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  1. Nov 6, 2012
    Halo 4 showed us that 343 Studios can handle the series but I don't think they quite get it yet. Being a long time fan of Halo I noticed how Halo 4 felt and looked far too different from the rest. This could be the fact that it's made by someone other then Bungie but I still can't shake it off. QTE's are thrown in to change the pace and some cutscenes don't do the game any justice, they make it seem like a cruddy movie with poor shots and scenes. An hour in the game you're repeating some of the same things you had done earlier so it becomes repetitive and slow. The story to Halo 4 was also a dramatic change in the series. It goes from a simple super solider fighting off aliens to then giving him emotions for an A.I. Nothing is wrong with this but it doesn't fit the title of Halo at all. Enemy designs also don't fit the series and look as if the game is taking a serious Japanese anime turn. I mean really, a ridiculous flying orbs with an alien inside who has telekinesis and giant robots now? Halo has come a long way and 343 did a good job with Halo 4 but they have yet to grasp the series is really about. It was nice that they added a neat touch up to the multiplayer by adding a story line to it. Expand
  2. Mar 23, 2013
    Halo 4 is by far one of the best games of all time. The story is more personal, dark, and rewarding than previous halo entries and ends on an all out high note. The graphics are a revolution in gaming, with detailed environments, superb lighting, ridiculously high res textures, and incredible facial animation and motion capture. The sweeping spectacle and breath taking views of distant forerunner structures reminisce to when people first saw halo combat evolved. Also, the cinematics are so incredible when I first saw them I thought they were live action. They really are that good. As for the gameplay, they keep to the series' main roots, straight up runnin and gunnin like a baller. It is incrediblely satisfying to just run out and desimate enemies. The weapons not only look and sound great but are all unique and perfectly balanced. Speaking of sound, it's epic, from the crack of an assault rifle, to the all new beautiful score by Neil davidge, to the simple hum of a warthog halo 4 stays true to the awesome sound design we've come to expect from halo games. Themu,tip layer has been redone and is incredibly fun and addicting, with the new loadout system, halo 4 adds much more customization that is nice change to halo. Spartan ops is since bit of narrative based arcade style killing feet that can be a real blast to play. While the sequences are over in minutes and aren't that challenging even on legendary and you won't get hold of much of the story during combat,they still feel epic and the weekly cinematics they bring are a treat to watch. As for forge, it's just as awesome as ever but, allowing you to make the map of your dreams, but as been refined to the point that does away with the annoying issues it used to have. So overall, halo 4 is one of the best of the series, an incredible start to the new trilogy, and one of the best looking, best sounding, best playing, straight up BEST game of all time. Expand
  3. Nov 17, 2012
    i dont know how to explain this but, i am a big halo fan, no doubt, and when bungie left and gave the franchise to 343 industries i had mixed feelings. could they do better than bungie? well they didnt ruin the franchise thats for sure! the campaign is pretty short which kind of disappointed me, and the story does have some plot holes but the story its self at the end is pretty cool. apparently this is a start of a new trilogy but i dont see how they can continue from where it ended. another thing in the campaign is the new enemies. THEY ARE ANNOYING! they will piss you off like no other enemy in the franchise. if found the flood annoying. wait till you try this on legendary!

    multiplayer has had a change too, its a bit more like call of duty and battlefield with the custom classes and the sprinting. but it still does feel like halo and fans will be sort of like home, maybe a but more to their neighbors home. the annoying thing i found so far in the multiplayer is that when your playing online, the same maps keep coming over and over again. i find that there are not enough maps that come with the game, but if you want to spend a couple extra bucks, dlc maps are coming. over all i had a pleasant time playing the campaign and the multiplayer. i still have some mixed feelings cause it does and doesnt feel like a halo game. but thats just my opinion. halo ce is and so far has always been the definitive halo game in my opinion.
  4. Jan 11, 2013
    I have played every single Halo game, including Halo: AE and Halo Wars, so I have a good spectrum of the Halo universe and the good and bad Halo games. PROS: 1) Beautiful graphics and sound. This game just looks good! Lush jungles, cool Forerunner areas, etc. 2) Matchmaking system is great as always... easy to find a game and stay with a group. 3) Multiplayer is good fun. Good maps, and an old favorite. Vehicles all perform well. Most weapons feel good to shoot.
    4) Loadout system adds something new to match your playstyle, but doesn't make the game unbalanced.
    5) Campaign was solid, new enemies are always welcome after the Covenant was done for multiple games.

