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Mixed or average reviews - based on 79 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 79
  2. Negative: 5 out of 79
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  1. Mafia II isn't a bad game, but it's an extremely uneven effort that fails as often as it succeeds.
  2. Spending time with Mafia II is like visiting a studio back lot – it's a great looking recreation of a bygone era but there's not much behind the façade
  3. It's abundantly clear that 2K Czech put an emphasis on story and ambience over gameplay in Mafia II and it really shows. With a repetitive mission structure, long arduous drives across a limited open-world and a bog standard shooter mechanic, Mafia II as a game rarely delivers. As a Mafia experience though, it delivers in spades. There are few open-worlds in video games that show this much depth, this much character and this much charm.
  4. The only aspect that really shines in Mafia II is its story, the rest is only reasonable.
  5. 70
    Mafia 2 is, to put it mildly, a tightly controlled experience, to an extent that may be a little shocking to those of us who've become acclimated to the freedom of most open world games.
  6. 70
    Mafia II is an interesting mobster tale with some great voice acting and cool cutscenes; if you have a "made man" itch, feel free to scratch it here, but be prepared for a pretty standard third-person shooter in the gameplay department. The "take cover, kill everyone, do it again" mechanic didn't wow me, but it didn't let me down either.
  7. It's never nice being mean about a game with as much ambition as this, but if we're talking sheer value for money then halfway through the 14 hours it takes to complete Maria II you'll have experienced one really good shooting mission and absolutely no decent car chases, of which there are only a couple in the entire game. [Sept 2010, p.81]
  8. Mafia II's strong points are the story and believable gameworld, as well as an authentic atmosphere. Unfortunately the game doesn't take enough risk and as a result makes less impact than the original. Players don't get enough freedom to come up with their own creative solutions during missions. It also doesn't help that there is a lot of filler during the missions.
  9. The sequel is far worse than the original game. We don't know if it was lack of development time, budget or ideas, but Mafia II is not what 2K promised to fans.
  10. 70
    But even though it offers some worthwhile moments, it unfortunately squanders most of its vast potential on a heavily scripted experience that doesn't take full advantage of the compelling world around it.
  11. For now, despite the niggles and frustrations, the sum total of Mafia II's parts is greater than it should be and still equals an enjoyable romp through what you might expect old-school Mafia life to be like. How much you enjoy the game really does come down to your patience levels and how much leeway you're prepared to give.
  12. Mafia 2 feels like a game that could have been great. Clunky controls are hardly game-breaking, and some might argue part and parcel with the open-world genre, but without the features associated with open-world games Mafia 2 is more easily compared to Uncharted and Gears of War - and in that circle it's simply not action-packed enough.
  13. All things considered, Mafia 2 is a good game. The problem is, it only takes a little over ten hours to complete the story, and once you're done that... that's it.
  14. I cannot recommend more than renting Mafia II unless you have a particularly strong affection for the subject material. Mafia II is not broken nor does do any one thing particularly badly; the overall experience is just a real disappointment and I would rather swim with the fishes than play it again.
  15. Folks who love a decent mafia tale -- one of family ties, betrayal, and revenge -- will want to experience the world of Mafia II. Its competent game mechanics and absorbing narrative are enough to warrant a playthrough. But in the end, the repetitive nature of the game's sometimes mind-blowingly boring missions and lack of content will leave most gamers wanting more.
  16. After 2010 has given us open worlds as complex as Red Dead Redemption, Mafia 2's empty city and two-dimensional campaign is hard to tolerate. No matter how much the game may pride itself on supplying a mature tale of crime, it can't overshadow a relentlessly bland gameplay experience.
  17. Jan 12, 2011
    A great story that manages to make old ground seem fresh, coupled with out-of-this world sound design, is sadly attached to a middle-of-the-road, limited third-person gaming experience.
  18. I'm a sucker for a good mob story, but Mafia II's is merely decent.
  19. Mafia II isn't really what it should have been after the brilliant Mafia. It's just another wannabe action sand box games, but with a good story.
  20. It's in Mafia II's second act that it takes a real dive, and familiarity plunges into cliché. When the writers run out of literary coal, there's little to keep you on the rails, and nowhere to take a time-out. It descends into a festival of stereotypes and expletives, laying waste to the hints of narrative depth proffered earlier and offending beyond justification as it ticks the down-and-dirty genre boxes.
  21. After enjoying the original game I had high hopes for Mafia 2, but despite putting the bad things about the original right they seem to have taken everything that was good about it and trashed it.
  22. In the end, Mafia II has the makings of a quicker and darker paced GTA clone that is unfortunately short of greatness due to its forced driving and overall sterile setting.
  23. Mafia II is enjoyable and polished, but we could expect way more from 2K Czech.
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  1. Sep 11, 2010
    This is why I don't get most of the reviewers out there. Mafia 2 is an absolute blast to play IF you enjoy an amazing story with greatThis is why I don't get most of the reviewers out there. Mafia 2 is an absolute blast to play IF you enjoy an amazing story with great characters. The gameplay works very well in every aspect of this game. The driving was the part I enjoyed the most. Different cars have different feels and the town is gorgeous. It took me around 14 hours to complete the game. Sure, I took my time, but it was worth it. I cannot wait for Mafia III. Full Review »
  2. Aug 24, 2010
    Although Mafia 2 has been anticipated and will obviously do well I have to ask myself why. Having played through the first and made theAlthough Mafia 2 has been anticipated and will obviously do well I have to ask myself why. Having played through the first and made the obvious comparison with the Godfather competition I cant really see any redeeming qualities that make the game stand out. Yes it is linear and of course this hold true to it being a story driven FPS rather than a Sandbox that kind of rings through in its portrayal and hype surrounding its release. Although I wasnt expecting it to be so much sandbox and GTA style unless they were really going to remove themselves from how the first game played out, I would have expected some more depth and scope to actually play as a character that had a wide range of choices and could move freely around his environment with something to do rather than live out a one dimensional story line.

