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  1. 80
    There is a little more accessibility on all fronts, controls, AI behavior, and combat. The level design is consistently good, and each new level requires a smart, logical approach to beat it.
  2. Though very similar to the last two games in the series, the open-ended stealth action gameplay offered by Hitman: Blood Money is still just about as tensely exciting as ever. A few new twists to the formula, an intriguing story, and a memorably diverse, cinematic sequence of missions further make Blood Money worth it.
  3. Agent 47 has a slew of new moves at his disposal this time around. Combine that with the notoriety system and accidental death feature and you have a solid experience.
  4. If you’re just looking to blast your way through level after level, Blood Money, is not the game for you. If you want to assume the role of an actual hitman and utilize the most dangerous weapon of all, your imagination, then by all means get your hands on this one.
  5. This series, and this entry in particular, is skating around on charisma alone. [July 2006, p.107]
  6. 80
    The game features enough choices and entertaining kills to have you playing some missions more than once, striving for that elusive Silent Assassin rating.
  7. If the impressive visual enhancements, tighter controls, more coherent narrative and bigger production values don't draw you in, the thoughtful level design and degree of freedom will keep you coming back for more. Best yet? Bloody right.
  8. 85
    The open, expansive world of Hitman is certainly what makes this game an enjoyable experience. There's a good mix of stealth and action, and your enemies are smart enough to give you a challenge to the very end.
  9. Despite some minor issues, the concept behind Hitman: Blood Money is brilliant, and is (mostly) executed with flying colors. Virtual assassinations have never looked or played so well.
  10. Hitman: Blood Money is an extremely solid title, with small problems here and there. If you’re looking for a game where obsessive-compulsive tendencies and people watching is valued over hide and seek gameplay, you really can’t go wrong with Blood Money—but just don’t expect it to be an easy ride.
  11. 80
    All 13 of the game's missions are well crafted and challenging, but after four iterations of this series, I felt a need for a new challenge.
  12. An intelligent, emotional rollercoaster, and despite its flaws, it is beautifully executed. Trouble is, at times it can be rather coldly executed too. [July 2006, p.56]
  13. Easily the best in the series adding improved AI, stunning graphics, and persistent gameplay features like notoriety and weapon upgrades that carry over through all the missions.
  14. It manages to provide an incredibly compelling experience by consistently setting an intense mood, forgiving player errors and providing numerous options for accomplishing your fiendish goals.
  15. The gameplay gives you plenty of choices regarding progressing through a stage, and it looks good while you do so. It would've been very easy to churn out another boring murderfest, but instead we get a thinking man's game. Good showing.
  16. 100
    With the same principles as the previous games in place, not fixing what isn’t broken, Blood Money adds some interesting new features to make the tension even higher and the missions all that much more complicated.
  17. 90
    Hitman: Blood Money accomplishes what it set out to do, improve on an already successful game formula with minor improvements that fans have been asking for. Both seasoned veterans and new comers to the series will take well to this game that tackles the world of contract killing, with a sadistic smile.
  18. Blood Money feels only slightly closer to the series’ ideal of a gameworld that’s both complex and cogent, and is more accessible and entertaining with it. [July 2006, p.80]
  19. This is by far the finest Hitman yet. The level design is superb, the enemy AI is decent, and the story is suitably entertaining, which all captures the feeling of being a cold-blooded killer wonderfully. [July 2006, p.120]
  20. If you're a Hitman fan, Blood Money will make you fall in love all over again, and if you never dipped your toes in 47's particular brand of wetwork yet, the time has never been more ripe. [June 2006, p.74]
  21. Depth way beyond that of any other action game released this year, sleek presentation and some of the best levels ever created in a video game.
  22. With Eidos' latest foray into professional assassination, players will have to dig deep, wading through mission after mission of trial-and-error gameplay to hunt down a series of targets. [June 2006, p.49]
  23. Though all the elements are familiar, IO has polished them up and the end result is like a favorite dish: You know what it tastes like, but you're still looking forward to eating it.
  24. 80
    The most robust and refined Hitman experience to date.
  25. Agent 47 makes his debut on the 360, with a crafty action game that manages to blend all the different genre elements into one solid offering.
  26. Hitman: Blood Money is a unique and hugely enjoyable experience. Sure, it's violently amoral and the controls aren't fantastic, but what really makes it is a palpable sense of freedom.
  27. The game’s basic concept, and IO’s commitment to give gamers a multiple paths to an ending while still pushing for “transparency” should be applauded. But a two year 47 hiatus and no real signs of an inventory system or A.I. improvement hurts like a 7.62mm round to the spleen.
  28. Blood Money manages to strike a perfect balance between compelling and complex. While not the 'next-gen' experience we expected, it certainly delivers in terms of pure enjoyment. [Issue 7, p.84]
  29. The experience can be a frustrating one that isn't for everybody. Those with perseverance and patience, however, will find one of the most rewarding games around; one that has plenty in store and keeps you coming back for more.
  30. Agent 47 continues the tradition of greatness in Blood Money, taking the sandbox formula that’s worked for years and bringing it into 2006.
  31. The slick gameplay, the innovative assassinations and the fact that between hits you are dealing with a rival agency that is eliminating your contacts and coming after you, makes this a first class action title.
