MotoGP 09/10 Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 41
  2. Negative: 1 out of 41
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  1. That said, MotoGP 09/10 is a solid game, it plays well, it looks good and has everything contained in the one package that any fans of motorcycle racing will enjoy.
  2. While there are still some niggling bugs and tweaks needed to speed up a terrible menu system and hopefully correct the audio, the game is a solid release that has enough strong features to make it a worthy purchase.
  3. The great ideas present in MotoGP are a good foundation. However, the failure to develop them further is what keeps this game from greatness.
  4. Pelit (Finland)
    This year's MotoGP is a nice mixture of arcade and simulation. The game has some minor flaws, but the big picture is in working order. The start may be a bit hard, but once the game opens up, you really learn to appreciate it's differences from the horde of four-tire racers. [Apr 2010]
  5. All in all, a refreshing return to form for the premier moto racing title in videogames today.
  6. If you’re the patient type, MotoGP has a lot to offer, especially if you like the idea of hurtling down a straightaway at insane speeds in a two-wheeled deathmobile from the comfort of your couch. Just be prepared to grind to see your work bear fruit and get used to the idea of a pretty straightforward approach.
  7. MotoGP runs fluently, sound greats, offers many gameplay options and provides downloadable content for the new year. There‘s still a few things to do, but the main thing is: This game makes fun.
  8. 78
    Capcom tries it again with better results, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.
  9. MotoGP 09/10 is a solid, enjoyable racer that manages to capture the feel of charging about a track on a Superbike without being inaccessible to newcomers to the series.
  10. The best MotoGP for years, thanks to a great Career mode. Just a pity about the handling.
  11. SBK hasn’t found the rival we were all expecting to see. Yet Moto GP 09/10 is still a good raging game and quite good fun to play as well. If you are a huge fun of this genre, and cannot wait until the next SBK, then this is your ride!
  12. Games Master UK
    Some fine additions to the series - shame it doesn't offer the ultimate racing experience, too. [May 2010, p.80]
  13. Moto GP 09/10 isn't the ultimate motorbike-racing real driving experience and it's probably a disappointing game for fans, but it still has three important powers: speed feeling, a complete roster of game modes and accessibility for newcomers.
  14. MotoGP 09/10 is way more interesting than its predecessors. But even an interesting career mode and a good sense of speed can’t help the fact that some players might van the driving to be a bit unrealistic and the online multiplayer is sort off lacking.
  15. 75
    It is near impossible to fault MotoGP based on its merits as it does nearly everything right for fans of the sport.
  16. MotoGP 09/10 is a good example of a fun game with a few pronounced rough edges. These shortcomings shouldn’t put you off.
  17. A solid racing game that does a good job of recreating a sport that has been pretty much ignored in gaming terms. It may not be suitable for everyone though thanks to the control issues and lack of variety.
  18. If you're looking for the ultimate simulation experience then hold out to see whether Milestone does any better with SBK X. But if accurate racing physics isn't your thing - and you want an accessible racer that isn't one hundred per cent arcade - then 09/10 offers a solid and compelling MotoGP experience. Just be sure to turn the commentary off.
  19. The new episode of the Moto GP franchise has been programmed to be a funny arcade game. If you're looking for a simulation, don't consider this game, but if you want to race without too many problems, this could be a good purchase.
  20. If you don't have a big interest in bikes or MotoGP, this isn't for you. There's nothing here for casual bike fans or anyone who might be on the look out for something accessible in the bike racing genre. It's an incredibly solid package, though, and one that fans will get a lot out of.
  21. 70
    MotoGP 09/10 is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a fun motorcycle racing title. But for the serious motorcycle enthusiasts it's better to wait and see what SBK X will offer.
  22. There's a great sense of speed and handling when ridning Monumental Games steel horses, but some of the game modes are a bit too boring.
  23. The king of the motorsport makes a fine comeback. Thanks to the focus on arcade gameplay the game is fun to play, but the presentation is lacking and fans looking for realism should search for it elsewhere.
  24. A revamped Career mode and some fine racing are offset by some strange AI quirks in Capcom's latest two-wheeled racing game.
  25. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Not perfect by any means, but solid enough that fans will find enjoyment here. [Issue#57, p.96]
  26. Flaws in the presentation keep it from being eye candy, and there are issues with the gameplay and controls that prevent the game from being anything special. Instead, it's an average package, and there's little to draw in old or new fans who aren't willing to spend a good deal of time learning how to ride a bike again.
  27. 67
    Such problems are not enough to detract from MotoGP 09/10’s successes, and there are enough of these to make it just about worthwhile for anyone desperately itching for some authentic action.
  28. Despite having some handling problems and a steep learning curve, Moto GP 09/10 proves to be a worthwhile racing game.
  29. It’s not pretty and it’s devoid of personality.
  30. Monumental Games lacks the courage to take the series one step forward; despite the arcade turn not being a bad thing per se, the simulation doesn't convince on many aspects, starting from the very bad physics. A true shame, that makes us hope in the next SBK installment.
  31. By not having mind-blowing graphics, a lot of the emphasis is put on the gameplay of MotoGP 09/10, which is unfortunately not all that fun.
  32. Fun for a few hours but it loses it flavor quickly.
  33. Aside from the focus on its namesake license, there's not much to stand out in MotoGP 09/10. It is fairly challenging, but the lack of variety and poor presentation ultimately make for a dull, monotonous experience.