    But hey, linear is not always bad....unless you were really expecting something different. So here I am to tell you done and you wont be disappointed.

    However the game really has nothing more to offer than the same graphics, gun play and some witty dialogue if you can be bothered not skipping the ever so endless, and I mean every time you fart or want to take a **** up pops some more dialogue. God seems like you cant take a dump without the game wanting to tell you some back story about wiping you ass. If you into that then hey enjoy.

    Overall the game does nothing to move the genre ahead, offers nothing more than some reasonable game play and dialogue, but with so much more that could be done with consoles, and PC's alike, none of the new game titles are pushing anything ahead. Yet they just seem to be treading water and offering a graphics upgrade.

    If your bored and have the extra cash by all means go ahead and buy the game, but dont expect anything new, exciting or markedly different. It all been done before. Nothing new to offer.
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  3. Aug 26, 2010
    This game is not GTA(which is a good IMHO). GTA/RDR/etc are completely different games. I liked both of those games, but I had a lot moreThis game is not GTA(which is a good IMHO). GTA/RDR/etc are completely different games. I liked both of those games, but I had a lot more fun playing Mafia 2. I'm going to compare it to GTA because that seems to be the popular counter example on the internet, and we all know the internets never lie. And someone needs to stand up for a good game where the moronicons come out of the wood work screaming "NO BLIND FIRE, NO EUPHORIA!!! NO 100 HOURS GAME SUCKS MY B's I GIVE IT A SCORE OF TOO!!"

    What Mafia 2 tries to do, is to put the player in an immersive, realistic environment + story/narative + fun gameplay = Great Game!

    The city, and the people in it, are a set piece more than anything else. It is highly detailed and visually/audibly rich. The voice acting is great, the story is great, and the movement feels real. As a result you care about your character and the people around him and the actions he takes. It's linear, but it's good(by the by GTA IV and RDR are linear, with passable story lines). The characters are rich and serious, which is refreshing after all the rockstar games were every character is a trite pulp fiction type who makes 1000 pop references a second.

    There's really no free roam or anything like that, although you can do whatever you want in on the way to missions/home. I just mean there's not a lot of side content, and consequently the game is shorter. However, that being said, since the story missions were so tight, I had a lot more fun playing this game then most. Less messenger boy, chores to do.

    I think why I like this game the most, is that it is a little more realistic. Gun fights are quick and deadly, car crashes are the same. And maybe it's just me, but in GTA IV, I wasn't even worried about cops until 4 stars, but in mafia 2, I find myself super tensed up when the cops get involved. It actually takes a level of skill to lose them.

    This is a really good game. I like the cinematic look and feel, I like the game play. GTA IV(and by extension all open world games) is a totally different animal. That being said. You get more for your money with GTA, but If I think back, I actually had more fun playing Mafia 2, and consequently, think it's a better game. Graphics, open world, linear/non linear, blind fire, etc doesn't matter. If you have fun playing a game, then it's a good game. I had more fun in Mafia 2 then GTA IV.
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