    1) Spartan Ops is pretty shallow and offers little to the game or story.
    2) Campaign was short and the plot was all over the place. IE - Who is this guy, who is that guy and why are they important?
    3) Ordinance drops don;t really work with Halo. I would rather have good weapons on the map that respawn quicker. Many ordinance drops make you choose between 3 equally bad weapons or bonuses. Feels too COD.
    4) 343 Studios went overboard on the weapons. I don't need 3 long range weapons, 3 medium and 3 short range weapons. Just a bit too much.
    5) Armor is unlocked through finishing challenges which forces you to use crummy weapons etc if you want the armor. The credit system from Halo: Reach was great and one of the better ideas from that game.

    A pretty good, almost great game with a few issues. Halo 4 doesn't need to copy COD... everyone has had their fill of that anyway. Also, the campaign was fun, but pretty forgettable. Beyond that though, this game has a robust MP that will make most fans and newcomers happy.
  5. Nov 21, 2012
    I think I must have overhyped myself because I didn't feel stunned by the visuals when I first popped it in. Yes, they looks great but I think I had seen to many screen shots that I really expected to be blown away but when I popped it in it was what I had already seen. Having read the two Forerunner trilogy books prior to playing this I was excited to see how the forerunner, given there history with the human race, would be poised in this game. For those of you have read both and then played the game you were certainly understand when I say that the game does a fantastic job of lightly tying into the books and then making major pieces of the game way better. Bottom line, the campaign was great and music made it epic, and it no way let me down which was a bit of a concern the month before launch. The online was quite a shock. It didn't feel like Halo, borrowed a lot from Call of Duty but it still felt true to its nature. It took some getting used to but now I love it. The various changes they made felt forced at first but once I though about it I felt like they fit better in the Halo universe than anything else I could imagine them doing and another online like 3 or reach was not an option so it was a good compromise. I dabbled in the first episode of Spartan Ops and I like that it was a fairly smooth experience and other than the occasionally crappy teammate who just killed everyone else, it was actually a lot of fun. Halo is definitely in my top 3 this year and with the amount I keep going back to it I expect it will continue to move up. As I know some people are Halo-adverse I can't say I would recommend it to everyone, but if you are the kind of person that has ever had the slightest interest in Halo, this is an awesome point to jump in. Expand
  6. Jan 31, 2014
    Best Xbox game I have ever played! The war games are feroucious and compettitive! the backgroumd design for the levels are amazing....................
  7. Nov 16, 2012
    Best Halo since Combat Evolved. I am not a Halo fan, ever since Combat Evolved you could say I've been a Halo Hater. Till now. I felt that Bungie squandered and incredible Universe by forcing us to play through campaigns with confusing and lackluster stories, that were set in a great universe with characters that had all the potential to be memorable. Also I felt that Bungie never took any chances with updating Multiplayer. I can say with no doubt I trust in 343, they made em care about the characters, I actually enjoyed the story and the visuals and sound are second to none and did a great job of engrossing you. I also feel the Multiplayer with Spartan Ops is a great change and addition to Multiplayer and has had me fighting my way to 50 to get my first specialization Expand
  8. Jan 23, 2013
