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  1. I went into this game as a skeptic. Madden NFL 11 made me a believer.
  2. Dancing on the fine line of making an eminently accessible game that's still deep enough for the hardcore fanbase is a tightrope-balancing act that often sinks lesser developers. But EA Tiburon has demonstrated that they're clearly up to the challenge.
  3. 95
    This year's version of Madden isn't just good - it's legendary. Madden NFL 11 boasts a host of new features, but the most dramatically noticeable are the vastly improved running and receiving games.
  4. The additions of Game Planning and GameFlow provide a simple solution to a problem that no one realized was actually there. Madden NFL 11 is inventive, intuitive, competitive, collaborative, and, most importantly, a whole lot of fun.
  5. There is so much to like and so little to dislike this year, that if given a chance, I can't see how any true football fan can't find a way to experience Madden football this year and have nothing but a good time.
  6. It may sound like a broken record of past years, but the 2011 version of Madden truly is an improvement over its predecessor. Though it's not by a lot, it is absolutely enough to warrant a day-one purchase, especially if you're one of those who skipped last year's game.
  7. One of the true steps forward for the franchise. Some annoying issues have finally been rectified, the presentation has received an overhaul, and the brand new GameFlow play calling requires some work, but provides a worthy payoff. Couple all this with great running and tackling and you have a product that's worth full asking price.
  8. 91
    This year's iteration in the more than a decade old series has brought me back into the "drinking the Madden Kool-Aid" fold, because it's improved the things that matter to me. That said, Madden NFL 11 still needs some improvement.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Dec 25, 2010
    Madden 11 is without a doubt the best American football game on the Xbox 360. [Issue#65, p.85]
  10. Oct 26, 2010
    As I said in my first field report, hardcore Madden players may not appreciate all the changes, but those of us who are more casual fans have a lot to like.
  11. Simply put the best Madden ever. There I said it. The absolutely hardcore Madden players might not love the new Gameflow-system. But for everyone else it does what is says: it makes the game flow. Buy this if you have even the slightest interest in the sports. It is sharper, better and more fun than any other Madden game.
  12. 90
    Madden NFL 11 is definitely the best game in the franchise and adds to the formula that only seems to improve every year. GameFlow is a fantastic feature and makes the game accessible for even those who aren't familiar with American Football.
  13. 90
    Madden NFL 11 is a must own for all football fans, and now it is even more accessible to the masses.
  14. Easier to pick up and play (and faster pace) than previous Maddens, without losing any strategic depth.
  15. All and all the game has been updated for the better. It is the best Madden yet!
  16. Madden NFL 11 is a great game of football, the best of the series so far, but its not without a few minor draw backs.
  17. Thanks to new features such as GameFlow and Game Planning, Madden NFL 11 proves to be a real must buy for any fan of the franchise. If you love football, this is surely the game for you.
  18. Madden NFL 11 is a clear step forward for the franchise, but as fun as the additions are, the fact that some of its glaring mistakes remain is like getting a new stud quarterback even though the offensive line still needs an upgrade. You're going to score, but you're still a team with weaknesses.
  19. In many ways this could be the most robust Madden ever made. Despite it's graphical shortcomings, if you liked previous year's Madden game, this might be the year to take a break from the whole concert scene.
  20. I can't say with certainty that it is a result of the patch, but I can say that I feel that this game plays on the field much better than last year's version.
  21. The Locomotion engine allows players to move more realistic[ally] than the previous iterations of the Madden series. Players will now move in ways never seen before in an EA Sports football game.
  22. Now more accessible to newcomers, Madden NFL 11 will quickly get you in-and-out of each game without loosing any of its classic simulation feel.
  23. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A beast of a game. There's no point owning any other American football sim. [Dec 2010, p.98]
  24. This year's version of Madden doesn't take a huge stride forward, but it does take a few steps in the right direction. If Gameflow can be improved, and the defense is given the same level of attention offense received this year, Madden NFL 12 could be amazing.