  32. Newcomers should not be fazed by the fact that Blood Money is the fourth installment in the Hitman series, as it offers enough diversity and charm to keep you hooked until the climatic ending.
  33. In the end, Hitman: Blood Money does come out on top as the best title in the series. Blood Money makes up for most of its faults and shortcomings by offering a load of new features and entirely new ways of completing mission objectives.
  34. It's overall a solid title with a couple little glitchy AI issues that don't take too much away from things.
  35. For those who haven't enjoyed Hitman games in the past, this game probably won't change your mind - not much has changed. However, if you've been waiting for another chapter in the Hitman series, this is certainly the finest thus far.
  36. It’s possibly the most mainstream Hitman yet but it’s also the most accessible and dare I say it the most fun. It’s certainly the most accomplished.
  37. The impatient probably won't like it, and the game has very little improvements on Xbox aside from a graphical sheen and some achievements, but if killing is your business, then business is back to being good.
  38. Hitman: Blood Money doesn’t radically change the Hitman formula but it does provide enough wrinkles and nuances to keep the solid gameplay fresh. It’s quite satisfying to orchestrate a giant surprise to fall on an unsuspecting target.
  39. An intense adventure that does justice to the Hitman series.
  40. Overall, it is certainly the best Hitman game of the series, and if you’re looking for a decent single player experience on the Xbox 360, then it’s definitely worth giving a go.
  41. 80
    This is game definitely encourages patience, exploring, and a bit of non-linear thinking while often punishing the FPS run-and-gun folks. This means there's plenty of replayability there for you. Overall, you should find Blood Money to be a pretty satisfying experience.
  42. The only problem I find are that of the traditional but unwieldy inventory, and the context-based button presses which can often find you swapping outfits when you really wanted to haul the dead body away.
  43. Blood Money gives the assassin even more flexibility, with abilities such as climbing, disarming opponents, hiding, using human shields, staging mock accidents and sophisticated distraction techniques.
  44. Trigger-happy players and those who prefer stealth will both be able to enjoy this game, though those opting for stealth will get a lot more enjoyment in the long run.
  45. It's not quite a perfect game but I found it to be of extremely high quality. Any gamer who loves the satisfaction of a meticulous plan gone right will get a bang out of it.
  46. 90
    If this review hasn’t sold you, at least give the game a hire. Hitman: Blood Money will keep you on the edge of your seat through each diehard mission.
  47. The gameplay can get glitchy, with flaws like jumpy video and bad physics and a point-of-view camera that sometimes shows bad angles.
  48. This episode has more depth than the two previous follow- ups, and its developer, IO Interactive, has introduced many intelligent refinements.
  49. Previous Hitman games have seen 47 glide around in a rather unrealistic fashion, and thankfully there's been a lot of work done on improving animation routines in order to impart a more lifelike feel to the game. It's not flawless, however.
  50. Hitman: Blood Money is an enjoyable sequel that doesn’t take too many risks in regards to changes to its now successful formula. So fans who were content with most of Agent 47s methods should be happy. For those neophytes out there considering some experience with murder-for-hire, you will find getting Blood Money to be very rewarding.
  51. The finest Hitman yet takes first prize for best stealth-based title ever made, as well as a special award for its ability to make dark and bloody work worthwhile (and often as hilarious as a clown getting punched in the nose).
  52. If you want a game that makes you hide in the shadows whilst silently executing hits, then Blood Money is for you.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 89 Ratings

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  1. mrHolmes
    Jul 13, 2007
    The perfect assassination game. The AI is brilliant and there are tens of ways to eliminate each target. And the news papers after each The perfect assassination game. The AI is brilliant and there are tens of ways to eliminate each target. And the news papers after each mission are faun to read. Full Review »
  2. Apr 18, 2014
    While Hitman does have a few issues with the AI, they are almost immediately overlooked by diversity of environment and situations. The gameWhile Hitman does have a few issues with the AI, they are almost immediately overlooked by diversity of environment and situations. The game has a steep learning curve, but after you get the hang of it you find a lot of replay value alone in the ways you have to kill your mark. Full Review »
  3. Jan 16, 2013
    This is a great game. Plan your attack, walk among the crowds of civilians as they are unaware that you are an assassin. Wear disguises,This is a great game. Plan your attack, walk among the crowds of civilians as they are unaware that you are an assassin. Wear disguises, infiltrate mansions, houses, parties, weddings, hotels and protected VIPs. Kill your targets however you want, and get out without anyone noticing. At least that's the idea - it's up to you if you want to go nuts. What you did is covered in the newspaper at the end of the mission. Do it properly, and you are noted as the "Silent Assassin" - with no extra casualities. Go crazy, and you are a "terrorist", "madman" or "deranged slayer". AI is not perfect and can be exploited at at times - but this is actually the only franchise of this kind. There are no other assassination simulators that work to this degree. So despite some flaws, I have to recommend this game. It works almost all the time, once you understand how the AI behaves. Playing through first time, you might take out one or two guys who get in your way. Play through again, and you can try to find the best way to get in and out without disturbing anyone. Play through some more, and you will find more unique ways to complete the mission - or find ways to kill everyone without blowing your cover. It's a dream for misanthropes everywhere! Full Review »