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  1. Mar 17, 2012
    This was to be the apex of the story. However it quickly is ruined by what Bioware and EA feel is an ending that makes "sense". There really is very little reason to complete the series as it was all for nothing. I really enjoyed the first and second games. I took the day off to get it release day and I firmly regret it. On top of this Bioware is now claiming that passionate fans are simply demanding to much when we request endings that are logical and factor in our choices. This game like its creator and publisher didn't deliver and hence my rating. Expand
  2. Mar 18, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the ending to an incredible series of sci-fi games, and it falls short of being anything but a money-grab by EA/Bioware.

    Pros: its a video game.

    Cons: weird character animations, incredibly annoying camera angles during cut-scenes, too many FMV cut-scenes ruin the pacing, choppy frame rates, laughable and childish dialogue, hit or miss voice acting, out-dated graphics
    and textures, generic 3rd person shooter combat is outdated and "rusty", no attempt at being "scientific" like the last 2 games, most RPG elements are gone, no holstering your weapon, barely any dialogue choices, horrible story and narrative...

    here, how about a shorter list:

    1. Mass Effect 3 is an incomplete, falling-apart-at-the-seams game, piggybacked onto a massively popular franchise simply to sell it to fans of the series.

    2. The ending is atrociously bad...and it doesn't even fit. It makes everything you just did, every choice you just made in the whole series literally pointless.

    3. Data was on the disk, removed, and repacked as $10-15 DLC on the day the game was released. This is NOT acceptable and I am never buying another Bioware game simply because of this, until they quit this nonsense. Developers will NOT extort money out of gamers, this stops now. No debate.

    4. Speaking of bad game design and boycotting, I won't be an accomplice in the "Hollywoodization" of the gaming industry. Mass Effect 3 thinks its a movie: The camera angles zooming on character's lifeless faces, the narrative, the cut-scenes every 5 minutes, etc..its pathetic.

    Any one of those high quality cut-scenes costs more money for developers to create, than I make in an entire decade of paychecks.

    Why wasn't any of that money allocated to upgrading gameplay mechanics, instead of trying to make a friggin' movie? These scenes last a few minutes, take up tons of space on the disks, and in the end will be even more outdated in less than 2 years. What meeting did they sit down at EA/Bioware and come to the conclusion this was a good idea?

    In fact, ME3 is the most pretentious game I've ever played in my life. It looks like the Titanic after the iceberg.

    What more needs to be said to show that this is a shameful, "only for-profit" game by EA and Bioware?

    I was a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, but Mass Effect 3 is the "Phantom Menace" to Mass Effect 2's "Empire Strikes Back".
  3. Mar 18, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 Ending-Hatred: 5 Reasons The Fans Are Right -

    Somehow Bioware managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of gaming victory with an ending that is poorly written and makes no sense. The article link is one of the best summaries I've read. But hey, as long as EA made loads of money, who cares if the
    race to ship the product short-changed gamers? Expand
  4. May 16, 2012
    Take a dump, put it on a plate, gift-rap it, give it to your best friend for an exuberant amount of money and what do you get? Mass Effect 3. Stay away if you want to retain to fond memories you had of the original two games.
  5. Mar 18, 2012
    This game does not deserve a 10/10, nor a 94 metacritic rating.

    Your adventure begins with the reapers attacking earth, the first planet to come under siege. After the confirmation of the reaper invasion as so prophesized by Shepard, you are tasked with uniting the entire universe in not getting annhilated. But throughout the entire game you'll feel like Shepard and his crew are the
    only people in the ENTIRE universe who are taking the whole galaxy obliteration thing seriously. You'll spend the entire game doing favors for the other races who apparently don't give a **** that they and everything they've ever known or loved will die, so long as X objective is fulfilled. And throughout, you'll find plotholes so massive a Geth dreadnought (which is surprisingly accommodating to lifeforms) could fly through them. The Rachni are back, regardless of whether you killed the queen in ME1, for example. As for the ending... it's so bad Bioware issued a statement for damage control. Don't worry though, they intend to give you the ending you deserve so long as you buy yet another DLC pack.

    The graphics only look good when the image on screen is static. Try dodging, moving from cover to cover, sprinting, or watching 90% of the cut-scenes and you'll see awful animations, horrible transitions from animation to animation, and sometimes awkward eye movements. And regardless of whether you cleared out all enemies in a conflict zone, the camera still follows Shepard with his gun drawn uncomfortable close, and even with the controller sensitivity setting at "low" (yes, this game, unlike every other shooter released in the past decade, has only 3 settings for analog stick sensitivity) I found myself getting dizzy playing. There are also cinematic events during levels much like the Uncharted series but with choppy animation and crappy camera angles. If you're a fan of claustrophobia and nausea, then you'll love exploring M3E's environments for credits and weapon upgrades.

    The entire game feels tight and constricted, from beginning to end. Imagine the linearity of Gears of War with about 50% less space. And the locations that should be sprawling and massive, like the Citadel for example, feel miniscule and require an elevator and a loading screen to access each of the five zones Shepard may explore. Even the outside levels, of which there are only a few, channel you through invisible walls to your objective. In addition, small sections of the map are regurgitated throughout the entire level to save development time, adding to the disorientation.

    Multiplayer is a welcome addition, but it too has its faults. The gear you can upgrade includes weapons and their mods, but no armor, and getting said gear is either a massive grind or expensive. Gear is attained by buying "packs" which are essentially booster decks filled randomly with equipment using either MS points or the game's own credit system, which are earned extremely slowly by completing various objectives during multiplayer sessions. It's sickening how shamelessly Bioware fills its own pocket with this system and it creates a rift between players willing to spend money on digital items and players who won't, and the chance of you attaining what you desire for your character are slim, forcing you to buy pack after pack. But the loot system isn't the only thing that feels broken and wrong. Instead of creating a character and class from scratch and choosing and building upon its buffs and abilities, there are 4 or 5 characters for each class, two or 3 with their own special abilities, and each class levels up independently from each other. It isn't the worst system in the world, but you'll feel less attached to each of your many online avatars as you do with Shepard. This also prevents players from creating the exact class/character they desire, as only certain races have access to certain abilities. If you were looking to make a human with Reave, you're SOL. And, unlike the singleplayer campaign, each class has a max of three abilities which cannot be remapped to different buttons. You are stuck using your abilities (but only in multiplayer) with the buttons Bioware chose. Just as perplexing is the lack of a mute option. I cannot stress how absolutely stupid Bioware is for not adding this and many other features that are status quo. I hope you enjoy your multiplayer experience dashed with thirteen year old kids and racists.

    Mass 3 Effect is a good game by any standard, but it is not a great game, and the lack of certain options that are standard in every game released in the past decade certainly don't help. But it's the ending and Bioware's disgusting Activision-like business tactics that'll eventually disenchant you from its massive, plot-hole riddled world. Or maybe seeing Ronnie from Jersey Shore joining your crew will do it.
  6. Mar 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have played all three Mass Effect games and have loved them. The Mass Effect series is my second favorite series. However, this game is extremely disappointing. The game is great up until the last hour when you "take back" Earth. It was nothing as expected or advertised. I expected to have an ending that was a blend of ME1 and ME2. This means that I expected to have epic space and land battles where I had to make ethical decisions that impacted the game. The ending was nothing like this. It was basically the same as any other mission, and you have to make a "choice" at the end. There are three options, and they are all bad options with the same cut scene ending. The cut scene makes no sense, answers no questions, provides no closure, and is an insult to all of the fans of Mass Effect. I basically have two big problems with the game. One, the ending is too ambiguous which doesn't provide any answers or satisfaction. You don't know what happened to the crew, races, worlds, or galaxy. Two, the ending is anti-climatic which means that it is boring and not fitting for a Mass Effect game and especially for the end of a trilogy.
    I have a third problem, but it is not with the game. The third problem is with the developer. Bioware has made some unethical, greedy business decisions lately. It started with their decision to make KOTOR into an MMO instead of another console release. They knew that they would make more money with it as an MMO. I won't get into why I hate MMOs and how they are destroying the RPG genre. Bioware has recently dumbed down other RPG games like Dragon Age II and ME3 to appeal to the masses and make more money. This brings us to ME3. There are three issues with ME3. First, there is a code required to play the multiplayer. This is done to make more money from people who rent or buy used. Second, they have a release day DLC which is something they did for ME2 also. That DLC should be included with the retail release, but they sell it separately to make more money. The DLC isn't worth $10 because it is just one short mission and a playable character. All work completed before the retail release should be included in the retail price. I shouldn't have to pay extra unless they create the material after the release date. Third, they are releasing a DLC with the "true" ending, and they will charge $10 (or more) for this DLC. They made this false ending that no one likes so they could force everyone to buy the DLC with the "true" ending. It was done on purpose because Shepard awakens at the end of the cut scene and is back on Earth. The ending wasn't real. If it wasn't real, why is the real ending released months later and requires additional money? The real ending should have been included on the retail release that you have already bought at a high price. This is also done to make more money at the expense of loyal fans. I paid full price ($60) for what I thought was a finished and good product. I was wrong. It is not finished, and it is not as good as I hoped. I have to pay more money to finish it, but I will not do it. All of their business decisions are fueled by pure greed for money at this point.
    Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on this game. If you are a fan of ME1 and ME2, then buy the game later. Wait for it to be $20 which won't be long. I bet that it will be $20 by this summer. You shouldn't buy the DLCs either because you don't want to reward and encourage Bioware for their unethical, greedy business practices. Bioware has basically given the middle finger to all loyal fans, and it is laughing all the way to the bank. I know the last few sentences seems really negative, but it is true. How can you not feel shafted by the game's ending and Bioware's business practices?
  7. Mar 19, 2012
    I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 too is the Best Mass Effect Game.But one thing in Mass Effect 3 from which I had been disappointed is the ending.Bio ware has to change the ending.Please Bio ware,With Mass Effect 3 I have become the Huge fan of Mass Effect Series.Please Change the ending with New DLC.
  8. Mar 19, 2012
    Up to the finale, ME3 felt like the natural continuity of the previous 2 installments. Great music, improved visuals (in spite of a few minor glitches), obvious efforts were made to make the fans feel at home and bring closure to the story. The characters feel like old friends and you're happy to see them one last time. The design team did a fantastic job of it.