    Halo 4 is not the masterpiece but it has its place in the Halo universe, Halo 4 has not had many drastic changes in multilayer except from the new load out system that brings a whole new depth to the multilayer, as it is no longer a rush for the best weapons at the start and felling like there no way back when you stuck with the Assault Rifle over someone with a DMR sniping you from a higher vantage point. it also allow for new players to get into the game due to it similarities with Call of Duty (this can be seen as good or bad). The single player on the other hand is the one of the best Halo campaigns to date maybe even one of the best FPS campaigns to data, with so many twist and turns throughout the story, if you have played the other Halos and felt something for the story's then I believe that you have to try this game if only for the single player, we have to give credit where credit is due as 343 have done a stellar job on creating a deep and engaging story line that bring a tear to the eye at the conclusion. If you have not played a Halo before I think you should steer clear of the single player till you have as you will feel nothing for the story line. I think if this is your first Halo it is more like a 6/10 as I feel the story even though being fairly short is still Epic and bring a huge amount to the game for series long fans. Expand
  9. Nov 15, 2012
    i see the haters/call of duty fanboys have rated this game as low as possible. what a bunch of morons. this game is great and way better than Call of Duty.
  10. Nov 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *GAMES EVOLVE* I can understand that people are saying Halo 4 has call of duty features but is that really a bad thing? Does the shooting feel like COD or the action, atmosphere, art design, characters, story, gah its Halo 4 you guys. Games have to evolve every now and then. Uncharted 3 Had loadouts, perks, money system for weapon attachments, character customization, etc and that is still a great multiplayer. Gears of war, you choose what gun you want to start and that has a loadout, maybe not a perk but hell your pretty much a super soldier already. I don't understand why people can't take change. Anyways I just wanted to take that in perspective that GAMES EVOLVE or you'd hate how halo would be if it was the exact same thing like the *Cough* Modern*coughs* Warfare*coughs* series*coughs*. Just know that I'm not disrespecting you guys, just get time with the changes. *Review* I have to say this is the best Halo by far since it seems more in depth into what the franchise is. I am gladly to say this is the real reason why I bought an Xbox for. Story - After almost 5 years(forgot the exact date) since the last game, seeing in Halo 3 where Master Cheif and Cortana were drifting off in space, waiting to be found. After 4 years in cryosleep, Master Chief was awaken by Cortana since they were being invaded by the covenent, later to be found by the Forerunner Planet "Requiem" being sucked in by the gravitational pull and stranded on the planet. Without giving too much away, the story in this game is not only about Master Chief but more into Cortanas side of her story; just in Master Cheifs perspective. Halo series never been really a selling point of its story but lore. This one seems more in depth of it's story though it is short, it is the best story by far and engaging as it give us the reason why we're really fighting the Covenent. Gameplay - Alright, this is where people really want to know if this still feels like a Halo game. Still shooting from the hip?(Yep) Stilll Energy Sheild?(Yep) Still have the badass assualt rifle?(Yep) Plays like reach?(Yep) So whats new about it? Well theres alot of new things in this game. New weapons going for in depth with the covenents but also a new species called the prometheans, which you use they're guns off on their body parts. The gameplay is still that old Halo formula we all know and love. The game also has had a great redone over its graphics, making the xbox go through its full potential though with some merky texture going up close to things. The multiplayer is still there, though it is a little faster than the other ones. I don't know what to say but rather that its **** awesome. It has high replayablity with many and I mean MANY game modes that are **** fun. Some I wish they didnt' take out like SWAT on reach but overall it is a goood **** game.

