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  1. Jun 11, 2014
    I was expecting this to be a better game than it actually was. I dont think that it exceeded my expectations from madden 12 which basically carried over. The modes that you can play on were very neat and fun. But something was bugging me. And its just seemed as something made the game seem different.
  2. May 5, 2014
    The new engine is great... the animations are great, but that's where "great" stops. They messed up interceptions, blocking... You run into your blockers and fall over... Blockers don't block downfield who they should. The fantasy draft added in after people complained and it was half assed. I enjoyed this game, but everything besides the engine was a step back. I only played it a lot because my friends all had it and we continued our league from '12. Expand
  3. Jan 3, 2014
    Madden 13 is great for picking-up-and-playing, especially Practice Mode. As a matter of fact, all I've played lately is Practice Mode. Overall though, the graphics are realistic, the motion is believable, and the new Infinity Engine works well. The only drawback is the Trade Players function, which won't let you trade some players between teams because of the salary cap, even if those players were traded in real life. I'm sure that rosters are updated automatically if you have X-Box Live, but if you don't, this can be a pain. Expand
  4. Dec 21, 2013
    Madden NFL 13 is a strong entry in the Madden franchise. Thanks to a new physics engine, the game feels and looks more realistic than any previous entry.
  5. Dec 4, 2013
    Although the graphics for this game might be good, this is one of the unrealistic games I have ever played. Whenever you play against the computer, they can always jump in the air about 5-6 ft. and intercept the ball every time. Every time you try to run it up the middle, you get 2-3 yards at best. Every time the computer runs it anywhere it is a first down every time. When you try to pass the ball you can push or even the button of the receiver you want to throw to and it will not throw it, your quarterback just stands there and gets sacked. VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH THIS GAME!!! Expand
  6. Dec 4, 2013
    This is probably my least favorite madden in a long time. While the draft system and career interface are much improved, the gameplay itself is extremely uneven. Pre-snap audibles have a waiting period so you audible once and then your opponent may audible and snap the ball before you ever have a chance to respond. The passing system is impossibly annoying to deal with as the frequency of an opponent corner holding onto a ball is higher but nothing has been done to improve the ball placement of the quarterback or the ability of the receiver to stop the defender from making the grab. And the quarterback will rarely ever lead a receiver on any route over eight yards and every throw will be to the butt of the receiver (think that guy with three steps on the corner on a fly route is open? Nope, INT every time...). Now as for the physics engine in this game, the concept is better than the old one but the execution is just sloppy. If you're going to make a physics engine with the emphasis on individual movements and reactions, you can't just consider every collision to be elastic and you certainly can't have every adjustment in direction force ridiculous deceleration as well as an often-disasterous crouching motion for pursuing defenders and adjusting receivers. Also an adjustment to the ball height of a thrown pass would be much appreciated. I'm tired of throwing a ball to a receiver twenty yards downfield only to have a linebacker five yards deep leap two feet off the ground and come down with the pick. And while we're on defensive coverage, it'd be nice to see just a hint more realism than has been granted here. Corners in this game tend to cut on an in-route quicker than the receivers and separation is a meaningless anomaly in man coverage. Also no fantasy draft?! What the hell is that? Expand
  7. Oct 31, 2013
    It's not at all surprising that my score is higher than the averaged user score considering that this is the first Madden game I bought since 2007 believe it or not. The transitional improvements if you will probably will seem more gradual to people who buy the game every year or even every other year or so. A 6 year gap puts me behind enough to the point where I could probably be very impressed even without the new infinity physics engine, so I might be overreacting here. The realism it provides may even very much so impress people who owned last year's madden anyway, so, my gap in between years could be pointless to mention for that matter.

    Needless to say, the physics engine does more than just make the game LOOK more realistic. It makes you play football smarter and tests your reflexes like it would an actual ball carrier running up the middle of the field in between huge 350 lb offensive linemen. Offensive linemen will be in your way sometimes. It could be a matter of whether or not you react fast enough to jump over a downed defender so you don't stumble over him. This in turn makes the running game more difficult, but it's realistic and will give you more of a challenge when deciding to run the ball for gains.

    What's not realistic though, which happens to make the passing game more much more difficult than it has been in previous years, is the likelihood/frequency of the interceptions in this game. On the default settings, (which is how the game is when you first buy it,) defensive backs, (and sometimes linebackers,) are SO prepared before the snap that it's as if they know where your receiver is going to run ahead of time. Even with the total control passing that was seemingly boasted about but hardly at all explained, you absolutely can NOT throw the ball over the coverage in this game. In fact, the interceptions are so common in this game that your receivers, (even with inside positioning), will sometimes deviate from their route and allow the defensive back or linebacker to step in and pick off your pass. This is no joke. I even have seen a linebacker partially move THROUGH my running back and pick off my pass which completely contradicts the new physics engine all together. Luckily for us gamers who want a much more realistic, reasonable football gaming experience, the difficulty sliders can be adjusted to your liking.

