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  • Summary: Experience first-hand what it's like to Fight for Every Yard in Madden NFL 10. With the all-new Pro-Tak animation technology, players have more control over the outcome of each play. Whether driving a receiver towards the first down, or battling for a fumble at the bottom of a pile, the play won't end until the whistle blows. Add to that the most immersive broadcast presentation and online innovation to date, and Madden NFL 10 captures the authenticity and emotion of the NFL like never before. Pro-Taks's all new animation technology provides unprecedented control over the outcome of every play. Drag defenders towards the first down marker, including up to 9-man gang tackles, fight for a fumble at the bottom of the pile, and evade the rush with all-new quarterback avoidance actions. Enhanced play at the line of scrimmage features a new blocking system that allows the quarterback to step into the pocket and gives the defensive line more control over the rush. Authenticity - Referees peeling players off a fumble pile, the chain gang rushing in to measure for a key first down, and all-new player equipment ensure that if you see it on Sunday, you’ll see it in Madden NFL 10. Fight for Online Dominance - Delivering the most comprehensive online offerings in franchise history, Madden NFL 10 includes new modes to satisfy the competitive and cooperative football gamer. New TV broadcast-style presentation and cinematic cameras bring the suspense and intensity of the NFL to your living room. Enhanced Franchise Mode - Run each aspect of an NFL franchise: draft players, sign free agents, manage the salary cap - just like a real GM. Enjoy all of the action throughout the league via a new, network inspired highlight show. The most customizable version of Madden NFL to date. Alter gameplay options to adjust the experience to your liking. A revamped play calling system and menu takes you to kickoff faster than ever before. Speed up online matches with accelerated clocks, streamlined presentation and more. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
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  1. 94
    A fantastic addition to the series, and quite possibly the best football game ever created.
  2. It seems that Madden has finally caught up to the new generation. Madden NFL 10 is a hit, and football fans everywhere will rejoice at what it has to offer.
  3. Following FIFA's path, EA improved Madden keeping in mind the most important thing: the gameplay. It is deep, interaction is great, the action bring to an experience that you can feel in any other sport title of the publisher. There wasn't the hurry to find something new with Madden, but the work done is great anyway.
  4. It's hard to argue with the general direction the series has taken, and most players will be happy with the end result, but if you're hoping for a game where true skill always determines the winner there is some disappointment to work through.
  5. Madden NFL 10 is a great game but does not really offer enough over last years version. It may be the best American Football game out there but original it isn’t.
  6. EA should take a page out of FIFA's book here: focus on the game. Every iteration - pre-alpha onwards - sit down and play a full game, 15-minute quarters. If it feels 'right', then you're on the right path.
  7. Madden NFL 10, like every installment, makes further strides toward looking as glossy and polished as any high-definition Sunday-afternoon football broadcast. Which could be to blame for the series’ ongoing stagnation. Watching football and playing football are dramatically different, and over the last 21 years, EA seems to have forgotten that.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 9 out of 28
  1. JasonF
    Aug 19, 2009
    Madden is FINALLY back - this is from a long time 2k'er. These low reviews are asinine...Madden is no worse than a 9/10, I give it a 10/10 because they added two things everyone has always wanted - online franchise and great broadcast-style presentation. Expand
  2. ToddL.
    Aug 14, 2009
    A must have for football fans and sports gamers. Madden 10 is a huge improvement on an already great Madden 09 in almost every way. It takes a long time to get used to and the things that worked in 09 seem to have become much more difficult to execute, making this a much more realistic and challenging football game. Once you get the hang of it though it makes executing plays as satisfying as playing real life football. Expand
  3. JoeP
    Aug 19, 2009
    This is the best Madden yet. The game play has been slowed down to be more true to life, the new tackling engine is great, the graphic presentation always gets better. The result...a better game than ever. Don't listen to "iam cool" this is worth the money for any football fan. Expand
  4. OlikerS
    Nov 15, 2009
    All right, let's start with the good. Madden 10 has the best presentation of any game to date.It, includes a halftime show, pre-game festivities, statitics,NFL record updates, and backtrack.The gameplay modes include a few upgrades but nothing new.Next we talk about the bad. In- game there are some MAJOR problems.The clock runs after incomplete passes, and kickoff returns,and sometimes runs after you go out of bounds.Thats not all though, thew fumble recovery thing is stupid.One time, when I was playing the game my QB fumbled. Then a player on my team OBVIOUSLY dived on the ball.Let me tell, it did not end well.Actually it took away a win from me.The clock can also take wins away.If your a football fan then get this game. Expand
  5. GregS.
    Aug 18, 2009
    Downward slide from last year. Coop play/camera angles are a joke and was clearly added to sell games. Animation is still bad. Game play looks good as long as you are zoomed in during a replay, but is more sluggish than I have ever seen it. Last year was an improvement, this year was again a let down. Seriously guys, you stop wasting your 1 yr dev time on stupid side games and fix your fundamental crappy game. 2K is still kicking your ass five years later. We have no choice but you for football, and it shows in your game. Stop letting us down. Rent this before you buy and you will see. All hype, no passion. Expand
  6. aj
    Aug 21, 2009
    Eh, the fact that you have to spend an extra 20 bucks ta grab all the toted features of the game set it back a couple points. it's slower, the gang tackling is "meh", rbs still somehow manage to grab an extra 5 yards after falling down (when they clearly could not irl), player ratings are shoddy, also gone is the weapon system that i actually came to enjoy as is the rewind system that was only in place for a single game, etcetc. seriously considering selling it off (this coming from "one of those guys" that pre-ordered the shit back in february and went to the midnight opening since the early 00's). the positives are few and far in between, but the player models/graphics all around are the best out of any madden game. instead of putting in crap music as per usual, they went with solid classics. and devin hester's still the fastest dude in the game. Expand
  7. Sep 30, 2011
    Madden 10 is over all the best madden ever, but playing against the computer in madden mode is a complete joke!!!!!!! wide receivers can't catch the computer intercepts almost ever throw!!! it totally ridiculous Expand

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