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  1. Oct 11, 2012
    Where Kinect Sesame Street TV faltered in large part because the inspiring programs already faked interaction, Kinect Nat Geo TV is built upon shows that don't normally inspire interaction, making the experience feel fresh and unique. And, because it's designed for older kids who understand or can more-easily comprehend gesture controls, Kinect Nat Geo TV is bound to be more intuitive for its intended consumer. I wholeheartedly recommend Kinect Nat Geo TV if you have pre-teens - or frankly anyone in your house - who's interested in learning about nature through one of the most innovative pieces of edutainment I've ever come across.
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  1. Sep 25, 2012
    Got along with Sesame Street TV for my kids (2 and 6) and both have proved extremely popular. Nat Geo has more interaction with the program, giving the kids the opportunity to either branch off into 'sidetracks' or continue watching, which they've enjoyed. I was disappointed with the video quality, which isn't up to the standard I expected, with soft focus on most of the wide mountain shots, but it's acceptable. Both kids love the variety of mini games available, and the ability to both play together has proved popular. Worth a look, but I'd recommend Sesame Street TV more. Full Review »