    Then, 5 minutes before
    the end, the designers break the compact made with the players that made ME an interactive art form by taking control of YOUR Shepard's story. The conclusion felt obviously rushed and writers obviously forgot that since ME is YOUR Shepard's story, YOU should decide how it all ends... sad, bittersweet or happy should be YOUR choice. And that's why I give it a 9, rather than the 10 I would have otherwise given it. Good news is: that can be fixed through a patch or DLC. Expand
  9. Mar 19, 2012
    After completing Mass Effect 1 and 2 multiple times in preparation for the epic conclusion, I was extremely pleased with how everything all turned out. The changes made from ME2 to ME3 were welcome ones. No more hacking or bypassing mini-games, or terribly long loading screens. Some of the RPG aspects from ME1 returned and made the game more customizable and personable. The Multiplayer component surprised me when I first played it and I was immediately hooked. The leveling and upgrade systems are well constructed and easy to get a grasp of. There were multiple events in the story that were so beautifully constructed and well orchestrated that I just had to sit back in my chair and revel in all of its glory. I have never felt so connected to a story and characters in a game. Many complain about the ending. These opinions are simply based on ignorance and a "I didn't get the exact ending I wanted so I'm going to complain" response. Did I get exactly what I wanted? No, I didn't. Was I still able to appreciate the overall ending while seeing the beauty of it and accept it for what it was? Yes! Expand
  10. Mar 19, 2012
    This wraps up the mass effect trilogy in a perfect way (apart from the endings) which will hopefully be patched at a later date via DLC and what have you got an amazing brilliant game Stop complaining about the ending and before you say anything i have been a fan of the mass effect series since ME1 First came out and Bioware since KOTOR. Okay now onto the ending yes I agree we needed more closure but bioware know this and who knows this may have been wanted all along to get the ending so talked about that when they release a DLC for the ending everyone will get it.
    Bioware are smart have faith!
  11. Mar 19, 2012
    How do you train-wreck a great game and series, 100+ hours of solid story, character development, and gameplay in the span of half an hour? There were so many positives about Mass Effect 3 that are completely overshadowed by the ending. It leaves me wondering why I bothered to go back and play 1&2 again making sure I had all the choices I wanted right when at the end, it didn't really matter. Maybe there is some point being made about the inescapability of destiny, but it feels tacked on. Maybe Bioware had a sudden religious awakening and decided they needed to hammer the idea home with all the subtly of a Krogan battle-master. Whatever the case, the last half hour of Mass Effect 3 comes out of nowhere, ignores all previous choices, and fails to resolve the character's stories. Plus it just doesn't make any godamn sense. A real shame to see a series I was so fond of for five years suddenly fall apart so utterly. Even if Bioware does release a DLC "fix" I'm not sure how much I'd want it. This was a stain on their reputation and while a fix might ease the pain a bit, so does Astroglide. Expand
  12. Mar 19, 2012
    A fantastic story, well written with some of the best voice acting in the history of gaming. Tragically let down by buggy cover mechanics, graphic glitches, and an ending sequence that sours the entire series.
  13. Mar 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 was the first game I played where the ending ruined the experience of the entire series for me. I've had it happen with television series to a lesser extent such as Lost and Battlestar Gallactica, but the ending to this game goes counter to the entire message of the Mass Effect games before. It's soured me on the entire IP. When developers such as Bungie and Epic can end their respective sci-fi trilogies of Halo and Gears of War with actual closure and can better convey the theme of great sacrifice for the sake of tomorrow than the critically acclaimed storytellers at Bioware, something is seriously off. Expand
  14. Mar 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 took me through the most emotionally packed ride in my life. From the opening on Earth to the very end, it held my attention and awarded me with some the best scenes I have ever experienced. The game-play felt much tighter than Mass Effect 2 and supremely better than Mass Effect 1. It feels like Bioware took the best aspects of both games to produce one super powered behemoth. Plus, the added a multiplayer which is oddly addictive and fun (especially with the inclusion of other species to choose from). The only real gripe I have for the game is the one new character who feels too much like The Situation. Otherwise the games greatest achievement is the vast amounts of great characters. For those who gripe about the last 6minutes, I will quote a wise song, "At the end of it all, gamers play what we play, not for game over, but what we take away". Trust me, you will take away a lot. Expand
  15. Mar 19, 2012
    a wonderful ending to an amazing trilogy. I will personally count Mass effect 3 as one of my favorite games because it both ends the trilogy I love and gives the developers a place to start the next part from.
  16. Mar 19, 2012
    This game was great, don't listen to the people who will whine and moan because of a flaw the game had which makes it an "automatic zero". The ending could have been a lot better, but it doesn't kill the game. I loved the smaller stories much more this time around however. In ME2, Miranda's sister didn't have any affect on me, and blowing up the old Cerebus facility for Jack just made her look like an idiot. This time around, I was cheering when someone was being a bad ass and ripping through the enemies and nearly cried when someone died for a cause. People look at the broad subject too much, I like games where you can get a different experience by just playing the side missions. Expand
  17. Mar 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As I see it there are 2 opinions dominating the reviews here. People who wanna complain some aspects of the game (especially the ending) and therefore give very low scores to the game and people who believe it is an improvement from the already great ME2 and one of the best games ever and most likely have not played until the end.
    I am on neither group. I am one of the few people to give an slightly above average score. And I am a big fan of the series, played all 3 games with the DLCs, read the books and the comics.
    Don't let the trolls fool you, it is a good game, it is based on the second game, it cannot get much worse. But there are serious flaws that could have been corrected from the second game or were poorly changed from the second game (which I consider to be the best of the 3).
    Most of the good points were already on ME2 and for those I give the slightly above average score. Besides what was already on ME2, the biggest improvements IMHO are the weapons mod system which merged the first and second game beautifully and the fact that you can see more of your past decisions taking effect in this game than there were from the first game into the second. So I will focus on what could be better
    First of all, I understood the story at the beginning because I played all the DLCs, but those who have not played it are going to get a bit lost, the game itself does not provide much insight for new players or those who have not played the last DLC from the 2nd game (Arrival).
    Second, quest organization is terrible, you can't track your current progress on each quest and are often wandering around the citadel looking for the quest giver who you completely forgot the face or location.
    The only "city" (as the place you get quests and buy stuff in) in the game is the citadel, just like on the first game, which was a major let down for me, the second had Elysium and Omega in addition to the citadel and where great.
    The game basically focus on 2 big quests inside of the main quest which is defeating the reapers. Those quests are making an alliance between the Krogans and the Turians and doing the same thing between the Geth and the Quarians. Of course there are other quests like on Thesia and the Cerberus headquarters, but they are single mission quests not like the first two mentioned. I feel like the second game was much longer and had more quests than the 3rd.
    The number of squad members has reduced, this would have been explainable if the purpose was the develop each story with more depth, but that doesn't happen, loyalty missions are out and there are no squad member specific missions, in addition to this point, there is the day 1 DLC From Ashes, which adds the Prothean squad mate to your team, I am not getting into the point of how low it is to release a day 1 DLC, but the new character could add much more depth to the story and could come with more than the recruit mission.
    The developers still haven't thought a good way to make space exploring more engaging and interesting, on this game this aspect has been put on the third plane, of course it makes sense considering the plot, but they could come up with good ideas to put it in the game in a interesting and coherent (according to the story) way.
    Multiplayer is the most difficult thing for me to comment, I liked the fact that they've added multiplayer to the game and even more that it somewhat affects the singleplayer campaign. But it could have more maps (there are about 6) and more game modes.
    Lastly on my list, the thing that has put everyone on edge on the internet, the ending. And here I agree with almost everyone, it was a let down. This has nothing to do with the fact that Shepperd dies and almost every scenario except one, this was almost expected, but the fact that your decisions have very little to no impact on the ending besides the "war effort" value. You have three (or two) options regardless of your decisions and the ending sequence is almost the same: the reapers are destroyed or leave earth (it earth is not destroyed, depending on your war effort value), the normandy escapes from a beam and falls on a planet full of plant life, depending on your war effort some people survive (or all of them). But there are no explanation on how your decisions impacted the outcome, many questions are left unanswered which led to many theories on the net (look up on youtube). It is a game worth playing specially if you played the other two, but the ending destroys replay value which was one of the most fun things about the second game.
    Sorry for any English mistakes as I am Brazilian.
  18. Aug 1, 2012
    As much as I love the ME series I couldnt help but feel like I wasted hours playing all 3 games. ME 3 was a good game. I thought it was solid all around and it kept me entertain and for people not to like it is crazy. I love seeing all the characters from previous games come back to light in this one. But the reason I gave this game a low score was the ending. I can't believe that BioWare would chose the ending that they did. Then to put out the extended cut and yet still leaves you like the "What the F***!" Its a great game until the ending that killed the whole series! Expand
  19. Mar 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First disappointment was that I could not import my Shepard's face that I customized with ME1. Then game was rather good, even if there seem to be less dialog choices than ME1 or even ME2. Graphics were ok. What really pissed me off is the nonsensical endings that basically destroyed everything my Shepard did in the rest of the game. All his choices were basically ignored. It's like the story committed suicide. Its been several days and I'm so depressed by the ending that I don't want to play anymore. Not only that, but the endings appear rushed and the explanations just don't hold up... destroying life to protect it? What a sham. Thank-you Bioware. I'll remember your products. Expand
  20. Mar 20, 2012
    One of the most profoundly disappointing endings to any story in any medium. The writers removed the cornerstone in which the entire story was built upon - choice and consequence. So, the entire building comes crashing down at the end. In the end, none of the choices your character makes throughout three games matter. All the relationships you've built are meaningless. There is no closure in the relationships made, whether between LIs or squad mates. They never come to fruition, and there is no resolution. ME3 was advertised to have a multitude of outcomes based upon players' choices. That's what originally made the Mass Effect franchise such a great success. The finale should have raised the player to great heights or taken the player to despair... and everywhere between based upon the consequences of the player's decisions throughout the entirety of the series(Paragon, Renegade, or somewhere in between). BioWare should have finished their remarkable work on the strengths that it was built on. Choice and consequence. It seemed like a given, but... You leave the game feeling complete and utter disappointment. It is truly remarkable how an ending can be so profoundly and remarkably bad. It truly destroys the franchise entirely. This is not an easy thing to say, as I've loved the series from the start. There is no replay value at all. BioWare has ruined years of work in the last ten minutes on what should have been one of the greatest RPGs of all time. It will be a study in the future on how not to end a story franchise. Expand
  21. Mar 20, 2012
    First of all i want to say that this game is MOSTLY good. It's the ending that ruins it. I'll explain why the ending ruins the game without spoiling anything. Mass Effect series has been a game all about choice. The choices you pick will have negative or positive impacts. In the final scheme of things, these choices do not have any reflection on the end. Basically, the ending is always the same (minus your favorite color choice of explosions. No im not kidding, its exactly as it sounds). The ending of this game will make you feel like everything you did was for nothing. It brings no closure, and is riddled with plotholes.

    Playing a 60+ hour RPG should give you a satisfied ending, whether its happy or sad. This game undoes everything you did and makes it feel like it was all for nothing. I love mass effect, but these endings are non-sensical, and not poetic. Not only do the endings make you feel like you just wasted your time, but they also do not make any sense by going against the games logic, set forth in the previous games and in ME3 itself. It feels like a rush job and sloppy writing.

    I strongly advise you to not listen to what naysayers who speak of "Mass Effect 3 being a work of art" say. If you ask any of them why they like the game, they can't give you a straight answer other than them being Bioware fans. I love bioware, but when someone takes advantage of you as a consumer, you have to call them out on it. And anyone reading this, i am TRYING to protect you as a consumer and not as a troll. DO NOT waste your time with this game. If it wernt for the ending, i would say play it. But unless Bioware does something to make the endings feel more worth it. Just avoid this series.
  22. Mar 20, 2012
    The ending destroyed series. I can't even explain how horrible it was, but I recommend that before purchasing the game you read some of these other reviews as well as going over to the Social BioWare forums to see how upset people are over it. The ending wasn't art, it was blatantly bad writing and rushed production. If you love the ME universe, DON'T buy this game.
  23. Mar 20, 2012
    This game does everything important right. Mass effect still stands as one of the best series of this gaming generation. you could look past all the minor flaws. That was, until the ending. The ending manages to undo and/or invalidate essentially everything that shepard does throughout not just ME3, but the other two games as well. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth that nothing can wash off.

