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  • Summary: LEGO Indiana Jones 2 presents a tongue-in-cheek take on all four cinematic adventures of pop culture’s most iconic archaeologist, including for the first time ever Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and will give players the ability to create levels of their own! [LucasArts]
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  1. 91
    All in all, it's amazing the amount of content that's packed into this game -- this is more than a sequel, even while including a redux of the first game's three movies.
  2. The second Indiana Jones adventure expands and builds upon the previous, making for the best game yet in the Lego series.
  3. The improvements in co-operative play and the inclusion of new vehicles make this a worthy purchase, even for returning players, who may feel cheated having already played through three of the storylines within the game.
  4. 70
    Simply a good idea that awaits complete realization. [Jan 2010, p.77]
  5. Lego Indiana Jones 2 searches for balance between all the previous Lego-games and the new elements introduced in this game. But the game never really feels like a classic. The Lego Creator, however, is fantastic. You can build whatever you want and that makes us very happy.
  6. The game is visually nice like all the previous LEGO titles, but we didn't like the removal of some important scenes in Indiana Jones saga and the by now stale gameplay.
  7. Iterative production does not represent a shiny example of game developing.

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  1. rf
    Dec 20, 2009
    At present, user reviews are not appearing on Metacritic's main page. I have a son, age 10. We have played Lego Star Wars, Lego Indy 1 and recently Lego Batman to near-completion. Lego Indy 2 is by far the most fun we've had with the series since the delights of the original Star Wars. The gameplay is familiar yet very differently structured in Indy 2, which is why it's so much better. The "difficulty" that critics describe in navigating the hub worlds would have been lauded three years ago and should have been implemented long ago -- no more clunky purchase shops, no more dull returns to a main screen area between levels. Everything works seamlessly (including split screen) and reconfigures those extra block-gathering assignments in previous games into a casual collection system that cannot be missed, making the game actually much EASIER as well as more rewarding in terms of exploration. We've completed three of the four games and are delighted. I particularly like the revisits to levels (which are no longer "story" and "free play", but story only with the ability to revisit the level to collect treasure in a mini-puzzle setting, and additional bonus levels are hidden everywhere. Great fun, simply great. The characters are reworked (button schemes, animations, functions) which is refreshing and makes the brain work a little harder, something I find very important in my son's gaming -- despite being a remake, this is not a template of other Lego games, so trial and error (and logical connections) will play a part in figuring out each character's value -- that is, additional value, since the classic actions are still where they should be: Indy whips, Short Round crawl, Marion jumps, bad guys drop hats, etc. The boss levels are especially fun as they take familiar movie moments and then curve off into ridiculous, nonsequiter jokes. This too is very refreshing, having felt slave to the dull, perfunctory "story" gameplay of the original Indy game. If next year's Harry Potter does this and more, I will be very pleased. In fact, I may very much dislike all future Lego games if they don't continue this one's smart frankly better direction. Best Lego game. Expand
  2. Nov 8, 2011
    I like the newly designed levels and the ability to create your own levels, but creating the levels is complicated and it is isn't like the movie stories like the 1st Lego Indiana Jones was. Expand
  3. Apr 26, 2012
    Lego Indiana Jones 2 is better than the first one but not by much. The story campaign are a little overrated if you ask me, but however the level maker saves this game's life and is very cool. Story Campaign 6/10 Level Maker 7/10 Lego Indiana Jones 2 7.1/10 Expand
  4. Jun 12, 2011
    This is the worst Lego game yet. The levels are very short and follow the same basic formula, The levels have completely nothing to do with the story (most). Expand