  34. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Moto geeks will cheer the official license to MotoGP, others will just appreciate the slightly above-average racing game. A fun factor is raised by multiplayer – both online and offline. [Issue#189]
  35. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Looks and feels awfully tired. [Apr 2010, p.103]
  36. Official Xbox Magazine
    If you already own MotoGP 08, there just isn't enough here to justify an upgrade. [May 2010, p.77]
  37. Very unrealistic physics and too arcade oriented, something that won't appeal most motorcycle fans.
  38. 60
    The game has a lot of great features and loads of content to wade through, but the developers completely missed the first, most basic elements of motorcycle racing. The thrill of riding a motorcycle is completely absent and without it, the rest of the feature set loses its impact.
  39. MotoGP 09/10 certainly isn’t the worst motorcycle racing game on the market, but it’s definitely not the best either.
  40. Penalized by a too arcadey approach, a non-existent physics simulation and other flaws, this game looks like a flop for Capcom, unable to revive the MotoGP franchise.
  41. You would never know there had been a two-year break between iterations in the series. MotoGP 09/10 looks even more rushed and inattentive to overall design than its immediate predecessor.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 42 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 3
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 3
  3. Negative: 2 out of 3
  1. Mikey
    Mar 30, 2010
    I was so looking forward to the new MotoGP game coming out, as I'd skipped 08 and 07 was a little long in the tooth now, things had I was so looking forward to the new MotoGP game coming out, as I'd skipped 08 and 07 was a little long in the tooth now, things had moved on with new riders etc. The handling took me a little while to get to grips with, but once you do get the hang of it, it feels right, if a little arcade like, and the addition of a single player career & up to 20 bike multiplayer races makes it an interesting prospect. The single player game is split into three modes, arcade, time trials and career. I didn't put a lot of time into arcade or time trials, but from the little i did try they're based along the following idea:- Arcade is a case or making it to the next checkpoint for more time, earning time for slipstreaming, overtakes, and such things. Time trials are like you'd imagine; you, one bike and one track, to go as fast as you can. However, career mode is where the meat of the single player experience will be for most people. For this you start in the 125cc class on a pretty slow bike for a few races until you gain enough reputation to hire engineers who research parts to make your bike go faster or handle better etc. This is paid for by fictitious sponsors (no official sponsors) who are attracted by the press officers that you hire. The game continues and your bike gets continually better as the season continues. At the end of the season, if you do well enough, then you can upgrade to the 250cc season, and go through the process of upgrading your bike again, and then once more for the GP bikes. It's quite a fun process to run through once, but unfortunately there are enough flaws in the experience that may or may not stop you form continuing to enjoy the single player experience :- The practice and qualifying sessions have the opponent riders times set to a time that is ludicrously slow. Their times appear to be predetermined even before you star the qualifying session, and it's not unknown to go 10 or even 15 seconds faster in a lap than the opponents. The suspension of belief in the game is totally undermined by the fact that the AI riders appear to be going 5-10 seconds a lap faster than you! and that you don't know how well your session is going until you end the session, and even then you won't know your individual lap times, never mind sector times. A big issue with the game currently is that all the offline race modes are limited to 3 laps, no more, no less. this means that in the race itself, you get no real opportunity to enjoy racing for the full distance, gaining slowly on the leader to make that clean pass on the final lap Full Review »
  2. Mar 15, 2017
    Alors que le Moto GP 08 était confié aux bonnes oeuvres de Milestone, le 09/10 finit dans les paluches maladroites de Monumental Games. Ce quiAlors que le Moto GP 08 était confié aux bonnes oeuvres de Milestone, le 09/10 finit dans les paluches maladroites de Monumental Games. Ce qui frappe (et c'est un choc) initialement concerne toute la partie graphique en sensible retrait. J'ai cru un instant que ma télé déconnait : ce filtre jaunâtre, ces graphismes délavés et ce flou permanent, ces textures très compressées et ces effets horribles sous la pluie donnent envie de se barrer en courant. Cela dit, c'est toujours fluide heureusement.

    Autre motif de doléances, le réalisme a pris un sérieux coup dans l'aile et on se retrouve à son insu avec un jeu nettement orienté arcade. Si ce n'était que ça, rien de rédhibitoire à dire vrai. La maniabilité lamentable l'est définitivement par contre : voir une 125 tourner comme une Goldwing, ça fait bizarre... c'est le même refrain pour les 250 et 800 de toute façon ! une imprécision permanente qui use les nerfs.

    L'IA retorse toujours sur votre cul qui vous rattrape systématiquement (on se croirait dans Ridge Racer) et la gestion de l'aspiration et de l'attaque "le nez dans le guidon" est caricaturale. La carrière n'est pas mal faite mais les bruits de moteur (corrects) ne varient pas selon les bécanes. Un mauvais cru que cette mouture 09/10.
    Full Review »
  3. RobertP
    Mar 24, 2010
    Nice to see MotoGP getting back on track, for the last few years the series has grown stale and moved away from its routes with extreme modes Nice to see MotoGP getting back on track, for the last few years the series has grown stale and moved away from its routes with extreme modes and powersliding more akin to mario kart. A vast improvement and a good starting block to build from for motogp11. Also special mention to the career mode which is the best of it kind for this genre in a long time. Full Review »