    I loved it. Then there was the ending....
  24. Mar 20, 2012
    A complete departure from the spirit of the series in that there's no impact from your prior decisions on the ending. There are a few great scenes; but overall, it's a travesty.
  25. Mar 20, 2012
    I really wanted to like this game. I really tried to forgive the ending. But once I stopped making excuses and stopped leaning on the last two games,I came to accept that I truly hated the game as a whole and wish i hadn't played it.
  26. Mar 21, 2012
    just wtf were they thinking? where are shepherd's emotions for his dying "friends," and why are previous decisions just glazed over and ignored? even putting those big issues aside, the ending was one of the most disappointing pieces of garbage I have ever witnessed. you go through 3 games, 5 years total playing this trilogy and you are given 3 choices? what was the point of all those other choices that were posed as "big deals," when they don't even come into play at the end? never mind how screwed everyone is at the end, the ending choices themselves end up screwing everyone or taking away from their autonomy as sapient beings one way or another! How did a game series so good just down right destroy their reputation in one fell swoop? Then there are the plot holes. I won't spoil anything too badly here, but if you have played the game then you know that there are irreconcilable problems with many aspects of the ending. these writers need to go through some kind of common sense seminar or something because this is unacceptable. My recommendation to anyone who has not bought the game is to wait and see if there are any worthwhile dlc's that come out in the future, otherwise you will be angry as a guy who was just sold a turd in the guise of a game. Expand
  27. Mar 22, 2012
    After waiting months for this game to release, when it finally arrived I was over the moon I ripped open the packaging, quickly looked through all the extra's then slammed the disk into my PS3. As I waited for the day one patch to install I continued to look through the extra's and was delighted with them, with the day one patch all installed I started to play and was blown away by how much better the graphics to the game were (though the frame rate was not stellar it was still playable). I played for hours and hours, intrigued and astounded by the story line, the characters development and as always the amazing voice acting. After 1 week I got to the end of the game and that's when things started going down hill, the ending (without giving spoilers) was absolutely terrible, I was upset, bewildered and down right angry. 98% of the game was amazing, just for that to be destroyed in the last 10 minutes. Expand
  28. Mar 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this game did not deliver. this whole series as been about choices. the whole point of bringing a character from one to 3 and choice impacting the endings. the ending is a kick in the balls. 100 hours+ of gameplay for nothing. the pandered to the casual gamers. it has gone from an rpg to a flaky copy of gears of war with every mission being about suviving rounds of enemys. having invested so much time in this game i and thousands like me feel let down by bioware. ea has got there money grabbing hands all over this. DAY ONE DLC!! that actually is a big part of story. and this horde rip off multiplayer. im sorry but this is not mass effect. not by a long shot. bioware has lost alot of credabillty. dragon age 2 was bad enough now this. the cancer that is ea has spread further. simply put the ending ruins this game. 3 **** choices. where none of you descions in the last 2 games matters. none. red green or blue. and whats with this stupid kid. shepard seen 1000s of people blended in the collecter base. and one kid dying gets to him. there where kids ob the collecter base aswell. plus why is joker leaving in the mass relay. he wouldnt of been able. just leaving shepard to die. plus i brought ashley with me on the last mision. she was right behind me when i was running towards the beam. how did she survive and get to the normandy. plus no reaper forces on the citadel. really. too many holes in the ending. plus geth, turian,krogan,salarian all traped in the solar system with no relays. Expand
  29. Mar 25, 2012
    Poor ending ruins the whole franchise,because of it I am selling the Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 and am not prepared to buy any more games produced by Bioware and certainly not any type of "Bandaid" dlc that will try to cover up the poor, illogical and identical "3" endings provided by the third game.
  30. Mar 25, 2012
    While I did enjoy most of Mass Effect 3, there are several issues that I found quite disappointing and has left a severely bad after taste in my mouth. First of all, the move from even further away from its RPG roots. For example, the dumbing down of dialogue. The middle ground options seem to have just been completely removed, only providing you a top or bottom choice most of the time. Next, is the lack of exploration. The only place to go to talk to people, a RPG "city" as you will, is the Citadel. Other than that, its pretty much run and gun.

    The other issue I had with it is the day 1 DLC. It is obvious this character was never meant to leave the game. He provides key story information about the previous cycle, why the markers exist, the reapers, and the fate of the Protheans.

    My by far most unforgiving issue and biggest disappointment with the game are the endings. The last 10 minutes of the game introduce a brand new character, creates massive plot holes, provide zero closure to anything you've done, have no way to challenge the new end game character's ridiculously insane logic, and have each ending 98% the same as the others. In addition, no matter what choice you make throughout the entire saga, it will have no effect on the end sequence. You will not get any cut-scenes or any form of text explaining how your choices effected the galaxy or what happens to any of your squad mates. Every Shepard will receive the exact same set of endings regardless of what you do. The only factor that plays any roll on the ending is the "effective military strength". Overall, I found the endings to be so empty, depressingly unsatisfying, and poorly written that they have ruined the entire series. Being a long time Mass Effect fan since the first, I wanted to play from the beginning again, but after seeing and knowing what awaits me at the end of 3, I can't even look at it.

