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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Welcome to Hardwood Spades ... the game where a trick IS a treat. Bid on how many tricks you can take, then work with your partner to make it happen. Don't overbid, or you'll be set. But don't underbid either, or you'll be stuck with a bag! If you think you can duck all the tricks, go for a nil bid ... just make sure you're not holding the Ace of Spades. Great version of Classic Spades with rule variants like Cutthroat, four-player partners, Suicide, and Mirrors. Customizable items include backgrounds, card faces, card backs, and tables. [Xbox.com] Expand
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  1. Don’t download this one expecting anything more than a handful of variations of Spades, a cache of useless fooms, and a new age soundtrack that even Enya could hate. But if you like Spades enough, the quirky details of Hardwood Spades won’t matter much.
  2. There isn’t anything flashy about this title, but you have enough options at your disposal to vary the game. Given the low price tag (400 MS Points); this game will be a good pickup for Spades fans.
  3. Hardwood Spades is cheap, cute, competitive and worth the cash if you like team-based card games in the least.
  4. Hardwood Spades is a Spades game for Spades fans, but even fans of the card game will probably be a little put off by the dull graphics and sound.
  5. You can definitely find better options on your computer for free, so unless you are feinting for a Spades title on your TV, or are hardcore into Spades, you might want to look elsewhere.
  6. Madness. [Issue#23, p.97]
  7. You can easily play it online or with a real deck of cards for free, and Spades offers little incentive to spend money on a digital version of it with a deserted online community and a lacklustre single player mode.

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