    This is the best Halo and xbox game I
  11. Mar 17, 2014
    Whilst the campaign was short and linear compared to past Halo games, the story and emotional attachment was good. The multiplayer is sub-par, and very shallow. Taking cues from Call of Duty whilst still trying to make it it feel like Halo was a tough task and it wasn't a good mix. The graphics (the only really good thing about this) are great for its time, some of the best I've seen on Xbox 360, although when you play split-screen with a buddy, the console really shows it's age, having to dial back on the graphics due to having to render the meshes & textures twice on some really old hardware. All in all, the multiplayer gets stale after a few hours of play, and campaign was solid but a tad bit on the short side. As a classic Halo fan, I am disappointed in this project, although some may like it, and it does have some strong aspects. Expand
  12. Mar 17, 2014
    simply the best halo in my opinion, the multiplayer is better then ever, graphics are amazing, and story was more emotional.well worth the buy, for the xbox 360
  13. Mar 19, 2013
    I can remember the days when I hated FPS and then I discovered Halo. Loved the new weapons and new race to fight. Loved the graphics. I can say that I had so much fun playing through the campaign with my brother in law and making jokes. If the walking dead hadn't destroyed my heart before I played this, I might have even cried when one of my beloved characters died. I think the beauty here is that they didn't try to teach an old dog any tricks. They just tweaked the same stuff we've been loving for years. Expand
  14. Dec 31, 2013
    A worthy entry into the acclaimed series, Halo 4 is an exciting and intense first-person shooter. The game offers little in the way of new enemies, its main drawback and appears to substitute the games expansive environments for spectacular visuals. The game runs very smoothly and the narrative is fantastic. O'Donnell's classic score and theme are missing and replaced with a more generic soundtrack. Expand
  15. Apr 19, 2013
    I have all the halo games and this one is a bit different but still attach to the original game play, it has a lot CoD but i don't see that like a bad thing, for me this game is a 1 year online game to play.
  16. Nov 7, 2012
    343i has tried to infuse some 'Humanity' into the story & tell a more personal tale about Master Chief's relationship with Cortana, but Halo 4 fails to evoke any emotions. This is in no small part due to Steve Downes boring monotone voice acting as the Master Chief. e.g Master Chief and cortana are aboard a derelict spaceship being sucked into a giant artificial planet slaughtering Aliens and they're just casually talking back & forth like they're sat in the waiting room for a dentist appointment - it's literally comical!

    The campaign also suffers from some atrocious level design. For example there's a part near the beginning of the campaign where you(the player) must climb up an elevator shaft avoiding falling debris. This could have been a sweat inducing, heart pounding moment, that is, if if weren't impossible to fail. There's also precious little else like in the campaign which only serves to give the impression that 343 weren't given the creative freedom to experiment. This is a shame because things like more platforming is exactly the kind of variety Halo needs.

    Finally the "Spartan Ops" mode is just awful. Lazy 10 minute missions on recycled environments(without scoring by the way) is pathetic replacement for Firefight. Besides if there's already a 4 player Co-op campaign why is this mode even needed? What were the developers thinking?

    Just a quick summary of the some of the biggest negatives as the 'professional' critics seem to be totally incapable of intelligently critiquing the products they are given.
  17. Nov 7, 2012
    I was sort of bummed out by this game, maybe because my expectiations were too high. I mean, it is not bad in any way, but it is far from extraordinary. It looks amazing, the story is refreshingly different, the voice acting is top of the class: it is definetly Halo (SP campaign is not exactly long, tho).

    Where it fails for me is multiplayer; the heart and soul of Halo. First off, what
    happened to invasion? I loved that mode in Reach :( Slayer mode is fun as always, but the level design feels a bit off on some maps. The minimap colors isn't good enough either. All in all, I'm somewhat disappointed, but I should mention my expectations were sky high. Expand
  18. Nov 7, 2012
    It's good, but it's not the Halo that I'm used too. First off, the campaign is fast and keeps you wanting to play. But 343i added some parts to the campaign that really shouldn't be there, mostly surrounding the Chief (Character depth, a "friend", and that brown-noser Latsky) Second: There was a lot of good customization, minus the lack of emblems. (Not too happy I can't have the emblem that I have had since Halo 2) Multiplayer: Fast, fun, thought I wouldn't like the supply drops, but they add a good element. Disappointed that you need a certain trait to pic up ammo (Not to mention once you run out of ammo with your gun you're kinda screwed.)