    As I said in the beginning, I did still enjoy most of Mass Effect 3 and could look past its step back from its RPG roots still. Excluding the endings, rating it based soley off the journey up to the end point, i would give the game a 9/10. However, the endings are simply story telling suicide that are so bad they tarnish the entire series greatness. Due to that factor, I give the game overall a 2/10 for the amount of damage the endings do to the franchise along with the depressingly bad after taste it leaves.
  31. Mar 25, 2012
    Game is good until not only this game but the previous two installments are completely ruined.
    The Game ruins it and its predecessors with a fail ending that I cannot think of an ending that doesn't use the elements of the current ending that would be worse.
    Multiplayer is solid although won't be able to compete in the long run.
    Story is good until the end.
    Lack of Neutral option for chat
    is lame.
    Lack of Planet Exploration.
    Terrible quest tracker.
    I would give the game an 8 or 9 without the ending but seeing as the ending destroys two of the best games I have ever played this game deserves a 0.
  32. Mar 26, 2012
    This game has grown graphically as much as the series did from the first game to the second. In HD, this gameâ
  33. Apr 1, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have Been thinking about the ending quite a bit, and I propose a new theory: Sheppard, Anderson and The Illusive Man did not make it to the control panel by accident, they were invited by The Reapers! (Close Encounters of the Crazy Kind!). So hear me out: If the Indoctrination Theory is wrong, then an alternative "Organic Theory" is in order and it goes like this: The Reapers cannot simply destroy all space faring life because they MUST receive INPUT from an ORGANIC to do so as they are the CREATOR of the Reapers! To this end they have sought out the most charismatic/Paragon (Sheppard), Militaristic (Anderson), and Maniacal/Renegade (Illusive Man) and have guided all of their paths to the control panel to determine which of them will DETERMINE the final fate of all cycles! Why all cycles? Because the catalyst VI mentions that Sheppard is the first organic to arrive to his location ever (please keep reading for more on this). If you look at the final sequence it is obvious all three men are under some level of control from the Reapers, and yet they are not a Thrall. They can still make decisions, and do so in the ending sequence according to their own will (agenda) be it to control, destroy, or combine (evolve), but only one can met the Reaper/Catalyst VI. The Reapers are standing by to see which of these men will dominate the others (classical Darwinian theory) and he who wins the battle, wins the right to choose! I think most players would choose as I did given my choices throughout the three games: To evolve the species at the end of this cycle. I recall Javik mentioning that in his time there were Protheans who believed they could control, destroy or work alongside the Reapers. Are these not the same choices being presented to the chosen three? They who have been determined, skillful, and strong willed enough to make it to this crucial point! As an aside, Wiki the number three and check out all of the interesting possibilities as to why Bioware chose this special number! I believe the first cycle's organics created the Reapers to prevent greater disaster as organics were either threatened by machines (or maybe something else), just as the Protheans worked to build the Crucible in their time to do in the Reapers which now threatened them (a cycle within a cycle?). So what does it mean? It means the Reapers are loyal to the creator (organics) and are simply following protocol in the logical manner that machines do. They are not being "mean" in destroying the space faring races, they are simply "doing" what they were built for. Again, without organic PERMISSION the Reapers have never been able to fully complete their original programming which is why all three men arrive to the control panel in the order that they do (because it is ALLOWED). So what is the threat that the reapers and citadel were created for? Simple: The Mass Relays are the threat! Something, Synthetics, Cthulhu maybe?, has come through the relays many cycles before, and the Reapers were the weapon that destroyed them and remained afterwards to guard against this threat and/or to destroy the relays. Whatever came through the relays will come again and the Reapers use the Space Faring Races as "fuel" to keep them going until the threat or relays can be destroyed for good by an organic giving them permission to do so via the catalyst! Sheppard being there with the catalyst VI allows him/them (Reapers) "more hope than he(they) knows" which is to say that for the first time in all cycles the Reapers can do what they were programed to do as an organic is there to decide for them the fate of the remaining organics in this cycle. Sheppard allows for the destruction of the relays, the elimination of the threat for which the Reapers were built, the completion of the Reapers programming (so they are no longer needed), and the survival of the races (even if now separated) is ensured!! As an aside, We are also assuming that time is linear after entering the portal, however, if this is not the case then it seems logical that the Normandy would attempt to regroup (as mentioned by the remaining commanders after Hammer's fall) to fight another day which explains that sequence after the choice is made. As with other lore, books, movies, the final choice to destroy, evolve, or control is up to the player and does involve real choice! That and the fact that half of us cant decide if we want chocolate or vanilla, window or isle, or blue tie vs. black tie, this seems to be more choice than we can normally handle! I'm curious to know what others think of this alternative proposal to explaining the current ending :). Upgrading my score to nine as this would be a cool way to end the series and quite explainable and consistent with what Bioware has been saying about the final act! Cheers, --ASF-- Expand
  34. Mar 28, 2012
    This is a stunning game, the ending aside. We all know it's not what we were promised, but people are allowing the ending to cloud their judgement of a massively proficient game. I admit I haven't touched the multiplayer (not my cup of tea), so I won't mention that in this review. There are other weak points, the picking up of random missions is a bit arbitrary, the reaper alertness every time you scan is annoying and James Vega is a waste of a squad space and a pointless character. I'd also like to point out that the Day 1 DLC was a bad idea, with one mission and a character that brings little to the game.
    But the good? The variety of enemies is much better than previous games, requiring different tactics to take them down. The combat is vastly improved from ME2, the enemy AI is a large part of this. They will flank you, lay down cover fire to protect weaker units and play to their own strengths. It's tougher all round and makes you feel like you are fighting for your survival every step of the way.
    The story is fantastic, if you enter into conversations with many of the NPC's you will see the decisions you made in previous stories and how they affect these character's reaction to you. And there are many of these previous characters to interact with. There are genuine twists and tragedies and in parts I was shocked, overjoyed and thrilled. So much work has gone into immersing you in this world and it is a rewarding experience.
    The ending is a weak point as I've said, but judging a game on this alone is unfair to the people who have produced it and those of us who didn't feel cheated. I actually felt hopeful that another story will follow, maybe not Shepherd and doubtful it will be called Mass Effect, but with some new ideas and set in the same universe.
    A fitting end to one of the best series I have ever played.
  35. Mar 29, 2012
    I have severally mixed feelings about this game. ME1 was one of the best games I have ever played to date with all of the different options that a character has. Granted the cover and combat system was not too good, but the story was incredible and gripping. Once I finished the game I would always start another character to play with. ME1 was not perfect by any means, but it was still an incredible game. I have gone back an played ME1 again since ME3 came out and I still enjoyed it more. I liked the writing a lot more and how the story pulled you in. ME2 did away with a lot of things but still allowed for a lot of conversation/story telling/ and choices that a character could make. The combat was improved, weapons and armor were stripped out. But the game was still good. The story line was still grabbing but not nearly as much as ME1. It was highly character driven through your squad. The enemy and allied AI was greatly improved over ME1. I did not like the auto dialogue that took place with Zaeed or Kasumi. I felt it was a cope-out by the developers. ME3 did one thing right that the other games did not have nearly as well and that was combat. I felt that the combat in the game was just about flawless. I could not have asked for more in the combat department. The inventory was a great improvement. The game really lets a person customize how they want Shepard and their squad to play. I felt that allied AI was much worse in ME3 then ME2 and was on level of ME1. Most of the time I found my squad doing nothing except ducking for cover or standing out in the open in the middle of a fire fight. Enemy AI was improved but for some reason on the hardcore difficulty which is what I always play on, I felt the game was way too easy. I died twice on my first play through. In the other 2 games I died much more then that on hardcore. I felt the game was way to easy and it could have been more difficult. I still enjoyed playing the game but not nearly as much as I did the other two. The conversation choices were just not there. The majority of them only gave you two options and barely anything to ask. Your decisions from the first two games were almost non-existent. The majority of your squad from the second game was reduced to cameo roles which is just wrong. They all should have gotten a mission were you went into combat with them again. They should have all been there at the final mission as a major task force. While the writing was greatly improved upon from the other two games in terms of delivery of lines, there was not enough selectable conversation between squad members. The majority of your conversations came from EDI, Vega, Javik (if you had bought a collectors edition or the DLC). Honestly they should have brought back the elevator scenes for the squad banter. I never disliked them. I actually enjoyed them. It was something different and new and there was barely ever any loading screens. You had something to listen too while the game loaded. There was way too much auto-dialogue and I felt that it pulled away from the game. The character import for the third game is horribly broken and i hope they fix it soon. Only one of my characters imported over correctly. Thankfully Bioware has stated they are working on a fix and it is on the testing phase. The game has a lot of glitches and I feel that it was actually rushed. I wish they could have spent more time on it. For those that have completed the game they know that there is only one true ending with a true resolution which is kind of wrong. I will not get into it but lets just say that Shepard has spent too much time around the Reapers and Reaper artifacts. I did like the way the game ended, I am not always a fan of happy endings and I knew this trilogy was not going to have one. War never has a happy outcome. Mass Effect 1 was easily a 10/10 for me even with the broken combat/inventory system. Mass Effect 2 was a 9/10. The removal of inventory and the addition of ammo made the game not nearly as good. I give ME3 a 7/10 because of all of the negative features which I have listed for the game. While the game was fun to play, I never played Mass Effect for the combat. If I wanted to play a game for combat I would play some battlefield or gears of war. There was simply just too much wrong with it for me. It took too much away from the experience and immersion factor of the trilogy. I now know why so many people have left Bioware since the game went gold. They knew the game was not up too par and had a lot of flaws. They do not want to be associated with a substandard product again. I would not pay full retail of $59.99 for this game. It is honestly not worth it. I would wait for the $39.99 price drop. I thought Skyrim was a better game then this and that game has a lot of problems and it is not even a style of game that I like too much. Bioware you were once my favorite developer but EA has destroyed your company. Expand
  36. Mar 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Mass Effect series is really the only thing that has kept me playing video games for the past three or four years. I'm a massive fan and have come to care deeply about the universe, the characters, and the story I have shaped through Shepard. For these reasons, it was a crushing disappointment for the game to end the way it did. Unlike many people, I don't begrudge Bioware the limited NUMBER of endings. I felt that it was a game FULL of endings. Regardless, though, the endings are just painful to witness for fans of the series. In a mere five minute stretch, the end manages to fly in the face of countless bits of established lore. More agonizing is the fact that the endings fail to answer virtually all the important questions we may have had and, worse, actually prompt us to ask countless new ones. These are not profound questions about life and the universe, nor questions that force us to thoughtfully interpret and reflect (a la The Road). No, they are questions like "Where the **** was Joker going? How did he pick up my squadmates? Why aren't they charred to a crisp like everyone else? Where did Anderson come from? Why would my effective military strength change my choices on the Crucible? How did Shepard survive atmospheric re-entry in the "best" ending? Did he make it to the Crucible at all? WHO THE **** IS THAT STAR-KID? WHERE DID HE COME FROM? WHY IS HE BEING INTRODUCED IN THE LAST 3 MINUTES OF THE ENTIRE SERIES?" Those kinds of questions are not indicative of a deep, thought-provoking ending. They're indicative of bad storytelling. After the standard Bioware set over the first two games, how they could crash and burn so badly at the most vital moment is just perplexing.

    What makes it even more perplexing is that the game is MASTERFULLY constructed up to the last few minutes. I enjoyed the game immensely through my entire 30+ hours. From Thessia on, I was so enthralled that I played 8 hours straight to the end. The combat flows immensely better even than in ME2 (the new style of gun sounds is AWESOME), the Ashley romance was well-done (wasn't a big fan of Liara's, so I restarted), and the choices you make carry the weight of your entire time in the Mass Effect Universe. The graphics are good, not amazing, though they are however markedly improved in characters' faces, facial expressions, and body language. Though there are few new interesting characters, I think this is appropriate to the final chapter of a saga. Vega is a pretty standard soldier type, but we get a very interesting EDI-Joker progression, and satisfying (if very sad) conclusions to a number of other characters' sub-plots. Unfortunately, this last point in ME3's favor is more or less negated by the ending --- the fate of everyone and everything seems once again up in the air.

    I waited three weeks to write this review so that I could make an objective observation: Despite the incredibly disappointing ending, the game was excellent. It really, really was. As angry, confused, and physically ill as I felt after finishing Mass Effect 3, it is still a testament to the quality of the game and the franchise that it was able to make me feel ANYTHING as strongly as I did. While I understand this intellectually, however, the game has lost a lot of its emotional value to me going forward. I don't see the point in picking up Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 again until Bioware addresses the problems with the ending (whenever that eventually happens). Until then, I will set Mass Effect aside. I can only hope that Bioware can use its second chance to give this saga an ending worthy of the journey we all took to get there.
  37. Mar 30, 2012
    Don't let people's impressions of the last 5 minutes of this game put you off of what is probably the best entry in one of the greatest series of video games ever created. Seriously, the entire game is the ending to a trilogy, and the fact that the last 5 minutes weren't great does not diminish the rest of the game or series in any way. And really, if you look around, that's all people are complaining about is that last 5-10 minutes. Even if you hated those last moments, to say that those final minutes completely ruin either the game or the entire series is just ludicrous. If you skip it because of that, you're missing out. Only thing I would say is that as the end of a trilogy I would not recommend this game unless you've played at least the 2nd one if not both. Expand
  38. Mar 30, 2012
    Yeah, I really liked the game, had a few bugs, a few bumps along the ride, but the ending is bad on an entirely new dimension.
    Why is it enough to give the hole game this low rating?...because not only this ending is completely unlogical and senseless, it completely destroys everything the series has accomplished since ME1, every squad member in the end gets his
    personality destroyed, their loyalties obliterated.
    Every little piece of gameplay, every little dialogue, every emotional moment along the hole franchise, got destroyed in less than 20 minutes of non playing gameplay :S
  39. Mar 31, 2012
    Loved all the mass effect games, why would they destroy such a wonderfull series with such a blatantly illogical LAST 5 MIN... I justify my score with the following articles and videos:


    Fix this ending plz.
  40. Apr 1, 2012
    This game is vastly underrated because of the controversy. It's a good game has its quirks here and there but overall a good finale game for a good series.
  41. Apr 3, 2012
    The battle begins but it didn't end the way anyone wanted (which can be seen from the user score). I have never seen such outrage from a game before, the gaming community went crazy over this title and the fate of those in the series. The first levels seemed beta'ish and unfinished. The rest of the game was great... But, why in the hell would you get rid of the Elevator scenes that replaced load screens??? Why??? And the vehicle aspect... gone? Why? A great game that did not stand up to everyone's expectations. Did it make the game of the month on the podcast... Take a listen... Expand
  42. Apr 2, 2012
    The third game totally betrayed the sense of Discovery, that the 1st on had, and even the second one. i have to echo what has been said here, the animation was AWFUL, and embarrassing for a company of this caliber to release as finished work.
  43. Apr 3, 2012
    Get it straight, Mass Effect 3 is mainstream. It's not going to have meticulous weapon and armor switching, it's not going to have open unstructured environments, it's going to be heavy-handed and blunt at times, It's depiction of relationships is blunt to put it kindly. It's going for mass appeal. ME3 is built to be accessible and fun. You'll be killing enemies in style until the ridiculous upswing in difficulty for the final few waves of enemies. All the characters play it a little too straight and the narrative isn't quite as enrapturing as ME2, but this is made up for by your ability to influence the game-world. The effects of your choices from past games are a little underwhelming, but the pay-offs for plot points from the past games like the genophage and the quarian geth conflicts are excellent. While the missions have never been more linear some of the areas, particularly those levels that take place during reaper attacks or the the climax on tuchanka are breathtakingly large in scope. There's a futility to what you are trying to do throughout and this is reinforced by these scenes of chaos and destruction. Mass Effect 3 is to the point, with smartly designed levels (i don't think i ever came close to getting lost) and refined cover based shooting, as always powers are way cooler (if you want to have fun play vanguard). The combat has never been better, although easy, it's never unwelcome. The stories are meaningful, the characters feel real. the games never played better. It's not going to be the complex rpg shooter bioware once promised (the way they makes games has changed a lot since KOTOR), but it is a different take on cover based shooters that for me is way more fun than gears of war.
    The ending is the most important ending of a video game, ever. i've never cared about the end of a game this much. Even though it's a bit of a Sopranos ending, it's gotten a similar media swell to that ending and they do say that any press is good press. I don't really think it's good to end your story with something so controversial it creates an uproar from your most loyal fans but even if you hate the ending you have to admit no other ending would have brought this kind of attention. I've been obsessed enough with the ending that I wrote this entire review, full of important points, as fast as I possibly could so I could talk about the ending. I've never been so consumed by the ending of a game. Bioware are either idiots, or the most despicable geniuses in the history of video games. Either they see a thematic reason to make the end of their final game contradict everything the series has ever been about, or they're geniuses who came up with the greatest twist ending of a video game and challenged the idea of what games could achieve as an art form. of course if they are geniuses and the games final message to the player, which promises future content, was the first step of their diabolical plan they have destroyed video games claim to status as an art form by excluding the true ending of the series in an attempt to make more money by selling it as DLC. Even if they decide to give it away it will only prove that they felt for remorse for what was going to be the most mind-bending thing to happen in a videogame. So evil geniuses or idiots, either way, it's a game you have to play.
  44. Apr 4, 2012
    Just started playing at the weekend , 1st time playing ME games, truly amazing. This must be the future of entertainment. Anyone who gives this game less than 8 has ISSUES, irrespective of the ending . its all about the journey my friends. Enjoy
  45. Apr 6, 2012
  46. Apr 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bottom line: Bioware and EA has pulled it off brilliantly to mess up the whole series with the final instalment of the ME trilogy. A highly disappointing conclusion to the trilogy, which in many ways goes against the essential principles, which made ME1 and ME2 such good games.

