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  1. Positive: 14 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
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  1. Oct 11, 2011
    Most importantly, though, it's good a broad, excellent soundtrack and a selection of dance routines that range from spectacularly silly to intimidatingly cool. The scoring system might be puzzling at times, but you'll have enormous fun playing Just Dance 3, and that is what matters in the end.
  2. Oct 12, 2011
    Just Dance 3 is heaps of hilarious fun that no party should be without.
  3. Oct 12, 2011
    The Just Dance series was design to be a party game, and, sadly, it doesn't perform well outside of that kind of atmosphere.
  4. Oct 16, 2011
    Disposable entertainment designed to be enjoyed unashamedly and uncritically. It's a game to pull out at parties, not obsess over: trashy, garish, stupid and - if all that appeals to your inner 13-year-old girl - terrific fun.
  5. Oct 27, 2011
    While I think of Dance Central as a better video game (and Just Dance doesn't come close to matching the game's choreography tracking) I'd still rather play Just Dance whenever I have friends over.
  6. Games Master UK
    Nov 20, 2011
    Random wavy nonsense, but we like it. [Christmas 2011, p.74]
  7. Oct 7, 2011
    While Just Dance 3 may not take the prize for the most challenging of rhythm games, its a good party game for groups and accessible enough for all skill levels.
  8. Nov 20, 2011
    Just Dance 3 manages to edge past Dance Central 2 in overall accessibility and definitely in fun factor.
  9. Oct 18, 2011
    Just Dance 3 on Xbox 360 is pure fun. With such an experience is useless to think about lag and precision, cause the entire game has been built around one only element: having fun with your friends.
  10. Oct 11, 2011
    Sure, it's not as responsive as it could be, options for multiplayer are lacking and the concept of Share Tokens are likely to enrage many players, but play it in the right circumstances, with the right company, and an appropriate assortment of alcoholic beverages to hand (or sweeties, for the whipper snappers) and Just Dance 3 is just as enjoyable as it's ever been.
  11. Dec 25, 2011
    Although Just Dance 3 isn't very original, it can sure be the life of a party. The choreography is excellent and the songs will keep you swinging for hours to come. Just Dance 3 can be a lot of fun with some friends but can quickly become a bore when you're playing on your own.
  12. 70
    Though you can record and upload your own freestyle moves to share them with others, or download other players' custom choreography, JD3's content is slight if you're looking for any real challenge or a true "game"-style experience.
  13. Oct 13, 2011
    Technically it's nowhere near as good as Dance Central, but for most people this is going to be a lot more fun - despite the fact that it still barely works properly.
  14. Oct 24, 2011
    What Just Dance 3 gets right is how easy it is to load up, choose a song, and get dancing with multiple players.
  15. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Dec 6, 2011
    Unsophisticated but effective fun. [Christmas 2011, p.105]
  16. Oct 17, 2011
    The song selection and look make Just Dance 3 a nice enough feel-good game. However, in terms of using Kinect's motion tracking capabilitites to actually track leg movement, it can't hold a candle to Dance Central. As a party game, it does have a four player mode going for it, though.
  17. Oct 26, 2011
    Just Dance 3 is a FUN game... it's that simple.
  18. Nov 25, 2011
    Although it doesn't push any boundaries, Just Dance 3 is a decent addition to the much-loved series.
  19. Oct 16, 2011
    Just Dance 3 isn't a game for everyone; it won't appeal to the Call of Duty crowd for example. However what it does, it does well and for the market it is aimed at, it is one that should be owned. Much more fun when the drinks are flowing than solo, but if brought out during a party situation and people will step up and dance. At the end of the day, a game like this bought for one reason only...FUN and Just Dance 3 does fun really well.
  20. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Nov 15, 2011
    A fun novelty. [Issue#78, p.86]
  21. Nov 7, 2011
    If you want a fine party-style dance game that features some solid options, including some not found anywhere else, and focuses more on just shaking your body than move accuracy, then this is the game for you.
  22. Nov 3, 2011
    Just Dance 3 joins the family of Kinect dance games as an interesting offer. Due to it's very lenient tracking system, it manages to offer an enjoyable arcade experience for everyone.
  23. Oct 10, 2011
    Overall, Just Dance 3 is one of the better dance games on the Xbox 360 Kinect.
  24. Oct 23, 2011
    A very good and mixed tracklist meets relatively simple and forgiving dance mechanics, where we'll mainly use our upper body. More suited as a party game rather than a real challenge for dance enthusiasts.
  25. Jan 5, 2012
    It's fun to dance, but overall this game feels a bit cheap and a bit too simple for its own good.