    Overall it's a good game, but if you're used to the Halo made by Bungie, this is going to feel different.
  19. Nov 7, 2012
    Honest opinion about this game. Graphics gave received a very nice upgrade, visuals definitely push the 360 to the limit with the occasional hiccup. Game play mechanics remains the same. Exciting start to the story that cannot be maintained throughout the campaign and falls on the short side of time. New enemies are cool, but old enemies and repetitiveness champion through the game. Multiplayer is still the same, which is a good or bad thing if you are a fan, some minor tweaks to loadouts and such. Overall an ok experience, just not a new or groundbreaking game. Expand
  20. Nov 18, 2012
    as an halo fan, i'm pretty disapointed about the campain and find it really boring but i really like the multiplayer. But the best think who make halo really fun is the forge and just some little think, like the magnet, are really usefull. i know you are disapointed of the game but i enjoy the multiplayer of this halo who is really better than halo reach. so this is my point of view. sorry for my english Expand
  21. Nov 8, 2012
    From the beginning of Halo 4's conception, 343 was trying to take the game in a new direction. They wanted to incorporate what they determined the fans wanted. They tweaked the style and added in a lot of lore from the series. It was inspired and very well advertised. Campaign : Overall, it was a lot of fun. Although, I found it a little easy at times even on legendary. The music composition was very well fitted to the environments within the campaign. The bits of story they planted into the game was nearly seamless. It was 8 missions long and each mission was adequately sized, but it didn't take us long to beat it. I really didn't expect some long, drawn out campaign with spartan ops making its debut.

    Spartan Ops : It's a pretty decent campaign spin-off. The ability to pick load-outs and respawn definitely adds an arcade feel to it, and it is much less frustrating to die when you spawn with your favorite weapons and armor abilities. The individual chapters are pretty short; they are comparable to the division of the campaign levels. Each one takes about 12-20 minutes. It is nonstop shooting. Just the way we like it.

    Multiplayer : The reason 90% of us play halo. It did not disappoint. It added a few abilities never seen in halo and eliminated a few of the unnecessary ones. The levels are well designed, beautiful and I enjoy the faster pace set by the lowered shields and shorter recharge delays. The ordinance drops could use some tweaking, but I heard rumors of specializations allowing you to focus them on the weapons/power ups of your choice. I have yet to see it though...
  22. Nov 18, 2012
    My scores up to this point for reference follow: Halo 1 - 10 Halo 2 - 8 Halo 3 - 9 Halo ODST - 7 Halo Reach - 8 Halo Anniversary - 7 (lots of flaws the original didn't have, and artistic direction was just awkward) Halo 4 - 10 This is the single best Halo experience I have ever had. It may not be as revolutionary compared to what had come before it as Halo 1 (how could it be?) but it is the most fun I have had at Halo, the most enthralled I have been at Halo, and the most passionate I have been about it.

    On to the grit.

    Graphics: The graphics are beautiful. The artistic design is delightful, the character designs border on the inspired. In certain moments, these are the best in game graphics I have ever seen on the system, in others though, graphical artifacting and glitching mar the experience. Misloaded textures take away from the experience and suspend disbelief. These may be the fault of my aging system (same box I have owned since the month of launch), but regardless of where the fault lies, It damages an otherwise flawless visible presentation.

    Sound - The sound library is improved in several ways, with the gun, grenade, and terrain sounds all minorly boosted. The biggest aspect of sound, and by far the most notable, is the change of musical direction. I'll be honest, I wish they could have retained the composers from the original, because they help identify the world, even in the face of Bungie's departure. That said, the songs are beautiful, and capture the feel of the game very well. Gone are the days of the music track defining the level, and it is replaced by music that helps focus the environment. While the raw talent may not be as high now as it was, the skill with which each level has its song composed and matched, is superior.

    Balance - Gun balance is the most important part of Halo's overall balance in design, for me. And this game wins in a big way. Everything is useful here. The Assault Rifle has finally figured out its balance. It being the default gun for most missions over the course of the game finally makes sense in story, as the gun is ridiculously useful for mid and close range engagement, an does not fully lose itself in long range. The pulse rifle, which was overpowered in campaign, is gone as is the terrible Reach equivalent, and in its place we find a far better balanced weapon in the storm rifle. The storm rifle is getting a lot of flack online as terrible, but it is because people do not understand it. This gun is probably the single best support weapon in the game, when used along with your allies' battle rifles and DMRs. All of the new [race redacted to avoid spoilers] weapons find their balance, except the boltshot which would be perfectly functional if it had its magazine size doubled but finds itself hampered by its required reload. The new grenade balance has boosted the game, with the frag grenade more lethal but with a smaller area of effect. The new pulse grenade is getting a lot of hate online, but as an area denial tool, and against vehicles it is very useful. If you have the grenade skills and timing you can also kill a fully charged enemy with a single shot. Overall, the balance functions to lessen the domination of the br/dmr, and open up better representation for the close support, as well as the true long distance, weapons. Grenade play is vastly improved in my opinion and heavily rewards precision, the pistol has finally found its balance, and all that is left is the sniper rifle. I am disappointed with the sniper rifle, as it retains all of its benefits from past versions and picks up far greater 'shoot from the hip' precision, making open-shot sniper rifle dominant when it shouldn't be. Hopefully they address this in a future patch by returning the imprecision to open sight shot with the sniper rifle.