    ME1 and ME2 were, in spite of their flaws, for me a brilliant game-play experience. Although the two first games suffer a bit from too many illusional choices, which actually do not influence the development of story, it never felt as a problem for me, and at least some of the critical choices made would have a very real impact on how the game progressed. This is however completely different in ME3, where virtually all choices made throughout the game, including the meticulous build-up of a joint strike force, in the end proves to be without any kind of significance. Furthermore the relations built up throughout three games to the Normandy crew as well as other friends, is in the end completely pointless, as there will be no reward for the 100+ hours of game-play and decision making throughout the three games. To make matters worse, no amount of DLC content will ever be able to salvage the story and correct the horrible story writing. In terms of game-play mechanics ME3 otherwise feels very polished and refined in many aspects, compared to its predecessors. Many missions and fights are likewise quite memorable. Unfortunately this is seriously messed up near the end of the game, where several combat situations have been very poorly designed. It is namely the introduction of survival mode combat sequences, which seriously messes up the experience. Waves of enemies charges in, and your combat skill will essentially mean very little as to how well these sequences are completed. Stay alive for XX minutes or fail is the essence â
  47. Apr 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So seems money's thin. Cerberus Financial reposessing Normandy tomorrow. Gotta wrap quick. Nothing for hero to do but jump in front of the bus. Red one, green one, or yellow one. Decisions. Decisions. Expand
  48. Apr 8, 2012
    something wrong when games like mass effect or modern warfare 3 have 3.5 average user score , and games like too human have 7.1 average user score . Metacritics should do something to link gametag with user id and if you don't finish the game, you can't post any valoration relative to the game.
  49. Apr 9, 2012
    I've loved every minute of my time with the Mass Effect series and the third installment is no different. Every decision I've made throughout the series felt like they mattered and I saw the effects of these choices show throughout the story being told. I often found myself doing nothing more but wandering around overhearing conversations that told even more about the story.

    The story
    is epic, well acted, and immersing. The game-play is better than ever and caters to many play styles. Like stealth, hitting hard and running away? Go for it. Standard FPS? Sure. Like the Rock/Paper/Scissor decisions of a classic RPG? You have skills for that.

    The negative attitudes about downloadable content and a disappointing close to one of the greatest gaming accomplishments of all time is a shame. Sure, I would have liked a bit more from the ending, but that shouldn't be enough to drag this WONDERFUL piece of down.
  50. Apr 11, 2012
    Any gamer would give this game a zero because: -Interview lies about multiple endings. -Advertising lies about the game choices mattering in the end. -Day 1 DLC. Some of the DLC content is on the game disc!!! They planned to milk more money from the player on release. This is a highly shameful and disgust practice that no gamer should encourage. -One ending. Three different colors. Anyone giving more than a zero to this game is encouraging game developers to:
    -lie about the contents of their product
    -to not finish their product without asking for more money after you bought it (day1 DLC)
  51. Apr 16, 2012
    It would be easy for me to give into emotions and give Mass Effect 3 a low score for the same reasons many of my fellow fans have. I could rail against the ending and any number of minor nuances, but to do so would be dishonest and misleading. The fact of the matter is, for 95 percent of Mass Effect 3, the game is immaculate. Combat is precise, dialogue is to the same level it has been since the first game, and the cutscenes are absolutely stunning. Seeing the galactic war against the Reapers is breathtaking and magnificent, and was emotionally impactful in a way I have never felt from a video game before. Of course, this made the ending all that much more heartwrenching, and for emotionally invested fans of the series like myself, disappointment, depression, and anger are likely to come about. For players new to the Mass Effect series, this game has to rate a perfect 10, as it is the best installment in the series, and gives a massively immersive feel not seen in many games. For fans of the previous two games, however, it has to rate a bittersweet 7.5. A slightly railroaded plot coupled with a bizarre ending make the conclusion to the franchise a hard pill to swallow, even if the majority of the game is absolutely beautiful, whether we want to admit it or not. Expand
  52. Apr 24, 2012
    I was really disappointed with Mass Effect 3 instead of getting what I thought was the 3rd in a line of excellence I got a what felt like a rushed game with weak game play, unrealistic characters, and uninspiring dialog.
    The choose your own actions seems lacking at best of times and extremely dull. The OTT action sequence that are meant to real in the masses aren't that impressive, and
    instantly forgettable. After finishing the first 2 (especially the 1st) I just couldn't help myself in letting everyone around me know how awesome they were. Sadly Mass Effect 3 just didn't have the same impact and never really delivered the game I was looking forward to play for so long. Bioware has ruined the franchise. Expand
  53. Apr 29, 2012
    The gameplay itself is a vast improvement on its predecessors, keeping the actiony flow of Mass Effect 2 while both bringing back the more in-depth RPG elements of the first Mass Effect and relaxing some of the series' questionable class-based weapon restrictions. It is long, and for the most part, it is enjoyable, with a surprisingly well-implemented multiplayer facet that is vaguely reminiscent of Payday: The Heist. These technical improvements do not stop it from being the weakest and least inspiring installation of the series, however, decorating its plot with a slew of empty "consequences" of actions past and its exploration with an absence of content-- Mako exploration was ill-received, and planet-scanning was ill-received, but instead of attempting a compromise or a new system, exploration was mostly rendered inconsequential. The Citadel remains the only re-visitable area of interest, while galactic exploration is turned into a mild annoyance and the rest of the explorable galaxy is turned into setpieces. There is one critical mistake made in this game, and that is that the integrity of the gameplay was sacrificed for the integrity of the setting and plot. The steps taken to make the Reapers feel like an actual threat simply serve to make various segments of the game annoying at best and frustrating at worst. Players invested in the first two games have a pretty substantial likelihood of being frustrated and upset by Bioware's insistence on compromising the more rewarding aspects of decision-making and exploration in exchange for a more "believable" setting, improved combat being the only net positive of this trilogy-ender. Expand
  54. May 21, 2012
    Sodomic, heterophobic pile of crap, propaganding **** BS.

    Also sloppy gameplay (though it was like this in ME2 too) and no signs of RPG and of course day 1 DLC.
  55. May 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is a mixed bag. It combines the more classical RPG elements of ME1 with an improved version of the action from ME2; using powers is exhilarating, especially if you take advantage of your ability to micromanage your team mates. The set pieces are awe inspiring and epic. The writing is hit-and-miss, although it has many more hits than misses. Mostly, everything shines.There are, of course, a few elephants in the room: First of all, the day 1 DLC is exploitative and awful. Bioware took a character that serious fans of the series are going to be very interested in, and they made him unavailable, even though he should be included in the game itself. Not worth the money, and only takes advantage of the lore for a cheap buck.

    Secondly, choices from the first two games hold very little impact. The developers simply didn't live up to their word about the story. Yes, the gameplay is great, but ME1 was great too, and it didn't have nearly as good gameplay. Decisions feel weighty during the first playthrough, but it feels cheap on the second. This is because elements and decisions from previous games appear, but any research reveals that they appear anyway. *SPOILERS* For example, I was very excited to see the rachni queen, but then I learned she appears regardless of my decision from ME1. It was great to catch up with old team members, but I found out they are replaced with a doppleganger if I haven't saved them. Finally, the ending. It sucks. None of it gels with the themes of the first two games. If the game developers wanted to include some moral message about how nothing matters once we die, they were successful. But nothing from the previous two games even hint at that kind of theme, and the ending itself is contradictory to many answers the games provide. Don't bother finishing the game, because the ending isn't worth it. Seriously. Just stop playing before you return to earth, and you'll have a much better experience than most players.

    I was super hyped for this game because I had become such a big fan of the series, but this game made me wish I hadn't wasted my time. I honestly wanted to take back the 150+ hours I spent playing the first two games. I wish I never got so entrenched in the lore of the universe, or the stories of the team members. Don't buy this game. Don't even start playing the series. You'll only set yourself up for disappointment.
  56. Jun 16, 2012
    Action scenes bugged, false choices, closed world and linear progression. Whatever i did, i got the same results of my friend who made different choices. My only pleasure is when i see my character is better in fight than theirs. I won't even talk about the end which made us want to never play it again. Music is good. Probably, i will sell it to someone else like a cursed gift. Oh, and DLC ? Seriously ? Expand
  57. Jun 27, 2012
    As much as I really wanted to enjoy Mass Effect 3, there really is the feeling of this game getting rushed out of the door. In comparison to the first two, the story is paper thin, revolving around priority missions which somehow or another result in a main character being killed, much to my extreme disdain. The combat, I feel, isn't as well done or even fun as its predecessors, and by the time the nonsensical ending came along, I was so ready to be done, that I didn't even care. Truly one of the most disappointing sequels I've ever experienced. Expand
  58. Jun 28, 2012
    Do not believe the negative trolls that have taken over this review site. This is one of the best sci-fi games ever produced and comes to an excellent conclusion. The new extended cut makes it that much better. If you pass this game up because of the negative idiots, you have no one to blame but yourself. Try the game and come to your own conclusion...
  59. Jul 2, 2012
    First, to get it clear, all the reviews that gave ME3 a 0 or 1 are just... can't use profanity... there's no way a game could get a score like that. The only problem that made Mass Effect 3 get bad reviews from just "fans" is because of the endings. Now the Extended Cut, a free DLC, fixes probably more than half of the issues, including the bad ones, making the ending a satisfying and sad end to the best video game trilogy ever created. The game has minor flaws: glitches, and awkward moments but not game breaking. The game has everything: fun, epic moments, love, care, role playing, action, adventure, heart pumping moments. Not buying this game would be a HUGE mistake, except if you never played the previous Mass Effect games, which are masterpieces. Maybe I make Mass Effect sound overrated, but the best thing about it, is that ME3 is that good. A simple art masterpiece. But it isn't perfect of course, the game could have been improved with more content, as it lacks of appealing side quests. The side quests (optional assignments) are unnecessary and too the point of boredom, but as I said: optional so I won't add it to my score. It is worth your money and none should be disappointed now, as the end has been fixed. Do not even judge by the extremely negative user reviews. I would tell you to trust the critics on this one, even they ignored the original ending, now, forgettable as Extended Cut is out, at no extra cost. Expand
  60. Jul 3, 2012
    Overall the game was Ok. Not as exiting as I expected.... But the ending just killed it completely. There are enough said on the ending, so I'm not going to repeat it all. Just say that I would rate it much either if ending wasn't so scrued up.
  61. Jul 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I reserved my judgement till the EC was out. It's out and I will never buy another game from Bioware. Period. Here is why.

