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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 76
  2. Negative: 0 out of 76
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  1. AceGamez
    From the breathtaking graphics to the stunning orchestral score, it screams next generation at you and it backs this up with truly imaginative, varied and engaging gameplay, with all aspects of the game featuring a host of lovely features that simply couldn't have been achieved had this game been released on Xbox as planned.
  2. It not only looks fantastic, but uses the graphics ability of the 360 to the full, with super-smooth angles and movement, and the puzzles it presents are every bit as challenging as those in games such as Zelda, with which it shares a medieval theme. Brilliantly designed and executed, and fabulously entertaining.
  3. Play Magazine
    The control is superb, the scope heretofore unimaginable, and the presentation royal in pedigree. [Jan 2006, p.40]
  4. I love how this game makes my surround sound system hum and you would do well to purchase the fiber optic cable if your home theatre can accommodate it, the difference is astounding.
  5. Kameo is exceptional and will entertain the whole family. The experience is awe-inspiring and is going to be a tough act for other adventure games to follow.
  6. It has everything a gamer asks for: a great story, art design, excellent graphics, HD support, excellent sound, awesome gameplay and a creative premise all rolled into a package that is extremely entertaining.
  7. But Rare has once again pulled the rabbit from the hat and proved that intelligent game design, charming characters, a grand story, and a next-gen audio and visual presentation is the foundation for an enduring title that should be part of every Xbox 360 game library.
  8. It’s safe to say the story won’t blow you away, and the game could’ve been a tad longer overall, but what you have with Kameo is still a quality title that delivers a next-gen experience that truly feels like it comes from the next generation.
  9. It's a very deep and sophisticated adventure with enough visual va-va-voom to keep even the most hardcore gamer gripped from start to finish. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  10. In classic Rare fashion, there are a few nods to Nintendo thrown in there but it’s nice to see that the developer hasn’t lost its touch to make remarkable games.
  11. 90
    While the length and somewhat child like appearance may throw some gamers off I simply cannot recommend this game enough.
  12. Let's just hope a sequel is already in the works since this game delivered a pleasurable twelve hours of play.
  13. With inventive puzzles, dazzling visuals and a wonderful game world just ripe for exploration, this is a launch title worth buying.
  14. Its cutesy image may not appeal to the hardcore crowd, but the core game is nearly flawless. It’s a game that you’ll want to continue playing – it doesn’t feel like “work”. The characters are imaginative, the visuals are outstanding, and the game is downright fun.
  15. Pelit (Finland)
    Looks stunning and contains some really clever gameplay. The game is really fun to play although some of the puzzles make no sense at all. The condensed co-op is a real downer. [Dec 2005]
  16. Highly entertaining, a little short on replay value, but heavy on production value I thought Kameo Elements of Power was a keeper.
  17. The puzzles are challenging, the gameplay is deep, the environments are stunning, and the music is great. Still, after waiting so long for the game I couldn’t help but be at least a little bit disappointed, particularly when it comes to the game’s length.
  18. It's packed with clever and entertaining action, not to mention some of the most highly impressive, razor-sharp graphics you've ever seen, along with terrific music and sound. Kameo feels rather disjointed at first, and it's not a particularly long game, but it ultimately provides a rousing, memorable journey.
  19. The graphics are unsurpassed and absolutely stunning. Sound and music quality are professional grade.
  20. Kameo has finally come out from beyond that massive shadow of past Rare accomplishments and while they may not have reinvented the wheel, it does offer up an incredibly fun and addictive experience that no fan of the genre should miss.
  21. A refreshingly fun experience for a launch title, and although it creates little in the way of true innovation, it still provides plenty for action and adventure fans alike.
  22. A wonderfully fun romp appropriate for all ages. If only it had a few more levels to experiment with all the elemental warriors.
  23. 85
    The Enchanted Forest is outlined in such vibrant colors, you'll want to check to see if your screen is actually dripping with paint.
  24. The controls are good but they do take getting use to especially when switching back and forth between the different Warriors. The good news is that it will not take long to get the hang of it and the new 360 controllers are very comfy and responsive.
  25. Every level is designed intelligently and none of the game’s flaws bring it down to a level that saps the joy from the whole experience, as long as you stay away from the co-op mode. Platforming fans have something next-gen to crow about.
  26. Official Xbox Magazine
    If you consider yourself a platformer aficionado, you won't find anything here that's particularly genre-shattering, but Kameo's presentation is flawlessly executed. [Jan 2006, p.56]
  27. Kameo has ideal combination of gameplay components culled from different genres; the elements were simply good on their own, but when combined together, they make for a great game.