    Emotional affect - I cared more about this campaign than I have cared about anything but 3, and I care about the two main characters more than I ever have. Brilliant success. The script writing is better, the acting is better, the emotion conveyed to the voice is better. Heartbreaking, and 'real'. I cannot overstate how much impact the story had compared to everything else out there. This game shows the fullest potential of what video games should be, in every area but social conscience, and as a philosophic journey, I think it outpaces Bioshock in its final question.

    AI - This is the best AI in the history of the game. Organic AI is improved, and the new race has the best AI I have ever played against. Pathfinding is sometimes predictable, and could benefit from more randomization.

    Glitches - A few graphical glitches mar the experience. One or two sound glitches threw me off, Cortana whispering more quietly than the background music at one point was bad. Wall artifacting at one point. Nothing game-ruining.

    Overall - Arguably the best game I have ever played on the xbox. At the very least in my top 5.
  23. Nov 11, 2012
    Sorry Halo Fans but the only game I like to play for the most part did'nt show up this time ! . I only play at Heroic level and found a lot of the game play sluggish, especially the flight segments. The flight controls
    are insulting and downright boring. Pretty disappointed I am but the story line was ok but left me questioning the logic of it all. The Diadec at the end changes it's
    apperance rather crudely. The graphics were pretty good at times but lacked depth overall. I hoped for more sadly not happily as a Halo fan should.

    Where's the firefight for the people that don't play xbox live.....really!!!
  24. Nov 11, 2012
    7 all I can say. 343 did a freaking fantastic job on this game. Goodbye bungie hello beautiful. The campaign was a riot. I had a lot of fun with the chief and that half naked robo-babe. The story was short but it includes spartan ops which is a fine addition to the game. Then there's the meat and bones of the game. The multiplayer is truly awesome. I tried getting into 3, odst, and reach and they just didn't do it for me. They were great games but the multiplayer was made to cater to basement dwellers. This game I have jumped right in and have totally destroyed all. There's nothing better than hearing a hardcore teen scream in the mic how sucky the game is cause the battle rifle isn't the all end. It feels like 343 did the multiplayer right weapon wise. It seems all the guns have their own uses for different situations but the dmr and br are truly the killers. Whatever 343 did to stop the stupid bunny hopping players gets true nods from me. I love seeing someone jump all around to only get destroyed by me now. In the past if you bunny hopped, it seemed king. But no more. Anyways if your looking to get a truly awesome multiplayer game for the 360, then put your trust in 343. They eclipsed bungie. It's been a long while since I liked a halo multiplayer and I don't see me walking away from this one. I don't even think the new call of duty will get me away from this unless activistion does something truly great with black ops 2. But most likely it will all be nothing but hiding in buildings the whole game cause the sky is littered with helicopters, bombers, etc. Expand
  25. Nov 11, 2012
    At first I didn't really like the game but after playing for many hours and days, I LOVE IT. The campaign was fantastic and is an emotional roller-coaster. The story between Cortana and Master Chief is told very well and IMO this campaign is one of the best in the Halo series. The graphics and sound effects are AMAZING and for a game that runs at 30fps this game is SMOOTH. The enemies in this game are smart, clever and very well done. They actually have a mind of their own and don't run and hide like in previous halo games. Voice acting and the sound tracks for Halo are outstanding. The Multiplayer PLAYS AND FEELS LIKE HALO unlike halo reach (which I hated IMO ) Everything is perfectly balanced this time. The level design is very good and the maps are all well thought-out. The armor abilities and the weapon drops give a fresh new look to Halo 4 and makes the game fell less repetitive compared to previous Halo games. If you like old school Halo then there is a special playlist called Team slayer pro which removes all armor abilities and weapon drops and makes the game just like Halo 3. However, since I am giving a fair review there are SOME things which I really didn't like in this game. The respawns in multiplayer aren't as bad as COD but they get quite annoying and i always end up being spawned in front of a warthog and then being run over immediately. I was also hoping that the campaign could have been a bit longer since it is only 6 hours on normal difficulty. Other than those reasons, this game is VERY GOOD and I highly recommend it. No game is perfect :) Expand
  26. Nov 11, 2012
    As a longtime halo fan I was very skeptical of this new game, not because of the new studio behind it 343, but because of the new "call of duty-like" things being added to multiplayer. After finishing the campaign on heroic and getting to rank 36 here is the good and bad. If you don't want to read, just know that overall it is an excellent game, especially compared to most games these days, and is worth buying.