    At first I could not even load my Shepards into the game because of the Character Transfer bugs. I ended up needing to use a fan work around and an empty USB drive even to get my Shepard into the game. To date the only fix they've given us just removes the error message for some fans, myself included on two faces. Still not fixed and still bugged to all hell.

    So then I started out my game and the issues kept piling on. I noticed the auto-dialogue, being down to two conversation choices, MP being required to get all the endings, etc. I'm sure you've read them in numerous other posts before. Yeah combat's nice and all, but I don't play a Bioware game for combat. I play their games for a rich background world and characters I'm going to love for years. I know they reuse plots, but I thoroughly enjoy the company while I play them. The endings, that they took whole cloth from Deux Ex, destroy that ride. Every time I fire up the Xbox to play one of my other Shepards, I find it doesn't matter. I know how it'll end. Saving the Council or not. Recruiting people or not. Doing anything in the three games really has no bearing whatsoever on the last choice. That is why I think the endings do a great disservice to a series lauded for choices. Nothing really matters other then the very last one, which are all the same as long as your score is high enough. I think I could have been okay with some of the EC, if Bioware didn't give us all a giant FU as the 'new' ending. Destroy, where Shepard does not act like a mindless zombie like the others. This new ending is nothing more the Casey saying FU to the fans about changing his very flawed endings. So I'm done with Bioware and anything with Casey Hudson's name on it.
  62. Jul 7, 2012
    I looked forward to this game with a lot of anticipation. I got nervous about it when I played the demo, and unfortunately it was a sign of what the actual game was going the be like. Bioware/EA really phoned it in in much of this game and particularly in the ending, even after the EC DLC. They failed to match many of the premisses they made for content and atmosphere in the game. The original ME was amazing and by far the best of the three games, EA is a slow acting poison killing Bioware, it is really a shame. If it were not for a few moments in the game that actually felt genuine and thought through I would be giving this game a zero. Expand
  63. Jul 13, 2012
    I could not wait to play this game. I was pretty much disapointed from the begging. Adding a cheesy multi player mode and linking to to the single player campain just sucked. As for the ending.. Even with the extended cut it just plain sucked.
  64. Jul 23, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game, that I believe is wrongfully hated on. The reason for this is simple, it changed genres. While the first game was a fully-fledged RPG, the combat mechanics in the first game were sloppy, and in the next game gameplay was vastly improved, but RPG elements were toned down. This left hardcore RPG fans unhappy, This third game definitely has the best gameplay in the series, for the overpowered particle rifle to the addictive Scorpion, but less RPG elements than ever before. Don't let this fool you though, the story is as good as ever, with some truly awesome moments and payoffs, a surprisingly good multiplayer, and plenty of visits from old characters. I would highly recommend playing the series the whole way through, but don't expect the RPG experience in each game, but come in expecting in this third game an awesome action game with RPG elements. Also, the ending wasn't one i particularly liked, but didn't detract as much from the game as the vocal minority say, especially with the extended cut endings. Free DLC in this game is awesome, considering it is an EA game. Overall, I'd rate this game a clean 9.5 and definitely recommend the series to anyone looking for an awesome story that they'll remember for years to come. Expand
  65. Aug 1, 2012
    Save your money and don't make the same mistake I did buying this game. If your a fan you will rip your hair out after playing this game, but if you are a newcomer play ME1, ME2 and imagine that this game never existed. If you have bought the game DO NOT BUY From Ashes DLC. It isn't worth the price and if you play this game on PC you can unlock the character from the ''From Ashes'' DLC with notepad.

    Reasons you will hate this game:

    1 - It turns away from Sci-Fi and goes to space magic.

    2 - All the decisions you made in previous games won't matter.

    3 - Too much auto dialogue from start to finish.

    4 - Boring side missions, those side mission are all the same and pointless.

    5 - No more than six or seven crew members.

    6 - Reapers look and function differently than in previous games.

    7 - Major plot-holes.

    8 - No original missions.

    9 - Multiplayer that is worth playing long as it gets dlc's every month.

    10 - Duologue options are useless, people will often answer the same way to your all duologue options, same with Shepard.

    12 - The ending is very unoriginal, contradicts the franchise and contains a lot of space magic.

    In a nutshell this should have been called Little Effect 3 and the Extended Cut DLC doesn't make a difference.
  66. Dec 5, 2012
    this my vote examines the entire trilogy. I can only give a 10 for the great experience and the world who have created the developers. One of the best games ever.
    However, the fianle has not been clear from the start. Perhaps it was not understood. Even I was left with many questions. The original ending is worth just sufficiency. The idea of the catalyst and of the sacrifice of Shepar we
    can 'stay. It was enough to deepen the dialogue and the final scenes after the final choice. Expand
  67. Dec 18, 2012
    Loved it. Possible game of the year. Only problem was horribly tacked on multiplayer, which doesn't matter because this game is all single player. Ignore people complaining about the ending, it's fine if you download the free Extended Cut DLC. Overall fantastic game.
  68. Jan 17, 2013
    As a fan of the series, this game deviated from its original roots as a predominant RPG with shooter elements to now a predominately a shooter with a skin of a RPG elements. Even neglecting the rampant on disk DLC and plot hole ridden ending, the game is blatantly average. As a shooter it is adequate offering the staple cover shooter. However, the cover mechanics are often clunky in comparison to other games in the same genre. The game has roughly the same RPG elements as Mass Effect 2, while limiting, adds at least some flavor to the shooter Bioware/EA have turned the series into. The gameplay is not where Mass Effect 3 does poorly. It is the practices regarding story-necessary DLC and essentially the last 20 minutes of the game's story. The game wraps up many of the persisting conflicts of the series, only to introduce rampant deus ex machina and plot holes in the games final minutes. The altered Extended Cut DLC fails to address many of these plot holes as well. Bioware games are usually renown for their story and setting, but this game essentially throws this all to the wayside and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of many fans of the franchise. In all, the end result is an average cover-shooter and a series whose universe is tarnished in the name of "artistic integrity". Expand
  69. Mar 14, 2013
    I... What... This is... I can't... (adopting James Earl Jones voice) NOOOOOOOOO!!!! There simply aren't words that can adequately describe how incredibly disappointed I was with this title. The sheer dumbing and scaling down and utter contrived nonsense of this game simply defies belief. To summarize: The conversation wheel is reduced to mostly two choices, which most of the time are just verbal variations of the very same choice. The Citadel has been reduced to four very small "rooms" which make you feel like you're in a dorm rather than a huge construction floating in space. The story makes little to no sense what so ever (and that's well before one of the worst, most contrived, horribly written, and senseless endings in the history of writing). Side missions consists primarily of Shep playing UPS-guy. Here's how it works: Eavesdrop on total stranger, go to system, scan planet, find object, go back, deliver found object to total stranger, the end. And if you thought Bioware couldn't make scanning planets more absurdly boring than it was in ME2 (where it actually served some kind of purpose), then you're in for a surprise. Imagine playing Tetris with only square blocks which take up the entire grid. That's scanning planets in ME3. You don't really do anything. The shooting levels are extremely linear and makes the whole game feel more like an attempt at a Gears of War clone with longer cutscenes (and a still dysfunctional AI) than Mass Effect. Oh, and did I mention the sheer amount of auto dialogue? Then there's Tali's face... Oh God, how lazy can you get? Then there's the IGN chick. WHAT!? And then there's the ending... You know, the one where all the decisions you made throughout the three games come together and gives you a plethora of different endings? Well, no! No choices you ever made make even one iota of difference. Everybody gets the same three completely ridiculous, contrived, senseless, and grotesquely illogical choices of endings. Remember we were told that the Reapers were beyond human comprehension? Well, it turns out they were right. Noone can possibly comprehend the assenying, senseless stupidity which is the Reapers and the Catalyst (or smurfboy aka deux ex machina).
    To sum up: Mass Effect 3 is a boring 3rd person shooter with long cutscenes and a completely senseless story and one of the worst conclusions ever in gaming history. The only reason I can swing my way up to a four, is the production value which is excellent and the fact that there is actually two missions in this game that has the old Mass Effect feel of choice and consequence. But twice simply isn't enough when we consider that was the whole premiss of the game.
    The story of the Mass Effect franchise is the story of how game companies all now seem to aim for the lowest common denominator (aka "as long as I can shoot stuff and don't have to actually think or do anything, I'm happy") rather than aim for excellence.
  70. Jun 19, 2012
    Having played through several times now, I am adjusting my score down. Whilst there are some brilliant parts of the story the ending is a wimper which makes no sense due to poor programming and writing. I don't care if the 'Extended Cut' pieces some of it together - it is poor finishing and Bioware should be ashamed of their sloppiness.
  71. Mar 13, 2012
    Fantastic game and it's pathetic marking low just because of the ending. You are looking at the game as an overall product. Resistance 3 was a great game but the ending sucked and that didn't have the scale and scope of ME3. This is an impressive achievement thank you Bioware
  72. Mar 29, 2012
    'm not a big fan of Mass Effect 3's ending. I thought it was convoluted and anticlimactic for anticlimatic's sake. Though a lot of about the ending actually does work. I loved the fade out while I was rushing down to the last destroyer with my brother's in arms. I loved the fade in to Shephard badly injured and slowly walking towards her/his destiny awaiting him/her deep inside of The Citadel. I loved Anderson and Shepard communicating for opposite ends of The Citadel discussing what was going on. The long walk way up into The Illusive Man's secret hideout. It was all very atmospheric and epic and kind of beautiful. I thought the paragon/rendegade prompts were good as well during the "standoff". And I actually liked the twist that the little boy was The Catalyst. But the 3 choices he gives you were indeed pretty lame. And the lack of exposition following said decision was just plain bad. You can't end a game that encompasses over 140 hours of gameplay and millions of decisions made by the player with just 3 crew members walking off of the Normandy and just cut to the credits....EVEN IF you're planning on releasing DLC. There is a lot of room for criticism for that horrible decision made by whoever at Bioware that made it. I can't believe that ending got all the way to the final product. Its actually kind of sad. But, it DID NOT ruin the game or the series for me. Because it wasn't the fact that Shephard was destined to die (or not...we still don't know do we) that actually is kind of good when you think about it. Its life. Sometimes no matter what decisions you make you can't fight your fate and what is going to be is just going to be. Your destiny is something you must embrace. Which is why I chose the middle option and made Shephard sacrifice herself. Yes, HERSELF. Female Shephard is a MILLION TIMES better than male Shephard and I'm a dude. From the voice acting (Jennifer Hale is amazing and the guy voices male Shepard is very boring) to character design she is just so much more fun to play with. Seriously if you haven't played the games thru with Fem Shep you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice as I have found the game way better controlling her. But back to 3, the game is incredible. There are so many jaw-dropping moments and sheer brilliance (if you haven't played thru with the From Ashes DLC you are missing out on what I find to be the best addiction to the game - Javik and his story). The improvements in shooting and offensive strategy are borderline limitless. And I had a remarkable experience playing the game. To think someone can really give this game a 0-5 based off the ENDING ALONE is proposterous. Are you guys really even Mass Effect fans? Or narcissists? Expand
  73. Apr 22, 2012
    This game will be remembered for a long time for all the polemic that did. But I need to say something to all the fans: "This is a excellent saga, a excellent game and maybe we are not satisfied with the end but you will be agreed with me that you love the characters, the history and all the universe of Mass Effect".
    For me and for too many fans around the world, Mass Effect is one of the
    better sagas of video games until now. Long live to Commander Shepard. Expand
  74. Apr 24, 2012
    Everybody needs to take a chill pill. Don't bash the game because of personal opinion towards subjects unrelated to the game's final product. The point of a User Review isn't to complain about a company, its about to rate a game so potential buyers know what they're getting themselves into.