  25. Madden NFL 11 is easily one of the most solid efforts in recent years, and it's definitely the sort of game that nearly any football fan will be pleased with.
  26. As EA Sports said, it's "simpler, quicker, and deeper," but even with this more fast-paced action, it's still complex enough for Madden veterans to enjoy making this one the best football game this generation has to offer.
  27. Madden 11 at least offers a refreshing change of pace, making it a fine point of entry for newcomers and allowing stat-obsessed veterans a chance to peel away some of the layers added over the last few years.
  28. Madden 11 is beautiful to look at. The realistic physics add much to the gameplay, and destroying some 12-year old in Iowa by 50 points never get sold. But the trend of making Madden "simpler" is troubling.
  29. As much as I want Team Madden to tighten the screws on its franchise modes and ship the game in a state that plays more like real football before altering in-game settings, it's impossible to deny that Madden NFL 11 simply plays a better game of football than its predecessor.
  30. If you're not a dedicated online player and own last year's game, the play value goes down substantially. But if you're big into playing online or have taken a break from the series, this is as good a version as any to jump into.
  31. Overall, Madden NFL 11 is a great game, but compared to last year's installment I fail to see any significant leaps.
  32. Jan 9, 2011
    Aside from the new dpad mapping, gameflow and some new graphic elements, there aren't too many innovations in this last chapter. It seems that the best football simulator is getting hard to update.
  33. 80
    But I do know that, unlike most years, I really feel the improvements instead of just reading about them in a press release or seeing them on the back of the box. And when it comes to Madden, that's as big a difference as I've felt in half a decade.
  34. What I've taken away from my time with NFL 11 is a new appreciation for the sport itself. It's genuinely exhilarating stuff.
  35. 80
    I think it's clear that this year's Madden is geared toward the mainstream football fan; someone who just wants to come in after playing a game of catch outside and get their hands on some real NFL talent. For that audience Madden NFL 11 delivers. However, if you're the type of player who sits alone in your living room combing the free agent wire for a player to add to your beloved franchise, I think this year's Madden is going to leave something to be desired.
  36. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Improved in a fashion that will delight gamers of all competence levels and experience. [Issue#63, p.90]
  37. Improvements such as revamped AI, more realistic animation, and a new play-calling system make this the best Madden yet.
  38. Overall, Madden NFL 11 is a really fun title. As I outlined above it does have its share of issues, however, when you look at the experience as a whole you should have a lot of fun here.
  39. As complex, over-stuffed, top-heavy game of football that EA has been producing since this console generation gained its bearings. That is either a thing you want, or a thing you don't. Madden 11 won't change any minds yet, but at the very least, it's a big step in the right direction.
  40. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    New season of Madden Football comes with many features focused to newcomers – it was never easier to start to understanding this weird game… Great visuals and catchy multi-player! [Issue#195]
  41. EA Sports has done it again. They've found a way to improve their game in ways that you didn't think needed improving, and in the process got that $60 out of your pocket for another year.
  42. As ever the latest Madden offers the best NFL experiences available on consoles... but it did the same last year, and the year before that. So the actual progression seems minimal to be honest and the new features are probably not enough to lure in any new converts, or satisfy the old guard that played last year's title. It is good fun, but not really a must own.
  43. Ultimately the decision to buy the game, will again boil down to whether or not you can live with old player rosters or simply must have the latest line-ups. If like me you find football play confusing then Madden 11 may well be worth a look, others though should probably hold on to their cash and see what next years instalment brings.
  44. The lack of real competition for EA starts to show in the football genre. Madden NFL 11 plays nice and has tons of content, but there really should be more real news to this, other than a new roster to convince people to buy it every year.
  45. Madden NFL 11 plays a good game of football. Unfortunately, about 80 per cent of the game has not been given any attention, and the question is whether or not this version is worth it for those who need their Madden fix - especially when it essentially amounts to paying a yearly subscription fee.
