Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. This game's a great mix of action and problem-solving.
  2. This title brings back all the memories of Marble Madness but with countless alterations and improvements.
  3. Visually the game is very crisp, clean, and quite frankly the best-looking Live Arcade title we have seen yet.
  4. I love this game. It's one of those games that when you just don't want to play anything else, or your tired of the racing and sports games, this is something you can turn to that is fun yet challenging. And playing online is a blast.
  5. An absolutely incredible value. For just ten dollars you get sixty stages of marble rolling fun, plus a full Xbox Live multiplayer mode playable with up to eight players. The graphics are outstanding, the soundtrack is good. Everything controls exceedingly well, and the controls are solid.
  6. An excellent "Marble Madness" clone. It is all about skill. A few more levels and multiplayer modes would not have hurt, though. [Mar 2006]
  7. At 800 Microsoft points (about $10 USD), Marble Blast Ultra is a solid game with some refreshing gameplay ideas for those who have grown weary from this years recycled arcade titles.
  8. Part puzzle game, part platformer, and part competitive multiplayer action title, Marble Blast Ultra is a good value for players wanting a quick dosage of fun without getting tied up into a marathon gaming session.
  9. This title brings back all the memories of Marble Madness, but with countless alterations and improvements. There are a few things I wish could be improved, such as the camera and music, but these shouldn’t prevent you from spending the $10 for all the content this game provides.
  10. Marble Blast Ultra is not just a lot of fun to play; it's(dare we say it?)a blast. [Jun 2006, p.60]
  11. Marble Blast Ultra is easy to learn and simple to play, but the increasingly difficult progression of puzzles always manage to throw something new and challenging your way with each new level.
  12. Sure, it's not going to win awards for its longevity, but its instant playability and rampantly addictive qualities make is damned near irresistible. A fitting update to an enduring classic.
  13. For 800 points, this is near essential.
  14. The real pay-off of Marble Blast Ultra is in the swear-inspiring multiplayer.
  15. Too addictive. [Issue#5, p.120]
  16. The single player levels start off simple enough but become almost epic in scope (well, for a marble game!) later on.
  17. It has plenty of replay value in terms of getting higher scores on the leaderboards and acquiring achievements, plus the multiplayer adds some additional game time.
  18. While the game would have benefited from more enhanced graphics and sound effects, it's a solid title. It's fun and addictive and offers a chance to not just complete the single player and be done but compete against friends and others in a faster paced setting.
  19. 75
    Overall the question of the day is whether or not this upgraded version of Marble Blast and distant cousin of Marble Madness is really worth your 800 points. To be honest, due to the addictive nature of the gameplay and the set up of the multiplayer, dropping the money for this download is a no brainer.
  20. Be careful though, rolling the marble is so addictive that 30 minutes will go by before you know it!
  21. The multiplayer is probably the best part of this game. It combines simple fun and “pick-up-and-playability” very well.
  22. This is a great looking arcade game with a very solid feel to the gameplay. It’s appeal is definitely retro in terms of the game’s simplicity, but lends itself to Live multiplayer brilliantly.
  23. A fun game for what it is. Rolling a ball, or marble only can be entertaining for so long. You really need patience and enjoy rolling puzzle games to get into this for the long run.
  24. 70
    A fantastic title for the Xbox Live Arcade because it's easily accessible and a game you can spend hours or minutes on.
  25. 69
    While Marble Blast Ultra is an entertaining distraction, it's not much more than that. There are plenty of unique physics to how the ball performs on different surfaces and flies through the air, lots of different textures you can apply to the marble with distinctive, appealing effects, and a few cool sound effects, but the game will get old faster than you'd like.
  26. Offers a decent challenge, but boring multiplayer a lack of variety drag it down a bit.
  27. This is a very nice action puzzle game but after completing the 60 levels, there would not be a lot for me to return to except to play on LIVE, which in turn is quite hard to do as you can’t find many human opponents what with so many other good 360 titles available.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 22 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Apr 23, 2014
    Have you ever felt like you wanted to play something, but you wanted to get away from those first-person shooters and highly-active action games? Well fear not, because this is what this game is like. Its for when you want to just chill out and have fun with a game that is challenging and chill. You'll have a blast on this game, with it's single player levels and fun and competitive on-line matches, this game is addictive. It is definitely a fun game, and I highly recommend it to recreational gamers. Full Review »
  2. Rem
    Oct 6, 2014
    Marble Blast Ultra has 60 levels for you to master and best the time, and it surely does give you a good time. The marble physics are fun and well implemented into the game which throws in its own neat mechanics such as gravity modifiers and powerups, however this does not push the game's longevity. It was fun while it lasted, but there wasn't much incentive to return back. Full Review »
  3. Apr 16, 2014
    Marble Blast Ultra, with a wonderful shader engine, great gameplay mechanics, fun and creative levels, enjoyable multiplayer, and more, packs a punch and can be called one of the best XBL Arcade games out there. Sixty levels of different difficulties to choose from and a great multiplayer make this an experience that will last for months. Though, it's not going to last TOO long for you. I've played all of this game through and have more than 50 hours in the multiplayer, and this is definitely a great game. A lot of memories were put into my head from playing this when I was younger, and you can have the same fun too for just $10. Full Review »