    Once the game plays out how you want it to, there's not much to complain about here. Sure, the physics engine is not visually perfect by any means, but, it's the first year for this. EA has plenty of time to polish and fix any and all bugs seen in the game such as players stomping on others after the play, ball carriers holding the ball behind their back awkwardly while being tackle, and more, like they should. Like some others have said, it's a step in the right direction.

    Full disclosure, this game is NOT missing a franchise mode like some others have said. Franchise mode along with a few other features have been "funneled" in Connected Careers, where you can control a coach or player. By controlling the coach, you play out the games of the season like you normally would in previous maddens, (you just have more control over the head coach is all.)

    The commentary may seem a bit repetitive for the most part, but I've played the game well over a dozen times by now probably and STILL occasionally hear Sims and Nantz say things I've never heard before. Some may complain that they may contradict each other or conflict with what just happened on the field, but, like the physics engine, it needs to be POLISHED. Don't fix what isn't broken, just polish or tune up what's working for the most part but is just shy of flawless.

    There is enough to enjoy in Madden 13 that 25 shouldn't even be considered until it's perhaps half price. "Get more bang for your buck" as some people might say. You should bang more than you miss so to speak, and hopefully when you do miss or see misses, they aren't so far off that they counter everything else that is enjoyed or positive.
  8. Oct 23, 2013
    Madden is going in a good direction i would definitely say. the new physics engine allows for much more realistic and entertaining football games. The tackles are cleaner, the passing is more fun and lively, and the running just feels more fluent. The franchise mode has much to offer in managing a team to make it feel like your managing a real football team. My only 2 complaint would be the interface and no in game character customization. Although it does have gameface, it's very annoying having to make a character on the computer and import it into madden. Its probably easier to customize on PC, its just a hassle that not everyone has the luxury to be able to due. And the interface is not bad, I just personally have a problem with it. Overall though, great game. Expand
  9. Oct 12, 2013
    This Madden game is probably the best in a few years, introducing some new features, tweaking glitches, and making it more and more fun each year. This year they helped out the franchise, changing it to connected careers mode (which is alot of fun) and has always been. The Ultimate Team stayed relatively the same, but they did update those normal things, to make it better. They've added to Madden Moments Live, by having more and more each week. This is a great game if you're a big Madden/football (American) fan. Expand
  10. Sep 24, 2013
    Espn 2k5 is still way better than madden. The presentation is amazing with Boomer Suzy Kolber and Trey Wingo. You can dominate and control the clock running the ball. Charging up and plowing over a defender is so satisfying. The Vip system is innovative. The crib is sweet. You can decorate it any way possible and watch your trophy room pile up. 2k should re release 2k5 with the same rosters on 360 and ps3. Applaud Ncaa for telling EA sports no. In 2k5 Mel Kiper Jr breaks Down drafts. You can edit the drafts each year and make real players like Aaron Rodgers and Reggie Bush etc. I've been playing 2k5 since 2004 and have yet to find a Madden game that is better. Expand
  11. Aug 27, 2013
    User will add words and impressions at a later time. Madden NFL 13 is the latest in the Madden franchise and is the 8th version to release on the Xbox 360.
  12. Aug 4, 2013
    It is actually better than I first thought. It arguably could be the best Madden yet. The graphics are clear, the gameplay is real, the my player mode and my coach mode (franchise mode) is outstanding. Although I'm upset they took out the classic Create-A-Team, Madden 13 is certainly a great game.
  13. Jun 26, 2013
    This is far and away the worst sports game I have ever played. There is literally no a.i. All's this game is is memorizing what you audible to when you see the defense in a certain formation and it literally works every time for big yardage. I throw 1000 yards a game and 10 tds on all madden with like 1 pick. EA bought out all of it's competition and put's out a TERRIBLE game every single year and I'm done, finally. Expand
  14. Jun 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's Madden, same game, different number on the box. Need I explain? I suppose I must. You see, Electronic Arts is pretty evil. And embarrassingly stupid and pathetic in their money-grubbing. Expand
  15. Apr 25, 2013
    SORRY! This game was a waste of money. The in game audible modes are horrible, and they keep getting worse. What happened to the madden that you can just kick back and play? I'll spend the all of the play clock time just getting the defense ready on every play. Graphics are great, but game play is where the moneys at. I'm never buying a Madden again, I'll just rent the dam thing to see if it's any good. For now the NCAA is what I'm sticking with. Expand
  16. Apr 21, 2013
    I think this is even cheesier with online opponents then Nba 2k13.