  46. It's not a standout season, unlike some past hallmark Maddens that hold up well today. The guts are there for greatness, but there's still some work to be done until it reaches that high level.
  47. Despite some minor flaws, Madden NFL 11 doesn't disappoint.
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  1. meh
    Aug 11, 2010
    Money, money, money. The Madden franchise is the cash cow for EA. Every year, they release the same game with an updated roster and aMoney, money, money. The Madden franchise is the cash cow for EA. Every year, they release the same game with an updated roster and a graphic tweak. This year is no different; the player models look more realistic and there is less clutter on the UI making calling plays easier. Full Review »
  2. Aug 20, 2010
    Oh I am soo dissapointed yet again with this game. It honestly gets worse each year. The gameflow makes it feel like an arcade game likeOh I am soo dissapointed yet again with this game. It honestly gets worse each year. The gameflow makes it feel like an arcade game like Blitz or something and no longer an NFL simulation. It is far to easy at default settings. I have turned them up but haven't found a sweet spot yet. The online play is laggy and there are no provisions to prevent poor online sportsmanship. Do yourself a favor, get NCAA 2011 instead. At least rent before you buy and make you own decision. I hope 2K games or anyone else gets an NFL license soon. Once Madden got that they got lazy and quality has been getting consistently worse. By the way, I am selling my copy should anyone want it in spite of my warning. Full Review »
  3. Aug 23, 2010
    I don't usually like to jump right on and review a game within 24 hours of purchasing it. I usually give myself a little time to form a moreI don't usually like to jump right on and review a game within 24 hours of purchasing it. I usually give myself a little time to form a more accurate opinion, but Madden NFL 11 really left a lot on the field from my perspective. EA Sports' Madden slogan is, "If it's in the game, it's in the game". practice squads, bundling and trading draft picks from next year's crop (or the year after), fully customizable playbooks, plays, and uniforms, and 45 man game-day rosters are all things that are "in the game" but still no where near the madden franchise. I may be in the sad minority here, but I don't give a crap about online play, especially online team-play. What I tend to focus on the most is franchise mode. Playing the franchise mode on Madden 11 is a serviceable experience at best, but very disappointing if you were hoping for any upgrades. It is basically the EXACT SAME interface as Madden 10. With the exception of mid-day lighting/shadow contrasts, the In-game presentation has been polished visually (but they still get some minor uniform details wrong), but the actual game-play is frustrating. The new "strategy pad" is certainly subtraction by addition. EA has had the same format for YEARS for pre-snap adjustments with the trigger buttons. This "strategy pad" changes that for no good reason at all and actually involves more button pushes and more time than the old format. This is the opposite of what they were going for in their efforts to "streamline" the game-play. Also, they decide that after 6 or 7 years of the analogue stick kicking interface, that they would go back the X button double-tap timing system. A curious move at best. Most of these changes seem like they were made for the sake of making them, with no real thought toward overall gameplay efficiency or accuracy. The new "gameflo" system is only commendable for the effort made. It is misguided and inaccurate, but i do agree with them that coaches/offensive coordinators don't come into a game with 300 plays to choose from. It seems to me that there's better ways of going about this, like selecting from your playbook a choice of 20 plays or so, and carrying them into a game with you, and that's all you have that you can call, and you select those plays based on what works well against your opponent's commonly called plays. That would also alleviate the burden of having to hear some jacknut OC tell me why he's calling a ridiculously useless play (i know, i can just turn it off. i did.). As for the in-game commentary, once again, i'm probably in the vast minority, but i haven't listened to that in years on any sports game, so i'm no authority there. For the sake of being fair, I'm sure it's earth-shatteringly amazing. It's probably the one thing that would change my whole outlook on this game, because it's the one thing I turn off immediately every year. I just don't think NFL football players have the TV commentary presentation playing in their helmets while they're playing the game. Considering I was one of the midnight release people that had had this game reserved and completely paid for a full month in advance it pains me to say, but overall, this game is a $60 roster update. In summary: meh... Full Review »