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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Pilot a lone starship and fight through an armada of alien ships to save Earth in Gyruss, the classic 3D space shooter. Battle your way from Neptune past Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars earning power-ups and score bonuses along the way. Experience all 23 levels of this arcade classics as you battle your way to Planet Earth. Play the classic arcade two player mode, taking turns on your Xbox 360, or take your game online with Xbox Live with both versus and co-op game modes. Play Gyruss in all its classic arcade glory, or play the enhanced Xbox 360 version, with digitally enhanced sounds effects, fully rendered 3D models, a new cosmic starfield background, and special explosion effects. You can even earn 12 new achievements for your successful defense of Earth. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. Gyruss never managed to attain the popularity of other shooters of the time such as "Galaga", but it deserved better. [July 2007, p.69]
  2. Just a superb blaster that will test your reflexes to the limit and make you realise that sometimes ancient arcade games can still be a lot of fun. [Issue#20, p.116]
  3. Gyruss isn't exactly the most famous shooter in the world, but if you remember it--and remember liking it--you'll get enough out of it to justify the $5 purchase price.
  4. It won’t likely suck you back in for repeat plays, like a "Geometry Wars" or even other old-school arcade games like "Joust" - and if you’re getting it for the 200 achievement points, you might be disappointed that you’ll have to really work for some of the milestones.
  5. Another month, another retro space shooter on Xbox Live. This one, however, isn't as much fun as you remember. [July 2007, p.81]
  6. 48
    While it may have done some things that were technically impressive in 1983, game design has come a long way since then and Gyruss simply doesn't hold up. Add in the fact that this port isn't even as good as the original arcade version and you have little reason to give this title more than a passing glance.
  7. Some of the most renowned old games ever have a terrible knack of ageing horribly. Take Gyruss. By virtue of the fact that it was created by Yoshiki 'Street Fighter 2/Final Fight' Okamoto in 1983, it appears to have been granted a disproportionate level of historical interest, despite not actually being anything special in its own right.

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