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  1. 72
    Sadly, the dated animations and blah presentation keep this title from being anything amazing, but singers will have fun with it if they lower their expectations.
  2. It’s both interesting and sad to see how the Karaoke Revolution franchise has paved the way for these other games to thrive, but now the Karaoke Revolution titles are being heavily overmatched by what its successors are doing.
  3. And between the bland menus and creepily animated singers, Karaoke Revolution even looks the part of a last-gen holdover. [Holiday 2009, p.83]
  4. Konami could easily have saved its reboot of Karaoke Revolution. Redo the graphics to a less creepy style that brings back the energy, keeps the mechanics, and chooses a much stronger song list, and the sequel to this game could be immensely satisfying and bring this series back from the brink. For now, when I want to sing, I'm sticking with EA's Rock Band 2.
  5. 51
    Teenage girls can have some fun with yet another karaoke game. But for all the others counts: don't waste your lungs with this game. Our suggestion: More Michael Jackson songs next time please.

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