  28. Kameo is a real extravaganza. It looks gorgeous, whether viewed in high definition or not. Every frame is thick with graphical flourish.
  29. 84
    A game that will last players weeks but not months. The core gameplay is intelligent and almost always fun with a few areas that boarder on frustrating.
  30. It has the graphics and soundtrack of a AAA title, but the gameplay just doesn't mesh with the rest of the game to form a game you will be coming back to again.
  31. It's nice to look at, pleasant on the ears, and fun to play. Yet at the same time it's over before players even have time to appreciate its qualities.
  32. As pretty much the only non-shooter/non-sports game on the Xbox 360, you have to get this game just for the change of pace, if not for the fantastic platformer/adventure experience.
  33. 81
    The game is amazing for its short length, and quick switch from platform to platform.
  34. For some the cutesy-wutsey graphics, chirpy speech and offers of handholding might be irritating, in which case say hello to the three ghosts of Christmas for us when you see them. For everyone else, this is an enjoyable, well polished game with bags of personality.
  35. 80
    The main problem though, is that this game was made as a single player experience and cramming a two player mode into it feels awkward. The stages and balance just aren't designed for multiple players.
  36. 80
    Hidden underneath the heroine's cute, sly smile is a solid helping of classic Rare goodness, just waiting to burst forth. Layer on the excellent combat system, beautiful visuals, and an orchestral score, and you've got a game well worth checking out.
  37. Kameo: Elements of Power has the hallmarks of a solid RPG, but fortunately the focus is on action - and it's virtually non-stop.
  38. 80
    As an action adventure held up against its contemporaries, its gameplay variety, interesting premise, and amazing graphics and sound make it a winner, identity crisis or not.
  39. Kameo: Elements of Power isn't the most innovative action adventure, but it stands up well on its own. If you are looking for a game to showcase the potential of the 360, this is your game.
  40. There’s plenty of variety, fun and enjoyment to be had with the game along with some thought-provoking puzzles that provide a good blend.
  41. The game play is solid throughout and never overly complicated. The combat is fluid and intuitive especially if you scratch beneath the surface to find a rewarding combo system in place.
  42. Although there are problems - for instance, the game is very short (it only took Gamestyle around seven hours) and the online co-op mode seems more like an added extra - we ultimately succumbed to its storybook charms.
  43. The eagerly awaited Rare action title debuts on the 360, with pretty sweet visuals, some character-switching fun and furious combat sequences.
  44. You might breeze through it, but it'll be a cool breeze.
  45. 80
    It has a nice atmosphere, and the sound is really great. But when you’re done with the main quest, there’s just not much left to do unless you’re an achievement whore.
  46. There are numerous moments of creative genius, which are all too rare in today’s cookie cutter games. The moving music, clever character designs and topnotch production values overshadow some of the gameplay elements, but it never stops the game from being fun.
  47. It takes some risks, and as a result ends up feeling gimmicky and repetitive in a few rough spots. However, the game does succeed in making a great action game by including a colorful cast of characters and adding a few RPG elements for good measure.
  48. It’s flat-out beautiful to watch but considering Kameo’s been in development for about four years by my estimation (and on three different platforms: GameCube, Xbox, and finally Xbox 360) I would have expected this, though it doesn’t excuse the slapdash story cuts.
  49. Sure, it looks nice, but unless you’re shallow person who’s only gotten into gaming for how good things look, there’s not a whole lot of depth here.
  50. A relatively short-lived experience lasting only ten or so hours, this is a game that, in typical Rare fashion, positions the entirety of its gameplay upon a single gimmick that, sadly, fails to carry to experience on its own. Kameo is a good game, but it reeks of missed potential.
  51. The game is at least a must-rent for all gamers and games with younger children will probably want to add the game to their permanent collection.
  52. It's the perfect metaphor for the New Rare; solid, competent, but not brilliant or innovative.
  53. Kameo is absolutely beautiful, and it's a decent game, too.
  54. There are so many reasons to absolutely adore Kameo: Elements of Power: it’s magical surrounding, fantastic graphics–that don’t even require an HDTV to impress–and its charming characters. But there are so many reasons to feel its six years of development should have offered so much more.
  55. Unless you have a Gamecube and are suffering Zelda withdrawal or loved "Sudeki" with a passion, try out the more serious 360 games out there first.