    Madden 12 was way more fun. Ncaa was way more fun, hell even Fifa was more fun this year.
  17. Mar 1, 2013
    No Franchise Mode! Are you kidding me? Franchise mode is what made Madden great. I looked forward to Madden every year, so I could draft players, trade, and create my own franchise. The most fun was creating a franchise along with a friend and play out the season together..... I will never buy Madden again after this disapointment
  18. Feb 10, 2013
    I only played Madden for Dynasty mode. It's gone. Cannot play created player unless you only want to play one position. No fantasy draft for a playable fantasy football. Me and my roommate would draft a team each and play out a few seasons. Gone. There is nothing in this product for me anymore.
  19. Jan 2, 2013
    I keep thinking that *this year* will be the year that EA finally takes all they should be learning from their monopoly of the NFL video game market (a serious question: Do they actually evaluate feedback from their customers?) and put out an experience that is an actual improvement from the previous year - not just a trade-off. Well, it didn't happen yet again. This year you get the infinity engine that is actually a step in the right direction. The play on the field doesn't feel canned, and while some of the player flopping is comical it doesn't affect the actual gameplay. The trade-off is no franchise mode, and a bare bones off-line experience that is much thinner than any Madden version I can remember, and simply not that much fun. Once again, it leaves me wishing for what could be. Expand
  20. Jan 1, 2013
    I played Madden 10 and that alone. That game was incredible, I loved it and how all the tackles were pre determined there was about a mixture of 7 different animations for running backs/qbs/linebackers and as soon as you saw one you either cried or cheered (the best one was the rb spinning/running forward for about 5 yards where noone could end the run). Anyway, back to madden 13. I think it is a solid game, a stunner in graphics/atmosphere/gameplay. I've always been playing madden for exhibition matches really, that's all I come for and I can tell you it is the best so far. The new physics engines make the tackling so realistic and every tackle is different, it feels more realistic, the new ball physics are not retarded for once and everything just works. If you want to play an up-to-date football game with incredible, realistic gameplay, this game is for you. Expand
  21. Dec 18, 2012
    Improved graphics? Check. Shiny new physics where players stumble all over each other after each play, knocking each other down in ways that should draw 15-yard penalties? Absolutely. Improving the look of the game is expected when someone releases a sequel. Unfortunately, over the last 10 years, the presentation is the only thing that's actually changed. The gameplay is identical to what it was when I was playing Madden on the PS2. It hasn't improved. The controls are still unresponsive, to the point where I constantly feel like the play I'm controlling is running in molasses.

    The announcing has actually managed to get worse. Announcers no longer use players' names, so it's always, "The offense this," and, "The receiver that." I assume they've done this because of two reasons: A) voiceover work costs money, and people will buy this product regardless of quality
    B) saying the players' names sometimes sounds stilted

    You know what sounds more stilted than inserting the player's name? Replacing "Calvin Johnson" with "The receiver" every time he does something. It's obnoxious. There's no logic to the lines they read, either. I get criticized for throwing a 9 yard pass on first down, and praised for throwing a -4 yard pass on 3rd. I've heard the announcers talk about the "first first down of the game!" four or five times in the same game, usually deep into the fourth quarter. It took one game to hear every single line of generic speech about "The offense" and "The quarterback" (rather than "The 49ers" and "Alex Smith") repeated six or seven times.

    Offenses still put up 70 or 80 points per game if you try to play with realistic game lengths. This has been a problem for more than a decade.

    Gameplay outside of ballcarrying and passing continues to be shallow, simplistic, and boring. There's real depth to every single position in real life, but you wouldn't know it by playing Madden. Are you telling me they couldn't make RT interesting to play at some point over the last 10 years? Of course not, because that would be innovating. No reason to innovate when you have a monopoly. The devs who design Madden are talentless hacks with no vision beyond coming up with ways to insert and remove just enough features each year to keep people wondering if maybe - just maybe - the $60 might be worth it this year.

    It's not, and it never will be as long as EA has a monopoly on the NFL. They continue to polish a turd by making the game more "realistic" by making it LOOK like an NFL broadcast, which would be great if I were just watching it. Unfortunately, I actually have to play it like it's a video game, and EA seems to be treating the "video game" part of their video game like an afterthought. The result: recycling the same unfun garbage every year.