    Anyway, I think the game is solid, but is the weakest in the series. However, that isn't
    saying much since i'd give the last two games 10/10's. Mass Effect 3 really is a great game with a breathtaking storyline, but it missed the mark in terms of how innovative the game truly could have been. The differences between the first and second games were huge. So many things had changed for the better, and, in my opinion, some things had been changed for the worst. Instead of correcting mistakes made previously in Mass Effect 2, EA chose to use an almost identical mold for the third game. The potential of learning from the first and second games' mistakes was virtually ignored. I suppose in the end though, the game was fun and it was worth the buy. I just they did more with it. As for the dreaded ending that everybody is up in arms about, it isn't as bad as people claim it to be. The game's grand finale is whatever you make of it. Chances are it wont end the way you had imagined it would and therefore you might not like it. The fact of the matter is, the developers designed an ending that they believed was appropriate. Whether or not you accept that is up to you. I didn't think it was all that bad. The Pros:
    +4 Points for a great story
    +2 Points for solid gameplay
    +2 Point for the new multiplayer

    The Cons:
    -1 Point for lack of originality
    -1 Point for using the Mass Effect 2 formula
  75. Mar 20, 2012
    After the first of this series, I was hooked. The Mass Effect franchise was the thing a cared about most in video games, and I was not disappointed with ME3. The game starts off quick and hooks you immediately and the story progresses as fast or a slow as you want it to depending on how many of the side quests you partake in. Some of the side quests did feel boring but the boring ones were quick, so the gripe is a small one. But the priority missions are where its at, there insanely fun and none of the missions disappointed me. There are three main enemies in this game, each diverse and different from one another (Cerberus, Geth, and of course the Reapers). The multi-player is fun and a great little edition, this is still very much a single player game though. And despite what most people are saying, in my opinion the decisions you made in ME2 and the original do impact your game. If you expected them to have a massive impact then I guess you'll be disappointed, but it does affect the way certain characters treat you, and which characters carry on into Mass Effect 3. Another complaint I keep hearing about is the ending, I could see where people would complain about the ending of ME3, but I thought it was a beautiful way to end the series. The ending would have been more well received if Mass Effect 3 was a movie, because its not your typical video game ending in any way shape or form. Aside from some short but boring side quests there is one more gripe, you will often times find yourself rolling instead of jumping in and out of cover, this for me was really annoying and is pretty much the reason why I'm giving the game a 9 instead of a 10. But overall, this was a fantastic way to end the series and I was not disappointed in the least, a must buy in my opinion. Expand
  76. Mar 20, 2012
    A stunning spectacle of modern entertainment. Not only do you get to wrap up many key plots that have emerged within this fantastic trilogy, but the ending itself is a sight to behold. They forego the trappings of a modern WRPG, sacrificing all past choices, and giving you a hard hitting, lucid ending, instead. I can see more than a little 2001: A Space Odyssey, and more than enough Deus Ex influences, which, overall, help the ending immensely. I wouldn't recommend it above any other.

    Hold The Line. Keep ME3 the way it is.
  77. Mar 11, 2012
    Its astonishing how many trolls and whiny little kids there are on this website crying about stuff that is minor at best. This game is nothing less than the end to the most Epic Space Trilogy of all time. The campaign kept me hooked from the moment the game took off and the story was spectacular. Now I know the nerds and trolls are going to bash the crap out of me for whatever I'm going to say or think, but I'm going to tell you the God's honest truth and break down the hate for this game. Firstly The Ending: I personally believe that the ending was fantastic and really left me feeling overwhelmed by my accomplishments and I felt sad for the characters that I grew so fond of in ME2 that died. The game left you with a real sense of drama and fulfillment. Now to address the hate, the most common thing I see written is that the 3 endings are too similar and do not show enough variation. The problem I have with this is these people that say this, I know 100% have either replayed only the last mission 3 times or have data mined the game on PC and watched the cut-scenes. Why do you people not understand that when you spoil the endings like that for yourself you are setting yourself up for supreme disappointment. If you legitimately played through the entire game and didn't skip conversations and really built upon the amazing character backgrounds then you would have loved the ending and really appreciated the way things left off. â Expand
  78. Mar 10, 2012
    I gotta say, this is my favorite Mass Effect so far, except for the last 5 minutes.The ending of this series is so incredibly cheesy and half baked. Honestly this game is a perfect 10 for me, but the ending is horrible. Just have your sibling play the end for you and assume that Sheperd died saving humanity from the reapers, because you will feel so much better about the series if you do.
  79. Apr 13, 2012
    Oh, man. So bad. The ending is horrible, but you already know that if you haven't been living under a rock. I couldn't have been worse if "it had all been a dream", it couldn't have been worse if everyone spontaneously broke into song for the grand finale of ME - the musical episode. Or if they'd just had the wisdom to cut out the last 20 minutes. That said, that's not why I am rating this a 0.

    The gameplay suffered badly from ME1 and even ME2: the main story skeleton is an unbelievable gimmick, and off that hang side missions that are at best so-so, with no choice in dialog and pretty bad animation (I mean, really, the running female Shepard?!)

    The side missions frequently have inconsistencies (characters appearing/disappearing, physically unlikely scenarios (someone should educate the writers about mass and energy, and how if I spent half an hour defeating a mech that can kill me with one shot, a cutscene that shows everyone standing in an open shuttle looking at said mech pointing his guns at me but not shooting for a minute is pretty stupid).

    I won't whine about how this could have been a great game, but it's sad to see how cheaply and easily this game could have been ten times as good.

    It's a testament to how bad management can ruin great properties by killing what makes the teams that produce them good.
  80. Mar 11, 2012
    Until the last ten minutes or so, Mass Effect 3 is an easy 10. And as a general rule I never consider a game to be a 10, because there is always room for improvement. But as a capstone for a trilogy, the majority of the game was not only beautiful and moving on it's own merits, it did a truly astonishing job of reaching backward and making almost every choice you made in the first two games feel like it really mattered. But then you reach the aforementioned last ten minutes. Without spoiling anything, I would have to say that in the context of a different game, the ending wouldn't have been terrible, but it wouldn't have been great either. It would be a solid seven. In the context of how well it fits into the rest of the trilogy, in terms of tone and overall philosophy, or in the context of how complete and coherent the presentation is, reasonable minds can disagree on how well it caps the trilogy, but I would have to say that objectively, the score range for the end should be 0-5, certainly no higher, and I lean heavily toward zero. But I am going with a 7 overall, because as astonishingly ill-conceived and poorly implemented as the end is, the other 95% of the game is still truly epic and moving, and I can't bring myself to discount that, no matter how much the atrocious ending makes me feel like I should. Expand
  81. Aug 27, 2012
    Mass effect has always been a series that has been a benchmark for sic-fi role playing games since it was released and with the latest instalment i can't see that changing any time soon. People slate it because they didn't get the ending they wanted or that Bioware changed the game in a way that reaches out to a richer audience, those aren't reasons to give a game a low mark in my opinion. I believe Bioware did everything perfectly except for a few minor problems. The first of which is that the game world restricts you a lot, you can't really venture anywhere whilst on a mission, this problem has been in the franchise all along and all i wished for was for that to change for this instalment. Its more of a insignificant annoyance than a problem to be honest. Another qualm i have is that the romance is still as stiff and awkward as ever, i found in mass effect that if i ran to the person i found most attractive after every mission to merely talk to them for two minutes they would eventually and consensual sex with me, this was both amusing and irritating to me and simply wasted my time. My final problem i see in the game is that the dialogue is a little bit... well... crap. In mass effect 1 and 2 the dialogue was both engrossing and interesting as what people said actually made a difference most of the time. This time round though you'll find yourself talking to people for no visible reason other than to yet again fill them game with time consuming conversation about matters that I'm sure the supposed saviour of the galaxy really shouldn't give damn about. I also need to mention the ending of the game which really does seem to be irritating people doesn't it! But seriously i see no problem with it, it wraps the game up nicely and gives the player a real emotional reaction, if this wasn't the case for you then lets just agree to disagree to you. Now as for the good points, i could sit here all day and tell you how the game is vastly improved on its predecessor, first of the combat both melee and ranged is vastly improved, i really enjoyed trying out different weapons i either bought or unlocked throughout the game and the ways they could be used, it was a fulfilling way to spend my space money. This is the same for armour unlocks and etc. The only problem with the armour is that some times they looked far too similar and that you could only buy full suits of a certain type if lets say you only wanted the helmet. Other than that making yourself look badass was pretty fun and indulging. Another point is also that the story is both brilliant and emotional, at some points it really hits home whats actually happening and at others it keeps you engrossed to the point where you'll not want t stop playing as you want to find out what happens next. My final point is going to be that the characters are just as interesting and boring as ever, some like garrus will keep you laughing and others will make you wish the conversation would hurry up but the most important thing is that Bioware have done a brilliant job in rounding off the relationships you have built with your crew members and how you come to terms with them before you set out on your final mission. Overall then this game is brilliant with just a few problems which i have outlined, these shouldn't keep you from playing it and enjoying the ride just as much as i did. Expand
  82. Mar 25, 2012
    1. Bioware tried to listen to its fans, and it shows in the drastic differences between each game. Cut them some slack, it's impossible to account for everybody's personal preferences. 2. Bioware, I really hope you learn something from this catastrophe. I loved this game from start to finish, but I also agree with many of the complaints. Day 1 DLC, rushed and/or overly convoluted ending, and worst of all - forced multiplayer. I want to hate this game...yet after putting 90-some hours into it I can't bring myself to say it was bad. 3. I recommend this game to those who are patient and open-minded. It's a dialogue-heavy shooter, which is already something of an oxymoron, but ultimately either the story or the gameplay will hook you. It's just a shame that at this point in the series it's easy to see which element is obviously receiving more attention from the developers. Expand
  83. Mar 20, 2012
    If you are at all invested in the Mass Effect universe, this game will make you cry. The emotional payoff in this game is absolutely huge and Bioware's accomplishment in this area is absolutely unprecedented. Even if it is mostly smoke and mirrors, you really feel at the end that this was YOUR journey and it's hard to imagine it playing it out any other way. I think it speaks to the strength of the series that I do not WANT to play through the series a second time making different choices because I feel like it would spoil what I've decided is canon. That said, Bioware botched one major aspect of the game - the UI. This seems minor, but some of the problems make playing the game feel like a chore. They wanted to add more rpg elements, but they did so in such a sloppy way that it makes you really wish they hadn't. Menus are clunky and not user-friendly at all. The game does not even have proper quest tracking which will mean a lot of aimless walking around not knowing where to go or who to talk to. WHY, Bioware? The first two games had great quest tracking. The minor sidequests are also so awkwardly handled that they should have been left out because they really detract from the experience. Also, expect dozens and dozens of instant game over screens trying to outrun ridiculously fast reaper ships on the galaxy map. Yeah, Bioware, REALLY fun. These faults really stand out in what is otherwise a masterpiece and that makes them all the more frustrating because they are things that have worked in previous games. *sigh* Expand
  84. Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the final chapter in this thrilling and epic franchise created by Bioware. Let me start off saying this has been a pleasure to play all through all 3 games. Mass effect has gone through changes from 1 to 3 for the better (examples: shooting mechanics, graphics, character management). With movie like productions Bioware did an excellent job from creating relationships with all characters involved and the decision you need to make to building a huge universe to explore and navigate through. Mass effect 3 succeeds the expectations by a long shot. With an epic story of a race against time to gather help from all edges of the universe to save Earth and other home worlds before the reapers destroy every living being. Simply put it has the drama and action you crave from the last 2 to keep you happy for a while. This one gets a 9.5/10 from me. Hope we see another franchise like this from Bioware for the next gen consoles. Expand
  85. Mar 11, 2012
    A great sequel, with enhanced gameplay mechanics as well as bringing back aspects of the original that were missed, and a story that does not disappoint.
  86. Mar 9, 2012
    Please ignore all of the trolls faking bad reviews, this game is EPIC, I have 120,000 achievement points on the Xbox 360, and this is the BEST game I've ever played, don't miss out.
  87. Mar 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've given this a 8 as opposed to a 10 deliberately. Those of you that are giving the game a negative rating are completely blinded by your distaste for the conclusion ( which I also hated!) and greed (yes EA I'm talking about you and your shameless day 1 DLC, bashtards..) and are ignoring the majority of the game. It was an utterly magnificent game that executed the things it attempted to do extremely well, so if you are reading this and undecided in getting the game, yes .. it is worth it, just wait for any possible DLC that may yet redeem the incredibly confusing and lazy ending. There are some things that I did feel were missing from the game that could have been implemented and enhanced the series to the ending it really deserves. A lot of our choices amounted to weak side quests that had 1 outcome only. The romances were somewhat weak, lacked depth that Bioware has lacked since their first game in Baldurs Gate 1 & 2, especially for the ME 2 character romances e.g. Jack/Miranda/Tali Bioware could have done a LOT more here. On that note, Bioware also seems to have done away with character companion questlines completely.. I know my review sounds critical, and to be honest the game DOES deserve critisism for what it didn't do right, that being said the things it does do are done masterfully. My verdict: wait it out, don't buy this just yet if your expecting perfection, but if your looking for great entertainment go for it! Expand
  88. Jan 16, 2013
    Continuing from the events of the previous game Mass Effect 3 opens with the Reapers attacking Earth and, having narrowly escaped with his life, Commander Shepard yet again finds himself as humanity's last hope for survival. Series veterans will be instantly familiar with the games concept in which a series of core and side missions can be accessed from the Normandy's galaxy map. This time around however it is not just a case of recruiting allies to your cause. Depending on how each mission is handled vital resources, such as fleets of warships, can be gained to aid in the final battle against the Reapers. As has always been the case many of these missions allows for a great deal of freedom with a number of, sometimes very difficult, choices being afforded to the player. The series strong combat remains virtually unchanged from the series second entry and still plays like a simplified version of Gears of War. Responding to audience criticisms a number of features have been tweaked however. While the popular Mako may not make a return the weapon and armour customisation has returned and the dull planet scanning all but removed. For the first time in the Mass Effect series multiplayer has also been included. To be honest it offers only a minor diversion from the main campaign with only one mode (imagine Horde mode from Gears of War or Halo) and six small maps to play in co-op with up to three other players. Since the playing multiplayer aids in preparing for the Reaper assault in the main game however it is worth investing some time in.