  26. Oct 26, 2011
    Just Dance 3 isn't as polished as Dance Central 2 and it doesn't have the heritage and history that comes with Michael Jackson: The Experience, but that doesn't mean it's not just as much fun. It may not be brimming with game modes and it probably won't improve your dancing skills, but Just Dance 3 does guarantee a good time, especially with friends and family.
  27. Oct 7, 2011
    This is one of those games where you'll want to love it, yet can't help but hate it at times.
  28. Nov 7, 2011
    Just Dance 3 is clearly more geared towards people that have no problem letting go of their inhibitions, don't embarrass easily, and are not shy in the slightest. If you have no problem making a fool of yourself and like to wear funny wigs and clothes at a party, you'll feel right at home dancing to the set list.
  29. Oct 24, 2011
    The Just Dance series feels like it's headed in the right direction with Just Dance 3, but it still has a long way to go. If you were satisfied with the Just Dance experience on the Wii, and you find the soundtrack to Just Dance 3 appealing, you probably won't be disappointed. But you should know that you can do better.
  30. Nov 3, 2011
    Overall, Just Dance 3 is a great title, though there is certainly room for improvement. The track list is one of the best seen on any dancing game to date and the 'Just Create' game mode has been well incorporated and works like a charm. However, simple factors such as the poor menu navigation and difficulties with multiplayer are problematic, which could have been resolved with better implementations.
  31. Nov 15, 2011
    On the Xbox 360 though, it's a different landscape, and for now, Harmonix's Dance Central 2 has its flag firmly cemented at the top of Dance Mountain. Wait, wait… I have a better one… In Dancetown, Dance Central 2 is currently the Sheriff and Just Dance 3 is the Deputy. Yeah, that's better… Just Dance 3 does have 2 Unlimited though… and there's No Limit to how nostalgic that song is.
  32. Oct 10, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  33. Nov 7, 2011
    Just Dance 3 is an excellent game if you just want to dance without caring too much about the competition. The strong set list, choreographed dance routines and songs with different steps for different players sets it apart from the rest. The four player mode is impressive as well, and turns this game into a no-brainer for any fun-filled party.
  34. 58
    Just Dance 3 is evidence that despite the questionable quality of the franchise that the series is here to stay. While it's not particularly a bad game, it's just more of a case of it not feeling like a game at all but rather an interactive jukebox. This will be a hit with anyone who has Kinect and a group of rather confident or at least willing friends, but the whole experience feels notably half baked.
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. Feb 13, 2017
    Pros: big song selection, good dance moves

    Cons: older songs I bought the Xbox version which doesn’t require a controller. That is a huge
    Pros: big song selection, good dance moves

    Cons: older songs
    I bought the Xbox version which doesn’t require a controller. That is a huge plus because then you don’t have to worry about it flinging into the TV or it limiting your movements. I bought this game in 2011 at the nearest Game Stop store. The service there was very helpful in finding a game that I would like and helped me choose this one. The people that were working there told me that the game was great and that I’d like most of the songs. I played it right when I got home and I liked it right away.
    What I like most about this version of Just Dance is its wide array of song choice. Most of the other versions only have a few good songs but this one has over 20. Some of the songs are a little older so little kids might not know what they are. Most of the songs have great dance moves. There are one or two songs where the dance moves are a little inappropriate for younger children but they are still a lot of fun.
    Whenever my friends come over we always play Just Dance 3. We have a lot of fun and end up laughing about how bad we are at dancing. This game brings out all of our competitive sides and engages us in a friendly competition. It sets up levels that have you unlock special characters which lets you try hard to earn something. It gives you great exercise while having fun at the same time.
    Overall my experience with Just Dance 3 was really good. I got it going right as I started it. All the songs and dance moves are pretty good. I recommend this for anyone but some of the younger crowd might not know some of the songs but they are still really good. If you have any comments or questions let me know. ;’
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  2. Oct 28, 2014
    To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with Just Dance 3, i really wasn't happy with the menu screens, they just didn't grab me. TheTo be honest, I was a bit disappointed with Just Dance 3, i really wasn't happy with the menu screens, they just didn't grab me. The soundtrack is small with limited appeal (not enough NEW SONGS!) still a good game , but not enough for me Full Review »
  3. Nov 4, 2012
    WOW. An amazing game for all of the family (that's right kids, you can convince your dad to have a go too). Works great with the Xbox KinectWOW. An amazing game for all of the family (that's right kids, you can convince your dad to have a go too). Works great with the Xbox Kinect as no controller is needed so you can dance freely. Brilliant exercise too! A good variety of music as well as warm-ups and dance game-type things. There is something for everyone. If you don't like the dances, create your own with the special feature! No music to suit you? You can unlock or buy new songs by either dancing or visiting the store. Overall, a must-have game for buckets of fun! Full Review »