    The good:
    -join in progress multiplayer games. Now when someone rage quits your team isn't permanently down players for the entire match. I have come into several matches in progress where my team was losing slightly and helped them come back to win. -controls still feel like halo. The jumping, the melee, the movement, the headshots, it all feels just like a halo game. I have heard complaints to the new controls but I use bumper jumper which is more traditional.
    -graphics. I thought Halo: Reach was easily the best looking xbox game, but where it had really crisp textures and almost no shadows, Halo 4 outdoes reach with amazing lighting and shadows. Easily the best looking console game today. -balance. Right off the bat the game feels nicely balanced in terms of weapon power. There is no clear winner with the dmr vs br, and even the carbine and light rifle are on par. None of the weapons feel weak, with even the assault rifle and plasma pistol being formidable weapons.
    -ordinance. I feel it's a great chance of pace to slayer and if you don't like it it's only in slayer
    -dominion. Amazing! A next-gen version of domination or capture and hold control points. The longer you hold a base, the more defenses it builds and resupplies your team with weapons and vehicles.
    -maps. Miles ahead of Halo: Reach in terms of maps on release. Each map is unique and I really love them all except Haven.

    Now some of the bad you should know about
    -the killcam. Great idea even if it's ripped off of call of duty. In my experience it doesn't work 95% of the time, instead showing you a weird replay of someone shooting into the sky.
    -Spartan Ops: not nearly as good as firefight in my opinion. The missions are bland and don't really compare to the amazing campaign missions. Though to be honest, I wouldn't want to fight waves of prometheans anyway.
    -slowing down when shot. This is a double edged sword. It stops nooby double melee rushing, but it also makes it even harder to stay alive in a game that is already beefing up the speed of kills. -No small weapons on maps. I like how power weapons can drop randomly anywhere, but in an objective game where you don't call in ordinance, the only way to pick up a different gun is to kill an enemy. There are no longer grenades and non-power weapons on the map to pick up and resupply you with ammo.