  56. Game Informer
    A respectable adventure, but it drives players forward with its visual content and not its gameplay. [Jan 2006, p.144]
  57. One of the best-looking Xbox 360 games I've seen. And trust me, it's just plain fun to parade around as a plant and sock a troll right in the kisser.
  58. Generally enjoyable but hampered by awkward controls; it is difficult to aim projectiles, and the underwater levels in which you must use Kameo's aquatic incarnation Deep Blue are utterly painful as you laboriously try to steer through the water and desperately try to aim water missiles in the right direction.
  59. 70
    Rare is still very much Rare: inspiration is taken from multiple sources, a solid-but-unspectacular game is built on that inspiration, every imaginable color and graphical effect is dumped on top of it, and everyone is given an awful pun for a name.
  60. As solid an adventure as anything Rare has put out, this game is a must-have if you're looking for a well made "platformer." However, if you're looking for strides in innovation, keep looking. This is just an evolution of the same game we've been playing since "Super Mario 64."
  61. When so much work has gone into the game’s visuals and so much effort has been poured into the most insignificant cosmetic flourish, you find your patience for the hiccups that still plague many games is reduced to almost zero. [Christmas 2005, p.92]
  62. 70
    Despite what others may have claimed, this is not "Star Fox Adventures" for the new generation, this is something so much more exciting - Rare back on form.
  63. games(TM)
    As enjoyable and refreshing as Kameo is, we can’t help but feel that it would have been better received long ago on the GameCube, as was originally intended. [Christmas 2005, p.126]
  64. Computer Games Magazine
    A useless co-op mode feels tacked-on. [Feb 2006, p.86]
  65. This is the most family-friendly 360 launch title, offering an entertaining fantasy adventure with plenty of secrets and varied powers.
  66. The gameplay isn’t as deep as expected and most average gamers will have no problem cruising through the entire game in a few short days. Regardless, the colorful, lush visuals, dramatic soundtrack and variety filled gameplay should provide a pleasant next-generation fantasy romp for most gamers.
  67. Kameo isn’t the deepest or most challenging game in the Xbox 360 launch window, but it looks awesome and offers solid, if fleeting, fun.
  68. The world is bright and so colorful it almost assaults the senses. The eccentric cast of characters is extremely well detailed and animated.
  69. The game is short. Even after completing the entire side quest and upgrading my creatures to the max, my time only left me with about 15 hours.
  70. It's a brief, disappointing adventure with occasional flashes of greatness.
  71. 60
    Just like a supermodel, Kameo is all about outward appearances. The visuals are stunning, but the weak and repetitive game-play, the vapid cutscenes, and the groan-inducing attempts at humor make this game perhaps one of the most disappointing of the Xbox 360 launch.
  72. All in all, it's just a game that works some of the time but doesn't have enough drive and ambition behind it to vault it to the upper echelon of must play experiences.
  73. 60
    Overall a good idea, but poor execution throughout. A good technical showpiece for the Xbox 360, but in truth a disappointing game destined for the bargain bins in six months.
  74. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Solid but uninspired. [Issue #2]
  75. Rare said that the game was basically completed on past systems anyway, then touched up, and that's incredibly obvious.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 121 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 9 out of 121
  1. Oct 10, 2013
    PLEASE BUY THIS GAME it's truly a magnificent game made by rare.controls,gameplay,graphics,story,voice acting,it's all good. despite the factPLEASE BUY THIS GAME it's truly a magnificent game made by rare.controls,gameplay,graphics,story,voice acting,it's all good. despite the fact that the game can be very easy at times. Full Review »
  2. Aug 4, 2012
    Most underrated game on the 360 and a masterpiece. If you like adventure games in any way in the mold of Zelda or Banjo Kazooie you owe it toMost underrated game on the 360 and a masterpiece. If you like adventure games in any way in the mold of Zelda or Banjo Kazooie you owe it to yourself to play this. Almost perfect. Full Review »
  3. Oct 3, 2011
    Story: 7 Characters: 8 Graphics: 9 Setting: 10 Multiplayer: 7 Soundtrack: 8 Audio: 6 Gameplay: 7 Re-Playability Value: 6 Fun Factor: 8 Score:Story: 7 Characters: 8 Graphics: 9 Setting: 10 Multiplayer: 7 Soundtrack: 8 Audio: 6 Gameplay: 7 Re-Playability Value: 6 Fun Factor: 8 Score: 7.6/10 = B Full Review »