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  1. Apr 14, 2011
    Reach was one of the biggest and best shooters released in 2010. After more then half a year, I still find myself drawn to its multiplayer offering after flings with other shooters ( eg. Black Ops, Killzone 3, Crysis 2 etc.). Defiant offers up more of the same goodness. This time round, you get two multiplayer maps (Highlands and Condemned) and one firefight map (Unearthed). Highlands is a huge map designed for BTB and objective game types. It depicts a Spartan training facility during the Covenant invasion of Reach. Vehicles and power weapons are strewn across this monster of a map, providing lots of fun and creative ways to achieve your goals. Condemned is set in a smaller and more confined environment in space and is most suitable for CQC slayer matches. One section of the map features a low-gravity environment... a popular location for fast and furious skirmishes. Lastly, Unearthed adds a brand new FF map and includes a Rocket Hog for some vehicular mayhem!

    If you enjoyed Halo Reach... this is a must-buy.
  2. Nov 20, 2011
    This is a well balanced map pack with very interesting maps. Highlands for example is a big map which reminded me on Halo:CE and it is just a beautiful looking map. Condemned is also very interesting as the map is one a destroyed space station. This map is built for small teams. The firefight map Unearthed is extremely engaging. Blowing up grunts with fuel rod guns on this map has never been more satisfying. With this map pack, I know Halo is in good hands at 343. Expand
  3. Apr 6, 2012
    I loved the Noble Map Pack so much but I was disappointed with this one:

    Condemned - 5/10 - Looks like a great map and is built well but plays very badly. The map is confusing and it turns into a chase around the map. The only redeeming feature is the spectacular view that one of the windows has.

    Highlands - 4/10 - Looks like a superb map that you might find on Halo 2 but in fact
    turns into a frenzy around the teleporters. The middle of the map is unused and that is down to poor design and poor weapon and vehicle inclusion and placement.

    Unearthed - 7/10 - A good Firefight map that plays well, looks good but lacks opportunities for tactics. On the whole a good map.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 6
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  1. May 6, 2011
    A great pack for general dabblers, then, if not huge value for fans of specific modes. [June 2011, p.81]
  2. Mar 24, 2011
    The three new maps are nicely balanced and will attract those that are addicted to the Halo: Reach multiplayer. If 343 Industries can keep this up then the Halo franchise is sure to have a great future.
  3. Mar 23, 2011
    The Defiant Map Pack is our first official look at the creations of someone other than Bungie, and I'd say the franchise is in good hands. The maps deliver exactly what fans expect: great design, beautiful artwork, and fast-paced action. Yes, the Firefight map could benefit from another vehicle but otherwise, if you're a Halo: Reach fan, this purchase is a no-brainer.