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  • Summary: Motion Sports offers a variety of sports utilizing Kinect.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 30
  2. Negative: 21 out of 30
  1. May 16, 2011
    If you have cash burning in your pocket and you have to pick a sports title to go with your shiny Kinect, your options are pretty limited. If you want a charming sports title, with replayability, humour by the bucket-load and a great use of motion controls, MotionSports is not that title.
  2. Dec 21, 2010
    As stated earlier, MotionSports: Play For Real is more of a complementary title to Kinect Sports than a competitive one.
  3. 50
    You'd do better to get Kinect Sports instead. [Feb 2011, p.99]
  4. Dec 21, 2010
    If your biggest complaint about previous such entries is that they didn't include horseback riding, hang gliding or skiing, then MotionSports might get you in front of the TV for a weekend of flawed fun. Otherwise, we suggest leaving this one on the sidelines.
  5. Jan 3, 2011
    Maybe Motionsports original idea, to make use of Kinect possibilites to offer a varied set of sport challenge. was a good one, but ultimately it has been poorly developed and executed, and control doesn't work well enough.
  6. Dec 21, 2010
    With deeply flawed motion controls and a number of other issues, MotionSports fumbles all its potential.
  7. Dec 21, 2010
    Why bother playing this mess of a game when you could be playing Kinect Sports instead?

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 4
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 4
  3. Negative: 3 out of 4
  1. Nov 7, 2010
    I've spent a few hours in solo and the game was decent, then I've tried it with my sons and it was fun, and finally I got the best with my friends......... I think this game has to be played multi, even if it deliver also some refreshing experience in solo.
    Hang gliding and horseback are good in solo, soccer is a blast in multy (once you've learned how to kick the ball), boxing is too difficult in solo but quite good in multi, ski is great in both in solo and multi, football is interesting, not so fun.
    What really surprised me is the anchor man, sometime it make a mistake, but it's great.
  2. Nov 12, 2010
    Ubisoft MUST be trying to ruin their good name... there's really no other explanation for how poor their Kinect titles are. The only good thing about this game is the hang gliding - it's actually fun. Every other sport in MotionSports has absolutely terrible controls that do not behave in a reliable way. Occasionally they seem to work, but only enough to cause frustration when you try to repeat the same movement and the game fails to recognize it. If you want to play sports games with Kinect, but you want to actually enjoy the experience, pass on this title and buy yourself a copy of Kinect Sports. Expand
  3. Dec 26, 2010
    i was incredibly dissapointed about how poor this game is. The controls are terrible, which is a shame because if it had had a bit more polish it would have been great, but no, it's awful. Expand
  4. Nov 10, 2010

    I can't believe UBISOFT put his name on that product. It's a proof that the company gor for profits not quality.

    The game
    is Barely playable.
    Most of the movement you make are not even registered on the crappy game, preventing you to complete a single task.

    The only Pro is graphics.
    The con ? Everything else!!!!