    And so to the much criticised ending to the game. In my personal opinion some of this criticism is justified as it certainly leaves several plot holes and very much jars with the philosophy of Mass Effect. A few fans have certainly gone overboard however as when you consider the huge influence you are able to wield throughout the game the disappointing final ten minutes in no way spoils the 20+ hours that come before or the epic series as a whole.
  89. Mar 11, 2012
    Though I am nowhere into this game yet, I am giving this 100% just to help kill off the negativity that the 'sexual orientation crew' and 'ending' crew have put on this game. I am disgusted with you all.

    It's time gamers grew up.
  90. Jul 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ME3 was a good game the combat was fun and most of the story was good. The problems start with no ME2 squad mates on the Normandy, the love interests have very limited interactions, and less for ME2 li, we don't get to see Tali's face, etc. The star-child is forced into the story, and all the endings are anti-heroic in my opinion even with the extended cut it still sucks. But you should try for yourself. Expand
  91. Mar 16, 2012
    Oh, contrasting emotions.... I love Mass Effect, I've sunk huge chunks of my life into it, and now... I feel quite empty. First, the good. Combat is the best it's been all series, with vastly improved level design, weapons -both in terms of feel, customisation and variety. Ai is also much improved and much more aggressive, making for more mobile, frantic skirmishes than in camp-friendly ME2. Squadmate interaction and banter aboard the Normandy is wonderful and this is where the true spirit of ME is fulfilled and is the game's pinnacle. Now, the bad: It's evident from the opening scene there is much less chance to control what comes out of Shepard's mouth, and whilst some times this makes sense to improve the flow of scenes for the more banal 'Let's get going' stuff, there are far too many instances of 'your' character acting out of it. The lack of any vehicle sections limits variety; there are a lot of awkward animations, lip-syncing is terrible, and the soundtrack lacking Jack Wall is underwhelming.

    Still the game does give you some pretty major decisions, and all the while you feel the urgency of trying to unite and save the galaxy building to a poignant, desolate feeling as you leave the Normandy for the final time. And this is where it all goes horribly, horribly wrong.

    Mass Effect is a game that has dealt with a lot of major issues and themes, and overriding it all was the ability to choose, As you reach the end, you're given an insultingly idiotic run-down on why this is all happening and asked to choose one of 3 choices, which are baffling and completely at odds with everything you've done and been bought through the 3 games to believe. And end that not only offers no closure, no vision of what became of some of your beloved team-mates, whilst shoe-horning in colossal plot-holes. It essentially renders everything you've strived for and accomplished to irrelevance.

    As a culmination to a trilogy that offered the promise of choices carrying over and through 2 whole games, Bioware was always going to fall short of expectations. However for the most part ME3 offers a very fine ending to the series.... that is until you get to the end.
  92. Jun 4, 2012
    To sum its all up as neatly as I can think of it this way, the game isn't based totally on graphics and game mechanics. Its always been about story and choices you make for the story so the ending really needs to be held to the same standard. Yes leading up to the ending it was a great game but the ending just wasn't up to the quality of the rest of the series so that's why it leaves people feeling upset. Expand
  93. Mar 11, 2012
    Loved absolutely every minute of this game. Extremely well made, great story, and a great end to the Mass Effect Franchise, I wouldn't miss this if I were you. There are a few glitches, but they are nothing to get bogged down about, they are very minor.
  94. Mar 19, 2012
    all these people giving low scores and what for? it's just as good as the second and slightly better, you wanna score a game low? go check out leisure suit larry
  95. Apr 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. At first, I was just as disappointed with this game as everyone else. I was thinking "great, so it 's become even more of a third person shooter than before". But then the game really turns it around. One thing I especially like is that it really returns to the Mass Effect 1 style of upgrading weapons and buying new versions. The only thing I don't like about ME2 is that there aren't enough weapons and this completely takes care of the issue. What impressed me the most about this game was the decision making. In the previous two you would make a decision and have it effect the game close to the end. This game has most decisions you make have immediate and possibly catastrophic consequences. The part where you have to decide whether to save the Geth or the Quarians is the most powerful and biggest decision I have ever made in a video game. This part was incredibly powerful for me and made me realize that no matter how commercialized parts of this game are, it is truly a work of art. The emotional impacts this game had on me, coupled with some of the most intense decision making ever really made this game incredible. The ending is powerful and emotive and actually reminds me of the third Matrix in a lot of ways. This game has done things that games have never done for me before, in fact it hardly even seems like a game. It felt like I was really inside Shepard's mind. Probably one of the most powerful, emotive and immersive games I have ever played I must give it a ten EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT PERFECT! Expand
  96. Mar 13, 2012
    Amazing game filled with many emotional moments. The ending may not have been what I expected but it left an emotional impact on me which few games have done. I consider that an accomplishment.
  97. Mar 18, 2012
    After completing the game one has to wonder whether Bioware diverted all their resources to Star Wars - The Old Republic. One can only hope that is the excuse for this ending to the series. Regardless of the excuses or, perish the thought these "endings" were actually planned out, the Nihilistic ending made me regret having spent time even bothering to develop a character. Perhaps it's a joke. Or a calculated business move to offer DLC that lets you have an ending where you actually have some impact. As such this mess is such a shame for what had been such a promising series. In my humble opinion it is that bad. And it's sad. Not the sadness of any ending but the saddest thing in the world: Wasted potential. The wasted potential from a sloppy meaningless ending to an otherwise previously well executed series. I have lost the will to replay Mass Effect due to the ending. If that was Bioware's (and/or EA's) intentions, then well played EA/Bioware. I won't bother to return. If this is the same attention they plan for other games then I wish them well. I will not be playing them. Expand
  98. Apr 16, 2012
    Great ending to the best trilogy for years. I don't get why people are crying a river over the ending? What did you expect, Shepard riding in the sunset like some cliche children's hero? The ending we get is a great way to end this story arch. I didn't felt screwed over, I felt over all that this was the only, logical way to end the series. One man can only do so much and let's face it: the situation Shepard ends in at the end of the game has only one conclusion. People, grow up. Expand
  99. Mar 21, 2012
    I am not going to waste my time explaining why this was another great game in a fantastic series. I simply want to post my rating so Bioware knows not every internet user hates their guts. It is absurd the reaction this game has gotten, as it was nothing short of a masterpiece of gaming. I have enjoyed every second of the 30+ hours of gameplay (up to and including the ending) and I understand a few of the complaints, but a few (possible) plot holes and a little convoluted conclusion does nothing to diminish the fun I had while playing through this great game.

    I am disappointed that, ultimately your decisions in the prior three games do not affect the ending much, but the story I experienced up until the ending would have been extremely different had someone else been making decisions through the games. I commend Bioware for yet another amazing game and cannot wait for their next one.

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  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.