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  • Summary: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a raw and brutal crime shooter designed to take players on an even more intense story experience, following two of gaming's most disturbed criminals, through the gritty Shanghai underworld.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 80
  2. Negative: 11 out of 80
  1. A lovingly crafted, full-bodied shooter. [Sept 2010]
  2. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a great action game, with some original ideas that make up for one of the greatest action games thus far this year. We get the complete package: Great coop and competitive game modes, compelling gameplay and story, good visuals and a couple of charming characters.
  3. I can't say I disagree; while this game serves up some very unique and gritty visuals, the story and action just don't come together like they should.
  4. A by-the-numbers sequel elevated to almost-play status by its terrific multiplayer. [Nov 2010, p.97]
  5. A really well written story, enjoyable dialogue and somewhat fun multiplayer is the only thing that makes Kane & Lynch 2 bearable. Other than that, the action is broken, the AI is really bad and the graphics feels outdated. This is only for fans of the first game.
  6. I actually cannot think of a single positive thing to say about the game, and the fact that I have been rooting for this IP from the moment the first game was announced just makes it all the more infuriating. I wished nothing but the best for Kane & Lynch as a series, but the appalling nature of Dog Days confirms to me that this franchise will never be what it deserves to be.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 35
  2. Negative: 21 out of 35
  1. Aug 17, 2010
    This game is not so bad. Forget the review scores. Let your mind go, relax, drink beer, chill out and blast your way through a cathartic experience. Forget ya troubles, just shot and kill. Who knows, ya might get a promotion.... Expand
  2. Aug 29, 2010
    I like the handhold camera idea, in the beginning it's a bit annoying. But if you just disable the screen effects it's awesome! I really like this game, and the characters! Expand
  3. Aug 18, 2010
    Contrary to popular belief (or posts) this game is not as horrid as everyone makes it out to be. While I do admit that Kane and Lynch 2 has its fair share of bugs, it makes up for it in story and characters. These two characters are the closest gamers will get to something as gritty and "funny" as someone Tarantino fabricated. The game is very mature and it knows it. It doesn't hold any of it's punches (aside from obvious nudity i.e. lower human regions, that would otherwise give it an AO rating.) This game is a killer rent, while I admit it does not deserve the full list price it does at least deserve a 10 dollar rental at Blockbuster. It is enjoyable from start to finish. However, don't play on Extreme, you get killed in 2 shots, the AI is overly aggressive and it makes the game feel as worse as the slander that everyone has said. Play it. Expand
  4. Aug 31, 2010
    unfortunately i have to say the graphics and sound fall below me expectations, although the blood and gore is pretty next level. i would also have 2 say that the point of a crime game is to get you pumped up about killin innocent people and everyting but the muck ups in diss game are quite bothersome, vi$$er out Collapse
  5. Aug 17, 2010
    Whether you judge the sequel on the first absolute flop your going to end up at the same place and thats a waste of time and effort. Kane and Lynch 2 again tried to ride the wave of hype and promise that it will deliver and learn from its mistakes.

    Well as many games before it and Im sure many more to come, it delivers nothing new, with little excitement and tries to push grit and gore on you in cut scene's as it knows the gameplay will just simply bore you to tears. Kane and Lynch 2 follows more in the footsteps of Reservoir Dogs ( the game ), Stranglehold, WET, Army of Two ( 1 and 2) and then every other FPS out there. However the story lines, game play, graphics, physics, and general game play were done so much better even from games made long before this coaster or dust collector. Whether it be from incredible poor AI, a graphics system destined on providing you an image of grainy gameplay in an attempt to create atmosphere yet even on a 50 Inch LED comes of as just old and outdated ( God I would hate to play this on an old 68 cm CRT ) or even have gore and risk in the cut scenes only to actually blur or cut out anything that would warrant the game get some sort of mention for pushing boundaries. I know I wasnt expecting much, and surely got even less than I expected but to see games on new consoles being delivered with hype time and time again and then seeing nothing more than out dated, heartless, boring, run of the mill rubbish its a wonder that people arent just packing up the console and moving on to something else. Yet as we come out a global financial crisis, people are still getting payed to release absolute rubbish, dont waste your time or money just hang in there and hope this crap is just a bad dream.
  6. Jul 26, 2013
    This game made me sad. It is boring, the shooting is horrible, the game just wanted people to care and guess what no one cared at all! I only played less then half of this game because it was so bad it made me feel like i was wasting my time. I got it at gamestop for like a buck but still it wasn't worth it at all! I played it for the achievements and i regret having this game on my profile. Avoid this game at all cost. Expand
  7. Sep 5, 2010
    This is a complete abomination to video games. Do NOT believe any positive reviews, these are people paid by the makers of the game. The creator of Giant Bomb Jeff G. was fired from Gamespot.com because he didn't give the first Kane and Lynch a high enough score. Gamespot was paid money to give it a 9+ score and Jeff wouldn't do it, and was given the ultimatum of either giving the game a 9 or higher or get fired. He quit and gave it a 7.5. Then they had the gull to say "REWRITE" the review with a 9 or higher. What a joke. This franchise if you want to call it that, more like crapchise, sucks. Plain and simple. Boycott this corporate bullying and trying to buy sales. It may deserve a 1, but I give it a 0 to offset positive reviews. Thanks for reading the Truth. Expand

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