    And of course, like everyone else, I keep buying it because I'm a sucker.
  22. Dec 9, 2012
    A lot of fun. So excited when I got it. I got an Xbox 360 just for this game and it was worth it. Great game. Good engine. The reason im not giving it 10, is because there is still a lot that needs to be worked out. I think its definitely worth it.
  23. Nov 30, 2012
    1 of the richest gaming corporations in the world and still isnt even close to its potential. This rating applies to head to head and teamplay. Same outdated generic graphics, very frequent dropping of players in team player, broken announcing and repetitive announcing, very unstable EA servers, very easy to exploit online, player ratings are not realistically represented in game example- champ bailey gets burned frequently by lower end receivers and lower end db's play amazing depending on dynamic player performance which hurts game alot. Dynamic player performance applies to all players so horrible players can be amazing and amazing can be horrible. Overall you dont really have a choice if you want a football game. It is a decent arcade like football game and certainly isnt worth 60$ but if you can get for 30$ or less its worth it only because its only NFL licensed game. Expand
  24. Nov 30, 2012
    I really wanted to like this game...I really did, but it's impossible. They took out franchise mode...yeah really...they took out the most popular feature with consumers who buy the product year after year, well done EA! Still same problems with game play with psychic DBs, but now the RBs slam into their o-linemen and fall down like they've been shot. Also on tackles everyone around the ball falls down in a bazaar fashion almost always with their legs tucked under them like kids do in Pop Warner. Since EA continues to have exclusive rights (through 2014 now) to names and likenesses of NFL players and Coaches no other gaming company will ever push them into making a better product. Please save your money and rent this turd before buying it. Expand
  25. Nov 19, 2012
    Who ever decided to get rid of franchise mode should be fired immediately!

    Way to take a cool new concept (physics engine) and completely spoil the fun. Now in order to play significant games offline you have to play as a player, which i started a season as a QB. Its amazing how TERRIBLE the WR's are when you cannot control them, my running back never cute in the hole, and I counted 24
    (yes I tallied) ... 24 drop passes in the last game without being able to control them! What a waste of my time...

    On a good note, the exhibition is fun, and the players play well when i can control them... but honestly exhibition has gotten boring in only a couple days... stupid, stupid , stupid..
  26. Nov 19, 2012
    Best Damn madden game yet it is so fun. The graphics are great. The new intro is a nice touch. There are a few bad things like no franchise mode which sucks but it is easy to get over, just grab a piece of paper and write a 16 game schedule. Patriots fan 4 life
  27. Nov 17, 2012
    The Madden series is so unrealistic and lame. If you hit the triangle button to intercept a pass you cannot have defender go threw receiver to make int. The receiver had a better position to make play. EA is a lazy company and the programmers do not know how to do their job.
  28. Nov 17, 2012
    nice try game is ok need to go back to 12 no way to make your own players and play in the season to way to make a play book the new modes are nice well one is you can play as a players if you play as player you cant play the whole game whats the point in playing then and no way to skip the season and get to the playoffs you cant make your own teams are players and use them in the season
  29. Nov 14, 2012
    So i have waited two months to review the game. The best thing about the previous Madden games was that they were consistently unrealistic: Quarterbacks rarely or never missed open receivers, there were always money plays which were good for a first down every time, guys broke tackles when they wouldn't have in real life, and the you could always rack up 400+ yards---even playing as the Jags. The problem with this game is that its inconstantly unrealistic. In the attempt to make a more realistic game the designers made the defense almost superhuman in its abilities---almost all linebackers have 60 inch verticals and jump that high on the run, corners have superhuman catch-up speed if they are beat, and D-lineman get through offensive lines like they aren't there. To make things more complicated, any quarterback with an 85 or below rating will overthrow and underthrow constantly and nearly always throw it into the ground 6 feet in front of them if you dare to throw on the run. Luckily your defense is usually better than the computers leading to a lot of 17-10 victories. Unfortunately, the frustration of the physics and "realistic unrealistic-ness" of the game make it a lot less enjoyable than the consistently unrealistic ones of the past. Expand
  30. Nov 11, 2012
    It seems there are a large number of people, such as myself, who can't play the game because of some glitch that causes it to freeze 100% of the time in offline CCM (maybe online CCM, haven't tried because I want updated rosters). And I just bought the game - which means EA has released 3 patches without fixing the problem.

    I googled it, found out a lot of other people have the
    problem, and tried all the suggested fixes (short of wiping my HD which is WAYYYY more trouble than its worth). I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS FOR A CONSOLE GAME!!!

    EA, and Madden, is the WORST.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. 70
    We can't wait to see what next year holds. [Dec 2012, p.97]
  2. Nov 14, 2012
    Madden 13 marks a vast improvement over the past few Maddens. The first one in a while. [Dec 2012]
  3. Oct 24, 2012
    A good pick-up for sports fans who like a side-order of tactics with their neck-snapping violence. [Dec 2012, p.90]