might be the best entry we've seen yet. I was somewhat lukewarm on my reception to the other band-themed title that Neversoft put out with GH: Aerosmith, but Metallica absolutely blows that game out of the water, not only with the track listing, but the overall time and attention put into the actual presentation, and how the band seems to be infused into every aspect of the game.
  2. With Guitar Hero: Metallica, it looks like Neversoft was able to balance the interests of fans of the band and fans of the franchise.
  3. The bottom line is if you're a Metallica fan, there's no reason for you not to be playing Guitar Hero: Metallica right now.
  4. While the GHTunes music creator is still entirely uninteresting the rest of the package is of such high quality that it’s easy to recommend.
  5. 91
    Metallica songs just seem to lend themselves to this type of game. The note charts are a blast and the presentation is top-notch.
  6. The bottom line is, if you're a Metallica fan, you're going to buy this.
  7. In conclusion, Guitar Hero Metallica is a decent improvement over Guitar Hero Aerosmith and hopefully this will inspire other bands to join in the fun.
  8. An amazing track list compiling important songs from every album of the bands history, solid character animations of the band, accurate representations of the stages the band has played on that fans will recognize, a digital "diary" of the band, and even special attacks in the Battle mode. There's not much else you could ask for. Guitar Hero: Metallica sets the bar for upcoming band-specific titles.
  9. If you love music/rhythm games and looking for a new challenge or you just love Metallica, you need to buy this video game. More downloadable content would've made this the best Guitar Hero yet, but as it stands, it still rocks. Snag it and obey your master.
  10. The Metallica integration goes deeper than the music itself – the band members all appear in the game, although career mode finds you playing not as anyone IN Metallica, but as the band opening for them while on tour.
  11. 90
    That said, this entry is more challenging than previous Guitar Hero efforts, so newcomers should hone their plastic guitar-playing skills on World Tour before braving this one. Once you've learned to shred with the big boys, though, feel free to stage-dive into one of Guitar Hero's best encores yet.
  12. A compelling collections of tracks from the titular band and others, Guitar Hero: Metallica is not only a fine retrospective of the band’s storied career, but also the most fun Guitar Hero game in years.
  13. All together Guitar Hero: Metallica gives up 49 Rocking Tunes, 28 of which belong to the rock monsters Metallica. This makes Guitar Hero: Metallica the perfect add-on for Guitar Hero fans looking to turn up their stereo's and shred.
  14. With a track list that can rival anything on the market, this has captured the essence of Metallica perfectly. An incredible experience for fans. [Issue#45, p.78]
  15. If you are a fan of Metallica, you must play this game, no question about it.
  16. Guitar Hero and Metallica go together like love and marriage. Fans of the series will love this quality addition to the franchise.
  17. 90
    This game is an absolute must have for every rock and Guitar Hero fan.
  18. Clearly the best artist-specific Guitar Hero yet, Metallica captures the intensity and pace of one of the most influential bands in history. It's a no-brainer for purchase if you're already a Guitar Hero fan, and looks sure to become a party favourite amongst those who appreciate extremely loud music.
  19. This game really does pay homage to Metallica and this is a game fans definitely need to purchase.
  20. 89
    It certainly doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's been a while since I've had this much fun with a music game. The only thing keeping me from scoring it higher is the fact that it doesn't support most of the Guitar Hero DLC. Other than that, it's a great experience that Metallica fans should run out and get.
  21. What can you say? It’s Metallica. If you like Metallica, pick this up. If you don’t, you may want to skip it.
  22. From the perspective of a Metallica fan that already owns a full set of World Tour or Rock Band instruments and wants to play together with friends, the purchase of GH: Metallica is a no-brainer.
  23. While I knew I’d love playing the songs off the first four albums, the rest of the soundtrack definitely matches the intensity of the vintage stuff.
  24. As something built for the fans, you can’t really fault it. It’s the best guitar game out there at the moment, and anything coming after this in terms of band specific titles has a high benchmark to be measured against.
  25. The coolest offering is a Metallifacts overlay for all Metallica songs: When you play one, you get the in-game Metallica characters playing the song, but text comes up every few seconds to give you some trivia about the particular song, such as reminiscences from the band or inspirations for that tune or the lyrics. I’m not a big Metallica fan, but I was fascinated by some of what I read.
  26. Any fan of metal rock will find more than enough from both Metallica and the bands that inspired them. With great care taken to pick a stellar track list that best represent the band’s music this is a game that Metallica fans will not soon forget since it is most likely sitting on their game shelf now. If you’re a fan of metal music this is a must own.
  27. The perfect game for every Metallica and Thrash/Heavy Metal fan, also thanks to the subtle but important gameplay improvements introduced by Neversoft. It's a pity that the absence of support for the pre-existing DLC songs library forces us to always keep a copy of GH: World Tour at hand.
  28. Something I was very pleased to note was the vast improvement in graphics and animation over previous Guitar Hero iterations.
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  1. Apr 23, 2014
    I will take this time to review Guitar Hero as a franchise but just know this was my favourite in the series mainly because i'm more of aI will take this time to review Guitar Hero as a franchise but just know this was my favourite in the series mainly because i'm more of a metal/grunge head than a old rocker or cock rocker and I do enjoy the heavy stuff. Guitar Hero was a fantastic idea but I feel that when you play real guitar the plastic controller is far from cool but being able to play along to Metallica in a simple way is fun however I do have to raise a point that a friend noted, tracks can be ruined when you have heard them too many times with the click clacking of the plastic buttons. The franchise as a whole seemed to corner itself by saturating the market too quickly I can't help that think the technology would have been put to better use if teamed up with iTunes or Spotify so you could play along to your own rock music library. Activision seemed to make a lot of mistakes with this franchise and that's why it get's a relatively low score. Full Review »
  2. Apr 25, 2013
    This game is pretty much Guitar Hero: World Tour with Metal songs, for the most part that is. Though you'll get tracks like For Whom The BellThis game is pretty much Guitar Hero: World Tour with Metal songs, for the most part that is. Though you'll get tracks like For Whom The Bell Tolls, Chemical Warfare, Ace of Spades and Master Of Puppets, you'll eventually be plagued by some crappy Foo Fighters song or any other generic rock song that sounds like it should be played on your local news station, not a Metallica game! But I digress this game is still great since it's not like it forces you to play Foo Fighters' songs but tell me where is GH:Big 4? Full Review »
  3. May 23, 2012
    Great game not just for Metallica-fans but if you are you will love it just like me. The presentation and options you get in this game areGreat game not just for Metallica-fans but if you are you will love it just like me. The presentation and options you get in this game are awesome. The sound is very good, I thought some songs where better than the CD-versions. This is an epic ride through Trashmetal and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! xD Full Review »