    Overall this game is definitely worth getting. It has changed a bit but I believe for the better. Halo was originally called "combat evolved" and I think they need to keep evolving the halo formula.
  27. Dec 24, 2012
    Such an amazing game can't stress that enough, great physics, color, detail, lighting, vehicles, weapons, I could go on and on..........................................................................................................................................................
  28. Nov 12, 2012
    Undoubtedly the best Halo title yet, and the first to make major changes to the multiplayer game dynamic. The campaign is graphically spectacular, with the increasing rampancy of Cortana a very engaging plot device. The Flood are thankfully absent, the Prometheans are awesome, there are some excellent set pieces, and a great spaceship level made it a memorable experience. It does have its flaws though. As all FPS campaigns it is almost insultingly short, taking around 7 hours on normal. The game also struggles to tell the story as each level progress, and while the cut scenes are glorious they skimp on details. My biggest issue was the final boss fight, which was a clumsy quick time event and made for a very unsatisfying conclusion. However, overall it was an enjoyable romp as any Halo campaign should be. Spartan Ops is an interesting edition, good fun with friends or alone. Free episodic story content is a really innovative idea and should give the game a longer life expectancy. I have high hopes for it. The main gameplay changes come in multiplayer. Borrowing from the call of duty games, you now have loadouts. Unlike COD however, these do not spoil the game for new players, as they are more to do with personal preference than raw power. Heavy weapons no longer have spawn points on the maps, but instead are dropped/teleported into random locations than then appear on everyone Expand
  29. Nov 12, 2012
    Finally Halo is back! Only FPS that actually involves skill. You can shoot me first but if you are not better I will win the battle 9 out of 10 times.
  30. Nov 13, 2012
    I think out of all the Halo titles, this "Almost" falls as bad as Reach was. The biggest mistake developers of video games make is trying to add in new things that NOBODY (that loves halo) wanted in the game in the first place. You start with a single game that everyone loves, add in improvements and separate features (such as forge, skulls) in. But when you start to add in new things that were NEVER asked for, well than you are going to have a bad time! Spartan Ops was literally a disappointment. It could be a big time waster for new players, but lack the freshness of diversity compared to the campaign. It was literally just firefight but with an ending and location movement, but you can't change what enemies there are and the play-style like firefight. You just spawn, leaving out the challenge of beating it with ease and its just plain crap for people who actually try not to get any deaths, not that it even matters anymore.

    Graphics are amazing, very rarely do I see any graphic clippings, and that was ONLY in the cutscenes in campaign. The lighting is amazing. But the generating lighting feature in Forge is so annoying I wish you had the option of turning it off!

    Multiplier is fast paced and I like it. But when you get over the fact of graphics, lighting, and features in-game, it starts to turn into **** Ordinance was the worst feature of all. Some players got rockets and shotguns, while unlucky players received mere needlers that need to be fired directly for a long time before getting a kill. Weapon balancing is a HUGE issue in this game! DMR is a 4 head-shot kill while the rest of the weapons take 6-10 shots. ALL of the forerunner weapons are **** like the Boltshot which is like a charged up shotgun capable of overtaking a primary weapon at close-mid range any day.

    Forge was amazing. The new interface made it 10x as easy and faster to build new structures. Needless to say, anybody can take the time now to create anything they want.

    The menu/lobby is to unorganized and clunky. It takes time to find other players and counting how many players takes effort. You can't find your buddy as easily as the ones in Halo Reach or 3. '

    The idea of prestiging in Halo just wants to make me burn down 343 for ALL of this **** they are copying from COD. I'm so disappointed how desperate they are to getting COD players to join in, they don't even care about the loyal fans out there whole love the HALO mechanics over COD and just makes everything less fun for everyone and makes everyone mad.

    The campaign was repetitive and boring like Gears of War 3. All you did was go somewhere, kill the enemies and move on. Just so many fillers that needed to be fixed.

    The armors in H4 were impressive looking but the idea of letting people unlock them and giving them out for free makes wearing those armors feel like you didn't even worked for it. No matter how cool that armor looks it just feels like you didn't earn it and that everyone has it. Id personally would of liked it if they did the opposite with spartan points to the load outs and put it on armor instead.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 87 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 87
  2. Negative: 1 out of 87
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Halo 4 eschews esoteric delivery for a sledgehammer story with a blockbuster aesthetic. Epic, engaging and sensorially awesome. [Jan 2013, p.60]
  2. 90
    In the end, this game is still a fairly conservative and faithful to the original spirit, even with some significant changes.
  3. Dec 3, 2012
    The narrative is outstanding, even in spite of a few plot-point missteps, and the character evolution of Master Chief and Cortana deserves to be further explored with these wonderful storytellers (well, maybe one of them can't happen, but I'll avoid spoilers). However, the gameplay feels jilted, awkward and unrefined, three unforgivable sins in a landscape populated with other quite-capable FPS franchises. As a result, I'm going to average everything out: great story plus bad gameplay equals an average experience. And in this overcrowded FPS genre, "average" is isn't something I'd recommend buying.